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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  October 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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about 1:15 this morning. i can not really tell you why this person perhaps was walking across new york avenue. but, if you can see where the fire and rescue vehicle is here and also the forensic services truck there as well. the u-haul was parked right here under this pnc bank scene and there's a light here for fourth street when we first arrived not long ago got u-haul was stopped there. and also we understood that unfortunately body of adult male was still here on the scene. it looks like they're working on trying to wrap that part up and take the remains away from here to continue that part of the investigation and more into what exactly caused the u-haul to strike that pedestrian at
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new york avenue. as far as traffic impact goes, erin has been talking about that as well. we saw florida avenue shut down. we're here at 4th street and max if you can turn here a little bit it's early this morning and but you can still seat a lot of people are trying to come to fourth street penn street working their way around down florida and back this way. and then they find they cannot get through here, either and having to circle baca around. definitely folks should pay attention to what say farce work around goes and it will save you time than trying to circle around this area while they continue to investigation with the major crash position here in northeast d.c.. back to you guys. >> 4:31 is the time developing in temple hills maryland hundreds are out of their homes own here's why seems management at lynnhill condominiums failed to pay hundreds of thousands to pepco and washington gas and because of that power was tuned
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>> "fox5" an san following the story for us. she'll have a live report korming up. >> and they're also power problems in northern virginia. dominion says 2100 cust mrerz in the dark in prince william county. >> it appears to be near prince william and dumfries road and donl inon says there's equipment problem here. police are serving for the person that fired a gun at the shops in i'veson shoting a man in the stomach in the mall parking lot yesterday afternoon. police believe was not random and the victim is expected to survive and right now there's no description of a shooter and no ainvestigate been sglaid in the district this morning the police are offering a 10,000 award in conviction in a shooting october 16. here's what happened. fly men walked out of liquor store in the 500 block of 42 north wheeingt a silver sedan pulls up and shots are fired from the passenger seat. the one man shot is still recovering. if you know anything about the
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police. staying you now to the campaign trail, trump campaign adviser and former advisor newt gingrich. >> what was supposed to be interview on trump and white house turned into heated interview against sexual allegations against gop candidate. >> this is trending all over social media right now. >> you want to know why donald trump had a rough sglim is trump is a sexual predator. >> he is not that's your opinion you cannot depen >> i'm not taking a position. >> i'm sick and tired of people like you using language innram tarry is that the not true. >> excuse me mr. speaker you have no idea whether it's true or sglot you're fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy. >> sne. >> that's what i get out of watching you tonight. >> you know what mr. speaker i'm not fascinated by sex but i'm fascinated by the protection of women and understanding what we're getting in the oval office. and i think the american voters
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bill clinton's sexual indiscretions taken ended with kelly and newt telling each other they needed to work on anger issues. >> trendsing this morning. on the opposite side hillary hillary clintontic picking up endorsement from former secretary of state colin poll well is voting for the nominee. he told the crowd he donald trump would take the country back 50 years if electd in other news this morning frustrated volkswagen owners will be able to get rid of their cars. the judge approved a 15 billion settlement against most claims of yolk wagon they admitted cheating on emissions testing and half a million volkswagens and audi owners will be able to sell their cars back to volkswagen they'll get cash payments from 5 to 10,000. >> all right. just a couple second shy service 4:35thon wednesday
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finally cold. >> it is out there, testimony turz in the city down into the mid 40s this morning. there's a lot of frost out there too in the suburbs. get ready for that. we have freezing conditions as well. let's show you temperatures now. westminster 3 2. so is martinsburg. hagerstown is 232. down in fredericksburg 38. leonardtown 37. really cold out there and friends in culpeper 3 this morning. mannasas you'll probably get. there a couple more spots well. here in town, we're at 46. we will warm up a little bit today. but we're not going to warm up a lot. temperatures will range anywhere from the mid 50s to right around 60 or so. cool, chilly, yes, i know. and we'll have some clouds late in the day. lot of sunshine to start the day the way it appears and we will stay dry. we have a chance coming in tonight and tomorrow for a few showers. we're dry. but it doesn't look like it will be a lot of rain helping
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we'll talk about a lot in a bit this morning right now getting traffic with erin como. >> 4:35 right now thank you very much, gary. we're tracking breaking news with the live look behind me bell mel gathering more information a deadly crash investigation, crash happened with a u-haul vk a man new york avenue and 4. new york avenue remains shut down in both directions are for cleanup and investigation. you see crews working hard 9 and florida. what can do you to get around that? let's take a look as soon as that crash investigation wraps up and because as melanie mentioned you cannot access new york from nor day your best bet to get around train road eye what happened avenue runs north of new york avenue and take bening road over to gets around that as well we have several workups for you we want to you stay sthaiv morning and another option is working your way around florida. pep was getting coutedmented so any way you get it if you head out
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as we look at closures, bening road is another option for you. aside from that as we take a look at freeway, inbound traffic no delays and the beltway shaping up quiet and inner and outer loop. we look at metro next, back to you wisdom and maureen. >> 4:37 is the time cameing up justin timber lake is under investigation in tennessee for what he posted on social media. >> beer electronic traveling 120 miles without the help of driver for a delivery. >> across the d.c. region now this is the theme of 80s sitcom favkts life. >> where did we find this song. >> i don't know somebody like to they and blair and i didn't watch that show by the way and natalie and. >> how do you know all their names. >> i do a lot of rae search. >> you had the roll are skates, to they skates. >> and suddenly you find out the facts of life are all about you? the facts are you, you, you?
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the district attorney said it's not true chbl the da says information is incorrect and released without her knowledge. she says, "no one in our office is currently investigating this matter, nor will limited resources to do so" tennessee law does prohibit voters from reporting or taking pictures inside the polling station. next up a beer truck delivery without a driver? it happened. uber own driverless semi-truck completed 120 mile bud riser run across colorado. however the truck was not entirely on its own. a man was along for the ride and his job was to load and off
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fleet of state troopers. >> get ready to off-road in style. mercedes benz released new concept truck known as x class. there's two versions now. stylish explorer and powerful adventurer. it will launch in europe next year. no word on cost but i'm sure it will be pricey. >> you can off road in style. >> why not? >> who wants to do it out of >> true words never spokenthon wednesday. coming up, there's a growing push in maryland to regulate police surveillance technique. >> and trump hotel is scheduled to on today after hype and debate. >> as we head to break let's look live cross the d.c. region as we take a trip back to the '80s and a place everyone knows your name? >> "fox5". >> no that's called the police database.
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this is a theme song? it's theme song wednesday. what's our theme song. >> sanford and son. >> i like to. >> sanford and son. >> i like to. >> back after this why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago!
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>> redents are forced out into the cold after a condo complex fails toil pay bills. >> cold it is because cold is the number of -- a number of khunties in our area are dealing with freezing temperatures. that's what i'm trying to say as i watch this crescent moon. i'm mez more riseed by the crescent moon. just a warning it has potential to be hit the snooze button type day. you have to get up and go. >> see little man sitting ther >> you can hit the snooze button but you have to get up. >> it's wednesday october 26 by wait. >> good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> as i just mentioned it's hump day. >> hello, erin como, good morning to you. >> i want to hit the snooze button i hear you. >> who doesn't wanted to hit the snooze button. who doesn't want to hit fwar gar. sorry about that gary. >> let's not resort to vie
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no violence. >> and affection. >> good day. good day. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> not my job to fix it just report it don't blame the middleman. >> here we go temperatures out there cold. i do agree with you wisdom. it's a throw the alarm clock out the window kind of morning is what it is. 37 degrees for dulles and 33 call person and mannasas and couple spots sitting at freezing and westminster and martinsburg and culpeper at freezing. and your guys had the freeze and it's warmed up a degree. that's noticeable, right? fredericksburg sitting at 37. in town 46 we're not going to get to freezing tonight. it looks like we're going to stay in mid 40s. freeze warning back to the northwest. all those counties in blue there. that's a lot of counties for northern maryland out towards it western maryland and extending all the way down to
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area we're all under a frost advisory and this will go until 9 a.m. this morning and we're talking about late day clouds that will be dry today. and later this afternoon, we'll have a lot of clouds out there. rain in the core cast for tomorrow. we'll talk about that now. erin como is upstairs with traffic. what's going on. >> 4:47. breaking any for you new york avenue reopened and it was shut down for several hours for a deadly crash investigation and between florida and 9th. melanie alnwick gathering more in me know traffic moving and live snot both directions. let's take a look at maps. very good news for wednesday morning commute. you don't have to worry about alternates you can see red i wanted to zoom in there around the previous closures. please give yourself extra minutes. rhode island avenue, bladeensburg to bening still a good option if you try to get around that congestion. cleared up shortly. northern maryland now the outer loop nice and quiet. take a look at green from 95
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congestion yet and nice and queue nutter ban aand 234 to 248 eastbound side smooth sailing and at speed and last day of safe track surge nine single tracking on very and ato west falls. we don't start surge 7 in the later in the week. maureen, wisdom. >> 4:4 is the time. cold weather has many ready to turn on the heat. for hundreds of residents that not an option. >> the management company did not pay the utility bills. "fox5" annie yu live with the latest. annie. >> hey, good morning to you wisdom and maureen. this is troubling store write and as you mentioned there's no power. no heat, no hot water at the lynn hill condominiums. dozen enlz had to stay behind because they had nowhere to go. others packed up aep left yesterday.
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police cruisers out here monitoring the kondz min yums overnight. the situation left hubd reds in a very tough situation but there is a glimmer of hope. later this morning we're told 9:00 the country will be sending reps from several agencies to help those displaced. what you're looking at you saw many residents forced to cook their dinner on a grill and others rented u hauls and some walking out with plastic bags filled with belongings wiping away tears. own hundreds of thousands of dollars to pepco and washington gas. and about 1:00 yesterday afternoon pepco went on a threat turn offer the power forces hundreds to leave. they did receive a warning on monday but they were with no choice. take a listen. >> i mean, i don't have nowhere to go. we had a baby here this morning thank god we found some way for the weekend old baby to go.
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we'll be staying here. >> this issue has apparently been festerring for years. member of the new condo association told us management tried to negotiate a payment with pepco and failed to come down to one. they wanted large down payment of 20 to 25%. he's blaming prior manage the for failing to pay the bills so guys this has been something going on for years. again later today at 9:00 we're told help is on the way for those displaced and we have on a hot line for displaced residents they can call to receive help. that's the latest from temple hills maryland, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> annie, thank you. >> the time now is 4:50, maryland public defenders are joining forces with the aclu and push for regulation of surveillance techniques the group is concerned about privacy violations and authorities say the sick nothing is used to better fight crime. the house judiciary committee
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technology is not used for spying on innocent people. last year a bill was introduced to limit how police use tracking devices and died in the committee. >> this afternoon, mayor bowser will join u.s. army and local officials for ceremony recognizing transfer of walter reed campus to washington d.c.. earlier this year mayor bowser authorized d.c. to acquire 66 acres of walter reed campus of the u.s. army. >> mayor bowser will be notably absent from another big event in d.c. today. mayor says she will the grand opening of donald trump new luxury hotel today. that's because the event is "too political" mayor bowser made her support of democratic nominee hillary clinton quite public. she was in florida earlier this week to campaign with time kaine in the battle ground state. >> big developments out of mar march where vice-president of state board of education resigned yesterday slamming governor larry hogan an his way out. gates jr. says hogan recent executive order to on maryland
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respect the board's independence and potentially puts students at academic risk. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" ceo of major american bank poll jiss to customers. >> and closing the gepder gap when it comes to certain social activity. >> as we head to break a live look across the region. the time is 4:52. look across the region. the time is 4:52. temperature is 46
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>> 4:54 is the time now. a man is in custody after he made repeated threats. they found thousands of rounds of ammunition and rifles and
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and back on court early next month. >> and ceo apologized to bank employee who's suffered due to the recent scandal. >> and on at many ass 22 million bank and credit card accounts without customers authorization. over 5,000 people were fired over the scandal and most low level workers. john stump was also forced up ceo. >> a new study found to help parents reduce severity of autism symptoms up to six years. it all comes down how the parents interact with the child. first teaching parents thousand behave with child and child with parents and child's behavior with others and study found method helped reduce key symptoms of autism even in the long term it's hailed as major break through in autism research. >> women are now consuming almost as much alcohol as meningitis have historically
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alcohol than women and alcohol consumption rates were similar where male and female roles were almost equal. >> all right. let's talk weather with gary mcgrady. 4:56. earlier when i was talking about hitting gary i was not talking like the way the indians hit the cubs. i was talking about the high five. >> really. >> high five gary through the another one maureen. >> that's what you get, burned. >> spun look a true politician right there maureen. >> did you see burn. >> i saw that. >> it's okay i'll stay in my line. >> clear sdhiz morning. cold out there please don't hit me fair skies here.
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throughout in some places and all out in the suburbs. here's why look at temperature in d.c.. unto 42 unto 42 inarea and outer look braddock road whether you're traveling legion bridge or up near new hampshire let's look at maps. we have paving work in pennsylvania. started 8 p.m. lasting through 6 a.m. third to 15 and traffic getting by in both directions and slower than usual. we'll let you know about the delays. traffic in a few. >> coming up on fix news morning a celebrity selfie
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>> and game one of world series leads to production from the chicago cubs. >> ttz not over until it's over. heading to break quick look at today's stock fruit furz. 4:58. today's stock fruit furz. 4:58. fox news morning after at giant, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus even more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood?
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thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices.
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