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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  October 30, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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fox 5 news morning. thanks for joining us >> i'm tom fitzgerald. we thank you for joining us. ly we're going to start with breaking news george's county. in his began 2:45. two people are dead. one of is a teenager. it happened in the parking lot of an apartment complex on walker million road in capitol heights maryland. police are obviously on the scene investigating at this hour. join and us is the lieutenant with the police department. what do we know at this hour? i know it's still very early >> it is very early.
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two are deceased. we have evidence techs still on scene gathering evidence canvassing the scene for additional witnesses as well as interviewing witnesses back at our station? do we know what time this happened and sort of what the circumstances might be? >> we know it happened about 2:45 this morning. hopefully we'll have a better idea why they were couldn't aggravating at that time. >> could you tell us whether or not you have any look-out for suspects? was this an incident of people who knew each other in this or do you have any kind of look-out for a suspect or suspects at this time. >> no, we don't, we're asking anyone with any information to please come forward and let us know, no matter how small it
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we have a manhunt for suspect or suspects >> six people shop the. confirmed two dead. how are the other four doing >> it's moment to moment. as far as i've been notified. >> just a reminder i did see there's a $20,000 reward. do you want to give out the number while on the air with us >> it's 866-411-tips. please call us if you have any information, anonymity is assured. >> lieutenant david coleman from the prince george's county police, we appreciate you joining us with this update on this breaking news >> thank you. 7:02. caitlin joining us. you did warn us it was going to be a beautiful sunday so i left
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>> do you run? >> no. >> you're not a runner >> i'm not a runner, a marathoner but if i was, today would be a perfect morning. this would be olympic >> that's exactly what my question was. good or bad for runners today? >> yeah, i think it beats the alternative, which would be snow >> how about for us? >> they don't want it to be too warm >> i think i actually prefer cold weather >> i know you're shocked to find out i don' >> what? >> we'll deal with that later. >> you have the best chance of all three of us. i run the mall >> i do binch watching >> caitlin roth fox 5 dc. these are mild temperatures starting off, 59 reagan national, 57 dulles, 60 at bwi.
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that's been collecting it's only 71 in hagerstown, 70 in west chester, all across the northeast, feeling the benefit of mild air that moved through yesterday. we saw high temperatures in the 70's. we saw a nice comfortable evening, and we got clear skies overhead. you can see those showers up along the great lakes. that is along a cold front which will drop southward into our area later tonight. we do have rain in the forecast. however, i think it holds off until after dark. for start and then turn partly cloudy. this warmup thanks to high pressure down towards our south with temperatures out ahead of the fronts at least getting into the 70's, many do touch 80. the record for today is 82. we'll come awfully close. getting 80 degrees for, what is the last days in october. pretty remarkable. enjoy the mild weather. won't last forever. halloween will be cooler.
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up in your seven-day in a bit the marine corp marathon kicking off this morning in a short while >> alexandra limon is live along the race in arlington with the latest. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: guys, good morning. you're talking about this amazing weather. you know what? it's actually even a little humid and clammy. i'm not 100% loving it. take a look at these crowds. getting ready for the start. but out of all of these runners we want talk to one of them. mick, you are amazing, 13 years old. typically you have to be 15 to run in this marathon, they made your age category. tell me how you were able to get
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this. >> i'm trying to become the youngest person to run a marathon in all 50 states to raise money for the foundation which tries to eliminate blindness. today will be my 50th marathon raising money for them >> that's amazing, 50th but you haven't done all 50? you have run all over the world >> i'm the yuveng world to run a marathon in all seven continents and today is state 42 >> i hear you have pretty amazing sto why don't you share one of them with us >> i think a lot of crazy thinks went on during that, but one of the most was when, i was in answer the arctic ca. we had to run one in south america. they kind of sprung on us and said we're going to go anyway. we did two in two days >> you did a marathon in an
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and did another one the next day >> yeah >> 13 years old. you're doing this for amazingly a remarkable young man, i'm surely impressed because i probably can't even run six miles never mind 26. we will be out here all morning and bring you some more live updates as the race goes on. annie, tom? ? ?. well, the world series game four last night, the cleveland indians won. 7-2. tonight is a must win for chicago if they want to advance first pitch 8:00. the redskins on the road. they had to travel a little further than normal. demand will play the cincinnatti bengals at wembley stadium in london but they will take the field without matt jones, he has been ruled out for the game. he did not practice all week after injuring his near in last week. there is good news to report.
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well as josh norman did make the trip and are expected to play. it should be a very good game. with nine days to go until election day, a cloud hung over hillary clinton's run for the white house has reemerged again. >> we're talking about the e-mails clinton now lashing out at the fbi's decision to row open its investigation of the use of a private e-mail serve whether or not she mishandled classified information. meanwhile donald trump is bouncing oh news, hoping this will give him momentum in the >> hillary clinton and donald trump trading bar bes on the campaign trail with a little over a week left until election. clinton attack to go trump for his rhetoric. >> i think it's time for donald trump to stop fear mothering. coming down hard over newly discovered e-mails on a device belonging to huma abedin.
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scandal since watergate and it's everybody's deepest hope that justice at last will be beautifully delivered. >> the e-mails were discovered as part of an investigation into anthony weiner's. the e-mails found belong to huma and are likely duplicate of ones they got a year ago >> i hope they haven't given huma because story. she knows what's going on >> clinton's campaign is trying to shift the focus casting doubt on the timing of the announcement and calling for fbi director jim comey to release more information about exactly what his agents have found. >> it's pretty strange to put something like that that out with such little information right before an election. so we called on director comey
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away. put it all out on the table. right? >> reporter: we're going to continue to talk about this on fox 5 news at the hill. a little bit later on this morning and fox news sunday with chris wallace. it's been an interesting election. it's going to be interesting every day right up i think until election day. >> pretty excited throughout >> we haven't had a boring day >> your show will be on at >> 7:30 this morning court taking up a case from virginia with national implications. >> justices have agreed to take on a case addressing transgender rights and how it could set up a precedence for schools across the country. >> monday we're turning the lost into a halloween spectacular. you don't want to miss us monday
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for the first time the stranger supreme court court will weigh in over transgender rights >> the high court will be hearing arguments in case of a virginia school board that wants to prevent a transgender teen from using the boy's room. garrett kenny reports. >> reporter: this case is significant for several reasons. one, marks the first time the supreme court agreed to take a case addressing transgender rights. it also could set up a precedent for school districts across the country including those in more than a dozen other similar lawsuits are already playing out. thus 17-year-old gavin grim has become the face of transgender students across the country. after the court acted, he says in a statement, the only thing i ever asked for was the right to be treated like everyone else. the high school senior, who was born female but identifies as a male sued the gloucester county virginia school board for not allowing him to use the boy's bathroom at his high school. in 2014, the district created that policy after receiving
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dprim using the boy's bathroom. it now requires students to use the rest room that corresponds with their biological gender. the chairman of the gloucester county school board praised the supreme court for agreeing to hear the case, saying, quote. the board looks forward to explaining to the court that its rest room and locker room policy balances the interest of all students and parents, the aclu argues that policy is a violation of federal law. specifically title nine, which bars on the basis of gender. the obama administration has made that same argument and instruct to do school districts across the country to drop such policies meanwhile on its face, this case is about transgender rights, the biggest question the court will answer is, in this instance, does the federal government have the right to impose its discretionary policies on the states. they will hear this case some time next year, which again raises the stake of the current
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in washington, garrett tenney, fox news. time now 7:14. we welcome you back. and caitlin roth is here with warm look at the weather. we got the answer. alexandra limon said the runners don't like this >> i feared that. it was almost too warm, humid and kind of comfortable for them. which is so bizarre, marine corp marathon late october last weekend of the month and you would not think as we take a live look outside that we'd be talking about t runners. as everyone gears up, that race begins 45 minutes. that's what we're dealing with. conditions humid and we'll check in with alexandria in just a minute. she's previewing the event but first let's see weather. warm today, obviously sunday we're at 80 degrees. close to record. you know that can't last too long. >> i know, what's the story? >> it will be cooler for tomorrow appropriately so for halloween. you want it to have a little crisp >> no kid wants to wear a jacket
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we're begging you not to wear a jacket over the halloween costume >> hopefully they don't have to, but yes, it will be cooler however, the big tease is we start off november back to warmer temperatures. it's very bizarre. we had an october with record heat so many days below normal. we ended things out. the last day tomorrow will be closer to normal, but not today. warm close to records as we should hit 80. that being said, th days in november look mild. here's temperatures, 59 in washington. it's 65 in annapolis, look at this 70's showing up along the ridge top. 71 hagerstown, 70 winchester. when you compare to yesterday when we started in the 40's and 30's. the 24-hour temperature change is remarkable. maybe you were out late last night. halloween parties, fell comfortable to be outside. it was beautiful. that warm air settled overhead
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time yesterday. 13 degrees warmer in washington. so warm air in place. we got cloud cover as well. we'll be dry most of the day. we'll see a decent amount of sunshine, cold front off towards the north and west bringing the rain showers, game five with the indians and cubs. that could be the last game of the series, they're shower this evening. sunshine today, pause at 5:00. notice the reds in hagerstown. that's a feistyy cold front which could bring heavier rain showers. this cold front was seasonally cold air is cutting into mild air obviously ahead of it. that clash can cause gusty
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moves over us, we clear out very fast. by early monday back to work and school. halloween looks great. lot of sunshine, any of the kids' halloween parties will be fine, trick or treating forecasting calls for totally clear clouds. our spook tackler, temperatures in the upper 50's. cooler, breezier for health official. let's check the seven-day forecast. 61 for the high temperature tomorrow, monday, obviously, that. mostly cloudy first day in november. seasonal then we warm things up back into the 70's. close to 80 degrees thursday. sunny and cooler by friday. and as we head into the first week in november. looks pretty nice. >> warm weather this morning, let's find out how the runners are doing as they prepare for the marathon, alexandra limon is out there live this morning. hi, alex. >> reporter: good morning, well,
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excitement from the marine corp bass excitement from the marine corp marathon right after the break. marathon right after the break. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg.
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sglfrjsz. the marine corp marathon is taking off this morning. >> kicking off before 8:00 and alexandra limon is live. have you been able to ask any of the runners what they think about this incredible weather? >> reporter: i have one of them right here.
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weather? is it ideal for running or a little too warm >> it's ideal right now. come noon today it will be way too hot. >> and you're actually joining me for a reason. this is dan tuchak, you're the father of the youngest participant in this marathon. tell me a little bit about your story because you're actually your son's inspiration to get started running >> that's what he tells me. i run marathons, and i was lucky enough to have him at the finish ne old and came out and finished the race with me. it kind of gave him the big >> which you have. how many have you run? >> i've done about 60 marathons at this point. >> that is amazing. tell me a little bit about your son, when he got started running his first full marathon, how old was he? you were sharing with me as a parent what making that decision was like for you. >> he has done his first
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ready to do it. when you get out there and you, hit the pavement for 26 miles, there's a lot of pain involved. sometimes you have to work through it. as a parent you don't like to see your child suffer but one of those things where he's doing it for greater good. >> reporter: that's amazing. i want to show you real quick. this huge crowd. there's about 30,000 participants in this year's marine corp marathon. we spend the mni just a couple of them. as i mentioned dan's son nick is 13, the youngest participant has run all around the world and we will have more of his story tonight on the 10:00 news or after the game, i should say. tom, annie, back to you. >> we got 9-year-olds running marathon, 13-year-oldses running marathons around the world.
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everybody there's a lot of road closures in parents where the marine corp marathon are going to be. we have a lot on our website at check all of that. you want to be aware of those road closure >> as well as metro not making any adjustments. again. fox 5 dc is where you want to go, we'll be right back after the short break with more news
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. poor thing, don't do this >> i think that's a great costume right out of sleepy hallow. reminds me of jerry. that does it for our news, fox 5 on the hill is coming up next
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joining us today we have debbie heinz trial attorney and founder of legal she's going to weigh in on this pretty big october surprise. days before the election of the first, we want to give a shout out to these donkey elephant and election ballot cookies. thanks for that. love to start the day with cookies. thank you. there you go. >> never too early. >> never too early. >> taking a leg off the donkey and the sunglasses off and these are delicious >> this bombshell development with less than two weeks to go before election. we learned the fbi is once again looking at e-mails relating to hillary clinton's use of that
7:32 am
back in july, the agency cleared her of wrongdoing. now, the fbi says it's learned of the existence of new uncovered e-mails not found on the server. of course, donald trump waste nod time responding. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. and it's everybody's deepest hope that justice at last will be beautifully delivered. hillary has nobody but herself to blame for her mounting legal difficulties. her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional. >> that's what donald trump had to say about all of this. i want to talk about the legal implications are.
7:33 am
not. obviously, we'll start with you. how serious is this from a legal implication given the fact that back over the summer, comey said they were not filing charges of a criminal nature in regards to this event? >> well, you know, right now, since we don't know anything from fbi director comey, this is more talking loud and saying nothing. his letter >> that's what worry best at. that's what we're best at >> yes. >> talking loud and s nothing >> his letter literally said nothing. it doesn't have any implications other than the fact it has serious implications potentially for the election due to his timing of bringing it out at this point. what would be, i mean, for this really did obviously come as a surprise for all of us. would he sit and wait just because of the election if there is a reason? i have the letter. he says he agrees that the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review the e-mails to determine whether
7:34 am
information. if that is real, if there was no election, i mean, would there be any question about his decision to move forward >> seems crazy to wait. >> two things going on, the timing of it and the investigation. the criminal investigation always ongoing, even when it's closed, think the civil rights investigations where they were closed and decade later, they found new information. that's number one. number two, it's the timing of it. the justice department, whether republican orde office, they have a policy that says that you refrain from doing anything that might impact the outcome of an election. that's exactly what he's trying to do. the timing but like i said, the investigations are always open just because there's -- for instance, a murder investigation and you closed it but now you found new information ten years later and say my god we closed it. what can we do? but it's the timing that is the
7:35 am
did not want this to get out. comey decided to move forward with the rational i told congress i would keep them updated. do you think comey should have done what he did friday, sent the letter and number two, do you expect any other information to come out between now and election day? that's the what the clinton camp is saying, you got to release more information. >> it's funny because this is the one thing both cams are agreeing on both republicans and democrats. bring us more little letter was not enough. i don't think he had an obligation to publicly make it known. even though he was not in a meeting with loretta lynch. he was with top attorney general officials. of which. that's where his office comes under. he's not a lone wolf, he's under the attorney general's office. when the higher ups there say, no, you don't do this, we never do this to impact an election. he should have just kept his mouth closed. he should have looked.
7:36 am
he should have definitely be investigating anything. >> keeping your mouth closed in this election cycle in just a couple of months ago he came out publicly and gave a statement saying they were not charging hillary clinton in regard to these e-mails. then, if he were to come up later after this election and find out the public finds out, that this was going on, right before the election, wouldn't that, in fact, on the one hand be you made a big show about saying hillary clinton was in charge then you're not going to tell anybody if new information emerges ten days before the election >> that wouldn't be unfair >> we're all acting as if he hasn't looked at the e-mails. even though he hasn't given us information, he did not get a stack of e-mails. i can tell you that as former prosecutor he knows what's in the e-mails. he didn't just get a stack and
7:37 am
i have no idea. think about it. we would be reading it ferociously. for him to come out and not to say more if there's something significant, that implicates criminal activity. if there's something that doesn't implicate he should have said more. i say he should have kept his mouth closed. that's the policy of the justice department >> isn't he in a no win situation? on the one hand, you had the democrats praising him throwing him under the bus. now, the republicans are saying, thank goodness. director comey stepped in here and the democrats are outraged. isn't he the one guy trying to play it down the middle and getting killed both sides for it? no matter what he says >> i think if you're giving him the benefit of the doubt. saying my god, he was stuck
7:38 am
i still stick behind what's the policy of the attorney general's office, which in the justice department to refrain from doing anything that could impact an election and clearly this is something that could impact an election. in that regard, he should have kept his mouth shut >> let's take a listen to what hillary clinton had to say. in spite of this controversy, clinton went on to campaign in a star studded event in and clinton had this to say to voters. >> donald trump is out there is, stoking fear, disgracing our democracy and insulting one group of americans after another. let me ask you this: . are we going to let donald trump get away with that? you're right.
7:39 am
different kind of change where we come together. we grow together. because you know what? we are stronger together [cheers and applause] >> that looked like every bad seat. i ever had. there's an umbrella in front of me, somebody standing up. you know one of the things that this does though is hillary clinton really now has to turn this narrative back around again, back over to donald trump. donald trump has faced these questions about his taxes. these questions about, you know, allegations of sexual assault. from a legal standpoint, it appears that donald trump has not broken any laws in regards to his taxes. that he's made himself available to the breaks that he has been given. but when you're in a situation
7:40 am
the clinton campaign to empty every last little piece of opposition research they have on donald trump >> i think so but at the same time, we've seen a lot already and i think that hillary clinton, with this e-mail investigation, i think it's very hard to get any type of message. that's why i do think it's unfair to voters and the hillary clinton campaign and i do think that they've got to do -- we have to have more information, because as debbie was saying, there's probably something siif but with trump, i think closing argument has to be more positive than negative because this is a nasty election and if it's too negative and people won't come out to vote >> debbie, based on your experience and knowledge with the timeline, do you think it is unreasonable to expect to see any of that, to learn anything more so that maybe voters would have a more informed decision rather than just this what if maybe it's really bad, maybe it's nothing, maybe they're the
7:41 am
just through anthony weiner? what's your take >> i think i'd be very surprised if comey came out and said anymore than what he said. i think he thought about it. he's a political person, he knows what that implication of what he did. he -- it's not like he put it out there and i don't think he thought maybe i should give them more. >> do you think he would have done that >> in the beginning >> this is such a terribl campaign. do they have resource? could they sue the fbi? this is not fair or just apply political pressure as they're doing? democrats have been ripping comey for the last 24 to, 48 hours. >> i think that what they need to do -- with what is it olympic are are we down to nine days before the election? she needs to get out and vote. that's what the democrats will
7:42 am
>> you say it's unfair. if we're looking at a situation where, you know, if you believe the polls. we'll talk about that, if hillary clinton gets elected and then after that, let's say it were to come out then, that the fbi was looking at these anthony weiner e-mails, and by the way, that's a job you don't want. couldn't you foresee a situation where you could have a new round of legal challenges to that election or leg this investigation? if they were somehow trying to keep this quiet? wouldn't it be worse after next tuesday to find out after the fact. >> i think it would be better to find out at least -- i don't think they have to close the investigation but i think who's the target of it? what are they looking at >> they never did close the investigation >> what is it? what are we talking about? we don't know what it is. it's got to be something significant to this. comey said never mind. it's something minor.
7:43 am
with that. i don't have any -- i don't have much faith in the fbi director based on things done in the past by jay edgar hoover. i'm not making any assumptions that what he said has any validity whatsoever or that it is significant. i just don't -- i'm not going to make that assumption. i think that he should have said more, we're all jumping to conclusions. i'm saying it is what it is. he found all we can go with >> one thing is interesting, hillary clinton held a press conference and the quote things like this is true that most people can agree to, she said i think people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails. we'll leave it at that. debbie thank you for joining us today. here's a question. are early voters having voter remorse? many people we talked to say their votes can't be swayed no matter what happened. take a listen.
7:44 am
one bit. >> at this point in time i have my decision made >> i'm tired of the e-mails. i think we just have to vote predictions. >> well, in several states, including new york, pennsylvania, louisiana, minnesota and wisconsin, absentee can change their votes prior to election day, we were talking about before the show. i can't imagine going and taking the time to vote early and then showing -- going and saying, never mind i change my mind. i don'kn you that anyone would do that >> not only surprising. it should not be allowed. when you cast a ballot, that's your vote. >> that was my impression. >> i didn't know that >> you never done early voting? never >> don't you work on election day >> i go in a little bit later because it's a long night. no, i think it's very -- it's very odd but i do know somebody who did vote early and texted me and said maybe i should have waited. >> wow.
7:45 am
learned from the fbi? >> yes. >> interesting. >> you know, because i had a question, can she pardon herself? we don't know what's going on and the answer is yes, she can par done herself >> what a world we live in. i live with fomo. it's a serious condition, fear of missing out. tom that's why i'm here to share young expressions i learn from my young friends. that's why i can't vote early. i feel even full of like you know your decision, where you're going to be, i never voted early either. i can't imagine -- i guess, fact i can change my vote helps, but i'm not sure. i just feel like i'm going to wait. >> let's talk about polls, do you know what these are? >> what's that >> these are the 16 polls that
7:46 am
everyone of these, i'm not going to go through. all of them had anthony brown as your governor of the state. we know >> lost by ten >> by five >> you know who the only guy who said they were going to win by five? larry hogan and he's our governor in maryland. why is this important? sometimes polls like it or not, can be wrong. what we did this week, we talked to chris perk directors of wpa opinion researcher, his was the only poll, the only one that got the 2014 maryland governor's race wrong. we want to know why can polls sometimes be wrong >> people like me, live or die based on our criticize. if i'm inaccurate, i don't get hired again. governor hogan would not hire us back if we had been inaccurate in his election. so i do believe that political polls, sometimes they're taken
7:47 am
paid for on behalf of the candidate. if we release a survey, we know we're being judged against those results in the future. >> they were right. everybody else was wrong. chris says, the reason being is because their poll looks at likelihood. and that far too many polls these days, the ones that appear in newspapers and such are looking at registered voters. how much faith should people put into these preelection polls that seem to be hillary clinton as the next president of the united states >> i don't think you can believe all the polls but the composite with the average i think it's going to be good, in 2012, they were spot on. romney thought he was going to go win but the polls said, nate silver said he's not going to win. i think since that time, we had that race, the governor's race in kentucky. we don't know about turn-out.
7:48 am
poll. we should go dark for a little bit. i think polls make people stay home >> that's interesting. if this election is stressing you out. you're not alone. how are you unwinding? i'm going to tell you later on hill comes back after this. this hill comes back after this. this fios is not cable. we're wired differently. hill comes back after this. this we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever. this is your last chance to get 100meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. hurry, our best offer ever ends soon. only from fios. bassett is unique in regards to that customability. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg.
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>> it was rough. >> we get early anyway >> we do but not quite this early. we might all know the answer but has the election brought stress >> hundreds of people came together on the national mall to try and get rid of that stress by doing yoga. take a listen. >> yoga is a great stress reliever. especially this time of >> in order for you to have the movement through that stress. >> everyone has, you know, different sides of the ballot coming at them at once. >> i think it grounds me allows me to think of people not just
7:52 am
it helps you put your mind in a better space to think things more clearly >> the intangible parts of our experience that bind us. >> bring it back in. one of you is going to start to lean forward. the pen on top is going to let go. we want to find a nice stretch. heart is opening beautiful sky >> it's been a long, long election. >> you're standing >> it's -- exactly what everybody needs right now.
7:53 am
i can't believe people went out there to do yoga in the freezing cold. >> they get up to do that >> i get it. i think i run -- i run to destress from covering just the election and wanting to do a good job. there's so much pressure. i think physical fitness is a good thing. for me, i don't do yoga. how about you, bob >> i do yoga >> not yet but i'm only in my mid 40's >> we can do warrior poses to work >> i'm irish i my stress and i work. heads-up if you wanted to snap a picture of yourself with the ballot? do research first. you might find yourself in jail. you don't want that.
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here's the really big news, justice timberlake is not not going to jail over his ballot he posted this in memphis earlier this week >> in dc, there's no band but election officials discourage people from taking them.
7:57 am
nothing in virginia law prohibits voters from taking pictures of themselves, voters or their ballot in the polling place. the law bands electronic, even media members aren't allowed to photograph a ballot that shows how someone is voting. >> i can be able to take a photo of you voting but why can't i take a selfie >> i don't think bob. you want to see your selfie. it is funny, tom, we've been covering the election andpology locations. it is interesting, i've been in maryland and dc for i saw them in maryland turn off those cell phones, you can't bring them in there and dc we did our live shot inside the judiciary voting. >> ten years from now we'll be voting on our phones. it will be a moot point. earlier this morning, we want to remind you fox news sunday is up next and it's the redskins facing off against the bengals on fox 5. thank you for joining us.
7:58 am
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i'm chris wallace. with just over a week until election day, a campaign bombshell. the fbi reopens its investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mails. >> they are reopening the case into her criminal and conduct that threatens the security of the united states of america. >> the american people deserve to get the full andomplete facts immediately. >> the republican vice presidential nominee, indiana governor mike pence, responds to the stunning announcement. >> we commend the fbi for having the courage to reopen this case. because no one is above the law. >> we'll talk with pence live, d we'll ask the chair of the


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