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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 1, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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was sexual assaulted by another driver after a car crash. the latest on the hunt for the suspect. neighbors concerned about the behavior of a convicted sex offender >> you're attacking my cast had nothing to do with halloween >> his halloween decorations are within his rights. but neighbors degree >> election day just over a week away. to new poll numbers that show the race for the white house ge fox 5 news at 11:00 starts now. >> thank you for joinings, i'm tony perkins >> i'm sarah simmons in for sean. a woman says she was sexual assaulted by another driver after a car crash >> it happened around 3:00 this morning along kings highway and farm road. the suspect is still on the loose. lindsey watts with more on who
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lindsey. >> reporter: this was a brutal road side rape. tonight we do have a composite sketch of the suspect. investigators say early this morning, the victim was driving here on kings highway. presumably the road was quiet like it is now. they say the suspect was driving in the same direction as the victim and the two car collided. stafford the county sheriff's office said the suspect dragged the woman out of her car into a ditch where he sexual assaulted her for two hours andhe off. the victim was able to help create this picture of him. she estimates he's about 5'9", 180 pounds, speaking spanish and broken english and wearing light jeans and an orange blue and white plaid long sleeve shirt. truly a horrific crime. the sheriff's office spokes woman says this is devastating to herself as well as to investigators trying to find the suspect tonight. >> this is a quiet community in
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and so this is a jolt. and it's a very difficult thing to comprehend. certainly, our thoughts and our deep prayers go out to the victim and her family. >> reporter: the victim says is the suspect was driving a dark-colored suv. that vehicle could have orange paint and damage on the front and passenger side. investigators are not saying whether the man intentionally crashed with the vic the cars were going the same direction and the front of the suspect's vehicle was damaged. the sheriff's office is hoping for the public's help with this. go to to share this shoulder on social media. share that composite sketch. and this is something to think about. if you should get into a crash in a deserted area like this, call police and think about safety first before you get out of the car. we're told that the victim had to be hospitalized for her
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tonight recovering. live in stafford, lindsey watts, fox 5 local news. now to a fox 5 exclusive. halloween is come and gone for trick or treaters but earlier, some residents in arlington were very concerned about sending their kids out. the reason? a registered sex offender had decorated his house. word quickly spread and turns out no kids visited the home. fox 5 home with the latest. >> reporter: we didn't see a single trick or treater stop by that you see behind me and you see this decorated by a man that neighbors believe has no business interacting with children. he's 57-year-old john ricca, a registered sex offender, first second degree sexual assault of a child and nearly seven years
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i'm asking you how you feel about your neighbors being concerned that you potentially could again be enticing their children >> this is my neighbor also. ok? who you spoke with, i don't know. because all i've been is everything but, you know, i've been nice to everybody, ok, sents i moved here. >> reporter: he may be within his rights but we're within our rights as taxpayers and long time members of this community to protect the children in our community especially in halloween. >> reporter: this man is in this on probation which means there are no restrictions when it comes to him interacting with children. neighbors here say they contacted arlington county police. police came out and say this man broke no laws. live tonight in arlington, marina marraco fox 5 local news. ? ? new tonight, police say parents found a syringe in their child's bag of halloween candy. this happened tonight in anne
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to gordon drive. the parent found this syringe in their child's trick or treat bag. there was no needle. right now police don't know where it came from or if it was given to the child. we turn to fairfax county now where a martial arts instructor is charged with inappropriately touching a 6-year-old girl. 29-year-old renzo garcia was arrested at his home sunday. he's charged with aggravated sexual battery. police say garcia instructor at lead by example studio in springfield. he also taught at the montessori school in chan tilly. police say the victim was not one of his students but detectives are concerned there may be more victims. what looked like an abduction was caught on camera outside of prince william county wal-mart. police believe this was just a prank. the video shows someone being put in the trunk of a car by two others. this happened friday at the wood bridge wal-mart.
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crime. after going through more surveillance video from inside the wal-mart. detectives saw all three people reenter the store about five minutes later. still trying to identity the people involved to confirm that it was a prank. turning now to the forecast, here's a live look outside on this halloween night. weather is great for trick or treaters, they didn't need the heavy coats. the big kids are still out there but probably not feeling the chill. we say good-bye to halloween in the next hour. guess what else we're saying good-bye to? the month of october. as we see it leaving, we'll see november coming in on a very similar note with temperatures close to average for this time of year. it's going to be an interesting week, because we're going to go see another big spike with temperatures getting into the upper 70's. the furnace may cool down for
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manassas, gaithersburg is there, west minister is there and low 40's in the suburbs. upper 30's to low 40's as we look at our suburban areas. maybe a few spots getting as low as 37. we've had a little bit of high thin cloud cover coming through. it won't do much to keep us warm. those clouds will also be around tomorrow as we're calling it our halloween area of high pressure that's going to be in a position to pump up the east wind and upper 30's and 40's keeping a chill in the air as s some temperatures might be in our suburban areas a little too warm. expect it to be rather chilly when you start out. kids will be back at school and pick up in the morning, 42 to 49 might be closer to upper 30's to about 49 after school. 58 to 65 way mix of sun and clouds. not a bad looking tuesday for us. here's a look at temperatures in that 63 that you see there, that is pretty typical for november
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all these other months racing away. >> i love october. it's my favorite. >> hate to see it go. >> meanwhile we're just one week away from election night. a little over that. and polls are continuing to tighten, the latest national average shows hillary clinton's lead over donald trump at 4.3 percentage points. clinton held nearly a seven point lead earlier this month. fox's lauren blanchard has more on the campaign trail. >> reporter:he investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails is once again driving the conversation of the election, just eight days until voters head to the polls. while democrats are criticizing the embattled fbi director for announcing the fbi will take another look at clinton's use of her private e-mail server, donald trump is praising him and the department for its controversial decision >> i have to give the fbi credit. that was so bad what happened originally, and it took guts for
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that he made in light of the kind of opposition he had where they're trying to protect her from criminal prosecution. >> reporter: the white house saying president obama will continue to campaign for the democrat nominee despite the reopening of her case. >> would not anticipate a significant change to the public pitch that president obama will be making in support of secretary clinton's campaign. >> reporter: clinton hard at work conversation. telling voters at a campaign event earlier that americans don't want to talk about her e-mails. >> most people have decided a long time ago what they think about all of this. now, what people are focused on is choosing the next president and commander in chief of the united states of america. >> reporter: trump is hoping to use the latest as a support in king swing states.
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most of his day campaigning, lauren blanchard fox news. straight ahead at 11:00, backlash against proposed budget cuts for metro >> protesters used halloween to try to get the point across >> a local elementary school cancelled its halloween party. parents did not let that stop their kid from celebrating. we're sharing some of your costumes. you have been sending us pictures using the #fox 5 halloween. aren't these adorable? perfect little even the dog. >> is it someone disguised as a dog? >> i don't know. love it.
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dozens gathering for a protest against metro. the grim replier represents the death spiral and the tombstones are that could be eliminated. the proposed cuts laying off 1,000 people and hiking fares. metro's gm says the rail agency has to make tough decisions to >> i'll tell the customers same things they're telling me. i heard it today several times today when i was on the system. people are, you know, they don't like a lot of what they're hearing but they're saying keep it up. this should have been done years ago. unfortunately you're the guy got to do it, you're the one bringing the bad news to us. you got to do it. >> the budget proposal is for the 2018 fiscal year. it goes to a vote next year.
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the white house is lit up with halloween. earlier today, the first family greeted kid from dc schools and gave out candy on the white house lawn. the president spoke at a reception inside and told kids that they could disregard the first lady's lessons on healthy eating just for the day. >> you guys all look scary or cool or whatever you're trying to be. awesome, many of you look awesome. >> the president and lady also danced along to michael jackson's thriller briefly there with a group of students who formed a flash mob. >> isn't that re isn't that the best? can you imagine having halloween at the white house? one montgomery county school cancelled its animal parade and party this year, but a group of parents did not let that stop the celebration >> they cancelled the party because a few parents didn't want their kids to participate
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place into their own hands, dozens brought them to a park next door. greeted with a halloween party, the parents whipped up in only 48 hours. >> i mean, it's an important holiday. i love the holiday. i think the school should celebrate it a little bit. i decided it was unfair because this is my fifth year at closerly closerly party and we always had the party >> my son told me t decided to let him participate so i signed him out early. montgomery county school spokesperson tells us it is up to each principal to decide whether or not to host halloween festivities. well, 51 degrees out there right now. it was a perfect day for halloween. >> 51 in the city, a lot colder in the suburbs. typical. i'm glad we have a day where we can be silly.
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weird election year. let's take a moment. have a crazy day. no doubt about it. a lot of people did just that and i'm sure we'll have more fun days coming tonight it is starting to get a little bit chilly. and the late night halloween trick or treaters are still down in georgetown probably will be calling it an early night as temperature even in the city are going to start to get rather chilly. did you happen to notice something in the sky earlier today? come in that are made up of ice crystals. i want to show you what i got on instagram. maybe you saw this, this is from dc rob man, he's seeing a double sun vote sun dogs over dulles airport if you see this and got the sun and to bright spots on either side of it that's called a sun dog. it has to do with the fact that
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crystal and a certain type of crystal. if you saw that and i know a lot of you did. i heard from a lot of you. good job on catching a sun dog or sun bow if you like to call it that. tomorrow we'll have high thin clouds. it will keep us on the cool side, 63, for some of you, it feels a whole lot better. for those of who want it what were the next 48 hours we got something for you too. on wednesday, our temperature, about 77 so that is well above average. thursday, we could tie records thursday for the record high temperatures. it is getting chilly as mentioned in the suburbs. you can do why we make sure we show those areas north because you can get as cold as 37 in west minister when it's 51 for dc, 43 for dulles right now and most of these temperatures will head for the upper 30's to low 40's north and west. mid 40's here in the district. we could see around the region too.
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hampton. chicago 57 degrees. and everybody will be watching cleveland tomorrow. looks like cleveland's temperatures for game 6 will also be fairly comfortable. seasonally cool for this time of year. overnight, 46 for the district with some clouds around. 37 to 42 for the suburbs and tomorrow, we bounce back up to about 62 with that mix of clouds and sun but a cool, dry afternoon, pretty pleasant for november 1st if you ask me. here's will end up, low 60's thanks to this area of high pressure that will be off the coast, which loads us up on a little bit of that high thin cloud cover and keeps those temperatures down a little bit. they won't be down for. here's a look at future catch the. you can see some of the clouds. you can see them pushing in from the east. we'll keep them around kind of a half sunny, half cloudy sky as we head on into wednesday. but then another big warmup is
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direction with upper 70's and temperatures near 80. if not low 80's in a few spots. on thursday, at 79, the record is 80. we're going to be very, very close to that. by the way, our next rain will also be thursday. we're going to have a frontal boundary come through thursday producing showers that will drop temperature friday by about 61. into the weekend. looking good meantime changes sunday, we fall back to standard time. temperatures 61 on sunday. monday, about 60 degrees. that is your seven-day forecast. anybody mangling daylight savings time? it's done. it's done. relevant over. it's a tried and true coaching technique. prolongs the game. icing the kicker. calling the time out at the right moment. making the guy kick run to the up rights then making him do it all over again. don't we know that too well. did you have the inhop consistents overtime yesterday.
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expected bengals marvin lewis calling time out what may turn out to be a practice attempt. hop consistents was officially ice. the kick that counted sailed wide to the left. that 27, all tie. there was more trauma after the game way german tv reporter tried to interview hopkins >> what went wrong with the kick? . >> first of all, i'm just disgust that day that happened for my guys. ok? >> what he said. meantime, the first college basketball poll is out. maryland comes in at 25. face of the squad but one newcomer expected to make a splash is number four in the second roll. kevin hearder. he was voted mr. basketball in the state of new york. but they will never forget him.
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>> daylight savings time was voted mr. basketball. they decided to take his image and turn it no the new logo so the heart of which he played ball will most certainly go on >> at the end of the year and the giant huge logo on a big kind of billboard material. you know, kind of taken back and found him and just told him i was really cool, never seen anything like it. he just said he deserved >> used his image for the high school. it's cool. he's a big-time shooter and basketball player, not a shooter a basketball player. he can really dribble and pass it >> you heard of the saying it's better to be lucky than good. last night game. in first base dug-out. anthony teamwork makes the dream work. gloves it for the out.
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and you know who saw that all go down michigan football coach jim har ball. are you cool with a 52-year-old guy bringing his glove to the game? somebody thought he was trying to channel steve bar theman. nonetheless, the world series continues on fox. if cleveland wins that's it. if not, we got a game seven on our hand >> great >> either way, one of them n my hygienist said the most random thing. she said i should think of my teeth like an apple. it could be great on the outside not so great on the inside. her advice? use a toothpaste and mouthwash that strengthens both. go pro with crest pro-health vanced.
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coming up on today's telecast: >> i drank some of that water. those tests came back negative. i kn god is real! >> my eyes totally fine. no evidence of ever being injured. >> i touched your hands and prayed and my whole life has been changed. >> paid in full >> paid in full! >> my husband and i got blessed with a home over a quarter of a million dollars! god has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous deliverance to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.


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