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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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with a large group or groups of young men would were out robbing people on the street. let's show you a map of the locations d.c. police confirmed for us. it ghana cording to d.c. police at 10:05 . cathedral and connecticut avenue there. 10 to 15 black males we're told by d.c. police were the suspect in that case. that robbery involved a gun. at 10:302700 block of 29th street northwest this is ridley again, d.c. police report 15 to 20 black males robbery, no weapons. then a 40 minute walk away from there, so not sure if these two are connected, next location was 15 minutes later at 10:46 prospect street that's norm of key bridge close to georgetown university, again, 15 to 20 black males here somehow they were able to tell the us is
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and then where i am standing here 3100 block m street northwest this one at 2:1 in the morning. again, same situation. 15 to 20 black males. d.c. police calling it robbery with snatch and force. bars close here 2:00 in the morning and we wanted to get clarification. they said in each one of these case this was a robbery of a person. someone who is on the streets walking a round not paying attention to where they would be that large group of people out robbing folks they were trying to make their way home this morning. back to you guys. >> mel, thanks for the update. also breaking right now police investigating several shooltings throughout the area. a man was shot dead just before 1:00 this morning on 20th avenue in chilla, maryland. in the district police are on the scene of a shooting fairmont avenue northwest near howard university.
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expected to survive. >> disturb ago tack in stafford county a woman was sexually assaulted for two hours after a man after they were involved in a car accident. >> the attacker is 5' 9" tall and 180 pound speaking spanish and broken english at the time light jeans and orange, blue and white plaid long sleeve shirt. the suspect was driveing a car dark colored vehicle could have orange paint and damage on the front and on passenger side as well. >> let's turn now to campaign. seven days left until the election. i know you're breathing a sigh of relief. right now fbi is sifting through thousands of emails connected to hillary clinton. they're searching for key words to see if classified information was comprised and records on anthony weiner's
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clinton. they are pledging to expedite the review before election day. and this morning we're learning more about his tax troubles. they accuse him of not paying hundreds of millions of dollars. he would claim credit tores losses as own. the maneuver may have allowed him taxes in two decades. it's now ill tlol do that. lawmakers banned that practice in 2004. >> 4:3 the time. happening today d.c. council will vote on a bill to decide to give a patient who is terminally ill and mentally ill to help get medications to die peacefully in their sleep. 15% support medical aide in
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rolement for affordable care act known as obamacare. prepare yourself for higher are fees before tax subsidies. it will increase 25%. some states could see larger increases one of in five consumers will have to choose a plan from one insurer aftermath or national carriers scale back roles. the majority shopping will be able to find affordable coverage. open rolement ends january 3. >> coming up at had 4:35. gary mcgrady this morning and november 1 forecast. good morning, gary. >> where is it going? socket done. we're into it november. and it's going to seem like a couple weeks from now it will be thanksgiving. so stay tuned. and listen, i'll tell you this.
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comes not today necessarily. as we start to the get into tomorrow and thursday we're talking about again challenging some record warmth around here. wow. and then cools off again for the weekend. just a little tease there ahead. this morning not much going on clouds rolling through. i don't think we'll be completely cloudy. i think we have sun and clouds. certainly more clouds than we had yesterday. we had high clouds yesterday. but for the most part doesn't look like a bad day. it stays temperatures this morning cool as you step out. inside the beltway 48. i think we can drop off a little more. not much more. but a little more. annapolis is 47. way newspaper westminster down to 37 degrees. clear skies to the north. that's allowing temperatures to drop off. fredericksburg is chilly this morning 45. we're upper 50s and low 60s today and again waiting on 70s. 70s come back strong tomorrow. here's erin como with a look at
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at service at 5 a.m. safe track surge 10 will number place through november 2 and gal dot for the totten on the red line buses replace trains. if you need to get downtown green or yellow line an option for you. watch crowded trains and longer wait times. crowded shuttle buses, red line running two segments shady grove gallaudet and glenmont and for the totten. general closures brooklyn and shuttle bus service is available. the buses will stop at closed stations. again give yourself extra time. metro bus, telecommute. let us know how as infecting your commute on erin "fox5" on twitter and all of our roads looking great right now seeing green all over the area annapolis 50s queue et cetera and same story 95 from fred bikzburg. more traffic in a few, wisdom
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pattern of discrimination when it comes to people certain ride sharing drivers want to pick up. >> and pokemon go all the rage this summer. now that's a way you can develop your own version of the game. >> as we head to break a live look across the region 4:37 in the morning and 48 degrees
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malala yousafzai than 1 million
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whilt sounding names included greg, todd, allison christian. and black sounding names kareem, rashid, ebony and kiesha. they found in some cities there was a gap in the with those names. riders with black sounding names waited 30% longer to be picked up. and finally, you may soon be able to create your own version of pokemon go. get a load of this former googld worker is debuting apostolic nuncio top apostolic nuncioy monday games a raised $2 million to far to do it. it's backed by disney ce oxt eisner. he is excited about the
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possibility. >> i thought we were done with the whole pokemon. >> well you know excuse me i have a tickle causing know cough. but another idea we did not think of. >> what. >> that one could have gotten us our ski house, wis. >> even if we did not think of it we don't have the brilliance to execute it. >> this is another case of -- maureen. >> i'm telling you. >> the news is frustrating. >> all right. >> thanks, ali. >> coming up at morning a youth instructor accused of sexually abusing his students. >> and today montgomery country will let us all know how prepared they are for arrival of snow this winter. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region.
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>> today on "fox5 news morning" prince george county residents kicked out of their homes because of fights over utility payments are being allowed to return. >> live look outside now a cool start. but the good news there's a warm-up on the way. gary mcgrady has got a check of the forecast in a moment. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is tuesday, very first day of november. speed ago long through the
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almost done with the year. >> don't say that. >> it's almost over. >> time changes all things. >> don't rush it along. >> we're not rushing it along we're taking it all in. >> now producer is saying rush it along. >> speed it up. >> gary mcgrady your turn. >> that's what he'sfied dpoxt keep it malasia flight moving. og is keeping us moving. it's not wednesday yet, almost. temperatures out there this morning not too terribly cold. westminster come up a little bit. they were 39 at 37 now 39 across on eastern shore cam bridge pretty clear this morning. 34 degrees. you see where we have clearing skies. temperatures have really dropped off into the 30s. other places with clouds. temperatures have stayed up into the 40s. there's current satellite picture and we're not completely cloudy all day long. we will have sun. i think the best way to say it is sun and clouds. and honestly it would be
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exactly which hours we'll have more sun than clouds. we'll go more sun than clouds and we'll -- sun and clouds today is general rule. starting inside it the beltway in 40s ended up upper 40s, low 60s it depends on amount of sunshine. nice warm-up on the way. right now traffic tuesday morning erin como you're in. >> that's right, gary, 4:46 few and good morning to you. if you hit 95 this morning this is near franconia springf volume a touch. let's forward cameras to 395. there is a disabled vehicle by pentagon. we'll look and see. traffic is flowing despite disabled norm of that point. you see right here it slows down as you approach the disabled vehicle scene. however traffic is moving without any major delays. we'll keep up updated. maryland commute quiet as well. back to you wisdom and maureen. >> 4:46 the time developing overnight police on the hunt
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a string of robberies. >> most recent one in georgetown. melanie alnwick is live at the scene with more on exactly who police are looking for. >> d.c. police cannot say at this point whether these groups are indeed the same groups or more than one group. certainly the robberies all bare similar characteristics. let's start what happened on prospect street morning. bars get out 2:00. in that one d.c. police say it was a swarm of about 15 to 20 black males reported to them who deaccepteded on a person and robbed them out on the street. let's go to the map as well and show you other locations. we'll back it up a little bit. it was a little before that we also had around midnight there was robbery on wisconsin avenue
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black males wearing dark kloming and let's go back a little to georgetown where you have the 3400 block of prospect street at 10:46 and we have 29 street woodly street park calvert street at 10:30 and it all began cathedral and connecticut avenue northwest 10 to 15 black males, 10:05 p.m. first report. all this happening as people were out on streets. a lot of people certainly here in georgetown last night. now only one of the one there at keith he'd ral and connecticut northwest that's the only one confirmed tuesday a gun was used or reported used. and we had one incident that the suspects may be teenagers only 15 to 17 years old. fortunately what we know nobody injured at any incidents. but really quite a busy night for second district and very shocking turn of events on the streets of d.c.. back to you guys.
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alnwick thanks for the update. to fairfax county where a ma martial arts instructor is accused of inappropriately touching a 6-year-old girl charged with aggravated sexual battery. instructor of lead by example studio in springfield and taught at the monday sorry school in chantilly. detengt activities are concerned there may be more victims. >> now to a huge drug bust in frederick county, sheriff deputies s c had 87 grams of heroin in walkersville maryland apartment when they arrested him the street value of the drug is $13,000 and investigators also found more than $800 in cash. police say he faces several drug charges and is held on $125,000 bond. >> gas and electricity turned back owe on at temple hills condo complex. resident were forced off when
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off heat. the condo association owes more than a million in overdue bills. they were ordered to put it back on saying they did not give proper notice that residents would lose electricity and heat. >> nearly five months after pulse massacre hearing from the gunman in his own words. >> and a lot more men with facial hair as popular november campaign gets underway. >> we're going to break now. a
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>> 4:52 this morning hearing the 911 calls made by the man who carried out the night club massacre in orlando, florida.
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nearly 30 minutes of audio from the 911 call were released yesterday. listen as he pledge as leatherence to isis. >> i want to let you know i'm in orlando and i did the shootings. >> what's your name? >> my name is i pledge of aleemingence to the islamic state. >> during the rampage in november in "juno" mar mateen repeatedly hung up negotiators he killed 49 people and left others injuries. police did eventually shoot and kill mateen. >> clashes between protesters in north dakota young versus old how to stop the dakota access pipeline. the pipe shrine built near a sacred native american site. it will pump oil from north dakota to illinois and those
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>> emergency hearing has been scheduled in federal court on naacp attempt to stop several election boards in north carolina from removing people from the voter roles. the hearing will be held in winston salem. it zeross in on three counties were are thousands of voters names have been challenged. >> 4:54 is the time now and study mock snow day in montgomery country. all day today the montgomery county department of transportation will conduct exercises to test out the staff members will simulate a 6" snowstorm. snowplow operators will run snow routes on county maintained roads and tomorrow montgomery county executive legit will speak at the snow summit. they'll discuss initiatives to get rid for the snowstorm. >> it's that time of year again not for turkeys on grand feeingts but for beards. the kind on your face. the start of never a month some
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awareness foremen's health issues and laurel police department will participate to raise money for zero to end prostate cancer. last year department was top fundraiser for zero raising more than $5200 of course homage to tom celica who rocks one of the fiercest mustaches out there. >> it's got to be itchy and hot. >> ridiculous. >> the makeup yesterday had a full on beard. did he say it was hot. >> initially. >> how are you this morning, sir. >> good how are you. >> doing excellent. >> awesome. >> it's tuesday morning obviously people sporting halloween hangover i'm sure because of the candy i'm sure and staying up late. any way get up and get going. 4 dulles and 45 winchester and 43 gaithersburg. here in town outside the beltway temperatures generally
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even in some neighborhoods inside the beltway we could be down lower to mid 40s. keep that in mind. baltimore 8 right now. cambridge on eastern shore is quite chilly this morning. down to 3 4 close to freezing. here's the bus stop forecast. anywhere between 40 and 48 degrees. again couple spots could be cooler than that for kids. once the sun comes up it will be a lot of cloud cover. some spots have sun. lot of clouds. sun and clouds through the day today. after school we're 57 to 6 how about this? still talking about this midweek warm-up. a few close to records maybe or few new records maybe. we'll talk more about that. here's erin como with a look at traffic tuesday morning. >> 4:56 now looking at roads. construction in maryland north bethesda rockville pike now closed on northbound side at hoya street because of utility repair. follow the detour to get around that.
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and towards montgomery county we do have some construction closing the ramp to 95. so if you take outer loop get off route 1 or bw parkway northbound. that will save you time. more traffic in a few wisdom and maureen. >> fox news morning the clinton campaign accuses fbi director of double standard. >> get ready for new security measures and extra checks before heading to popular tourist destination region. features. 4:57 is the time. it is 48 degrees. yes we're doing just fine. fine, fine on this november 1. woo. all right. woo. all right. back everybody after the break. at giant, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands,
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he whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of ?bread.? [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices.
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y25emy y17vy snrvr lease are looking for a man that prayed on a woman from d.c. >> and passing a new law that allows terminally ill patients. >> it's cool out there this morning. we need a jacket.


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