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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  November 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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> one week from now this willfr all be on the downom side of bef over, if you want to call it that. >> it almost seems a little surreal, doesn't it. >> i'm ready for us to get there, but just seven days. > officially seven days fro presidential raise is still tool close to call.l. > as you can see from the run down on the side of your screenr this is the who thest story at 6:30. we invite you guys to join the conversation right now. all you acto do is tweet us using the #5@6:30 and then look for some of your tweets right te here a little l later in thee > let's get right to it, the surprises on the campaign trail just keep coming from the discovery of new clinton insider e-mails and then talk about potential constitutional crisis
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donald trump is gaining ground on hillary clinton even though he still faces an up hill battle. > president of vote american.te i want to start with one recurring theme we've hearde from a lot of people is thatat neither one of these candidatesa are really reaching out or at o least talking about the millenial vote.mi what issues appeal to younger voters? the future voters of tomorrow? are any candidatesdae fitting that bill right now. >> no. no candidates are. and thank you i'm glad you asked that question. no cdi issues that directly affect millenials. vote america now just hosted a town haul at baltimore criminall justice. one of the main issues that he we a hear about on a consistent basis, education, jobs, education reform, especiallyrefo with the recent events that aret happening in our nation. look at the divide we have between community and police relations. it's horrible. they had a debate in st. louis right in the heart basically in
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community relations and our criminal justice reform.m. these are the type of issues ous people are tired of. he know nobody wants to hear th back and forthhe and this entire process, this entire election has been all mud slander and nod he focused on the issues. i don't believe any of us can point to either candidate andd say, hi, we know what their first 100 days are going to be about. when necessity get into the white house their going to be a, b and c. none of us can do that. we he have the information that just came out from comey and the clinton e-mails and we have donald trump who is now sayingw that his numbers are tighteningn and he is closing in on hillary clinton. right now with these last seven days left, what should they be talking about. hillary clinton has tota be defending herself and donaldhe trump has to go onrs the offense right now because he's in a great how can they talk about your
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>> first things first.irst what the voters don't want to see the last seven days is drama going back and forth.nd they need to discuss the millenial issues seven out of ten people surveyed don't trust hillary clinton and or think shi has some kind of ill intent. aside from obviously the issue that people look at trump and obviously the e-mail issues with secretary clinton there needs to be a conversation, there needs to beatio a demand in the next seven days. > who makes that demand, though in. >> you know, there are numbermbr russ organizations out there. of course vote america now would love to, you know, host and we certainly welcome both candidates on issues of criminal justice reform and on education. but with seven days left, you know, i don't know that eithertr candidate is focused on that. they're focused on obviously electoral votes and getting to the swing dates that are going
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particular election. > what is the solution then? if you're not going to get a chance to hear what you do, did any of the developments thatat happen in the last couple of days change your mind about who you'red going to vote for? did? any of the things we heard about donald trump change your mind about who you're going to vote for? >> i am based on principals and vote america is about teaching young people about principal. ao no matter who becomes presidents of the united states we still we have these issues that he we this is why it's going to be important when you're looking at congressional seats and senatesa seats and obviouslynd down to te state level it is important astt an nation that we come togethere and that's what we're about coming together focusing oncusi national issues, whether trump elected or secretary clinton is elected. i would certainly encourage everybody to not just look at this, this is four years and let's wait around or be frustrated because a particular candidate that wins that you dou not want to win.
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in the actual issues which isich why we hosted and brought together the national urban league. we had mr. hogan with the coke industries. we brought all these peoplele together to talk about reform. i think this is such a critical aspect that people are gettingtg misconstrued by all the mud slinging. it's important, granted to bring uppers of important that mr. comey did, what the fbi director did. people this is why people don't trust the white house. people in -- back in july, everybody is happy on the democratic side and now they'rer turning against them. this is why millenials aren'tn't enthusiasm youic. i think a lot of people aree feeling exactly the way you're feeling. this is an historic electionion crazy like we have never seen
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>> thank you.>> t > i think i've been seeing a the look of the frustration. if you look at twitter, social media, people are echoing the same thing he said. think about the decisivesive election in 2000 and how long that went on for. to think we came together. at least some of of us came together. > we'll see. we have a week to wait. so we are one day after hillary clinton blasted the fbi. the bureau release 129 documents investigation of bill clinton. the question is why now in fox5's tom fitzgerald out and about tonight.nigh haven't heard the name marke n ridge in a long time and here we are. >>reporter: you know we talkedd a lot about october surprises last i don't think anybody was expecting a november surprise,re but that is what we got today. let me walk you through what ist this is all about because some
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noon today a tweet went out from the fbi records vault.. what was that tweet? well, itl, was a link and it said william j. clinton foundation and then you clicked on the link and then when you click on the link whatt that took you to was 129 pages of the fbi's investigation back in 2001 of the probe into why bill clinton on his very last day in mark ridge.. now, think back, mark rich was a big-time democratic donor. he was a big-time donor to the clinton library.ry. mark rich was indicted in the early 0s, also, for tax evasion and fraud and violating a then ban on doing business with iraq. -- left the country. he was a fugitive. bill clinton pardoned him on the
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standpoint was h this. why did this happen? was there any corruption involved in this? >> did bill clinton give thisis pardon because mark rich was giving money to the democraticri party and giving money to his presidential library. >> the fbi investigated this in 2001 to 2005. they did not file any charges in this case. however, today out of the blue they release 129 pages, a lot ot them i'll tell you shawn and jim were redacted. th we couldn't quite see exactlyte what it was they were talkingki about. but the gist of it, it was this, back in 2001, fbi had reason to investigate whether or not corruption was involved in the giving of that pardon to mark rich. and then here we are a week after the clinton campaign went bisecretary clinton over the fbi director revealing that he was tipping the investigation intoti hillary clinton'son private e-ml
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classified information on this to now come in today completely unannounced on november 1, ave week out property well the client objection to thb form camp was not happy about h this at all. we went and talked to somebodyo who is a respect foreprosecutor. her name is deborah she has very clear opinions on this. she is a supporter of hillaryppr clinton. this is what she had to say about her viewpoint of what was going on here with the releaseee of this information today. underlying basis for doing it whatsoever and to do it in in essence seven days or seven days from election, a presidential election, a most important and probably the history of this country it's just absurd. > you'll remember back over the summer democrats were singingng the fbi director's praises after he announced that he was not going to file charges in the hillary clinton e-mail case and
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that's all turned pail right now. the clinton campaign spokesperson brian falon todaydy tweeted there was no basis for this release today without somee kind of deadline that was loom. he wanted to know openly whether or not the fbi was going to be releasing any documents related to donald trump's housing history with african-americans r in the 1970s. you know, in a lot of ways this is a mystery.ster >> right. > a big mystery. a >> we asked b for clarificationf this. mark rich has been dea > right. so where this came from, why this came out tonight is unknown in this building. > one more thing, what'ss interesting is this twitter account, this fbi records vault, okay, it didn't put a single tweet for a year.r. two daysing a it sent out a tweet here's on information on donald i trump's account.ou they didn't use this account foa about a year. they post out about 10 or 15 tweets and then this one.
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last year and then all of a united states sen theytes reactivate that account. >> it raised a lot of questions for sure. > it's not over. > let's talk about open enrollment for the affordable t care act for what am people call obamacare. more than a million people will have to pick another insurance carrier because their current one is exiting the exchanges. ronica cleary, this is one of the president's signature >> it really is, as you said today, mike pence, donald trumpo about all the reasons that theyy feel that obamacare should be repealed and replaced.ced. now they spoke about something that really hit the news about a week ago, these rising premiums that people know to expect and when donald trump spoke he told a little bit s about what they w might expect from a lump healthcare plan. if we don't repeal and replace obamacare we will destroyoy
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health savings accounts, a nationwide insurance market mar where you can purchase across state lines and letting states manage medicaid dollars, so much better. we will create quality, reliable, affordable healthcare in a free market where parents can make the healthcare decisions that they really want to make for their families. it will be a much better healthcare at a much expensive cost.expe > so in response to this i spoke with courtney glass, she's a maryland woman. she says that her life was savee because of the affordable care act. her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and d later with uterine cancer which ultimately took her life. glass' father is a prostateate cancer survivor and he's currently batting bladder cancer. because of this family historyry her doctor suggest that she take the brac1 and 2 tests.
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they basically will inform the person about their cancer risks. they would have informed an insurance company basicallyical about a preexisting condition. she was told that she would hav had to pay for the tests and keep the results a secretcret present her insurance company.n. listen to her tell her story. >> the affordable care act allow me to have these surgeries and allowed me to live.e. in 2008 when i was jene testing he i was told that it was before the affordable t care act was in place and i was told that i would need to do it under an assumed name, need to pay out of pocket and never let my insurance company know that i did it because it would be considered a prexesing condition and preclude me from not only having insurance coverage forr the prophylactic surgeries, but also preclude me from havinging insurance for the rest of my life. > so i spoke with glass about
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concerns people have. she actually acknowledged andwld said that there are problems are with it, but she said from her experience and opinion it wouldo be bettepir to improve upon thep current system than just repeall and replace it. so that's of course one woman'ss story and experience with the affordable care account. >> sure. > we always love to hear from the viewers.e do you think it would be better to he repeal and replace or do o you think it's better to work with what we've got because clinton says her plan does need to yes thing he's ever seen. no one is saying it should beld kept the way it is, but itself he ' a question do we get rid od it or do we improve it. > let's switch gears and talk a little bit a about thend foreca. chilly today, but we're changing for tomorrow. hey, sue palka. we can't hear you, sue.e. we're going to come back to sue.
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normally when somebody looks out -- normally we'll come backm to the weather, but i can tell you this, if you luke today, top is going to be better. we're going to take a closer look at whether or not it can. also keep the tweets coming. use the #5@6:30 and we'll be right back.
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the world series, what a night. great. . welcome back. 5@6:30. some people say the trump brand has been taken a about it of a hit. the trump international hotel in downtown d.c. was hit withh protests even before it began, even before it opened up.. the question is can trump recover if he doesn't win the presidency? >> live wire media relations and chris asues owe is here with us. >> thanks for joining us. > happy to be here.
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we've seen p hits the at the hit local hotels, hits at some ofme the other hotels around the country, the lower priced brandd or the renaming of the >> what's your take on this. >> trump controls over 500 companies across the globe. 268 of them have his name on it. today, if you separate thosee into three categories, the products, the hotels, the golf courses, today 40 percent of all voters said that they will notll buy his product 46 percent of all voters saider that he would not stay in his hotels and 63 percent of all voters said that they would notd play golf on his golf courses. >> coming of age in the 830s and the trump brand sort of is synonymous with the 80s. for a newer generation you associate it with two things, the apprentice or politics. >> is it dangerous to mix politics and business. >> he has spent his entire
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his brand and what he's seeing right now that may not always go so well. the night before the trim hotel opened d.c. his most trusted advisor his daughter made the announcement of changing, to c your point, the name of several hotels to and apartments to sig online what's so interesting aboutout that. he's trying to separate his name from the brands.ds however, do you know what sion is. it the definition of sion is a decedent of an awrist could he accuratic or we'll i family. he's keeping himself in the middle of the mix.x. i also understand are his children, ivanka trump is he taking a hit because of that in. >> i study brands for a living. i launch brands for a living. i was really surprised to see t the trump enterprise announce two weeks before the electiontin
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of one of the he most trusted brands in the portfolio. i think that was a huge branding mistake.stak well the name sio isn't going to be used anymore because of the toyota car brand. it's fascinating to see this. that's why i like having your perspective. it's fascinating. thanks so much for coming in. > my pleasure. president obama will soon have to give up his who he tuesday >> you'll still be able to follow him on twitter.
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> i was just checking twit herh you knowec what? why is that. >> president obama when he finishes his term he's going to have to let go of the twitter handle. but he's not going to have to to
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followers. when he leaves his handle will be taken over to the next president.esid they'll do the same thing with same thing with is instagramstag accounts. they're not following anyone and it's just locked up right now just saying wait. a week from now that's going to change. > i got to tell you, one combination you don't think much about, but man are they good, fried chicken and donuts. >> what. > go, shawn let's get some. look at those.
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> i always love to have a little fun. how about h one.h it already has a cult followingi fridayed chicken is addingding election donuts to its menu.
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this is a good combo. it's been working out for us. tell me what you got here. these are our election doughnuts.doug >> election donuts.>> e allle right. > we have two donut flavors for the two here we have donald trump's dough number. it's based off -- >> it's chocolate. > he so the chocolate one is actually the bottom one. that one is for h hillary.ry. two of his favorite foods aree cherry vanilla it's in the a food, but coca cola. > there's a cherry compote in e the middle.e. it's like a jamb.mb. it's start, it's sweat and then we have a cherry vanilla cokelac glaze on p tomorrow the coke really comes out and then we tom have some red spring also for a nice little crunch on there. i was thinking d for donald
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>> hillary really likes spicy foods. she actually it's a pepper aer day. she says it's good for herr immune system so we did a spicyy chocolate glaze.glaz >> which is actually good for you guys. it's our healthy option. > what else you got? >> when i come in and get a dozen, these are some of the ones we get? >> these are some of our october flavors. we we have the pumpkin pies, p chocolate tie latte and on of our every day donuts, vanillala glaze and our top sellers, ther, cream buy lay.y >> tell us about the chicken. so we have our regular bone in fried chicken. chris pickerring and moist inoit the center. and then we started doing carg ream barbequing. star ratch a barbeque. > where can we find you. >> 1308g street northwest.
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>> and two blocks from the white house. > stop by and get your chicken and donuts. >> we'll see you tonight after the world series. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. of fiber optics. this is your last chance to get super fast 100meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. this is your final week to get this great deal.
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harvey: ok. big night last night, halloween night. mally mall went to the strip club with a monkey, did the video. insane. >> it had the diaper on and everything and the monkey is making it rain all over the girl. >> you guys know i love strippers but if you ever find yourself dancing for a monkey, you seriously have to re-evaluate your life. >> huma abedin took her son new york city. we have not seen her since the e-mail scandal. >> you're huma but you're laying low but your kid wants to go trick-or-treating. >> you have to take your kid trick-or-treating. >> you know who wants to go trick-or-treating with anthony weiner. but dad's on a list. >> portia doubleday. from "mr. robot." she tells this terrifying story. >> i was ransomed to my family when i was supposed to be on a flight. harvey: i think there was something wonky about this story. >> why would she make up a


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