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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a dark, desolate rot 3:00 in the morning monday a woman was driving along when a dark suv side swaipd her she pulled over and the suspect dragged her out of her vehicle and pulled her into a ditch and sexually assaulted her. when he left she walked back to her call and called 911. the scene two miles where surveillance may have been captured. probably not a lot of luck there. this shirt left at the scene. it's orange plaid small check here the suspect was wearing light colored blue jeans and white tank top. here's composite sketch man hispapic, 5' 8 to 5' 9" spoke mostly spanish and little broken english stafford country is asking people to look for dark colored suv with orange paint or damage to the front passenger side.
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commuters out there that may have seen the two cars on the side of the road. anything would be useful in the case. >> police need your help identifying the suspects accused of sexually assaulting a woman in fairfax county. these are composite sketches of two of the then they're looking for it happened october, false church area a 50-year-old woman told police she was assaulted in a van at gunpoint by two men she met earlier at a restaurant. they took her phone and forced he arlington county. anyone with information is asked to call sglees in district father under arrest after 3-year-old son took a loaded gun school. d.c. police say security guard was checking the toddler's backpack yesterday morning mowton elementary squhool found the loaded semi-automatic pistol. his father faces multd pl charges including carrying a picture toll without a license. >> and piecing together why a school bus driver lost control
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bus in baltimore yesterday morning. it killed two people and injured ten others it crashed into the commuter bus. the school bus driver did not survive. there is no word on why he lost control of that bus. >> politics now. the clinton campaign says it will spend more than 100,000 in tv sxher thals in michigan and new mexico. typically they're democratic states but that may way this year. election day around the corner if you wait until next tuesday to vote you may have less company than in the past. 2 million people already cast ballots. early voting lines have been long across the country as you've seen. texas, north carolina and california there's been increase in people going to the polls early.
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we got here 1:00 and were able to get through the line and turn in ballots exactly at 5. >> new study found that early voting by hispapices is up in all states and voting by young people is down. >> let's talk baseball now world series goes toe game 7 third time in six years. 38th time in world series history. home field advantage doesn't matter. cubs finish the top of the first with three runs in that inning and t and would go on to win this one 9-3 and tie up the series at 3 games a piece. you can catch game 7 tonight here on "fox5". >> i believe. >> all right. >> worst could be over. >> let's hope this s gary mcgrady it's a little before 4:35. let's check the forecast and a warmup on tap if you like that, that is. >> big warm glup less than 7 days around here. let me show you this morning a few clouds in place. once the sun comes up it looks
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will be out of here. it doesn't mean we'll be completely clear. because we're not. we'll have a lot more sunshine than yesterday. yesterday we didn't have a lot obviously. keep that in mind. sunshine will help to warm us up. check this out. this is temperatures across the region now. look way back out west. lexington, kentucky this morning at 64. pittsburgh is 6 right now in cleveland, temperatures are in the upper 50s and yesterday during the game temperatures again tonight for the game number 7 in cleveland temperatures will be in the 70s. maybe upper 60s by end of game and another very, very mild night out there. here along the the east coast mid 50s or so. 56 in town. if you missed it last time this is worth me showing again. check this out, 78 in it town for high today and we'll have a good amount of 80 degree readings out. there mannasas i'm talking to
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quantico 74. annapolis a little cooler by the water. temperature there 71. but a very, very warm day. very, very warm afternoon. not only today, it will be warm again tomorrow. and then we'll cool down after that. here's the forecast. how about traffic this morning? it's wednesday morning, airport erin. >> right now we'll take a look at metro. their service starts 5:00 this morning and we're still tracking safe track surge ten. red l gallery place you have the option to hop on green or yellow train. watch for crowded conditions and get it earlier start. safe track surge ten red line running in two sections glenmont and for the totten. keep in mind brooklyn and rhode island avenue both stations will be closed. free shuttle bus services available between for the totten and gallaudet and buses stop at the closed stations aside from that we gear up at 5 and metro rail lines are
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any questions, @erinfoxdc twitter and you can see a lot of green inclouding 295, 395 inside the beltway and looking good centerville and titans. live look on 270 southbound cruising right now. we had earlier construction out by maryland 124. right now all lanes are on and you can see things are cruising down towards the spur. northbound side quiet to 70. quiet national, dulles and bwi. we you have covered if anything else changes, back to you wisdom and maureen. >> coming up on "fox news morning" a number of people calling for north carolina law maker to step down after caught on tape making controversial comments about hillary clinton. >> and some questioning timing of fbi decision to release documents from a less than popular moment from bill clinton's presidency. >> as we head toe break a live look across the dmv. time 436.
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>> 4:9 is the time and new fbi documents are raising buy brows among some voters. the new emogi some say describes the election to a t hits i phones. >> and the realtime news tracker. ugh. we'll get to that in a second. first up this morning. newly released archival documents released by fbi investigation that wrapped up 11 years ago to last minute pardon of mark rich races eyebrows against clinton campaign staff that fbi was interfering with u.s. election with a week tok go. senior law enforcement official tells fox this release was done in resmons to a standing
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request adding these releases happen whep they're ready for public consumption and suggesting timing was a coincidence. >> north carolina senator richard burr surprising after audio recording revealed he privately joked about a gun magazine showing hillary clinton with a bulls eye over her face. burr, a republican, made the comments during a meeting with gop volunteers over the weekend. after he noticed a man in the room with a hat with the logo of nra. it's unclear if he was being recorded during the meeting. he since called his xhet "inappropriate." >> and finally it is emogi we've all been waiting for next iphone software update reportedly includes face palm he homey and avocado and person taking a selfie. they have not announced when the new patch of emojis will become available.
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that's me. i'll use that one all the time. >> i think a lot of us will. >> for life. >> thanks, holly. >> 4:41, coming up, d.c. leaders one step away from legalizing doctor assisted suicide. >> and reward offered in case of family dog killed by cross bow. >> and we're headed to break this monday morning with a live look across the d.c. region. want to fly, woo-hoo it's wednesday morning, i kw. irritating for you. i'm going to work through it with tea and honey. fox news morning is back after
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>> investigators revealed some of the clues they found in search for a man that sexually assaulted a woman on the side of the road in virginia. morning the warming trend continues we're talking tempss in the upper 70s. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> and i'm maureen umeh. >> and airport erin is talking about what is happening on the roads and gary mcgrady is talking about a warm-up. >> woo. >> what's up, gary. >> two thumbs up on this. we're talking about temperatures really getting up there this afternoon. it's not too chilly out this morning.
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for you this morning. early, early, you have a few 40s out there and whole lot of 50s. most of us in the 50s. baltimore 50. west mipster 4. martinsburg 45 and fredericksburg is 53. here in town 56 we may settle done a couple more degrees. we get down to 54 about the coolest we get here in town. today, check this out, we're cool this morning. 54. still cool. and then it's 71 degrows at lunchtime today. nice and dry we warm up here in town up to high of 78. generally upper 70s across the entire region today. couple spots will be 80 plus. how about that? and if you cannot be out there today it will warm up tomorrow afternoon. another day tomorrow with temperatures into the upper 70s. maybe 80 around. dry today, tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening we'll have showers and maybe even a thunderstorm out there as another front comes down from the north and west that
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the weekend. okay? so enjoy the next couple days because this will be the last of warm stuff for quite a while. it's wednesday. hump day. time to get to erin como and look at roads, hi, erin. >> we'll look at roads showing you what you're up against this morning. tysons hoof moving along long fine. things centerville and 66 eastbound we don't have any typical morning congestion yet. same story 95 fredericks mixing bowl and crossing 95 northbound slowing to the brim. as we go for wider view pred interest rick down to 70 moving along long at speeds same story 70 in both directions, bw parkway in outer loop look at green to and from baltimore. we'll let you know if that changes. all secondarys are moving along without slow downs. quiet through clinton. no problems as you make your
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washington. 210 is northbound cruising and queue the and problem free. fredericksburg through stafford flowing out issues. moral of the story if you can get out and about now you will not hit painful congestion you see later in the morning cruising up to dale city through the beltway and oxon hill and inner loop across the wilson bridge i like what i'm seeing 50 through annapolis and as far as metro is concerned gearing for service at safe track surge 10 closer look there in the district. inside the beltway through annondale and i like what i'm seeing. more traffic in a few any questions erin@fox d.c.. that wdz one of my favorite reports. >> we're learning details about a brutal sexual assault in stafford county virginia. she was assaulted for two hours after being involved in a car crash. >> there's a new piece of evidence left at the scene.
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more with what police found, mel. >> a shirt left behind may be the thing that brings in the suspect. state route known as king's highway is dark and desolate rot at:00 in the morning. monday a young woman drive ago loping when drark suv side with swiped her the suspect dragged her out of her vehicle into a ditch and sexually assaulted her two hours when he finally left she was able to call back to her scene was far from a gas station where surveillance may have been captured. police are releasing evidence in the case. the thirty shirt left at the scene orange, white and blue small check and blue jeans and white tank top. hispan, 5'" to 5' 9", 170 to 180 pounds spoke spanish and
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broken english and they're telling mem to look out ordark colored suv that might have orange paint or damage to the passenger side. they hope somebody my recall seeing the cards monday and they tell us anything would be useful to them in this case. maureen. >> all right. mel, thank you for the update. let's tell you about this you remember this? poor little doggy, pita offering a 5,000 reward to the bhorn killed the dog with a cross beau. the dog was found on the front porch and he died before they could get him to veterinarian. the dog was a therapy dog for their son. they are looking for who committed that crime. >> they have approved a controversial death with dignity act. it gives mentally capable, terminally ill adults with less than six months to win the
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take their own lives. nearly 70% of d.c. residents support the bill. the typeal vote is november 15. >> d.c. city counsel ill pass pass ited a bill that whim automatically register students to vote through department of motorcycles. the new law won't affect this current election and it does not require people to vote. but it does make registering to vote an opt out system rather that opt in. >> all right. coming up on "fox news morning" a former police officeac >> and daring exhibition that takes dribbling to whole new level. >> that's interesting. i have -- as we go to break, a live look across the region, time 4:50, temperature 56, back
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4:5 is the time opening suspects expected to begin in a police officer accused of shooting and killing an unarmed black map. attorneys for officer michael slager tried keep dramatic video of the shooting out of the trial. they show scott being shot eight times in the back. presiding judge has not ruled whether the video will be admitted. >> u.s. officials believe to cause havoc with the election. fbi is probing the matter on several fronts including hacks of the democratic party organization. at this point they believe it is result of russian spy agencies trying to cause havoc with u.s. elections not specifically trying to help trum itp or any other candidates. and they're investigating whether trump reporter roger stone is conspiring with becomey leaks to provide hacked
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>> and resuming deliberations in the bridgegate trial. jurors wrestled with the counts of former allies of chris christie charged with conspiracy, wire fraud and civil right evaluations. they thought closure of access lanes was part of a traffic study fw. >> don't try this at home this guy from serbia is setting the basketball world on fire, maureen. >> really. >> he's a professional >> that's tricky. >> dribbleing a basketball that is on fire and dribbles between his legs and then puts you in the hoop. >> is he wearing gloves? >> let me see. >> i don't think -- nope yes he is wearing gloves. >> like miracle gloves you buy on made for tv. of nrov i think. >> it's one of the superheros has one of those gloves when he
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>> don't try that at home on at. >> all right, gary. what is going on. >> everybody is trying to go one up. >> it's all about going viral. >> temperature 5 4 not cooled anywhere this morning. 55 for dulles, 52 gaithersburg. once the sun comes up the temperatures kind of start coming up quick it looks like. and we'll end up with good amount of sunshine today and definitely temperatures up and up and away. for the most part fair skies. i think it's mostly cloudy in town now. clouds should continue to break up a bit. especially once the sun comes up. 78 for a high temperature today. need i say more? winchester well i will, 8 martinsburg 81. hagerstown 79 and way up there in frederick temperature will be 80 today. i pushed the button i should not v fredericksburg is 80. leopard town cool are by the water. so is annapolis. temperature 71. georgous.
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chance tomorrow and there's rain in the forecast. we'll talk more about that coming up. let's goat erin como with the roads on this already wednesday sgle it's wednesday morning gary and 4:56 in the morning we're set for warmer day and look at traffic. flowing freely, 270 coming past 124 towards the spur we don't have any congestion at that point to the truck scales. things are picking up in terms of volume. we'll let you know when that changes outer loop past new hampshire avenue and quiet 9 over to 70 spur upper loop cruising and problem free across the leemon bridge and we forward cameras taking a look at 50. as you pass the lot you can see the eastbound and westbound traffic between annapolis as you cross the bay bridge no problems chefly on 50 either. new york avenue bladeensburged in the districts moving fine. as we look for a look in virginia 56 eastbound by 28. you can see a little brake lights in the distance there. volume increases.
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gainsville and mannasas and center villas you geted in the beltway falls church i'll let you know if that changes and lorton cruise ago long problem free inner loop to annandale. i have you covered when all the roads see delays. back to you, wisdom and maureen. >> 4:57 is the time coming up on "fox news morning" a-year-old brings a loaded hand gun preschool. >> and new report suggestions final moments of malaysia airlines flight were different than what we were led to believe. >> before we head to break. quick look at stock futures fox news morning back after fox news morning back after this
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. today on "fox5 news morning" investigators reveal some of the clues they found in search for the man that sexually assaulted a of the road. >> and a live look outside the warming trend continues. we're talking temps in the upper 70s. it will feel good today. >> yes, it will good i hope you feel better today as well. >> sorry about that. >> listen good morning. we're glad you're with us i'm holly morris. >> and i'm hawr maureen umeh. >> today is wednesday, november 2. gar dpar is talking about a warm-up and erin como is talking about safe track surge what one thousand and all the other road problems.


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