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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. today on "fox5 news morning" investigators reveal some of the clues they found in search for the man that sexually assaulted a of the road. >> and a live look outside the warming trend continues. we're talking temps in the upper 70s. it will feel good today. >> yes, it will good i hope you feel better today as well. >> sorry about that. >> listen good morning. we're glad you're with us i'm holly morris. >> and i'm hawr maureen umeh. >> today is wednesday, november 2. gar dpar is talking about a warm-up and erin como is talking about safe track surge what one thousand and all the other road problems.
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assault case in stafford country earlier this week a woman was sexually assaulted two hours on the side of the a road. >> suspect left behind a clue at the crime scene. "fox5" mel smell live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: it's unusual for police to release evidence this is up usual case. they have a shirt left behind. they believe it is the things to bring in the suspect. they want everybody to take a look at this state route 3, kings hig road 3:00 in the morning. monday a young woman was drive ago loan when dark suv sideswiped her. she pulled oaf and the suspect got out and dragged her out of a vehicle and ep into a ditch. when she left she called 911. the scene nearly two miles from nearest gas station where surveillance may have been captured. this mostly rural community is shaken by the brutality of the crime.
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in much respect major crimes are not common an so this say volt and we difficult thing to come helped and certainly thought and deep prayers go to the victim and her family. >> here's the piece of evidence we were talking about. this shirt left at the scene it's an orange, blue and white plaid shirt you can see small check the suspect was wearing light colored blue jeepz and white tank top here's the comp 9", >> 170 to 10 pounds and spoke broken english. watch for a dark suv that may have damage to the front passenger side or orp: they're hoping you irrelevantly commuters on that road recall seeing two cars on the side of the road little before . anything would be useful in
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for the victims of the weekend shooting in capitol heights it was deadly. family and friends will gather at the park view recreation center water street in northwest beginning 7 . 22-year-old grayvon freeman has a connection in that case in the shooting that left two dead. this morning a father is under arrest after his-year-old son took a loaded cup to school. d.c. police say a security guard was checking the toddler backpack at morton lry school southeast when he found a loaded semi-automatic pistol. he faces multiple charges including traveling without a license. >> why should a school bus driver lose control and crash in a bus yes morning. police say the school bus driver rear ended ford mustang before hitting wall and fence
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into the chuteer bus. the zoo bus driver will survive. >> clip top and itemp oom pain a week before the election. clinton will spend more than 100,000 dollars in two tv station alone she'll add ads and trump perhaps to do the same after spendinging 13 states. they show her virginia but that is disappointing. >> for washington football fans trent williams was suspended four games for missing a mandatory drug test. this would be second us is speption first 2011 when he tested positive for marijuana. williams will miss games against the strikels, packers, cowboys and then on thanksgiving, the cardinals. >> hm. it all comes down to tonight.
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you can watch "fox5" first pitch 9:00. >> they came to play the cubs did. >> man. >> i love the grand slam it was in the fourth. >> yes, fourth quarter that's when i fell asleep. >> fourth inning. >> that's what i meant. >> it enabling me to go to sleep gary which was my point. >> the cool thing about that that's how weather plays a role in the world series. because remember when they started incl chilly. balls were not going out. balls were not going out and cubs were built on the long ball in some sense and then last night temperatures in the 70s. the ball was flying out. probably will be the case again tonight. 52 gaithersburg and ep 5e78 3 for culpeper getting into warmer air to the west of us. it will start come ago is co the mountains today and tomorrow as well. we have two dace here where we're in for a very, very nice
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for the videos this morning. wilter in town. middle 50s. 7 3 to 7 and dry this afternoon just in time for drop-off. so it's wednesday we have to get a look at traffic. here's erin como for that, hey, erin. well, 5:06 now you can see behind me this is pretty representative of all the roads in the area. on north and southbound side a little volume this point nothing enough to sloy us down yet. let's spich what you are up against metro geared up for service at 5 and thing operate but we have safe track surge 0 on the red line buses are preplacing trains between for the totten and the joel owe
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off the man hat app. receiptty shvs available between for the totten and row i'd lap. >> you may ep counterd crowded trains or if we see slow downs or any other metro delays potentialing up this morning. @erinfoxdcon twitter and taking a live look at the beltway look going inheer and outer loop cleared up 450. right now we're good shape and same story fairfax. back to you guys. all right, coming up on fix news morning iraqi troops make advances on isis. >> and pipeline explosion in alabama is leaving drivers wonder what is coming next to the pump all over the south east. >> let's look live across the d.c. ream yom.
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. >> 5 o 08 new this morning new analysis from the wreckage image 370 suggested the doomed flight was not preparing for land when it crashed into the indian ocean in march of 2014. new findings cast further doubts on theory someone was in control of the plane decent. >> iraq, social forces
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mosul this morning despite fierce resistance from ixts sis. troops are fighting their way into the rocky village east of mosul. soldiers are checking every building for bobby traps and explosive devices. special forces say it may take weeks if not months for iraqis to reach mosul center. >> north dakota liters borrowed 4 million for policing protest at the dakota access flight line. they're slamming th for not checking in. as the state runs up the credit line for law enforcement costs. more than 400 people were arrested since august m. >> that pipeline explosion in alabama as people what is next. petroleum line is same line that leaked in september causing severe gas shortages in the south. owner ever the pipeline says one of two lines in alabama is
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shut down through at least the rest of the week. that could mean gas short amings and thus higher gas prices. >> it's a surprise move the fbi released more than 100 documents from 17-year-old corruption investigation into bill clinton pardon of democratic motor finance ear year mark. the case was closed 2003 out tral charges and documents had been requested under records law. fbi offered no further explanation why they were released now and some can questioning the timing to close to election. >> he died in 21. >> bill cosby was in court. his attorneys are trying to get andre aconstin case to throw out. we'll hear where there were other accusers and the
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you before we get into court. we're using you as failing eyesight and his legally bloynd and would not be able to officer accusers. >> if you turn now with a google app you can catch right from the "harry potter" meeting new pro position they're not fas fantastic beats and where do you you can also say solinsko to immediately silence meter. and valencio, "okay, 5:11 fox news morning a group of high school teeners in hot water and
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>> mope francis making a mrunt same about women airport lash. >> let look live across the d.c. region. 5:12 wednesday we're getting going. 5:12 wednesday we're getting going. we can do it together. it's going to be a nice day it's going to be a nice day today. fox news morning back after today. dunkin's swe test andwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. at giant, shoppers are discovering andwich made for bacon lovers. low prices by the thousands, plus even more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood?
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>> down top tonight. game of the world series after the chicago cubs blew it out last night in game 6. 9-3 was the score and series now tied three games a piece and you can watch game 7 only on "fox5"first pitch just after 8:00 and it always amazes me and this is how it should be that they play an entire season and call comes down to one game.
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we were hoping it would go the distance and not be a blowout. >> wednesday morning, 5:14 nice start to the morning. 56, gary mcgrady is on deck talking about a warm-up that is unexpected for november, isn't it? >> it's unusual to have -- we're talking about a nice warm-up twice within 7 days. so the end of october it's not unusual to have a warm day in november. but it is unusual to have this kind of pattern twice in late october into november. so, that's definitely indian summerlike right, holly likes to say indian summer you like indian summer. 54, dulles 55. biw marshall -- techniquely we have not had a freeze at national only dulles and today and tomorrow big high pressure coming up and brings warm air up. matter of fact warm air off is the west and lurking west and
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we're talking 70s and 80s today and tomorrow. and so tomorrow uncertainty with tomorrow's forecast is how much in the way of cloud cover will we v will that limit warming tomorrow. we'll have showers come on across. maybe a thunderstorm as well. the weekend forecast looks like this. it will be cooler for the weekend. we'll go 64 saturday. 64 surprised. right now looks like saturday is georgous. i don't see much in the way of questions for saturday's forecast. surprised's forecast. i put new here could be tool cooler than this and some of the modeling that could be cooler than 64 right now we'll keep it in middle 60s all right f we have to tichker either way coil go down or one. it's only wednesday we can smidle around with that.
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winchester, culpeper, mannasas, places mring that could get 80 or plus. lots of sunshine today. you can see future cast keeps us all dry. how you get rain around tem afternoon and evening. i put pm showers that won a thunderstorm or two in the area as well cooling back to normal, 60 friday it. middle 6 remove the fall back sunday to day. i thought i did that but doesn't -- we get an extra hour of sleep steve hershorn. >> wherever you put that clock as long as i get the extra hour of sleep this weekend i'm happy. 5:17 if you wake up around the dmv this is live look at 95. it's wide on right now. flowing freely through lorton
5:18 am
in stafford. you been. >> we'll move to a look at maps. it represents the entire area. right now 270 down to the spur quiet and problem free in coalville. district heights moving around without problems as i look through chefly as well a little group of yellow is on outer loox. it's >> back to you hallly and maureen. >> let's look at stories you'reen gaming with the most on social media. >> for those we turn to ways dom mar tip pip catholic church is banned on female priests will stay for, naep resops to
5:19 am
beach and product. the matter of women bicing priests was not ever going to be up for debate. >> earl some are noting their state mingz makes it dive cut it's offering acceptable excuse for why they can't vote on person november 28 this acceptable understate law such as military service, sickness, pregnancy or long. >> listen to this story, crazy, in wisdom martin a high school is under fire for a drill on driving safety where student were tricked into thinking four classmates died in a tragic car accident. students were told during
5:20 am
could be. the students at the school with saying it caused them undue stress and grief and officials are looking into how to modify for next year. finally, first edition ever the college football playoff rankings have been released and guess who is on top? these guys. they're on top every year. crimson tide on top followed by clemson, michigan, texas a&m and washington. you may recall alabama won last year's nagal sitele undefeeded on the season no matter what. >> college football dineesty. >> i'm not sure. it's probably primetime because it's a big rivalry. is eec football. >> lsu plays well at home at night. >> but alabama know how to roll. >> roll tide. >> five championships in nine years that's pretty good. >> yep, okay, thanks, wiz.
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stand in the election. >> new research says facebook is good for your help sglnl really? >> as we head toe break a it's 54 right now. we'll have fox news morning on
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>> 5:23 right now this comes as no surprise but most people will do holiday shopping online this y new survey found 71% of shopers are expected to spend average $710 online this holiday season. 14% saying they'll use phones to do it that's compared to $440 for those shopping in stores. >> starbucks plague peace maker in the election coffee company is rolling out fan favorites like chestnut pray lien late di and crem brew lay and peppermint mocha in the
5:24 am
for upcoming presidential election and encourage customers to be good to each other. >> good luck with that. >> our facebook friends just as good as real friends? healthy use of social media could lead to longer life. >> who did this study, mark zuckerberg. >> researchers studied 180,000 facebook users those that use the site are less likely to die than those that don't and users with average or large social networks who only had a few facebook friends. researchers say more information is needed to confirm findings. >> you're right zuckerberg did that. >> duckierburg is all over that. >> gary mcgrady, okay, liking what is coming up weather wise today. >> those folks rally love fall weather and hey look mother nature tour few tricks up her
5:25 am
this morning it's mild out there in some cases 54 in city and chilly martinsburg 4 4 westminster 48. baltimore 50. yesterday morning we had lots of 30s out there. not the case this morning. few clouds, too, we're not going to be completely sunny today and certainly more sun today than we had yesterday. here's the planner. we start off at 54 degrees. i think that's cool. you know, 8 a.m. and then dry within, 71 7 0s. if you like this stuff enjoy it it sticks around a couple days when you get into the weekend. temperature settle back into fall. really cool around here especially friday. tomorrow this a chance for rain. >> we need rain, too, unfortunately we won't got a lot tomorrow but a little bit.
5:26 am
>> 5:25 right now metro on top except for safe track surge 10. buses rereplacing trains on the red line. if you want to get around that heading downtown take for the totten and gallery place green or yellow line. and aside from that keep in mind brookyln and road island avenue stations closed on the red line and free shuttle services available and shuttles are stopping brook land and rhode island. expect clouded trains and sh tuesday, 270 southbound volume picking up 0 and right now just about a five minute delay once you get he to urbana and rockville things are cruising at speed. pockets of stop and go dale city to the beltway. once you fwet there you're pass the mixing bowl. eper loop also looking good.
5:27 am
50 through chefly is quiet in northbound pennsylvania and at speed i'll let you know if that changes back to you mature and oop come election tuesday a number of neighbors will be at home. not for the reason you might think. >> and exciting game is fourth in 2016 world series. >> as we head to break 2340u hets look live across the d.c. region, we're 5:27, r5 4 very pleant right? fox news morning back on the other side of the break.
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>> virginia voters consider yourselves special. both presidential can draits using the last few days before the election to try to win your vote and cubs did not hold on to game 7 thede cleveland indyandz before their home crowd. fox news morning starts right now. >> 5:30 is the time now. thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. today is wednesday, november 2. >> gary mcgrady has weather to talk about. erin como has traffic coming up in a moment. >> if are you just waking up, though, let's go ahead and catch you up on this morning's top stories. new today a major legal announcement set to come
5:31 am
explosion and fire at flower branch apartments in silver spring. the blast in august skilled 7 people and injured dozens more. d.c. law firm is teaming up with kas ademaryland. relatives of victims and survivors of fire will be there. >> new this morning from overseas new analysis of remember wreckage from malaysia airline says the doomed flight was not preparing for emergency land when it crashe indian ocean. instead new findings show the aircraft was plummeting to the sea with no one in controlment part of that theory is based on piece of wing that was discovered which showed no flaps had been set in landing mode. >> this morning we're learning new details about a brutal sexual assault in virginia. and this morning police are telling us about a new piece of evidence left behind.
5:32 am
>> reporter: a shirt that was left behind and it may be the thing that brings the suspect to justice. stafford county sheriff office wans everyone to take a look at. small check. label says american living and the suspect was also vaering ping light colored blue jaepz and a monday a young woman was drive ago loan when sideswiped her. she pulled over on side of road and the sis suspect dragged her out of her vehicle to a ditch and sexually assaulted her for hours. when he finally left she walked back to her car and called 911. the scene is nearly 2 miles from the nearest gas station. here is the composite sketch the man is described hispapic 5 another 8" to 5 os 9".
5:33 am
spanish and broken english and may have orange paint on the damage to the car. >> this is so frightening. police remind us really if anything like this happens you need to call 911 right away and if possible drive to a well lit place and wait for police. wisdom: scary situation there. arrest because a 3-year-old son took a loaded cup to school. a security guard was checking toddler's backpack when found a loaded semi-automatic pistol. his father faces multiple charges including carrying a pistol without a license. >> six dead and ten other injuries after a bus, school
5:34 am
he hit and wall and fence of cemetery and crashed into commuter bus. the school tuesday driver he did not survive. there's no world why he lost control of the bus. >> election day around the corp area if you're waiting until next tuesday to vote you may have less company than in the past. 2 million people already cast ballots. early voting lines were long across the country and in states like tem text, north carolina, california, there's been increase in people going to the polls early. >> it took us four hours vote today. we were here 1:00 and got through the leap and turn in ballots actually at 5. >> a new study with showed it's up in young. >> the baseball season comes down to one sdi. it's do or die for the cubs or indians. series tied three games a piece. remember you can watch it on
5:35 am
>> big game both fran klyces changing history. >> do you have a feeling. >> i think cubs they've skom all the way back. >> cleveland had them dpeed right. >> top to one three in a row in cleveland and they get blown out. don't you think a cleveland has a coming to seeious meeting today. >> i know you have warm to talk about. >> just a major warm-up in november, no big deal. >> now, thanks, back to sglaibl if loses how mad are the people in cleveland because they just won a basketball cham peepship. are they mad? >> yeah because they had it. >> i don't know if mad is the right word. >> i think disappointed let down no doubt about it. i have cleveland in this things xing i like what holly said touch to win fly in a row and tough to win two in a rowment world series on the -- >> there a choke factor thoe though. you could have closed him out.
5:36 am
factor. >> get out of any office, 47 to 55 for kid owes sounds. nice and warm, temperature 7 to 7 if it's cool out this morning grin and bare it. world season ratings are way up. tucker told me before i come up here he's downstairs on sup the world series ratings beat football regulars. 54 degrees m especially temperatures today right. 52 gainersburg and other look at traffic. >> 5:36. we have volume increasing 95 northbound fred rikdzburg to stafford. you can see the yellowen the map it'sly ten minute slow down outside for cameras what you're
5:37 am
we're starting to see brake lights on maps and see traffic flowing now but again volume increasing as we forward through starting to see a lot of volume and congestion. you things slowing down this is representative of stop and go traffic up the 95 corridor. southbound quiet through. frederick, -- excuse me fredericksburg 395 bement way to 14 street bridge back to you wiz. >> 5. >> britain queen elizabeth showered praise on any president to attempt to take. >> 54 is the temp.
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>> 5:40 is the time. braking news from dem oyn, iowa. that's where two police officers were shot and killed in ambush style tack. this happened after 2 a.m. our time in two separate shootings 20 minutes apart. one of the officers was with des moines police department and the other officer was with a force from suburb north and west of des moines.
5:41 am
shooter or shooters. it's unclear whether one gun manor more is involved. we'll share updates when we get them. >> over seas in sitly people are dealing with the aftermath of strongest tremor felt since earthquake on sunday. it was felt in several cities of central italy and rome. no reports of death and several buildings collapses and mower than 30,000 residents were left homeless by the quake. >> the queen honored columbia president at buckingham queen elisabeth praise the the cot up bee an president. he struck an agreement in his country for that. he was awarded the noble peace prize. he is leaving london today. >> coming up on "fox news morning" a new survey shows thanksgiving travel is expected to be more crowded. >> i'll be at home. >> and for the first time ever a man, a man is named to
5:42 am
year list. >> i wonder who. >> as we head toe break a live look across the d.c. region, 5:41 now. pleasant 54 on way to mid 70s though how about that for november high temp. though how about that for november high temp. fox news morning back after
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hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities.
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? >> welcome back.
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that's how you roll in the morning. >> what's that? >> low rider. >> take a little trip? >> sing is. >> that's all i got? >> that's all he's got and we have no cram to show it. we have no camera to show it. >> in the tv business this is called undercover right we're undercover video you cannot see -- wait they almost got you. almost. >> got to be quicker. >> top that brad. >> i think it's brad. >> stop it brad. >> come on. >> let's go to weather. i have good sdmruv there it is. sglment that's right. >> i have to get me one of those toupees like willard scott some days put it on and some off. >> is twlat i'm going. >> and spray began. >> if you have spray can left over from halloween i'll spray it. keeping it real. 54.
5:46 am
54 for washington. cincinnati is 50. detroit 57 and st. louis 68. what st. louis 68. that's real temperature out there now. chicago 62 and down in texas temperatures surging into it mid 70s this morning. this is where heat it and will come over the mountains today. look we'll have two days here where temperatures will be pretty mild to warm. okay i guess you should say warm and close to re showers out there tomorrow. again this will be for thursday and this is ahead of the front. showers maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. i say all this because once this front comes through tomorrow evening high pressure builds back down from the north and west and that will bring fall back into the picture. for the next couple days we're going to be very, very warm out there upper 60s or upper 70s today and upper 70s tomorrow some places today could be in low 0s.
5:47 am
like, 64 sunday, might be cooler. there's suggestions from the models some models we may get backdoor cool front sunday and that takes temperatures from 70s to upper 50s. it might change it's only wednesday. forecast for today, cool conditions. temperature 54. it will be cooler than that in the suburbs. by lunchtime today how great is that. find can and skip out and have lunch out if you can. 77 today for high i temperature in city is 78. but we'll have some places out in the suburbs that could be up into the low 80s. how about that? that will be the case tomorrow as well if we have enough sunshine. certainly enough sunshine today. future cast shows us all dry. as we get in tomorrow morning more dmroudz afternoon and then come showers. it's not a lot of rain. fwlut could be a thunderstorm
5:48 am
and tam isly cooler air. so much like what happened sunday where we end up to 80s and front comes through and kickoff showers a.m. thunderstorms. we'll watch that. definitely looks dry today and first part of the day tomorrow this front obviously brings in cooler conditions for the weekend. so, there you go. upper 70s next couple days. much, much cooler on friday. we're 60 on friday which means 50s in suburbs. 64 hour of sleep saturday night. there we go. i knew i would get a rise out of you airport, 64 sunday and next week nidle 60s. i don't see real warm air coming for a while, just so you know. >> we had a warm thanksgiving. >> i feel better indulging in
5:49 am
>> right now as you wake up wednesday morning warmer temperatures, things he slowing down, fredericksburg until owe on the map a delay he buzz of building condition just don't. slow from dale city to the ak commonwealth of pennsylvania. as a 15 flint delay and people call it the nexting bowl. all inp bound, roosevelt, memorial, 66 eastbound volume million and little bit of cop juston to you're bap aand rockville. traffic on way to reagan national, dulles, and bwi. more traffic in a few. note row is on time. holly, wisdom. >> oning statement are expected to begin today in the murder trial of a former south
5:50 am
accused of shooting and killing an unarmed black man on tuesday attorneys for former officer you michael slager fought to keep dramatic critical phone video of the shooting out of the trial. it shows walter scott being shot eight times in the back. one of the attorneys says the video does not tell the whole story and presiding judge has not ruled whether the video would be admitted. >> here in the district council members approved the controversial death with dignity act and ges mentally incapable to determine to take their own lives. 70% of d.c. residents support that bill. final vote will be held november 15. >> a bill registering those vote during department of motorcycles. the new law will not affect to.
5:51 am
out sim and that was it me liked -- a new eye homey some say may describe the election to a t hit the iphone. >> those are two stories you're sharing this early wednesday morning on social media. >> let's go to maureen umeh who is at the realtime news tracker. >> first up this morning newly released archival documents of fbi wrapped from the parting of democratic written with one week going go a veep orlaw enforcement official says this release was done withstanding of freedom of information act request adding releases happen as soon as they're ready for public consumption and suggesting timing was a coincidence. next up ripard bur is
5:52 am
republican made comments with gop volunteers over the weekend and he noticed man in the room wearing a hat with the logo nra. it's unclear if he knew he was awarded during the meeting he called his comment "inappropriate.". >> it's emogi we've been waiting forte a look back there. next software update face bomb emogi and avocado and person taking a selfie. apple has not. >> why would you use app allah acad owe deklip. >> it's not good. >> is it like a secret meeting the kids know and i don't.
5:53 am
star truck on shirt with emojis. >> will this be the update like ios 11. >> probably that's what it sounds like it would be. >> i never update mid phone. >> i didn't update to ten so many people didn't like it it i jump when it happens. i need that he mogi. >> 5:53 sgluingt time for holiday hospitaling season inextra grams and abouties will be able to show five prod ut on one post using a shot down. >> a number of ios users next week. >> a rock star and activist and the women of the year list? youtube frontman bone owe is first man to be included on
5:54 am
glamour women of the world list. he wanted to help the worst's poorest women the palle for gepd erie quality won't be one unless men step up and lead alongside women. >> he's done a lot of good in his life. he's an awesome rock star. his life. he's an awesome rock star. he's done for kim recently celebrated her 50th birthda >> you do look good. >> a special shout-out to tucker barnes she loves washing good day d.c.. happy birthday for a time to be fan of the day ept air facebook page and post selfie under gibbs photo. pal. >> don't you wonder what some of these people what bottled water they're drinking these people look awesome.
5:55 am
pickup this morning 47 to 55 for the kids out there. little chilly. not tear bally bad. after school waiting on the warm-up. 73 to 78 degrees some places today will be up into the lower 80s. that's the forecast out in the suburbs, mannasas, culpeper, whip chester, those are a few that come to mind. it looks like here in town will stay upper 70 s it's hard to get to 80 in this up to and it would be in the upperp 0s and some are 80 plus. 55 annapolis here in town 54 gaithersburg 52. >> let look at the 7 day forecast to show you. warm days. upper 70 s. 78 today, 79 tomorrow. showers or a thunderstorm possible tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening and then we get much, much cooler after that, friday, saturday,
5:56 am
enjoy the extra hour of sleep saturday night. here's erin como. >> i'll take it. >> traffic. >> 5:56 now and we're starting to see congestion build on 66 eastbound this is out by 234 from 34 business to sutly and we're seeing just about five eight minute slow down with backed up traffic as you can see it's getting a little heavier now we. >> in false churcar you're picking up. no major delays yet. aside from the trevly on 56 eastbound, 295 and soym holly and liz. >> 50:506 is the time. >> two police officers dmaild ambush and early.
5:57 am
temperature is i believe that's 54 degrees. fox news morning back after
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only from fios. >> straight ahead at 6:00 a new clue in the search for a rapist in stafford county. what the suspect left behind at the crime scene. >> and also the cubs come back last night the world series heads toe deciding game 7 tonight.
6:00 am
cleveland or chicago? >> live look outside on this wednesday morning november 2 will feel more like spring today with temperatures into the 70s. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at of:05. good wednesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". let's get to breaking news off the top. coming from midwest. des moines iowa two police officers shot and killed in ambush style attack and this happened after 2 a.m. our time in two separate shootings 20 minutes apart. on police department and other with a -- from a suburb north and west of demroyp. it's unclear if more than one begun smap involved. >> back in our area we expect to learn today the names of those killed and that devastating bush crash in baltimore. six died yesterday morning with a school bus slammed into chuteer bus. and what caused the driver to


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