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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  November 3, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EDT

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the curse of the billy goatlyoa officially broken last night the cubs within the world series ini a very impressive seventh game.g this is john by the way squealss on wheels potomac lending usng carmella for the day. d >> you guys want to say hi.i >> i can't believe you brought t goat in. >> is it gloating or goating.r i >> is it a big goat.oa >> hi carmella.a you can have a seat right here.h she's here the whole say. >> maureen, we ain't afraid ofao no goat.t. >> exct >> the story behind the goat for the last 1945 there was a man who was a hard core chicago cubs fan. >> billy goat tavern.oat t >> owned billy goat he took thee billy goat to the they said no, don't bring your u billy goat in here because ite t stings the fans were mad about it. they kicked him out. o >> then what happened?at hpened? >> and he cursed the team and they haven't won a world seriess since then.. >> whatever last -- what happened last night, wisdom,ast, that occurs was broken. bke guess what?ha
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billy coat no longer a threat. >> carmella, you had no hand inn this but we don't blame you manm you're merely the messenger we s still love you, okay.y. >> with that --ing.--ing. >> man. >> where did john go? come get rmella.a. >> he went to go get a few thint with carmella.mella he'll get some stuff to help out. >> greener pastures this carpetp is looking inviting.astuking iin >> can you ask for anythingnyin more. game seven. sev. >> amazing. >> extra innings. >> and rain delay.>> a rain >> rain delay.dela >> yeah.eah. >> whoo! >> let me breathe. >> we goated to you watching oun show today. sh >> i love it.>> iove it >> maureen and the goat, steve,, holly, wisdom. wdo we're all here.we'rall it is thursday, november 3rd. >> the cubs america' news n sweethearts of course president obama celebrating the windy city's win last night evenn though he's a white sox fan frof the south side he tweeted theede team early this morning callingc the victory change even a souths cidar can believe in andn beliid inviting the cubs to the whitehw house before he leaves the white
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>> it is the dawn of a new dayew in major league baseball. beb the chicago cubs of course worll series champions we can't say it enough it's the first time in 108 years.. >> the team back in friendlyrinl territory this morning. morni this is video of them arriving v back in the windy city with that world series trophy in tow. t last night's within a really rea close call and for some tense tn moments it look like the cursekr might come back to bite the cubs but no! not last fox's joel waldman has highlights and reaction fromro cleveland. >> reporter: it's been 10808 years in the making as the chicago cubs finally within the world series.ies. >> we're in the books. w we're in history forever.e'e ins >> reporter: the cubs win inn the tenth inning of game sevenae of the world series ending a enn drought of a century for the fot team. third baseman chris bryanthris b throwing the ball to first forlr the final out. >> i knew it was fast. i kw it i had to get rid of it. i out here the longest ever.
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come back and tie it in then the eighth inning.ei innin cleveland manager terry francona said they were just trying totrt figure out how to get anotherth run. but they were not able to pull ahead. >> that was quite a series. you knew somebody was going in home happy, um, but they deservr a lot of congratulations.ulatio report roar many cubs fans neven thought they'd see the day d they'd within the title butut chicago's manager says theirayse hard work paid off. >> super situation has nothingot to do with what's happeningni to nothing.noing. and if you want to believe iniee that kind of stuff it will holdh you back for long time. >> reporter: one of the cubs t c most famous fans actor bill bl murray says a burden has beenee lived for chicago fans. >> this is so long.on this is like, um, it's likee throwing out old clothes. cloes it feels fantastic.anstic all the debris of all the yearsa we didn't win.n' win. >> reporter: vick four parade pd is now being planned in chicagoa for as early as friday. in cleveland progressive field,e joel waldman, fox news.ew
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job if they can turn it aroundun that quickly and throw paradear tomorrow fort cubs. >> if you saw people were in wee wrigleyville last night you cann imagine how many will will bewib out on the streets of chicago tt celebrate.celebr >> when the bears won the super bowl back in '86 i was still ata kid back then all of chicago wao just down there by soldier feele entire city. city. >> we need to have it happen inn d.c.c. >> absolutely. >> we want to experience what s is is like.nt to >> what we can do in dc thoughhg is live a little through thoseho who are ce maureen of course not the onlynl cubs fan of the d.c. region a rn lot of them watching the game tm last night at the aptly named billy goat tavern in northwestoh d.c. d.c. joining us on the phone the manager of the bar alan lamb, lm not goat, alan lamb. >> morning, alan.n >> how are you. >> you see hearse via skype this morning was it a late night. a . >> steve, holly, maureen wisdom i wrote a cubs okay.o it is 90:00 4:00 a.m. and i'm om the phone. th what the hell is going on?n
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>> university such a dedicated d fan you're willing to make thee sacrifice to brag on this t morning. how was it watching the gameatgh last night seeing the curse lifted, seeing a championship ip more than a century and being ag part of it with so many peopleeo here here in n d.c.. >> i you've the wrotero pandemonium lightly but the bar was packed, it was suss senseen full.fu not a normal bar night last night.nigh but when we got that win, man, n it went i've never seen that placehat rocking so hard.. >> your cubs bar but we'reut talking about the billy goate bg occurs. . clearly you don't believe in that because you have your hav y tavern there and it's abouts a billy goat. g ght?t? >> correct. >> you don't believe in thisve s curse business.rse you never have. >> did i ever believene iven the curse. >> the curse of the billy goat.t >> no, it's not about a curse.u. it's not about superstition. never seen a ball club go outo and play harder and i've never n
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so, yeah, no such thing ashing a curse. curs >> i was just going toe. say thy one thing i love about chicagobi and those cubs team is thatt everyone has gone behind it andd this is the thing i've said all along about the cubs. they've lost so long but sng but everyone loves the cubs and now that they're celebrating it'seb' like all of the us the world iss celebrating with them.h t wouldn't you agree with that? >> yes, i completely agree withw that. i know that because we're in d.c.hat and i don't care if somebody was a dc residentt ro from chicago, and they were atyt the bar last night, as far asfaa that property is concerned,onrnd northwest dc, that was chicago property, you know, everybody ey there was a chicago there's no question. queion. >> alan, i have to ask the question, though, when the inn yank staged the come back -- >> right. >> what was the mood in the bar? >> i don't know if i can talk cl about it. it was very cold and icy. >> sure. >> it was not a lot of conversation.
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quietness about anybody and thet we get somebody on first base and the bar erupts and register goes off.. >> that's what you want theant t bottom line.e. >> alan let me ask you before ww let you go to get sleep or backr to celebrating whichever you choose, such a big fan in bill l murray i know he was hereere i know you guys were trying tow come watch the game at your a place. did we ever fine out did he go g anywhere to watch the cubs gameg when he was in d.c.? but maybe you guys can help me. mess special message to bill murray.. we love you.ou we love your acting.ct we think you're great.. but ever since caddy shack we'ra wondering if he's done anythingg else? >> oh! >> come on. >> he was not at the billy goaty extent special invitation tonv bill murray he's going to be our special guest and we can't wait to see him.'t to >> underneath that shade was ada lot of love, right, alan. an >> that would be awesome.d be ae
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>> great movie. mie >> thanks for joining us thisins morning. get some sleep. d celebration after -- ter -- >> definitely one of our speciaf guests this morning. oguests th. thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thanks alan. ager o tb the manager of the billy goat tavern on can toll ct hill. hill >> okay.>> all right. still talking cubbies much today's newspapers -- >> listen --te >> we want to read theead nationals. dress rehearsal for hope wholeew were he can do this for our f team. >> in the meantime, what ae this is the cubs sun times,es, chicago sun times cover.esov what a beautiful picture. pictu. just the cubs celebrating afterr their historic win right therewe and this is the chicago tribunei at last, yes, yes, at long longn last we're finally winners.. chicago tribune there and of a o course cleveland the plane dealer it says curses and youndu know, i know we are celebratingi but look we're not raining onaio your parade cleveland indiansnd putting up a very, very goodd
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a little bit. >> we have to.e have >> somebody has to >> you feel for the inn yank fans now they have the longesthl drought as far as the worldt series but if it's anyas fes b i consf olation they do have an na championship that they just won at least that city has somethini to celebrate.toelebrate. >> and the possibility they canc win again g i figure it out.t it takes a win, that's all it at takes at a huge win like this tt become a sports fan all of all o sudden i feel myself about to memorize all sorts of baseballab stats, names -- next year it'sr' on >> you got to give me a season. >> so i'll catch up. >> meanwhile --nwhi -- >> you are world series champssp for whole year.r whyear >> you live it >> meanwhile there's somebody was asking what the ws on the wt flags were for.. >> a win. win. >> the win. in somebody asked that? tha >> somebody from cleveland askea that. what the ws were for.eor >> it look like an old school sl senators flag. >> it does. w wasere asking for the for. fo >> if you stayed up latee
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perfect one to call out sick. s. we're giving you that hint forh details tucker is back with a wh first check of the forecast.of . hey, tuck. he >> hey, guys. maureen. mrest thing, once you win, you have it for ir the rest of your life. >> exactly. >> i'm still celebrating the t bullets wizards celebration fron '77. >> 70 something steam.hing ste >> '79. ' >> was it nine. alvin hughes, wes ounce felled,l feels like yesterday.esteay >> i'm celebrating the pirates p beating the orioles in '78. >> enough. let's go to the forecast.s go good sie 60 now in washington.ngto winds out of the south here at seven. we'll pump the temperatures intu the mid to upper 70s for aor couple of hours early this this afternoon.. as we are featuring justt unseasonably warm air once agaia here. another round of it for the after rnooronun.oon if we can hit 80 we'll tie the record back to 1974.o97 cloud cover a little of that and rain showers now pushing intonto extreme western maryland there. and they'll arrive kind of midkm to late afternoon i think t they'll want to fall apart heree
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of mid to late afternoon as we're going to have big change ir air mass. enjoy the warm temperaturesemera today. tomorrow won't be bitter cold but it will won be't noticeablyo with highs only in the low 60s 6 we're setting up to nice weekend. i'll have the weekend forecast.. 79, keep your umbrella handy, a few showers, winds southin sou southwest at 10 to 15. t they'll be shifting out of the s north and west a little laterhi this morning. m looks like we have a litortle ll billy goat clean up. up [ laughter ]ughter ] >> it happens. >> after the pear there is thehp cleanup.eanu >> blank >> 9:11 is the time right now. t let's talk toll pick to thelk tk campaign trail just five days dy left until election day. d president obama stumping foring hillary clinton yesterday andrdd blasting the fbi as agents expand their probe into thebento democratic nominee's e-mail usel and clinton foundation and theae latest drama means the latest polls are closer than ever.r. fox's doug luzader has all the details. fbieporter: the investigation noose hillaryigat vest intohillary clinton's e-mai
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urn certainty but exposed a real rift now between the fbi on one side and the president and hisis justice department on the otherr >> we've got to be nice and cool, nice and cool right? stay on point, donald. dal stay on point. p >> reporter: donald trump trump remaining himself to stay on s message in florida, never anev a easy thing for him. him. perhaps never more crucial.e cru the fbi is digging deep into i both hillary clinton's e-mail-m use and whether the clinton foundation was a pay to playla enterprise raising the t possibility of multipletiple indictments.s sources say fbi agents have beeb at odds with the justice jus department which has been h bee pushing back against theinst the investigation. it was enough for the presidentp to offer what sounded like an extraordinary rebuke of his owno fbi director for pursuing a case against clinton.lion >> we don't operate on innuendoo we don't operate on incompleteoe we don't operate on leaks.n leas >> reporter: the president hasnh
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clinton and in critical swing clinton herself is remindingemig voters of the issues that have a hurt trump.. >> imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos, african-americans, muslims, pow's.w's. >> national polls meantimellante showing trump closing in onn o clinton although he's stille's s behind in many critical states. >> i think all that essentiallyi done has gotten him from aro shower on the verge of being vergef be competitive again something an i loft us didn't think was in thee cards about a week and a halfndl ago. >> reporter: competitivetitive perhaps but trump's path to t victory now is still much sll narrower than hillary clinton'sn both candidates meantime focusing on state that hasha become incredibly important thit time around, north carolina. can in washington, doug luzader, fox news.. doug, thanks. 9:13.9: besides the cubs the election13e the biggest store in the comingm coming up in a few days.ay
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closer look with matter of a fact host. >> we'll check in with our man o on the move bob that's coming up next.up nex on the move bob that's coming up next.up nex it is 9:14.s 9:14. great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] ousands of low prices.
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this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> history on the move in the o district literally this morning. in parts of downtown d.c. good while that's cool, it coulu impact how you get around today. fox5's bob barnard with theithe story live from third and g a streets in norwest bob, what is going on?ng o >> reporter: well, they are are moving the washington area's olo defendant synagogue dating backc to 1876. there it is.. it's this brick building that i up on wheels and atnd a 10:00 o'clock this morning, this building is going to move towarr us about 50 feet. 50 fe i don't know if you see it.t this is third street right neck
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what you've to be two of the northbound lanes so that they th can drop the synagogue there ane it will be moved in two years y one block down to the corner atr third and f streets. streets. i want to show i was picture ofo what it's going to look likekik when it eventually gets there. and joining us to explain moreir about this is wendy they areheyr minute. she is the deputy direct of thet jewish historical society hereoh wasashington. wendy, thanks for being with usu >> thank you for having me. y >> roueporter: t fell us why the move?ve? >> the building is the oldest synagogue in washington so it's a preciou history of jewish hit eastast city's history so it's in the way from this major developmente that's covering over highway 395.5. so we're working to move it down the street eventually.ntua today is just moving it a shorts move. it will move in couple yearsrs down the street. >> reporter:down so it's not n really going to impact traffictf because these two lanes have already been blocked off forckef some time and so it will ploptll down here. e. i want to show people anothereno picture our viewers anotherno picture from 1969.
9:18 am
current sight of metro's had hee quarters at sixth and g. so in 1969, it had to be moved here and now it's going to bengb moved down the street.treet why preserve this? a veryery significant building.g. obviously. >> it is old defendant synagogug in washington. was it's a touch stone for local jewish history and when it movev down the street in a few years, it's it's going to be the t centerpiece for new museum exploring jewish live in theje wination's capitol.ol. telling national andnation a the local community's history. y >> reporter: this was originally the odd defendantefen synagogue which is now somewher else. what has been here iisnre mostns recent years.nt years. >> it's been home to the jewishs historical society since afterft it moved in 1969. so since 1975, it's been open to the public as a historic sight.. we've had children's educational programs and life celebrations,n weddings and bar summits have ah
9:19 am
that that kind of thing. thi we do walking tours of thefhe historic downtown jewishis neighborhoods that start in thit building where people really get a sense of early 19th centuryeny live. >> reporter: it's been knownnown as the lillian and albert small jewish mu seem.u see it will be just a block away. a >> just a block away. away >> history preserved. >> exactly.>> e >> reporter: thank you veryter: much, wendy. you they're doingre d lot of work here.ork he. take look. loo they spent a lot of time liftini this building up. getting ready to move it whichoh happens 10:00 o'clock this10:0 morning, guys? >> all right.>> a >> it's amazing that they are ae able to do that.le to hat. >> i know.>> inow. >> big building.ldg. >> diagrams and pictures looks s like it will be phenomenal onc c they get there.eyet there >> all right. 9:19 is the time.9:19s th coming up, breaking news from afghanistan. should the dmv surrender oversight of metro and turn turn control over to the federaledal government and the ultimate ande punish many for people who drivi with their high beams on all the time. all the time. got check of what else is makinn
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>> later hometown hero.n hero. prince george's county nativee'n kevin durant making a local 10-year-old's dream come true. this morning, that little boytl joins us live to talk about whaa it was like meeting the nba
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
9:22 am
blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? ?? >> 922 is the time. allison seymour is back with check of the oth>>er s 9toriesss making had he lines thising morning.ha >> allisond . >> hello, wis, hello everybody.y
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2us service members killed whilw fighting in i they were fighting the taliban.. nato also says two otherther american soldiers were injurednj this happened in the province. kund u.s. along troops alongops with afghan forces came underamu fire during a raid to disrupt d the taliban.ptn operations in that a the pentagon not releasing theng names of the two americansme killed yet. gop vice-presidential nominee mike pence in i way w paying respect to the two policc officers kill in the line of duty he stopped at a make shiftppt a memorial in front of the policec station in urban dale a code bye his wife and one of their daughters. daught earlier in the day, the two t officers were gunned down ambushed style attacks earlier i shall say. just a few miles police have a suspect in custody. they say scott green was knownwn to law enforcement before thiset incident just two weeks ago wksa green was removed from a high a school football game for wavingv
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but should the federaled government step in to help? ttsb wants the feds to step in i to help with plans to make metrt safer. safer. meanwhile the metro rail systeme needs money.eds mo it is $290 million in the hole h and that's just to keep theeephe rails running. a bit of mixed news for facebook it's stocks fellck f yesterday on concerns it's conct putting too many adds on your or page and that may hurt your social experience.iee but other numbers tell a different story.ry profits and revenue are monthly users at one pent 8 billion and a link facebook fo held up recently registered more than 2 million people.on peo keeps on growing.keepwi it's amazing. finally the ultimate punishmentm for people who drive with theirt high beams on all the time. t eck k it out. from now on, traffic police inn china will make drivers who usee the brights too much stare intor a set of them for five minutes.s this is in china. this is not here.
9:25 am
what i can imagine thene the equivalent of $45 here's a a picture of someone getting hisnh punishment.punime you see him on the little stooli there. >> i >> the guy is showing the lightg on surprising the new initiativeti receiving positive feedback. fec >> i don't think that would beh work here. >> oh, no, i know it wouldn't work here. >> bad for your eyes to do that. >> yes. >> five minutes is a long time. >> and it was real high beam.hea it wasn't like a it was pretty close. >> you know that will teach you. >> yeah. blind won't be able to driveh, y so problem solved.em s >> or you can just not go to china.. >> i mean, like, you know -- kn >> you don't having to china or you can be courteous and notus a drive with your high beams >> we don't have that punishn't many over here.many o we can drive with our high beame on. >> it's not nice, wis. >> i wouldn't do that. i'm just kid idingt'. i wst kdi >> people don't roll lies theirt high beams are on.hi you flash yours and they take ii down.wn >> or the ones who don't after'a you flash, really? seriouslilyy >> maybe you just don't know hoh to op the oe
9:26 am
>> you do it. he does it.t. he does it. somebody get the high beams.igh. good he does it knowingly he kne knows how to operate his car.. >> exactly.xaly >> shameful. just shameful. >> good to see you, al. y you as well. >> thank you, my friend.yri next up heading down to theto t newseum and chat with soledadol o'brien working on another edition of matter of fact.f f she'll join us live.ive we'll talk little politic a feww days out from the election.ctio >> still talking about the chicago cubs world serieserie champions for 108 years.108 we'll have more on the historico win and tell you about lebroneb james is trying to comfortmfor disappointed cleveland fans. >> fresh at 10a he's a stand upd an actor and a car top gear host adam ferrara willl join us live plus time to shine. empire star exhibit joining uss with a sneak peek at the secondn half of season three. t and then later, justin timberlake trolls
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett:
9:29 am
common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. ?? speaking of champions, steve, over here ribbing me talking about why don't i haveke chicago pizza.. >> wisdom brought in pizza itizi would have been nice to have hae chicago native get us realea suppose. >> i didn't plan well this year. next year i'm all overan w it.ri >> you only have 108 years too plan. >> 108 years and seven games. gs >> sometimes i'm a little slow. >> extra innings.>> extnnings. >> extra innings maureen.ra inns >> it will m be worth the wait.
9:30 am
wait. we've been having a lot of funaf with the cubs huge world seriese the first for chicago in 108n 1 years as we know, there can only be one winner so this morninghii the cleveland indians and theirr fans are waking up prettyy disappointed we heard from fox'o joel waldman earlier that tribee fans made a quick be line out o the progressive fans last nightn sports star himself shot thiss video as he walk out.ut take look at king james >> at world series game sevenesn just want to congratulate the t indians on unbelievable season. you guys did something thatha nobody would ever think you guyu could do and we're very proud of you. you know, the whole cavs organization all the fans the t whole city of cleveland we'rend all proud of you guys. gs. you guys got nothing to hang tog your heads low about. about use this as inspiration get g ready for next year. >> indeed.eed. indeed. in lebron went ton give a big b
9:31 am listen, cleveland you did outstanding job.g. even though you didn't come out victors, you played one heck of a game. >> i think that's cool.s cool >> noise sportsmanship.smanship. >> he's got a shot at a motivational speaker. >> i think he can do whatever he wants. >> it was well put. it wa >> well done.e all right, tucker barnes backack with us right now.with us ri hello,gh sir.. >> good morning.or beautiful sunrise this morning. >> yeah. >> it was amazing out there.. >> thas, >> i'm playing with you. >> here we go. yes, not only beautiful sunul advise but very very warmry war temperatures.tempur potentially record breaking ifak we can hit idea degrees today. y we're going to tie the recordher that goes back to 1974.974. 60 in washington 59 in gaithersburg. 74 let's think here bullets wonw one championship since then anda the ---- >> wait. what year? >> '74. redskins won three i guess. gus >> redskins had the lasts had ta
9:32 am
>> '92. isn't we're in 20 plus yearlus r drought. >> it's been a few.ew. getting up there now, steve. >> not 108. 1. >> graduated college, moving on. getting our first apartments. >> 60 in quantico.nt 60 in fredericksburg. all right.all rig winds out of the south and west they're calm at this moment butt they'll pick up here up ahead od the front we'll get prettyre southwest winds and then behindb the front which is moving ing in this afternoon, plan on those oe winds picking up out of the wess and the north and west later today.. all right. i mentioned pont breaking temperatures with thatt southwest flow. there are some rain showers offo to the north and west and those should arrive any time after 3:00 p.m. here along the 95he5 corridor. we're not going to get a lot off rain with this frontal system. s it should just be widelyy scattered showers for the most t part expecting it to fall aparta here. you can see the shower activity ower ay and behind that front, much cooler airy sides off to ouro north and west that will move ii tonight.nit. back into fall like temperaturee by tomorrow. all right. there's your push of warm air. a
9:33 am
showers today. and then behind the front, thist kind of over selling the amounto of showers we've got.. we'll have widely scatteredtter showers little later today andle the co loler air will move inlov tonight.toght future cast, you can sesayesay future cast not loving the ideaa if you've got sports that kind of thing get out later today,erd you're probably going to be finf just dodging a few showers.hors whole thing should be out hereur by nine, 10:00 o'clock tonight g we'll clear out overnight andigt setting up for fantastic fanstic weekend. friday, saturday, sunday look lk great with daytime highs backac near normals here for early quick reminder, that clock goese back early sunday morning, and a if you're going to be voting and standing in line like i will on tuesday, lots of sunshine. s should be beautiful day for it.. we can all hang out together.og. >> that's good.>> thagood >> good weather on election dayd is good. is g >> most of the country will hav good weather on tuesday.. >> perfect transition.ition sinned indicated new program matter of fact produced at the newseum right here in northweste washington,, d. and that is where we find thisit
9:34 am
soledad o'brien i'm just ceiling soledad here to talk all thingsi leck. leck hi, soledad, good morning. morng >> good morning to ou my hub's name is brad so other people call me sole brad.era >> like the brand gina but stili together much it's beautifulul thing. >> yes. >> exactly. exactly. >> you have the one name. >> as you pointed out, yeah, yea sign of success.. early voting what we're talkingi about. you know, so far more than tha 30 million people voted but this time we're at the end of 2012 that number one more than 46.2 million.2 millio so there's a fair gap to fill in and i think analyzing those tho numbers is really going to tellt us whether or not the electorate is enthusiastic or very non enthusiastic about this leck.s l we're watching that today. >> we talk with so many peopleae about what it may mean as far aa the amount of turn out we get wg weather it be in the earlyarly voting which is shown to bech iw fairly strong so far or on o
9:35 am
but here's the question.ue now we're obviously a couple of days away. ys this is getting tighter andht a not just on the timeline but at the -- on the polls themselves.s so what do you make of things ti now a few days out from electiot day? >> tightening up clearly. car we'll be talking this morning tt the woman who's number two atr the democratic national natna committee to ask her what she is really most worried about, where tear putting all their focusoc those polls are tightening in the wake of this conversationrsn about hillary really interested in seeingn see where those polls exactly are tightening, and also, turnout ao you mentioned.ed. right now, analyzing early voting 84% of african-americansi voted have voted democratic. 1% voted republican so clearly c for the democrats.s. making sure that thehe african-american turnout is higg is going to be critical forl for them.. we'll talk to a stephanieteanie rollings blake about that aske a well. >> let me ask you soledad let ml ask you a peer to peer questiont here, because one of the wayss
9:36 am
in life and in this business iss by talking to as many people ass possible. you talked with lot of peoplet o during this who is it that you think, um, u may have reached you the most it either a positive or negativeate way throughout this campaign? >> you know, i'm reall interested i analyzing thezing t intersection between people whot are very fearful about thewe frf uleconomy and i think there's a big threat of that, where it whe intersects with re why we're having conversationsve around white nationa and out racism and anti semitism.tism so i think kind of trying to t ferret to out has been some of the most interesting andng a sometimes very disturbing conversations that i've had insh this election cycle. >> when it comes to the race issue and the candidates and hoh it's almost become more of aore main stream conversation somee things we hadn't talked about in elections passed.. >> yeah, it's kind of unusual, i think, i'm curious your positioo on this as well.
9:37 am
gave so much coverage to peoplee who -- who, you know, werenow, members of the kkk or nazi simba thighs sorries and i thinkorri that's been a biges a thread ins conversation and, again, i guese as journalist i'm most most interested in why. like is it purely an economic story? is it an immigration story? is it a racism story? o what exactly is happening isng probably most interesting to mee >> i think as we look back overe elections passed some thingse tg obviously stay the same or maybe similar.r. of live changing over four year periods.peri this time around we're seeing an change perhaps in the way theaye media is covering this campaign. this election and also the alsoe social media aspect of this election. do you think the media as ank ta whole and i know we don't likeol to be pigeonholed as the media a as if it's one thing becauseecau there's so many differentany branches of it but whetherheer online or on broadcast or inr i print do you think the media haa done a pretty good job or not of covering this election fairly. ??
9:38 am
stages it's been different and d think it's hard toif say becausu of course media is a bunch ofuno thing as you point out. out what you're getting on yourour facebook feed media probably iff that's not what you're digesting as your media coverage everye ey day. it's hard to there's certainly a lot of it,', and i think certainly there have been examples of sort of fakefak news stories that have reallyy gotten into the real news cyclec if you will.ouill. so i think for a lot of peoplefp it's been hard to navigate justt that pipeline of informationorti that comes their way.. sometimes there's self selectins only the kindso like i think that's problematict for electorate as a whole.ho this has been a really messy you can see in just talking togt people whether they're tre democrats, republicans, inn inn pentz, they're frustrated andnd not very motivated.otived >> all right. one last chance to make yourr media pitch right n as a matter of fact, one more om big show before tuesday.ue what are we going to see? >> yeah, we'll talk about thosee issues really interested in digging turnout is african-american turnout beingei
9:39 am
are less interested in in thishi election this go around or is there disenfranchise manyean happening at the polls.olls are there reasons and certainer states we'll be looking at we're actually african-americans andra people in poverty and latinos aa well are actually really beingyb kept away from voting much we'lw talk about that today.t to also, we'll figure out what thew strategy is for the dnc and the rnc as we really head into theoe closing days.ay so i think there's a lot to lott cover in politics and of courses what are the stories that no onn is talking about we haven't covered veterans at all practically this election et cycle unfortunately.tely we'll talk about veterans, veterans issues and othernd oth stories that are being left outu of the discussion this gon thiso around. >> i know it's a lot to get in's the last few days.the la sunday night at 11:30 market ofo fact right here on fox5. thank you sole brad we'll talkll do you again soon. a soon. >> i love it.. >> i love soledad o'brien sherie has one of my dream jobs. one of the things she does she'e a reporter for hbo real sportspt
9:40 am
great story y tell i really enjoy her. her. righright. 9:00 thine right now.00 making an thi 11-year-old's dree come true.rue. coming up next we'll so you thet moment nba star kevin durant dun surprised a local boy and the special reason why.. grab your tissues now. i'm just telling you.m just you want to kee tp telhem close. 9:40 is our
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
let me tell you, you are t about to meet one of the mostels tremendous young men ever and grab your tissues because thiscs whole thing is going to bring tr you tears.a this man's name is james jones.s he's just 11 years old.ld he's from prince george'seoe's county, and he got the surprises of his life from his idol fellol prince george's county nativee't and nba super star kevin durant. it all happened during thehe filming of an american familyamy insurance commercial for theiror dream campaign. check it out. >> i just don't want to get -- i want my life to be better. bte especially my mom.y mom i want her life to be better. bt >> what's up, man?an >> kevin durant! >> how you doing.oing >> i just reading my mom -- i i wanted to help my >> i like that, man. >> oh my gosh. >> i lost it at the prayer.r.
9:44 am
warriors game but it has beenn already viewed online more than 2 million times.. and this morning james joins us live in the loft to dish on this moment amazing moment i just j have to share an mazing moment.t because i was actually sittingyi in that chair in chair is a little squeaky and so -- yeah. . what did you say, james?? >> well, what i said is, let mem be a man i'll switch the chairss with you. >> can you even stand it? let e amazing but your mother is amazing because i know good kidd don't just happen. hpe this all started with the the relationship with you i don't it know your mom. tell me how this allkn happened. >> well, i went to this black history commercial and my -- i i was doing such a good jobd job following directions with my cousin malik told me and he wenw up to my mom and she was likeik you need to use my new yorkw yor address because like he can rear
9:45 am
and i was -- when she walked upe to my mom, i'm like, hmm? whymy she up there? yeah, and that's' how it all started.taed >> your dream is to do what? >> dance and entertain the world. >> i think you are well on your way.ou you want to be dancer. areo you want to entertaanin.ertain your mom is like your biggest be fan, right? rht >> yes. me about kevin durant and your thoughts aboutbt him. >> well, i think about kevinin durant is like, i think should -- don't worry about a haters that think that he shoulo never have went, golden statete warriors and that should have he been -- i don't think esche think about that.thin >> no, he shouldn't.e shouldn't >> think about people who his number one fan kevin just to let you know i am one of your numbem one fans.s >> i think he already knowsdyno that. and so you and kevin have lot ii common.coon >> yes. >> he's from prince george's county. he had aom p sin gle mom that really reall
9:46 am
he won mvp. m >> yes i want to say to youou mommy you're the real mvp of the year. >> you know what, that's k banosically what kevin did, rig kevin -- i watched that speech c and i cried during that speech,, too, because he just -- he lovel his mom so much and he was soo grateful.grat so you thought you were tapingpg this commercial.this com and so i just want to know anow little bit about when you kneltk down and you said that prayer.r. >> i was saying like i don'ton't want to get embarrassed.. i want me and my mom liv better especially hers because i really just don't -- i really rl hate to see her struggle, and i want to do more acting anding a dancing stuff to help her and, yeah. ah. >> and so you thought you wereu going to shoot a commercial andd so the neck thing you know -- >> kevin duran just pop up.p. >> kevin durant just pops up. and what did you think?? >> i fell like -- because hese h just walk passed the door. d i was like -- that look like kevin duran..
9:47 am
i'm like, oh, my god. my head -- when i saw him like -- [ laughter ] >> so, yeah.. >> so you meet kevin duran. durn he writes something special forl you.. >> he wrote always believe thatt anything is possible.osbl >> and he said his mom did that for him been put it above hisbos bed he saw it every day.ay >> yes. >> where do you have that? >> well, i really want to say it's at home but, um, i want tot but i open my drawer every dayed and i look at it. >> you keep it in your ownwn special place and you know know that's.'s. >> i won't lose it.e it. >> kevin also did something else. >> he signed my shoes. >> get out of town! i'm i'm impressed that you're wearingouw those. i'd be so afraid to wear them.m. >> yeah. >> when you look down unsee that autograph washington do youh think?wash >> think of kevin durant event eve want to thank him for at leasttt taking his time out to come and
9:48 am
believe anything is possible. >> you met couple of his of h friends, too, right. >> i met jay jay wright and derek jeter.rek what did they have to say.hey va >> they just said, like, thee, e same kevin always believe that anything is possible. >> now do you just know howw how that -- how amazing that wholeth thing was? >> >> do you. but you know i have to say thisi i think among the four that werr staning there be it derek jeter, jjwatt kevin durant and you, yoo were the biggest there. you know that, right? that,ht >> yes.>> yes >> i want to you believe that. t >> i will. >> and you're going to become a bonafide super star some dayomed because you got to see some dance moves.ov i'm a little bit afraid rightig now because he said i'm going tg teach you something but i'm nott going to tell i'm going to surprise you whatoa are we going to do. do. >> we're going to do jew jew ono at b beat. >> stop it.. jew jew on that >> all right.>> i have no idea what it ist is
9:49 am
so let's go ahead and let's sees it. how does it go. it go >> it looks like.ike >> hey, hey, okay, okay, do, dod jew jew on that beat, jew you? ? on that beat -- jew jew, jew jew on that beat. slide, up? and, hit the photo stop. stop. don't stop.t p hey, don't bring me on that beat.ea >> if you want to do your, youo, can do this.. or you can spin. >> ?? ?? >> i can only go to the right. g [ laughter ][ lauger >> bring it down.n >> oh, my gosh. gosh. can you stand it? i just lovee this kid. k oh, my gosh.osh. i love mom. m can you come over here, mom? mm
9:50 am
him. [ applause ] >> you are you are i feel like i am a better person because i have met both of you.. i cannot even stand it.nd i i have to hasn't it over becausu i'm going to break down. d i just love this. thi love it. love it, love it. >> all >> that is great. >> all right. right 9:50 is the time coming up nextx one of a kind viewer. usually reserved for the birds s we'll check in with erin como co top adventure.. she's going to be up there
9:51 am
? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ? ? oh love it? ? ? can you say hey? ? ? hey! ? ? that's the spirit! oooooh.? ? ooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.? ? ooooh oooh.?
9:52 am
after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
9:53 am
>> 9:53. fall is the best time of the year to leaf peep but you don't have to make the road trip all the way up to skyline drive to see some of those vibrant autumt lorsrshe.o ske vibrautu >> this morning we're showingrn you how to get a view of theing leaves from vantage pointtage pi usually reserved for the birds.s erin como is live at go ape sip lining in rockville with a lookk how you can catch glimpse of cao fall from the sky.f
9:54 am
>> reporter: hawaii if morning. right now i'm still on the ground have not made myw i' wayo tree t i need to get trained for safetf this is site manager thank youha so much for joining us. tell everybody your name. nam >> ethan free man the sightheigt manager at rock creek regional park go ap it. i >> tell us what your instructorn is doing up there right now.rigw >> he's going through ourur morning check at the moment. every single morning we gown the ziplines backward to ensure ens safety fir minute training exercise all the participants. once we get up the color of the trees you can ask for a betterte time year for this.his. >> especially considering therit temperature too.e t beautiful colors and beautifuluf weather as well on top of that.a >> once get up there, how longon does the course take toe to complete.comp >> takes on average about two to half to three hours to do alldo six sites on our course.onur co. >> there's a part you canyou skateboard across isn't we've got zipline that has skateboardd a to it you can go down likeow l you're tony hawk. >> okay. i have mild fear of heights. hes
9:55 am
when i'm up there, i'm not goini to be so scared. >> definitely. when else when you get to see the park frowhm thisen y angle.. >> you're wearing of theg of t harnesses right now.rnse that's what i'll get trained too use and operate and wear and yoy hook yourself on the cable.. >> it's got the pullies we'lles' use throughout it that 20 minutt training will teach how to youlo use all of those elements on thn course. >> i can stay safe and ready toy go up into the trees experiencec fall from a birds eye eye perspective.cte. really calm out here.e. >> it is. very calm. very quiet.uiet beautiful park g how young isoui your youngest the tree top adventure they havh to be at least 10 years to go oo our course here. he for course that have a juniorunr course delaware and williamsburg 3-foot three to do the coursee there.e >> i'm feeling confident.fide ready to get >> awesome.>> >> i think we can do thishink w without getting scared. i might scream a little bit likt the roller coaster i think this will be a lot more enjoyable.yable. i know kevin mccarthy lovesyov roller coaster.ller coa we'll be get trained and be bacc in the 10:00 o'clock hour and'ca i'll tell you how it feels tolso
9:56 am >> already jealous.lo it looks great. g >> she's got a great day for iti good all right. right up the road in durrgo woow 10a today.oday another packed show for you shor coming up. yesterday allison even got avena chance to talk with exhibit.. >> cool. >> of course he plays shine onao empire. it waspi a great interview i thk you guys are really going too enjoy >> okay. >> justin timberlake, all rightt we got information about him. hm >> i enjoy him. >> you enjoy justin timberlakeae bringing sexy back that's all i' got to say about that. that. >> did it ever leave him.veim. >> kevin had chance to talk with him an adam ferrare will join uu as well you might know him fromo a variety of tv shows. sho he'll be with us in the loft.of it's coffee time on good dayooay d.c. a mug a thursday mug up fof grabs right now for your dunkino donuts coffee. head to fox5 dc/contest our our facebook one lucky winner selected byd by random drawing. dng you have until 11am to enter much it's 9:56 now.
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9:58 am
9:59 am
?? we're bringing sexy back bak this thursday morning at 10a.. >> and he is super sexy from fm music to his new movie trolls jl opens up to mccarthy. >> also opening up this morningr he place the evil shine on allison and i go one-on-one witt 60 he gives us a sneak peek snep what's ahead. what's ahead >> you kno.w him from nurse jackie, rescue me, comedian adam ferrara is here. >> we go to hollywood to dish ds live with ross matthews. mth >> the must see moments only ono good day at 10a. 10a let's do it. it.
10:00 am
yup, all doubts how you like uss now. >> okay, all right.kay, aig let's do the timeline of maureen's fan dom.'s fan d >> it doesn't matter.t do it doesn't matter. here's what happened.'s what happened was, you know, i i was fan i fell off then i came back.back look, i think once you admit ait you're a band wagon fan that's all that matters.that matters >> it's stelle your city no cit matter what. >> thank tnk y >> celebrate we brought in the -- e >> this is sandwich day.h am i correct in that.hat. >> >> i fr with the sandwiches.dwic in i'm not either new place in georgetown called september mitm and smith these are kind of likl bagels but less calories.alorie >> right. so this is like -- this is likel turkish bread this look like ms. reel la and tomato which is amazing.g >> it's delicious. >> if you're ever in turkey alle over the placeve you see vendors selling these. >> enjoy a september mitt and md smith sandwich.sach.
10:01 am
>> that sound healthy i'lllt i'l celebrating chicago thi morning. steve.eve. >> oh. >> look at that. >> look at that. yes.yes >> deep >> look at that. >> that's a deep dish. >> frozen >> chicago is famous for theirir a.zza. >> if i jump on the band wagon a couple weeks ago i can haveanav ordered real pizza.iz >> as we like to say this is chicago deep dish pizza on a fox budget. dish peas or from chicago. >> if you have favorite deepe dish or favorite sandwich tweett us. >> i'm kind of a traditionalistt when it comes to sandwich. sand. i don't like a lot of stuff ohf and there.he >> anybody like deep dish pizzaz ar't m me. >> i prefer thin and christie ce but i like deep >> i will bring you twenty one u will change your life.e yo lif >> when it's shim it's not as is good.od so kind of -- kin of >> we have to go to chicago.go. >> right. >> field trip. sip trips s te for
10:02 am
vote for chicago.vo for chicago. >> good idea. >> i think it's hard to be just a plane old peanut butter jelly sandwich.sawich. pretty good. pretty good. pretty g >> like the old standards.ndar >> i like it. i lik i >> i like thin pizza i can eat more s >> good point. >> i feel less guilty.eel less >> thanks for staying it wusss for the 10a andfor bringing the san witches, too. i'm steve alongsidesa holly,ly maureen and we have business to take careece that involves what's trendingol this morning we'll start onves i lighter note right nowng we' blu maureen umeh's childhood team. >> seriously.>> s >> chigo >> they have. ay.ok so you know i have a love/hateee relationship or did with theh t cubs. cu didn't like them for whileor because when i was a kid all the games were -- the shows i likedk were pre emed because of cubs games i was forced to watch them watch them progress as of a week ago, i came rightit back around.. now i am an official fan andicf just in time the curse has been broken after a century plus off losing the cubs are finally thee
10:03 am
the cleveland indians eight toit seven in 10 innings. iin it was, it is a homerun holy w!w! >> maureen. >> i don't think we give you enough credit because to be't te fair, when she wasn't really aty fan, they didn't win the world t series in that's right.ries in h >> in this last week since she'e been fan, now they have won thet world series.ries. >> i am their lucky charm and im will gladly --ladl-- >> thank you. y >> right over the top.ver the tp >> thank you. am seriousness this is amazing my timeline is ban nass grandmother who haven't her her heard from in years is tweeting about this. everyone is so happy. hpy i believe it was steve you and allison he had this earlier thir is like everyone is celebratingi the cubs victory. maybe except for cleveland.velad >> right. >> a lot of people just reveline in this joy because theople c js have been perrin yell losers. lr we were never bitter about it w just sort of accepted it. >> are you going to chicago thia weekend. >> if i can get a ticket i willt
10:04 am
side. >> all the ones that are stillti there that never jumped off theo ban wagon. >> yes. >> i think what it is, and i'lll be the first to say, i would 100% preferred if it was thef it washington nationals we werewere celebrating than chicago i personally am not a cubs fan s but i'm a fan of baseball and nostalgia.nostalgia i'm a fan much history and iry i think that what happens in thisn situation is because you havesev the so-caleled loveable losersle any time you go a century centu without a championship it's hadp ard to imagine what that drought isikeke. >> i'm a fan of and i think this was that one oa the most amazing world series that we've i mean in some time. tim viewer ship was way up.s y i mean, but i mean, seven gamesg you comed the cubs out.s out they had to come back from downd three games to one. o then they -- >> i called them.led i was like i'm out.. >> came back last night it goesg into extra innings. >> rain delay. >> here's your random trivia foa the morning the last time aim world series game seven wentvenn
10:05 am
>> when? >> was in 1997. 1 >> you know who lost? the? t cleveland indians. >> to the marlins.arli >> was that the same year thereh e were two ties in the nfl.fl >> same year. >> that's a crazy stat. stat. >> 1997 all over again.. >> exactly.. listen, okay, of course you know the chicago cubs if you're nortn cidar you love them south cidarr they love the white sox.. general the two never mix. m this team they president obama south cidar of d course but he's congratulatingeo the chicago cubs with this tweee he says, cubs within worldworl south side derr can believe in.. want to come to the white househ before i leave? yah. yes.s hey ya'll i'm will coming withih you riding shotgun.ding s that would be >> and we're talking about billl murray here.murray here. >> i love this guy.>> lov >> he's hard core cubs fan as f well. >> yup. >> he was over there. gu>>y he's he with in this vide epstein general mush of the cubb he's a generous you can'tu c discount the fact he was inas in boston a young guy -- guy >> broke the curse in boston.urt >> broke the curse in
10:06 am
he leaves there and comes tomes chicago and three years, threehr years after he gets there, theye break the drought in chicago. ca i mean, you can't discount thec fact that the person in charge put the team together and putgeh the manager in place for success. >> what's that word you said philosophy.s thilosop. >> philosophy it starts with the right management, the rightt, coach, the right players. plars championship.onship >> he was the youngest gm ines n baseball history.base 28 years old when the red sox hired him.d h he's only 42 now.ow >> in the word of hakeem from coming in america in the >> for those who understand it. >> whoo!>> w >> listen, if you were note watching the baseball game lasts night and you weren't asleeprets like so many of us were, wishins that we can watch something last night, maybe you were watchinge the cma's they were on another h channel from baseball last night but people were watching. country's brightest stars gathered in nashville tennesseet the 50th annual ceremony lastonl night the big one for countryout music. carrie underwood and brad paisll
10:07 am
they've done it for nine years n in a row. >> really good.>> r >> they are pretty good.prood. they're good together.her. they play off each other nicely. the big winners garth got a big win. >> dollarly. >> show boasted the most performances of any cma's evervr beyonce' was some say she's the one that's ta stole the show.ole the we'll have more on that comingtg up later when we check in withnt ross matthews but garth brookstk winning entertainer of the year. dolly parton honor as well.. >> those are like the country cu classics right there >> osbourne from anne arundel county winging array ward lastds night. >> we talk about how peopletalko don't get enough sleep allut h l of us sitting on this couch. but we've shared that lack of sleep can also sometimes lead to weight gain. here's a shocking stat actuallyl to back that up. bacthat in new study people who are sleep deprived meaning they gett between three and a half and 5.5 hours of sleep a night on average ate an extraxtra 385 calories the very next day.y
10:08 am
pound for every six days ofs o sleep deprivation. now those extra calories mostlyy come from fat. protein was down and cash cas consumption it was about the same. >> okay. >> i believe that. because you're up longer y>>ou y feel like you need energy so you eat. >> yup. >> not surprising.ur >> not surprising at all.g at a 10:08 is the time.ime. fashion question for you now. should there be an age limit ono wearing jeans. jea. >> survey says >> the research by group calledd collect plus propos people over the age of 53 shoull ditch denim altogether and leavd it to the younger apparently the company behind the survey doesn't agree withgrt the results. results and the survey doesn't offer any alternatives.rnatives. the study did find is that jeant are pretty universal and findini the perfect pair well prettyy dull. dull. >> yes. one in 10 people try on six or r more pairs looking for the right 25% of people say they stillheyi haven't found them.. 29% have given up on theirheir request. and once people do find thein t
10:09 am
for deer live.deer >> i believe it. 2020% of people keep them for at least five years.t ve y 5% won't shop for new pair for at least -- l- >> the thing with jeans is, youu know, unless it's something s really out of the box they're t' the going to go out of style. s. >> right. >> and a lot of times lookmes better as they age. a >> almost like the perfectct storm. >> to this age limit thing i'lll call my i love you poppa, you know i do. my dad his jeans are the most tragic things you've ever seen.. >> why don't you get him newon't ones. on >> he won't wear tm my mom buys him new jeans allnsl the tile.the ti my dad is 76 now.ow he has no business wearing jeans. >> does he wear jeans. >> not real. doe comfortable >> he wears like khakis. k >> because they're comfortable. >> jeans a lot of times jeans -- >> here's the thing.>> h my dad thinks he looks good in d these jeans.ea they're like dad, don't --on -- they're kind of like those jeana you had the one zip trip. t >> oh, my gosh.h, my gosh. >> here we go. .> speak of tragic i'm just kidding. [ laughter ] >> w isdom, i love you.ove i'm just kidding.just kng.
10:10 am
jeans is really hard.ard i would rather buy shop for a f swimsuit than a pair of jean.f . jeans are by far the mostar the difficult thing to shop for. f >> to find the perfect fit.. but i don't think there shouldth be an age limit onink it. i think, you know. k >> i'm kidding. >> khakis are more comfortable.e >> sweat pants are even morere r comfortable. >> sweat pants are comfortable too.antsable >> even more comfortable. >> jeans just not -- not not comfortable to me. m >> especially when it's hot it't outside. i mean it's just -- >> no, shorts you can wear -- w >> because jorts are good.. >> grown man wearing shorts. >> jean shorts are great. gre >> i think it's like theat medication --dica >> the ones that come down tono your ankles.ur a what do you call the shorts,s, jorts. >> not caprice.ot c >> they don't callap them caprie >> bore shorts. be >> there's called ridiculous.'se that's exactly it.d all the way down whatever.ever. >> ridiculous. this is why we have outsidede fashion experts come in to talkt >> we'll keep the war going. move over mustard and ketchup ii
10:11 am
spotlight new york magazine is reporting agti that the salad dressing is is appearing everywhere as dips orr toppings for pizza.ings fza we were just talking about thist moing.g. >> ew. >> onion ring, chicken sandwiches, fries, pasta peoplel putting ranch on it and then the washington post wrote an opt he had ranch dressing is what weree s wrong with wi it's getting a lot of feedback.. some good, some pretty bad.. depending on who you're asking,n of course, the people defendingi their beloved ranch dressing sas this is bad article there is a ran and foodies alike are jumping og that band some of these fancyonthe fa establishments now they're serving ranch --ch - >> does anybody know what's in ranch dressing. >> butter milkh . >> something we don't know.. >> fermented. >> it's not super healthy forsul you. >> maybe like dill or something like that. i will say this. >> i'm not a f .n. >> i'm not a ranch fan personano either. but i do notice that sometimes t it's a were way to get kids toit eat vegetable.
10:12 am
>> my daughter is a ranch freak i don't know how this started only way -- not thekn only wowat she eats her cucumbers andrs a everything else she has to dipop night the ranch >> i'm thinking it has to have t lot of sugar in it because it'si sweet. swee >> probably. >> right. n ws's another reason why kids like it. probably one of those things you don't really think of but o b probably in there. all right. what do you think? are you like all in for ranch are you like, l it is what's wrong with america? 10:12 is our time right now.ow coming up we spoke with exhibitt he is a bad guy on he's going to give us a littleul heads up as to what to expectxpt when the drama returns.. >> here's a little tie in. exhibit used to pimp my ride.. >> exactly. >> our next guy is a car guyy ig himself.hif >> exhibit you'll fine out.. >> adam ferrara had join us joi live. live he's with us in the lot of thist morning. he's a car guy, too. 10:12.10:1 more good day gooday want a sandwich? there's lots of sandwiches over there, adam.
10:13 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. this is your last chance to get super fast 100meg internet, tv and phone
10:14 am
this great deal. only from fios. >> that's the problem. t it's the give or take. all of these look the same from backha h'ser tse leoo. >> i don't feel good about thist >> all right. fellas, you ready. rdy
10:15 am
>> here go. get in gear. >> has never one been killed byd a flying cardboard box before.ef >> that looks narrow.. that's narrower than i thought.g i'm going right.. >> looks like he's choosing --o he's choosing right. right. >> line up straight. sght. get through there. the. 30 miles an hour. come on, on, by. come on, baby.n,aby. come on, baby. straight through.. >> yes!>> y [ laughter ] [ la >> he hit the top. if that had been the top of af tunnel it would have been nastya >> i didn't hit anything i think. >> clip from top gear you don't have to be a car guy tom tooparo recognize the neck guest inst addition to co-hosting the motoring show he's also a stands up comedian an actor he's beenes on rescue me, nurse jackie, ett cetera, et c this weekend he's in d.c. foror series of stand up shows at thee improv first he joins us live is the loft. good morning adam. am good to see you again. again. >> if to see you bro.>> i s >> you probably hate to hearo ha that adam failed par.
10:16 am
that was -- you guys are laughing. i don't have a license. len put me in the truck.ruck. and that was a mule train thatrt was a logging truck double trailer mule train they call it and they loaded up logs and camc off a mountain 100,000 pounds00s worth of logs aimed at the backt of my head.ea >> people not familiar with toph gear how do you explain what ita is that do you. >> three idiots that like cars.. >> that's a good way that likele cars. >> we have a budget and we dod o stupi we were in cuba.ere c we were in ice we've been to mexico. mexic and we get to drive all these high you have end super stars,ta get to drive trucks, everythingg automotive.motive. old beaters and stuff and we goe on adventures.. >> any close calls we didn't see on tv. yeah.>>yeah >> i jumped a caddy 40 feet in0t the air. >> how did that go. >> gravity brought me down. >> '76 coupe did heville. >> that screams aero dynamic.
10:17 am
was great. was it wasn't my car.grit c i got to walk away from it. it. i went to rally school.chool i went to the dirt fish rallyisl school in the pacific northwesth i getted -- they brought the gt4 to the actual race from month fh from '66. you like a '66 vet wisdom. wdo >> oh yeah. >> they brought the '66 gt40 ou0 of the museum. m i only drove it 8 feet.t. >> they let you drive that car.. >> they fired it up and theyrei said act.said a you can only drive it 8 feet. 8 i let the clutch out drove drove 8 feet.feet. the guys came over, pack it all up. did you good.diyou most people stall it.most peo >> you made a footpl fe arther r the last guy did you well.ou wl. >> i win. gettus that kind of stuff i to do. they took fred astair's 1927p1 rolls royce out of the petersone museum and let me drive that. because i was doing a piece on e the rolls royce coupe.yce oupe and this is 1927 this car.. >> right. >> non sing tran mission rightgm hand drive i'm basically driving
10:18 am
i'm driving the camera truck ink front of me. m i'm not down shifting.hiin i'm not braking this. this >> because you host a showause y you're qualified toou drive.rive >> just go. >> listen what do you do -- you- do that and have to switch overr to show like rescue me and to -t you're either -- you seem to either play a responder or fire -- police officer ine ce everything. >> i get a lot of cops, firemenr i get a lot of yank gangster'sa' kids way heart of gold.rt o gol i get that. i get a lot of those types of roles. where you have to play ite you straight but the funny part of you wants to come out in the the scene? >> yeah. we dide diddrama like nurse jack company was -- nice part about being nurse jackiesec you get to do drama and comedy m you can put some place and it'si different every day. day and some stuff that's not meant to be funny if i mt gets a laugu in rehearsal you know what thata moment works there.. so it's nice to be able to givee the director and the writers wri something to choose from.g to c. >> you were coming up -- in new york obviously you did every big
10:19 am
york on a regular basis. bis >> yeah. >> getting back that on stage when you do stand up what'sack a for for you? >> it's great. this is one of my>> favorite fav pluses to come dc improv.o comep i love your town. yourow your town goes from historicalia to crack down in three blocks.cs >> i don't know how the hell yol guys pull that off.ff. >> we like to offer a variety ty our guests.our guts. >> yes, do you.>>, do d.c. improv is one of the best s clubs in the country every timem i can come back and see myme ban friends it's a lot of fun. fun >> how about for you materialout wise. where do you go.e you >> it depends what my life iss going thirty five i'm aivm confessional comic i talk abouti my new bit there's a moment in n the argument you realize you'rer wrong.wr my wife pointed that out to me.t whatever i'm going through athra the time is -- i'll put throughr the blender and it comes out ont stage. >> do you have -- just look at your variety of career moves anv everything else it seems like sk it's a blender in itself. iel >> i get to do all different stuff. >> it seems like now i'm on the stage. stage. which one of these things do i draw thing. >> it's great.>> igr i'm riddled with add whatever ir
10:20 am
>> basically if we saw you likew 50 times we'd see 50 different e shows. sh >> you see different stuff.fereu i like to keep that differentre because especially you guys came out of the house to see me.heoue you left your house.ou in this day and age that's big.g so i liked to something liveomei with the audience that can onlyy happen in that space in that meme. because it brings people back in. we're in the moment together.t g >> how can we get wisdom on topn gear to get that '66 out. >> wisdom you if you get a '66 vet -- >> which probably won't happen.p i can't really afford it. >> you're making money, baby. >> coming from adam finish yourr thought. >> '66 vet i will get you on tht >> boom! >> what?>> >> wisdom. >> wisdom. this.his. can do >> first of all, get yourself aa '66 vet even if you don't have a show.ow man, drive a car. drive a car lite is short. drive fast. >> that's right.ig >> i got to find a scores 66res >> your wife will tell your fe e you're wrong.ll it.tlove >> like the '63 split window coupe.
10:21 am
>> we can race. >> i got a 1970 duce a cord. co. my car is dope. d i got call exhaust and i live ie santa monica.a moca. >> you drive around la where yoe get 3 miles to the gallon. >> eight. >> everyone says your car is bad on gas and they're wrong.rong. it's horrendous.ndou it's terrible. >> adam ferrara very funny guy.y see you down at the improv.he io >>ope soe so. couple shows coming this weekthw there's the information for you november 3rd through the 20 bucks go check it out.check o at the improv adam ferrara. more car talk.k. come see us again next time. t we'll see if we can get wisdomio to get that ride. >>0:2121. coming up we're turning theturne celebrity dish over to rossver s matthews we check in with the wt team from hollywood today live.l >> first though big changes ongn the way after few days of temps pushing 80s, tucker is back nexx with a check of the forecast.
10:22 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue
10:23 am
okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? ?? we're back on good day 10:23. happening now early voting deadline to tell're aying you f you had plans to cast yourd pl ballot before election day ine maryland get out the door aftert good day because of course thata deadline is fast approaching. fox5's annie yu live this morning in forestville what youo need to know.edknow good morning annie. annie. good morning to all of you.r you have untilni 8ng:00 o'clockd the folks here are anticipatin e a big rush during lunch hour hou today. to we've had a lot of people come by. by huge turnout record numbers fors
10:24 am
stood at 725,000 well over thatt number. so more than double than it was in 2012 because what is it 20122 there was about 430,000 so a lot of people getting out here.ut h a lot of young first tim voters. mr. william mur joining me now.n >> good morning.rnng >> good morning.>> goomo very busy all morning long. lon. >> we've been busy, very busy. >> what's the headcount rightour now? >> the first two hours it wasiro over 500 that's really's rlly >> that's really good.lly they're coming in in steadyteady pace, and keeping us busy. bus so they know to come out and o a vote. >> reporter: what's the vibes tv you're getting? are people --pl you mentioned to me you areou a seeing a lot of first time fst voter. >> a lot of first time voter. v. >> what do people need to knowe when they come out here?e? >> we're here in suitland off regency we've got a very good system gys much the system works. wks and we have people right nowight they're coming in. i the lines aren't that long.t lo.
10:25 am
>> reporter: that's betterte than the averager: of 15. 1 >> it is. the system that we working, wee working the system. sys >> reporter: it's becauseorter: you're >> you've been doing thisyo fu'1 years. >> i've been doing it for a lonn time. >> reporter: you're a pro much'u that's why everything isrythin s flawless. >> they come out. e very happy>> they'repy t voting. everyone is smiling. come on out here ya' ya' you don't have to wait 10ai minutes if that. we haven't had wait 10 minutes1n even this morning when we enened. >> overall good experience comeo out on in passing and she said i justdj can't come out here on tuesday d november 8th so this is great. >> it's great. gat. yeah. thank you so much.u so m >> you're more than t come out and vote. v >> reporter: yes.>> reporter: ys p we're her waiting on you. on >> reporter: back to ya'll in bi the studio. >> sounds good. sounds good. gd >> hey listen 10:25 is our timem in fact if you are heading outeo to vote you'll find that it's aa you saw annie there it's actually quite warm outside.uts. might be a little bit wet laterr today. to let's get check of the forecast
10:26 am
>> later this afternoon we'llrno get cold front in had in here.nh maybe a few showers then the more seasonal air arrives durind the overnight hours andou certainly for our day or troy or dan. there's your set up.ther e'nice mild start to our day. 69 now in flapless.s. leonardtown 70 we'll take it. winchester 70.winche 7 69 in hagerstown.erstow 63 here at reagan national but you saw the sunshine in annie'ss live shot as long as we have h that sun we'll warm thesearhe temperatures up for a coupleures more hours. that is a cold front just off tf the north and we have startin can treatment parts of our of or viewing area there or westernr e parts of our viewing areang are including western maryland.ylan we're thinking they'll falll apart here as they cross the mountain.. scattered showers thisatd show afternoon. put on our high resolutionreolut modeling trying to give us a fef showers by 3:00 p.m. and then we'll have some of the cooleroo air linger in off to the north and west that could give us give another batch of showers seven,v 8:00 o'clock tonight.onig one the showers are out of hereh we'll clear it out overnight ang
10:27 am
friday, although much, muchh,uc cooler around here with daytimei highs not out of the low 60ing i tomorrow. enjoy 79, hey if we hit 80 degreesee we'll tie a record that goes all the way back to 1974. >> wow is that.>> >> records being broken recor everywhere. >> that was the year i think bulletwas ls ost to golden stati the championship.hip il bill walton? >> no. that was later. that was,th uatm, al adeles, keh wilk, rick berry for golden they bet wes unsfeld and the cre washington bullets. bullets. >> that's knowledge you didn'tkn ask for but you got.ow >> realization of just how old you are. [ laughter ]yo >> listen -- >> there you go.reou go. >> vintage.>> vge. 10:27 is our time right now. it is indeed time to shine.o sne coming up next we're sitting down with the rapper and empire star exhibit to talk about his role as lou lyon's nemesis. nems what the future holds for his fs character on the hit show.w. >> plus justin timberlake one on the hottest stars on the planeta but in his new movie he's a hs troll. troll.
10:28 am
to him about the change of pacec that's coming up next.ex right now 10:27. 127
10:29 am
>> what's up, man?>> >>et h him in. >> what's up with you, dude? >> break into mew studio you beat up my people, man you starting to hurt my feelings.s. >> we're in touch with ourh feelings man.fe how do you think i feel.hi i fee >> i gave you the heisman foreif few years but you got funny witt me. me >> likewise.
10:30 am
>> we going to talk about nessas >> i'll give her a feature onreo single of an artist might havema choosing you take it or leave yo it?r it? >> here's what i want.e'at i i teach he them all performingfo at this empire, big look. i want nessa on that show. sho i want to see him back up and ad bridge. bridge that's the deal.. >> get somebody to manage him.oh >> i'll get right on that. >> always play a sucker to catch a sucker her mike won't even be plugged.. >> i miss it.t. listen while the world series ii over. >> okay. >> you don't have to worry any more.'t hny it's time to bring on empire. brand new episodes scheduled toh return next week.edtu nex and we pick up of course withrsw lucious and andre on high alert waiting for shine to retaliateet after their latest businessusin it took a turn.k turn >> not a good one. o so yesterday holly and i got tot talk to about the show and whatw
10:31 am he is rapper producerri and acta exhibit and we also talked to t him about his real name and whoo gets to use it. check it out. out >> it's nice to see you smile. e >> i know, right? i kw, r [ laughter ] >> i'm alvin. i'min. i'm not shine. shine >> oh, that's funny that wasfuns going to be my first question.uo who in your life is allowed too call you alvin? >> um, man, i mean, i don't d mind. mind that's what my mother named meam so m family, my nephews, nieces, they call me alvin. alvin my wife refuses to call me me anything with an x. it's alvin. ain >> i love it.. >> but of course to the worldord you're exhibit and now i mean in we're just enjoying you so much. >> yes.>> >> on empire but i got to beut t honest why is shine so dog gonee mean all the time? >> well, my character that i i play has a long history with the
10:32 am
kosher and loving and positive,v and so coming into the storyto line now, there's a lot of, you know, scepticism that shine has in his relationships but hes but knows that, upping, in order tot take 1 foot off the street andt put it into the corporate worldd he has to deal with them. >> did you search out empire oro did empire search out you? >> um, well, i actually when iln got on the show i went in for if the role of tariq. >> okay. >> after i did that read, you know, they were really exhibit b about the -- what i did and so a few week later they said, youd,y know, we don't have tariq but we'd like to you play shine, and it was an opportunity that i really saw the value in and itni was so great, you know, it wasww just a win/win. w/w everybody loved it.. everybody loved what we broughtt together with the cast and itstd just been working out tremendously. >> we know you're a producer and
10:33 am
of a show that, you know, maybey you actually saw a little bit oo in your real live on the come up? >> yeah. well i mean it's interesting because, um, now i can bringri realism to the scenes that i dod you know, um, i'm usuallysu correct in a lot of things whenn it comes to, you know, on the te set or on the -- in the moment like, we weren't do it like iik that. we would d wouldn't happen it would be dond this way bringing the realism to what i experienced in my musicei career already and bringing thag to the set is something i enjoy. >> what can you tells about your character and a little --tl anything you can tell us aboutoc the rest of the season? >> well, i'm -- i will be in so much trouble if i tell youl you anything about the rest of theof season.season >> sure. >> all i can tell you is that it's definitely going to be edg your seat nail biting.
10:34 am
is doing and the productionrodut staff is doing. our directors are coming inn doing a bank up job, you have to stay tune because it only goesng up from here. >> is there one person in particular that you like to beut in a scene with? someone that really pushes you? >> i mean the scenes that are coming up, um, between terrence and i are really intense, and it's really good to be pushed by sets and on the scenes.cene it's an amazing job what they do already. alre but to be, you know, put into that -- that ensemble be able te hold my own and also, you know,, push way back is definitely anly experience.. >> alvin, thank you. >> thank you. you i appreciate you guys.eciate yo. thank you holly, thank you y allison. >> i enjoyed him so much. s >> i did, too.oo. >> right? when he said our namd
10:35 am
it was at the end. and that was edited we talked te him more about 20 >> we talk to him for while hele was so easy to talk to it'so it' funny he was so different fromno his character shine >> very different. that laugh. i need that lau>>gh v as my ring my r tone. >> which means a great actor ana he'll provide great moments forf empire.. >> catch all new empire neckirec wednesday at night on the mighty next thursday we're back on witw all new edition of, okay, oy, everybody, ome! they didn't even play. pl they're ready to do somethingy o else. >> we're in world series moderl from last night. om>> world series, tire.. >> i need you guys to be moreor excited when you say that.ouay t >> it is what it is. >> the shame. doubled.dole ?? who said that? >> it was me. hey, guys, how is it going.oi i just wanted to warn you one oe those tunnels leads to the trolt tree and the others to --o -- >> certain death. dth
10:36 am
>> do you think you can tell us which is the rightthink one? oe >> you bet.. >> great. >> no, that's okay.>> we're fine, thanks. nwefine, th. >> branch. he's trying to help us. >> i don't like the looks of' him. >> he seems to be what he's talkinsegems about. >> okay. which way do we go? first youfu have to give mow a high five hig then i'll tell you.ou >> i don't do high fiv. >> slap it boss. >> not going to happen. not goi >> here just do this. t but with your hand. hand. >> thank you for thathankou demonstration.nstratio really cleared up exactly what i will not be doing.ot be ing the others lead to certainerin death. de get perspectiveat. >> all right.ll rig i'll let you slide with fisth ft bump. >> shark tack. t no, no new york city. york city jelly fish, ham sandwich, dole d fin, helicopter, monkey in a zoo.zoo. ha what? >> gear shift. shift [ laughter ] >> okay. oka okay, okay. i'm thinking we hug. h
10:37 am
>> all right. that's clip from the>> new movim trolls it's based on the belovel dolls and stars justinars stin timberlake and anna kendrick asa two trolls on a quest to save te their village from destruction.i kevin got a chance to sit downiw with the two over the summer at the cannes film festival. ftiva check out.chec >> the moment when you're savinn anna's character from the spiders -- ?? >> and you'reit your hair. >> yes. >> and we hear you going hiyah y it reminded me of the sound s effect i heard in indiana jones harrison ford. >> funny enough that was the ene note from the director.roe di he said think like raiders of the lot of arc something likeetk that. >> when you're in booth doing bo that moment, are you just likeut banging your head and likeike saying those sun effects. >> i am. i got whiplash from doing aoi a voice recording for a scene. actually happened. >> no.
10:38 am
it to feel -- you want to bee audibly you know, and so, yeah, i mean n lot of what we do in there, you know -- >> gets physical.s physal >> a lot of good blackmail bck material if they release out out takes because you physically act the scenes out so that, socks that they can -- c >> there are definitely times id need to sitef down. which seems silly because you're just in front of a microphone. >> maybe instinct tiffly, too,y, you know that your voice is thes only thing they're able to use. >> i think that's absolutely part of it. >> you physically -- you physically actually exert more energy because, f because youecu only get one part, of your of y instrument to use.ent use. this is it.this i got to ---- >> we were doing live action ieo could literally say something tt you without saying something toy you. >> oh, like internally.lly. >> yes. >> you know so you're doing a di voice for movie you're like thi is the only -- i got toot translate this literally so, s yeah, you actually -- i'm always
10:39 am
you do one of those voicehose vi sessions. ssio >> yes. >> is there a song of yours frof the past that you think speakspe the most to this character cra besides the music in this film?l to my character branch? >> yup. yup >> of mine? of mi? >> um-hmm. >> wow. >> what's your most pessimistic >> i know, rye, i'm try to, i'mo think. i don't know man.don'know >> cry me a river is a pretty pessimistic song.on what goes around comes around od cry me a >> those are bummers, those songsa [ laughter ] >> eh. >> you have two bummers of abumf >> that was my interview withert justin timberlake and anna a kendricks for the movie trolls.o it opens tomorrow. tomorro i'm here to talk to the cast of the new move arrival including amy adams and james knee rennere i go on to new york to talk to the cast of fantastic beast. bst i'll be back in studio with youw guys on monday i'm kevin mccarthy fox5 local ll news.. >> thanks for letting us know uk who you are, kev.ev >> hard working man, kevin.
10:40 am
back out ross matthews joiningsi us live with a look what's he'sh working on for today's htl,, hollywood today live. back after this.back thi
10:41 am
>> it is 10:41. we're heading back out to hollywood because we need to find out>>headinbeca what's hap. the dish all the tea. hollywood today live's ross
10:42 am
hey good morning and we'rend we' talking, well here we're talkini the cubs win but you're talkingg beyonce' at the cma's. c's let's start there. >> oh my god. god. yeah g morning for starters. we are used to beyonce' bringing down the house but not at the country music association awards. they were held in nashville last in navi nighllt, and bay grabbed herbie dazzled belt buckle and hit thet stage unannounced before today issues album lemonade and let me tell you i became a way biggerig fan of country music. she sang they got a standing ovation thaa part is not shocking at all.. beyonce' wasn't the only surprise after spending three t years away from the cma's one oe and only taylor swift kim back c as an a presenter. presenter it was an mazing nig if you didn't watch the cubs ths within the world series you wers watching that. >> let's talk about taylor swift. >> terrible -- >> this is her first time back.c was she warmly received. r a lot of people shed shed s abandoned country music and nashville was doing her pope wa
10:43 am
get that sense?en >> yeah, you know, she was sas warmly received.rmeive i think they were just excited she was there. >> since i came to nashvilleas with a dream.with dre >> let's talk about that awful looking couple ryan reynolds and blake lively.ely >> sorry i'm getting -- i'm hearing myself in hee ear back.. it's hard to -- um. they all right had baby. they had a second baby recently. they've been keeping quietngui whether it was a boy or girl g ryan c told conan he was a house surrounded by estrogen. ryan was supposed to keep it ape secret. okay. but he knew he was in trouble.r. so after the show he broughte bg blake her favorite brownies anda toasted them for her.or her. which is what you do if you tell the world. now, i don't have kids yet but b would probably just -- i can't t keep secret. s if you have a secret to tell, t, don't tell me. m. >> me either. why the secret? a baby is a joyous thing. t why the secret.
10:44 am
>> no. you got to ask ahe i don't know. but i know -- the only reason i know -- they fixed the earhear thing. thank you for theank only thing, she posted o her instagram like he messed up. and so this is what he did. to make up.e up. i don't know why they wanted too keep a secret.t. there's one of those couples that keeps -- they just -- ryana gosling, he'll get married oraro have baby out of the blue. they keep it from private.rite low pro people.ple >> i'm a high pro person. p >> look we love you for tha >> two of the key you've gote g coming up today on hollywoodod today live.da i know you've got so much more e on tap, don't you?'t y >> yeah, we're talking so muchnc more. plus we got a lot of meatyf stories to get in to today plus jamie king is here. she's got a brand new hallmarkak call the mistletoe promise.. an interesting duo robert and a meisha barton have brand new cac show they're hosting called joyj ride. that's a weird combo. a weird c we'll talk to them.omwe'll ta
10:45 am
right here on fox5 in d.c. g byy the way i loved eric bow nay's on yesterday' shows.hows kudos to you guys on that. >> i love that you watch. wat >> of course. >> you really watch.y wat >> i do. >> i don't just love you. i love the show. show >> i try to do it in the room. o i forget people are >> we'll see you next time ross. hollywood today airs weekdays at 1:00 right here on fox5 >> 10:45 right now.. still to come a different kindnn of zip trip today.oday. typically we do sip trips onri o fridays in the well today erin is doing a little zipline tripping today. y but it's all to give such a such great look at the changing chain leaves from the top of the trees. we'll check in with her next.
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
?? it is $10.48. it's actually november 3rd. o might not feel like it because the temperatures are going to bb well into the 70s today. tay just today.just t. it will cool off after today.od but fall is no doubt in full inl swing all across the region. that means a chance the changing leaves does we'rere getting a birds eye view thanksk to erin live at go ape zipline e if rockville with look how youkw can catch a glimpse of fall from the sky. s is this you, erin? is this whas you're seeing? >> reporter: yeah, it iss unbelievablablely beautiful up here. he you can just see miles of leavee and beautiful fall colors.s i have this helmet so i can show
10:49 am
perspective.perspectiv how does it look.. >> it looks phenomenal.menal before you start doing anything crazy i can you ever a questione for you. you are not a huge fan of heights. so how are you feeling rightheit now? >> right. >> i'm going to be hospital nest with you i feel veryo be securer safety training was very detailed.tail. i have a harness on it's almostt like -- i like to rock climb indoor rock climbing gym and itt feels like a comparable safety.. >> okay.>> that's good with the harness.ars i'm going to ta going to be to the tip tee top of things bainite would take all day to do everything there,hihee right? >> it took us about 15 minutes to climb up here.ere. and get the gear in place. place so it was big set up and ap anda little bit of an effort, but iut couldn't be happier to be up be here and share with you whatou we're seeing.we'r >> we are actually seeing what erin is seeing on the right hant side of your screen there. that's the camera on her helmet. so what's the obstacle you're'r going through right now, erin?? >> the obstacle let me ask ethan.
10:50 am
what part of the site are we ate right now.ght now. >> we're and our their sight ono the course. third sight of six.. we're actually at a point weoi w call the decision point. point so we've got couple different d ways that you can go. g so basically it gives the optioo to the guest to whether they'd t lick to do the more difficultif obstacle or easier obstacle.tace >> what's easier one? >> easier one is the one you'ree on right now.ow >> oh, darn. >> definitely the harder onesere we've got going across here her turtle bridge and this onehi o definitely a favorite call the t pirates crossing.rossing. so i can try it.ry i >> i can definitely do that. >> oh, wow. w >> a lot of making your way across. across. >> this is your favorite one ini this is my favorite onene personally, yes i like thes i le element using the upper body b strength as well as what it doed when you get your foot caught ft like that. >> i don't know if that'son't ko something i should try on tv bub i will. if i can do it easily. >> ethan said safety first gotys
10:51 am
at a time make sure you'reeou're hooked on. hook this one back in here. make sure you're secure beforeer you take the other one off. off you want to be hooked on at all times in case you fall youe u fa always have safety.alwa i will tell you this is harder e to do with the helmet on withn w the go pro than i would have thought.thought. what do you guys think? would you try this. >> i'm done go ape before it's amazing it's really a fun time. >> erin what besides we're having great >> the rope crossing -- >> do you want to do this or goo down the zipline.ipne. >> do the zipline.ipli >> you're at another decision. zipline.ple. >> get back on the red loop. lop >> worry going to do it.oingt. we're going to do it. >> let's see.. why don't you keep locked in you really can't fall. fall. >> which is paramount.pamoun >> key to having a good timed while you're there.. >> the dig between you want a wa good experience or bad b experience.
10:52 am
>> not falling seems to be the good experience.xperiee >> that will be your zipline. >> i'm surprised they're lettinl people unlock and lock >> you're never not reallye nev lockck. >> the whole taking -- no, no, they're thorough in theirh instructions.stctio >> yeah. >> okay. the one i did three people oneep me, put this on, take this off.. >> i'm going to make my way k back. >> call the better business bureauthe be. [ laughter ] >> go to this place next time. >> all >> waiting to see the fall it is an awesome way to see itso with all theme w colors. >> you're going to leave it exactly where it was and throwea it up on top if you like lik whenever you're ready.ever yread >> i'm to the going to lie thiso is a little scary guys.intle scs >> do it. do you can do it, erin.can do eri we believe in you. bel in >> come on erin. en >> when you get to that landingi site run if you're going forward, drag your heels ifls you're going sideways or backayc war. wa >> all right, three, two, one, whoa! whoa! >> see ya.a >> that's the view on the rightg
10:53 am
different colors. >> this is m oh, my goodness. then you run at the end and a land. i made it.i made i >> there you go. thereou g [ applause ] ] >> nice work. >> so cool. >> oh, man.. >> that's very cool. cl >> not nearly as exciting -- iii thought i was going to be soo b scared but the excitement took over. just so beautiful such a rush of energy.. erin -- i don't know if you cann hear little bit.ttle b >> can you hear us, erin yes cac you hear us? >> ut-oh. uoh. >> no, it doesn't look like she can hear uslo. i was wouldn'ting i think youn't make reservations ahiheadnk of m only so many people can go at gt one time. >> there are longer sips thanpsn atat. >> there's whole bunch ofch different activities. and options and the one i went w to it was really fun becauseecau they were talking about how some professional athletes have comec out and they tried to like the t hardest course and even they t can't do it. it. like the hardest course. crs
10:54 am
doing when you watch american aa ninja warriors and see these people they don't look likekik athletes. try hanging off something for f five minutes you're to the going to do itou'r. >> whoo! >> if you'd like to head out>>le we've got information right there go ape live life adventures. it's out there durr wood, maryland.rynd website on the it look likee a lot of fun andd certainly they give you theive y training you need to make itakei happen safely.happen had he on out there.. >> fantastic. the other side o >> it's fun to do with a groupd of friends and always fun thingw to do as family.ayto das famil >> i would thiy.nk so. >> younger kids get a hick out h of mom and dad doing it.t. >> they're fearless, too. t they're just going to like ---- >> never really. >> you should do it. your kids would love it. youidse you can fall.n f as long as you're locked in you can't fall. >> they can't convince you to do it. >> that's what they have a mother for.s wh >> som to sign thesign the papers if something happens.happ >> if you saw three little setst of eyes saying come on, dad -- >> yes. talk to your t [ laughter ]
10:55 am
>> you take the it will be fun. fun >> i'm paying. payin >> take pickers from the groundd >> somebody has got to take the pictures.pictes >> i think it looks like funik many tucker has been talkingki about the foliage and if we saii you don't have to go to theo toe skyline but i guess we're in wee peak season, right tuck, when ii comes to the changing of theof e leaves. >> that's right, steve. [ laughter ]hat's >> there you go.o >> he's playing cool and calm. l >> my turn? >> why not.>> i was trying to involve in youvu our conversation.ou >> i was just going to br e a voice.. >> i wasn't sure if i was thereu or i >> um-hmm. >> two minutes 30 seconds.econ how am i going to fill that.. >> steve that's good advice.dvic get out enjoy the leaves because this afternoon ton night theht e winds will pick up with our our frontal passage and -- a - >> blow them all down.low them l >> many of them, yes.of the yes >> a lot of them. >> intentionally get loosened u so the winds will take them them down. >> i feel like out in some ofsoo the suburban areas up north andh out to the west very bright andd colorful.. here maybe muted a little bit.tb
10:56 am
>> not an expert, however, my understanding and again emphasize not an expert on thisi what the tree really key off are cool dry nights we didn't have lot of those in maybe that's been holding back.. >> makes sense. sense >> thank you tucker. y tucker. >> slowly but surely. >> we've had ael fun varied show today. today. and a lot of people have beene talking about it via social media.a let's take look at a few of thee tweets. first one i dressing guys. >> it's icky and makes youres y breath sting i'm a blue cheeseee type of lady. from stacey -- - >> is it different, is it better. >> it's less stinky. le s >> iti like blew cheese. >> balsamic vinaigrette.gret. >> i'm an oil vinegar g >> here you go, wisdom. wdo there you go from larry. >> they're call jams i'm not'm sure anyone wears those. >> multi colored shorts.ho >> i think wisdom was going for longer pants. pan >> i don't think we're talkingke about the same thing.meng.
10:57 am
them board shorts before bore shorts were a thing with all tht bright colors. >> chicken cheesesteak hot hot buffet. yes. >> that sound like a goodood sandwich.wich >> like a good cheesesteak for f sure. >> hollywood hitting that juju j and on the beat in heels.eels can't say she doesn't haveave rhythm. >> that is true but i will, if f had to give you award of coursec i'll give it to the young man. >> are you kidding me, yes, he'e amazing. >> nailing it. amazing.. again the shoes. there you go.o >> as long as you wear the right shoes you're good.s you're goo >> yup.>> >> thank you. >> i found out during that i cac only stinky leg with my right rt leg. i was more challenged with mosto stinky leg. >> why is that? >> i must be right stinky leg. g right hasn'ted.aste >> wisdom is the stinky legy leg champion. >> whatever.>> whenever you speak at schoolsoos they ask you to do stinky leg. don't act like you don't knowonk what i'm talking about. aut
10:58 am
talking about. talking about. >> get up don it.p it. cubs win! have a drink on me.ngd >> get up don it.p it. should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach.
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> live from new york city, it's the "wendy" how you doin'! >> it's going to be great. ?? ?? >> now, [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? >> wendy: here we go again. love it! thank you for watching our show.


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