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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 locals at 10. swerving cars, and glass shattering into an instant in a car seat. a frightening road rage incidenn takes a bad turn, but no one is charged. we'll tell you why. plus fewer police on city streets means higher crime andan d.c. residents are giving city
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> and a fox5 exclusive we're talking to dave ross, my very funny, very unexpected chicago conversation. news at 10 starts right now.w. we thank you a for joining us tonight, i'm tony perkins andand i'm shawn yancy. whether you live in d.c., work., in the d.c. or just visit on the weekend, rising c problem that effects all of us. the public is sounding off and giving police and city leaders an earful. marina, are people still lining up and demanding answers.g >>reporter: they are, tony. it's going to be a long night and we just learned that peter new chamas well as deputy mayor for public safety kevin donohue just stepped into the room. before it was the public who spoke and later into the nightgt and hopefully not into thehe
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officials will take the stand and testify as to crime in the district and as well as the new selection process, a total of 69 people including three publicpul officials set to testify. this started all at 5 this amp. we learned today that this process has come to a complete halt with absolutely no interviews taking place for ther position.po now, the mayor's they are priority right now iss to pick a new chancellor for
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them killing people and i'm tired of jumping out of my car in front of them because i'mause tired of what they're doing todn the kids on the street.reet > we don't need no more police. it's ludicrous to me you understand because if somebodyif break into my house, somebody breaking into my car, someone hit my child, someone even attempts to do some harm to me, who is the first person you trained all my life. > and the vice chair for d.c. police union spoke before the committee and cone tends that in order to curb crime the newhe chief will have to address the severe manpower crisis within the police department. the union contradicting testimonien term chief new sham gave just daysing a saying theng number of officers on the streer
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before several counsel membersee was, quote, convoluted and that union rep saying these numbersee are not what they seem.hey take a listen. in his october 17 testimony thei chief stated that mpd currentlye has a sworn strength of 3,729. however, in the story to be byth fox5 theye stated that a simply inquiry request shows that 4,359 personnel are assigned firems this number doesn't like a drastic change to someone unfamiliar. once you are getting a break the numbers become more worrisome. > now, today fox5 has learnedae that more than 100 people applied for the chief of police position, including severalludi people already within the we've also learned property mayor's office that right now there is absolutely no span too begin the interview process.
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building, marina maracco, fox5o, local > can i just ask a quick question? this is a major metropolitan city t, has the mayor's office said why they can't do both searches for a school chancellor and a police chief at the same time? >>reporter: that is a greatgr question, tony. there's a lot of questions behind the mayor's vettingttin process because we've seen inin recent months, now rememberembe she's only been in office aboutc a year and a half and threes a been and lot of questions abouti how the inside the wilson building to people that belong to her department because in these nearly two years we've seen so am of her cabinet and so am people in the important department like the department of general services leave the department and leave with a lot of open-ended questions. no closure in this city. so again a big question as to how she's going to fulfill major positions, chancellor as well as the chief of police.
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building. thank you, marina. meanwhile police in fairfaxile county arepo investigating a possible road rage incident. a man says he was targeted whilt driving this afternoon a along a the beltway. the window of his car blown out and his baby was in the back sok fox5's lauren demarco is live in vienna with the latest. >>reporter: the alleged victimd here in thissance dent was really shaken up. he described a very traumatic ten or 15 minutes where he says the other driver was trying to run him off it all started on the inner loop of the beltway near national harbor and continued to the braddock road exit where thehere front passenger wind ovechkinhkn his blackline day that you see there was shattered. police believe by some sort of weapon. he he told us half in spanish, half in english that his daughter was in the backseat. she was screaming and crying. he tried to yell and indicate to
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you told him you had a baby? >> yes. and he kept. > the man didn't want to be identified. had some minor injuries, small cuts from the glass, but the baby was not hurt. he says when the window of hisof car exploded he never saw what caused it could have been a bebe gun an actual gun.un. investigators are trying to figure that out. the man waswa video of the other driver's white chevy suv before it sped away. they tracked him here.ed h they spotted him at this vienna strip mall. that's why we're out here. they found him here, questioned him. he is a 25 year old man but he was not charged. so far no charges filed. we're told that officers did nod find any weapons on him when they questioned him here thishis afternoon. now, as for the father and the baby, police say that they areey
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they say that h this is a reminder not to engage ine another driver in road rage. this guy did, he tooktook appropriate action. i quantity speak to his actions during the alleged ongoing incident, but my advice would be especially with a child in the vehicle, pull over and disengage as quickly as you can. speed is not going to help it. you're not going to speed and get away. get to the closest shoulder while you're doing that ifat i you've got your 911 and just take speed out of the whole equation and try to just minimize your he emotions. > now, this whole incidentiden remains under investigation and if youin witnessed it today on e beltway between national harborr and braddic road, police want to hear from you. live in vienna, lauren demarco, fox5 local > tonight we're learning the school bus driver involved in
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baltimore was not authorized to drive a commercial vehicle. this is glenn sha medical, thec, school bus driver that waswas killed along with five other people. he had recently been barred from driving commercial vehicles.hicl his commercial drivings privileges wereco revoked back n september. police say the school bus sha medical was driving tuesdayl wa mornings rear-ended a car befoe veering into oncoming traffic and hitting aninto o mta bus. both bus drivers and fur passengers on that mta bus died. investigators also found noors indication that the brakes on the school bus were used beforee the crash. the ntsb is still investigatingv > lets he ' take it outside right now. today is november 3, right? it certainly don't feel like that.' let's check int with sue palkaa and find out. >> what is this more like.ike >> early september. > you s can make a case for lae august, but more like early september. we got into the record bookecor
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record. ette was 830-degrees set in 1974. we had 83-degrees. beyond hitting today's daily record this is the warmest november day a that we've had ie 23 years. you have to go all the way back to november 15, 1993 to find a warmer november day. by the way our average high temperatures is 63. we're a full 20-degrees above it. maybe you didn't notice it sot much because we had a the lot of clouds coming we stillin have a we're going to deduct anotherr 20-degrees off the temperature o and getff t it closer to averag. d.c. is down to 69, but look up toward frederick 6 #. cumberland is 59.mber we have a front that's comingha' through right now and it's's actually producing some showers, beneficial showers mainly southe ofrs m d.c. some pretty decent showers as you watch this moving northwest to southeast and they are going to continue dropping down
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this is a pretty good downpourgd that we're seeing down throughwn orange county and we slide you over to charles county and we still have a few showers watching exit that a. the rainha willt be gone tomorrow morning. the frontal boundary is in the process of moving through now it will drop our temperatures later tonight into the 40s and 50s. the breeze is going to peck up and overnight we're going to he see the temperatures right backg into the 40s and 50s, closer too average for this time of year.r. so friday we'll feel breeze and temperatures only topping out inte the low 6 20s. we'll talk more about the weekend coming up in just a feww minutes.mi > when we come back tonight,igt milan yeah trump was on the campaign trail for the first time since the national early voting has come toen a end in maryland. wait until you hear about the record-breaking turnout.rnou and she's just 23 years old and she's already over come unscales
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imagine.imag isis was holding her captive,ap but now she's free and she's sharing her story with fox5. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett
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my len yeah trump has been inea the background for most ofh her husband's campaign. but today she took center stage in pennsylvania. she told voters what she believes makes her husbandus qualified to be president. make america great again is noti just a slowing than a. is what has been in his heartin since the day i met years of our marriage i have watched my husband grow and more concerned as he sees american workers suffer. > recent polls show hillary sho clinton has a small lead over trump in pennsylvania. republicans in prince williamlim county are accuses hillary clinton supporters of vandalizing donald trump signs.p members of the county's
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reports about the issue.out i think there's a december preparation by democrats that trump is actually gaining in the polls and it looks real good that he's going to win virginia. i think democrats are veryry desperate and they're angry that we're actually go to be winningn this election come tuesday. we spoke to the clinton campaigi in virginia. they dismissed the accusations and said they denounced any vandalism or violence in the meanwhile hillary clinton isinto campaigning hard in the battlebt ground state of north carolina this week.k. the democratic presidential hopeful made two stops today oee with bernie sanders in raleigh and another at pit communitynity college in winterville. tomorrow, president obama willpr make twoes highly anticipated campaign stops on clinton's behalf in both fayetteville and charlotte. > today was the last day of early voting in maryland. this was the scene this morningn at the suitland community center.
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150,000 people cast their vote today in the state bringing the total number of those who voted early to more than 877,000.77,0 early voting ends in thethe district tomorrow. it ends saturday in virginia. > natia murr add a 23 year old victim of isis atrocities was in washington the award for speaking out against she wants the world to know about it. fox5's laura evans recently saturday down with murr radnor w anit exclusive interview.. madded yeah murr rad was 21 year old in secondary school withry dreams of s becoming a historyht teacher and makeup artist. but on august 24, 2015 life asas she soon it came to a screeching
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isis moved in on her neighborhood than and they would destroy all of its temple, execute thousands of men andan kidnap thousands of people and kidnapping women. she saturday down exclusively and through her translator told me her story. when they came to the village they said we they give us a choice and they kill the men and they took the men and children. more than 1600 women and children were captured. statues were destroyed.estr in one day her mother and six of her nine brothers were executed. in the beginning, no, i did not think that i will be able -- she didn't. mad yeah was taken by isis by
10:19 pm
though used girls for slavement. they traded them.hem. they sold them.hem. they wanted to do whatever theyv wanted to do with them. exchanged as sex gifts, girls as young asinine were raped and tour toured, used as human shields. the young boys are brain washed trained to become isis fighters. nod yeah tried to escape once and was bean. e.en a second time. it's the not easy for any of uss because isis with the assistance of as da, a nonprofit group helping survivors, mad yeah is boldlyea telling her story though it may be nearly impossible to bring her tormentors to justice.stic in december of 2015 shef 20 testified before the un security council begging world leaders to listen to the ongoing generalnea side. >> let's recount what mad yeaheu has told us.
10:20 pm
human rights lawyer who spoke this past september when mad yeah was appointed un goodwill ambassador. >> she was forced to pray, forced to dress up and put makeup on and get ready for rape. and brutalized by two men untili she was unconscious. > clooney has taken nadia's case to help her try to justice. they have given us a lot ofof hope.ho it's very important for us that isis, after committing all these crimes, are brought to justice. nadia has lost her family, her community and life as she knew it. listening to nadamurad tell her story, it is clear she has been through hell.ll but she is strong, stoic and resolved in her fight againstght the general side of her it is
10:21 pm
because we have to make peopleeo stand with us and all people are suffering. nadia now lives in germany, but continues to receive deathto r threats from isis. her 18 year old knees is still being held captive by isis. and as of today isis is believed to holding an estimated 3400 people. laura0 evans, fox5 local news. > nadia yeah murr roadway was recently named one of glamor magazines women of the year.year > it's a raise against time for one maryland couple trying to safe their infant son's life. he is in dire need of a liver transplant and time is running out. hear from his parents coming up
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after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump.
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halfway through a normal pregnancy defied all odds and survived, but now nine months after he was born he is facing another unimaginable obstacle. he has a very rare childhood liver cancer that has a highhigh survival rate, but there is a catch. fox5's alexandra limon explains. >>reporter: this was his blood pressure it's the smallest they it was still kind of loose onon him. when it's weighing # ounces. wayne thomas was born early and too small. 23 weeks into the pregnancy andd just before valentine's the happy parents welcomed the most wonderful gift possible, but they got the worst possible prognosis. they say parents who have their children at this gestation, some parents decide to turn off life
10:26 pm
we're going to continue. if he hasn't given up on us i'm not going to do that. there's no way.way. > so they fought and so did their fragile, tiny newborn against all odds he made it,it, even though he couldn't breathe on his own and suffered fromfere brain hemorrhages. he has brain bleeds, stage 3 onn one side and stage 4 on the other, which are the worst. blake was so sick his parents couldn't even weeks after he was born. but while his body was weak, his spirit was not. he survived against all odds and obstacles, even when he needed heart surgery.hear a valve in the heart that'sthat open, so what was happening iss blood was pouring into his lungh because the valve of never closed. once again blake not only made it through, he that riffed and
10:27 pm
longs in the nicu, blake would soon go home. then came the devastating news. blake has a malignant tumor ofof his liver will involves multiple areas within the liver. the bad news is this type of childhood liver cancer is soso rare only one in every million kids gets it. the good news is it's treatable. but after five rounds of chemohe the only realistic option forpto blake is finding a living donor. and we've been searching for the ability to give him a liver transplant. > we're hopeful that someone will come through and safe our baby's blake's family is running out of options. they've had several non living possible dough t nations fall through. so now their only option is to find a living donor, perhaps a kind stranger who is willing tol be tested and is a match. now i do want to point out thath
10:28 pm
to donate a small portion of their liver which by the wayway does regenerate so the donor would be fine and most likely blake would be, too. his dr. tells me he has a 98 percent chance of surviving if they can find a donor. in the studio, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > i have had people ask howow they can go about do thatting that. i believe we have information oi our website, fox5 and also on our facebook page thatat would give you information about to be a donor. >> it is all there and already a number of you have said you will beaid tested, which is absolutey fantastic. it's on a bunch much ourh facebook pages, so do check that out. > coming up on the other sider of the break, raccoons on the attack. a pennsylvania park policepark officer got hurt fighting off a crazy raccoon.racc it's the latest in a string ever run ins with the animals. they are heating things upup tomorrow morning on fox5.x5.
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spinner. his name is dan drexel. he's going to be here showing us his who the new skills. and recording artist devon wyeth will be in studio performing his song queen. who doesn't love puppies.uppi they're back and taking over the loft tomorrow morning on good
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?? p is for permission to indulge.
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a is for access to everything, including the aisle. r is for reclining in tailor-made bedding. and i, must be dreaming. s... so long, jet lag. polaris, from united. i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges.
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end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united, our best days are still ahead. > this is fox5 local news 10. this next story is a wild one. a us park police officer shot himself in the foot today while he was trying to fight off a raccoon attack. itra happened in the horse stabe lane in rock creek park.rk. sarah simmons is live tonightve with more on this story. >>reporter: thankfully theankf others is going to be okay and another officer shot and killed the raccoon which was most likely rabid. it could happen anywhere even in your own backyard.
10:33 pm
attacks in the recent months. the attack happened around noond today here on horse stable lane in northwest d.c. the officer fought off the raccoon and shot himself in thee foot during the encounter. officers and animal control tracked down the raccoon and the officer will be okay. rock creek park is full of all kinds of critters including raccoons that do come out during the day. there's been an up tick in raccoon attacks around theatta region and officers believe the raccoons more than remember 's.. one virginia woman described acb recent attack on her neighbor in september. they mold her. they didn't bite her, the poorr thing, i felt so bad for her. she was bloodied and scratched and bitten and scared. she was pretty much traumatized. > i talked with park police in the past about the signs you should look for if an animal is, in fact, rabid.
10:34 pm
the animal is crying in some way. their appearance, if they're wet or matted. if the animal seems disoriented or is stumble around. another thing they say if you are in thating th situation, ifl possible, of course, runaway from the animal. but they said if the animal isil near you, do what you can to try to fight off them during an attack much that's the best you can do.can back to you tony and shawn. > thank you very much. >> good advice there.hank > a opportuning yd ad discoverw studies suggest the actually adapted to target humans, prior to the 2014 outbreak it was only a virus that only impacted bats.mpa a all that changed when the virus killed more than 11 1 # thousand people in six different west african countries. a geometric mutation may haveonm made theay more deadly by
10:35 pm
human cells.huma stieve holder's goal is to run 20 marathons this year, each one represents the year of their marriage. he has sewer paced his goal and raised more than $7,000:all right. when we come back the reason why you could soon see a metro fair hike. and up, uber revamped its app. did you know about this? to make it a little bit easier to out and about.t an plus, we're having a one-on-one conversation with dave ross from chicago. he's clearing up a case of mistaken identity that had twitter lighting up during the world series. you'll see what we're talking about. stay with us. northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same.
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and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. i'm luann bennett fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever. now get 100 meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. hurry, this is the final week to get our best offer ever.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? > you may have to pay a little more to ride metro if the general managers proposed budget is approved.rove to make up for a $300 millionon shortfall includes cutting up to 700 jobs and raising base fairs at least $2. they also want the district, maryland and virginia on kick in more money to help out. members of metro's largest union were also at today's meeting. they say cutting jobs is not the way to l solve the problem.
10:39 pm
scapegoated for their lack of management. they can't manage the system thm way it's supposed to be and nowd they're saying the problem is labor cost. jack evans, board chairman says d.c. will be willing to double its contributions p if virginia april maryland will do the same. > have you noticed anythinganyt different when you log onto youo uber app, the ride sharing company redesigned everything. option to feature their contacts to the app so they can enter a person's name instead of a destination. the it is a one-time request tos use theitr location.loca you can use the app to order food through uber it''s > the oldest synagogue insyna washington is on the moveve inching toward a new address in the heart of downtown.down the former acas israel synagogue built in 1876 started its '
10:40 pm
the brick building is beingui moved inld itself he ' ' entirey to a temporary spot about 50 feet from its home of the past 47 years. that home has been at theat intersection of third and g streets northwest.nort the move will make way for a masstive redevelopment projectev at the entrance of the 395 tunnel. > since the beginning of thethe transformation of the synagogue it will eventually move down thn street where it will become the center piece of a museum exploring life in thein t nation's cap l toll. the synagogue will be moveded again in about two and a halftw years to its new and hopefully permanent location which will bi at the corner of third and f streets northwest. its first home was at sixth and g streets northwest, now theow site of metro's headquarters. they sure do move allot. >> they do. hopefully they'll get the newthe place and that will be it. > coming up tonight at 11, imagine going from rosalyn into
10:41 pm
new ways of a proposal about the way you cross the potomac riverr a woman who vanished two monthst ago, today police found her alive and they say she was chained up the entire time. what she told the rescuers aboue the man accused of holding herer captive at 11. looks like fewer workers are getting ping workers cutting under 3 # thousand jobs energy and computer companies shedding the most positions. h coming as workers with jobsbs are squeezing more into everyino hour of the day, productivity righting in the third quarter br the biggest amount in two yearss it's betting a about it moremore expensive to buy a home. fixed mortgage rising above 3 and a half percent. its highest levels since back in june. it turns out this election has the young feeling restless
10:42 pm
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> all right. gorgeous day to start the day.t3 was. ture > record-breaking h >> yeah.ea it's not bad out.. it's still in the upper 60s. and said i'm going to go sit outside and have a little night cap. > who is going to take us to get the night cap? >> who said some of our folks were going to get a night cap? > shawn. else iselsewhat shocking to me, three weeks frok tonight we're wrapping upup >> it's going way too fast.
10:46 pm
throw off because it was the warmer november day that we had in 23 years.ea > i'm having a hard timetime getting in the mood for the holidays. >> i'm not. > shawn loves it.t. >> it's beginning to look a lot like > don't do that. >> shawn is starting the christmas carol. meanwhile we've been tracking a few showers.we'v it's ie n central virginia now,w but before it got here, 83, a new record for reagan theagan national and as i mentioned thee warmest day we've had aroundarou dulles at 79 and bwi78-degrees and i should mention warmest november i wanted to who he on you thehe november calendar in case you're wondering when it may be gettint cold, well, we have a strong suspicion that today was our last 80-degree day.y. we think it will be cease anti-inflammatory for the nextte several days. seasonal to mild. three weeks from today that's
10:47 pm
start colder and that will lastt into december.dece stay tuned if we're right tomorrow really looks like alike decent we're going to get cooler, a little bit breezy overnight, bug a lot of sunshine back tomorrowr even though we shave about 20-degrees after that20-d temperature which am ofeg you im hear from twitter and facebook are excited about because you b like it cooler. fantastic fall weekend is comins with lots of sunshine. we could use a little l rain. we don't have much in the election day should be a really great day.t da a good day for turnout. also we don't expect any rain that day. meanwhile a few showers have hav passed down to the south but acetone any was saying it isit still mild out there. not all that cold in frederick.e but it will be dropping. the front is still a little too close by p we still have someme showers. badly needed showers. there might even be a couple coming through fairfax county if
10:48 pm
down t our south and we're goini to see that continuing to moveo away so your friday morningorni commute is dry but it will feature a reality check as wehek are going to see thehe temperatures at the bus stopt between 45 and 55 in the morning and after school 48 to 65-degrees.65 your accuweather seven day forecast, the weekend lookingd o good. we're going to fallback saturday night into sunday. you set your clocks back. it looks like a nice day on sunday but the sun it withinghig setting on 5:02. monday looks great. we have four dry days comings next week.k. very excited that election day looks dry but we could use a little bit of rain.n. that's your forecast.fore brody over to if you're still getting overver your years hang over you need to snap out of it. a little sports. a great nba game. during the game, a new ad with
10:49 pm
prince george's county debuts. here's some of that spot. i want my life to be better. especially my mom, i want hert life to be better. > james was on fox5 news5 morning and he has a message foe his hero kd. don't worry them haters that think he should never went go to the golden state warriors. i don't think he should thinkin about no, he shouldn't. he should think about people who is your number one fans. kevin, just to let you know i'mm one of your number one fans. i think he already knows that. you and kevin have a lot in common. he's from prince george'som p county. he he has a single mom.
10:50 pm
when you knelt down and you said that prayer, i was saying like i don't want to t -- i want me and my mom's life to be better because i really hate to see her struggle and i want to do moreoe acting and dancing stuff to help her. so then the next thing you know kevin door and the just popped up. want did you think? past the door. hehe walked in the door and i'm like, owe, my god. and then he wrote somethingro special for you. >> he wrote always believe that anything is possible.s > and it is when you see s someone from your area, fromfrom your neighborhood who gross upro to be kevin did your and the.he. in that game tonight in golden state it will be a big game.
10:51 pm
has been a lot of trash talk. > that's my favorite story ofmf the day. >> and the kid is so good. if you got a chance to see these whole interview this morning, in was about five, six minutesnute long, he's a great kid. > yes, he is.
10:52 pm
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. this is your last chance to get super fast 100meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. this is your final week to get this great deal.
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i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education,
10:54 pm
companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united, our best days are still ahead. > all right. this is great. was a big of course gameor the 39 year old played his final game with his team and is noww retiring. a slew of people took to twitter to share their congratulations c and admiration for the baseballl star. but it turns out many of themem were tweeting with former fox5 sports guy dave ross who was watching the game in his home in h chicago.icag dave now now 20 sports based in chicago. he joins us now. >> dave, how are you
10:55 pm
thanks so much for turning backg the clock to make me 39 again. > i'll just hold right there. >> 39 sounds great to me. > i knew you'd like that. i have to tell you, as wonderfur as the game was, i can't tell you how much joy i and he so am of us got out of following your tweets all night long.g. a at what point did you decidee i'm just going to role with this and answer them like i'm reallyy dave ross the catcher.. i was at work answering the game show matter of fact.ct one of the guys said you have to role with this. people actually think this is you and somehow you're tweeting in between watts and you're in y the dug out and tweeting. so i switched my after tar as a pitcher of david ross the catcher. it got fire. since my career is over because at that point david ross had ros been pulled out of the game. i'm ' going in the back p and
10:56 pm
i hope people understood that i wasn't actually trying to pass myself off as dave ross the catcher and realize there is no way you could actually be playing seven of the worldorld series and tweeting simultaneously. if sosi he's the most skilled catcher in the history of major league baseball. that's what was so funny. we're going to show some of these tweets because your responses were so funny. >> a lot of people were in on it. d ross, win. you wrote back, no promises, bui i'll do what i can.n. i want to be selling about the boys. p i get time to face time i will. i just don't want to make any promises i can't keep. let's look at another one of these. i was great all night long. regel beagle. you tweeted since it's raining, this is the one you talked about, my career is over, i think i'll go have a chicago
10:57 pm
regel beagle tweeted this man is a winner. i think he caught on. people started getting in on the act when i would retweet them right back. one girl, in particular, she says i would like to give d ross a hug.g. i?f? clicked on after tar she ws quite attractive. i said sure i'll take it. i'm guessing this d ross. i said you got p it's the not. > let's put up one last one i to show you. tiered up when dave ross homered.home going to miss this one next year. >> you wrote don't cry because it's over, cry because it happened. that's really good. one of my personal favorites,voi somebody con greated me in the e homerun. i said looking for a pitch, got lucky and put a good swing on it. you do what you can in the moment as david ross.
10:58 pm
it's fun being d ross anyway. last night on twitter, it was a blast, my friend. i wanted to point out at the ene of the game after it was all over and i tweeted the real david ross in the tweets, hey, look, this is a lot of fun, thanks for playing along, but the reel catcher is the actual catcher of the chicago cubes. i commented on this as well. your last tweet was a great one where you did say that was amazing, congrats, deserved this. and thanks everyone for playingg along. twitter sports, the reel clamp is then you gave his twitter handle. our dave ross, always a funnyy and classy guy. and you are, d it was a joy watching it. it was great stuff. thanks for playing along andong everybody that was on twitter having fun with it.. the par razor tomorrow, i'm
10:59 pm
it out because it's a once in a lifetime experience.feti it's going to go from wrigleyville.le. it's a great scene. i will not dress up as davidvid ross. but it was so much fun last night. i miss you, tone necessity, i miss everybody back there at ttg. you guys rock. you'll always be family to me. >> we love you, man, we miss you, too.o. don't let me see you in one of the cars tomorrow. the other dave ross. i can't make any promises, but > dave ross, shawn, back to you. we love it. we miss you dr. we miss you instead. that was some fun last night. fox5 news at # 1 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at # 1, a scary road rage incident on the beltway, the target, a driver who had his five-month old daughter in the
11:00 pm
>> yes. election,ys until the tonight accusations of dirtyy politics in virginia. and the battle ground states says the presidential candidatel are hitting hard. new details about the plans to change the way thousands ofands people cross the potomac river. your news starts right now.w. > and right now at 11, a scary road rage incident on the beltway, the target a driver who had his five-month old daughter in the car we thank you for joining us. we're going to move onto anotheo story. we'll get that one to you in just a little bit. that's right. we're going to begin tonight t with theo b safety of everyone t lives and works right here in the district of columbia. thanks again for staying withyig us, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. tonight a big crowd came to district leaders ear an earful about rising crime rates and the search for a new police chief. marina maracco is live at the wilson building.


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