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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> yes. election,ys until the tonight accusations of dirtyy politics in virginia. and the battle ground states says the presidential candidatel are hitting hard. new details about the plans to change the way thousands ofands people cross the potomac river. your news starts right now.w. > and right now at 11, a scary road rage incident on the beltway, the target a driver who had his five-month old daughter in the car we thank you for joining us. we're going to move onto anotheo story. we'll get that one to you in just a little bit. that's right. we're going to begin tonight t with theo b safety of everyone t lives and works right here in the district of columbia. thanks again for staying withyig us, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. tonight a big crowd came to district leaders ear an earful about rising crime rates and the search for a new police chief. marina maracco is live at the wilson building.
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testimony continues.ntin chief new ham now up speakingeai before several council members. 69 people signed up to give testimony, including threee public offerings that included interim police chief peter new chamas well as deputy mayor, kevin donohue. he's deputy mayor of public now, the testimony was to address the state of affairs as it involves crime as well as the selection process for the new chief of police and today learned that selection process for the new chief has actually come to a complete halt with absolutely no interviews taking place for the position. and that's because the mayor's office saying her priority right now is to pick a chancellor for d.c. public schools before she makes that pick for d.c. police chief.chie now, upstairs, however, residents seemed more concernedm with policing as well as interactions between the community and officers and you
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very different opinions from residents living in the same ward, ward 8. take a listen.te we do not need more police.ore top putting the police in my community because i'm tired of them killing people and i'm tired of jump ping out of my car in front of them because of what they're doing to the kids on my street. to say that we don't need no more police isolde russ to me. somebody break into my house,us, somebody breaking into my car, someone hit my child, someone even attempts to do some harm to me, who is the first person you think i'm going home? i've been trained all my life with policei > on your screethn you're looke at the vice chair of the d.c. police union who spoke before thesp committee and contends in order to curb crime the newe
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severe manpower crisis within the police department and the union contradict testimony interim newsham gave just daysing a saying the number of officers on the street that newsham provided under oath before several council members was con so lighted and the union rep also saying these numbersers are not what they seem.. in his october 17 testimony the chief stated that mpd currently has a sworn strength of 3,729. however, fox5 he they stated that a simple query request shows that 3,459pd personnel are assigned firearms. number probably doesn't sound a drastic change to someone unfamiliar with manpower assigned t a police department.n however, once you get these assignments down, the numbers become more worrisome.rris today fox5 learned that more than a hundred people appliedlid
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members already within the department. we've also learned that the mayor's office saying that righg now there is no timespan tospan begin the interview process. live tonight property wilson building, marina maracco, fox5 local > hey, marina, we know that the search for a school chancellor is important, obviously so is the search for a chief of police, has the mayor's office m or anybody in theayor city indid why they can't do both at the same time. >>reporter: there's no official rule, tony, that would prevent three different positions at the same time.e. so no, no one has indicated asda to why she can't make this a. ie does seem that interim police chief peter newsham based on his testimony he's going to be in that position at least through the in auger's. it seems like the mayor's office wants to maintain someone at the helm through the rest of the year andof through the inaugeration which is a pretty big deal because of all of the
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as to why she can't make two picks at the same time. that's a yes we would have toul ask the mayor.yor. she's not addressed that.t. of course we heard about the issues from within the wilsonn building vetting other positioni including people who have beenae at the helm of very importantor departments like the departmente of t of general services, many f people from within her cabinet have resigned in just recentcent days and weeks and she's going on two years. so still a lot of questions as to why she can't fill thesee positions quickly like seen in other major sit cities. marina maracco reporting fromaco the r wilson building. > police in fairfax county are investigating a case of possible road a man says another driver targeted him this afternoon t alonhig the beltway. the window of his car was blown out. baby was in the backseat. fox5's lauren demarco was live in vienna with the latest. what happened.wh >>reporter: we spoke with that
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he described a traumatic 0 or 15 a minutes where he says the other driver was trying to run him off of the road. it all started on the inner loop of the belt kay near national harbor and continued to the braddock road exit where theere passenger side of the hyundai was shattered. he exited the beltway, headed into a gas station parking lot to call 911. he says that car, the other driver, followed him briefly, but then sped away. now he told us in half five-month old baby was in the backseat screaming and crying.nd he says while the other driver was weaving around him he triedh to yell to that man to indicatet that he had a child in the backseat trying to get him to stop. you told him you had a baby. >> yes. > and he he kept. >> yes. > the man didn't want to be
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injuries, small cuts from the glass, but the baby was not hurt. he says when the window of his s car exploded he never saw the cause. he didn't know what caused it. it could have been a bebe begun, a reel gun or some other projectile. they're trying to figure that out. the mangn t was able to record d cellphone video of the white chevy suv before it sped away. police tracked the license plates.ates they found that man here in this shopping center in they talked with the man. he's a 25 year old. he's been questioned by police, but not charged. officers said that they did not find any weapons on him. they say that case is a reminder to avoid engaging with otherher drivers in those type of situations. father and the babyby are very fortunate that theyt weren't hurt. this guy took appropriate action. i can't speak to his actions
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be, especially with mya child in the vehicle, pull over and disengage as quickly as you can. speed is not going to help it. you're not going to speed andd get away, get to the closestst shoulder while you're doing thag if you got your cellphone dial 911 and just speed out of thee whole equation and try to, you know, just minimize your emotions.ions > again, all of this stillis under investigation and if you witness any of the activity between these two vehicle alsoo harbor and braddock road this afternoon, police want to hearar from you. live in vienna, lauren demarco, fox5 local news.ews. > tonight we've got new details about this deadly bus crash in baltimore. turns out the bus driver was not authorizationed to drive aiv commercial vehicle. his nape was glenn chappell. he was killed with two other people. he had recently been barred from
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authorities with documents thath he was in good d health. his driving privileges were revoked back in september. the school bus he was driving rearenned a car before veering b into oncoming traffic and hitting anncomin mta bus. both bus drivers and four passengers on the mta bus died. investigators also found no indication that the brakes on the school bus were used before th ues crash. the ntb is still investigating. > heads up, if you ride metro the even manager new budget proposal today. paul wiedefeld wants to cut up to 700 jobs and raise base fairs at least $2 all to make up for metro's $100 million shortfall l much they want the district, maryland and virginia to kick in more money to help out. members of the metro's largest union also aend ted the meetinge they say cutting the jobs is non the way to solve the problem. i feel like we're being
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management. they have failed to manage the system the way it's supposed tod be and now they're saying the problem is labor costs.s. > meantime metro's board chairman jack evans spoke to d.c. mayor. he says they will be willing to double their contribution if both virginia and maryland dolad the same thing.. > most of us are familiar with this view. well, within a few years itthin could have a a much different l all in the name of transportation. take a look. study release today providesvie new details about the proposalos to build this.s. can you imagine riding this? i is a ski resort-style gone res lauren demarco. la right over the.documentic river. the 80 to $90 million project woul0 dmi take five to six yearo complete. it might be pretty cool. experts estimate about 65 people a day would cross the river on a four--minute ride. the cab instance can hold up tou
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riders would use their metro cards to pay.. the project still needseds approval, though, from officials in virginia and the district. > us park police or a us park police shot himself in the foot today while trying to fight off a raccoon attack.k. this happened on horse stablese lane.lane that's an area in rock creek park. sarah simmons is live with more on the story report reporter >>reporter: reporter the officer is going to be okay. an raccoon attack can happen inn your backyard. we've seen a rash of these raccoon attacks over the past few months. the attack happened around noond today here on horse stable lane in northwest d.c. the officer fought off the raccoon and shot himself in thee foot during the encounter. officers and animal control tracked down the raccoon and the
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rock creek park is full of all kinds of could iters, including raccoons that do come out during the day. there's been an up tick in raccoons around the region. they believe the raccoon more te than likely had rabies. one local woman described ad a recent attack on her neighbor. i feel so bad for her. she was blood did and scratchede and bitten and scared. she was > now, we have talked with us park police in the past. they've talked about what yout need to look for, signs if an animal is rabid. for instance, if an animal vocal liesing, whim perking or cowering in some sort of way. they also said you might notice their appearance to be wet or heavy matted. you may note yes, sir that the animal may seem disoperated and kind of stammering around.
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actually -- a rabid animal is attracted to movement and noise. so if you can get away, the best thing to do is runaway. they say if you find it's right next to you, the best thing youu can do is just fight off the attack. so you find yourself in that situation i guess it just kind of depends on what you you can do to fight it off. >> i certainly can understand the officer's reaction. thank you, sarah. coming up next, one of donald trump's former rival ales hits the campaign trail for the gop candidate. kind of.. also ahead tonight, a dramatic rescue, a woman chained up inside a container much that's not all whatt she told her rescuers whs they finally got her free. take a look at some of the other stories in our run down at 11.
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> we're back now with there disturbing story out of south carolina a. bng sto a. investigators found a woman whoo went missing two months heldeld captive and chained up inside a shipping container. investigators acted on a tip
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small town n near colombia. while searching the area they heard the woman banking on the walls. she told the rescuers she had been there since august.ust. she was chained up by the necke and fed regularly. she also told them there may be as many as forebodies buried on the property.oper we're trying to make sure that -- that we don't have a serial killer on our hands. that possibly could be what we have.ha we'll know once we find somefind evidence that we're lki police arrested the property owner, todd kohl's help who is a registered sex offender.fend they're still searching for the victim's boyfriend charles carrs veer who was also reported missing back in august. with just five days to go beforo the election. clinton supporters are vandalizing donald trump signs.n several large signs along minute iville road were found spray painted, knocked down and evennd ripped.
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of vandalism has happened in prince william count.coun they filed at least ate reportsr about the vandalism. the clinton campaign dismissed the accusation.ccus in the meantime botheant presidential candidates are note wasting a moment campaigning hard and getting some help from some high profile supporters. lauren blanchard has the latest from the trail. >>reporter: president obamabama holding nothing back on the campaign trail as one clinton's strongest surrogates.r expense a lot of time hanging out with the really wealthyea folks, but you don't see him hanging out with working people unless they are he ' cleaning his clinton in north carolina, a must-win state for her to reachc the needed 270 electoral votes. his instinct is to say whatever pops into his head no matter how wrong he is.
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in charge of our military. donald trump got some help on the trail today. in iowa, senator ted crews stomped with vp nominee mike pence but never mentioned the top of the ticket in his remarksment a rare speech by mrs. trump in pennsylvania.enns the hope reaching more suburbanu women voters. he loves this country and he knows how to get things done, not just talk. he certainly knows how to shake things up. doesn't he? while the republican nominee once againce went after clinton in florida over her e-mails. the investigation is described as a high priority. it was reported that an avalanche of information ison i coming in. hillary clinton will make her final pitch to voters monday night in philadelphia with theha the president and first lady byy
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> samsung just got slapped with its first class action lawsuit over the faulty phones. a california firm is representing several people who claims their phones got the s6 and s7 models are all dangerous. the lawsuit is seeking a recall of several devices.ev samsung says it doesn't comments on pending litigation. > but i'll comment on thehe weather. it was beautiful today. y the weather today. my girlfriend kim is in town from dallas and he she is taking credit for bringing up thehe warmer weather.wa > i would say she had somethinh to do with it. a lot of this nice weather thatt we saw for game six and game seven has moved into our direction but it's about to move out. central virginia, still raining down some beneficial rain that isain needed a across parts of our
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even the district. everything is just south and is it's going to continue moving away. first things first, how aboutout that record high today of 83-degrees. that's our actual high. the record was 80 set in 1974. we should be about 63 degrees. this was the warmest november day that we've had here in 23 years. you have to go back to 2015 of 1993 to find a day as warm as this one for the district. it is still slow to cool downdon tonight. we're in the 60ss across much os the area. a few 50s to the we head down lower into the 50s. here's the rain.the this is all associated with the front that's moving through.ough a weak waive of low pressure has developed on it.t. these are real beneficial showers for charles county andnd down towards lower southern maryland. everything has been moving from west east see you're going tog see a little bit of a nice drinn toward lexington park and over to salsbury as this little disturbance moves on through. h this will be gone by the b morning rush hour, though.
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we had that weak waive rideide along it which slowed down the southern progress of the front. but it will keep on moving as we get into the overnight hours. the skies will clear and the breeze will pick up and we'll get on the the chilly side much not terribly cold. a seasonal reality check is what we're advertising. we'll see temperatures 20-degrees cooler. near 630 north and west and maybe a few mid 60 down through central virginia. thfe for friday and the weekend. 63-degrees, the average is 62. we start to up tick just a tic little bit as we go through the weekend. just a little bit warmer than average. a lot of sunshine. this rain thata we're seeing through central virginias that going to be it for a while. 64-degrees on monday and the breeze picks up a little bitle b during the day tomorrow. from time to time gusts over 20e or 25 miles an hour, but plentyl sunshine, a cool comfortable day. i think even the breezy won't be too bad. the chilly high pressure willprs
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we'll rice into the 60s with0s w plenty of sunshine as we head through the weekend.ugh so you can see it's a good looking weekend forecast and thd time changes on we return to standard time so set your clocks back one hour.r. looking good for election day,y, too. that's an important predictor of turnout. 66-degrees, so a little bittle above average as we look at tuesday and wednesday, mostly sunny ony thursday.ursd a nice settled week and a cool start to your don't go away.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this
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crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. > could caps and wizards beap planning their exit from thes verizon center? in an interviei with the washington post team owner tedly owns a says the center is losing him $36 millioh annual mr. and said, quote, iot, don't know what's going to happen five, six, seven yearsen from now.w. i'll be a free agent. the verizon center mortgage wila be paid off in seven yearsrs allowing for a possible that's seven years from now. this is tonight. the caps hosting the winnipeg
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the first period, alex ovechkine to nick i back tram. back of watch this with the lege back. a little pi nag. the caps lead 1-0. tj oshie. the would state out to a 3-0 lead. that brings on t and over time is ov time amd how about a one timer. right there, skate off. game winner. nfl ratings are down 11 1 # percent across the board thiss season with prime time gamesme getting hurt the hardest. monday night and sunday night are down 20 percent respectively. there's a lot of speculation as to why the ratings are down. and today the seahawks richard sherman gave his. the league isn't funny more. every other league you ' the the players have a good it's a game. this isn't politics.liti
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this is entertainment andand they're no longer allowing the players to entertain. they're no longer allowing the players to show any kind of personality, uniqueness in the individual quality because theyi want to control thety product,c, control the messaging, etsa cetera. i wanted to ask you guys what you i mean you're viewers of the nfl, why do you think people are watching less? >> i think we're just in an election year and election season. >> too much competition. > i think there's muc >> too many dog games at they do beginning of the season. >> especially in prime time. they try to safe the big matchups for the end of the th year. i think that's a mistake. too many commercials and i think it's too frustrating.ustr let them have fun. celebration penalties are upp 200 percent. keep the commercials down. > what does josh norman could. >> the beau and arrow.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: there is definitely a sore loser in the world series, and that would be a guy who coldcocked another guy so badly. >> a cubs fan and indians fan got into it on the street and the indians fan threw one of the most ferocious right hooks. the cubs fan was knocked out cold. >> i'm texting with the victim. he wrote, go cubs, go. i survived an assault, just like my cubs survived being down 3-1. >> kendall jenner turned 21 last night. kylie was there. khloe and kourtney was there. no kim sightings. harvey: everybody will agree she got robbed. now the question is, is she over milking? >> there's no timetable when you get over that. >> you have no idea how you would react unless you have been bound and gagged before. [laughter] >> beyonce performed at the c.m.a.'s with the dixie chicks. this was like the chris stapleton, justin timberlake singing. >> the dixie chicks are famous in their own right. they don't need to bring up


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