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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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center. ce he'll have your forecast andve y i'll have a check of your roads in just have a few minut. >> ?? happening today a former for montgomery county youth pastor accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl will be in wi court. court. brian worth was arrested backbak in september.epte he was the youth ministry director at saint elizabeth catholic church in rockville. the 32-year-old is accused of sexually texting explicit umxplm matches to the teen fortc several years. man virginiheas providing materials to isis. he'll be around in courte today.t back in marry he admitted to traveling to mosul where he w h lived with dozens of foreign after a month in iraq he attempted to flee after realizing he didn't agree with their ideology.y. >> four days to go before thebet presidential election. elect >> nominees and their is yourir gates are spreading toward thete finish line in a constantly evolving picture of thefhe electorate..
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with this very latest hopefully sprint to the end.o te saint will be over.will we got a couple more days tore a go, annie,. ann >> reporter: soon it willn itil all be over.all ove good morning erin and wisdom.iso that's right we have newew developments on the campaignen trail this morning. according to atstrai report by r reuters officials say the fbiayt is now examining fake fak documents aimed ataimed discrediting the hillaryting tha clinton campaign.clinn camp u.s. officials believe it's an a attempt by russia to disrupt dit the election.electi meantime donald trump andonal hillary clinton are scramblingcl to laughter push.hilaug pus the two candidates were ins wer north carolina last nightina which is a critical swing s state and both taking swingsboth at each other. take a >> donald trump was endorsed by the official newspaper ofnew the ku klux klan. kla do any of us have a place in trump's america? it's not not just about communities ofti o color. that is not who america is.s. >> just a few minutes ago cbsbs
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confirmed that the 650,000, 6500 you wonder why things don'tnd geter w done, 650,000 e-mails discovered by the fbi includencu brand new e-mails not previously seen. see >> now, regarding thoseho e-mails, the clinton campaignama says hillary will not be talking about the fbi probe f p before election day sayingy s that the polls show he thathe ps voters do not care about thisthi issue. is th campaigning in battleground state of pennsylvania later today and that'sof pen also whee republican presidentialresi nominee donald trump will holdod a rally in hershey tonight.hey n here in our area early voting vt has come to an end in maryland with record breaking turnout ahead of election day. 150,000 people cast theirast votes thursday in the statethury bringing the total number ofber those who voted early to more than 877,000 people. 877 people. early voting ends in thes the district today and saturday in n virginia.inia that's the latest.that's t l annie yu, fox5 local news.
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whether you live in d.c. work.c in d.c. or you just visit on vio the weekend rising crime is as problem that concernsrns everyone. at a night 69 night 6 people asked to testify on thees state of affairs in the district when it comes to crime. cr >> we do not need more police.ol stop putting the police in my i community because i'm tired of'f them killing people and i'm and tired of jumping out of my car in front of them because ofm bef what they're doing to the kids s on my streets. no more police is ludicrous to t me, you know what i'm saying sag because if somebody break into t my house, somebody breakingy brg into my car, someone taking my child, someone even attempts atm to do some harmotome, who is whi the first person you think i'mnm going to call? i been trained all my life.if >> hearing also included i discussions on who should behod
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right now the selection selti process has do you mean a has do complete halt with no interviews taking place forucomc that position.itn. >> the d.c. area seems to be plagued with pedestrian involved accidents and with w daylight savings time ending s t this weekends your commuteyour t will be darker and potentiallyoy more dangerous. dange. >> fox5's melanie alnwicks has hit the streets this morning to show us howing w us officials are hoping to keepe h everyone safe with thishi good morning, mel. m >> reporter: hey, goodor rr: h morning. so, for those of us who drive di early in the morning, look, we w are used to the darkness butark what's going to happen daylight saving kicks in isg ki that there's going to be so many more people out there onhen the roads that are not used to o driving in the dark in thein morning and it's going to be a a big change and it could mean a lot more trouble there on the roads. aaa midatlantic and a lot of o other groups there's a streettr smart campaign also really reall trying to get some public awareness out there this weekends and warn drivers.arn dr others saying when you turnou tn back the clocks you should turn up the caution here ine the d.c. street smart seet sm
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earlier dusk, that earlier darkness obviously makes itakes harder to see things but what also adds to the danger is the fact that people's sleep patterns are their sleep is going to be interrupterd. therefore that means thatefor sle eep dthepatrivation is also going to make eight lot morelote dangerous out there on theouou roads. so, that's why they are askingsn folks to remember some ofber so these tips.e t let's put some of those tips t up there on the screen for you y that aaa is talking aboutng a drivers it's also forls pedestrians and bicyclists asbis well. they're just remindingemin pedestrians to make eyedest contact with drivers when they're crossing the strwieetsss wear bright colors or reflective clothing accessoryes at night and also carry a carry flashlight when they're walking in the we've seen a lot of pedestrians this morning who are not following those rules and drivers as well a littlwee'e homework for you this weekend.he you want to check your car, youc make sure your headlights aredlr working, make sure that theth headlights are clean, makeghts e
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you're going get a lot of that t glare as well and that is also going to contribute to some ofor the difficulty in seeing whenic you're out there on the roads ta this weekend. wnd. so, again, we're going to beo b driving around and kind off showing folks what conditions ci are going to be like for a lott of drivers who maybe perhapser have not experienced ited it before. before back to you guys. >> mel appreciate the mel information. >> good advice. >> yeah, this happens every year but never hurts to give people a fresh he reminder to be extra cauti h, thi nev fresh >> absol extra hour of sleep this weekends.ekds. >> yeah, i'm going need it. nee i don't know about you but i'm going need it. most people will probably proba agree they're going to need itdt or love it take advantage of o it this weekend plus it's going to be a gorgeous gge weekend. expecting a very nice fallg a vl weekends for us. lots of sunshine, coolne,oo 60 degrees in town now look, we were in the low 80's l yesterday, okay. a lot of folks crackedolksrack 80 degrees yesterday.80 we set a record hi dghegecorhigh temperature yesterday.mper didn't tie it. we broke it.we bro i
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57 degrees right now forht now dulles.dull. it's taken a while cool down even though the first wave ofh a cool air has come through thr there's another front to theotfe north and west and that willhat be kind of slowly movingov through today so temperatureseme for the most part -- honestly hs temperatures today are aates t little how much will we warm up ahead a of this next little cool shotl o coming through? i thinking thro probably we will probably dropro off a little bit more and then t get up to at the peek maybe theb 63, 64 degrees and it will bellb breezy today.. winds will kick up out of the te northwest 10 to 20 that. we're talking weekends comingthn up in just a bit but right nowin we're talking traffic. tff ll, , i'm not. erin i >> i am. gary with your forecast timeore to break out the crock pothe crk that it is weekend. it iskend it's fall food time of year.ear. right now 4:37 metro gearingro a up for service at 5:00.:0 we don't have any reported metro delays except safe trackfe surge 10 noma-gallaudet to to fort totten. you can always use the green thn or yellow line as an alternate r
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brookland and rhode island avenue stations completely closed but freand e sta shuttlet service available between fortet totten and noma-gallaudeta-gallu and they will stop at at brookland and rhode island.and allow for extra time rhif you'rr taking the red line. 270 traffic moving nicely from 70 down to the spur. 70 in both directions cruisingsi and i like what i'm seeing inin northern maryland. if you have an early morningly i flight traffic on the way toe wo bwi is in fine shape.ha same story on the way totory on reagan national andt dulles.ul we'll take a look at 66 next. n. southern maryland quiet.and that's your traffic.. >> 4:38 is the time right now.ow burned and vandalized an online fundraiser bringing inngi 10s of thousands of dollars.lars we've got the details on that t coming up next. nt. and a little bit later new t details about that deadly busyus crash in baltimore.more what we now know about the t school bus driver's clearances a to even drive that bus in the first place. live look outside as weve l head to oobreak writ now. wt no. the time is 4:38, thehe temperature is 60 fox5 news morning back in a moment.
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>> ?? >> 4:40 is the time right now. t back now with what's trending on this friday morning.he with a didistuayrbing m story out ofo south carolina a woman missingii since the end of august was augw found alive yesterday.esterday. police say 30-year-old kaylald k brown had been chained up in abn metal container spartanburgrtbu county. they arrested a 45-year-old registered sex officer fend interconnection with the sex discoveries. 32 -- police are still lookingoo for carve are.for rve a >> s next up a predominantly black b baptist church in mississippi mp that was burned and vandalized e with the words vote trump hastrh raised more than $200,000 too restore the building.uiding. a go fund me page with a goal of $10,000 was set up to help rebuild hopewell baptisthope church. church officials say responses o have poured in from all overm al the world from people of allf faiths including atheists. aei so far no suspects have beenve identified. >> next up in a first majorirstj
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national committee melania trump says she's going too focus her efforts towardsowar stopping bullying on socialon sa media. she says our culture hasre gotten too mean and too rough and although adults may be able to handle mean wordshandle children and teens can be fragile. frag >> a cubs fan drove 600 milesdrs to keep a world series promisese with his late wayne williams drove fromiams north carolina to indiana d to sit at his father's grave sites and listen to the game. g when the cubs finall williams quietly said we did it before placing a cubs flag cl next to his dad's'srav. thousand. >> yeah, pretty cool. pretty c all time right now is 4:42. one day after a big night, thehe country music awards defending n itself over criticism that ittii didn't do enough to promote pro one of its headlining performances.rforma >> but first staying safe onirst the roads the center of a new ow campaign kicking off today in td the district as we get ready to turn the clocks back oneks hour.ho
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>> ?? fox5 news morning. >> 4:45 right now. [inaudible] big parade and rally today. tod tens of thousands if not ifot
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they're going to be gatheringe e in downtown chicago. chigo >> pretty cool. coo but let's tell you about aouut pretty amazing story that gotot buried wednesday night upay nig against the world series it is. it the maryland women's's basketball team beat an opponent by 129 points.nts. >> what. >> i said 129 points.oi final score in this one, 146 to 17. 146 to 17. t >> that is a wipeout. >> thankfully blue field state -- for blue field stateie this was just an exhibition game. whew. that's rough, though. >> good for that winning team..s man. >> that's -- man. man. that's a lot of points.foi that's a lot of beat down. >> they have somebody on that team. >> 146 points for the lady l terps. we took a live look outside right there and garyre g good morning. go good tood see you.ou >> good to see you as well. wel wisdom martin erin como and
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about about weather. wth happy friday to you.happy fridat >> how about yesterday.esrday >> yesterday was. >> wow. >> i was zip lining in rockville and it was the most glorious day to go through i we those trees.rees. fun stuff. >> how high were you when you y did that. did that. >> 30 feet above the ground.roun >> where were you in>>he rockville.rockvie. >> rockville, okay., >> do you do hikes -- heights? i >> i don't have a huge problemrm with it. >> would you go sky divingld gary mcgrady. >> yeah, i would. >> i'm impressed. >> i said now after my last y >>aid afte over 18 i'll go skyky diving. diving >> i think that sounds fairs and. >> and why not, right? right 60 degrees near town.ow gives me a nice excuse. binghamton up here to the north that'shat' where the secondary push ofus o cool air comes in.iromes so, we'll start feeling thiseeng today. winds will kick up a littleick e bit out of the northwest andof h that means cooler temperatures a coming on down and that setshaet the stage for this weekend.. speaking of the weekend, soeend
4:48 am
yesterday. records broken all over therhe place. what to expect this weekend? wd i told you i'd show it to you.o. 64 on saturday.y. 63 on sunday.un cool and sunny tomorrow.orw. sunny skies on sunday andunday don't forget we get an extrara hour of sleep.leep how cool is that. t >> say it one more glime we get an extra hour of sleep or whatever you want to do witho your extra hour.ur era h i don't want to say you haveou h to be sleeping. 56 or so by 8:00 a.m.8:00 i think temperatures will droprl off a little d bit more this morning.morn winds will kick up out of the north-northwest. looks like we're headed back up into the lowerke w to perhaps mid 60's but the coolest oflestf the air comes in late day and da again shaping up for a very v fallish weekend.fallis erin como sheh's standing right next to me. >> i a m. i'm going to traffic. tffic we're going have a breakfast party next friday.ri >> that's a good idea. a good i >> i think it should smellul s like sin monday buns in here. m >> thaton sdaounds good goodbyeo morning things are cruising crug path through mclean.path thr
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quiet 11th street, 14th streetee roosevelt memorial wilsonson bridge all quiet f you're just y waking up getting a start toarto this friday morning gary saysy s a beautiful fall weekend ineend store for us so enjoy the day. get it started so you can kick n off that northern maryland thingsand moving along fine on 29, route r one and baltimore-washington parkway heading towards thebalt baltimore beltway you're noteltr going to hit any slowdowns.loow things quiet on the inner loopnl as youoo pass connecticutct avenue. at speed through urbana notrbann seeing any red on the map. i'll changes. metro gearing up for service on time except safe track. whiz. >> all right, time now isight, e 4:49 n. tracking metro now. mro now. a public hearing on a newn a n proposed budget from generalen manager paul wiedefeld is set is for january.. yesterday wiedefeld laid outfeld his plan to make up for a $300 million deficit.efit it includes cutting hundredsdr of jobs raising fares at least l two dollars as well as askings n d.c. maryland and virginia tonia kick in with some more money.. developing details in thatthat deadly baltimore bus crash. c
4:50 am
driver was not authorized to drive a commercial vehicle. investigators say glenn glenn chappell who was among those tse killed had recently beently been barred from driving commercialmv vehicles becauseing he filede provide authorities with documentation that he was in goodat hioealth.goodealt five others including theng driver of the mta bus williams s killed. the ntsb is investigating anestn exact cause of this accident.usf investigators are also waiting for an autopsy result to see if chapppell suffered a medical emergency before thateme crash. soon it's going to betoe getting and that means you need to be extra cautious when you're out'o on the there on the s >> that's right.. our area has been plagued withgd pedestrian involved accidentsani so it's more important thannvmom ever to pay attentipoon toti t what's around you and where wre you're going. goi fox5's melanie alnwick joins jns us live right before the car t with how officials are hopinglsh to keep everyone safe. s >> reporter: that's right,ter:h' wiom a and erin. so the street smart campaignig is telling people when they turn back their clocks, theyk th need to turn up their
4:51 am
caution because certainlyb those of us who have these early morning commutes we'reni used to driving in theng dark d but even then sometimes it'setis very hard to see those bicyclists and thoseho pedestrians.pede we're seeing so many even outvet here this morning that you canng barely see until you notice a little bit. bit a lot of people wearing darkrind clothing. clothi they're reminding not justus drivers but pedestrians and p cyclists as well to remember that it's a lot harder forot har people to see especially as t you turn back to hosese clocks,o people will be a little bit b dr might also not be as alert, alet might not be as a wear. reminding people to wary flect tiff clothing in you're going to be out on the street andnd always cross at a crosswalk. we know that's been a problemthb and eealso to bring a flashlight and for drivers as well justdriw to be extrael aware that it may be harder for you to seeder fore people, make sure that your y wipers are good, that your y headlights are good and when ane we come back in a little whilei we're going to tell you a fewint elother things that you mightat
4:52 am
to make sure your car is ready r for these early morning darkerae hours. back to you guys. >> thank you up. >> appreciate it. 4:52 is the advertisement yount know nba star kevin durantevin t facing his former teammates tmm for the first time sinceime sinc puttering on a new jersey.ersey. we'll talk about his winninginng ways ahead. ahe >> a live look outside as we w head to break this fridayak morning. morn minutes. >> beautiful start to friday.ifs
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>> power outage forcing thousands to evacuate from the paris hotel and casino he in p las owvegas.erto etel anlaegas the resort is closed as crews c work to repair the damage. d
4:55 am
officials say it's possible psi power so could be restored atort some point overnight. about 3,000 guests and0 gu employees were evacuated lastrel night. >> samsung facing its firstits f class action lawsuit over its faulty a california law firm is is representing several peopleevero who claim their cell phones cels caught fire. the suit claims the recallede rl galaxy note7 as well as s6 and s7 models are all dangerous.. the lawsuit is seeking a seeng recall of several devices asf l well as reimbursement.ur samsung says it does not n comment on pending >> 4:55 is the gary mcgrady's got weather. >> hey, guys what is going on.og it's friday morning, you're you exactly right.y ight >> round of applause forse f friday. >> have a standing ovation,vati that's even >> i likeat that. >> since y'all are standing. stn >> fair enough. >> we're all standing. wre in terms of what's going on i o want to show you the rain is getting pushed down to theirto t south side. this is with front number one. we actually have anotherth fy hh boundary farther to thearer t northwest of us which will w kind of trickle through todayri and that's going to rckeally sey
4:56 am
fall-like weekend that we'ree ek going have. go today is kind ofing interestins because this morninge thorning temperatures aren't fallingatura off all that quickly. qck we still have some clouds outs u there. notice a lot of 50's out in the suburbs. lot we have dropped othff te osuff t 59 degrees here in town now. n we were 60 so we're down too 59. i think again we'll continue to drop three, four moreore degrees pretty much area widered and then we'll warm up a warm up little bit as the sun comes up and it does look like today, toy even though we're starting off o around 60 degrees or in the 60 r comes in, it will continue to keep us fairly cool so i think t we're going to that out todaytou at about 63 degrees.3 we could get to 64 or 65. 6 i'm saying today'saying today temperatures are very, veryy tricky because kind of we're in this zone her we where how quickly will that colder airtde come in from the northwest.orth it does look like it's going g to be breezy, throw., t winds will be 10 to 20, little0e bit gustier than that thisstie afternoon so keep that in mind.rnoon in it will certainly feel aill little cooler out there ifr outi you're not out in the sunshine
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of. of coming up we're talking boutsng seven-day forecast and busrecasb stop forecast, too. right now though let's get toge he erin. what's going on on this fridayhi morning on the roads.morning >> 4:57 and i still reallylea like what i'm seeing on theeig e roads. as you get ready to leave theeat house not seeing any slowdownsww around the dmv yet. y 66 coming in from manassas allsl the way through centrevilleenev into fairfax inside the beltway through falls church crc and arlington this morning isgtn at speed. spe same story 395 from thehe springfield interchange to thece 14th street bridge.14th s all green all good all over o the map. 95 all the way up through daleff th city as you cross the occoquan a i'm not seeing any slowdowns.lo. i'll let you know if thatw if ta changes but so far so good and metroso f is gearing up for on time service.time ser whiz.. >> 4:57 is the advertisement a e pair of virginia schoolir employees under fire thisoy morning for theieers halloweene costumes. ahead at 5:00 why parents are so upset about this.hi and later, keep thep t celebration going.oi the cubs set to take centerakce stage in their city today, oneay day after claiming a worldg a wo series title for the first for f time in 108 years.ears
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>> this is fox5 news morning.s >> straight ahead at 5:00 with just days to go to the raceis fe f ror the white house continuesn to heat up as the candidate spouses hit the campaign trailn for the presidential hopefuls. l


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