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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask for your vote. > this is fox5 local news at 11. right now, new e-mails, samee conclusion after another revieww the fbi again recommending noome charges in the clinton e-mail case. will the announcement change thg minds of voters? plus long
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supporters are waiting and waiting to hear donald trump speak tonight.t. it's a furious final push forth candidates ahead of electionec day. team coverage of the latest on the raise for the white house starts now. for joining us tonight, i'm lauren demarco than a i'm jim lokay. off the top at 11 a lot to cover in the raise for the by house.he first up, the huge b announcemee from the fbi after anotheri review no charges recommended id the clinton e-mail case. first both candidates are in the middle of campaigning in key battle ground states. hillary clinton made a stop in cleveland where she was joined by labron james and hit manchester, new hampshire andne philadelphia for supporters including president obama andprs vice presidentid biden are alsoo spanning out to cover other key battle ground states. donald trump with a very busysy schedule today starting the day in iowa before making stops in michigan, minnesota and pa, but now it's northern virginia's
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let's get you out to lindsay watts who is live in leesburg. they are still waiting for his arrival, right, lindsay. >>reporter: right, jim, it has been a long day for donald truma and for his supporters. this rally was posed to get started at 9:0 but it's been delayed now for several hours. we found that donald trump hasru left pennsylvania so he is inen route to virginia. thank goodness. rick san forum and virginia for senator rick blackum has taken e stage. take a look at all the people,p, several thousand.seve all the folks who are inside this room. we'll give you a 360 view here. people waiting and then over in the back you can see the folks at the barriers and then beyond that there is a large overflow area with trs outside.
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were waiting in line for this and they got here at 106789.t 30 this such a long day. people have been on their feet for hours.s. thankfully it sounds like donaln trump may be getting here sooner than expected. soth fingers crossed that is gog to be happening sometime soon. we'll keep you posted. p live in leesburg. more on the major aunseenment in the fbi investigation. marina maracco continu the white house. >>reporter: fbi director james comey said the new patch of e-mails sent or received by hillary clinton has the not changed his conclusion that the democratic candidate should not face criminal charges. while the news broke both candidates continue toonti crisscross the country and campaign until the final hour. i've spent a life in businessin creating tens and thousands of jobs.
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of americans. but when i saw what wast happening to our country i just felt i had to act. i had to act and i acted. > donald trump making a last pitch to voters in iowa, a swing state where trump seems to be gaining momentum. when our founders said all men are created equal they left out african-americans.afri on the coast hillary clintonllar speaking to a crow hundred miles away in scranton, pennsylvania, vice president joe biden trying to widen the lead for clinton in the keystone states. for the scan tone ands for everybody in the valley thinkiny about voting for trump p i askk you, think about your mother anr your father, think about your grandmom and your grandpop,andp think about those who fought like hell to make sure that everything from minors and mechanics to people who are
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about how much they cared about them getting a decent wage. donald trump says, he says and he believes, he says american workers' wages are too high. in florida, a crucial battle ground state, republican vice presidential candidate mike pence spoke to a crowd in thed n pan handle where polls are neck and neck. i accept to run and serve as the next t vicehe presidential candidate ad we're jusr?% two days away from the election. his democratic counterpart senator time cane making a last push to milk votes in america's dairy lands.dair the stakes are too high and polls can be wrong and it ' bee' a season of surprises. and we've got this weird thing
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influence our election.tion if you just need one more reasoe to vote, how about send a message to any nation, don'tio bother trying to come in and effect the outcome of americancn demock contracts i we'll do just fine by ourselves. we don't need you. this evening, the rnc chairman found clinton broke the law and put national securityal s information at risk and ended saying quote, hillary clintone,h should never be president. > breaking news tonight from the university of maryland, campus police have issued and alert that someone was driving around campus shooting a bibi gun at students. police only have a vagueve a description of the car. they say it is a dark colored two or four door vehicle. no word on any injuries. police say there were two different incidents.dent we'll keep you updated as we we learn more. the potential threat thatreat has law enforcement on alert tonight.toni us intelligence received warnini
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attack tomorrow.orro counter terrorism investigatorst say the information mentioned new york, texas and virginia asa possible targets. we ask wtop national securityriy correspondent jj green for his take. it is something that is going on. it's not unusual for many thingn that goes on on a normal basis,, but it also at the same time is not something that should deter people from going out to vote ie they wish to go out to vote. the fbi says it is working closely with local lawely enforcement agencies and sharing intelligence reports. > another big concern has beenn cyber security on election day. tomorrow on fox5 news morning, foxest's' chief intelligence correspondent will join us live to tell us how hackers can disrupt election day. you can see the interview at 7:0 live here at fox5. the other thing that everybodyat has been talking about, the weather.weat here's a live look outside.
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we are wrapping up what has bees a beautiful weekend overall. i is starting to cool down outt there, however. gwen is going to take a look ato the start of the workweek. hi, georgia remember between. >> the week is starting absolutely great. it's going to be a little bit cooler by some five, ten degrees. just be prepared for really chilly tonight. take a look at the numbers fromr today because we were in the upper 60s and low 70s right across the board. we're in for a pretty cold nighh as we to drop into the 30s in many ofy our neighborhoods. n you definitely want to up p p up the heat a little bit.e we have 54-degrees in the nation's cap l toll, 46 at gaithersburg, 45-degrees at dulles this hour. martinsburg is at 40. manassas is a chilly 39 and frederick 36 and 43-degrees at fredericksburg. we do have afr freeze warning in effect. the area shaded there in the blue and elsewhere we have a frost advisory.
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and will be in effect rightht through until 9:00 a.m. make sure you protect any sensitive vegetation you have. it definitely will be impacted. here's a look at the next couple of days. sunshine we'll have 66-degrees for a daytime high. tomorrow 6 # degrees and i can't rule out maybe a very late tuesday night, early morningng passing shower.g we have a 20 percent chance of seeing that happen. just so you know when you're at the watch parties.rtie it's going to be the full forecast just ahead. back to you. >> straight ahead, practicingicn for an emergency on metro. we will tell you how the transii agency and first responders spent the day making sure they're ready to help if
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> back now with some developing news from prince william county, police are investigating aesti deadly shooting that happened this evening in officers are called to a parking lot on at last walkway around 6:30. they found a woman critically cr injured from a gunshot wound. she was flown to a hospital where she was later died. it appears the woman was targeted. police are trying to determine t motive for the shooting. this is the county's 20th cou murder of the year. > fox5 is in loudon county and there's still no arrest in the n deadly stabbing that happened at an apartment complex in ashburnh
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another badly hurt. it happened around 6:00 friday fight. the victims were targeted. they are working with thehe northern virginia task force. in stafford county, the sheriff's office wants you to t take a good look at a sketch ofk a man suspected of sexually assaulted a woman last week. we it happened last monday morning in stafford. the suspect was driving a dark r colored suv that he rammed intoh his victim's car and forced hero off of the road. after the accident he then sexually asauled her. investigators say the suspect left a distinctive piece of clothing a the scene. sc it was an american living played shirt. the sheriff's office is asking anyone with information to l in call them. now to the district where twohee people were accused of destroying government property.t this all happened during a protest yesterday. danny hamilton of louisiana are accused of vandalizing the fbi
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the sidewalks were spray painted with graffiti. the police car was damaged. the two men were participated in a million mass march organized by the group anonymous.. > a full scale emergency response drill was held at the southern avenue station. the prince george's county fireg department teamed upeo with d.c. first responders today. fox's alexandra limo >>reporter: the goal of metro'e full scale emergency drill is for firefighters and other first responders to have experience and knowledge when a reel-lifee- emergency happens on board a metro train.trai so sunday morning they strapped on their gear and loaded up their equipment. then headed into a dark metro tunnel filled with smoke to practice rescuing people off off a metro train. we're working on response, communication and evacuation ane how that's done successfully.
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communications link wasn't as robust as we believe it is now. we're pretty confident that co everything is going to go well with that and we're not going to have any of those issues that have haunted us from the past. prince george's county fire fi chief mark bayshore says practicing with the unifiednifi communications system is key. before they had to carry two or three different radio around ann listen to two or three different things. now they're all on that samehat platform. so testing that is important. the opportunity to practice rescuing people from am make-filled rain in a tunnelil just like wele saw at the deadle l'enfant plaza station incidentc nearly two years ago now. thanks to volunteers who took part in the drill that wasas possible. reporting in temple hills, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > straight ahead we have youror election day forecast. gwen is back with the outlook for your tuesday and the rest of
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. > not a bad weekend out there.. definitely it's cooling off a littleco bit, but nice and sunn. it's getting chilly. time to get the woolies out tonight. woolies.ies. that's another one we're going
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house guest. woolies hasn't been here. that's a matt ackland word. are these socks, one is. >> the inquiring minds want to know? > if you were hanging with meng last winter you know i talked about the woolies.lies you might need them tonight if you're in i of our areas whereas the temperatures are going to be dipping down to the 30s becausec it's going to be chilly there. five to ten degrees tonight than last night and the same story for tomorrow. but we'll still in the 60s. guest what, frost advisory and freeze warnings for some of our neighborhoods. yeah, i know it's the reality o the season as we start to get colder. someone said gwen we had 830s h just a couplead of days ago. we always have to deal with the rosier coaster. lots of sun coming in the week ahead. temperatures going to cool downo in the lake week.ek.
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late week behind a pretty strong frontal system. > in thefr meantime here's whee we are right now temperature wise as we really start to cool down quite a about it. 52 at baltimore, 54 at d.c. look at frederick, 36-degrees already, 45 at dulles. manassas at 37 while quantico is at 39 and 43-degrees at winchester. cooler air the starting to settle in, but we really won't feel it as effectively until we really get into the overnight hours. upper 60s, low 70s with all thel sunshine and on top of it, the fall foliage is absolutelysolu beautiful right now. so you know really nice weather just to get out and enjoy.. ridge of high pressure large and in charge. we have some high clouds heres and there but it's all good. the ridge of high pressure willl hold us sted right through untig tuesday and continue to bring us the clear conditions. tonight, 30s and 40s for overnight lowe's on the skieswe
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numbers for you, you can see to the north and northwest is where we do anticipate seeing the temperatures to the 30s. we do have a frost advisory ando freeze warning in equal if. this blue is where we have theve freeze warning and elsewhere, busy schedule a frost advisory. this is going to begin at 3:00 a.m. and it's in effect right through until nine a.m. in the morning. any plants that you have outside, sensitive vegetation make sure you protect it or you definitely will lose it under these conditions and how aut they're not really going to stay very warm outside in this weather. that ridge of high pressure will give us the sunshine as we head into the next couple of daze. so skis will be bright, temperatures into the 60s, dry, however tuesday into wednesdayee is when we have a frontal systef moving its way towards us and that's on election day night. we could see a very lightght passing shower in the overnight hours from tuesday intoesda wednesday so just be ape wear of that.
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it's going to be great. i know some of you will have to be standing in line outside. i know it's going to be fairly myself for that.myse into the week we will seel se continued sunshine for you, seasonal conditions and as ian said it's only late week by the time we hit about thursday that temperatures drop into the 50s. in the meantime by mid-day tomorrow 56-degrees with no shortage of sunshine. we're looking at 41 tonight and the temperature gradually dropping. tomorrow's high is going to be 6 # degrees.gree here's a look at day forecast. election day as i said, thingsi, are looking great and let's not forget veterans day which is atc the end of the week and that's where we're going to see 63-degrees. there's always outdoor things. we salute them. great news for election day because it at least takes weather off the table.le if we get through tuesday, whatever happens tuesday. we remember our veterans answera
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> welcome back after that tie b against the lyons last week inac london the ed skins enter with a 4-3 and 1. josh norman comments of after the gamehe directed at an official. norman is tied with the most money fine in the nfl at $117,000 tied with his arch them nice odel beck ham jr. > norman had a chance to defense of course i'm going to appealpel it. my problem is i don't have a problem with offerings. we all are cool. every time i play on the field and we talk to everything ons ws are respectful.
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have a good day. how are feeling. >> i'm feeling great. we always have a good respectful relationship.ip it's just sometimes they do certain things -- congratulations tonight to georgetown woman's soccer. you are looking at the hoya's 2-0 win over quo debt.ver this happened in d.c. the ncaa will announce playoffpy games the team celebrated by doing absolutely nothing.abso you have seen this before, you've seen it all over, this is called the man quinn challengen and the mid ship men got in on this one after the game, big win. this is picking up steam around the college football ranks. i know the new york giants didns it today after they beat the eagles. the win yesterday means they have won 23 of their last 28
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i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message
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> the capital christmas tree has been chopped down. it is on its way to d.c. the 80-foot tall tree is paying the long trip from a forest in idaho. it will spend several weeks traveling around.ound the official tree lighting
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cold tonight, bundle up. see you all later. that does it for us. the morning crew is back here at 46789. 25 in the morning.
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soledad: today on "matter of fact," millions voting early while both candidates face questions about character. trump: she is a crooked one, there's no question. crooked hillary. tengion: donald trump himself is a fraud. soledad: voters remorse? and researching voter fraud. you need to hear what he found after surveying nearly a billion votes. plus, veterans suffering in silence. how one marine's story could help someone you know. but first -- they've made their case. now the nation weighs in. i'm soledad o'brien.


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