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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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after midnight and closed after everyone voted. hillary clinton won more snrots dixville notch and hearts locations and donald trump was overwhelming favorite in mills field. >> both candidates spent nop sprinlt to election day. donald trump crisscrossing the country making spopz florida, north carolina, new hampshire, pennsylvania and michigan and one of his final stops in grand rapids, michigan final lee for change. >> with all of the democratic voters in our country who are tlivrting for change hillary clinton is the last stand for the wall street and special interest donors and hillary is the face of failure. >> he went ton say if he does not win this will be the single greatest waste of time and money in his life. >> hillary clinton stayed up late into the night trying to
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she hit four states monday beginning day in new york and finishing in north carolina with a midnight rally and made closing argument with a final two-minute tv ad. >> i want to be a president for all americans not just those who soup port me in the election, for everyone. >> and president obama and first lady michelle obama and bruce springstein and jon bon jovi took part in the rally in philadelphia. >> a number cast your ball nrots early voting. for those of you who did not, polls. >> we begin in virginia where polls up 6. anjali hemphill is live at the polls in arlington. anjali i know it's early people probably still asleep. anybody out there yet? >> no, nobody is out here yet. things are still quiet. it's chilly and sdrk. i'm sure the crowds will roll in once the temperatures start to the rise. we're still more than an hour
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this will be one of several poling places here in our area. we expect it to be much different scene later on this morning. but, thousands in virginia have already cast their ballot in early absent tee voting. numbers in the state are showing dramatically higher already than in 2012. 22% more people across the state have already cast their ballot compared to four years ago. there is important information if you snrot virginia today. polls on 6 a.m. they will no virginia department of elections encourages vote others to arrive early but as long as you're in line by 7 p.m. you'll be allowed to vote. virginia law requires vote others to provide a photo id if you vote. if you vote by mail your absent tee ballot must be received by 7 p.m. today and interesting note, guys, ballot selfies have become popular in today's day and age. people like to take a picture of themselves with i voted
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kurmed here in the state of virginia. so, if are you voting in virginia make sure you document. it post it to your social media pages and make sure you motivate and inspire friends and family to also get out to the polls. again, quiet here in arlington but we will be covering the polls all throughout northern virginia for the morning. for live in arlington, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> if you vote in the district or maryland here's what you need to know. d.c. polls on a.m. to 8 . you need to bring proof of residence. it can be government issued id. copy of current utility bill, bank statement or paycheck n maryland polls are on between 7 a.m. and 8 . absent tee ballots must be hand delivered by local election board 8 p.m. today and maryland law banz electronic devices in poling places.
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chance to make history and take a step towards making d.c. the 51st state. giving taxpayers representation in congress. even if voters approve the measure to make d.c. a state does not become official without congressional approval. after voters and congressional approval d.c. would be called the state of washington d.c.. d.c. would stand for douglass commonwealth. >> here's other big issues to be decided at the polls in fairfax a sales tax increase in money generate wod go to school funding and property daxs and arlington county voters are weighing if on billions for funding for school projects and voters will decide term limits on county council. >> zipcar wants to help out. if you need a ride they're offering more than,000 you cars across the country in the district tonight.
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they can get to the polls during the last few hours if needed. drive to vote. you can reserve a zipcar on line or via zipcar mobile app. >> stay with "fox5" for election cover rooj. we'll have coverage at 5 and 6 tonight and liver election special starts 7 . tom fitzgerald and melanie alnwick are live in new york. for live election updates and results you can check us out online, and also tonight a special e so if you have any problems at the polls it's simple. tweet us using #fox5 votes. >> busy day ahead for all of us today. 4:35 is the time. let's check the weather forecast and what you can expect as you head out to the polls or out to work or school today, gary. >> prepare for it in case you have to go early and stand in line. it's pretty cold out there this morning. much cold area cross the board than what it was yesterday morning. let me show. clear skies now. notice back out to the west
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direction. most of that initially high clouds. we'll see some of that today. it won't be perfectly blue sky and sun my like what it was yesterday. how gorgeous was yesterday. mannasas is 28, cold in western suburbs. dulles 30 martinsburg 30 and frederick 0 here in town we're 4. cold there. i don't think we're at the risk of getting down to freezing or anything like that. temperatures later today, with sunshine, high clouds comeing across. fredericks culpeper 70. mannasas dulles close to 7 0. we're close to 70 here. 6 degrees. how nice is that. perfect forecast today. here's airport airport with a look at traffic. >> 4:36 now we you have covered on election day and if you take metro metro gearing up at 5 and should be on time and we're dealing with safe track surge 10. buss are replacing trains. you can use the yellow line between for the totten and gallery place on time.
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stations closed free shuttle services available and shuttle buses will stop at the closed stations. hoping outside for a look at the roads. if you get out and about early this morning you're in wonderful shape bottom side of the beltway through alexandria and 270 to the spur quiet communicate commute. 95 and stafford, next, back to you. >> coming up on "fox news morning" a california mother of six is facing possible jail time not for selling drugs but selling food. the cubs in the world series has become subject of fierce bidding war. >> as we head to break here's a look across the d.c. region. 4:37 and 42 degrees.
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man i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue
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u can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? >> 4:39 stories you're engaging
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>> hol shol standing by with the realtime news tracker. >> first up the justice department is taking extra precautions today. dispatching more than 500 staffers to monitor the polls. staffers will be disbursed to 28 states and 67 jurisdictions and they'll be watch for potential several right violations like discrimination based on race. >> next up a mother in california is actually facing jail time for selling homemade food through facebook. mar are of a facebook group that shares recipes, cookie dish and swapz dishes. the 37-year-old single and unemployed mother of six poinged of picture of one of her dishes and offered it for $1. one man drove to her home and paid cash for the meal with. turns out she was undercover investigator. he was charged with operating a food facility would the
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my family never would i bring them harm. >> it is coveted baseball of modern time final out baseball for cubs indians world series game could fetch up to $3 million if ever sold. anthony rizzo pocketed the ball after game ending catch. baseball officials authenticated the ball after the game and then returned the ball to rizzo. i would say that should maybe wind up in the baseball hall of fame one day. >> i bet >> come on now. >> it would have to. >> thanks. mel. >> 4:31 is the time. a teenager individual by pepper spray it threatening to sue and not just for money. >> election di results,ing in oui we're live at the polls. >> a live look outside across the dmv. time 4:41 and temperature 4 2.
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>> today on "fox news morning" election day 016 after nearly two years of back and forth talk and months of television ads it's finally your turn to swhi will be the next president in the next residence of 1600
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>> a live look on election day. we're off to a cool start. warming up as you head to the polls. good morning to you, thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> today is tuesday, november 8. we said. it election day finally here and election day 2016 the people that have not voted early get to cast their ballot of who will live on pennsylvania avenue and be the leader of the free world. it's a big day. >> your civic duty. >> erin como is talking traffic. first, gary mcgrady has weather to talk about. good morning. >> not much. >> not much weath nice though. cold this morning. we have a cold start. today we will be up close to 70 for a high temperature. we will see high clouds coming out across late this afternoon and we start off this morning frost advisory in place for a big chunk of just about everybody along i 95 and off east that's the darker blue. the lighter blue there is actually a freeze warping and that's going to go both of these in effect until 8 a.m. this morning. look how cold it is in the
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upper 20s and few mid to low 0s. beautiful day and high temperature gets up to 68. perfect turnout weather. isn't it perfect turnout weather. how about erin como what's going on i vote for good traffic morning. >> i vote for good traffic as well. 4:46 you get your waish. riingts now 95 past prince william parkway on the northbound side through fredericksburg and stafford to dale city as you goat ewington. we're cruising at speed. i like what i'm seeing there. forwarding the cameras to show what you fairfax country parkway we're seeing inclosed volume on the northbound side. not terrible delays now but you will hit more volume than you typically see. as we forward cameras one more time we'll show what you else you're up against this morning. traffic out on 66 by sutly. quiet. so i have you covered this morning. i'll let you know if anything pops. 270 looking good and beltway quiet back to you maureen and wisdom. >> 4:46 is the time and donald
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presidential election winning over three new hampshire precincts dirkzville, hearts, millsville on after midnight and closed when everyone voted. clinton won more snrots dicksville and hearts location and trulp was overwhelming favored in mills field. >> both spend the day crisscrossing the country making spots in florida, north carolina, new hampshire and michigan and one of his final stops final plea for change. he said he if he does not win this election it will be the single greatest waste of time and money in his life. >> meanwhile hillary clinton went to four states starting in new york and finishing in north carolina and made argument with final two-minute tv ad that targeted 20 million viewiesers. her last stop of the night was in raleigh, north carolina
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>> folks in virginia will hit the polls in a couple hours. >> live in arlington to see if voters lined up and we know we talked to her a short while ago they're still in bed now. i'm sure they're coming. >> reporter: i'm sure they are coming as well. it is very early. again, we're not even 5 a.m. at this point. they would be be dedicated voters if out here that early. you can probably see my breath. it's very chilly out here as well. if you head to the polls early this morning definitely will want to nd we're here at the madison community center in arlington. one gentleman walked in most likely poll worker getting ready to set up for the crowds expected here later this afternoon. but, we want to get to some important information for vr vir voters today again polls on 6 a.m. and they will stay on until 7 . virginia department of elections encourages voters to arrive early as long as are you
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allowed to vote no. telling how much longer you can vote after that time limit depending on the crowds there. virginia law requires vote others to provide a photo id before they vote and voters without a proper id can vote using provisional ballot but will need a copy of id by monday in order to for the ballot to be counted and if voting by mail it must be received by local rej star 7 p.m. and ballot selfies, guys, are legal in virginia. there's been contested records about ballot whether they are appropriate to be taking pictures at poling stations. virginia allows it and tlkz take pictures of yourself, your ballot and other people in the poling place a good way to share on social media and get friends and family motivated to get out to the polls today. we're, of course, watching crowds. again no one here right now. they will shs of course, be coming, live in arlington, anjali hemle hill, fox local news. >> 4:49 is the time now if voting in the district or
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d.c. polls on 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. if you need to register d.c. allows same day registration on election day. you need prove of residence and that can be government issued id, bank statement or paycheck. meanwhile in maryland polls on between 7 a.m. and 8 . absent tee ballots must be hand delivered to local election board 8 p.m. today and maryland with law banz electronic devices in poling places and. voters. we'll have a chance to change history -- a chance to make history and make d.c. the 51st state giving taxpayers representation in congress. and if d.c. becomes a state the d.c. council will vote imsly they have to call it state of washington d.c.. d.c. would stand for douglass commonwealth. >> all right. here are other big issues
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a sales tax increase in restaurant meals and extra money generated would go to school funding and property taxes. in arlington county voters are weighing in on a billions of dollars in fumding for school construction and metro capitol improvements. >> and in montgomery country voteers will decide whether or not to set term limits on members of county council. keep in mind "fox5" is home for your election day 016. we have full coverage of national and local races and live election special starts 7 . "fox5" tom fitzgerald and melanie alnwick are live in new york city for a live election updates. check us with on air and online as well. also, tonight, there's going to be a special election coverage at 10 and 11. if you have any problems at the polls sweet us using the #fox5 vote. >> and coming up on "fox news morning" passengers on commercial flight in mexico had unexpected visitor sliminger
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all. >> and presidential candidates spend the last day of campaign season bringing out pretty big names. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region, 4:52 now and chilly 52 degrees. more fox news morning after 4:52 now and chilly 52 degrees. more fox news morning after this. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you?
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vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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>> happening now. more fallout from this video. you remember this. hagerstown police officer's pepper spraying a 15-year-old girl. the teen and family are threatening to sue the police department unless new police training procedures are put in place. the system happened in presidential september. the girl hit a car while riding bike. they tried to question her and pepper sprayed to her after she refused to get in the cruiser and struggled with them. >> all right. check this out. >> oh, no.
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maureen listen to what i'm saying this is not a movie or joke. this is amateur video that shows a snake wiggling itself out of overhead cabin on mexican commercial flight sunday. the passengers got fright of their lives and clearly the airline aero mexico i will nerve flying it's investigating how the snake got. there he made emergency landing in mexico city. >> oh, no. >> and he was safely secured >> oh, >> on a plane janet jack sit sitting there cursing how did the snake get on the [ bleep ] [ bleep ] plane. >> that is the most horrifying there. stop. it great. freeze the video right there. >> at least it's not moving. >> we apologize for that if you're just waking up. >> let's talk about this this is madonna. she's of course expressing
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she performed in new york city in support of hillary clinton. madonna performed several biggest hits inexcluding express yourself, don't tell me and like a prayer. during the show she had a few words about unifying the nation. >> i'm still reeling. still reeling. >> should we show that video again. >> pleads don't ever show that. >> how do we get snakes on the plane. gary mcgrady, good morning. >> who stepped up and volunteered to take care of that snake on that >> it would have to be somebody that worked for the airline. >> heck it deposit you call someone from snake rangling. >> while you're in the air. >> that's true. >> how did the snake get on the [bleep] [bleep] plane. >> how many times did you see the movie. >> just once. >> temperatures out there right now. we've also come up a degree in the city. woooo 43 degrees right now.
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you'll find temperatures this morning mid 30s out there. so chilly. this is national reading okay. with the national airport. and that's generally running warmer. 32 gaithersburg now and dulles below freezing and frederick below freezing and culpeper and mannasas shale go on. baltimore 36. how about today? we have high pressure in control again and high clouds laider on. we'll stay dry in election day forecast. we've been talking about this. nearly 70. all right some especially northern degrees today. just georgous, clouds later on. showers in the forecast tomorrow we'll talk about that coming up. we'll get to erin como that looks at earlyly, early, early traffic. >> early on time traffic. 4:57. p we're all green, all good. all around the dmv. you see beltway topside new hampshire and inner loop and all area bridges right now looking great.
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cruising fine. things on 50 looking good i want to tell you maureen and wisdom that snake video not okay, not okay. back to you. >> not okay. i agree erin. >> 4:58 is the time coming up on "fox" muz morning crews are dealing with a wildfire going to 11 acres. >> and custody battle between angelina joely and brad pitt. >> a quick look at today's
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