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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  November 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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hopefully by this time tomorrowt we will knowhis who within theo leader o wf the free world. >> you can see it on the run down of the side of your screen. this is the only story thatry anybody is talking about at 6:30. not just here, but around the country. tweet us with your thoughts at 5@30 that is the moshe i band. they are part of our tailgate party let's get the party started. who will the next president be. that is still anyone's guess.s. the latest poll showing hillarys clinton with ah slight lead butl donald trump is pushing hard. both candidates have rallies in the big apple just blocks away from each other. > tom fitzgerald is covering the trump a.m. melanie alnwick is at the a
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tom, start is off. what is the mood like. m >>reporter:oo it's a little moe on edge after everybody justbo heard youdy say the end is near, shawn. you know what i mean, the end of this election is here. >>reporter: thank goodness the end is near. this is an election that has gone on now for over 5 hyundais. remember we started the 5@6:30 back on july 18.18. that was the first night of the republican national nv here we are tonight in new york and i will tell you this, this is an elect city tonight. no matter where you go. many coming from the tri-state area, nobody who lives here is shy. no matter where you went in this city, no matter who you talkedld to from the lady at starbucks to the guy whos what selling lottery tickets today, powery, p ball quarter of a build, everybody was talking about it.
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they want to tell you what he they think about it. trump right now we are waiting to arrive about six blocks norts of where we're standing right now. he is going to be at the mid town hilton.n. a lot of people wondered why he is not at one of his own hotels t. that's a question have still unanswered tonight. there's also going on in the street, that is a lot of media out on the street. why are they why aren't they in any ballroomm the trump campaign only announced this headquarters location thursday night. then they asked all these media organizations to put in for the credential requests over the last 48 hours i have been told roughly a large portion of the people who put in for credentials in trump's campaign headquarters tonight were denied credentials. they are the unluckily oness
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steal girder that the new york city police department have putv up all packed in because this venue is frankly just not bigg enough to hold the amount of media that wants to go into that room, that wants to see this night and wants to find out whao donald trump is actuallyut going to say once these election returns come in.. that is the big question we have.have we've all seen that. jim, shawn, you have of ' seen that, you know, election night >> sure. whether they win or they lose they talk about let's role up our sleeves and come back bac together.toge > i'm just curious has there been any talk among other oth members of!h the media about how frustrating this is? >> about not being able to have the full media contingent inside? > yes. >>reporter: you bet hasre been. there's been a lot of questionsi about why this particular venue
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>> i got an answer for you. apparently because you know he's been in all of his other hotels, trump towers.trum his hotel in new york city is actually larger than the hilton, but apparently the ballroom inrm the hilton is the largest venue that they can get to cram, you know, their supporters in there. they can't get that many folks over in the trump tower ballroom. at least that's what they're saying. i've been in the hilton ballroom. they used to hold the nfl draft thernfe years ago.. when you've got hillary clinton literally standing under a glass ceiling tonight and they've got the trump supporters jammed intd this ballroom and it is a big ballroom, but it's still a hotel ballroom. > right. >> it's been a lot of conversation over the last 48 hours with the media about why they are there.ere. the bottom line, though, trump supporters, it's about the
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that they don't want to see inse that room it's the media. >> this is i guess not that bigt of a surprise.rise > no. >> just very frustrating for it to be election night and not having access to what we've been used to have access to.cess >> by the way it fitz in with the way the campaign has gone. they don't care what the mediada thinks and they really haven'tay cared throughout this campaign.g > the way it has gone on it will all fit together ratherher seemless the story line throughout this campaign. > let's look the at upside, your background is very scenic and we'll enjoy looking at you you there throughout the night we're going over to medically alnwick who is live outside hillary clinton headquarters. >>reporter: definitelily the excitement is growing at the javitz center.
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hillary rod ham clinton hopes to shatter tonight. you can see behind me the crowds that have been waiting in security lines for hours are finally starting to file in.n. there is a mood public answer. p they are hopingu to get a front row seat to history.ry a little change of plans. we understand that hillary rodar ham clinton and her team are planning to come to the convention center to watch the returns. they were at at the hotel. we don't know what time they'ree going to be arriving. we've been talking about hillar clinton for most of for our virginia viewers we need to talk about senator tim kaine as well.l. the vice presidential nominee he was able to vote today in his home district of richmond virginia. what you're seeing is a harmonica. he plays the harmonica. he ought graphed all of these of and gave them to his stamp he h also gave them ais bottle of wi,
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note on his stationery. also when he was voting this morning really cute story. he wanted to be the first in line. he wants to be punk qualify. he arrived 15 minutes early for the polls to open at 6 and he was not in the first in line. he actually was beaten by a 99 woman, a neighbor of his who got there first. but tim kaine was joking about it on his twitter feed saying essentially i have to get used to being number that. we don't know yet when the canee camp is going to arrive here at well. whether they're all travelingl together or whether they're traveling separately.para lots of excitement here building. most of the events, the scheduled events we believe arev going to happen around 8:30. there's some inside and some jim and shawn planned for outside as well. we've had a little bit of intel on what sort of politicians and celebrities maybe even pop stars
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nothing so far that we can confirm or release to the public but i can tell you it's going tg be a good night.t. it's going to be a long night as well. live in new york city, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 localx5 l before we let you go, i'm just cure news. when you guys are in a situation like this, you're sort of lockck down. is there a way your camera manma can pan to get a fee for what that room looks like. >> we can try to pan two feet space on either this is pretty much the edge. maybe you can pan around and show you how the media from around the world all gathered in here. but we really can't move the camera too, too much guys because there just isn't a lot of space for it, all the wires and all the cables. > what we can show you is the glass ceiling here at the crystal palace, theafter its, convention center.
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not lost on all of these supporters who have waited ined line for hours to get to see see this tonight. > definitely not. >> mel, thank you very much. some polls are closing.sing you can see those coming in at the top of your screen right now. we have more polls closing at 7. including virginia.rgin earlier today there was a little lawsuit, a judge in nevada denied a lawsuit filed by donald trump and his campaign. he claimed people were allow to te during some of the early voting in nevada. they were claiming that peoplet were allow to vote even they weren't in line after the cutoff time. the judge said it has no bases, no evidence and dismissed the lawsuit. although if this raise becomes tight and nevada becomes in play it will be something the trump campaign will certainly go backk to. > an estimated 90 millionti people will vote in thisma
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early ballots. >> joining us right now, formerr press secretary for doctor bendt carson and via skype, the let's start with ben. give us a sense of early votingg and what a difference maker it is compared to 2012. obviously both campaigns really want to run up the score. early vote numbers out of florida show a huge boost in hispanic turnout, one that is we're seeing and sort of translated as we early exit polling we're seeing on election day. however, in states like north caroline action the early voteio numbersn started to look a lite bit better for republicans. there's still questions aboutou whether the black vote will bel turning out to the same levelme that they were in that state and across the country for when f president obama wasor running. > we have been hearing that the polls are very tight as we came down to the wire right here.e. we're hearing reports that re
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campaign wasn't letting in a whole lot of media for thiss event, something traditionally the media have been a part of. certainly we saw the contrast there with hillary clinton's camp. what is your p perspective? what do you think the trump campaign is keeping the media out. >> i heard your coverage earlier and i hadr co to laugh. i think it's really funny.ny. this is not about the media.ia it's about the trump supporters. i was on the trail with dr. carson and i'm sure that your team and other teams will pull coverage so see what's happening in there. the fact that media can be in the room, too me there are so many other important things tong be concerned about tonight. i think that it's great,t, obviously we want the media to be able to cover these things, but i don't think that there's going to be a lack of coverage. i think you'll be able to pull coverage. you'll see media will have access.cess it's not as if he's denying racks s. he's trying to make room for the people that have brought him to this
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more important things that wetht should be focused on tonight. what are those. >> i think we should be focused on tonight after almost twost year, it's november 8 and we have more people vote. we have more people engaged ined the process. they're boat on the democraticmr side and on the republican side, the people who came out in support of bernie sanders, young voters, new voters who haveo never been a part of the process, people who came to rally behind dr. carson, peoples politicians. i think we have a lot to celebrate in america and the ame fact that media can't get into the room is not a big deal to me. > moving on from that, ben, we, talked about the lawsuit filedit in nevada that was quickly dismiss. what's your take on that? is that part of an overall strategy for the trump campaign.mpai >> you saw david boss i, he described this as the first of the lawsuits. we haven't seen any major ones yet, but i think if these states
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and taking a look at the vote totals and maybe where there are concerns. trump himself was tweeting about issues in utah that took downt o some of the voting machines there, made people vote on paper ballots. we've seen from donald trump fro over the past couple of days and weeks this discussion about the rigged system, discussion thatso maybe there could be voterr fraud, issues like that. so it the wouldn't be surprising to see more of these pop up with lawsuits. as far as nevada goes, as you as were talking discussion about whether or not voters were let back into line after the polls closed on the early votes, right now, that's not going to be handled in court, but the judge didn't feel like that needed epa immediateea recourse, but their main argument because the trumpump campaign all they wanted at thie point was to preserve those ballots in case of a razor thin margin. the judge said we're going to preserve the votes in case of a
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i asked correspondy stuart, thiu has been a very devisive election, say we wake up tomorrow morning and hillaryorni clinton is the president, what do you think that other members of the gop, trump supporters,po what do we do to bring this trump together. >> if hillary clinton is ourton president then we respect thespc office. i think that there are many republicans who will still have clearly a problem with the woman, with the candidate and i this i that she will have a lot of questions to answer. the fact that she she continue continues to have issues with trustworthyiness. her trust numbers aren't great.a i know that donald trump'sum aren't, she'll have to understand a foru a lotnd of the e-mail questions that have not gone away.ay. there has been a about it of a civil war. and the republican party will reboot and ignite. these things have happenedings before and we want to say thatyh
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we've ever seen it, but parties have gone through unrest and civil war and they regroup and they rebuild and that's whatat we'll have to do. continue a and ben thanks for joining us tonight and tomorrow is a new day for america either way. thank you both. > let's talk about the weatherh today because it was perfect for voting. let's check in with sue palka and find out what we can expect as we role into these lastese evening hours. we're in great shape, theape, weather is really cooperating has been terrific.fic. if we do change things up as early as tomorrow morning. for tonight the clouds willll begin to build and thicken. it won'ting as chilly as ay as result of that. we should only drop to about 52 as opposed to so much cooler with a the look of placesaces getting down to 32-degrees. form some showers around for the morning commute.mmut we only get up to about 6 #out degrees and the rain will be steadier in the morning, more
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a tenth an inch or so and that's too bad because we have beene very dry this autumn we're aboue four and a half inches blows where we should be. we brighten things up again on thursday. we're back to 62-degrees. friday is veterans day and it looks like a lovely day at 64-degrees, but another front, u comest through and we're cooler for the weekend.ek saturday 52. that's the coolest weatherathe they've had so far this year. sunday, 60.. we're dry for monday andd tuesday. toy' 68-degrees. definitely a landslide. no doubt about it. > back to you. b >> thank you,ac sue.e. > fox5 is the only resource yoc need on this election day and into election we're live on the air until 8:00. we will have full coverage of the presidential results rightst here on fox5 news at 10 and 11. stick around, 5@6:30 will be
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you voted, what now? >> that's a question. perhaps a cocktail. > ron abbott grill where i imagineagin people are having a cocktail after their >>reporter: youeir have fans ey where and i'm sure you know that. this is tony from california university of pennsylvania. he says hi.. >> hi, jim. he came up to me right away.ay he's here without you. what are you making of the election madness? did you plana
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could escape from some of it. >> no, i actually planned the dinner and was surprised that so am people were i thought everybody would be home watching the results.ul they were available so we decided toive that it here and take in all the festivities of f the event. i'm glad you came and said hi, tony. we've got some old friends overr here. you're from the united states,te you're from the uk. i want to ask you, do you feel lucas a long-time voter, is this so much to take in? you believe it's happening and it'ss finally over? >> it feels like we've beenen running a marathon with this election it's hard to believe we're actually here and tomorrow it will be over thankfully. coming from the the uk we were talking a little bit about the break exit and comparing it. and what is your guess on what is going to happen tomorrow? it's been a roller coaster of election and i'm glad it's's finally reaching its climax.
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whoever she is. did you hear he put that in there. going for hillary clinton.llar you guys have been awesome hanging out at the bar. did you come to the bar to much what the results or to get away from the results. >> to be part of it. we're right down here in the epicenter. this is the reason for the season. so we're down here and part of it. > real quick, each of you, who, do you think is going to win. >> i think hillary is going to win. i stood here in 2008 when barrack took it. we marched to e i feel like it's going to be a similar night. amazing energy. this is the time to be in the nation's capital.pita > do you agree.yo >> i agree. i think hillary is going to win as > the pulse of the people.e. we're live at ebb it. an old friend. california university of pennsylvania. go involve cans. > we were talking about the a white house a minute ago.o. let's take a live look right now. it's going to get a new occupant
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as we've known in past elections, a lot of folks haveve gathered outside of the results as the results come in. polls close in virginia in about 10 minutes. if you are in line by then youen will still get to vote. > we have some early poll
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> i love a. 5@6:30 tonight. after a long and sometimes bruising campaign season it isan now up to the people. as we go live to the white house where fox5's marina maracco is l polls. what's it looking like. >>reporter: six states close s their polls, including virginia. for the most part people fromeo out of town just seenry. obviously this election very important to a the look oflook people for various different reasons. just a few minutes ago we caught up with a father and his children they were wearing black lives matter and he says that's very important to him come this election. it's very important for me to represent myself as a man and id reference to my children in letting them be able toable understand what it means to vots
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i'm concerned with what the rese of the country is going through. i was looking forward to a -- for the democrats to continue the > and we're counting down the minutes. now six minutes until the polls close in virginia. especially in five other states. of course we're hoping that the party livens up here outside thd whitee house. > very interesting. thank you very much. marina. > fox5 is the only resource you need on this election day. we will be live with you on the air until 8:00 p.m. tonight. > and then our team coverageov will continue from the clinton and trump headquarters up in new york. and as results come in, stay with fox5 or our mobile app for up to the minutethe numbers. of course you can check the app all night long.
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>> ?? >> we thank you for joining us for ouryo su pecial election nih coverage. before we get to that we havege some breaking news to tt elto tu out of the the los angeles area in southern california.ali. several polling places rightllin now are on lockdown after a a shooting there.he. >> now, our sister station insin los angeles is i reporting thata five patients have alreadyient been taken to the hospital hospl after a shooting.
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mountain view elementary andmend dalton elementary schools haveea beenry put on lockdown.n. you can see the vast number of police vehicles that are on o that area.rea. we understand police areer working right now to clear the scene. scene. we are still getting a little ll more information.nformati the ap is reporting that onehaon person is dead. dea three are injured followingollog reports of the shooting near aer polling the fire inspector there says s one person was dead on arrival r at the hospital.atospi two were airlifted to a treated right now. now >> we should say they were doerd not know that this shooting occurred at a polling place but because of wherever the shooting happened it wasuse of a some schools which are polling places.. those schools/polling placeslace were out on lockdown.ockd right now no indication thatat the shooting tookio place at a a polling place but some pollingol places shut down, again thishis is in azuza california nearornie los angeles. angeles


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