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tv   Fox 5 News Election Special  FOX  November 8, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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mountain view elementary andmend dalton elementary schools haveea beenry put on lockdown.n. you can see the vast number of police vehicles that are on o that area.rea. we understand police areer working right now to clear the scene. scene. we are still getting a little ll more information.nformati the ap is reporting that onehaon person is dead. dea three are injured followingollog reports of the shooting near aer polling the fire inspector there says s one person was dead on arrival r at the hospital.atospi two were airlifted to a treated right now. now >> we should say they were doerd not know that this shooting occurred at a polling place but because of wherever the shooting happened it wasuse of a some schools which are polling places.. those schools/polling placeslace were out on lockdown.ockd right now no indication thatat the shooting tookio place at a a polling place but some pollingol places shut down, again thishis is in azuza california nearornie los angeles. angeles
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willisson is reporting theretine someone fired at officers ona the scene. no officers were hurt. he said the ffic officers had to t seek cover and he was unable una to say whether any of theny o other people who had beenop who injured were also shot. again, this is a heightened --g you know be there's ahe's heightened sense right now.ense we heard of possible violenceioc at polling places. there are no confirmed reports that this is what thist t particular situation s you can y understand the need to nd lockdown the polling places in l this area because of what's goinga be ocan right >> we should indicate alsondic that at this time we have no ideaatis t about the shooterhoot situation, if that shooter has been apprehended if it's one itn of the victim in the shootinghot or not but we'll bring youngou more information as it becomeses available.avlabl now we do want to turn top t the wait for election results. s both presidential candidates can are holding presidential watchit parties in new york city tonight. t. >> our own tom fitzgerald isd following the trump campaign. melanie alnwick is live at the clinton campaign.paign. mel, we know a number of polls are just closing now, they now,e
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what is mood inside therede the where hillary clintonhillary cln supporters are prepared to are e stay there allpare night long?on >> reporter: that's right,. >> melanie, can you hear me. hem >> reporter: i can kind of k hear you it's very difficult here.diicule they've just started some of the -- the programming all the supporters that are starting to gather in the areath as the early returns are early cong close to call. they're hearing cheers or jeers coming from the crowd a very lek particular scene beginning here as evening, then returns start to get under uer way. we understand thatt mrs. clinton and her camp areonm going to make theirp way here r to the javitz conventionconv center where they're going toy't watch the rest of the returns and then again they're working g on two speeches, one would beec, a victory speech, the other a concession speech.ession certainly all the supporters
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symbolism of the glass ceiling at the javitz convention center will be accurate and a true and she will indeed indee shatter that proverbial glasslla ceiling of a woman finally a wol becoming president of the united states of america. security very tight here as well. very largewe sllecure zone aroud the convention center.enter. all the festivities areti a supposed to begin right around 8:30 tonight.ight we don't know yet if tim kaineme camp has arrived here yet y to be a long night. nht just found out also that voting in that critical statel t of raleigh -- of northf no carolina voting in raleigh ineii durham county itself extendedxte just a little bit because theyae had some voting problems earlier. that -- therefore, it means that those returns in thatt crucial state to both campaigns may not come in until after gn9:00s ma tonight.n again, it's going to be a long g night here but i think it's it's going to be an exciting one noo
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live in new york, i'm melanien alnwick. let's go to tomnwic fitzgerald.l >> thank you, mel. as mel mentioned as we gowe on tonight it's going get more exciting probably louder iny udi there. we'll try to work out all the bugs so she can hear us and we can hear her as well. well. >> tom fitzgerald is following i the trump campaign.ampa tom what is the latest on theesn trump side of things? thi >> reporter: good evening,even tony, good evening, shawn. sha we can hear you quite wellel tonight and this is a city c that is just been day long no matter where you y go in manhattan tonight,ight, somebody is either asking you y your opinion about thispini presidential race or telling tli you their opinion.pinio right now we are awaiting await donald trump arriving at the hilton midtown here on thee avenue of the americas.meri we are, of course, at the foxhex news election headquartersrt this evening. not know at this point this pot what donald trump is going to say win or lose.
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that trump campaign manager kellyanne conway saying to a a group of reporter that is donald trump tonight is going to impnc tluonde in his speech s analysis of the campaign as he sees it. now, what exactly that meansns as trump said himself a couple l of days ago, that is keeping everybody in suspense right now because for the fact that while many presidentialia election nights have come andhtc gone and for the most part,art, a concession speech in parth inp has not really strayed from fro many of the political traditions, that is not the, ato case tonight there are not many people here who can categorically say that a they do or do not know whatnow h donald trump is going to say win or lose this evening.vening. all eyes will be on the hilton tonight when donald trump tru takes that podium. piu it is tight i it is not a large venue.en there is only a limited amount o
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flanked with flags and on thatt stage, there's app special place ofci honor that has taken place for one very specialal symbol of the trump campaign, a glass case and we're note' n making this up, a glass case is on the stage and in that tha glass case is a make americari eaeat hat. it's something that donaldng tha trump has held dear to him t h throughout this campaign.caaign we will see what he has to sayay when he gets up on tonight. for now that's it from here inme new york city wheeler we'rer going to send it back in to ito you. >> tom fitzgerald thank youhanku very much. very much. association polls have closed in six states. they closed at 7:00ciatosed i pj six minutes ago including in virginia so from this point onfm we're going to start seeing s some of the eareely results come in, earl -- some of thosee of to early projections.ns. sarah simmons is live in thehe news room downstairs with theowr latest on that.s wi hey, sarah.ah >> tony that's right we'reat rig keeping a very close eye onse ee this tonight. tonight.
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we're talking about the states a where the polls have closedave d right now. 60 electoral votes total we're t looking at. with georgia. georgia what we're looking at with georgia is 16 electoral votes. also, the polls from what we w understand are leaning towardsds ump.p. at least they have been in the past. past in the past for georgia, theyia have voted in 2012, 2008 and 2004 -- some of these statesf ts have gone more red, some ofedmef course going more bl has changed over the years and it's really hard to get a definitive answer as to whichs i way some of these states aree sa going to go. let's take a look now at indiana. we know fox news has justt called the race for donald trump there. there. donald trump winning in indiana. it is of course also stomping sn grounds for governor mikes fo pencer there the vicehe vice presidential candidate along with trump.. 11 electoral votes that are up t here in indiana.. 2012 they voted red.
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red. so you can see how things canhic go either way in this statestat but again, trump winningning ere.e. kentucky let's take a look at a them now if we could. c eight electoral votes that areva up for grabs.up f they voted in 2012, 08 and 04 a0 red right away and of coursee trump being called for thed fo state of kentucky right now rigw let's move on to the next south carolina if we could.. nine electoral votes up for grabs here and you can see howos things have gone in the also voting for republicans.lica right now we're still waiting. we don't know what the it has not been called yet for f either candidate so we'rewe'r holding on there but one that ot has been called for hillarycally clinton fox news is callingli vermont. it has three electoral votes up, if we could pull up thatp t next look here at vermont, voting blue which no-brainer,bri vermont of course many times cou as we know voting and going towards the democraticdeic candidate. so we'll continue to keep an eye on these asonti well. wel also wanting to show you virginia, that of course that state also closing of coursefrs
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let's take a look.letake this is one of thehe battleground states of course swing states. ee've seen it go red, we've seen it go a lot of people call it the t purple state because we'vetate b seen it go both ways in the stst. 13 electoral votes that weoral have up for grabs here. also 2012 we voted blue. and then 2008, blue as well.el so, you see where things have hv leaned in the past.n the . again, it's were you everou ever those swing states we justin don't know either way where itgi could go tonight. tonight. we'll keep an eye o you.yo tony and shawn. shawn >> we'll keep an eye on it. i >> we should just sayouldust obviously these are very early numbers. the polls just calling. they do their polling outside o of the polling stations andtiond all of that kind of stuff. stuff we'll keep our eyes on some of these close races it is not unheard of to heartoea things turn a different wayereny later on in the night as more of precincts report so we'll soe keep our eyes on that. tha
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jim lokay is standing by with a sta tr?hawectooriwa werydaat t37 #that 3 ve sby
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here especially as things start to get a little heated and tighter with the numbers.te there is quite ar wi display off international media just outside the white house fence f here. everyone that you see there at a lafayette park they all need permits to stand there.he security is tight.. secret service checking oning everyone making sure thatha they're supposed to be whoe they are and supposed to beto be there.e. mpd also on the scene.ce that's because they say of the alleged al-qaeda threats that t were made on election day.. they're also outside the old post office,ic the trump hotel and one a o interesting person that wenhat e found tonight is a d.c. resident. it's not often that you findu fd d.c. resident from southeast sst just outside the white house h and take a listen to what he says about this election and a how it affects him. h [cheers and applause] >> reporter: how do you feelo yo about the election?
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and we're not talking enough as people. p you know, there's some thatt think if my half of the ship goes down there's is going stay afloat much it's not'sot true. ue. we're all going down we alldown are americans and there'sre's noplace greater than america. i've beenter th here 40 years ad mr. trump, there are a lot off people say that they going tot i change d.c. d i ain't seen nobody do it yet. you know, i rea everybody come here with w grandiose ideas but -- and thent bottom line, you know, i mean, hey, you know, it is what it wh is, but -- but we still got to t get along as people.seople. >> reporter: all right, andight, 14 minutes until the next two n big states, two swing states get called, north carolina and,o ohio and hopefully the crowd c starts gathering outside the out white house. we'll see what happens happe tonight. back to you in the studio. the .
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earlier a portion in north ino carolina, what was that. t >> durham county they have extended voting there sonded voting is going to continue is e there beyond what the originaln closing time was going toorig be so some of those results fromtso north carolina a key crucialeyrl state in this race, maybe ain t little later in coming.omin >> let's check in with our own matt ackland live at the navyhev yard. he's been driving around theun t district sort of getting theng pulse of the people.e ofhe p matt what are you seeing outin there right now?right n >> reporter: hi, shawn. well, you know that the presidential race that t people here in the district ofif columbia are thinking about the ballot initiative that ise t basically asking voter today'ser do you believe that the district should become the 51st state.sta. people are saying yes or no. n we're at gordon beersh at therst navy yard. they're setting up for a big big party. party. this should get under wayt der y probably at about the nexthe half hour or so. they've rented out the entire er place here at gordon too celebrate this because mostecos
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pass with flying colors tonight.toni so many people believe in the state hood initiative. viola is here having a littlengl dinner before the party startsta and what are you thinking thinkg about this -- first of all, can i ask you about the ask presidential race? are youyou pleased that we're finally voting for someone.omne >> i'm glad that the vote ise being taken today and theay and we'll know tomorrow who theomorh winner is and i'm hoping thatha trump does not win. w i am a candidate for the supporter of the democraticc ticket. ti >> reporter: what about a state hood? h >> of course state hood should long been on the agenda for d.c. >> reporter: well, do youeen ono think this vote willreporte actl push it forward? we have beenvn talking about at this time for so long and -- and it doesn'timt seem to get much movement but -- bu >> i've always said --aid -- somebody said they probablybly don't want to do it because itdi would be a democratic state if a it pass and i've always a thought once white people gothi into control it will probablybay
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that's what i've always a i hope it moves. mov >> reporter: you're here for the big party tonight. >> i'm here to watche bi the returns and to share in the victory for hillary. h >> reporter: viola thank youha and get back to your meal. sorry to interrupt. all right. so, that's the very latest andes a hey, shawn and tony, before iy,i let you guys go we're hearinggu abouwet celebrations that couldd take place tonight dependingendi on who might win. win in fact, some people have beenen telling me along u street thatta there are police that have gathered there in some o their patrol you remember eight years agoearo when president obama won the obt election there was quite a celebration along u street so alltree over the area we've beeb noticing police out and about and obviously they're therehere just in case because a lot of at people could be celebratingelebg tonight and i'm sure they just want to be there to make sureo r everything is secure so we'll sl head over there and check that t out and check back with you wity all a little bit later. lat now back to you in the studio. >> matt can i just ask you a quick question? just forcan k u those watching concerned
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initiative to make d.c. a state. st and we should talk about, youulo know, people are going to votee on that and either if they ifhe vote yes we want d.c. tot d.c. become a state that doesn't mean it becomes a state automatically, right? right >> reporter: no, no, no, not at all tony. there's a long process. pcess has to go through congressional approval, ava constitutional amendment. it's a long fight but i think ti a lot of people believe thisliet will be the voice of the of t residents who live here in district of columbia.ct oa. there's also a big issue across the nation that manytan people simply don't know that k the folks who live here in the t district of columbia don'ton't have representation in in congress and they're hoping to bring attention to that issuetoi and they've been doing thatey'vd for years but no, you areou exactly right, even if this vote does approve it tonight, tt that doesn't mean that the district of columbia becomeses the washington d.c. state, d.cst isn't that what they want toat w call it >> new columbia. >> reporter: no, new>>orte
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with that. t i think washington d.c. staten s is the new name they came upam u with but you were right about -- >> the that's what's on thet's o ballot. ballot. >> reporter: is that right? te you know what you're talking about. so i'll figure that out for the next one.r: whangl figu viola might have justavjust corrected me tony it's good to point thatt t out for sure. s >> yes it is indeed.ndee thanks viola.anks vio >> matt thank you.ou by the way we're coming up on 7:30. we should let you know north kno carolina ohio west virginiairgi the polls all closed there. the we will be watching the polle po results and the exit polls as p fox5. >> stay with us.y th u our live coverage of election 2016 will continue in e just a moment. a
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>> ?? >> all right, welcome back to our coverage. ht, we to make our own music ke o mus [laughter][laughte >> someone forgot to cue thet te band. welcome back to our livee t coverage oo f election 2016.n 21 just the beginning of what iswhi probably going to be a pretty
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far as the presidential election goes. goe the numbers are close. maybe not the electorallect numbers if we are to believeto e the polls but the polling pollig numbers themselves in terms of, you know, hillary clintonlat being ahead by a couple ofoupleo points in some states and what t have you. ha they're pretty close >> we should ltyet c you know ff news has called or made projections on wins right now. w fox news projecting donald trump won kentucky and indianaia and hillary clinton the winner there in vermont. again very early.ere we've got a linonagaig night of us so keep it right here asea those results continue to comeom in. in the meantime our own ronicaon cleary is live at the old ebet e grille where folks are takingfon a break after the electionlect drama. ronica what is it like righte rg there tonight.on >> reporter: heyig, shawn andd tony. i love the energy here.e. it really feels like that. tha that's a great way to describeor it, like all of the drama andmad stress has lifted. lif i want to introduce you toce you this woman. th i love she showedis up inp i election day fashion.hi you're the first person i saw
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occasion.occasi >> i'm ready. i'm here i to -- i new in from o san francisco to celebrate the t first woman president of the united states. >> reporter: so you came to justet tr:o s celebrate this election.elecon. >> yes, and to visit someit s friends but i thought it was w the perfect time to come. >> reporter: you're you'r definitely dressedde appropriate. it looks looks g all right so let's come overme e here. i know we spoke a little earlier. aryo states, you're from the uk.not . >> yes. >> reporter: what do you make watching all oforte this? s does it feel like flashback toba the brexit. >> yeah a little bit worriedttri that it could be brexit all brel over again. pollsters got it wrong t it could happen this time. i >> reporter: you're sayingou'r worried. you're saying you could feel agl connection to the outcome ofthtm this race. >> i think it's going to beg tob quite interesting if it's if trump who gets in.who ts i it's a bit of checks and checks for hillary, balancesbanc for trump. >> reporter: well --orter:l
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>> reporter: there you go. the we'll have to see. see let's come over whoever you have been patienting waitinge ov hanging out at thepati what do you make of this election madness? mne >> what do i make of the election madness?ne >> reporter: yeah. did>> r you like it? did you y revel in it. >> i reveled in a little bititeb but ready for it to be >> reporter: what iswhat do you think is going to happen toniisght. g >> i think michigan is going mg to go red and trump is going to win. thieporter: you think trump is going to win. >> for trump. >> reporter: what is your me.e. >> randy lord. >> reporter: already vandy calling it for trump right now.ter:it f you said you're from out ofm ou town right.toight >> i'm from michigan. michigan. >> reporter: did you vote in vin michigan. >> i did this morning. >> reporter: why did you come to d.c. didor comeo be a part of thete election. >> reporter: okay, allepor right. now we were talking -- there's-t a lot of people from outside osi of the united states hereates he tonight. i'm curious to know your take.ak where are you from?m? >> i'm from the netherlands.hers >> reporter: what is your take as a european watchingg this unfold? do you thinkou thk that the results will affectaf
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it's -- america is a very v important country.. america needs a good president, a smart president pre and hillary is going to be b doing that exactly. exactly she will be what americaca needs. it's very important for they whole worldim tpohat we get a go president and hillary is goingsg to do that. t >> reporter: she's callingter: it for hillary, he's calling it for trump. look at that. tha lo we're win and hearts and minds d right here at the old ebet ebe grille and like i said can'te id you just feel the energy here? ? we're having a great time and it feels nice after thehe election that we've beenve b through.throug so, reporting live, we'reive, we sending it back to you.ou. >> ronica, hope some of those folks send their lovelyely relaxing dinner and cocktails cc back to us. back t before we head to break io i want to let folks know dovernoov new hampshire is extending extdi polling to 8:00 p.m.llg to 8 not exactly sure.not exactly sur dover new hampshire thee. seconn
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extend polling tonight. >> we should also mention that in our area, i alsn most of our region, i know in virginiagi this is the case for examplecasf the polls in e virginia officially closed at 7:00 p.m..m but virginia officials did say s if you were in line by 7:00 p.m., you would have the opportunity to vote. they wilpol not turn yourt awaya just because the polls have closed. if you were in line, you wille n vote whether that's ate, 7:30, 8 o'clock, 8:30 whatever time tm it is. >> all right. if you're in line stay there.he. keep it right here for ouroo election coverage.erag we will be right back with th very latest.est.
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>> ?? >> welcome back everybody.el our coverage here continues of election 2016.coragetion again, we told you just ae ou j short time ago the results are r coming in right now. we understand that polling has been extended in parts ofen e north carolina, also nextwendene hampshire tonight and we arender
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fox news is calling westest virginia for donald trump. tru >> that is six electoral votes il believe. belie >> i believe that is six i electoral votes. >> so, that would put 25 p electoral votes in the column c for donald trump, threerump, the electoral votes for hillaryto clinton. fox newsral y calling vermont ft hillary clinton and for donald d trump not just west virginia vir but also indiana and kentucky kn at this point. >> early, early -- everything- e is early some of the polls are just jus starting to close.o let's check in with melaniemelae alnwick live with the clintonntn campaign up in new york city.ty mel, what is the energy, whatnew is the vibe like there tonight >> reporter: and here at the javitz convention center ther floor has significantly filled l since we first got here.t many people waiting in lineit il for hours and hours to starttart
7:32 pm
they hope to history and as the the projections start to srt come in, here on the big board behind me they have been flipping between networks and as the early projections comeiom in the crowd will either cheerit or boo depending on what that was -- what the results were,tsw whether they were happy withr th them or not.ey em we also can tell that you wethae are now able to give you aveou little bit of information infor about what's going to happen top here tonight. tonig katy perry will be here toer sing the national anthem andhe also mothers of the movement m stage earlier.age all of this beginning rightng around 8:30 tonight as theyhe begin to build the excitement,xn build the anticipation.ntation. hillary clinton and her camp her will be here at the javitz the v center to watch the returns r and i know they're working onoro both speeches as to whethers ash it's going to be a concession co speech or a victory speech.h. certainly they are hoping for h a big night here at the javitz z convention center tonight.ention
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>> reporter: good evening,oo melanie. we're here at fox news new election headquarters tonight. about 10 blocks north of us isru the hilton midtown and that isnh where donald trump will beill center stage tonight.onht you just heard melanie giveanieg out that long list of celebrities that are going to be taking partities in the hily clinton campaign. campa as far as we know at this point, the only celebritylebrit really of note that is goingts g to be at the donald trump tru headquarters is donald and that quite frankly has fit t in with his entire campaign.ig trump took issue with the lastil couple of days at the increasing amount oft o celebrities that have joinede jd the hillary clinton campaignntog fold just in the last 24 hours s she made appearances with jon wt bon jovi and bruce springsteenpr and you know donald trump hasowr always been the main attraction at donald trump at ld events so what's to comeome tonight? well, we are hearing now reports from the campaign ca
7:34 pm
kellyanne conway that whene conn donald trump gets up on therump stage tonight, he is going to "talk about this election as he sees it."heees now, we don't exactly know ectlw whether or not that is goingr or to be if he wins declarings arig victory or if he loses, not accepting these results. res of course that has been anoue th issue of much consternation over the last couple of days given the fact that he refused s to answer chris wallace'salla question during that debate as to whether or not he wouldther o election tonight after his repeated calls of a rigged rigge election that has been goings on here.g across the country tonightht trump officials havels h dispatched their attorneys into some of these pollinge of p places, you know, in certainner instances we know of one case c in north carolina tonight where both the democratic clinton campaign and the republicans in north carolinaicn are at least asking for one o down have its voting hours extended tonight because thereet were some malfunctioningalfutiog
7:35 pm
sons donald jr. and eric have e been making the round robin of o conservative shows tonight. tig while you do not see them inm front of any cameras thisamer evening the trump campaign cig tonight saying that the trumpssg in large part are still out sut that were making phone callsng c and trying to drum up support s and still get out the vote in places where the vote is still s going on tonight. ton we're live in new york city, liv at fox news electione el headquarters tonight. ton we'll send it back in to you. y. >> t >> before we let you go tom, got first of all, i gave west ge virginia an extra electoral vote a few moments ago, five ago electoral votes for westvote for virginia, not six.. tom if i can ask you a quick question -- >> reporter: what -- >> yes. >> reporter: tony you're just a very generous perso n rep per and it is in your nature.atur >> my want to spread thosead t electoral votes. >> reporter: to be a giver. ept to ask you aorte question though. going to see the easterning states cometo s in first ofn rs course. we don't know how long it will k take to getnow meaningful resus from them but some of thesef t
7:36 pm
we talk about pennsylvania, we talk about north carolina, we talk about florida. these are places where thosehero ray races are very close.s are c talk about the possible impactoi there early on this evening.thie >> reporter: well, if you're making any popcorn tonightngny waiting for florida i wouldridai urge you go out and buy more bags of popcorn because that'seu not one that's probably going g to planned anybody's laps very v quickly this evening this willti come down to flyover portionsor of this country tony andony a shawn.shawn. the great swath of this midwest and the west, you know, these flyover statess they're very large lar geographically but they do not t have the population in them. so, you know, you can see an instance tonight as theses t results come in where you could have state after state afr after state come in for donald the real question is what isat the population of thosehose states. st you have a state like montana geographically very large but b population-wise very small.ryma that doesn't translate into int
7:37 pm
nee ds double digits. dig he needs to stop hillaryp hillar clinton at places likee michigan, at places likecese florida, at places like north lt carolina. these are the states that donald trump focused on in thehe closing days of this campaigns a and making his closing arguments to these voters. you know, new york at thisat point appears out of his if he can close the deal in ae n place like michigan or north carolina or florida, all that talk about a month ago aboutgobo know, on her verge of becomingig president, that could change cha very rapidly tonight.ight >> absolutely. >> reporter: these are very are populous states. since they are large portionsthp of people votingor,ti that means the actual count is going to come in slower.meer so, the most important statesrtt are going to come in a lot slower than some of theseower t larger states that are goingso s to turn very quicklyta afterly a those polls close.the polls clo. >> we've been talking so much mc about north carolina 'cause we know thah ct hillary clinton cli
7:38 pm
night. fox news right now fitz is saying that hillary clintonhat n has an early lead in northd in o carolina although it's still ahl little too early to declare dec that but as we know that is going to be a key swing state s and they're also saying that say that race there for governore t right now is too close too call. the republican governor has govh come under a lot of fire fore the so-called bathroom bill. that could be key to decide to e hog wins this election.ho >> reporter: shawn, ifg wi she does pull nort c tonight this is a remarkable rel achievement in this respect.eme north carolina is a state that barack obama turned from red to blue.o b there is tracking pollinging pol going on tonight from fox news w election headquarters that is hr showing the african-americanrin vote in north carolina is in i and around 20, 21 percent.rcen that's down from where it was for barack obama at a 23 percent. so, what that means is hillary clinton is drawing otherngth
7:39 pm
her maintaining at this pointt democratic hold over north hd or carolina but not doing it withh as much strong support asrt barack obama had in two election with theon witthe african-american vote. v no, sir, north -- so, north carn is one that you are correct weot are going have to watch very wch closely tonight as theses t returns continue to come in.coie >> all right. a we will be doing that. tom, have fun out there. the >> reporter: all right.. [laughter] >> a mild night in new yorkau ml ci >> he's not wearing a coat.e's e >> you guys, you men people don't like coats. [laughter] at least the men in my in house. >> i've worn some coats. >> refuse to wear those coats. >> we'll bring you the lateste l numbers and tell you what's going on here locally as well coming up in just a few moments when we continue with our coverage of election 2016.
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>> ?? >> and we welcome you back tonight to our coverage of theef election. it's going to be a long night. t already several states havesevet been catalled.been >> we want to get some of the latest numbers to ge coming in. sarah simmons is at the board downstairs and can tell usrs anl about all of that.l ust all ha hey, sarah. sah. >> tony and shawn that'sd n th right. we have three states that haveve gone -- been projected the t winner by fox news for donaldond umump. indiana kentucky and westd west virginia. we still at this point justthntj have hillary clinton being bei named for
7:42 pm
here at the projected winner wne board see what we have at hav stake here. indiana with 11 electoral votes. next up, we had kentucky with wt eight electoral votes.ot again both going to trump. and west virginia, fiverginia, f electoral votes.el now, let's take a look at ifk af we could the other states. sta vermont of course for hillary cs clinton. let's take a look at the a loo t states where the polls havels closed. as of 7:30 right now, we have, v north carolina that has just closed. this is wha 15 electoral votes.15 e this is one of thele big battleground swing statesgrounds here. 2012, 08 and 04 you can seeee red one year, blue the other,ueh red the other.e ot so, this can go either way tonight. let's next take a look at ifakea we could ohio.hio. another big one that they havehe been crisscrossing throughoutcrs this 18 electoral votes.otes back in 2012, they went red, red 08 they voted blue and 04 they t voted red so you see theeehe progression and see how thingses
7:43 pm
on the board down here for you u guys tony and shawn and back anc up to you.up to >> thank you very much gomuch g ahead tony. t >> just want to give you some more information coming in totin fox news as we speak.epeak looking at -- we were talking t about florida a little while whe way early to be callingli florida but fox news is reporting that 40 percent ofen the precincts are reporting.epo. that's a pretty hefty number. right now favoring trumpg trump 49 percent to clinton c 47 percent so very, very close.e. the actual numbers 2.2 million votes actual votes for trump, tu 2.1 million for clinton so an indication that it could be a ta long night in florida. flori what else is new? >> yeah. >> as we'll keep our eyes onyeon that as things develop. >> indeed.ndeed. we wants to bring in right now n gop strategist mike laneragist and -- excuse me, democraticemoi strategist joline ivy.evy. they'll join us now. unow. guys, are you with us? u >> we're here.ere. >> excellent.el good to see you guys let me ask you, joline right r
7:44 pm
>> yes, we can. >> okay. oy. joline let me ask you as we'ree starting to get these numbers rolling in right nowese , what t your thoughts? we just saw saw some exit polling from virginia that says roughlyouly 61 percent of voters say say hillary clinton's use that ofhaf private e-mail did bother them but it didn't necessarilyri deter them from voting to aretoa her. her. what are your early thoughtsr as we're seeing the resultsearls come >> you know, it's just se o so early in the evening and i and feel very positively about a hillary winning this thing. so, you know, r you hear whatever results areesl coming in, my question isstiois where are they coming from? fro what part of the state? s? without knowing that, you really don't have real information.inat >> i agree.>> i agree let me ask you, mike, what arehe your thoughts on this as we're'r starting to see these resultsse roll in?ll in? >> well, virginia was always a very difficult place for f donald trump.donald trump it was only 12 days ago when w he was 12 points down in thepo t polls. then he started to close it.set. we're very hopeful that theulhat momentum may have carried him forward. but it's going to be another atr
7:45 pm
before we have enoughve e information to really figurey fg out where virginia is going asoa a state. >> mike, let me ask you a letas question. you know, we've seen the polls.po i don't necessarily completely l trust the the po i think some people don't share their true feelings withli pollsters in the days leading dg up to an election but we know k based on those polls the pollshe numbers are what has to happen for trump t in order for him to win tonight?togh >> well, i think in virginia in trump is looking for avi big turnout down state and perhaps p not a northern virginia which wouldgii be naturally a hillary clinton i base. i think we need to look at minority vote turnout in then te tidewater area, in richmond and in the northern virginiania area. those are going to be the keyse that i'm looking at the for howh the ultimately virginia isgini going to fall. >> joline, let me ask you l right now we are hearingnow reports that hillary clintonnt is leading in north carolina. cn we know this has been a hard har fought state for both the gop and the democrats.
7:46 pm
with a rally last night withith lady gaga. what do you think this earlyar prediction is telling us?ngs? >> well, if it's early now and w if it were the other way i'd i'd tell you it doesn't tell youel u anything but i just spent four days in north carolina doorolin knocking for hillary and with two -- with my girlfriends,irlfs dana and nicky, who said youo so have to say our names, and we w worked so hard and we met so mes many people but we really rll didn't have a real sense ofse how this was going to go. so, i just want to know did work payoff and one reallyeally interesting thing that i saw s in north carolina, they have these little staging areas all overmeek len burg county,urg co there were 12 just in onejustn n county where people opened their homes, had like minii campaign officers and it was w such wonderful grassrootsroot work, you know. i don't think we saw anythingnyn like that for trump. trump >> joline, is it -- is there a
7:47 pm
hillary clinton is going tong win, are you a little nervoustls that this could be closer thanu people thought it might be? b >> i don't want it to be close b at all. i want it to be a blowout bwo because if it's not, we'rewe're going to have to really struggle with a lot of people who will feel more emboldenedmbe to continue to kind of hate -- - the kind of late we've beene hearing over the last year ande frankly i don't think it's ifthi good for our country. country >> if donald trump does win the election tonight, whatha sort of work will the republican party have d repair how it's beent's fractured? you've got thehe trump supporters and then and te you've got the traditional gop. how will they come together. >> it's nothing like winning to actually bring a partythinua together and i think tllhag t wl be 90's percent of it.0's ent people want trailing around alig winner but should he be be elected president, you know,w, donald trump is going to haveave to work out some of theof t visions between his vision for america particularly in termsms of trade issues like that asha opposed to what the elected ect
7:48 pm
that.that he might try and accomplish his agenda.hi he has more in common with thehe democrats in congress andnd might actually strike a bipartisan governing coalition that would bring theover country together.geth you know, it remains to be, emai seen how all those things thing would be worked out but b certainly it's -- it's -- it's-' a hill that needs to be to b climbed i admit that.ha >> going to be a big hilll indeed.ed mike lane gop strategistategist joline ivy democraticocra stick around we have a long l night ahead us. >> i hear you have tacos here. >> that means we'll sticklltick around too. nobody told us about >> let's go the marina marraco. >> no tacos there's definitely more peoplell out here than there would bere b any other tuesday night muchtueh it's starting to ramp up and ra we're starting to see moreto see people out still a lot of media, a lot of f international media hoping forig things to get a little rowdy row but so far everything underryinu control.
7:49 pm
out here as well and well,el we've spoken to people from all different walks of life today. trump supporters, hillary supporters, people from can fro today, people who just want toe be out here 'cause they just thj want to be here.wa take a listen to what they told us.s. >> a little sick to my stomachth just because there is so much anxiety around this election and there's so much at stake ase for our future. fut like i said i have two young daughters so i'm very'm ver and the future that -- what wha i'll be leaving them. >> pretty surreal. we're actually kind of watching intently back ink canada as well and we've beenve watching all the coverage forero quite a few months so yeah it is kind of surreal to be here se in front of the white house of today. >> it's very important for mthem to represent myself as a man and in reference to my to children letting them be ablee e to understand what it means to o vote and making a stands fortan was believe in.was liev >> we got some problems.s.
7:50 pm
as people. peopl you know, there are some that think if my half of the shipthes go down there's is going tooing stay afloat.oat. that's not true.that we all going down. goingown. we all are americans. americans. >> reporter: tony, shawn 10 minutes until the super tooupert fast election night if youctio will, 17 states includinglung maryland, d.c. and of course c new hampshire, florida and and pennsylvania, it's going to be e a long night and we can'tc wait. back to you guys. >> a long night indeed.backed. maybe we'll send down to you marina. >> reporter: thank you very much. you know i didten't realizet it was tuesday. you know what they call tudaow wy >> taco tuesday.>> taco tuesda >> taco >> right.>> r >> stay with us. we'll be back with>> moreor election coverage in just a couple minutes. minut.
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
>> welcome back. our coverage of the 2016 election continuesr co.ti of course all minds on that presidential race. hillary clinton, donald trump. u who will win? at the board with the hey >> hey guys we just heard fox news is calling south carolina c for trump the projected winner indiana kentucky southen carolina and west virginia. vgi vermont of course for hillaryt f clinton. c we're still waiting virginia vii of course key battlegroundun polls close there ate at 7 o'clock. fut that's traditionally o course a very tight state.ght s. taking a look here at what weha
7:53 pm
again going for donald trump.r t next up, if we could kentucky,tu eight electoral votes and justnj to refresh again your memory,rea next up here is west virginia,gi five electoral votes.five of course we have a long ways to go to get to therse we magic0 electoral votes that either e one needs in order to win thishi race. so, we'll stay on top of that t of course and get back to youaco guys as we continue to watch to the board down here. her >> allall right, thank you veryv much, sarah. s as sarah mentioned aga donald trump.. nine electoral votes. we were going over the list of other states. sta north carolina we understande is in play. in pl fox news is reporting that hillary clinton right nowig seems to have a lead h as you know this was a big deal. we saw both of thoseoth those candidates visit that state ate the lot especially in the last l few days. donald trump and hillaryry clinton, hillary clinton ended her campaigning there last night we a rally with lady w gaga and jon bon jovi so it's is going to be interesting to seego itw it goes.
7:54 pm
that's the javitz center inz new york city where hillarycerk clinton will come out onto the o stage later tonight.on you can see her supportersig ars gathered there. n melanie alnwick is inside right r >> we'll take a break and w we'll have more coverage'e follo you coming up in just awe rnves moment. >> ?? developing a 21st century health care workforce to meet the diverse needs of patients? supporting medical research to discover new cures. prioritizing prevention to reduce chronic disease. sharing actionable data to improve patient care. n, high performing, simpler health care system. learn more about these ideas at unitedhealth group.
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7:56 pm
33 electoral votes at this point for donald three electoral votes forelecrar hillary clinton during this early stage of the game.y st we do want you to know thatha obviously there are some s important races in our area as well. the senate race in maryland, man the comstock-bennett race int ri northern we'll have all the latest lat information on all of thosese races throughout the nightt he n tonight. >> speaking of local races i r know another thing that's ano t going to be interesting forto people to watch f bormere d.c.c mayor vince gray is runningvinci for his olds seat in wardn seven up against two little it is likely most people peoe suspect he will win that race for city council and be back b on the council again. that should be interestingdr for him because of course he lost his bid for mayor amidid fa some scandal. sca he was not convicted of anything no wrongdoing sole itol will be interesting to coveroer that one tonight.onig >> another race where there's te no drama jerry connolly running unopposed.noppos he will undoubtedly be the winner there as a of course all eyes on theyeon presidential race tonight.acnigh
7:57 pm
night.nigh some states it is going takeoint quite some time to call whoall w will win those states. florida, north carolina, ohio,ii places like that.ike >> all right a live look righthr nowig inside the javitz centeri in new york city. this is where hillary clinton's team will ben's team spending the night.spen they will be watching andatchind waiting as the results come in tonight. here's a live look right now rit inside the hilton hotel inn manhattan where the trumpere thu campaign and supporters are gathered to and night to watchtw the results come in.lts me >> fox news coverage comingragem up. shawn and i will join you then we'll be back with full wil coverage at 10 o'clock10 o'cloc tonight.
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foxroadcast network election coverage continues with shepard smith right now. it's 5:00 on the west coast, 8:00 on the east coast. on a historic election night in america. i'm shepard smith at fox news world headquarters in new york city. on the fox broadcast network. hillary clinton, the first woman presidential nominee of a major political party, facing off tonight against donald trump, who defeated 16 republican rivals including senators and governors to clinch the gop nomination. the polls have just closed in more than a dozen states in the united states. including the biggest battleground of them all, the state of florida. right now, the fox news decision team cannot yet call the state of florida and frankly, it may


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