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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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the united states. while hillary clinton supporters are asked to go home by her campaign chair but told not to give up the fight. a special post election edition of "fox5 news morning" starts right now. good morning, everyone, we're waking up to historic and stunning morning on this day after the election. thank you so very much much for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> either wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday 9. now, if you went to bed thinking donald trump was on track to become the next president well that is now overrule. you see it here behind us, trump wins presidency many calling it the most stuping upset in modern presidential history. >> the on or about associated press called the race for trump 2:30 this morning and fox news followed there after at 2:40 and reports came out that hillary clinton called trump to concede the election. >> then at 2:45 a.m. trump election night headquarters new
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vice-president elect mike pence who elected the trez elect and melania and bar ron and older children think said he will be a president for all americans. >> no dream is too big and no challenge zoo great. nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. america will no longer settle for anything less than we must reclaim our country's destiny and dream big and bold and daring. we have to do this. >> here's hoy we got to this morning. he has 274 electoral votes and hillary clinton has 218 electoral votes. >> as you can see on the map here there's a handful of states left to report. not completely but it's not going to change the outcome and in the end it came down to
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electoral votes that put him off over the top. >> pennsylvania last voted for republican president in 1988. trump repeatedly campaigned there as did hillary clinton. but that's one of the traditional democratic firewall states that went red this go around. so did wisdom martin. now, clinton also might lose minnesota. you can see it's still in gray there. not officially reported and or michigan a lot of talk about michigan especially the day before election on monday. also, new hampshire is one of those states. people you know lots of people excited because this was a huge upset on the trump side. really excited about how this turned out and a lot of people on the other side very dispointed. they were expected to see first woman president. >> and sharing their thoughts all over especially on twitter this morning thomas cater saying the world is still turning you have to hope for the best or at least the very least not the worst. >> good perspective. >> alli says i wish everybody
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#get over it. >> and mark says what does it mean for apprentice? will they be chief of staff. secretary of state? white house chef? nice humor there. >> i don't know if that's humor or sarcasm. >> a little bit of both. >> we saw similar jokes when reagan was first elected because remember he was actor and then you know he ended up becoming one of the most popular presidents yet to be seen how donald trump will go down in history books but nonetheless he is the president-elect this morning and you're right, we all need to move on right? >> 4:33 is the time. coverage continues to morning. >> annie yu is live outside the white house with reaction, good morning, annie. >> good morning to all of you to be honest i think we'll see more reaction online than in person out here. it's anp eary feeling. as soon as we got here this morning i relieved one of our early reporters or late reporters i should say and you
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no one out here as far as reaction goes. we do see a few media outlets along 16 and h they too have pretty much packed up for the evening as well. di run into trump supporter this morning. he's happy, pleased about the results. but admittedly surprised as well. he went into this thinking hillary clinton would win as well. and he has definitely happy this morning. overall not many celebrating. closer to the white house we did see some folks protesting. shot this morning. there's a crowd of protesters closer to the white house on the north side. these are anti-trump protesters holding signs that read, stand up to racism. we rs saw at one point them burning a donald trump hat as well. we're seeing again more people leaving than coming. and some media packing up as well. but, last night, also, let's show you some video of that just from a few hours ago as results were coming in.
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well that marina morocco shed is a lot of people the sentence was there would be a big celebration down here let's go to the white house. really when they came here there were no celebratory crowds or no one out here. sos a results were coming in people were standing by and she did speak to a few out here for different reasons, guys, but again we will see a lot me reaction on social media than in front this morning. back to you in the studio. >> all right. annie. thank you four that. maybe we can all agree it was a mile start to the morning. >> wisdom you thought -- >> can we at least -- >> gary mcgrady, you can help us out. >> he makes it four. >> you agree with was mild this morning. >> you now know why i stay on completely different floor. i have to be a floor away. no, it is mild out there. >> oh, majority wins.
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>> i'm not conceding yet. >> we need a concession speech you. >> won't get a phone call from me. >> i hope annie yu has her rain jacket. we're about to get showers moving through the city. we talked yesterday how it looked like we would have a wet a.m. commute probably drier pm commute. heaviest of rain right now is up north of us. there's nothing too heavy here. at least there's moral most moderate rain falling northweste back up to southern sections and southern central pennsylvania. okay? we'll contend with showers over the next several hours. okay. here we go. 56 degrees. is it mild or not. i mean i know compared to culpeper and mannasas were yesterday they were in the 20s. it's 50 now. martinsburg is 54. haagers taken to with showers 56. rain is about to move through and get all on top of i 95 and eventually swing east of us.
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be up into the lower 60s. some only upper 50s. showers will continue to 2, 3:00 or so and we have to get a little sunshine popping through to dry things up for evening commute. not a lot of sun. winds gusty too and nice weather the next several days. we'll talk about that. of course, throughout the morning. they'll give me a little time here or there. here's erin como with a look at traffic. >> 4:37 gary mentioned rain moving in through the district area soon. i'm worried that could cause a messy wednesday morning commute. overnight construction still lingering in inner loop cop con avenue. seeing green on map because traffic is so light it's not causing any major slow downs. keep left through construction zone shoulder blocked 95 southbound by cherry hill road that's for construction as well. baltimore washington parkway quiet in both directions and traffic flowing freely at that point.
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cruise ago long through false church. let's hop outside and go down to the white house. traffic is cution now. pennsylvania avenue at 17 street and very light volume and very quiet view from down. there right near where annie yu s we'll keep you updated when things get congested. we'll forward cameras now and show you how things are shaping up on the key bridge as you make your way rosalyn to georgetown now. light volume. i don't see any problem areas outside towards ross lip and once you get to georgetown secondaryyes around the district quiet. we'll look at metro and keep you updated on the commute. back to you. >> coming up on "fox news morning" president-elect donald trump begins to outline his plans for the country. >> and voteers in northern northern virginia and maryland fill several key seats on capital hill. >> as we head to break a live look across the region. the time is 4:38. the temperature 56 degrees.
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>> we have a great economic plan. we will double our growth and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world. at the same time. we will get along with all other nations, willing to get along with us. >> donald trump, 45
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his victory speech in the wee hours of the morning and in fact, washington d.c. is waking one a new president-elect. >> now, soon the donald trump hotel will no longer be donald trump's only pennsylvania avenue address. we sent our "fox5" anjali hemphill down here this morning and she joins us now with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: oh, good morning, very early indeed. it's just actually starting to rain out here. but that has not stopped people fr hotel to revel in the moment of the results of the election or protest them as well. i want to you take a look behind me here. security guards just walked out of the trump hotel a few minutes ago to sort of kind of talk with the people that are out here. again, people have been coming here to either show their anger, but most people that showed up here have been very excited about the results. earlier we spoke to two gentleman who were wearing
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they were surprised at the results. but at this point, could not be happier. again, we do have people that are possibly causing an issue out here. security looks like they're dealing with it at that point. and earlier, the same people that security guards are talking to right now were actually joining hands with some other young folks that walked up here that didn't seem like they knew each other. it looked like they were praising election results and looked like they were down. but, now it looks like maybe they might be causing some sort of issue and are at least being talked to by security here. again, though, while it's still early and again the weather might be coming down on us soon, people it's not stopping folks from coming out to take selfies or two drive by and yell out their disdane at the election results. certainly will be a hot bed of activity for rest of the day i we're live in front of the trump hotel. anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news".
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coming up president-elect donald trump is big winner of the night. >> but so were some local incouple bapts and we'll explain what we return. >> as we head to break now let's take a look across the d.c. region. time is 4:44 and it's 56 degrees. back with more fox news morning
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>> taking i live look at the whitehouse where come january president-elect donald trump will be taking residency there. the big news ever the day the shocking upset in the presidential election. but, before we get to more of that we want to talk about the weather. we think it's mild pa, wisdom. >> wisdom is still. >> the stand alone. >> arguing that point. >> nonetheless we cannot all agree it will be wet soon. >> showers are fixing up especially west of us. western suburbs all wet now.
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the rain is m coming out across. there's nothing too heavy here. listen we need the rain. we got to get decent rain eventually. this will not be that. some of us with the rain get a tenth inch. maybe a couple spots quarter of inch that's about it as these things pass through in the morning hours. we'll zoom in to show you this light rain is over spreading district and give it 0 minutes or so and everybody in the district well be wet. comeing across i 95 will make for a challenging morning commute. i think it least for the next several hours around here. initially it will be steady and passing in nature. there's a frontal system back out west of us. along the front and ahead of front that's where we get the showers here. these will move on through. cold front will bring cooler temperatures tonight and tomorrow and actually tomorrow may end up being warmer because we'll is more sunshine. but still it is cool front that will move on through and winds will pick up this afternoon. here's what we're thinking for
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be cloudy with showers. and 54 or so. i think at lunchtime we'll be cloudy and still have passing showers. i don't think it will be steady rain at lunchtime. i think it will be more scattered. temperature approaching 60. let later on this afternoon we get rain out of here in time for evening commute. sunshine will break through and wind kicking up and that dries us out and temperatures drop after a little bit. again once we get the front and rain through the next really nice and we're still calling for a chilly weekend. we'll talk about that more coming up. right now, though, it will be a challenging morning commute out there erin commute erin commute with the rain out there. i have not call you that in a long time. >> thank you, gary. keep bracing ourself for a wet ride. grab umbrella and patience. we're crash free apround the dmv. with the rain moving ain that could change.
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northbound side. southbound side through fredericksburg quiet and inner loop annandale moving along long. we're problem free through fairfax and looking good through falls church. i'm let you know in anything pops up and changes, let's look live see if any of the rain moves in right now 50 inbound at the beltway and a little volume picking up on inbound side. however as you make your way annapolis to the beltway you're wide on and not seeing issues there as you head inbound towards the district. i let you kn starts to the put a damper on earlier rather than later. moving for a look at 66 nutly street and steady flow of headlights making way inbound. however we don't have volume as you saw on map. plenty of green back through mannasas and gainsville. i have you covered if that changes. we'll switch it back over to the maps. we're seeing a lot of green on 270 coming inbound from maryland and we're also seeing nice conditions, 95, through fredericksburg and stafford this morning. and southeast, southwest freeway, delay free.
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and we'll take a look at metro next. right now they're gearing up for service at five and safe track tend impacting commute there. keep it to "fox 5 news
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forgotten no longer. [ applause ] we're going to fix our upper cities and rebuild our highways and bridges and tunnels and airport, schools, hospitals. we're going to rebuild our infra stroouk structure. >> we're back at 4:5. let's look at key local ballot initiatives in fairfax county and controversial meals tax was de beat third time in 24 years voters rejektsd the meal tax increase and maryland prince george county voted to at two at large snits country council and montgomery county they adopted term limits for county executive and council members and finally in district d.c. vote areas proof the statehood referendum with 08% of vote count. congress has to approve the measure d.c. leaders said they plan to press the case for new president and new kong gles january. >> here are results of local races let's go ahead and start
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chris van holen wins maryland eighth congress at seat after came. >> naep virginia, the most closely watched congress at race in virginia was freshman barbara come stock reelected to virgin lieu an ben wet 5% of vote count. >> in washington d.c. no surprises here. delegate eleanor homes norriton and shadow senator franklin garcia. and vincent gray is headed back to d.c. council. he will represent ward 7 more than 83% ever the vote. heavy favorites on d.c. council democrat robert white won a seton d.c. council with 38% of vote and ward two council
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ran unopposed. all right. let's talk weather now. >> all right. >> let's do it. >> let's bring in gary mcgrady and let him give us an update on the weather. gary, they're trying to sway me but i'm staying -- >> it's 56. >> here's what i got say, staying the course. >> i've kol up to second floor or first floor whatever it is so we're on the same level. don't make me come here or get in the middle of you guys. >> enough said. >> we're united gary. >> i think it's mild, too. >> sorry, wis. >> come on man, here is where we are. we're tracking rain. this is what wheeling doing all morning as this point you see the showers are spreading over d.c. and i think that occasionally some of this will be moderate you see a little sprinkling of yellow from time to time and that means we're getting out of the real light stuff and moving to moderate range there. again it's over us for the morning commute. you know what that means.
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shows this frontal system will be sweeping in from the west later this afternoon. it's not super cold behind the front but actually we'll be about 61 today for a high temperature. tomorrow, behind the front we're actually going to be warmer. that's because we'll have sunshine. instead of clouds and showers. temperatures right there mild, 56 in gaithersburg and 57 annapolis and mannasas this morning 50. mannasas yesterday morning was in the 20s. highs today only in the low 60s and upper 50s depends the showers should break up in the early afternoon and we'll dry out this afternoon. so, a wet morning commute. a drier evening commute. i say that because now it's time to talk to miss commute herself, erin como. >> thank you, gary. 4:56 i'll say it i'm sleep deprived with other folks in the area. >> have more coffee come on. >> second cup of coffee and it's before 5 a.m. it's wednesday morning. right now we're seeing dry companies. 395 northbound. this is by duke street as you make your way to little river
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wide on. a lot of folks have not hit the roads. sdivrp story 270. this is 270 southbound side of clarksburg road heavy flow coming on that southbound site as you make your way from 70. we're seeing light rain in maryland now starting to see a little bit of dampness on the road. caution and then as you make your way out here on the beltway this is at river road. traffic is flowing on upper and outer loop and no problems across the leemingon bridge all other bridges looking good and quiet this morning and as we take a quick gearing up for service at five
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>> we have a great economic have the strongest economy anywhere in the world. at the same time, we will get along with all other nations, willing to get along with us. we'll have great relationships. >> while most of you slept the new president-elect donald trump began to layout how he will lead the nation for the next four years. his victory proving to be a stuping upset and indication of
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with how washington has been running. good morning to you and hawnk for injoing us i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve steve. >> today is wednesday november 9. thank four joining us on special election day coverage. we're happy you're with us for the post election coverage. if you went to bed before it all settled. 2:00 this morning the clinton campaign chairman john podesta came out address supporters in new york. he told the crowd t get rest. the cam pain would reassess the situation in morning. hillary clinton herself never appeared. never addressed the crowd. >> around 2:0 associated press called pennsylvania for trump. that put him over the top to become the nation's 45 president. you can see there on our map that that gave trump 274 electoral vote and to clinton's 218. clinton followed that call and five minutes later 2:45 this
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into ballroom with head quarter with melania and bar ron and trump's older children he addressed supporters and the nation. >> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. [ cheers ]. >> we are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways and bridges and tunnels and airports hospitals, we'll rebuild our infrastructure. >> so quite a surprise for a lot of people. especially a lot of those doyj polling who knew it would be close. in the end it was not that close after all. >> it sure was not. many folks waking up again to the news. and let's see what some of you are saying this morning. looks like donald has really come up trump. >> we'll roll through a couple more tweets this morning.


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