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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now at 10:00. >> i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> world reacts to america's decision. >> no racists in the white house. >> billionaire businessman donald trump is now
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to the epicenter of washington d.c. >> so, where does america go from here. >> from tough kchings. >> how could he be elected as our president, leader, someone we tell the children is not the right way to be. >> to putting a plan in action and the immediate impact the shift of power could have on your bottom line. "fox 5 news" at 10 starts right now. thank you for joining us tonight at 10 i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony pein >> it's clear america is divided over the election of donald trump as our 45 president. tonight, hundreds of people marched between the trump hotel and white house on pennsylvania avenue. >> in fact that's where "fox5" sarah simmons is and we understand, sarah, there's a protest in a different area from where you are. we understand there's been atreingts. we'll check in on that area in a minute, sauer after, what's going on where you are.
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there's a lot of activity but a lot of active take as everybody is wondering what will happen with the next president. it's the big question tonight. what will a president-elect donald trump white house look like? will it it be full of outsiders? or beltway insiders? it's speculation at this point as the transition against and new presidency takes shape >> the campaign noise stopped. >> i know how dispointed you feel, because i feel it, too. >> disappointment for some, satisfaction for others sdmri pledge to every citizen of our land, that i will be president for all americans. >> and now the real work begins for president-elect donald trump. so what will a trump presidency look like?
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berkman expect washington insiders to lead the charge starting with trump's vice-president. >> pence willing the guy with great relations on k street and look to him and mitch mc connell in the senate. i'm hearing gingrich will be secretary of state. >> on a grander scale will president-elect trump be different from what the nation saw on campaign trail. >> i think he can be con silliateer and accommodationist and can bring people together when he wants to. i think he decision not to take his foot off the accelerator. he wanted to be that character all the way through. because he wanted to have all the exposure. and deprive everyone else of the oxygen political oxygen and it worked. >> the next few weeks willing very 2e8ing and he said you have to keep an eye on interaction between house speaker paul ryan who really butted heads with donald trump
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conservatives like marco rubio as well. keep an eye on how it will shake out. what's important at this point to concentrate on for president-elect donald trump is reunite the fractured republican party before he can start thinking of about repairing things with the entire county. back to you, tony, shawn. >> sarah simmons, thank you. i know we've been seeing protests elsewhere around the country including another location at the white house. >> maryland is there and we ki o live shot we were going to go to because there was activity there and arrests were taking place. marina, you can tell us what is happening now? >> well, right now, secret service is removing us from this area here. you'll see how empty the area aout around the fence is now. they're move us away there's an unruly protester started a fight and this started a situation here minor melee.
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operations out here as well as secrete service pushes us away part of the anti trump protests we've been seeing throughout the country at trump properties including here in d.c. across just a couple blocks down pennsylvania avenue at trump hotel. this protest started and they walked from the white house to the hotel. and back to the white house here. i don't know if we have pictures from the protest across the country, chicago, philadelphia, new york city, outside trump towers in those cities and t cities and the trump properties. and you have some obscene fellows out here -- anyway this is the scene here as you can tell people are pretty upset with secret service here pushing people out from the white house grounds but any time something like this happens it's obvious especially the president is in town they'll remove folks from proximity from the white house. you hear them now saying -- we -- it's okay. we're live. so you see a lot of animosity
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police. this is of course something that we have seen before with "occupy wall street" protests. they have asked npd to assist secret service. an ambulance is here in case the crowd gets unrulyed and someone is injured. this is not unusual in washington d.c. and of course, we have folks here -- i'll let you guys listen in on the ground and see the protests. it's not large little unruly. $hartd to tell the crowd is moving how many do you estimate are out interest right now where you are now? >> i would say shawn a fairly small crowd a couple hundred out here. obviously when you are in a city like washington d.c. with so many areas protected, chill out, like the white house --
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>> people around here get a little unruly. for the most part a couple hundred are protesting and saying stand with immigrant workers and no bigotry and a trump rally getting out of hand as the night continues. >> be safe out there we'll try to come back to you later on as the situation develops out. there marina morocco, live near the white house tonight, thank you. >> meantime many people were feeling blue after the election results so. they gathered tonight in dew point circle a little bit of a different rally hug n organizers wanted people to come together in an effort so understand one another and work together for a better world if i did not get to attend and get some of the hugs you can stibl part of the event. take a picture of yourself hugging anyone post to social media and august the #, hug your neighbor. >> tensions are running high in the district as protest broke out today on american university campus. some students were so upset
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burned several small american flags. witnesses we spoke to say there was a scuffle at one point and no one was hurt. following that a few students stuck around to take part in anti trump chance and debates with a few students wearing make america great again hats. >> that's when some of the students from black lives matter group pulled out american flags and started lighting them on fire. tore me personally my dad is in military the image of the flag burping brought me to tiers. >> officials at american ruvrt aware of the protest. they say ultimately they want students to be able to express their freedom speech. well voters are certainly concerned about the effect this shift of power will have on their financial bottom line. lauren demarco joins us now from georgetown with more. >> reporter: we've been watching it play out in the news. kloing up our social media feeds for months.
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mogul donald trump will be the next president what will he do for what's inside your wallet. we talked with kip ling ger of what is means for your personal wealth. >> taxes. trump's plan brings a plus for llcs and small businesses. >> he wants to cut the federal corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. >> with income tax the more wealthy you you are the more you ben 1% ers like hillary clinton safe millions and those earning below 50 grand. >> they get a tax cut toovrment not as significant as $1,000. >> number two health care significant change if not outright repeal of the afford kabl healthcare act. >> that would mean. >> almost ten million americans now have healthcarener obamacare will lose healthcare. >> trump wants to replace obamacare with a system where private healthcare provide kerz
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>> they can sell insurance across state lines. create more competition to try to drive down the cost of plans for people who do not have a company providing healthcare. >> another big one particularly here in georgetown, student debt. >> it's number three. under trump's plan the interest rates would be variable depending on chosen career path. >> sociology major may not have as high of interest rate on student loan as say someone going to law school. >> and number four, social se most of the debate has been over making cuts in benefits anden creasing retirement age. >> trump said he has no interest in doing either of those things. >> do we know where he plans to get the money from. >> no. >> and number five, dependent care. trump plans to set up a tax deduction based on average cost of childcare in the state. >> so you could take a write-off, a dependent care write-off up to four children
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you're caring for. >> but he says there is much that remains to be seen when it comes to what to expect january 20th because many president-elect's proposals are rather vague n northwest, lauren demarco. "fox5 local news". >> across the country and right here at home the results of this president den sham election are sparking some difficult and tough kchxs. >> tonight, people gathered at an arlington church to talk can ditdly about where america goes from here. we'll have a live report coming up >> in the meantime these are life images coming from chicago one of the many protest rallies going on around the can'ty tonight. there's hundreds of people gaermed in the streets protesting. they have been marching and they are opposed to donald trump being elected president. we're seeing similar protest as you saw in washington d.c. and also in seattle and los angeles and aroub the can'ty. we'll stay on cop of this and have much more when we come
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>> let's take it outside now. a little rain fell across the region earlier today. is it time now to pull out the winter coat. sue palka is here with answers for us. sue, the rain is out of here, right? >> the rain is out of here. but not only will you need the heavy coat as we go forward but gloves at night. it is is starting to get chilly. a cold are air mass. the preezs are picking up. with have upper level low system and it's off the coast and thunderstorms towards calvert and st. mary and they had reports of pea sized hail as that was going on earlier today. give it a little longer on delmarva and all those showers will pull on out. boy, it's getting chilly and cooler tonight than last night. 48 in gaithersburg and it is 48 in winchester and 46 cumberland and it's a little gusty out. there we have mrepttive places up and over 25 miles an hour with the gusts. expect that to continue as well
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tomorrow morning. we're headed for mid and upper 30s north and west to 44 degrees downtown. so that means expect a sunny and breezy thursday. and little bit on the chilly side as we look at the bus stop tomorrow morning after school. notably breezy and you need the sun classes, 57 to 63 and that heavy coat will come in handy tomorrow morning. tony. >> thank you, sue. new tonight at 10. a verdict in the case of the man accused of robbing and raping women near two metro stations. guilty today on 23 of 24 counts. he was accused of robbing three women and raping two others last summer near the brooklyn and for the totten metro stations in northeast. prosecutors argued dna connected banks to the victims and surveillance video captured him later using their credit cards. banks claimed he was falsely identified and said the sex with both women was consensual. developing tonight, d.c.
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place two weeks aparts. and the first happened last month in the 3700 block of j street in northeast and two men spotsylvaniaed the victim in the parking lot at the may tear mansion as apartment complex. police state victim was strapingled to death so. far no arrests have been made in that case and yesterday afternoon, a woman was stabbed to death along the 26 0 0 block of palmroy road in south east. police identified the victim as 40-year-old anita pratt. the two in the district to 116 so far this year and police are asking anyone with information about these crimes to give them a call. an arlington county gathered tonight to look for answers following the election. a church held two gathering to offer healing and support for the muslim community. laura evans joins us with the story. >> i'm at the unitarian universalist church in
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which was packed. the church here the reverend said she started getting calls early this morning from people who said he were looking for healing and comfort following this deviceive election. so she said she organized very quickly a candlelight vigil and a healing service. hundreds tonight showed up after the service and reverend said it reminded her of 9/11 with so many people that showed up and all the raw emotion that was in the room tonight. >> they're mourning and so i council them the same way i council someone in grief to feel their feelings and know there are other people around them that feel the same feelings and to stay in connection with each other. because right now while you're in grief and raw shock it's very important to not isolate yourself. and so that's why we created this opportunity for people to come together. >> is it safe to be out there?
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with this hate. it's really very disappointed and we didn't expect that you. >> had fear walking a rounds today. >> yes, so i decided to drive. usually a take the metro to go to work. today i drove to my work. >> hatred comes out of being afraid. i think. and if people can be less fearful then this less likelihood to be hatred. inside of that church a lecture was going on on islamophobia and building solidarity with muslim neighborhoods. it was planned for a while. it happened to fall today after the election. they discussed how some allow election rhetoric more than terrorist activity to incluence them and create a rise in islamic phobia the result is discrimination and consequences that are real and dangerous
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muslim americans here tonight say fol the election they are scared of how trump win maying taken by some of his supporters and you heard that woman talking about how she was fearful of going out with her head dress on today and she will not take that off and it is something that is part of her and that she will wear it and continue to wear it proudly. but, it does strike some fear in some to go on and deal with this fear and the islamophobia real in the community. reverend peoples says people need to continue to feel the emotion they have and if they need to, put that energy that -- the anxiety into creating change eventually. above all else respect your neighbor and that is the most important thing. that was the message here tonight n arlington, laura
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>> and last night a majority of d.c. voters approved a referendum for d.c. statehood. muriel bowser explains her plan to make it a reality. >> and anti-pot laws are going into effect and when they'll go
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>> all right. these are live pictures now from seattle. since the top of the show we've been letting you know about a number of protests taking place across the country. these are people who are upset with the election of donald trump to the presidency there are protests in washington d.c. and these are protest in seattle. san francisco and i believe los angeles as well. weaver seen protest all offer
10:25 pm
chaptering and using the hash tag that went viral on twitter which is not my president. we seen hundreds take to the street shutting down major highways and there are reports we saw here one protest near the white house and police made a couple of arrests down there. we're getting reports there may have been a shooting near this protest in he satle. we have not confirmed that just yet. again we're trying to keep an eye on all the situations happening around the can'ty tonight. >> in the meantime marijuana are celebrating a big victory. >> propoint measures -- pro pot measures made eight different stays and breaking down what it means. >> most attention was on presidential election. voters in eight states approved pro marijuana ballot measures including votes for legalization, massachusetts, california and nevada and similar in maine looks to pass throat ballots are being counted.
10:26 pm
their cause. >> what happened is a punctuation point and firm direction of what the future will look like not only for our state but for our entire country. the new states joined four others and district of columbia in legalizing pot for recreational use. advocates say continuing criminalization only wastes law enforcement resources and denies public badly needed fund that can come from taxing pot sales. >> it's been the market has been there it's time for it to be legitimate. we're regulated and it's time for that to be standard for the product. >> some disagree citing concerns of rise in auto accidents and deeper drug addiction among young people. they say the movement needs to take a step back and find ways to make marijuana available for safely. >> we don't want to allow for cultivation and distribution without having regulations in place. >> you don't do nal sixts you
10:27 pm
over regulating or under regulating. >> florida, north dakota and arch aring also passed measures last night allowing for use of medical marijuana. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. well the district is now one step closer to statehood. nearly 80% of voteers surprise pour aitd measure that would make the district the 51 state. d.c. would be split into state of new columbia for residential areas and federal distr are elected. it would elect a government nor with 21 seat state legislature instead of city council. muriel bowser plans to deliver the d.c. statehood fresh measure to both president-elect donald trump and congress by inauguration day which is and 20. >> sounds a little odd. okay. >> when we come back a post election lex edition of what the facts.
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this in a while because of the world series and election. >> we want to -- to help us get through that is d.c. native and comedian william trotler. he will join us after the break. he will join us after the break. stick around. man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you.
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>> we're back now with a look at tonight's top stories. we will begin now with marina morocco live house. >> tony, things got dacey at the top of the hour and secret service has gotten everything under control. d.c. police out here and outside the white house fence closed down for the first time since donald trump took office. things here getting a little heated as the anti-trump protesters walked over from trump hotel to the white house. you see the crowd for the most part dispersed a couple arrest here on the ground but it seems like things are under control, sarah.
10:32 pm
campaign is over and that means a new presidency begins. some republican strat giingts believe we will see possible familiar faces and career polltations and running mate mike pence strat giingts also say at this point it looks like they need to repair a fractured republican party before they try to reunite america. that's the latest, back to you that is mutic to our ears. it's wednesday and time to get back to "what the facts "we get to show oven cyclo periodic north on everything and everything or lack there of. >> we're looking at last night election and president-elect donald trump. joining us to help out is comedian and d.c. native william approximateler. hello williams. >> thank you. >> you look fantastic man. >> thank you, bro you.
10:33 pm
fire and i know recently been involved in something jokes and jazz. you can tell us what what the that is. >> jokes and jazz is brain child of khar mag nel acpe vision foundation allows yunl, young people talented young people i might add to educate them mentor them and allow them to perform with professional performers. it's awesome you have to get out. jokesa jazz. wonderful thing. >> all right. >> they're true or false answers. >> all right. you guys ready. >> yes. ready. >> let's do it. >> we need light moments. >> here we go. all right, the states too close to call were arizona, pennsylvania, new hampshire, michigan and wisdom martin. >> i think there were more than that. >> yeah. >> so that's probably false. >> this is tricky. >> it's half true and half false. >> arizona the numbers were
10:34 pm
i'm going to say false. >> false. >> there were more han that i go false too. >> there were more than that the ones i listed were true. >> okay. >> so it's a trick question. >> that's right. still got time. don't worry. number two, president owe lekt trump has six kids. >> i'm saying false. >> false. >> i did a quick finger count. >> false. >> false. >> it's five. >> that we know about. >> number three. >> i heard that. >> how many does he have. >> five. >> and. >> don't go there. >> you never know. candidates need 20 electoral votes to win. >> false. >> false. >> everybody knows that. >> 270. >> 270 is magic number thank you for the give away that made up for number one. >> there we go a popular relationship magazine estimated the number of personal
10:35 pm
the election cycle to be 35%. >> oh, goodness. >> that has got to be way too low. way, way too low. >> i'll say false. >> i think it's high false. >> actually it's false. it's higher. >> 65%. >> really. >> ruined relationships. >> exactly. >> and getting higher. from last night's results america's relationships were realities. >> it's just politics. the rock made appearances on celebrity apprentice. >> that's true. >> true. >> i'm going with shawn because she loves the rock she would know she follows his every move. >> it might be false i have no idea. >> it's false. >> oh, >> you have to get that one. >> i said today could be false, tony. it sounded like something he would do. >> it's false. >> i mean i was hoping. >> well, yeah. >> i didn't watch "the
10:36 pm
robling. >> for more information about the foundation c. it visions >> very good. >> awesome. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> a lot of tension with this election obviously tonight we're seeing that so we wanted to lighten the mood. >> absolutely. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be --
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>> the auto maker plans to let of 2 tous employees me january
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since 2010. the layoffs will affect 1200 factory workers in ohio and 800 in michigan. >> samsung is pulling out all the stops to appeal to galaxy note 7 owners forced to return their faulty smart phones. the company is now considering boosting screen size of galaxy s 8 phones and customers can get a 5.5" screen or lather 6.2" screen the galaxy s 8 will have more efficient processor order food simply by asking a virtual assistant. we assume it also will not blow up. new devices will not be available until next march. that's the main thing that needs to be addressed. >> did you see everything that happened, my goodness. >> we're staying on top of the developing story at 11. >> election backlash. we'll have more on the protests that have broken out nationwide tonight including one here in d.c..
10:41 pm
leave parents feeling helpless. what you can do to help your kids if they're being cyber bullied. those stories and much more at 11. >> meanwhile coming up tomorrow morning on "fox5". soap star ron reigns will be in the loft. >> all right sdmrxt hollywood today live co-host roth matthew will join the crew to talk about the impact of donald trump's on hollywood. >> and who says dessert isn't for breakfast. national vanilla cupcake day. >> who is fon reigns. >> he's a soap star. >> we'll be right back. voters going from poling sites to social media sites. twitter saying there were more than 75 million tweets about our nation's election by early wednesday morning alone. facebook users feeling feelingy
10:42 pm
more than 1 15,000 discussing on that site. >> and u.s. workers searching for jobs in canada jumped 10 fold in the hours after the race was called and huge post election rally on wall street following trump victory. stocks initially free falling in premarket trading before bouncing way back and then some. dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all finishing higher.
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>> welcome back. covering election was dramatic ride on "fox5". built it was not our first time at the rodeo. >> a lot of things changed over the years including kloming and hair styles and never our commitment to our viewers. here's a look back at coverage past and present. >> became optimistic was gore cam pain learns they were
10:46 pm
states. >> we have heard 3% to 9% and as you said 5% is that magic number for green party. he was disheart entered by his colleague's loss tonight. >> and i just want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you, new york. >> i want to bring you back to the district where former mayor marian barry. >> have, have black, we have to stop all that non sense. >> that's right. >> "fox5" tom fitzgerald live any mcclain. tom we knew this would be a tough one. what are you hearing tonight. >> well, you know, shawn, everybody knew this would be tight. i don't know if everybody was expecting this. >> i can tell you there is a lot of excitement here at the blackburn center howard university campus. >> you can see there the crowd there in grant park and cheering and waving american flag. indeed it's history in the
10:47 pm
>> election day 2012 america is deciding who will spend the next four years in the white house. >> i'm looking forward to the results and i expect that we'll have a good night. >> we'll get america back on track. i'm so optimistic. >> welcome to the special election night edition of "fox 5 news" at 10 this nail-biting race is not over sglet shawn and tony i have to tell you there's nervous exuberance among voters. >> i want to show you both mickal kamuvakaps, more he motional post than hillary clinton almost conciliatory message at 8:55 this theeng team has so much to be proud of whatever happens tonight thank you. >> this is historic night no matter who eventually emerges
10:48 pm
doubt about it. this is unprecedentd thank you so much for joining us for our coverage tonight of you decide 2016? >> wow. >> wow. >> and. >> a lot of stuff. >> and what a night it was. >> yes, it was. >> extraordinary. after what has been an extraordinary election campaign highs, lows, insanity, you know, everything and then it all most had to play out the way it did last night. i'm not saying necessarily with the results. but in terms of how it played out in the trauma of the night. >> the whole election. >> fit it. >> the whole world was watching. >> bottom line this is our democracy people have spoken and we have to figure it out and try to come together. >> absolutely right. and i have to say just very quickly whenever this happens however it goes whatever
10:49 pm
satisfaction in seeing the sitting president on up the doors to the in-coming president and candidate that losses conceding and saying now let's all pull together. you don't see that in a lot of places on this planet. >> and that's what they've been saying all along that's what makes america and democracy great. donald trump goyl to the white house and president obama invited him in to start that transition. >> it will be peaceful. there are protests tonight and wonderful country your right toy express yourself and hopefully down the road. >> working together. >> what she said. >> exactly. >> and tonight we saw something or this afternoon we had a couple showers around and sky fox was flying overhead going to a story and they saw this rainbow. >> love that. >> positive sign. >> i guess it's a positive sign, shawn. >> i was thinking how cool is it we see it from above right? usually we're getting all great rainbow pictures and there were
10:50 pm
actual rumbles of thunder that dropped pea size hail until calvert and st. mary country. not only do i love the rainbow and rain shaft how about the foliage too. there's no filter on that that looks fantastic you see sky fox panning up to catch the sun. you see a rainbow when rain is ahead of you and sun behind you. that's what you're seeing right there as it ill lump nature gorgeous foliage at peak now across the area. great job sky fox with the washington monument there in the background. we send mark story sending that us. keep sending great pictures on base took and twitter. though i'm not looking at facebook now because it's all over the place. taking a little bit of a break. i'll keep tweeting you great information about what is going on with the weather forecast and you probably noticed there is a lot of breezy conditions out there and we're going to see our temperatures dropping and a lot of sunshine back in the forecast for us tomorrow.
10:51 pm
today. it only ended up being a couple tenths of inch and we're hey wind since september 1, 4 1/2" and more. dry day tomorrow and comfortable climbing back into the low 60s dropping to upper 30s tonight maybe mid. breezy at times tomorrow as you notice tonight and maybe gusts up and over 25 during the day tomorrow not a windy day this super level low system spinning out of the picture a up to see clear skies overnight. front exits east and so does storm and northwest winds pull behind. it temperatures 30s and 40s overnight keeping it chilly tomorrow. for veteran's day friday looks like a warmer day little less wendy as well. 65. but if you go out late at night a stronger front will come through friday night. likely dry. but with a pretty good push of cold air behind.
10:52 pm
season and hard freeze saturday night area wide. current temperatures in the 40s in many ears already 46 couple better land and 48 winchester and martinsburg, gaithersburg and frederick we'll see temperatures again maybe mid 30s in northern and western suburbs to 44 downtown for a chilly start and recover low 60s with a lot of sunshine and breeze tomorrow. so very nice thursday. and our late workweek pattern will have high pressure settling the breeze. by this time we get more into friday with seasonal temperatures the next couple days and of course, veteran's day is on friday. our temperature 65. mostly sunny and breezy at times and probably not as breezy as tomorrow will be although a front approaching later in the day could change things up a little bit. at that point front will tap this cooler air and full in nort weekend and highs only in the 40s and 50s. that's where lows are tonight in the 40s and 50s saturday and sunday. this is quick blast of cold air
10:53 pm
chill and you'll want to find those gloves and even that winter jacket if you're going to be out and about friday night and saturday night. daytime temperatures in the 40s and 50s. nights, 20s and 30s. pretty hard freeze will come our way especially saturday night. 52 saturday, 61 sunday with cole start and "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast we sooet seat temperatures dropping saturday and what you don't see on the 7 day is much in the way o need. we have seven more dry days coming most of next week looking on dry side as temperatures worked her way back to the mid 60s by next wednesday. shawn, tony back to you. >> thank you very much, sue. >> when we come back jim lokay shows us how some athletes are responding to the election of donald trump. >> as we head to the break madame tu sew is wasting no
10:54 pm
now it president-elect trump will be sculped and holded and styled. it will be ready in time for 20 on the 20th for the
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>> redskins play the strikeings sund on the practice field red skips park. jay gruden with a few thoughts going into sunday show down. >> next two games in general will be important two home games and they're very, very big for us and 4-3-1 and currently number 7, or 8 seed and we're in a good position and position where we don't have a lot of room for error and we have to take advantage of the home games and advantage the home field gives us we have to take advantage of and
10:58 pm
campaign issue a few players offered their thoughts about our president-elect after practice. >> you knew it would be close i thought it could have gone i'm are way it's crazy man but it's a new president and we'll see what happens man it's exciting times. >> it was crazy i could not believe that trump ended up winning but it was crazy it was cool to hang out and watch with bates and preston. we were watching like it was nfl draft or something. so it was interesting. >> i have bigger things the game. the election i'm not saying it's not big not at all i have any own things to focus on right now. >> rizzo said facing met scared enough he try to woo him to washington. he's testing free agent waters
10:59 pm
not have a blank check this season but would like to see him in red neck season. levering 4.5 million on the table. news at 11 starts right now. >> right now at 11:00 the gay after. >> i will be president or all americans. >> we owe him an on mind and the chance to lea nationwide and hearing d.c. in the wake of stuping election upset. >> so, what happens next and how would transition to trump a infect your wallet. news at 11 starts right now. big story happening cities nationwide. these right now are pictures coming to us live from philadelphia. you can see a number of people gathered there. they're protesting donald
11:00 pm
thanks for staying with us tonight everyone i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> thousands have hit the streets in new york, chicago, seattle. los angeles, portland, philly and other cities. >> we saw a protest in d.c. in fact a crowd marched between the trump hotel and white house tonight. marina hor of course owe is live at the might house it looks calmer athan it were earlier. >> they recopied park top the way to the white house. it's the first time since donald trump was 'located 45 president and i want to show you this video. it got heated a bit ago at 10:00 because some started a fight and secret service stepped in and they had to arrest that man and couple hours and then everyone was escorted off the property all the way out on to the public streets an we had ambulances wajer as well as separation


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