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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 10, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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>> right now at 11:00 the gay after. >> i will be president or all americans. >> we owe him an on mind and the chance to lead. >> tonight, protests nationwide and hearing d.c. in the wake of stuping election upset. >> so, what happens next and how would transition to trump a infect your wallet. news at 11 big story happening cities nationwide. these right now are pictures coming to us live from philadelphia. you can see a number of people gathered there. they're protesting donald trump's victory in the residential election. thanks for staying with us tonight everyone i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> thousands have hit the streets in new york, chicago, seattle. los angeles, portland, philly and other cities.
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fact a crowd marched between the trump hotel and white house tonight. marina hor of course owe is live at the might house it looks calmer athan it were earlier. >> they recopied lafayette park top the way to the white house. it's the first time since donald trump was 'located 45 president and i want to show you this video. it got heated a bit ago at 10:00 because some started a stepped in and they had to arrest that man and couple hours and then everyone was escorted off the property all the way out on to the public streets an we had ambulances wajer as well as separation operations from d.c. police to make sure the crowds did not continue. of course we saw the picture from philadelphia and things are similar across the wuptry.
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large crowds earlier today we trump hotel d.c. a couple problems from the white house also on pennsylvania avenue. one pro steingters threw a can filled with blue paint against the hotel and that's when the crowd was dispersed from the hotel and marched back to the white house and things got crazy here and everyone is gone. but, amped up the situation and think now finally under we'll embrace the long tradition in this land of protest and participation. we're going to meet donald trump lopez-rivas for blow. we're not going to stand down against his races and sexism, up eye phony the results of the election don't affect our country and i don't want people toll believe divisionness is
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americanism is the way we should remember each other and keep fighting for each other over the next four years, saet years, 20 years. >> we apologize i believe we lost marina's mic. she was going over what you saw some of the folks out there at the white house tonight speaking out about the protest. >> american university student also upset over erection results and earned several small american flags and talked to witnesses that told tlus was a scuffle and no one was hurt. the university was aware at the protest at the time and wants students to be able tob express freedom of speech. >> while manry are protesting others are celebrating. today we went to vir vr counties that voted republican to get their take on the historic election.
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can do it will be great. over the last eight years it's been a disaster. i'm giddy toytd atly unexpected but i'm happy about it. >> better him than hillary anybody is better that hilly. >> excited that he's in office and maybe things can change. >> now the president-elect is set to meet with president obama at the whit tomorrow to discuss the transition of power. and his transition team is also already begun the tax of choosing possible cabinet members and what will life under trump presidency look like and what will we see in the next couple weeks. sarah simmons is live with more whoon to expect. >> tony that's right that's a big question front. will president-elect donald trump fill the white house with outsiders or beltway insiders. if a good question.
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take place shape. >> the campaign noise has stopped. >> i know how dispointed you feel because i feel it too. >> dispointment for some and satisfaction for others. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans. >> and the real work begins for president-elect donald trump. what will a trump presidency jack berkman says expect washington insiders to lead the charge starting with trump's vice-president. >> trump will look to hem and mitch mc connell in the senate. she heard king rich will be setting of state sfwlit on grander scale will president-elect trump be different than what the nation saw on the campaign trail. >> i they he can be con silliateer and accommodationist and can bring people together
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decision not to take foot off the accelerator. he wanted to be that character all the way through because he wanted to have all the exposure and deprive everyone elimination of the political oxygen and it worked. now, berkman also says interaction between trump and house speaker paul ryan willing telling in the next few weeks to how things may move forward. as you know, ryan and trump pane and marco rubio and other con tevb activities. right now repairing the d republican party may be more important in the short time as they look forward reuniting america. that's the latest here at the white house, sarah simmons, back to you. >> thank you, sarah. >> voters are concerned about the impact trump president dncy could have on their financial bottom lines. "fox5" lauren demarco joins us now from georgetown with more. >> we've about watching it
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kloing social media feeds for months and now that we know real estate mogul donald trump what will he do for what's inside your wallet. we spoke about what it means for your personal wealth sdmrxt taxes, trump's plan brings a big trust for. >> he wanted a federal tax corporate. >> with wealthy you are the more you benefit. hillary clinton's clinton and 1,000 tax savings a year. i got it all -- >> they get a cut, too, not as significant as $1,000. >> health care i realizeded after my -- fault. >> that would mean almost 10 million americans now have
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>> trump want to pay where private healthcare providers can play at state line. >> i'm sure they can create competition to drive down the cost of perhaps for people who do got have company providing healthcare. another one one in georgetown student debt. >> number three untrump plan interest rates wing variable depending on career path. >> sociology have as much taxful sociology major but more if you want to go to grad school. >> itemp has no interest in doing either things. >> do we know where he plans to get presidential money from. >> no. >> and number five dependent care. trump plans to setp a new tax deduction based on arm cost of child care in your state.
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dependent care write off up to four children or elderly de pen enter. >> harbreak says there's much to remain to be scene when to expect avenue january 20 because many president elect's proposals are rather vague. north west, laura evans, >> in the district one step closer to statehood. nearly 0% of her followed. the spot of new columbia and federal district that would include government buildings and monuments. current draft of the state constitution calls for election of governor and 21 seat legislature up stayed of current city counsel. today muriel bowser spoke out about the issue. >> what we are arguing for and have argued for is full equality with other other american. we're not asking for any sdwrn more.
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we're asking for our fair share. >> d.c. has a population of more than 670,000 and residents may more in taxes than 22 other states. mayor bowser plans. coming up next, we'll have an update on the child abuse investigation into brad bit. >> and also tonight, cyber bullying is a big problem for kids today. what you can do to make your child feel safe. >> rain moved on but it sue is coming up with the full sue is coming up with the full forecast next.
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pats pass >> case closed on the child abuse investigation into actor brad pitt. associated press reports the loss ankle less department of chip and family services ended its investigation into the movie star within the last few days. it had been looking into allegations that pit was abusive towards his 15-year-old son on a september. his wife angelina joely filed for divorce after the incidents. custody of can stix of their sivrm children has been the primary issue in the divorce. >> technology changed our universe. but like anything powerful it can have a bad side. >> during the campaign future first lady melania trump called for end to online bullying and pledged to combat it once she
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white house. her message resonated with parents. reports of cyber bullying skyrocketed and there are steps you can take now to help keep your child safe. fox's laura engel has more. >> bumying has long gone on in person. as use of internet and other electronic devices grow bullies have gone online launch ago tacks around the clock. >> cyber bullying is pretty prevalent. we adolescents it's a pretty big problem now. lots of kids don't know how to socialize with each other apointly and online platforms give them another way point act where not monday interested by teachers or are parents. >> center for disease control data says 16% of adolescents have been pulleyed through cell phones or internet and the result can leave kids without self esteem feeling anxious and depressed and parents feeling helpless.
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communication on can help. >> so i think parents need to have general conversations with their kids about being able to speak up for themselves. they'll be able to insert themselves and tell the bully i it's in the way. and they may need more of an add cats. >> if you find out your child is victim of cyber bullying vk access to social media and taking screen shots of their phone. >> we need access to your phone so we have evidence to support the fact you're being bullied. yes we want our widz kids to be able to use social media and phones as they want. what's more important is we keep them safe. >> telling your child you need to take action and see what they've posted online may cause additional anxiety. psychologist say while it may be uncomfortable for you both
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>> it's normal for kids to freak out when confronted with a possibility of their parent going to administration or going to another feerpt let that person know about bullying that is happening. so that's a natural anxiety that may come along with not wanting to confront a situation. not every kid will freak out. some kids may be relieved that their parents are stepping up for them. >> researchers are trying to get more evident on cyber bullying and affects. this is difficult as studies and surveys accurately capture social media trindz. in new york, laura engel, fox news. >> you know, after the election folks were down. so guess what happened. they gathered in dupont tonight for what they called a solidarity hug n organizer wanted people to come together in an effort to understand one another and work together for a better world. if you want to be a part of the event and didn't make it down there take a pictures of
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anyone, and post it on social media use #hug your neighbor. sometimes you have to hug it out. >> it can only help. >> awe. >> thank you. >> what color are we wearing tomorrow? >> all right. >> we all do that. >> we'll hug you later. >> virtual hug. >> yeah. >> good picture. >> we'll need hugs tonight. it's getting chilly out. there a lot of places in the 40s and breeze still around. you know not the worst breeze ever but 15 to 20 you'll feel that when temperatures in 40s. as we look live over d.c. things settling down and we're looking for nice thursday here. it will be a chilly start. breeze will be round on thursday and sunshine will be back. so grab the sunglasses and that heavy jacekts when you head out the door. you won't need to after school
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out of norm west at times 10 to 15 and maybe over 20, 25, not a windy day and notably cool and crisp feel an a lot of people tell me they love it it type of weather in november. we'll head for 62 which is couple of degrees above average for us now for tomorrow and then friday veteran's day, 65. but a strong front comes through late in the day on veteran's day and saturday's temperature in city about 2. some high temperatures in suburb likely in 40s which would make this we've seen so far this an and widespread hard freeze saturday night to sunday. sunday temperature about 61 and looks like all of those days will be farley sunny. upper low pressure stinl spin ago way and still producing showers at the beaches and just about done. you notice also just a few flakes flying here in the mountains. you can see them here at the end. so these colder air masses coming down will be able to do that with greater frequency as we go forward in time now and
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especially across southern mar par and we got warmer 66. morning showers. brief break for sunshine that helped to gel the atmosphere unstable especially with a lot of cold air aloft and that produced hail in a few spots. that will be out of here tomorrow. and temperatures now that the front moved on through are really dropping pretty rapidly. 46 westminster and 48 frederick and 47 martinsburg and 48 winchester and most places again north and west will head for 30s. you definitely feel these gusts 25 at bullies and 25 mannasas and 25 quantico. so, expect that could be around for a awe while toj as well. again not expecting it to be terribly wendy but notably breezy. 38 we may head to in frederick front and 359 haagers and i and 39 martin burrs and 4 in the district. gorgeous sunrise picture by the way.
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solomon tucker he was looking at purposes wick potomac river any maryland. sunrise tomorrow morning is 6:46 and temperature shoulding about 45 near in the city and overnight we'll drop to 44. chilly overnight with that breeze. plenty of sunshine tomorrow for us as we head back to about 62 degrees and here's a look at where temperatures elsewhere are going to top out. our midweek pattern and as we head into thursday and friday we'll feature this high pressure system building in so breeze noticeable temperatures and we're looking like things are in very good shape as we head back to the weekend. we talked about it being cooler saturday 5. watch for 20s overnight saturday into sunday and but a nice looking weekend ahead that's for sure. 61. hard to believe that tomorrow night we're two weeks from thanksgiving. yikes, that's getting here fast. monday, tuesday, wednesday, all looking delightful. could get running around done
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>> thank you, sue. >> coming up some funny moments in a bill belichick press conference. >> really? >> he was funny. >> i'm surprised. >> we'll let you know. >> and coming up tomorrow on "fox5 news morning". soap star ron reigns will be in the loft. hollywood today ross matthew will talk about impact of donald trump. election on hollywood. not his le lex but impact on hollywood his and who says -- the morning crew will celebrate national vanilla cupcake day. >> you don't get one. >> it's a specific cupcake. >> yes. >> they had chocolate cupcake
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>> widz ward won one game this season and tonight they had a reasonable shot of doubling win total this year. let's take to you action. porter on the court stping it up with a soled game of 34 point. beihl back to porter influx
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motion. this is teamwork. making the dream work there it is you can see beihl go down and he has to more or less shimmy off the court. he's okay he said he is likely to play they weekend and john wall called for flagrant foul and slapping gums in marcus smart which is not smart got find for run in monday and no suspension and missed 93. there you go. while you're watching election returns last night calves were busy. coach berry and alex ovechkin and hanson were off the ice calling it maintenance bay day. they hit the road back-to-back games friday and saturday in chicago and carolina. >> patriots head coach bill belichick is man of few words but enough for donald trump he wrote a letter of support
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hampshire and when reporters asked him about it today he had a statement and want nod part of questions. this is belichick listen. >> we have a huge game this week and it's a great football team and organization and that's where it all is going forward on seattle. all right. >> coach, were you happy or annoyed that trump read the letter. >> yeah. >> your team has always been good as keeping outside nature of presidential race. >> yes. >> did you find it helpful -- >> seattle. >> and any players talk to you about this. >> seattle. >> and about any rock locker room rank or about this. >> here's the thing i can not tell if he was laughing. at this point he knows what he's doing. >> a little marshawn lynch there. >> i'm here so i won't get find.
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>> right. >> you have something you want to say. >> maybe he was letting us know he ha a protest in seattle. >> seattle. >> seattle. >> okay. >> there you go. >> that does it for us tonight. stay tuned tmz up next. tonight. stayafoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the north and the south are mine.
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? ? >> we decided to sow seed in the time of famine, and look what god did for us. >> all god wants is your obedience. so once you sow that seed, expect god to perform his word for you. >> utterly lost on me: the importance of sowing in faith for miracles. >> as a result of me planting that seed that night,


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