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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> right now at 5:00, growing tensions.nsio protests erupting across the t country after donald trump's stunning election victory from d.c. to l.a. a look at the a l t chaos and how trump supportersrt are responding straight ahead. e >> live look outside on this t thursday notify tenth.enth. we almost played to it friday. it f is a cool start to this morning so whew you need you n
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i'm holly morris. mor gary mcgrady and erin como mcgry are ahere as well. they'll talk forecasts and'll roads at 4:35. >> first at 5:00 let's get to get the growing tension across thein g country with people upsete about donald trump's electionleo win. >> thousands took to the t streets overnight as largeho demonstrations rocked new york, dallas, philadelphia and our own city.our n city right here in washington, d.c. fox's patricia stark has more from new york. york. >> the whole world is wholeld watching. watching. >> repor ameterica s wednesday night upsh over the election of donald thousands marching in new yorkre outside of trump tower.ow >> i believe the united states has made a terrible mistake. mte i think that americans have been very naive -- very strongeg shift of government to theernme right throughout the western world. >> reporter: hillary clinton and president obama rnhaveortepn called for det mocobrats to accc the results. protestors in washington, d.c.,d say they are saddened by trump's surprise win.s surprise.
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people are here mourning imo know i definitely had a rough day but, you know, i'm here'm h because my friends are here and we're all here together.e tg >> reporter: protestors inor texas a state won by trump arera planning to move forward afteroa the election. the el >> we know that the electionsech havee happeelned and that we he to face the bullets but what but we can do is mobilize and mobil organize. >> reporter: trump realrters though say theo estate mogul legitimately won the election. >> they're exercising theirxerct free speech rights but whatpeech exactly constitutional respect lick's way of engaging intution democrc >> reporter: demonstratorr its say they are protesting peacefully. >> i think that we don't wante t to come back and protesting intn this way i think is a littleay t bit -- sends more of a o powerful message.ul >> rep morter: donald trumpor will meet with president obamat at the white housewi thursday ty discuss the transition ofitio o power. in new york, patricia stark,cia fox news. >> ??>> ?? >> president-elect will be insi town to visit the white house today at the request ofdento
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and now they'll come face to face in what's shaping up tos sh be an awkward meeting. fox5's annie yu live outside out the white house with more.e. annie. >> reporter: hey, good>> r morning, holly and maureen.. well, i think no matter wherettw you fall politically one thingni is for sure we must move forward and today's meeting is the first sign of that, the t transition of power.ow yesterday around the same timeee right outside the white house here there were anti-trump want protestors but you can see all s is quiet this morning.orning. we do see some lights on ino seo the wh this meeting is going to be taking place at meeti 11 o'clock today in the oval office. the only disruption we reallywea see out here is thee is the construction going on ahead ofno the inauguration which is setaui for january 20th and that isnd a when president-elect donald-eled trump will assume the role asmet the country's 45th and yeah, some might say it could be a bit of an awkwardwkrd situation today because the two really have had almost not contact previously face toce to face and president obamadent o obviously campaigned very hard
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things about each other.ach othr but nonetheless they're going to put their differences aside i today and ensure a smooth handover to trump obama says.s. now, meantime first ladyady michelle obama will meet will privately with trump's wifeif melania in the white house asteu well and the transition beginsn and there's a lot of talka of t about what life will be like l under the trump presidency.sinc there's a lot of speculationpe ouerehere. and will he be different fromref what we saw on the campaign trail. so, we spoke wit strategist jack burke noon get a little insight. take a listen to what he hasa hs to say. s >> pence i think will be thece k guy he has great relations onato k street.ktr i think trump will look toill him. he'll also look to mitch mcconnell in the senate. i'm hearing gingrich will bearin secretary of state. sta i think he can be a conciliatory, he can bring people together when he wants.ew i think he made aants strategicr decision not to take his foot off the accelerator.erator he wanted to be that character a
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wanted to have all thell exposure and deprive everyonery else of the oxygen, the political oxygen and it worked. >> reporter: and i think it's obvious that there's repush still some disappointed peoplepe out there. others satisfied but we all w share a burning curiosity asiosa to what will happen next innex the next few weeks and hopefully today we'll learnday n more. that's the very latest hereatesh from the white house, annieie fox5 local n >> also developing thiso de morning, the search is on inn i seattle for a opened fire on a crowd outsidese a convenience store. five people were shot, three shr of them are listed in criticalri condition this police say an argument tooknd placitece say shortly beforehant an exact motive is unclear. uler it does not appear to beppear to related to nearby anti-trumpntim protests, also happening in seattle. se >> 5:05 is our time. t gary mcgrady checking therady weather this morning and a co i start it is.her >> yes, it is, it's a littlet'sl chilly out there. the there is no doubt about that.ut lots of 40's out there. t but wasn't i think we could have some temperatusn'trese te
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as the wind might relax just aus bit in spots and that's not a guarantee but it's alwaysslw something to watch in thisn th type of situation.itti manassas has already come downn to 41t annapolis is 48. but they were 49 so you see so u there's still a little bit ofs l room here for somel na umbers t drop and it could go either go way to be honest with you. westminster is on the is on t borderline, they could go backne up to 40 or 41 before it's all,r said and done. said a the sun is going to come up comu and that means lots of o sunshine today. ais afternoon it will be a little bit bftreereznoy.on iy. winds ll northwest at about 10 tohwest ao 15 miles per hour but15 m otherwise a gorgeous fall day. lots of sunshine today and t temperatures will go from theo m 30's and 40's this morning to about 58 degrees or soesr s lunchtime. luncht we're headed up to a high, h official high here in the cityhh of about 62 degrees. 6degree some of you could be a littleu a bit warmer than that and someand could be a little cooler than lo that obvioleusr ly.bvusly i still think north and west w there could be some upper 50's r for highs today so definitely dy a little bit on the chilly side. cooler weekend is coming our we
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ready to go as well so all a that coming up.ingp. right now though we got to get t to your morning commute. com erin como how is it going. goi >> on-time traffic brought toraf you by toyota. visit buyic a for special offers.ff >> 5:07 starting off way liveayv look in the district. active police investigation,est, police activity blocking hce street northwest a between sixts and seventh.seve a shooting location from earlier this morning as youthis can see active investigationesta and several police officerseve still at this so you will need toil around that as you head out in o chinatown early this morning.thg we'll let you know as soon asows that portion of h street stree northwest does reopen. reo we'll zoom out for a look at loo our maps right now from that t live look and show you exactly e what you're up youe a this is causing some congestion on the secondaries sn throughout chinatown.ut cna use caution if you're head oned k street portions of louisiana as you kind of zoo lm ouout toou pennsylvania avenue as well, w just a little bit of overflow oo we'll let you know when thingsto get back tou norknmal inorma chinatown this morning.chinatow as for the rest ofthis your frii eve thursday morning commute,
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beltway looking good. goo 50 from annapolis and 666 coming inbound fromng gainsville. we'll take a live look at someso of those cameras as weeras a w continue. back to you.o >> hillary clinton's con's concession speech encouragingng millions of her supporters but t it's not just her words peoplesp are talking about. a her fashion choice for ther tough speech. details >> later in the midst of in the growing tensions and effortsnsid to promote peace with a simple m hug. >> let's take a live look let outside right now.'s toutsrigh don't you jus where everybody knows your name? >> ?? sometimes actually i don't want anybody to know me now me that i think about it. 5:08 is our it's cold out there.he 45 degrees. we're back in just 30 d secondsc don't go anywhere.
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>> back now at 5:09.9. developing in south carolina a corn interis -- coroner isoroner working to identify twoo bodies.di he says they had been buried b for near al year andr authorities are using thearusin victim's tattoos to try to try t identify them. the two are presumed to havee pr been a couple. kohlhepp is facing charges of cs murder and kidnapping. he's plan on representingon repn himself in court. >> operations to liberate theib iraqi city of mosul marks thears
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in the country.ntry they warn that reconciliationoni at the community and national level was necessary ifeces victories against isis are tos o be >> one day after he was officially named president presi elect a lot of speculationa lo this morning as to who donald ning atrump will name to hisis the names floating around outd there this morning include new w jersey governor chrisnor chs christie, and former new york yr mayor rudy giuliani forul attorney general.. nominee ben carson for selicretary ofmine education, fr house speaker newt gingrich asgh secretary of state and sarah palin making the list as potential secretary of thef the interior. the trump campaign has notah commented on that list. l >> vice president joe biden says donald trump's victorye prv should have little effect onavef relations between the u.s. and raelel. biden made the comments at thene world jewish congress in newn york last night he says he has "no doubt u.s. support of israel will not waver." in light of the tensionsight taking place across thekinglacer
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at peace right here in our herer region. lastre night the unitariantari universalist church in arlington offering support forsu the muslim hundreds of people showed up for a candlelight vigil.igil the church's reverend says she got the idea after she received calls yesterdayesay morning from people reaching out after the election. >> former harry potter starme spreading a little magic ofr y n heg r own wita h a secret messag in the wake of the heatedhe w elecaktie on cycle. cle those details next.ex >> plus, some holiday cheeridayc despite some controversy sta holiday cup design.dacup design. we're going to show you justing ahead. ah >> ?? >> ?? >> as we head to break a livetob look outside. it is 5:11 right now and 45 degrees. we're back after thi s 5:
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>> 5:13. taking a live look right now at the 600 block of h streetivet northwest.nohw that's in's
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we're hearing an adult male adul was shot much he is conscious is taken to the hospital.n to tospi no word on a motive or a suspect. we could see a very activeery ti police scene there in chinatown. the black car there with its wit oor opened. now, again, not really sure s what that -- how that's tt' related to the shooting. shootin police investigating but again a male shot on that scene, scene conscious taken to theciou hospital. no word yet on the condition . we will get more informationnfmi to you as it becomes availablevb but h street right now in chinatown shut down in some police activity.lice activity. if you go down area right now please be aware of that. >> we have been talking aboutbo donald trump on this show forhof 18 months. 18 one of the things i tried to thg make clear over those 18 tho months is how i've been wrong wo about him at every turn. [laughter] >> when he first came down the escalator at trump tower andirst announced i boldly said ond this show it was a stunts andnta he would never really run. nevel i then said he would never winew the gop nomination and i and certainly didn't think hed
5:15 am
but the good news is. >> donald trump surprisingump ss election win headlining late night tv. t of course that is seth myersmyes and he has been vocal aboutocalo being against donald trump but b now he also is making a little l fun at himself saying he was w wrong and now i have that no thn doubt he will have lots of of material for at least fouror ats moret years. years >> i think a lot of comediansoma will. >> all right. time.imthe gary mcgrady you're up tocgradyt bat talking about our coldoing starabt to the thursday morningr here. >> hopefully i don't st maybe i'll get a hit. >> i think you will.eybe i' ihik >> just get on first baset bas that's all we >> that's all i've ever asked. nothing wrong with first base. occasionally second. >> oh, >> cheesy this morning.heesy thr >> bases are always a goodni aly thing. they add up. e when you're cheekye chee on a thursday morning.hursday m. >> what are you talking about? o we're talking aboutu ta baseball right.t. >> of course. warp you talking >> she's still thinking aboutou the cubs. bwi marshall is 41 degrees.deee they won, right? did they win
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>> futurecast slows this is this morning. it's great out there. sun comes up. 's gregoing have lots ofecast sunshine.sunshine temperatures today are goinges to be t very fallish too.lish t i think later on thisk lar on afternoon we're good, there'sre no major problems here but i but do believe it will be just ae j little bit bit breezy. just keep that that in mind. tomorrow morning we still wake l up with lots of w sunshine.unin notice what's gathering upatherg heou, though. some clouds, a few rainn showers. they're actual -- therere actually could be a little bit e of lake effect snow coming offno lake erie here but no concernsoo for us.r u just some slightly colder air ar coming in.n. that sets te tomorrow afternoon as this as t fronts gets closer to us the us winds will kick up a little bit. kicbit. ahead of the front tomorrow t we're going to be in thehe fgoi mi bddlee 60's but once the fro comes through, i don't have itei drawn on here but trust me, heru it'st here and as this movesmoe through, this brings much, muc much cooler air coming in for io the weekend. so, saturday's highs here in her town we're going to go low 50's. we haven't changed on this and a i think out in the suburbsinubus we're talking about some upper r 40's for highs and it will it wl probably be still a little bitti breezy behind that front evennte on saturday, so even thoughven h
5:17 am
does look like it's going tos gn be real, real chilly fall day.ay 61 on sunday.un i'm liking what i see on on sunday.sunday lots of sunshine.f su temperatures go upper 50's tor o low 60's.0's. maybe just maybe tomorrow tomor we'll be able to warm this upm s a little bit more. maybe we go 62 or 63 for a high temperature on sunday.unda. so, all things considered not ce a bad weekend at all. all clear skies this the clouds as re moving on andid that's allowing temperatures to drop a little bit.ittle . the winds are lightning up,ni too. so it's a chilly start.a illy breezy afternoon.fternoon. high temperature goes t about 61 or so.61 i think there's going to be a ga few of you out there that areha only in the upper 50's today tod so it's jacket weather.ther. no doubt about that. tomorrow is great ahead of the front, 65 degrees for veterans n day. saturday, high of 52. 5 how about a mostly sunny on sunday, 60 to 62 degrees ands a mostly sunny next week as well. few more clouds on tuesday but b no major weather systemser coming our way.cong our way here's erin como. eri como. she's got a look at your y traffic. >> that's right, gary, 5:17, thursday morning.orning you're taking a live look
5:18 am
northwest shut down for policefo activity between sixth andween d seventh. you can see that the tape is still up ande at the police cars have their flashing lights on. . investigation is still underisti way so avoid that area. you'll need to detour around arn that. could add a few extra minutes mt to your commute this morning.utr we'll let you know as soon as h street northwest does reopen between sixth and seventh.. seeing red around that area on additional secondaries asri a folks try to detour aroundour that. again a few extra moments toomes york avenue and k street northwest. extra volume on 13th street asta well. we'll keep you posted on that one. one. let's hop outside for a liveouts look at our cameras and show sho you how the rest of yourof you commute around the dmv is dmv i shaping up. right now traffic is flowings fi on 50 inside the beltway b through cheverly.herl we don't have any majoron slowdowns on the inbound sid't d as you head towards the beltway. bewa bottom side of 295 northboundno from the bottom of the beltwayto to the 11thm street bridget light volume much i like what
5:19 am
to the 11th street bridge are bg you also wide take a look here on thehe freeway out by seventh east and westbound cruising along. i'll let you know when that you changes. right now metro is on time. tim safe track surge 10 impactingmp the red line. back to you. >> ?? >> we're back now with what's trending on this thursday morning. >> wisdom standing by at ourt or realtime news tracker. tracker. >> good morning to you both.rn we were talking about theing abt protests that erupted all overlr the country last night donald trumping .thru hundreds gathered in thehe nation's capitol top voiceop their opposition to thisoppo election holding signs and and chanting.anti meanwhile in oakland california 6,000 people took,0 to the streets to protest trump's election as protestors t in new york, seattle, chicago, o texas and colorado marched in solidarity.ty. now despite some vanned film f oakland most of the protestsstts appear to be peaceful. to peace today trump will be inl be washington, d.c. to meet with wt president obama at the whitea aw house. next up it's almost at
5:20 am
spells doom for some of theoom obamfoa administration'satn' initiatives.tives. talking about obamacare, the, te executive action onaction on immigration and obama's's transgender rights policy. they are among the issues challenged by republicans in in court. trump also has a chance to t appoint a fifth conservative judge on the u.s. supreme.s. su court. his presidency could set the stage for many conservative initiatives. emma watson is taking hering efforts as being a fairy fairy we're talking about herbot tendency to pop up around london leaving flee copies ofleo book mom and me and my mom a maya angelou biography around ba the city. she's left them around the the city's transit system soityste people can read while they'relee now she's doing the same thingai in new york city. her efforts have that earnedhatn her a shout-out from harrymar potter arthur j.k. rowlings rowg who tweeted a message ofsa o support. next up, let's talk about ao her concession severere yesterday. hillary clinton made mad
5:21 am
to her female supporters andrter her message didn't end withnd wt her words.her s. she addressed the crowd wearing a black pant suit with purple lapel and purple shirt.e. bill clinton was wearing a purple tie. many suffrageists have wornrn purple. >> i thought it was>> i thoug combination of the red andht bl iue makint gion purple. purl >> there was a purpose behindehn whole points. >> yes. >> thanks whiz. growing calls for women to make a doctor's appointment.caln how donald trump's victory is i sparking this social media ts si push. >> new warnings about aew warnig popular vitamin that millionsli take every day. d >> as we head to break, a live v look outside at the washingtonno monument. we're at 5:21 on this thursdayha morning. rn chilly 45 degrees out there,deg folks. so make sure you bundle up u this big difference from yesterdaye y morning. we'll be back in just a fewa few moments.s.
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available until next march.nexth how big are these phoneseseo getting for crying out loud.t l. that's like me taking thisg is laptop and putting it on my ear. >> yeah. >> hello. >> that's visual. >> t here. has do right hello.he can you hear me now? yeesh.ow?. >> you have to get a bigger big purse though.e thoug >> i think woman has.>> i that would fit t in her purse hr don't worry about that.n't she's got thatwo down, yeah. yea >> for a moment we went small.e. that was a thing.thatas a now it's reversing is.ever what it's like trying too keep upee with all that business. listen, here's what's going, hee on. i want to show you the bus bus stop forecast for the kiddosr ts this morning. th 38is to 47 degrees this morningr depends on where you are. are obviously if you're out in thee suburbs you know it's colderu kt and then if yo'su're here in thn city temperatures have beenempe running middle to upper 40'srame arou tnd the area. a after school, little cool but c not bad. i think definitely it's were ite you ever these days whereay you'll need a jacket or your sweatshirt something like that. something to stay warm.hirt siks 57 to 63 dey grwaees.grs. a little breezy this afternoon
5:26 am
you're going to feel it outt there, guys just so you know. ko you should see plenty off sunshine.nshi let me show you temperaturesw yr this morning because again,orni it's not -- it's notng the coldest that we've been thiseeni week but it is definitelyel chilly out there. tre manassas has now dropped down into the upper 30' thepper i watched these temperaturess closely, i do. westminster has come down a little bit, frederick 36, gaithersburg thirty six. here in town at least at in national it's 45 degrees rightri outside the beltway thoughltwa temperatures are coming in in the upper 30's thisures a mornii too. so, there you go. it's a chillyso start, .thrt sunshine today. tod little bit breezy in the afternoon. upper 50's, low 60's. here's erin como hopefully hef with good news about what's w going on on these thursday t morning roads.huing ros. >> 5:26 gary. gar definitely want to grab yourraby jacket before you head out. bef chilly start to the morning ason you said.d. 270 right now if you're waking'k up in frederick, maryland,and, you're cruising along past thein truck scales getting through urbana into germantown wident w opened and at speed the entire stretch down to the beltway. 70 in both directionsdown also
5:27 am
now. northern maryland 95 north r and southbound from the icc to the beltway, baltimore-washington parkway route one and 29 all wide opened so ife-wa ye ouone 're ho or from the capital beltway toat the baltimore beltway you're in great shape. no problems on the way to bwiem foonr t an early flight and thet outer loop at speed no delaysel as you proceed from 95 over95 towards the 270 spur. 270 s inner loop coming off the 270 2 spur past connecticut also als moving along. southern maryland a quiet q commute as you make your way th washington. like what i'm seeing in clinton as you makeh yacou rke wha way into camp springs.springs. problem free through walterh wat dorf. traffic on the way to reagan national and dulles looking good.on tal a lookndg at metro next.ex back to you holly.o yo hol >> thanks erin. still ahead at 5:30 breaking news out of theews district. police on the scene of an overnight shooting.ce on erni how investigation could impactit your morning commute. comte. >> plus, protests eruptings upt across the country following donald trump's electionctn victory including right hereg r in d.c. we are live with the veryth they latest. >> and let's go ahead and take t
5:28 am
d.c. region on this thursday moing.g. 5:27 is our time right now, 45 degrees. we have more news to share on the other side. back riews morning bacrek ri nt after this.
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>> right now on fox5 newsht n morning growing tensions across the country in the wake of donald trump's electionowg gt win.d tr >> the the whole world is wle w watching.watc >> people taking to theking tthe streets and cities across america from new york to l.a. la even right here in the t
5:31 am
>> donald trump plans to meettr with president obama at thetosi white house one dayde afternt hh stunning victory. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ?? >> this is fox5 news >> good morning to you.ood thank you very much for joining us.mok you i'm wisdom marjotin.inom m >> and i'm holly morris. mri today is thursday november 10th. whole gang is here. >> uh-huh. >> gary is working harder onwho your wking harder forecast, ern your morning commute.ur morni we'll check in withng c both ofo them in about five minutes.inuts first, though, right here at h do have some breaking news wene want to tell you about.o ll y these are live pictures you'resu looking at in the 600 block oflk h street northwest.orthwe this is in a man was shot around 2:40 2:4 this morning. morni adult male. mal he was conscious. he was taken t wo the hospital.s we do not have any word on motives or a suspect but asct b you can see, this is still a very active investigation surrounding that black car bar there. portions of h street str respect closed down.spos we don't know for how long.
5:32 am
is part of your early morning commute. also in the news thishi early morning in the hoursornini since donald trump became president-elect, thousands ofanf distressed americans havessed taken to the streets to an protest the natioton' ts new leadership. >> from right here inght washington, d.c. to oaklandhe od california the peacefuleafu protests carried on throughoutrd the night. fox5's melanie alnwick is an aln witracking the very latest andea joins us now live with that story.or mel. >> reporter: hey, guys, and for two days now, the #not my president has trender also joined biteoinebite #trump protest. people are putting those#t wordr in action with protests aroundsn the area not surprisinglyingl trump hotel right here in d.c.en is also a prime gatheringatng spot. last night people marched from m 1600 pennsylvania avenuepennsy trump's soon to be residence,es, to the newest trump property not farest away, what was oncee the old post office pavilion.
5:33 am
immigrants welcome not trump nru and we have a voice.. for some the protest crowds crod bring comfort in commiseration. >> i think some people are peope here mourning. i had a rough day. i'm here because my friendsi has are here and we're all hereere together. >> reporter: now, we'veep hearordte of protests in berkel, california, portland oregonre and oakland, more than 6,000 protestors filled the streets. there were of vandalism, young peopleoung o shouted not my president inmy pt kansas city holding flags andgsa signs while they circled the downtown area.wn seattle was also the scene of a large protest walk and in trump's hometown of new yorkrk city, they marched down sixth sh avenue surrounding trump towers chanting the whole who world is watching.chin now, there were again protests all around the area.aroundhe a here in d.c. out in front offrtf the trump hotel there's lots'ss of extra security
5:34 am
little while not only becausenle they expect some protests ---- there have been some threats as well then wants to makethen sure that everything is good here, evenever expecting perhapa protests up to and through t inauguration day.inau live in northwest, i'm melanieme alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ?? >> the president-elect willre actually be in townside today to visit the white house at the request of president obama. oma. >> it's no secret there's noeren love lost between the two men tn and now they'll come face to face in what's shaping out to be an aw fox5's annie yu live outsidelive the white house this morningthis with more. annie. >> reporter:. >> hey, good morning to you good m holly. hol that's right, president-electnte donald trump will be in d.c.bend to meet with president obama.baa the invitation went out yesterday and if you look behind me here weda alry eaandys some lights on in the whitehi house.ho the staff getting an earlyng anr start for the day ahead.e dahead they're going meet in the oval o office and yes, some might sayi it could be a bit of an a awkward situation because the t the two really don't have at hae
5:35 am
face and both had some prettytt harsh things to say about eachbc other on the campaign trail. tra nonetheless president obamaess says they're going to put their dpriffeherey'ncesre asided he's going to follow throughthrh the lead of former republicanepa president george w. bush back in 08 and he says he'll ensure a smooth handover trump.r trum meantime michelle obama is michs going to meet with melania man trump in the white house ass well. ll they hm meet privately as mee well. now, a lot of folks wondering what is this process there's a lot of talk aboutt ofu what we might see in the next nx few weeks as well. so, we've got republicanubca strategist jack burke plan to get a little more insightlitt about this.leabou t take a listen to what he has hes to say.ay >> pence i think will be the guy that has greathi relationses ontreet.eet. i think trump will look tolook o him. he'll also look to mitchch mcconnell in the senate. i'm hearing gingrich will beg gg secretary of state. sta i think he can be a
5:36 am
accommodationist.commationist he can bring people together when he wants to.wh i think he made a strategic strg decision not to take his foot fo off the accelerator.elerator he wanted to be that character t all the way through because he h wanted to have all the exposure and deprive everyone en else of the oxygen, the t political oxygen and it worked e >> reporter: now, president-elect donald trumpnald will officially take office on january 20th that'sar inauguration day. so what you see behind me inauis also construction ahead of aheaf inauguration day but as we lear more in the weeks ahead. again, that -- the meeting m today taking place at 11 o'clock in the oval office.nh that's the very latest here fromhe ver northwest. northwest annie yu fox5 local news. >> 5:36 is the time right that means it's time to talk weather. i don't even want to say it'sayi cold any because --ause >> no, it is cold.>> we saw both melanie and annie a had their scarves on out there. it's chilly out. >> it is, it reallyit is. >> but this is going to be the e rm t though. >> well, it is november,ember, wisdom. >> that's right, yeah.
5:37 am
last gazillion years. yea >> if you live in a placeace where there's seasons.. >> precisely what is a gazillion.llio >> a lot. >> with my math degree i'm going break that down for thatft you while you're doing theu're weather. [laughter]ter] >> break it into a wordd problem. >> yeah. >> don't do that 'cause i already told you about the't d problems i hado told with wordio problems. >> oh, boy.oy clear skies this morningorni allowing for cold temperaturesdu to start things out. it depends on where you are. sty some places are in the 30's,he0, others in the the 40's.. fredericksburg has droppedas drd down to 41 degrees ig leonardtown 45, annapolis 48. culpeper is 45 and here in a her town we're sitting at 45 degrees. dulles 44. you see a few numbers up to a fe the north and westw nu well down into the 30's.0' forecast for today looks like le .his. we'll start off obviously coolil to chilly. to 8 o'clock in the morning we're ' about 47 here in town. tn. 58 for lunchtime.unchtime. high temperature thisgh afternoon gets up to about 62 t6 briefly. fly. keep in mind this afternoon it i will be just a little bittle b breezy. 10 to 15, something like so that will make the 60's0'
5:38 am
culpeper you're 64 today. tay manassas you're 64. you'r64. that's close to 65. even i can do that math.h. here's erin como with a lookh al at your morning traffic. traff >> round of applause for math ft skills gary. 5:38. taking a live look behind me be chinatown section of northwestwe h street between sixth andth seventh remains shut down much this is for a police investigation and policeigat activity out there. there doesn't look to be clearing cleg any time soon. be prepared to detour aroundarou that area.a let's hop outside -- fromtse we'll show you that location tho again some red popping up on thep secondaries around chinatown as well onell pennsylvania portions of louisiana avenue at well as lavn street northwest so a little bit of caution there.uethwet oft as you make your way out on 95 northbound fredericksburg toricr the aquia harbor seeing a lotse of green on our map.rap no major congested areas yet but on 95 northbound dale city to 123 some congestion.ongeion. keep it to fox5 news more news, weather and trafficea in just a jt a
5:39 am
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>> ?? >> 5:41 right now and>> happening now, the search is on for the gunman who opened fire on a crowd in 5:4g dnoowht seattle. attle. five people were shot, threet, e of them now listed in criticalrl condition. police say an argument tookment place shortly beforehand butd an exact motive is unclear. unce however, it does not appear toea be related to nearbyrb anti-trump protests alsorump pst happening in seattle. sttle
5:42 am happening now d.c. police d. poe investigating the murders twoure of women that took place justtoj two weeks apart. the first happened last month in the 3700 blocked las of j ste northeast. police say two men spotted thept victim in the parking lot att the mayfair mansions apartment e complex. police say the victim wasicm strangled to death.rangd to d so far no arrests have beens han made. earlier this week a woman was stabbed to death alongier te 2600 block of pomeroy road in southeast. police have identified the hiden victim at 40-year-old an fleet at a pratt. anyone with information in either case is being asked to w call d.c. police.e. >> in south carolina is ah caros coroner is working to identifykt two of the bodies discoveredov on the property of allegedll serial killer todd kohlhepp. the coroner says they had beenn buried for nearly a year and yen that authorities are using thene victim's tattoos to identify them. them the two are also presumed to have beenpr a couple. kohlhepp facing charges ofargesf murder and kidnapping.idnain he's planning on representingret himself in court. cou >> a popular coffee chain wants to help get you in the
5:43 am
details next. >> plus in the midst oflu growing political attentions ats an effort to promote peacete pea with a simple hug. >> ?? >> a live look outside. oside the time is 5:43.:4 back after this.
5:44 am
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>> ?? >> 5:45 is the time right now on this thursday morning. welcome back to fox5 news morning. lots of people getting the ts ta
5:46 am
take on the day. d. look at that traffic already. ay >> that's right. rig gary mcgrady is here nowcg with a look at the weatherrak ah forecast. good morning to you, gary. >> we'll start. start >> okay. >> chilly. >> very fall-like the nextfa several days, okay. i don't see any majorllsevera wu coming our our way for the weekend things areekendg going to get even colder. it's 45 now. cincinnati -- cincinnati,nn 38 degrees for detroit andes then toronto is f 34. 34. there's a little somethingomhi interesting here going on as littleus bit.. here we go. g there's high pressure centered e over the nation's mid sec see how cold it is.s. in wichita it's 36.t' 36. northern regions it's in thet'se 40's. 40's you got 48 for minneapolis they're loving it there.e lovini fargo is 42.t th 42. chicago 41 so over the t northern side that of high of pressure, it's actually actuall warmer. winds are coming down ofwaferng the mountains and coming downn and that's keeping them a little bit warmer. warme over here we're in the 40's 40' too along the east
5:47 am
because there is a blast ofth some chilly air.ere hilly probably the coldest air we'vee' gotten so far this season and sd it's going to move through forgf the weekend. so, high pressure builds in.ssu. saturday, sunday, how cold isis it? well, on saturday iturday t looks like we're going have he temperatures for highs only iny the upper 40's and the low 50. by sunday it will be a littleit warmer than that and the and the question here is will we get our first freeze sunday morning in the district? g inofficially we're not tciallt forecasting that.recastin we still think it's only goingng to be down into the middle middl morning a lot of freezingf fre temperatures out in theerat suburbs. i don't think here in town.ur bu t ithin thik nk out in the subur that will happen. happe saturday is 52 for a high, h some folks will stay in the 40's. sunday 61.nday gorgeous but it's a very cold start on sunday here we are this morning. morni. fair skies here. we wake up to a lot ofa lot of sunshine once the sun does ds come up. obviously with the time changeie it's coming up a littleomup a earlier. 58 degrees for 60 degrees or so later on thiseh afternoon. it will be a little bit
5:48 am
seven-day forecast shows cooloo today.y. little bit warmer tomorrow.row. tomorrow looks great, sixtyooks five. few clouds.few cls. 52, so really cool on saturday, 61 on sunday and 6on s then we just kind of warmf w through the middle 60's for 60'r next week. week. some clouds around on tuesday. t that's about it.ut it. here's erin como. >> all right, gary, 5:48. 5 we're dealing with some policesc activity in the district. you can see h stree tthe northwt still closed between sixth and a seventh for this active investigation in chinatown. give yourself a few extraew e minutes to get aroun block.k. right now still pretty big scene. let's switch it over for aitch i live look outside. we also have a crash on 50. 50. 50 inbound just before 295.ore 2 you can see some delays inside the beltway through cheverlyy starting to back upth from 410 to 295 things getting a little l bit heavier. we'll keep you updated on thatt crash. as we forward our cameras cer other delays building around town on 66 and 95.nd 9 this is 66 out by gallows. traffic flowing freely butfl
5:49 am
seeing some stop and go g conditions from 234 through234 about 28 so give yourself about five extra minutesinut there. 95 northbound a mess of slowthfw moving traffic under 20 milesers per hour dale city to 123 as you cross the occoquan an extra early start needed theredh as holly. >> thanks erin. this was the scene inis w parts ofas northwest d.c. lastlt night as dozens gathered in i dupont circle for a so-called solidarity hug in following a tumultuoustuou election. organizers wanted people tors co wme tanogether in an effort o understand one ano you can post a picture of yourself hugging someone onomeon social media. >> protests ear represented one american university with some studentsnivers burning smallninl american flags. some students wereic also heard chanting anti-trump rhett risk the school says it is wear ofs the protest but for now theyy want students to be able toble t express their freedom of
5:50 am
trending. di >> maureen is back with ourck wr realtime news tracker.. >> first up while half thele hae country may be celebratingng trump's victory others are are considering seceding from thefre united states. western states that went blue for hillary clinton. loudest cry coming from california. hashtag secede have beeng cede trending on twitter.tter next up say hello to baron to bo trump america's first son inir the white house since john f. j. kennedy jr. back in 1963.n 196 baron is just 10 years olds yeas his siblings asoi a surrogateuro for his father's campaign. he was usually with hisas uy mother watching the polls butolb baron hasn't been entirely outn of the spotlight. videos of him struggling toing stay awake amid his father's fae late night speech have gone havo viral. residents hopeful that the district will becomes ho a stata but how likely is that to happen? o according to mayor ac bowser it's going to be aning e uphill battle.ll she says making d.c. a state would add two more seats to sea the senate and that has drawn
5:51 am
because those seats wouldatwou likely go democrats so with so i the gop presidency and gop a g controlled congress state hood may be on hold next up, in her concessionen speech and yesterday hillaryay h clinton made a point to speak at directly to her female fal supporters and her messagesage didn't end with her words.ither she addressed the crowdro wearing a black pant suit withtw purple lapel and purple shirt. i bill clinton was also wearingwen a purple tie. t so why the purple. many suffrage activist history have worn purple toure o represent dignity. dignity brad pitt has been cleared inha the child services investigation. officials had been looking ns hs eha was wte io abusive towards his 15-year-old son on septemberd so flight. angelina jolie filed for divorce after that that incident saying it was for the na jhealth ofrc here afing fam. brad pitt cleared of allll charges.ges. back to you guys. tyou guys. >> prince george's countync public schools will be hostingee a ls wsocial media town hall tot help parents navigate how how their children use social sial
5:52 am
social networking.workin the event is from 6:30 to 8:30 tonight at eleanor roosevelt high school.oshi attendees are encouraged torad o register in advance online. onln >> on veterans day the d.c..c housing authority is honoring hr local vets. hundreds in d.c. maryland andd a virginia willed gatherd gath together at the university ofitf the district of columbia in northwest. the vets will be able to getet information about employment and housing opportunities and also available health checksh this is happening from 8:00g fr0 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. >> very special very biggest coming to the dmv today.oday no we're not talking about the president-elect.est-el the 18-foot tall, 2-ton mgmgm lion. the lion began its journey from las vegas earlier thishi week and will get a quick aui paint touchup before it goes on display at national harbor. h >> also today following adafollw meeting with president-elect-ele donald trump president obamasi will also meet with anotheret we
5:53 am
the cleveland cavaliers.and cav. the commander-in-chief willan honor the team for their bigderg win.n. the team due to arrive at theiv white house at 2:00 thisis afternoon.rnoo >> new warnings about a supplement many americans ameria take. doctors say vitamin d is beingei overused by patients who do who not truly have a deficiencyicnc and patients are being overtested as a result.test doctors recommend patientsre make sure to eat foods rivcoer in theoods vitamin and skip the blood test and doctor visits vis unless you have genetic or exrisk factors.tors >> stops to appeal to galaxy gax note7 owners. own the company is now consideringoi boosting the screen size off its galaxy s8 customers can get a 5.5-inch 5.h screen or a larger 6.2-inch.2h the galaxy s8 will reportedly re have a more efficientfici processor and help users dosersd things like order food simply sm by asking a virtual the new devices won't bee available until next march.. >> but it will catch on fire.ll.
5:54 am
issue.ise. >> hopefully not.>> h >> hope not. ofe oght, it's that time year again, the air is colder, e the nights are longer and starbucks red cups they'red cu >> all is right with the world. is the coffee chain's holiday canan you please are back butease a bt there's a twist.e's twis remember the backlash they faced last year when that tha people complained the cupsompl weren't christmassy enough. well,christ look now. not one but 13 new red holiday cup designs. you can get your very own your way to work. wor i was trying to actuallytryi see them that's what i was w leaning in and looking a maybe on your way to work if wk you would like to buy us some te and bring it by work we're we' also open to open to t i think the cup controversytrovy thing is crazy. that people get all up in armss about coffee cup is -- i think-i we have bigger problems in the world.d. >> well, if you don't like the coffee cup don't buy it. buy it. >> don't go to starbucks, starb, right. >> that's the simple fix.
5:55 am
will have had all 13 of the3 t coffee junkie. >> yeah. >> 5:54 is the time for our facebook fan of the day and today it ik s tranet and mark.and mark. >> they are celebrating 15are bt years of marriage today.oday. and they say they tune intune every morning because theyhe love fox5 d.c. fox5 well, we love you right happy anniversary.ry. thank you for watching andinan remember for your chance to beco tomorrow's fan, just leave a comment and photo below markow m and tranel's photo facebook page. >> continue red carpet.on that's how you do it there. >> doing something fun on yourtu anniversary. >> what's up gary.>> >> do you think anybody willthkn bring us coffee.fe >> no but it never hurts to hurt asker. >> that's true. put it out there you never >>ut t happen. hpetoas bus stop forecast, for youor y kids it's chilly out this g.rning. dress accordingly. accordingly. temperatures in the 30's and 40's out there this morninges i. when you get off the bus laterhr on this afternoon it will bell e warmer i promise but it'ss going to be a little bita littit breezy so it's still going tooit el cool.l. however you dress to go too
5:56 am
be fine coming home amosrn well. i mean, that little bit ofle b o breeze will keep it cool outl kp there. 45 here in town now.ow gaithersburg is 37. listen, we have clear skiesclea this morning so with the sunhe s coming up it is going to be t be gorgeous out there.eousut t again, little on the chilly cll side.side fall is here. ihere. check out these numbers. numrs. 62 today. tay a little better tomorrow. 65 degrees.65 degre 52 on saturday.atday. 61 on sunday, mostly sunny there.e. so, fall continues.ins. hey, erin, where are you? i? don't see you. >> i'm photographer. she's got great boots grt i want to know where shes got them. thursday morning a busysdayi commute in police investigation closing a portion of h street northwestwe between sixth and seventh. seveh it's been shut down since i sine got in this morning. we'll let you know before thatu police tape comes down andknmesd traffic starts moving. give yourself a few he canca tram in chinatown to detourchin around that street as we switch over for a look fok at our maps we have a crash on o 50 much it's on the inboundnb side at 295.
5:57 am
so some extra time neededee there. keep it to fox5 news we're back in just a fewst a few moments with your 6 o'clock hour.
5:58 am
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. ce a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. >> ?? morning.s fox5 news >>tests.sts. >> not my president, not mynomy president. >> a night of protests fromht or coasott to coast anti-trumpp demonstrations not happy with
6:00 am
we're live in the district distr where it also got a littlele rowdy. >> a shooting in d.c..c police still on the scene. sne this morning just a block just o weigh from verizon center.en it's also causing traffic issues this morning. >> first though a live look at the capitol wheel there in thehh distance.di the national harbor on thisonal thursday morning.on t it's straight upthursd 6 o'cloc. november 10th. weather and traffic coming upd fotrraf you on the 5s at 6:05.:. good thursday everybody, i'mbod' allison >> and i'm steve chenevey.heneve welcome to fox5 news morning.s m first up at 6:00 breaking ou in the district this morningtr the shooting we just mentioned veryic we close to verizon cen. here is a life look at the still very active scene thisnehi morning.rnin police say about 2:40 this:40 th morning just about three hourseh ago a plan was slot in the 600 6 block of h street. that's in sixth and h. still not clear exactly what wt happened.en but investigators areed focusedc on that dark colored bmw youolou see there with the doorheoo flipped up. up. that is parked at the scene.ed e as for the victim we' sreme' told the victim was conscious


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