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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> and the president-elect p already getting down business.i he's heading to the whiteo the w house later today.ay. more on what could be on the enda.a. >> plus a lot of peoplelu wondering whas t cana we expece for trump's presidency.sinc coming up we'll learn morern m about some of the names beingei thrown out there for who couldhe be in his cabinet and how some s of these changes may affectay a yod and i. >> first at 7 o'clock a look outside on this thursday morning. looks like 9 o'clock in the in h day doesn't it? two monthso moh ago or so.o or but it is 7:00 this morning. weather and traffic coming up on the 5's at 7:05. in good morning i'm allisonorni'm a seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. chene in couple hours our nation'satn' next president will visit thet white house at the request of the sittinge at p tresident,rede president obama.ent ob >> no secret there's really noey love lost between the two men to at least on the campaignign trail. trail. now they will come face to face in what is shaping up tog t be let's say a complicatedat meeting at best.meg at fox5 it's annie yu is live liv outside the white house withoust more now. good morning, annie. ann >> reporter: hey, good hey, good morning, allison and steve.te.
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of us are divided right now.ow some people are still disappointed in the results r some satisfied but the realityhi is the country must movet m forward and so today is the t very first step in doing song s and behind me there's actually l a lot of activity in front of the white there's construction going on ahead of the inaugural of course that's taking placetht on the 20thak oinf january. jana that is when president-elect donald trump will assume themp e role as t the nation's fortyrt fiveth president.redent. we also see -- saw the the lights on come on around aun 4 o'clock this morning. the staff getting ready forf get it's taking place at 11 o'clock today between donald bet trump and president e obama. it's going to take place inlacei the oval office and the -- t - while that's going on, the t first lady, michelle obamama she's going to meet privately with trump's wife melania in men the white house as well.ite hous some might say this is a bit b of an awkward situationtion because obviously presidentdent obama campaigned very hard for trump's democratic rivaloc hillary clinton. they both rahad somhie prettyret harsh things to say about eachah other on the campaign trail.
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previously and so they're going to put their differenceses aside today and president pre obama says despite theirtehe differences he's going to ensure a smooth and over to donald trump and as this this transition begins, we're w seeing a lot of speculation out there, a lot of talk aboutko what it will be like under a a trump presidency so we gote got some insight from a republicanen strategist. listen. lte >> pence i think will be the guy he has great relation on knk street. ok to t trump will lo him. mcconnell in the senate. i'm hearing gingrich will beg gi secretary of state.etary of sta. i think he can be a couldn't kill -- conciliator.lior. i think he made a strategic decision not to take his foot fo off the he wanted to be that character all the way through.l thway he wanted to have all the exposure and deprive everyonerie else of the political oxygen and it worked. wked.
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i think it's alsnto important to keep an eye on what happened hae in the coming weeks and the interaction between president-elect donald trumpra as well as house speaker paul-et ryan as well.pes l. that could be very telling andla crucial as they work to unifyto the republican party.can p that's the very latest hereest h from the white house, annie yunu fox5 local news.ew >> annie thanks.>> so, a day after he was officially named president-elect a lot of speculation this morning as to who donald trump will name to hiens cabt-this the names float argue round flo out there this morning includenc and's c former new york city mar rudy giuliani. giuli >> ben carson for secretary of o education former house speaker r newt gingrich as secretary of state and sarah palin making the list as secretary of the interior. the trump campaign has notcampas commented on this list butd on b it's just one that is outust onh there. we'll talk more aboutk mo that coming up at 7:30.:3 in the house since donald trump became president-elect thousands of distressed americans have taken to the streets protesting the nation's new leadership.sands s. >> right here in washington,in o d.c. to oakland california the
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through the fox5's melaniero alnwick iss tracking the very latest andesta she joins us now from the from e trump hotel downtown d.c. good morning.good mor >> reporter: good morning and you know for two days nowow the #not my president has beenen the number one trending topictoi on twitter. just the past morning by #trump protest. pro you can see in front of the t trump international hoteltionall secret service is now installed a buffer zone aller zl around the entrances people putting their w into action and it's not it's surprising that d.c.'s trumpru hotel is a prime gatheringatheri spot. ed last nighth from 1600 pennsylvania avenue,vu trump's soon to be residence ren to the newest trump property here not far away.hereot f that was once the old post office pavilion.iln. they held up signs saying sin unfit to serve immigrants welcome, not trump and we haveeh a voice. for some, the protest crowdsrows
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>> i think a lot of people are e here mourning.ople oughfinitely had a a r disappointing day but, youu know, i'm here because myca my friends are here and we're all here together. >> reporter: now, weaverow, wear heard of students walking outtu of class in berdekeley,y, california, people taking topeoo the streets in portland oregon. there were protests in oakland california, fires andes and vandalism there, young people po in kansas city taking to the streets shouting not my n m president. seattle was also a large protest walk and ind i trump's hometown of new york of city they marched down sixthnix avenue and surrounded trump tower chanting "the whole who world is watching."chg. it's probably worth notinghin that in many of these cities, ce they were cities that overwhelmingly voteded democratic but still withtill wh hillary clinton winning the popular vote, nonethelessonetle there are a lot of people outa o there that feel like they need to make their voices heard. hea now back out here live in d.c. again we've seen this morningng extra security out here inut hee
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to be here for quite some time and even through inaugurationugn day. live in northwest, i'm melanie n alnwick fox5 local news. >> 7:06 right quite a difference from almost t 24 hours ago. melanie was out there with thei umbrella so was annie. today nothing but some sunshine. >> and in case the sunshine sune wasn't enough and you missed tucker's little dance i want you toittl know pamela moodya my johnson says you made her day.ay >> i think he made a lot of people's day.op's >> grizz's dance impression. dan >> we all have our talents.ur tn >> doing our part. doing par >> yeah we're doing our part. p. cool temperatures overnight.rn cool day today but sunny sun bright and beautiful if, you know, at some point you wantyoua to dance go for dance 45 now in washington.hing winds north-northwest at 10. sunshine, beautiful sunriseri out there early and we're we' looking at clear conditionsdion for your afternoon and intond i your evening so you gotot
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it's all systems go here gere although it will be a little lil cool. highs about 60. hie getveral days as we get into friday on your weekend all look fantastic as well. i'll have details on fan ttahat momentarily but enjoy aoy a beautiful thursday.y. almost the weekend. >> yes, italmost is. i thursday is -- that's right -- - >> that's a holiday for f another people tomorrow. tomorr. >> of course veterans day. day let's check in with erin. eri >> that means roads could beeanc quieter tomorrow. >> yeah. >> if a lot of folks are offt f frolom worksk and school. schoo >> federal government. >> right now unfortunately as you head out inow unf frederickk have a crash. all lanes had been shut downn sn on 270 southbound.oubo it's moved over to thetohe shoulder involving several inv cars. traffic is still parked fromd fo 85 down past this crash scene. so give yourself plenty ofy extra minutes. shoulder blocked again.ed a delays extending far back.ack. give yourself a lot of extra ext time. your alternate 355 south else ee seeing heavy congestion.onst 95 northbound at prince william parkway we haveorthbo ds from dale city to lorton withori just heavy congestion, no no
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he can tram to get throughtram t that congestion and take agest look here. this is the inner loop bottomooo of the beltway at temple hillill you can see a lot of brakee lights there.a lo jammed back to branchlights aveu from branch across the wilson bridge from prince george'seorg' county into alexandria we haverh a lot of stop-and-go traffic. 395 northbound at little river turnpike a crash. cra let's take a look at those tho maps next. back to you allison and steve. >> developing this morning in the district a shootingdi sthappeninrig early this morning near the verizon center. cen police say around 2:40 thisth morning a man was shot in the chinatown. still not exactly clear whatha happened. ha investigators, though, are focusing on a dark colored bmw with its doors flipped up. u we saw it earlier. earli i know that car has been takenn off the scene now but that car a had something to do with it.h i. it was parked at the scene.he as for the victim we're s told that he was conscious when hescs was taken to the hospital. hosta >> asian stock marketssian rallying this morning extending a surprising global ga recovery.
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helped to soothe world wor financial markets we shoulde ld say.say. the rebound in asia took the lead from wall street's. street' stocks initially waved beforeore advancing the rest of the day.e it was about athe thousandd point swing yesterday for the u.s. dow but ended in positive territory.teitory. >> vice president joe bidenpr seddon trump's victory shoulesdd have little effect on eaglesct s between the united states andte israel. >> he made those comments at tho the world jewish congress inngri new york last night. >> checking our other topg our t stories at 7 a bowie man arrested back in august on child pornographynoapy charges will appear in court arn today. 40-year-old david carld tranberg was arrested after a a month long investigation andtioa has been held in prince george's county ever since. his hearing begins at 10:0 c0out a.m. a.m. >> d.c. police investigating a i murder of two women that took tk place two weeks apart. art the first happened last month l inas the 3700 block of j streett northeast. according to police two men ptw spotted the victim in theim ithe parking lot at the mayfair mansions apartment complex.ment. the victim had been strangled. l so far no arrests have been
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was stabbed to death along the t 2600 block of pomeroy road in southeast. police have identified the victim as 40-year-old anita-olda pratt. anyone with information inormatn this case or either case isher s asked to call d.c. police. polic >> and happening today, a push h by residents in one d.c. neighborhood to keep criminalsoi off their streets. streets tonight in northeast d.c. ain n safety walk starts at 6:00or p.m. this will be at the corner of 18th and i streets.ts d.c.'s interim police peter newsham will join in. in. >> today the d.c. housing authority is honoring localri veterans just before veteransan day tomorrow.w. hundreds of vets will that of gather today at the university of the district of columbia in northwest. the vets will be able to get g information about employment and housing opportunities and ad also available health checkslthc and a free haircut. the event starts in about an aba hour and ends at three:00 thise0 afternoon. >> cleveland cavaliers will bee at the white house today. whi the visit comes thete same day d
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the cavaliers visitat h tadth pb planned for donald trump willr visit thisii morning the cavs later this afternoon. >> head coach wanted to makeach sure that this happened beforene that president obama left officers. the team will arrive this afternoon along withreside ohiamo wilhi governor john kasich. k it's unlikely they will cross ws paths with the president-elect. tomorrow the cavs play the wizards. the tipoff atwiza verizon center isi set for 7:00 p.m. p.m let's go wizards.let's go wizars >> all. right. right biggest coming to the dmv that is the centerpiece and hotel out at national harbor. it is an 18-foot high, 2-tonh, t mgm lion and you're taking a tin live look at it this morning. m started the journey from las vegas earlier this week. this it will get a quick paintck pai touchup before it officiallyfo goes on display.goes o just the tail alone alone 15 feet long and weighs 2 tons. journey from vegas across theomv >> very cool.>> v >> fancy. still to come this morning now nexe tth nexelected our
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trump's plans will be for the fe first 100 days.100 d >> coming up we're going break e down his plan and more on the te names being thrown out on who could be a part of hisd par transition team. >> plus, trump's impendingding presidency is helping bookng boo say. we'll tell you how coming upingu as well.
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>> ?? >> looking at the right ofking your screen that's the mgm lion if you're familiar withcret obviously the big mgm property e in las vegas you know there's t a big lion that sits outside it. that's their signature. signatu. if you watch mgm movies from back in the day. d >> take the banner down if you wouldn't mind. >> this is the national harbor o just installing the lion ande ld the lion's massive presenceresec there.
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>> pretty >> stands 18 feet tall so that's like three six footers standing on on top of each othe. >> just amazing.tzing. >> you take it to the next level. >> i was like is that just two w people standing on top of eachoa other. no, it's three.. >> i have been working on my simple multiplicat >> it's not that he's gleehe gle sunny bright and beautiful today. high temperature at 60. >> how are you feeling? areline you feeling ing >> it's -- i'm slowly feelinglig er.ter. >> okay. >> yes. >> yeah. yea >> slowly. 45 now in washington.ashito 41 in new york.rk. 32 in binghamton.amn. 37 in pittsburgh.buh. so, sunshine, beautiful, quietui weather pattern not only todayna but right through the weekend.r we are going have another coldol front come through tomorrowcomet afternoon and that's going tooit reinforce the chilly air for
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might not get above 50, 5 51 degrees here in the city thec and there will be some 40's se north and west so a very, very v cool weekend to look forward fwa to but lots of sunshine and dry conditions for the next week. look at that. at th 62 today.od and the chilly temperaturesmpat this weekend but again drygain conditions. we got a redskins game to look l forward to. i feel like it's been a longfoee time since we've had a homead ae game. is that my imagination.gina >> it was a bye week and then. >> bye week. w >> and then london.n. yeah.yeah >> yeah, so 60 sunday afternoon for the game.r the ga. should be great.ld be t. >> thanks tucker.ucker. >> sounds good. let's check on the commute.he ce here's erin. >> 7: 16. slow roads. we'll take a look at some >of>> our maps. 395 on the northbound sided s there's a crash at little l river turnpike.urnpike. left lane blocked because ofe that. you are jamblmeofd from south ou the springfield interchangent all the way onto 95. 95. give yourself a good 35 extra35t minutes to get through thathrout area. things start to open up as you cruise towards the 14th street e idgege. 295 some stop-and-go traffic t from the beltway towards the bel
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we're also slow suitland parkway. pa this crash cleared that wesh cha were dealing with by first by fi sterling. however delays remain back to back l lver hill road. heavy volume there.lume the inner loop very sluggish asy slg you make your way from branchbrn avenue across the wilsonhe w idgege. then as you make your way from -- on 50 inbound 410 to t 295 heavy traffic through cheverly. chever look at that sized 295lyok at southbound. inside the beltway to 50 jammed athndat t hende t again south ofouth o 50 as you make your way downayow towards the 11th street bridgeet you're very slow.low. northbound 210 there's a cra causing some additional heavyna volume through fort washingtonhi mis morning. and then 66 eastbound 234 to 28 you jam. and then you jam again past 50. top of the beltway slow and as o you can see delays extend backxk to dale city.ty continuing on to 395 t northbound. back to you guys. >> ?? >> now that the shock has started to wear off people arepa wonder wag a trump wag a trump administration would look like. time to get down business. >> who would bsteraoo theko ge
7:18 am
will he tackle first? fox5's bob barnard joins usoins now from capitol hill withill w some of the answers to those bob. >> reporter: hey, allison and steve, good morning to you.eporteeve,g yes, thisto is something thatett president-elect trump you got to get used to saying tt-elhaecg sent out to his supportersrt back in october.n oct it was basically a long list of some of his priorities for his first 100 days and one ofs o the things topping that lists t is to impose term limits onlimin members of congress andand push amendment to do that.amen. some of the other things he says he will repeal obamacare.oc the healthcare program thatam t president obama has been pushing for and is one of his lees.ies. also to build a wall at theat u.s. mexico border with mexico reimbursing us for the cost. to select a supreme courtelect u justice.jue. to impose a hiring freeze toirir reduce the federal workforce.ore and to push for a law thataw tha would give parents a greater a choice for their children's
7:19 am
send their kids to private to pi school just as easily as theys t do to public schools. you mentioned the transitionrant president-elect trump'sesident- transition team kicking in thehe high gear up in new york city and one of the things they'll do is come up with a list of ups possible cabinet here are some of the names we se heard on the short list so far. first of all is new jerseyw jere governor chris christie andhrisa former new york city mayor rudy giuliani for attorneyttorny general dr. benn carson whon w ran against donald trumpond trup possibly for educationduti secretar of the house newt gingrich fornh secretary of state and sarah anr palin her name is being put out there as possible psibl candidate for interior secretary.seetary. so, lots going on in new yorkn o city with the transition team and donald trump coming hererum top washington today, guys, making the rounds of the white e house and supposedly to meetd su with leaders of congress later today guys.toguys >> lot going on and we'reot goi going to have it covered forer if you. we'll talk more about that tha coming up at 7:30.:3
7:20 am
of the deal one of hbois earlier book. sales jumped after the election soaring from number num 1,107 on the amazon movers and v shakers list up to number 24. 2 it was a best seller from back b in the 1980's. >> samsung giving their phonesgp a makeover in the hopes to appeal to customers.o cus we'll tell you about thel te changes next. ch >> hillary clinton making alary fashio cn stateliment.ment next dee days as -- details as s to why she and her husbandus wore purple yesterday her speech.
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>> ?? >> developing in seattle washington this morning, the search is on for the gunman who opened fire on a crowdevelon outside of convenience storeen injuring five people. three of theminjuri critically.l police say an argument of somef sort took place shortlyhort beforehand but an exact motivecv is unclear.ncar however, it does not appear toes be related to nearby nea anti-trump protests. also happening in seattle. the operation to liberate mosul marks the beginning ofrk the end ofs isis in thatin t country saying combined cne efforts are making steadyg process liberating the cityg while trying to minimalize civilian casualties.ualts they worn reconciliation wasatn necessary if the victoriestori against isis will be lasting.asg >> to south carolina a coronerha is working to identify two oftw the bodies discovered on therede property of an alleged serialedr
7:24 am
the coroner says they haverone been buried there for nearly a year andd th that authorities ar using the victim's tattoos to t identify them.m. the two are also presumed topret have been a couple. kohlhepp is facing charges of cg murder and kidnapping. he's reportedly planning onnnino representing himself in court. u >> if you watched hillary clinton's conception speechs co you noticed she and billncnoshe clinton were wearing purple.ur the question is why.hy. well, as she addressed thessed crowd wearing that black pant p suit with purple lape shirt bill clinton with thebill purple tie c the reason purplepe like white associated with the women's suffrage group.suff >> i heard that it was to w represent >> outheard as well.>> the blue and the o red togetherg is purple. >> makes purple.e. >> okay. >> perhaps combination of both.erhaps of >> samsung pulling out all the p stops toul appeal to galaxy to y note7 owners who were forced to return their faulty fau smartphone. the company is considering boosting the screen southeast t
7:25 am
5.5-inch screen or a larger 6.2-inch screen.n. galaxy six -- s8, too many little things right there,ght e, will reportedly have more efficient processor and help anl users do things like orderer food simply by asking aing virtual assistant like siri i s would imagine --magine -- >> don't mention that in a't samsung sto mry.ung story >> the new devices won't beon'tb able until march. until mch i'm just giving people ag peop reference point.nce point. >> samsung needs to hit a home h had recently with their td re phcentonesly. looks like they're trying to do thikes. t smoky haze blanketing the cityhc of than georgia. crews battling wildfires wdfir across the south. not making it easy toac put those flames out too.ose flameso officials are warning residents in the atlanta areaofi ofcis in low the visibility, sms smells and obviously cautionnd o those who have trouble breathing. not what you want to see.ose at you fit res are expected to grow.d o no homes have been damaged. damd tuck, one of the things that iat heard is one of the challengess that they're having because b
7:26 am
earth to stop the flames butmest the leaves keep falling on it f and then that just more fuelt mu for the fire. >> yeah unfortunately and it'sni very dry not only here in the midatlantic but southeast aanti little dry as well.c le dwe 45 now in washington.asngton. we are looking at winds out ofis the north-northeast at 10. and we're going to be in for a cool one today as the cool c pattern really set up here forp the weekend. the the good news lots of of sunshine. should be a beautiful day with w again a nice breeze setting up g here for a cool breeze settinget up here a little later this afternoon. but look at how dry we are forre
7:27 am
>> thought of having grown 30 feet grows meows. a crash at little river turnpike. more traffic in a few. we'll reel it together over harry. book to you. >> now that donald trump will
7:28 am
a little help with the prompter that would be great. also, what happens with your personal finances. >> plus, if you need a workout buddy turn to social media. man, can we get a flick kell for every time we ask people to turn to social media. stay with us for now though.lite we'll bef rightyoturn b tack. .
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?? look at the white househe whitu right now at 7:30 this morning.. donald trump will be there amp w little bit later this morningor meeting with president the question is, the is, the transition to a donald trumpd presidency, how might that havee impact on your wallet? from fro your investments to housing prices here in the d.c. area?? >> the trump transition willitin
7:31 am
force.rc it's likely that some of themfhe will be looking to put downut dw roots in the metropolitan area.. according to capitol area are realtors who have beene b experiencing very competitivengr housing market in the washingtoo area in recent months,s, especially among homes in the 150 to $250,000 range, they'veet been selling about half the the average time that than it takes to move the typical home. hom washington may benefit from thet influx of new governm workers, the national housing hg market could also get a boost at least in the short term. t to seat regulatory feesee associated with home buying to o be slashed from about 25% to just 2%.. >> so that could home internshii inside for many more buyersore e higher demand for could eventually inflate highing higng prices send mortgage rates one the rise. we'll take look at housing investment -- what you should be prepared what about thehe transition means for you.ou. joining me jay 96, bill barkerr and for insight into the teamhet
7:32 am
place his administration john bennett the white house course responder for cq roll call.l thanks for joining us this us morning. >> jay, let's start with you.t y we're hawking about housing houi people moving to the city, whatc it might do for housing prices.e what do you think? >> the new administration we geg this question every couple yeara with mid terms and presidentiala elections. we don't really see that muchuch change. . a lot of musical chairs peopleil who work in the white house k hu street and people on k street se move to the white house andite capitol but a lot of people who worked w on the campaign are level staffers they really can'y afford to buy. buy they'll come and in rent. we'll see a bigger change in the rental market than the actual ta housing with trump's campaign withith staffers and whatever, you'llvel see people that are maybe higher maybe we'll see a bump in the $2.000000 range home prices andg e >> do you think overall basedabo look this is a city where we tend to see housing prices go up year to year, do you think itnk any more of on what top we would normally see over the next o couple ofve
7:33 am
policies trump puts in place. p. we'll have to wait and see as we get deeper into theepernto administration. >> bill let's talk about the economy right now. what are we expectit'ngs econ fr personal portfolio. wild swing yesterday on wall y street that was a lot to does do witness uncertainty of what might happen now that we have av clearer picture where we're whee going the next four years whatrt do you think this does for ourur personal finances? >> market is set to maybe hit all-time high today.ay. that may just be clearing of the uncertainty could have done that under either result. res looking ahead two years,rs certainly having republicans ini and the white house that ishat going to be a likely businesss friendly environment, and goodno for stocks over the short term, of course, the other thing we've seen so far interest rates goine up which could affect housingoug afford ability, interest ratests have been extremely low for a fa long time. i don't know if they can stayana this low forever.. >> so most investors and most oo our viewers were not -- we're w' not day traders we're not oute't there with the hard core
7:34 am
maybe your mutual funds that you have. any advice in the time being bei hold scene writ goes right nowr or what do we look for. for >> sting to your -- stick totict your long-term plan if you reactioned out of panic, any, point along the way, last week,e yesterday morning, somethingng s like that, you missed out on tht market ultimately looking favorably on this.hi i don't think this changes the long term for americanscans prosperity. so i think that there are if you're looking to buy certaia things or sectors that certainly have better fortunes going ahead and they didn't and some thatoma don't. >> as we all know witness change in presidency it's not just onee person that changes it's thet cn administration and cabinet thatt changes.changes. john wawa are we looking at somo of the names being floatedloed around. >> donald trump definitely has l decision to make.deci does he want to bring in ann outsider cabinet or stick with t some more conventional names? had hunch friday even into monday and tuesday that he hadtd
7:35 am
votes than secretary clinton.lit i have the same kind of hunchhu that we're going to get moreor insider names.ames. you'll hear people that might m not be known outside the beltway but certainly known inside the t beltway.wa. senator bob cork kerr, chairmann foreign relations could beou secretary of state.y oftate you could have house homeland security committee chairmanhaira michael mccall could be dhs chairman and rudy guilianiuian possible attorney general newt gingrich could be in the running for secretary of state. keep an eye on thesecr jobs thae day. they're not in the cabinet. but they could be even be more e important in that respectant in because they see the president.t they're the last ones he'll see. >> national security adviser,dv chief of staff, ryans priebusns might be chief of staff this isi a issue too when you have a a president-elect who does notelw have that political experience e it could be goal number one to t surround yourself with people pl who. to for donald trump it's a finef line he campaigned on not goingi back to the political machinealc that was tre
7:36 am
something about politics withouo going back to the same old same old? >> that is exactly what he's exa thinking about right abot i think the gravity of the the office when he's in the oval ovl office today with presidentday e obama it will start to sing in, and i think you'll seestar a lol mr. names we recognize and names that we don' we d for that very reason.y reason. he's going to want people arouno him. he's a ceo, he's a businessmanim he's going to want people around him that can give him the advice to do the job. outsiders can't do that.o i think you'll see a lot ofot o familiar nam >> you have to go because youe o have to go down to the whiteca house where this meet lo dowg to place in a couple of hours.ou donald trump leaves the whitehee house, will he talk withk wit congress. >> he'll talk with congressionas leaders he'll talk with with congressional republican leadern at least after he leaves thes t white house today. paul ryan, go over to the senate sight side mitch mcconnell he'sl got a busy day here in washington. >> john, thanks we look for your coverage.corage. >> yea, bill, thanks for joining us. we have appreciate the insight.s long way to go but start too paint a clear picture as we as w
7:37 am
>> 7:36. the picture he's paintingaint nothing but sunshine today. tody >> it will be cool today. today. let's go to the numbers quicklyi give you 45 in washington. 43 dulles. bwi marshall 38.marshall chilly out there.ut the. cool one today winds north andta west at about tone 15 otherwisee bright sunshine, dry afternoon,, and all in all a beautiful but thursday for you.ursday you. highs about 60 degrees at 4:00t p.m. nice and cool out there. t all right.all ri weekend forecast i'll have all' the details momentarily.rily erin is back with roads.oa >> all right. 7:37 this tucker has got the weather. wth. we have metro delays.els chain malfunction at vienna because of that orange line le residual delays to newnew carrollton.rrolon. taking metro just be prepared pa for that one also safetrack noma-gallaudet to fort totten buses replacing trains green orn yellow line an option to geto gt around that brookland and rhode island stations served but the e shuttle service is stoppingpping there.e 95 northbound fredericksburg to the aquia harbor slow downs dows again slow down dale city to tho beltway. that's also because of a crashba on 395.on 3.
7:38 am
little river turnpike it's beene blocking the left lane leftanef shoulder that just cleared butlt you can see traffic still verylv slow passed that point towards t the 14th street bridge. 270 south still slow because ofo earlier crash at 80.ash at0. more traffic in a few. ifew back to you.backo yo well now that donald trumpdp will be our neck president, manm women are concerned about theirr health. coming up, what they arere encouraging each other to do to before the president-elect taket office.. plus, there is a new warninw out about a popular vitamin thaa you may take.may medical team is coming up as upa well. well. ??
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
>> some women worried about howe a trump presidency would affectf their reproductive rights. rig many are planning to get iud's encouraging others to do so.s to they're not the best choice for everybody. they can last three to 10 yearsh through a preresidency somebodyy women are opting for that there are new warnings this morning neabout a supplement may americans take. doctors say vitaminam d is being over used by patients who do not trial val a deficiency in d. d and that patients are being over tested as a doctors now recommend patients e make sure to eat foods rich in vitamin and skip the brad test and have dr. assists unless offt genetic or external risk factors for aviette pip d deficiency.iey >> are you somebody who sebody constantly checks your phone cho before you go to bedne at night it could affect how much and hoa
7:42 am
researchers say using your phono before bedtime associated withsa having the worst kind of sleep.e they also say when you use your phone right before you go to bet it takes longer to fall asleep. when you don't get enough sleepe obviously you're at risk fort rk obesity, diabetes, heart diseass and depression and the list goeg on. on and on f your goal is to get to the gym more often online onl competition appears to be bettet motivator than friendly supportp on social networking sites. >> researchers tracked 800 students who signed up for an fa 11-week exercise program. pgr at the end of that program those who attend the most classes won prizes. participants did he vied into io four groups.up attendants in the individual an team competition groups were 90% higher than in the control con groups. we like a little friendlyy competition. >> little trash talking there. >> that's right.tras it's that time of year air getting colder, nights gettingng longer.long starbucks cups turned tu. >> coffee chain holiday cups cs back but there's twist.wi remember the backlash they facef last year when people complaineo that the cups weren't christmass
7:43 am
they are about as holiday as hoy they can possibly be. snowflakes, red and green.en christmas lights. i see in one of them. t even a reindeer, steve. cups come in 13 designs andsign feature images inspired by inspy customers photos of the decorated of -- of their own decorated red cups posted onostd instagram last year.ea >> i kind of like the reindeer.r one celebrity is spreading n positive message.veessage we'll tell you about the surprise she's leaving hyped fod new york city subway >> and more on the investigation into actor brad pi's towards his son.rds hi s still ahead what investigatorsea say about his alleged child abuse case. 7:43 now.
7:44 am
7:45 am
man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families.
7:46 am
? stand by me. ? ?? >> 7:00 frick. e ween before we get to tucker i know you give shout outs all the time. ti >> it's my momma's birthday toy.y. >> happy birthday mom. >> oh, mrs. chenevey.en >> is she watching.atching. >> watching online in florida.ll >> she's like a beautiful lika e version of steve.n ste >> you know what i mean. >> you can tell. >> in every way.ou k bigger heart.biggerrt bigger -- yeah. -- >> it is true. it't's mom. so it's fine. >> hope off great day.grea day. >> happy birthday. happy birthda >> they watch every morning.wat >>y doy >> that's so great. gre they love the >> i'm glad they love the walk. [ laughter ]uger ] >> do they?o the >> okay.y. >> do they really? really? >> they do today.y tod >> do a special one more momma chenevey. >> i can't do a birthday walk. ki yorking. >> you just did jenn wine.jenn w you can do michael jackson.acks >> you should have gotten uphoul earlier. i saved the best for early.or ey
7:47 am
momma didn't need to see that.ha >> oh, no. n >> he got social media recognition from the memphis >> your momma want a little -- >> so inn appropriate.. >> fine >> sometimes i forget i'm on tv. >> happy birthday mrs. cheneveyy >> sunny and breezy today.y beautiful this afternoon butis n cool only about 60 later thisats afternoon.n. currently 45 in 39 in gaithersburg.burg 43 dulles. 45 in leonardtown.45 in ar everybody off to cool start and again breezes here out of the north and north and west.eezes we'lanl havenort the breezes ths afternoon as well to about 15 or 20. so just be ready for a cool oneo you'll want jack this afternoono but otherwise quiet weather qet pattern.patt wow, we've been really really rl quiet for the better part of the fall months here and we'll keepe that streak going into thetreakg weekend. lots of sunshine, quiet. qui we are going to have a cold to c front come through later tomorrow. i don't think it will bring us any rain. comeink through dry. hrough dry look how quiet the country is.s.
7:48 am
across the eastern half of the t country and that's going tosoing reinforce the cool air for the t weekend that's our set up for f tomorrow afternoon and then by b tomorrow night and by saturday,r real cool pool of air able tobl move on in. onn. we may get very close tolose freezing even inside the beltwal by early sunday morning.. so those of you still growingroi things, tomatoes, whatever youtr may be growing, you might wantt to consider covering those up o bringing those indoors by earlyr sunday morning if you want toyoo keep it going. it 62 today. 65 tomorrow. look at daytime high on saturdar only 52 degrees.2 degree looks beautiful for that tha football game sunday afternoonnn out at fed he can field. i was going to say at rfk. rfk that's old school, huh? erin, e how is it >> the thought that counts. thon it will be good game. >> shoes are arek. >> i put my heels back on, too. >> i wouldn't mind going bareng foot. i'm going to throw it out there, tucker.tuck. right now let's switch it overt for a look at your traffic. tra. southbound i-95 there's a crasha on the exit ramp to fair tack county parkway that is closing s
7:49 am
for slow downs and you'll needon to detour at another location lt that's causing some eighte typical southbound delays fromaf the springfield interchange toat that point.nt northbound side it's sluggishlu earlier crash 395 northbound byb little river turnpike thatha cleared. but leftover volume 66 increasing in terms of tms congestion. 234 to 28.8. really from 28 all the way the w inside the beltway through fallf church it's about oh 40 minute n delay right now from 234 intoo arlington. 95bw park on the outer loopp delayed you can from the icc on down. southbound 95 southbound jamsnd9 from the icc to the bel5 tway.. bw parkway north and southboundh in the area around the goddard d space flight center heavyea traffic and the outer loop fromf about route 1 over to georgia is about a 30 minute delay. 270 southbound still heavy h traffic through urbana.hrban back to you guys. >> actor brad pitt now beent nob cleared of child abusese pitt and hisga estrange wifee we angelina jolie split back in in september following an incidentc on a private plane in which pith had reportedly lost his temper e
7:50 am
according to tmz joel al accused pitt of hitting their eldest son maddux. couple announced they've reachea a tentative agreement on custody their six children.hiren. >> actress emma watson is takes on the role of book fairy and by book fairy we mean her tendencye to hide free copies of books al around london.ou lon look at her doing it there. she left copies of the book momm and me and mom maya angelou auta biography around the transit she's hoping to do the sameto da thing in new new yor >> a woman on the right lookingi back. isn't that -- wait. wai going the wrong way. way >> the book fairy. >> tucker, it's not.r, it's not it's library to help others. otr >> star wars university isy i coming to english universe youvu got me on the books andthe oks universities.un the star wars universe coming t england later this month the the touring exhibition giving fans n up close and personal experience with the characters from the fm sci-fi series.sci- the show features 200 props,
7:51 am
fans. the traveling exhibition star wars identifies is in munich mun right now then let's go too london it will open next weekt and run until september 2017.01. >> yoda is cute.ut >> if you're headed to londoneal i'd like to seeon not an extremt ose e up. >> you needs to do somethingo ds about that hair air and his his nails. >> kev, you were over there. they filmed star wars in london. >> pine wood studios they film a lot of them. t >> it's a big deal.>> it's a bie >> it's insaneal. jj a wars films.wars. >> one of the best films opens s up this friday i literally wanting to to theater and watchh people's jaws drop when ending n of his movie called rifle andnd stars jerry renner and amy the film maker did prisoners, also, is a car yo one of theonet most insane films in a and willw time. the idea amy adams character is a link gift hired by they military to translate alien communications. there are 12 alien space shipspi
7:52 am
don't know why they're so she teams up with a a mathematician played by jeremy reer.r. renner you know him from missio impossible the born legacy.. one of the best action starsio s around also the hurt locker ikei spoke to him about the meaningea behind this film and this idea of this life beyond a story and also the music in this movie iss a leading character. so much so that even jeremy renner was blown away by it. by watch this.his >> there's great line in the's g film that amy says there's day your life. lif and she talks about the day that they arrived. aived. i thought he was interesting i'i wondering i feel like if you li look in your own lives are there moments that you can kind ofin compare that feeling to inng to regards to like days that tha defined your life beyond yourr story?y? >> i think any sort of of milestones that kind of define n who i am and what i'll hopefulll may be or make decisions to kins
7:53 am
there's giant milestones in myeo life. for sure.e. those are things that alwayst aw swimming around in my brain anda ever fiber of my body allow meod to make my decisions forward. >> anything in particular?la >> fatherhood, you know torqueoy certain, you know, success i'vev had in certain aspects of my life. um, you know, i mean, it'st's simple things, man.. it's like, i'm always reminded when i see their phone i see how disconnected everybody is even e though they're trying to be b connected they're missing out what's right in front of them ot some of the time or half thetimf time or all of the time. time. i'm reminded constantly what iha want in my life and what i don'd live. >> the score in the film isre ii brilliant. jeez. one of those things, man.hings,. >> it's a leading character.har. >> one of those things that t knocks me on my butt. >> is a yarrow was the same.hes >> it's under stated, right.d,ig it's one of those things.e tng it's not like -- >> it freaks me out.e ou
7:54 am
because this is one of those films that even like the hurt hr locker very little score to it t but like this it's done in suchn an effective way arrival where e had seen the film once i go back in for the last five minutesin before i have to do a q and a or something and i'm like -- the te beginning of the film same thing. it's a beautiful beautiful score. >> music to me in film is the leading emotional quality of quy movie and the honestly if they were to bill b three leads in this movie amy adams, jeremy renner and the a film score. >> unless you see a early cuts o without the u music in it you don't -- it's so subliminal. really becomes a character inrai itself. itself >> the ending of this film willl blow your -- i want to talk t t about it but i couldn't event ee explain it on the air withoutwit seu seeing it. you have no idea how mind blowing the ending is. >> sci-fi, i'm sorry. >> sci-fi. aliens come to earth.
7:55 am
translating their communicationn but something gigantic happenini we don't know.we don kno >> is it end with a cookbooka that says, to serve mankind? mki >> don't give it away.y how did you know that?did you kt >> no, that's not it.>> n that's not really what happensyh at all.ll. we'll have more from the castfrc coming plus my review tomorrow t morning from los angeles. but i'm telling you right now nw stay away spoilers and filmandil maker is >> are you here neck hour or do you have a flight. >> i'll be back withl ack with 8:00 o'clock with the cast ofcaf loving and the film maker dc fir based story about the interracial company went to thee supreme court and changede we had them in d.c. a coupleple weeks ago. ago but i'll sit down with the filmm maker and some of the other caso behind the movie coming out thit week on friday.riy >> see you then. see y >> d.c. story.>> d. >> love it. s say good morning to ouro o facebook fans of the day d celebrating today true nel lanel they are celebrating 15 years oa marriage.marr that's a milestone. congratulations, guys.ons, you look a they say they tune in everyn ery morning because they love fox55 d.c.d.c. happy anniversary and thank youk for watching.g. ??
7:56 am
that i did was an old twilightwi zone. i think it was an old twilightdi zone it might have been to servr humans instead.nsad to serve -- there's a twist. >> um-hmm. >> sounds like it was brought ut again in the simpsons episode. >> okay. >> over to you.ou >> close encounters.ounts i know what happens. hns >> yeah, right. >> it doesn't end well.we. >> kev, i want to take myself tm the movies. not pee-wee hear man style.tyle which should i go see, one movie. >> arrival. >> is it out. >> friday. >> one of the best movies of the e sayisee all right. e be we go. >>go. kev --kev >> aww. so sweet. sweet. sunny and bright and beautifulbg today. but cool.but . winds normal and west here looko how clear we are to start yourk day. da daytime highs right about wheree they should be 62 today.hod be cool tonight.ight. gorgeous holiday weekend fridaya saturday, sunday although verylv chilly around here saturday. saa highs about 50 overnight lows bb early sunday going to be tailgating out at fed ex field. fie we may hit freezing early sunday morning.
7:57 am
>> i'll physical was tucker mymy friend on twitter matt dark told me he's a marine and 241st41 birthday of the marine corps.ors >> i saw that, yeah.>>aw tha >> he asked more happy birthday shout out to him and his felloww marines. happy birthday, thank you forouf your service. service. round of applause from allison s and steve and tucker. tuc [ applause ][ plau tt thanks matt. move over to traffic right nowtc taking metro residual delays new carrollton earlier malfunctionon on the orange line at vienna. ve that's in addition to safetracka surge 10 impacting the red linel a lot of delays around the areae including gw parkway southboundd from the beltway down to roosevelt bridge 395 still95 s stacked. keep it to fox5 news morning. m back with more news, weather and
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. night of unrest in america.a thousands of people hit theple t streets across the nat donald trump. >> i believe the united states e has made a terrible mistake. >> from new york to los angeless oakland, seattle, chicago and oo the cities the anti trump rhetoric stretched from coast to coast.ast. and this is a live lookis il outside ofoo the white house one this thursday morning.orng it is 8:00 o'clock in just a few hours president-elect drum is-e that expected to meet with president obama in the ovalheva office.
8:01 am
right off the top t 8:00 o'clock, breaking news outt of pennsylvania the search on so for suspect after two policeole officers were shot early this morning near pittsburgh. one of those officers is nowersn dead and the condition of the t other officer is unknown.. officials haven't told us yet what led to the shootings but wt will bring updates just as soon as we get them.he what we know right now one of those police officers sadly hasy died.died. that shooting in candace burg bg 20 miles south of the steve sve pittsburgh.pittsbgh turning to the nationwide trump protest. >> we're seeing several different protest here in washington,ott melaniee live for us outside the trump tp hotel with more on on demonstrations good morning, melnstr. >> reporter: good morning,orng, steve and allison.alison you know donald trump famouslyay said he'd build a wall, right.i. apparently the secret servicevi beat him to it. there are these walls temporaryy nonetheless around all of thehe entrances here to the trumpmp international hotel on all sides, and we get the feeling
8:02 am
it will be from now threw the t inauguration.auration now, hundreds last night marched from 1600 pennsylvania avenue,v, which will soon be trump's new address, to the newest trump tmp property not far away what oncec was the old post offic pavilion. they held signs saying, unfit to serve, immigrants welcome not n trump and we have a voice.ce over at american university somt students were so upset overy s e election results that a few of them burned several smallal american flags. we us there was a scuffle at oneon point but no one was war many of the students in factt most of the students did not did support the flag burning.urni the university says it was awara of the protests at the time butt want the students to be able tot express their freedom of speechh now of course after all of thisi animosity, many people felt likt maybe they just need add hugdd g after the election results.esuls and that was what they were able to do yesterday at dew point pnt circle. some people organized thesehe
8:03 am
they called the solidarity hug in. in. organizers wanted people to comt together in an efforto com to understand one another and work for a better world together. to. i even saw that coming backgac yesterday in new york intok int baltimore there was somebodythso holding a sign saying free hugsg maybe that is what a lot of people need by the way, all this trump controversy really not putting a damper on commerce.n apparently trump hotel getting a lot of guests booked all the waw through inaugural weeke i'm melanie alnwick fox lifeoxif local news. ns. >> some are protesting other ara celebrating trump's victory. wednesday we went into virginiai counties who voted republicanli get their take on the historic election.. >> if does he what he says he h can do, um, it's going to be great thing. thi over the last eight years, it'si been a disaster. >> i'm giddy.>> [ laughter ] >> totally unexpected, but i'mum happy about it..
8:04 am
anybody is better than hillary.. >> stunned to see all the voter turnout.turnou excited that he's in office and maybe things can change.hae. >> the democratic party meantimm has promised its support ofrt o president-elect donald trump and both parties now sendingding supporters a message of unity. all things moving quicklyg y donald trump prepares to takeo e the nation's highest office. >> he sat down with hish transition team which includesnu new jersey governor chrisr chri christie to go over his plan.s n today he'll be in washington,l e d.c. meeting with the i presidee in less than three annie yu live at the white house with the details. >> reporter: hey g morning,orng, steve and allison.. good morning, everybody.rybo that's right much he's moving mv along getting right work in just three hours at 11:00 o'clock president-elect donald trump will be meetingmp w with president obama here at tht white house in the oval office.o while that private meeting istee going on, the first lady michelle obama she's going to bt meeting privately with trump's s wife melania as well in thel int white house, and so this is the first step towards a transition
8:05 am
might say it's a bit of an awkward situation because allaul along this campaign trail the t two parties have had some harsh exchanges.s harsh comments towards eachts t other andow really in the past they haven't had almost no oneoe on one contact previously and ss they are putting their dissesses aside and doing what they needyn to do. do. president obama is ensuring ansr smooth hand over to donaldo dona trump, and as the transitionnsio begins, democrats are wonderingi how to move forward, what mightt we see in he be different from what we sas in the on the campaign trail? ? lot of questions there and thene you have some republicanub strategists speaking out they'r' worried he won't be able to ablt restrain himself and become a disciplined president. >> pence i think will be the gug he has great relations on kn k street. i think trump will look to himp and look to mitch mcconnell in n the senate.e. i'm hearing gingrich will beichl secretary of state.ta i think he can be a conciliator.
8:06 am
he can bring people togethere to when he wants to. i think he madewhen a strategicr decision not to take his footis off the accelerator.or he wanted to be that characterht all the way through because heae wanted to have all the exposure and deprive everyone else of tht oxygen the political oxygen and it worked. >> reporter: and back out hereer live, guys, what you're lookingo at is a bunch of activity rightt outside the north lawn of the white house. standter where you politically things are movinggsv the country must move forward fa dan meeting is going on you alss have the construction and then e preps underway for the big b inauguration day on january thet 20th, and that is when whe president-elect donald trump will assume the role ase president of the united states.. and become our 45th president.r. that's very latest here instere northwest d.c.t . annie yu fox5 local news. >> annie, i'm surprised nobodyss is down there this morning.. has there been any if the traffic down there outside these white house?ite house? >> reporter: yeah, you know, i
8:07 am
more people out her maybe even some protesters but, steve, we haven't seen any protesters thii morning. it's been very quiet.ui just a bunch of joggers and a bikers.bikers of course, you have the secretec service down here as wellel keeping watch and then you havee other media folks down here, he, both local, national,l, international as well, and theye tell me they'll be out here alll day.y. so i assume this area had get aa little congested as we move w along in the morning.orng >> all right.ig annie yu outside the white house morniorning. 8:07 now.8: now. looks like a nice start to theth day at least, tuck. tuck. >> it's co it will s cobe a cool afternoonb sunny and bright.ght. love this time of year and we'll keep it -- the zinni streak going into the weekend.nd >> perfect.fect >> lots to look forward to lforw weather wise do take a jack. jac 47 reagan national.atio 45 dulles.45ulle 44 this morning bwi marshall.l. sunshine, bright, the winds area back out of the north and westns about 10 to 15 but we'll be rair free later today.od. we'll be rain free for at least the next week as the dry conditions continue here acrossi the midnu atlantic for foreseeae future.
8:08 am
enjoy beautiful day but do taket jacket. it will feel cool with thatha breeze out of the north andut o west.f dwe weekend forecast all the detailt we've got redskins football thii weekend. >> i know. big game on sunday. >>big game yup. >> let's check in on traffic right now.heck hi, erin. >> if morning, steve. 8:08 right now. metro delays on the orange linen earlier malfunction at vienna.. delays to new carrollton.llton wide view of friday eve orve thursday morning commute.mute we're seeing a lot of congestioo inner loop from five over to tht wilson bridge. 395 from earlier as you cross the springfieldin interchange all the way passedt crystal city.ystal city. if you're heading out in theinhe district today from eight toromi 4:00 we have the attorneyhe atty general award ceremony.on. c street northwest from 17thth to 18th as well as d street from 17th to 18th shut down. watch for congestion there inn t bowie a crash 301 northbound atd pointer ridge drive. 301 looking pretty good.yoo seeing congestion on the outer r loop through largo as you head parsed 50. 5 fief three through cheverlyhevel
8:09 am
southbound 95 a crash blockingra the exit ramp to fairfax county park ways. ws. stop gone traffic both sides of 95. 95. allison and steve.allin an >> nine minutes past the hour oe this thursday morning. so the fdabi sy moays the suspee serial killer in south carolinan was prohibited from buying gunss but didn't stop him. stom. details next.. and she's back! maybe. as president-elect trump getslep his transition team in place tht former vice-presidentialen candidate may be part of his former vice-presidentialen candidate may be part of his that means incredibly fast 150 g internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for this amazing price. cable can't offer speeds
8:10 am
?? >> 8:09. welcome back. developing overnight in seattle, htn se washington, the search forhe s gunman who opened fire outsideut of a convenience store shootingn five people, four men and onene woman. it happened after an argument oo some kind at a busy intersection. all of the victims are expectedc to survive. police don't believe this iss related to the anti trump trump protest.. developing meantime in soutt carolina, a coroner is working r to identify two of the bodies discovered on the property of af alleged serial killer named todd kohlhepp. the corkooner says they had been buried there for nearly a year a and that authorities are using u the victims tattoos to identifyt them. two are also presumed to have pe have been a couple.e. kohlhepp faces charges murder mr and kidnapping he is reportedlyr planning on representing himselm in court. un officials say the> unic operation to labor berate theat
8:11 am
the city.ity they worn reckon silage the community and national level waw necessary if the victories victo against isis are to be lasting.. well, trump university --rs >> i'll pick it al trump university, the lawsuit is getting little more tractione right now. we'll hear more about that a tha little bit later today. tay in the meantime employees ae general motors plants inors plai michigan and ohio bracing for f massive layoff next year. y automaker announced it let go of 2,000 workers in january. january. the first round of cuts in six years. gm seen a strong demand for d trucks over cars.trks o the layoffs produced the -- the- plants with the layoffs producing the camaros and chevy kruz. >> elementary student beaten upu for his support of a of a
8:12 am
everybody has the right to their own opinion and they shouldn't>l be beat up for it. ?? >> -- while the teacher waser s reportedly in the classroom. it's 8:12. ? ? it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them up, keep them closed, keep them safe.
8:13 am
align, press and unzip. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 g internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes we're wired differently. gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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tv and phone for this amazing price. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. ?? tuck, it's your favorite new .and. favorite new old band. >> a little spare time thise spi weekend and got in the upper channels.chan.
8:15 am
documentary. how he's one of the cranky's ono yesterday men that ever lived on the face of the earth.e ce >> you respect that i'm sure.ctm >> and he did.nd he id >> i have an admiration for him. let's flip it 180 go from cranka to something that makes us all s feel better. feel bet >> do we have to? >> let's go>> cuteness. cen all right. we got super duper cuteness. a aww. >> baby girl.>> by gi >> there's your candidate writdi there.e >> young to be officially to beb president. but in a few years. yea >> give her few years.her starting to campaign >> got to be 35, right? >> 35? 3 >> is that how old? it seems ss >> i know it is.s. it's been awhile since i've i'v taken american history but ito think it was 35. >> hi, zoey cuteness factor of the day. check out that awesome t-shirt. >> zoey for president. >> hi, zoey. >> yeah. >> i hope -- vote for you.orou lov love it. here's the deal at 15 months old she already has her sights set g on the white house.. >> yes. >> obviously she gets my vote.ot >> you know i mean suppose youpo
8:16 am
you just turn those baby brown b eyes on whomever and you getou whatever you want.ant. if you don't you cry a bit mayby somebody wants to sooth you. you get what you want. right? >> yeah. i mean -- >> sounds like win/win to me.e maybe you should go for it.t. >> and you know that way if you're the president and you'reu that young you get 10 approval. >> right whom would vote a against >> can't vote against zoe forot presidenagnst t. >> do you know who the youngestg person to assume the presidentae was. >> i'm always going to say jfk.k >> it's kind of an asteris the youngest to be elected. the youngest to assume thehe presidency.pres >> president obama. >> teddy rows vessel.ows 42 years old. >> jfk was 43 so it's close.. >> so young. you seems so young now. n >> right. >> my goodness. >> yup. >> i'll be an older president.rt 47 in >> i just want to brace uh-uhh- might not win the white house. i'm just going to tell that youu good i didn't say president of what? >> that's true. >> president of my own pre household. >> you win that. nominated myself. mys 32 in binghamton.
8:17 am
made for. >> exactly. >> that's not one of the jobs i would ever wish to take on. on. 38 in pittsburgh. all right.. listen looking at coolool temperatures and lots ofots sunshine today.nshine today. breezes out of the north andou westt though so bring it will be a chilly afternoon an chilly evening.ning but it will be a dry day an beautiful day and beautiful beaf seven days.n let's focus on the weekend. cold front tomorrow.. will bring us very chilly airlly around here both saturdayy morning, saturday drunk the day and sunday so just be prepared for that.ha. we may inside the beltway by earlyy ear sunday morning.orni. looks fantastic if you're one o the lucky ones going out to out watch the skins game sundayunda afternoon should be great dayn h for it b. 60 on sunday. sda >> thank you tucker.r. >> um-hmm. >> sounds good. >> okay. well, erin como is joining usoig now with a look at traffic. tra. hey, erin. e >> good morning. 8:17. keeping an eye on our roads.ds 50 on the inbound side out by way pell mill as crash.ra attorney general award ceremonyr
8:18 am
4:00c street northwest and d and street between 17th and 18th detour around that delays on th orange line to new carrollton earlier train malfunction atncti vienna.vina and them taking a wide viewde right now, you can see a lot oft slow downs.ow d we have bw parkway north and noa soul outside the beltway.elay tons of congestion through god guard space flight center area.a outer loop from route 1 over toe the 270 spur about a 30 minute0t delay with congestion. 270 southbound slows coming off of the spur on to the beltway. and the outer a opinion across the american ari legion bridge heavy traffic. cabin john, clara barton river r road slow. sw through largo the outer loophe o really heavy towards bw parkwayy and then we're also dealing witt that heavier congestion on 95 9 southbound from the icc to theoe beltway you can see throughee gaithersburg and rockville a lol of slow traffic.raff north at that point in urbanarbn also dealing with slow trafficw from earlier crash. crash and then we have a crash 301 northbound in bowie at pointerte ridge drive.ri.
8:19 am
be mindful of that.. 66 eastbound still slow 234 tol the beltway.l. back to you. well, he isn't even old eld enough to vote but one young you texas boy claims that hiss thats support of the president-electnt was enough to earn him a severe beating at the hands of fellow students. >> we're talking elementary e school students here.scho maureen joins us with more of the details. mo. >> folks all across the nationon have mixed feelings about donalo trump's election vick tow manyy are rejoicing following follo tuesday's results anger mount many many others ons texas boy found himself victimlv of that anger in response to hi support for the president-elect. take look. look >> this is america. arica. everybody has the right to their own opinion and they shouldn't l be beat up for it.. >> but just a day after donaldel trump was elected president pree that's exactly what happened tod an 11-year-old boy at staff forf elementary school. >> these boys decided to ask the classroom who voted for donaldol
8:20 am
they held a mock election for the president.nt i said i voted for -- i did thee they come over here and started -- and jerk me out of my seat and then they started -- before i could turn -- get up g they started kick mowing and a punching me. punc >> he said teacher was presentat in the classroom but it feltel like he was on the groundon then forever. >> why did it take so long foron it to be stopped?? >> mary and buddy lemon received a call from the principal of the incident.inde >> we went and made statements s to the police officers and thene i took him to the emergency room. deep bruiseseep bises throughout his body.ody >> are you afraid to back to class.s. >> yes, ma'am. >> according to the school district the students allegedlyu innts volved in the altercationv been suspended pending an an investigation.ig >> i know we've been very ver opinionated on this election buo one thing i never -- i've never said anything to the point whert
8:21 am
my son doesn't have a mean bonea in his body. hod >> they hope their story the s encourages parents to speak tota their children.hire how to be compassionate and accepting toward those whose believe differently. >> that's what america is abouto that's what the election process abobout. we have respect for the last election results and everybody o needs to respect this elections results.. >> by the way one to point outt that was in stafford texas inn case there was some confusion cn there. a lot of place allison church, communitiesommui groups in the wake of election e opened their doors for people ts come in and learn how t foor tal their students and just to havee place to sort of calm down since emotions are clearly still running high amongst a lot of people.le >> no one should be persecutedeu for their especially a child.ld >> thanks, mo.hao. >> as a parent with kids in higg school and emotions were veryer high yesterday.ay. >> i've been hearing >> across the board.>>cros i hate to see anybody face any a physical violence. vionc it's ridiculous.ous r all right. thanks, mo.
8:22 am
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8:25 am
to induct newest class the class of 2016. we told you about some of the final lists over the past couplc u abouhe of months. p the toys have been aroundasco fe f while. and those who are making the the final cut now. >> among the 12 final lists care bears that's cute and loveableee care b also, transformers, you know,w, robots in disguise and the beloved board game clue. clue panel of experts chose thise thi year' honorees those 12 1 finalists and they'll be inshrined today during ceremonyn at the strong museum in rochester, new york. it was the candlestick.tick >> in the study.>> in the study. >> by the butler.but butler did it. >> butler always did it. i >> clue was fun.lue used to play that back in the bt day. >> i had it. had i i don't remember -- i had the ga.e. i don't remember actuallyt playing it. >> obviouslyreme was 92 chutes ands a ladder and the game of live.iv an candy land. >> candy land was classic.lassi. >> what was your favorite boardr game. >> i played it all.. risk. >> risk was good.>>wa >> risk was good.>> r >> i never got into risk.isk. >> monopoly took a long time. >> battleship. battleshi >> battleship was fun.
8:26 am
>> you would always give up.ld w somebody would throw everythingn off of the table.le. >> okay. you guys want to do something >> you nevert tog ended. eed in my family people would always steal from the bank.k. >> right. >> we tried family board nightht and it always ends in ansn a argument we don do it any more. >> you would trade snacks for fr bank money. any way what's going on outside. on tsi >> my grandmother used to play p very competitive game of yacht o see. >> oh. >> we used to play yacht >> she would get mad when sheetw would use. >> did she yell when she got iti >> yacht see >> took eight little too serious. 47 in washington. >> what happened in my house47 . >> let's -- featuring about 60 0 this afternoon with sunshine ana breeze out of the north and west but that is a quiet, quite, it eastern half of the country and remain quite right through theht weekend.ek i do want to mention saturdayda coolest temperature yet this ths season highs only about 50 so0 s just be prepared here for cool o air this weekend but otherwisete nice looking seven days. d love this time of year. yea >> i do, too. t. a lot of sunshine.she.
8:27 am
sleeves of leaves this weekend.e >> i was hoping for goods winds do a number and push them out. . >> push them out of the way.utay >> they also below the neighbor's leaves in your jar, o.o. >> they clean theirs up.y it all [ laughter ]ug ] >> working the system.orking th. leave it to the weather guy,o tu erin. er >> good morning erin.inerin. >> always working the system,rky tucker right now, 8:27, and we have big delays on the southbound side oo 95 from the beltway towards towr fairfax county that's because of a crash on thn exit ramp to fairfax countynty parkway.parkwa northbound side a little se a sluggish as well as we forwardwf you're facing this morning.ornig slow moving traffic other placee in the area as well. wel we can always take look at our o maps, too but we do have some se slow downs be pro paired forrefo that 66, 234 titrate 28.8. 50 on the eastbound side there't a crash boy waple mill and alsos seeing some toll road delays on the dulles toll road.oa northern maryland slows biglowsb delays bw parkway in bothh directions.directions. really just outside the beltwayu as ytsidou pass powder mill roal trying to get up towards 32.
8:28 am
slow and a crash 301 out in bowie take look there next.reex back to you.backyou. >> erin thanks.rin 8:27 right now on this thursdays morning. >> president-elect donald trumpl transition noose his new role,el he has a big to do list. >> fox5's bob barnard is live ae the capitol and he's trying to t check some items off of that oft list what we need to know. kno bob. >> reporter: hey, guys.. what would drum top? he's got plans for his first hundred dayd in office much he's going meet at the white house. he'll be here at the capitolhe t today. we'll tell you all a
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> developly this morning in thi district a man was shot near the verizon center. ve 2:40 thissounds was morning. man shot in the 600 block of h o street in the chinatown not exactly clear what happeneda but investigators are focusing n on a dark colored bmw that if tf you see it in the video it has its doors flipped up it's parkpp at t scenene. as for the victim we're told was conscious and taken to thesn hospital. a night of unrest aftertft election of donald trump in then district hundreds gathered inat the face's capitol voicing op o sis to his election holding eleh signs and chanting.d chanting. in oakland california 6,000a 6,0 people took to the streets totst protest trump's election.ctio demonstrations also in new york, seattle, chicago, texas and colorado as marchers were in solidarity in those places. pla. world is reaction to goeact donald trump's victoryio tuesday night in london hundredss protesters gathered outside u.s. embassy for an event organizedrz
8:32 am
racism. who says he respects the election process just not donald trump. there was also a counter protese held as well.. now that the shock ishe s wearing off for some people, a lot of folks wonder wagon ader trump administration will looklk like. >> who will be his cabinet pickt and what agenda items will he h tackle first? fox5's bob barnard joins us now fromrom capitol hill with some answersee to those questions. questions. i don't know how much time you h have, bob, but that'sow a lot gu to get to. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.ornin. well, i'll tell was, what president donald trumpmp would like to do in his first f 100 days in office is somethingi he sent out as kind of a contract with his supportersrter back in october. october one of the first things he sayss he'd liked to push forhor constitutional amendment thatmet would impose term limits onimits members of congress.ones he's got some other things and a some of it we've heard him sayiy all through the campaign.ign he would like to get rid of obama care.are he says he'd like to build a a wall along the us/mexico borderr
8:33 am
that wall.that w he says he wants to select a sec supreme supreme court he also wants to impose hiring n freeze that would reduce or hell reduce the federal work force. and a president trump says in his first hundred days he wouldu like to help give parents paren greater choice for theirice foti children's education to allow for private school options asnsa well as public school options.ns now you mentioned the transitiot which is kicking into right now.right has lotted to including coming up with people who would lead wd some of the big governmenternmen agencies here in washington andd on the short list, some of these names we've heard beforee obviously. new jersey governor chris chr christie and former new yorkk city mayor rudy guilianiuian possible attorney general. second doctor ben carson who rar against donald trump as seconded of education.tion newt gingrich the former speakpe of the house for secretary off
8:34 am
the name sarah palin possiblyy the former alaska governor as interior secretary. now, donald trump we all know is leading -- meeting later this ti morning with president obama ata the white house.wh house we also understand that he'll be here on capitol hill later today to meet with speaker paul ryan.. so a busy day here in washington publicly for the t president-elect, and for hisor h people, his transition teamea behind the scenes trying to gete things in order, guys. >> all bob cork kerr another name beine thwn cabinet position.cabi so we will wait and see. see bob, thanks much much happeningh today a push by residents in one d.c. neighborhood to keep t criminals off the streets.thstr. in northeast d.c. tonight safety walk starts at 6:00 p.m. 18th and i streets northeast. it is the -- this is the fifthth district.ct. d.c.'s interim police chiefef peter new some will be there ane join in to try to get the message of safety out.ety o >> prince george's county publis schools hosting social mediaed down hall to help parentsaren navigate how their children useu social media and how to avoidvod
8:35 am
consequences of doing so. so. the event is from 6:30 to say to the 30:00 tonight at eleanor ean roosevelt high school. sl. you're encouraged to register ii advance online. dc housing authorityhori honoring local veterans ahead of veterans day which is tomorrow.. hundreds of d.c., maryland and d virginia veterans will gatherl e today under one roof at theat t university of the district oft columbia in northwest d.c. the vets will be able to get information about employment anm housing opportunities.rtunities also available health checks and free haircuts. this is from 8:00 this mor already underway.ry. it will go until 3:00 o'clock:0l this afternoon at u d.c. 8:35 right now. right now. and there's a new king in the d.c. area.rea and today he's in town to take his thrown. tow and we're not talking about whoo you might think we're talkingalg about. >> we're going on literal basiss talking about this guy rightuy g here. the 18-foot high lion that istht now in place at mgm nationall haoror. one of the last finishingast fis touches for the casino brittori opens to the public onc december 8th.cemb quite a majestic sight on that property.
8:36 am
>> um-hmm.m-hmm >> you can see how tall that tal lion is.s very stoic. >> i like that. tha >> all right. 18 feet high.18 feet h hi, igtuck., tuc >> tucker barnes g morning good can we get a selfie in front off that guy. >> you can but you have to getu pretty far away.y. ig right. >> so allison when you saidlisou there's a new king i sn town ini thought you meant lebron wasn ws coming. is he going to the witness houst today. >> he'll be in town for two days because they play tomorro w night. nigh >> right.t. >> out and about tonight. >> steve, he asked me and. a >> yes. >> time for weather. thank you allison. t >> all rigthhtan.ig. reagan national 47.anat dulles 45. 45. and up in baltimore bwi marshall 44 degrees. we are looking at coolre looki temperatures to start your day.g it will be sunny and a bea to tt cool afternoon with winds out of the north and west at fenn to 15. so you're definitely going todee want your jacket.lywant y it's just beenour ja amazingly i couple of months across theos te eastern half of the country.. and that streak will continueoni for the next several days.ays so this afternoon a bit of ait o breeze and some chillyhilly temperatures about 60 but lotsbs of sunshine should be a nice nic quiet day.
8:37 am
weekend forecast.ecast. we got football. footbl friday night football all kindsn of football to look forward to.. did i mention football.tbal >> you did. where we'reention going later today?da >> no. share.are >> am i allowed to tell or is it >> tell n we're doing drive the new aston >> am i going to be them i g passenger or do i get to drive.i >> i decided you should be myd m passenger and i should drive.. >> i had feeling it was going that way.eeling >> i agree with her.. >> if you want t io a rock, papp scissors for it i'll do it.t we feel more comfortable itae drive. >> can i sit in the back. i >>it >> don't take that bet. now you're shoeffing him aroundo >> right allison.>> rigllison >> i get to wear my sunglassesge and the driver of that vehicle.e >> okay. >> they're not doing to noticeoi tucker any way. do whatever you like. >> i thought it seemed like ae cool idea.coola. like the game mom used to play p do you want to clean the house,e it will be wbe f >> right. >> attorney general award ceremony eight to four in theort district c and d streets 17th to 18 strong of many streetstrts closed he be prepare for that. yellow line delays to huntington because of earlier trainin
8:38 am
of the 395 remains heavy fromvy the beltway to crystal city andd then we're seeing 14th street se bridge slow downs east andt a westbound on the freeway jammini up and we're slow towards theowe 11th street bridge on the the north and southbound sides of 295 through largo the outer looo jams and that kind of runs inton the big delay on the top side of the beltway outer loop from 95 over to georgia. gw parkway slows key bridgeri heavy traffic as well and you ay can see 95 and bw parkway par southbound from the icc on downw to the if you're heading towardsar baltimore this morning, you're u seeing delays on bw parkwayay northbound take 95 northboundthd and sorry my 270 drivers reallyl slow gaithersburg through rockville. back to you steve and allison.l. majority of dc votersoter approved a receiver ren dumb for d.c. statehood on tuesday.ay >> mayor bowser plans to do nowt to make it a reality.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> welcome back 8:41 on thursday morning. live look at theme on th sun jus bathing the capitol dome littlee bit. chilly but nice day yo no rain in the forecast tucker says. >> the district now one stepnete closer to statehood.ho on tuesday nearly 80% of votersr in the district supported apoed measure that would make the makt district the 51 is the state.. >> so if so d.c. would be splitt into the state of new columbiaa for its ram areas and a federalr district that includes ilude
8:42 am
current draft the constitutiona calls for the election avenuecon governor and 21 seat statete legislature instead of thesteaot current city council.ounc yesterday mayor bowser spokesero about the issue.. >> what we are arguing for andor have argued for is full equality with every other american.n. we're in the asking for any morr but we are asking for our fair share. >> dc has a population of moreme than 670,000 residents who payto more in federal taxes other states. mayor bowser says she plans to s deliver the d.c. statehood ste measure to both president-elect donald trump ton congress bygres inauguration day.ay. 8:42. still ahead> can laughter leada htight loss? >> the fox5 medical team tellsm us about a new program next. nex it is 8:42 now.ow.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
?? >> little sweater weather. fe >> is that the name of the songg sweater weather.r w >> sure is. >> i like it.e is ourt is time to check on forecast right now. >> wait. >> in 10 seconds. hi, welcome back.>> hey, fall colors we just saw the live shot and people> co alore g pictures n send us y pictures.
8:46 am
you can see the city andy and washington monument off in the i background. what a nice time of year. e timeye beautiful afternoon it will be a cool and breezy afternoon withit daytime highs topping out right around 60 degrees. 6de 47 now in washington.hito 45 in frederick. 45 in gaithersburg. 46 -- [ laughter ] n leonardtown. >> allison, i think i learned an new move. pull the -- kind of like -- kind of like that.t. >> nice. nic >> entertain myself.ta mys 45 in frederick.frede 45 out at dulles.le all right.l right. north and west.of tnoh an 10 to 15. currently 12 and the reason i'mm showing you the man it will be breezy day with the winds out on the normal and west but a coolau and sunny day and look howk h quiet. i mean the whole eastern last oe the country just featuring quiei conditions.conditions pretty amazing how quiet it'sui' been across most of our countryy here for weather wise for the te last couple of months. mon as we're looking at bright sunshine right into the weekende i do want to mention a coldol front that come through tomorror
8:47 am
weekend. i don't think we'll get any rain with looks like it comes through dryy but lock in the cool saturday cl and sunday morning very chilly ale round here in fact by sunday morning we may come very close c to our first official freeze ata reagan national thoseio temperatures are going to be ata least in the mid 30s and we maym get cool enough we're righte' around freezing by early sundaya morning but otherwise gorgeous r looking forecast and lots and la lots of sunshine to look forwarf over your next seven days.n day 62 today.62 tod. there's your cool numbers forl n the weekend look at saturday'sar high only 52. if you're lucky enough to beh going to the football gameal g sunday afternoon at fed ex fiele beautiful conditions, chilly,s,i 61 degrees but lots of sunshinef to look forward to for your your weekend that is a weatherd at ie update, guys. i'm going off to be side kick in fancy car good drive a fancy car. that will be fun. >> drive safe. let's check in with hollycho and maureen find out what'sut w' coming up on good day.d hello, ladies.o,adies. >> good morning to you.>> >> well the trump transitionion from his immediate meeting witht president obama to his first 101 days and those nationwideatioid protests.
8:48 am
the first five minutes.inutes >> also following breaking neara pittsburgh. deadly shooting of police officers.of one has s d also on good day d.c. it is a debate bait that we have in myen house whom has the best memory.b me or my husband? really it's i not debate. i let him think it is but latest research that may actually solvl that question. >> on good day at 10a he plays dastardly alex stood spaed owino guiding light. lig. he's live in the loft how youe can see him in d.c.inhim .c >> also at 10a we are live witht ross matthews. celebrity stories. stories >> and empire came roaring backb last night. so what was your favoritee moment? tweet us #gooddaydc and we may it conclude in your ome segment. >> it's a jam pack good day dcc as it always s minutes away.inea make sure you join us.s >> all right, ladies see youht,y soon. a all right. >> the kevin mccarthy is with uw right now 8:48 time for the foxx beat. beat hi, kev. >> guys, good to see you thiss,e morning. >> good to see you glenn a few w weeks ago the cast of loving ana
8:49 am
washington, d.c. one most m important films i've seen this i year at national museum of african-american culture and history for the premier of thist incredible people not familiar with this t stover line the lovings weree tr married in washington, d.c. andn arrested in virgini wasa because that time period interracialime marriage was not loud in the state of virginiage w. so one thing led to another and they did bring the case to theto supreme court and it changed c marriage forever now joel and ruth play the amazing rolls hers in the movie also directed the movie many they were here in d.c. but i also sao down with them for very interview as well the movie was filmed in richmond v have a, tw, hours south of here and incredible story i spoke to jefj nichols the loving has threehr children. and i -- you would thinknk obviously richard and mildred al have passed but the three thr children i thought were stille i alive.aliv. and i was surprised to find outt that two of them had passed.d i spoke to jeff nichols aboutolt
8:50 am
watch this. >> well, unfortunately, you know it's tragic, um, peggy theeghe youngest is the only one that'se still living. stil >> right. >> so the older two boys passedd away. r really? >> yeah. yeah. and so peggy was really the onee representative of the family and she's the first person i metso i when i, you know, went tot to virginia back before i hadk befh written the screen play.n but she came to set a few timesm and any time that she did it wai kind of a validation of what wee but also it's tricky as a, um, getting kind of first personer accounts of the lovings becausee peggy was only five years by ths end of the film. >> i can take care of you.are o. >> i know that. t >> i can take care of you. >> the physicality of the mouthh and the voice and the way youayy were able to pull off the accent, like how much of that t was physically done and how mucm
8:51 am
>> well, i had like dentures, du fake teeth, um, you know, again jeff was striving for complete authenticity and richard didn'td have a great dentist i don'tti think. think [ laughter ] >> he had some pretty crookedrok and messed up teeth and we went for that and the posture and the hair and that was all again jeff wanting to -- wanting tong t recreate a people's lives very accurately.t i had the teeth and i wept to brick laying school. amazingly suddenly made meee realize why richard moved and mv walked and sort of hung hisng shoulders the way did he. >> cool.ool. >> the loving that when they moved to washington, d.c. theyoa were married insh d.c. but they were banned from virginia. they went back to d.c. and he would drive back andnd forth between virginia and d.c. monday through friday to do that job.
8:52 am
it wasn't until later on that t mildred wanted to move back toek virginia and raise her childreni there. that's why the supreme court whs case eventuallupy came to be. >> right.ight >> again, when i spoke to them in washington, d.c. a coupleingt weeks ago we talked boutked importance of this film waitance meant to be in wads washington,h d.c. i'll put that interviewer r on my facebook the film is is finally opening here on friday in washington, d.c. d.c. i think it's one of the mosthe m important films i've seen inn years and i think that everyonen in dc needing to see it andnd >> is it a nationwide release. >> opened up --ned >> new york and la last weekende and opens up in dc this weekendd it had roll out on a platformor release. rele i'm just letting you know this is a film i think is importantsn that people should see.e shoulde >> right. >> and again, as horrible as the story was that happened to them, it's a very positive out come. c >> you know what, as a love l story what a mighty love that must have been. have bn. >> yeah. >> so much easier to walk away.o >> totally the beauty of theof
8:53 am
the moment that is they hady personally. >> right. >> and not just the court case.c the court case is very well wel known. when i just got married recentlc certificate was in the marriagen office in washington, d.c. when i was there ton wash get my certificate. which is just incredible to me.n socr highledy recommend it.mend it opens up friday. very very important film.ant >> just grab some tissues.b >> yeah.>> >> anger management. >> also, it's two sons passedd away. i have no idea how they passed e way. it's tragic.'sragic. little girl still alive. now. that's coming out on friday. cg last weekend was such a biguch b weekend for movies.ekend movies. what else do we have thise ve weekend.week >> dr. strange was last weekendn this weekend arrival starringrr amy adams and jeremy renner ande a film -- what were you going to say. >> i'll wait till the end.'ll wt no it was to serve man wasas twilight episode.pide with the cookbook. coo >> earlier in the seven day. thy >> maybe it was a twist like lik that. that. >> movie opening up oh and fridayovie called ought almostgo christmas i saw the other day
8:54 am
>> that movie i'm telling you right now was one of the biggese surprises i've had this yeari'vi because i saw the trailer. tra it looked loo good. i just didn't expect it to be ae funny as it was.nnas it >> when does that come out. out. >> it opens up tomorrow. it opem >> i'm sorry i think i got toor see that s forirryst. f >> that movie -- i don't know. i think great films t weekend. arrival is phenomenal.rivais p that film is amazing. amazi um christmas you walk outgoing i feel really good. reay go funny but sad at the same time.e for people who don't know the story line don't da wife passes away and they havene the first christmas without thee mother there all about the howht the family is coming togetherhey want they're arguing abo iutmi d it's very interesting and very r funny and realistic as well. ael everyone has their issues ins i live. >> oh yeah. >> interesting how they comeer >> our first christmas withoutit mom i need to see this and getet my laughs and tears out. t >> you'll laugh and cry forou'l sure. >> thanks kev. >> have safe trip to angeles. you heading out now. i'm going to interview the rocko anerd lynn manuel miranda.da.
8:55 am
good morning to our facebook fan of the day right now eighths couple today. true nel and mark get the honorr for very spell reason.n. >> they're celebrating 15 yearsi of marriage todngay. congratulations. they say every morning they tunn in because they love tlove we love you right back.. happy anniversary and thanks fof watching and you stay snatched c you guys look amazing. 15 years in. love it. >> out, congratulations to you.t hope you have a fantastic day. here's to the next 15, 30, 45 3, years. >> that's ri quick check of sports rights now ahead of tomorrow's matchupt against the wizards lebron jamej and the cavaliers will be makin a trip to the white house todayd they will visit this afternoonno right around between let's say 2:00 and 2:30 this afternoon afr comes on the same day se president-elect donald trumpent- will be at the white house bat t scheduled for closer toled r cl 11:00 o'clock this morning. mor cavs visit planned for weeks. fe head coach wanted to make surets it happened while president pre obama was still in the white wte house. so the cavs will be at the white house along with ohio governorov
8:56 am
they will cross paths with trump because he'll be at the whitel t house at 11:00 and off to capitol hill.capi friday the cavs will still be in d.c. that's when the actual gama is versus the wizards tip off at 7:00 o'clock at the verizon verz center. ds aldsaking of the wizar great night last night. nht biggest win of the year by far f blew out the celtics 118-83. otto port come owing scoring ara career high 34 for the wizards.r john wall, though, his second sc ejection this week. got ejected on monday. got ejected again last n wizards skins open up their second halfh of the season home against thena viking got off to hot start butt lost three in a row. a washington needs a win to keep e pace with the cowboys and the t giants in the nfc east and jayay gruden had a few thoughts going into sunday's showdown.. >> these next two games inn general will be important, twotw home games, there are very very big for us.big fous. we're four-three-one right nowit currently i guess the numberhe m seven or eight seed or whatever it is and we're in a positionwes we're in a good position but pot we're in a position where wee
8:57 am
error. we have to take advantage of ou home games and the advantage thn home field gives us we have to take advantage of those.kedvan so they're important. >> skins/vikings 1:00 o'clock right here on fox5:0 sunday. sua >> did you see the mascots ofass the memphis grizzlies.zzli if not, oh you'll love it for f this one.. memphis grazes getting a lot oft buzz for what did he entertainna the fans and queue jenn wine j >> ?? >> hey.ey >> could end with a strip teasea but it doesn't >> it keeps going. >> ?? >> and it's going get better. >> or better -- no. n don't do it.. oh, my gosh. >> oh, did he. >> disturbing to see a grizzly g bear do a little booty pop like atat. >> somebody about the look inouk his eye, al film that is ones o confident grizzly bear.rizzly b. >> look at the people on the front rowk at. >> they're like --ike >> if you were with us earlieru this morningre we had tucker doo
8:58 am
want. i love it though.h. you're there to entertain put ot good show. >> shout out to shelby county, tennessee.e >> that was on their twitterir t page. and we retweeted it earlier thii morning if you want to chick yo out. awesome.e >> my seymours are from memphiss >> is that right. >> ownership in him doing a doi thing like that.ha
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