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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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fox5 news at 6:00 starts rightrh now. >> as you can see it was time to get down to business. donald trump and his teau camn e already working on that transition process.on pro thanks for joining us at 6:00 i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins.. ronica cleary starts us liveive outside the white house whereouw president obama welcomedt ob donald trump ronica.roni >> reporter: hi, shawn and tony. well, president-elect trump hein said he expected the meetingheee to just last 10 to 15 minutes mt but nearly 90 minutes later,at is when the two addressed theed and i'll tell you both of themlo spoke about it very positivelyil president obama he said thataidt it was an excellent meeting. mei he said the two spoke on a o wide variety of topics ands on foreign and domestic policy. now, the president-elect he-e said that it was an honorle to t meet president obama. president he said that the meeting couldtd have gone on for even longer lo and you may not realize thislizt it was also the first time the two met. take a listen.
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opportunity to have anan excellent conversation with president-elect trump. it was wideesid ranging. >> we really -- we discussed a d lot of different situations,itti some wonderful and some s difficulties.ul i very much look forwardti to t dealing with the president inn the future including counsel. cu >> reporter: now, i'll tellorte you this.r: no one was inside that 9090 minute meeting so all we know meeting. to tell i was little bit morele about the b the energy and the,t you know, feeling here at theert white house, we spoke with a wi lot of people about thisabout is meeting and what they are presenting from it, this really respectful tone and this focus on a peacefull transition of power and i'll ani tell you, compared to the conversations that i've hade with people before the election where there was so was much stress and anxiety, i really believe that thet
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president-elect have leftt people feeling much betteretter about this transition to a new administration. reporting live at the white house, i'm ronica cleary, fox5ii local news. >> well, another big story anotg tonight. a night of unrest in americanme as thousands of people hit the t streets across the country protesting the election of donald trump. dona from new york to los angeles, al oakland california, seattle, chicago, and other cities.s stretched from coast to coastom but some voters are just ready for the country move forward. >> i feel extremely disappointed.oint i'm definitely not proud of the decision but i think we just need to like every ery election come together and, com you know,e move forward and doo what's best for the nation. nato >> today crews at the trump international hotel worked to remove graffiti that was sprayft painted on the hotel.
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there tonight.e ght tom, we know the barriers were up. how about protests, have they gone down? have they disappeared? what's going onre out there. >> reporter: well, goodd? orte evr:enl,ing, shawn and tony. t you know, there were someso sit-in protests this morning.ori we were at trump tower in new t york city yesterday.ity ye. we tell you new york city c sanitation trucks are liningn te trump tower in new york.p towe w now here at the trump t international hotel ontel pennsylvania avenue, theyhey don't have sanitation trucksonrk filled with dirt but they douthd have thi look at this. early this morning the u.s. secret service came in ande in they ringed the entire front entrance of the trumpthe tmp international hotel with theseh steel barriers.rris. why did they do this? well,? el you just saw some of the videoam evidence of the protests thatrot have been going on around the te country and tonight we understand there is set to be to another one. take a look at this. t there was a facebook postpost today called the d.c. trumpmp
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this is from the author. autho folks, it's clear we need toeedt make a statement that donald trump does not receive a mandate on election dame hen dae lost the popular vote. v we need to make it clear cle peacefully that he must setet aside his plans to build a to bd wall and then it continues onnu with other grievances againstces donald trump and so, this ismp t set to start at 7:30 tonighton here at the trump trump international hotel.l hel take a look at this plazala right here. her yeah, there's some media,, there's some people eveta something pictures you seein right there but sog far no sigg of protestors. that could change, of course,ou in the next hour and a half a hl and if it does, both d.c.d. police and the u.s. secretect service are here stationed intai this area ready to meet to mee whatever happens.atever happe for now we are live at the livat trump international hotel onal n pennsylvania avenue, tomvee, tom fitzgerald fox5 local news. new >> thank you tom. d.c. mayor muriel bowser may will take part in thell te pa inaugural festivitiesestivi welcoming president-electing donald trump to washington. trup
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mending of relationship that is needs to be r done." bowser was vocally anti-trumpntr throughout the campaign. cig she also said that 93 percent93e of d.c. residents voted for candidates owner donald the number of registeredegisre democrats in the nation's capitol outnumbers republicans a 121. >> people are starting to wonder what a trump administration might look like. for example, the question comes up who will be hisexampl cabis wnet pichoks? well, amog the rumored names for attorney general, new jersey york mayor rudy giuliani.giulia. for secretary of education, edui dr. benn carson.. nn c and for secretary of state, sta newt gingrich. fox5 of course is yourx5f c political station.poli we want to hear from you. tweet us right now using the #5at6:30 and look for youror tweet on our political showalho coming up next at 6:30.:3 >> a d.c. dog someone stole this dog rightig out of his yard and take a te
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surveillance video. hey, sue.hey, s >> wow. that is just hope they catch them.tch t hi there shawn.ha we had a verywn beautiful dayifd here, a thursday in d.c. thatha featured temperatures as you can see here they're close to average at 63 degrees.3 de a little breezy this morning.s o that breeze has died down andown if you are thinking aboutnking t heading out this evening it thit looks like it's going to be it' very pleasant.tovery pasan at 7 o'clock your temperature about 56 degrees under clearnder skies. by 9 o'clock 53.'cck 5 been 11 o'clock, 51. tomorrow is veterans day.ay. we salute a thank you so much from the mh bottom of our hearts and we're e going deliver you a very niceli dayoy. watch for the breezes to pick up late on your friday though to then leads us into the weekend o which will feel like a changel e of seasonsly i'll have thosel ho details coming up. tony. >> sue thank you much. m if you have an idea for aou story, we ask you to call the c x5 t tip line. there's the number on your screen. it's 202-895-3000.02-895000. you can also e-mail your tips tp to fox5 tips at wttco.
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>> ?? >> officials in prince george's county today unveiled a mural to honor a mother and daughter killedfficnt earlier tr the mural is displayed outside bradbury heights elementary school. ashante davis and her two-year-old daughter chloe were killed back in february.ebu child's father admitted to the the shooting ordered child support.uprt >> a thief stole a puppy rightpy out of someone's yard. yard. video of the incident was released today. fox5's paul wagner joins us u with the story live in southwest. this is crazy. >> reporter: this video was his vi wareleased by d.c. police todayo it was shot and recorded backdec on october 15th just afterafr 10 o'clock at night from thismhs yard right behind me. what we know from the owner ises that it was -- his little dogit
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old, was playing in the yard, y, was on a leash when somebody came up and snatched it.hed i now there's video and let'snd ls show that to you right now.t toy what you're seeing is a womanan and a man who walk into thek in frame. you see the woman is walking a dog. and then you see the little dog, cruise, is jumping up and p down happy to see another dog,td happy to see another then you see the man reaches res over the the fence, he takes the leash off the dog, then dogh grabs the dog and then walks jr. avenue. ae. now, we took this video today t and we came here into this ts neighborhood went showed it toso about 10 different people. and we were able to find fourfo people who positively identified the people ineope in deo.o. they say they live in this neighborhood.hborho. we turned that informationnfma over to d.c. police. and late this afternoon d.c.on c police did come into thein the neighborhood, they did go to the apartment where we believe e these people live, they didy d
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dog and the owner of the dog d said that the police hade lice h actually gone to thetual apartment, they could heart,heyo some barking inside but nobody d answered the door. so, let's now play you as play little bit of the interview ier that we had with the owner.wner he did not want his face shown w or his name revealed but thist s is what he had to say about the situation. >> at least bring justice justi because it's obviously a crimeri to go around and steal a member of our family and has affected us greatly. gat >> i think it's sad. s i really do. d you know, people really love lov their pets. ps. like i love my baby. bab you know, um, i put a chip inin him, so if anybody was to takeok my baby, he will be found.ound >> to me that's like kids, you taking my kid if you take my dog, so, you know what i mean m
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>> reporter: well, we do understand. the police have at least an address, perhaps they have names at this point of the thi people that were identified in that video so we're goingwere to follow this story and we'rery a going to follow it tonight.. if we have any new a information, we will certainly pass it along. live in southwest, paulst pau wagner, fox5 local news.ew >> hope they get their dogir d back. paul thank you.ha you >> could the presidentialld t election have an impact on theec d.c. housing market? how trump's move into the whitemove house could impact real i est and future home buyers. buyer >> and the finishing touchesoucs are being put on the new mgm casino.. we'll have the details when we
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we're looking for something that's comfortable but yet durable, and that's going to last us a really long time. i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality.
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>> ?? >> all right. will the results of the presidential election affect the housing market? spoke the ral ethe ho to a spo housing expert who sayy the trump administration couldao really fire things up. things >> reporter: okay, come
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going to be moving in and out of the d.c. area. one person that's staying here, president obama.idt ob in fact, this is the homeom he'll be moving into with his family.mi. it's in the kalaramaalam neighborhoods i want tos i wa to introduce you to someone whoeoho knows real estate in d.c. d.c better than most. jim bill.ill. >> thank you. >> reporter: mor>>e peoplete moo coming and going.oing >> the trump campaign waspaigwa really different in the factt that it didn't really the republican establishmentic or obvaniously the democratic establishment so those establishment washington folks that would generally mix intot a ga neneweral administration i'o sure if they're going to have ta a role in this one so i thinki i we've got a lot more people peo coming in and probably a lot more people coming out thisouths time. i want you to tell me where mwhe you think some of these folksso might be moving obe movg t let's take a ride. >> sure. >> reporter: all where do you think most peopletl that are working for the trump p
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live. live. >> i think it really boilslly il down to kalarama which is the te closest luxury neighborhood with large houses h >> reporter: these areou the rich people the ones workingonei in high office right. higoffi >> these are also lobbyistsobbys and business people that wouldt not necessarily be in b i government but would want to be affiliated with decisions dec that are being made. mad establishment republicansishm often goen mclean, virginia,irgi but this time around you got a a group of folks generallyal think they're going to want toow be closer in.losern. >> reporter: do you think itr: will drive d prices? price >> i do think it's going drivene a bit of demand in the luxury lr market. >> reporter: politics aside -- >> yes. >> reporter: -- simply realea estate were you kind of hoping n for a changeover here? come on. silence.. [laughter] and. >> reporter: a few secondson later jim did get serious serios about this. he said this can be a tough
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administration leaving some people are going to be losing their jobs. goingthei so, he says this can be a a tough situation for some but it does also drive the market mt when it comes to real also, for many people thatplat might be coming to town,n, younger staffers, they simply sm can't afford to buy, so mostt of them are renting but jimutim did say for those who are buying, they're going into neighborhoods where it's less expensive. in northwest, matt acklandkl >> well, there is a new king nek in the d.c. area.. are today he's in town to take his throne. no, we're not talking aboute no who you might think. tnk we're talking about this guyuty right here, that's the 18-foot lion at the mgm nationalnal harbor. harb he's one of the finishingin touches for the casino beforebee it opens on december 8th.embe most agree it is quite a majestic sight.ight >> wow.>> w >> that's a lion pretty big there. big t >> can't wait to see it. i >> yup.
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december and january aroundry ao here. >> yes. >> oh, my goodness, just ojust to think we're closer to decemberoe and january. >> yeah, yeah. yh. we're still thinking it'sstill n going to be pretty cold,ki tngoo as we turn that corner but for f the next few days, we get a cold blast saturday and itnd i starts to ease up a little bit on sunday. on s ka okay. >> so, be ready for that as we -- we do our own transition o on friday night into a littleit bit of a taste of winter. the coldest air we've seen so so far this season rolls intoto town behind our veterans dayay front that will crash now and then i think it's i going to be a nice quiett' be ai evening and actually veteransy s day is going to start on a o bright and kind of a mildild note. we may be able to approach theph mid 60's in many areas tomorrow afternoon before theefe frontal boundary comes on through. we of course salute ourf co veteraursens and thank you so mh for your service.for your servi. tomorrow is your day. 64 degrees, mostly sunny, aunny, breezy afternoon, though, andh, that breeze will beezll be particularly noticeable tomorrow night. nig here is your temperatureyour trend. the average high for thise f time of year is about 60 degrees.60 degrees.
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saturday's low -- high -- hi temperature of 53 and in the suburbs, high temperatures mayhr only be in the 40's so quite a chilly cold shot saturday but b then we recover pretty nicelyprn on sunday, 62 degrees. so, nice for the fans headings g out to see the redskins game.s . 60 degrees on monday, the feel e of fall back in the air but a a one-shot cool day and saturdayay night into sunday a hard a har freeze. . so, bring in those sensitiveense plants that you don't want tot around the regioon tonightig we're mostly in the 50. 50. 59 is the warm spot here in but it's as cool as 46 in leonardtown culpeper 47 and wepa are headed for another chillyhil night as skies have cleared out. you would be hard-pressed tobe find any clouds around our area. h clour our storm system that broughtsy us the rain yesterday alsostemso continues to move away. awa high pressure will that ruleure and it's a strong one so that sn will make our temperaturesempets head to the 30's and 40's again tonight under chillyhi clear skies with, of course,rse, that lighter breeze. we ditched the breeze earlier be today.
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few spots in the upper 30'ss overnight but not quite aste a chilly as last night becauseau this front that will be coming n will help to protect us just a li bit.bit. and speaking of that front it fo will be pleasant to start thetat day tomorrow and earlyly afternoon pretty nice but this t front is a game changer. chang it will come through in the ithe afternoon and those evening eveg temperatures will be falling in fact, our high w tem peratureemperature tomorrow may be as early as a noon or 1:00 and then it willitl start dropping. so if your plans have you out pa and about on friday evening thnset on f heavier coat and som gloves will feel really goody beca be quite noticeable tomorrowomoo afternoon into saturday morning. gusts out of the north and northwest fromt of that 25 to t 35 miles an hour. they should get better during the day on saturdayd get as wee through the morning hours andoud into the the aft tomorrow we're looking forerno e that high again loo early on in the low to mid 60's and then dropping into the afternoon afto and into the evening and it isnt a quick shot of cold air that comes in lined our front. o. so saturday the chilliest daylld that we have on our seven-day forecast and certainly the coldest night saturday nightda
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30's. 's so, a widespread hard freeze f expected on sunday so, keep that in your focus f for the weekends. 53 degrees on saturday.ur chilly. a little bit breezy.reez especially in the first half in of the day. and sunday 62 degrees and that t will be a cold start that is tht for sure. sunday morning that cold c doesn't last long.g. so, while we'll start with ah a freeze, the afternoon should shd get rather mild and we're thinking that we'll climb'll right back into the 60's onck our sunday so iant very nicey n looking weekends ahead for us. . here is your 7-day forecast. forecas we've been talking about beingei down in rain over 4-inches since september 1st. maybe four and a half. we de idn't gefot much out of if yesterday. a few showers in the forecast on monday now and it looks like as we head into tuesday, ty wednesday and thursday of next week, we'll be in the low 60's, just a little bit above average and plenty of sunshine e and we were talking about thisbo at 5 o'clock, two weeks from frm today, thanksgiving. >> goodness gracious it'sdnes going fast. >> yes, it is. after halloweens
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going so quickly.ckly. >> so quickly. quick >> can i tell you a . 44 days before christmas.isas >> okay, a you had flu that. [laughter]aute >> shawn lovers christmas. lover >> yes, she, she does.
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>> well, president-elect donald trump was not the only one to visit the white housel, u today.toda president obama welcomed the nba champion cleveland cavaliers.ers. >> whoo-hoo! >> yup, lebron james and hisbroj teamammates won their first evee nba championship coming backshib from being down three games to one against the golden statest warriors.. they are the first team in nba history to accomplish thatto a feat.
6:25 pm
personalized jersey. the cavs will play the wizardshe tomorrow night at the verizon center.. >> hopping today at the white house. >> yeah. >> did you see all the stuff going on. >> my goodness. >> so many people out and tod seet trying to get aay pic>>turema.ny picre >> sure. >> speaking of cleveland and how exciting for g thofe cavalis to come into town i was in i closed this summer and theyhis have huge banners allsu over th city promoting the win of thehe >> i'm sure. sur >> sad that the indians didn'ten get to add onto that but b they'll live off the buzz of buf the cavaliers for a long while. >> so good.oo >> all right, well, sueell, s already sort of played spoilerdl here but in case you didn'tca yd know it, christmas is only 44nl days away. >> sorry. >> and here's our first looke's at this massouive trer e that w be on display at rockefellerockr center in new york. the 94-foot tall tree is is making the trip from upstatem ue new york. yor not terribly -- look how big hob that tree is.e oh, my gess. it will soon be wrapped in,rapp, get this, more than 5 miles of
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made of more than 25,000n ,000 crystals. the annual tree lightingig ceremony will take place on november 30th.mbh >> looks like giant broccoliik from thise angle.le >> it does.oes. >> if you've never been to newnn york city at christmastime youti got to go. to the city is beautiful. rockefeller center gorgeousler and the treece is always just aa thing of great beauty. b they do a great job.ob >> i've never gone up there to o see that. >> you've got to go. y to see the storeou windows windo macy's and everything. >> i have a reason.>> my daughter moved up there i ha >> oh, well.el >> take the bus up and mommy's y here. [laughter][lau >> go look at the tree i'llree ' call you. >> field trip, field trip.ld tp. >> field trip.ri awesome. >> that's great. >> for the rest of evening -->>- >> it's going to be a cool evening rather crisp out there. we'll fall to about 44 in the district.ll faltric it's been rather typical, typic, upper 30's to low 40's ands d we'll see that again so kind so of a chilly start for us. friday will be a splite spl decision day. beautiful veterans day here dayr but it will get chilly andil and
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thank you very much, vem thank you guys for joining usucs tonight at 6:00.:0 >> 5 at 6:30 is coming up after the break. >> ?? i take to e healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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>> ??
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the open. we have the question who will wl win. we now know who won. mr. trump in washington today. president obama promising arosia smooth and peaceful transferns of power and invited the thehe president-elect to the whitet-el house today. here's a look at their first fir ever face-to-face meeting. mting >> everybody is talking aboutboa it. we want to know was thinkwasnk about it. tweet usabout right now using t #5at6:30 much let's get rightetr to it and hear what they had to >> my number one priority inity the coming two months is to t try to facilitate a transition that ensures ournsures our president-elect is >> i very much look forward towo dealing with the the president i in the future including counsel. counsel. >> it was fascinating to watchch that today all eyes were there e just see donald trump in thempn oval office sitting in one of those seats that you seet another head of state.f sta


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