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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 11, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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> all right. the news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at # 1, a second straight night of post-election proteas in the district. president elect trump met president obama for the very first time. plus, he's a local youth basketball couch now accused of soliciting sex with an underage girl online. how investigators tracked him down. > and caught on camera. a man grabbed a dog out of someone else's yard and just walked away. our dog was a member of our family. details on the dog napping, your news starts right now. and off the top tonight we begin with anti donald trump protestors once again hitting the streets hours after the president elect met with president obama.
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yancy. the crowds spent tonight marching between the trump hotel on pennsylvania avenue and the white house. sarah simmons joins us live tonight with the very latest. sarah. >>reporter: tony and shawn, it is very quiet here now outside the white house. the lights are off for the night, but that certainly was not the case earlier this evening as you were mentioning. protestors, anti trump protestors even some folk that were joining them were actually pro-trump trying to have conversations wi e this was shot earlier outside the trump hotel. as you mensed second night in a row of these rallies and everybody was very emotional, a lot of chanting going on as the folks were voicing their displeasure for trump. meanwhile i was talking to someone who was there who gave us her take as to why she felt she needed to be out here tonight. take a listen. >>reporter: i have so many feelings about how this went down and, you know, it was kind
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change the fact that he's been elected, but this allows me to be with people who are of similar minds and give us a starting place to organ mobilize. it's too early to take a direct step forward in a below duketive way, but p it's cathartic. > meanwhile, the business of the country continues and did so today at the white house where it seemed to be a veryco transfer of power despite the tumultuous cam paper and the negativity thrown become and forth between president elect donald trump and president obama and of course candidate hillary clinton. obama and trump met for 90 minutes, which was actually longer than scheduled. obama called the meeting excellent and trump said he looked forward to the outgoing president and council. president obama also made the comment, he says we want to do everything you can to help you
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successes. >> we talked about foreign policy. we talked about domestic policy. and as i said last night, my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president elect is successful. > we really -- we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including council. > president elect trump also made his way to the capital today meeting with house speaker paul ryan and ryan came out of that meeting says it was a wonderfully productive meeting. speaker ryan showing him also the speaker's l balcony which overlooks the national mall and of course trump will be there when the inaugeration is taking
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with senate majority leader mitchell mcdonnell which came out saying trump listed his priorities. healthcare and of course immigration reform. that's the latest here on the white house. sarah simmons, fox5 local news. > now to a story that you'll only see on fox5. today we brought you a store about a dog mapping caught on camera. someone stole a puppy present its other than's yard in the to its owner and marina maracco was the only reporter there for the home coming. >>reporter: this southwest neighborhood was on pins and needles waiting for the safe return of puppy cruz who used to live right here in this jar. after surveillance video was shown to neighbors around here, d.c. detectives were able to close the case in just hours and you'll see this video here as cruz finally returned home.
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see him pulling up to the front of the house and its owners so happy to finally have him back home. take a listen. it's been a while since i've seen him. i'm just happy he's here and to have him. this is a surveillance video that d.c. police put out earlier today and this video shows a couple walking past the fence reaching over the fence and grabbing cruz by the neck then taking the doing. the dog has been missing for nearly a month, but finally after showing that video around detectives were able to close this case and they tell us that there's a war and the out, but so far that there will be an arrest in the case. in southwest d.c. marina maracco, fox5 local news. > a youth basketball coach from montgomery county is accused of soliciting a minor for sex online. tonight police are trying to get
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fox5 a's lauren demarco is live at the rockville station with detail. reporter roar we're here because police say it is here that the suspect planned to meet a 15 year old girl for sex. he is 44 year old he steel den, but in montgomery county he's better known as coach oscar, people who know him tell us that he is a father and has been p coaching or assistanting coaching with the amateur athletic union for several years. it's really sad, because this is a great opportunity for children and they help people get scholar ships and the kids really love, you know, basketball. > i was very surprised and shocked because p his daughter is about the same age. > police say dan had posted on craigslist in the casual event counters category seeking a young wisdom martin and communicated with an undercover officer presenting herself as a
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have sex with her on a regular basis and pay her # hundred dollars each time. he set up a face-to-face meeting for tuesday. police were waiting for him when he showed up at the metro station here. tin has now been removed present coaching for the aau team. the club director says this comes as a major shock and that allx detectives are confirming that there could be some other inappropriate contact with minors so anyone who has any concerns about this individual is asked to call our detectives.
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and there is a about it of a history of civil cases, including in 2004 domestic violence incidents, but there are no criminal charges now tin posted $10,000 bond. he's due in court for a preliminary hearing in early december. > thank you, lauren. also in montgomery county, a school counselor is facing charges of inappropriate touching a five-year old girl multiple times. detectives say recall ramos privately run after school program called kids after hours. the incidents happened at flower rally elementary school in rockville over the course of several weeks in late august and october. police are now urging anyone who has concerns about the possible of abuse of another child in that program to call hem. police have arrested and two charged two canadian men with murder in the connect of a death of a maryland college student. july january jones was visiting toronto with friend for a bachelor party.
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unprovoked and followed an altercation between two other groups outside a nightclub last night morning. they are also looking for a third suspect in the investigation. the 6 year old was a law student at the university of baltimore. > coming up next, dramatic developments in a local murder case. the accused killer is a 66 year old grandmother. also ahead tonight, just in time for veterans day, one of the oldest living veterans visited the world war ii memorial and he has even bigger tomorrow. > but first as we head to the break, another music legend has been lost, the family of leonard cohen says the singer, songwriter and poet has died. they did not give any details about his death, but a memorial in los angeles is being planned. his career spanned decades with hits such as al lay a, susan and bird on a wire. he toured razz recently as this
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> metro has officially laid off more than 100 employees. that brings the total number of positions eliminated to 500 during the current fiscal year. but metro is also looking to cut an additional 200 jobs. it hopes to do that by spring of next year. in a memo from general manager paul wiedefeld sent last week he said he will look at cutting positions not essential to the rail agency. he's also asking metro employees for their suggestions on how to
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dui charge following a crash that injured a howard county police officer. police say 31 year old rodney harris of laurel rear-ended officer georgia line as patrol car during a traffic stop in ellicott city back in august. they release the photo of this car to remind drivers not to drive drunk. his blood level was twice the legal limit. a germantown grandmother was found guilty of murderin husband's ex-wife. they plotted to kill his x back in 2013. the victim's son told detectives his parents were posed to go to court over outstanding alimony payments, but his father never showed up. two days later his mother was dead. detectives connected the couple to the murder through witnesses, phone records and bullets recovered from the crime scene. > what was really unfortunate in this matter is that this had
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the conviction today reaffirms the verdict of a previous jury. miss car was tried along with her husband several months ago, convicted in a joint trial. he offed life imprisonment. she claimed in motions filed with the circuit court in montgomery county that ' was not effectively represented by her lawyer. sentencing is set for january. > officials in prince george's county unvailed a mule today to honor a mother and daughter the mural is outside brad bring heights elementary school. they were killed back in february. the chile's father, darren boss well onson admitted to the crime. police ace shot them over court ordered child bother payments. > today one of the country's oldest living veterans got a chance to visit the world war ii memorial. sergeant paul mar of
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tour of the landmark. he is 108 years role. he served in europe for two years after the war. he and his family will visit the white house for the breakfast hosted by president obama. > 108, that's fantastic. >> just imagine the life experiences that he has and is still having. >> he looks wonderful. > we wish you will. >> i'm glad the weather is going to cooperate, too. it will be it gets cool later in the day but the first part of the day will be delightful. a bit warmer than we were today until that front comes through tomorrow afternoon. friday night plans definitely take the heavier coat along and find the gloves. you'll need them. tonight we'll have a chilly one, but not as chilly as it will be tomorrow night or not as cold as it will be saturday night. we're going to head for the upper 40s, 44-degrees in the district. let's talk about weather
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next several days. yes, it will be chilly and clear, lots of sunglasses needed in the morning. we'll head for the mid 60s by noon or 1:00. the front will come by in the afternoon and you'll feel it when it does because it will be dropping our temperatures and it's a big temperature swing for saturday with breezes continuing into saturday morning and a widespread freeze expected saturday night into sunday morning. a lot of 20s on the weather map. so do what you need to do to protect yo p them in if you can or say goodbye to them because that's likely what's going to happen across the procedure than on. this pattern is going to be short lived. the jet stream is going to bring in a shot of pretty chilly air for the weekend. it won't last too long. seasoned not as chilly as saturday will be. it warm up by good 10 degrees or so. culpeper and manassas in the 30s. gaithersburg 41, hagerstown 54
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49-degree. we'll keep seeing the temperatures fall on down into the 30s in the suburbs to about 44-degrees in the district. yes, tomorrow is veterans day and at the bus stop for the kids do who have school 48. after school 55 to 60. as mentioned with our temperature getting comfortable tomorrow it's the afternoon where the breeze picks up and tomorrow evening when you're he going to feel the 30s roling than they usually do. the breeze will pick up as the temperatures fall and we'll likely see 50s as early as 6, 7:00 all across the region. 64 is the expected high here. watch for those breezes to pick up out of the north and northwest and gusting to 25 to 35 tomorrow night and saturday morning means it will certainly feel colder than the actual air temperature, but it is a quick shot of the chilly air that's in place for saturday, saturday
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out as we head into to sunday morning. we'll start with 30s and climb back up into the 60s. it's quite a difference of temperature from saturday to sunday. we have about a 9-degree spread. the redskins taking on the vikings. if you're tailgating morning, it's a cold morning, but by the kickoff we're 55 to 60 and post game 58 to 63-degrees so not bad at all. we're going to wrap it up with some showers possible on monday which we'll be glad for every drop now that we're running a deficit of about four and a half inches. tuesday, wednesday, thursday low 60s. > that's your seven day forecast. coming up next, issue in elect trump obama, a mannequin challenge with some special guests a at the white house and no, it wasn't donald trump and his wife. don't miss a special performance on fox5 a tomorrow morning,
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live performance in studio. plus we'll tell you the reason for metro delays and backups around reagan national airport. and just in time for veterans day, a special surprise for a local wounded warrior. don't miss the owe motional
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check this out, president elect trump was not the only one to visit the white house today. clamps, the cleveland cavaliers, bra brown james and his teammates won the first championship in june. that's right. three games to one. he gave the personalized jersey. the caps will play the wizards tomorrow night at the verizon center. > i wonder what he does with all the jerseys.
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i'll bet he kept them. > do you get to keep the personal gifts. >> some of them they have to donate. > what are you going to do with a jersey that as obama on that. >> we need a fact checker on this. > if you know, tweet us. >> someone will know. > let's talk a little sports right now and we saw some major changes over at redskins park today. we got some word from jay gruden that we're going to see a big change in the run game. he talked to us a little bit ago about what he of his new starter rob kelly. >> i think in this league people get promoted, demoted all the time and it's up to the person that's starting to keep pushing and getting better. when your time comes take advantage, that's the way i is. there's only one ball and one starter so to speak but we expect everybody to be involved. > lets let's talk a little base
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behind the plate. the one of the nats didn't give him a qualifying. after the knee jury he might consider going to the american league as a designated hitter. the nats might go after orallal matt wither. this is a really bizarre story, girlfriend poured boiling water on his many he suffered severes, his girlfriend five months pregnant with his child. the reason here, there could be all sorts of asbestos extenuating circumstances, they tell us show was upset he wasn't paying enough attention to her.
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cavaliers took this opportunity to do their on. look the a the poses. look at that. michelle obama and lee brown james. > that's owe suit. they held it together. i think the one that hillary clinton did on her plane wasn't that great. > this is pretty impressive. >> can we do our own? > this is great. we can do something so much better. > do you think some of these that you're seeing online are just incredible. >> the gym fast was incredible. > that was awesome. > i also liked the first graders who could not -- it was cute. the add challenge. thanks junior joining us tonight, everybody.
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