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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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now. >> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you.d thank you very much for joining us.moank yo i'm wisdomjo martin. m >> and i'm erin como.'m erin com we have made to it friday andt a happy veterans day to all oflo our military members and their families. >> gary mcgrady is going too join us in just a moment at the weather center to talk about the forecast and you'res o going talk about the roads in'r a few minutes as wellkl abo butl first we have news to talkal about. >> that's right. weaver waking up this morning akinanotniher night of protests around the countryou trump. >> from coast to coast and right here at homem coho demonstrators took to the streets to voice their opposition for hours overnight. fox5'sop melanie alnpowick joinsck j us now live from trump tru international hotel inhotel i northwest with the latest ont wl the protests and how the president-elect is responding. mel. me >> yeah, guys, trump tru international hotel here her perhaps the most visible symbol of the president-electth in d.c. now. no surprise this eprntire plazaela yesterday was filled withed wit protestors once again. aga
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carved maribel arch ways. people still stinging fromti tuesdayll night's election results shouting anti-trumpti-t slogans and waved signs.d wa it was the seconved night of unrest in many heavilyea democratic cities across the country. co trump tower new york thehe donald's home for now surrounded by protestors again. ag similar demonstrations inon denver and l.a. where students t walked out of class. out oass. after yesterday's cordialdi meeting with president obama pre at the white house many hoped perhaps mr. trump might m mellow a little bit once the one gravity of the presidency sunkd in. it did not take long for them fe to be disappointed.apinte the president-elect tweetedd "just had a very open and successful presidential election.on. now professional protestorsrotes incited by the media are protesting. very unfair. uai the backlash on twitter was was immediate. many people pointing out that tt the right to protest is protected by the constitutionono and we have military members mbe
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that right. nonetheless, then out in portland oregon things turnedur a little violent.nt some say that it was a smallmall group of anarchists thatst t turned a mostly peaceful peacefu protest into a right now back out live here we canwec tell that you d.c. police now n are stationed outside the hotel.ho last night it was private security guard company but now we are seeing d.c. police here r for now outside the hotel and a they are on stand by any local protests here get out of hand.d. live in northwest, i'm melanieii alnwick, fox5 local news.ew >> thank you melanie.nk you mel. time now is 4:32 and as protests fronts coast to coast o president-elect donald trump'seu campaign manager kellyanne kelln conway appeared on fox newsd onw last night way message for the demonstrators. >> here's what she had to say. s >> i know that he's fullysul capable of being the presidentri of all americans and he'snd he's promised to do that and that ana would be included in there butre i would say to those protestorte
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effigy or have these nastyas signs not my president couldsidu you imagine if hillary clintonec had been elected which ihi suppose they were allsuppos expecting and the trumpg ane tr protestors were saying not mysay president or saying that aboutta president obama.. it's all you would hear about.b. >> trump took to twitterk towi yesterday evening blaming the media for inciting those demonstrations. >> growing calling for hillary clinton supporters for the election to caln su be overturnv while trump received moreved m electoral votes clinton won won the popular vote a petition already has half the ar number of signatures neededeaatd for it to be certainty to theo governing body.rning bo >> 4:33. in the news this morning violheence acros ns the district has injured at least fiveea fiv people.pele two men were shot on stantontant road southeast around 1:30 1 this morning.this morning they're both in criticalitical condition. meantime a man and a woman a maa were shot around 9:45 last night on douglas placeaslace utheasast. and another man was stabbed w early this morning onthis mornig pennsylvania avenue he also has nonlife-threatening injuries.
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help to find onear of their students who has gone missing.ig take a look at your screen.cree this is 21-year-old kaitlyn kai george and she was last seen yesterday at 4:00 p.m. by her roommate.te. kaitlyn was last seen in blackck leggings and a green long green sleeve jacket.slve j now, police ask if you've seenyo her to please call them immediately. >> a maryland youth basketball coach is free on bond accused of solicitaning d a minor free x montgomery county police say 44-year-old to meet what he thought it wasis a 15-year-old girl at a metroro station. he posted a ad and then toldol the girl he would pay her $100 every time she had sex with him. teen turned out to be ant be an undercover officer.ffer den coached the basketball team for several for he's due in court n severext mom >> police in canada making ang a arrest in the death of aath o maryland man killed in toronto. police say julian jones was beaten to death last weekendwe after leaving a bar.. the 26-year-old was visitingis
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two men have now been charged be wi his murder.r. police are looking now for a third >> four:34 is the time right now and that means it's time i ' to get a check of the forecastsr with gary mcgrady.ecwith gar good morning to you gary. mor now, weni got something speciali that's going to happen andoingoa we're talking about this moon, m the moon. moo >> the supermoon.upmo >> the supermoon is going touper be bigger and brighter.d bright. >> and better. >> i think this is going to be>> monday. mo is this correct? is all my information correct gary.rmat >> that's exactly right. >> want to hioeahat'r more fromu about this. >> you want to hear it now >> we can wait. we >> all right, that's good. supermoon on the r wigay.oon onw >> all right. >> order up one supermoon,, please. here's where we are. because temperatures thisture morning kind of unusual what's ' going on out there. 47 degreesde near town. tn. look at all the 50's up to the north. hagerstown is 54.gers frederick is 55. culpeper is 32, okay.ka so, what's going on? manassas s is 30. so, there is -- there -- tre - what's happening here is thatape you see the wind isni kicking uu up to the north and west and
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and it keeps things a lot a warmer so the wind gusts, not nt a a lot of wind gusts but lookuk where the wind gusts r northe us and west and i think thi eventually all this is going g to come sweeping on throughe sw and it is going to be a breezy and gusty dayeegoin today.ay winds will be out of thehe northwest 10 to 20 with someit gusts up around 25 or so. temperature-wise we'll go 65wise here in town so pretty mild,y m lots of low to mid 60's. 6 farther north and west mayay actually be only in the upper 50's to low 60's so we'll keep e an eye on that and the weekendee then we're going talk aboutalk t the supermoon in just a few minutes. you don't want to miss that. here's erin como witt hwa a lool at your veterans day traffic. t >> gary it's friday morning, moi it's veterans day we're anticipating a quieter commuteui around the dmv.arou the i'll let you know if we geteet the normal flow of congestionf o but fingers crossed we have aer quiet rides .cr 295 moving just fine. suitland parkway we have some hm police activity just north ofct that on stantonivit road 3,0003, block in southeast so caution so there. otherwise very quiet on
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270 southbound, 70 through youro can barney traffic is flowing right now. plenty of green on the map and m we're wide opened on 70 ass well.. as we show you a look in northern maryland 95 maryland 9 baltimore-washington parkway in the outer loop also in addition to that 29e- awandsh ra one plenty of green. gen. all green all good between the baltimore beltway and capital beltway. i'll let you know if anything yu else k changes. if you have an early flightarlih we're quiet on the way tot on tt reagan national. natnal. wisdom back to you. >> 4:37 is the time on this veterans day app special honor right near d.c. for one of the nati veterans much his inspirings in story is coming up next. u n then a little bit later a al race against the which tock put out aitgainst growing califa wildfire threatening publiclic transportation in that area. ina live look outside as we head w to break along with the voice of leonard cohen as weohen a remember his impact on the music world. w. a look back at his career car
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>> 4:39. back now with what's trending wt on this friday morning. first up, the fraud lawsuith t against now defunct trump university is on track to goonc trial a federal judge says itge will begin on november 28thembe and the case is expected toed t head to a jury mid-december. the lawsuit alleges trump university failed on its promise to teach success in to real estate. eat >> next up a brutal attack a brk caught on camera in chicago inco a video that's gone viralone vi online. tw kicking man in the streetstr while yelling don't votee yelli trump. now, a crowd of onlookersers appeared to encourage therage t violence and telling the ma ton quote steal his stuff.his one of thest attackers then t jumped in the victim's car andra sped off with the victimith thvt hanging on to the rear the driver's side's it's not clear who recordedded this window or when it wasn it w recorded or the man who took who the beating actually vote the ve or was in fact a trump a tru ppororter. >> next up a 108-year-old veteran got a cheer hear row'se'
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bill mohr is one of the oldestt surviving world war veteranseran and he was born in 1908 the same year the cubs wouldn't the world series he received a military sendoff and motorcadeor when he left and a militaryitary welcome when he arrived at thed world war ii memorial and thisnd morning he will be at theg t white house attending theattendh annual veterans day breakfast.ra we thank you mr. mohr for your u service. >> good for him. righright and finally the music worldt an has lost anothee canadian singer song writer and poet leonard cohen hasrd cen died. fter the release of his 14th studio album alb titled you want it darker. cohen best known for hallelujah, so long marianneria and tower of song. >> controversial church set tosl make a stop in our region r today. still ahead why they plan to t protest at a local university uy and how the the school's choo responding. >> first another night ofirst aanti-trump protests across tht
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trump -- donald trump is trump i weighing in as news president-elect. we'll talk about his message coming up nlk aext. >> ?? >> a live look outside on thisd friday mor happy veterans day as we head h to break, we'd like to honorikth the veterans in your life. l tweet us pictures of veterans vr in your family at fox5 d.c. d use the #fox5 vet. v we would love to share them onlo air this morning. we'll be back in just a moment.
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> 4:45 is the time right now rg and in the news mornings mo protests across the country as thousands show their frustration over donald trump's stunning presidentialtrr election victory from coast tooo coast the protestors becomingomg more tense overnight. tse we're live with the very latest. >> live look outside on thisn ti it's veterans day.say. plenty of events plannedlann across the region to honor our o service men and women and we a w thank you here at fox5 for all l of your service. service >> all right, but first welcome to fox5 news morning. mg wisdom martin alongside erin como gary mcgrady. mcgra gary we talked about this earlier. a special moon. >> everybody wants to knowspecby about thtse supermoon.ermoon >> the supermoon. >> look, this is -- you -- you -- this is all about aut marketing, okay.ka
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me just say this is that it'st s not going to be super superup even though this is a super supermoon. it's not just a supermoon. >> got you, glad that's clear. c >> monday night we should benigh able to see it but it's notut i' like worth waking up in thein middle of the night and goinge n out and looking at it. i >> should we have clear conditions. >> we should, we should. >> now, it is going toshou be b 14 percent bigger. >> 7 percent. 7 >> 7 percent bigger. >> right. >> and how many percentage brighter. >> that i don't know. i don't know that >> i understand. >> it's only like 50 to -- ?> ?? >> keep talking. >> 50 to 100 -- is that blew bw blay. bl >> i think. onckckno, that's harry c jr. it's only like visit tot 100 miles closer than a normal r full moon, a normal supermoon. we're -- you're not going tonott notice it, okay really notice it. >> you're under selling thee un moon. wedee hope it over delivers.dels >> it's great it's a super supermoonea but b
4:47 am
until like 2034 and it hasn'tt happened since 1948 so it's i kind of a big deal.kind o >> okay.f >> we're excited for it.rexcit >> love history. >> it's a moon in you know what that means. means >> professor gary mcgrady.dy. >> i'd love to wake up to thatoa music every >> i know more about the the weather ithan i do the moonoo just so you it happens all the time. supermoons happen about every 14, 15 -- did you know that?yoow tha >> now we do.e do. >> full of facts this >> if you don't know now youdon' know.t kn >> 47 here in town. tow visit to the north.or this s-, to me this is crazierri than a supermoon.upermoon. we have 50's to the north ande d we have temperatures below bel freezing. see this line right here.right . you drive just south of dullesul things get super cold from 46m 6 in dulles to like 30 degrees0 de in manassas. that's not very far to have a 16-degree temperature drop. d culpeper is 32. the super clear skies down skies
4:48 am
light winds so that's allowedt'd the temperatures to get prettyre cold obviously but up to theto t north here it's still fairlyai clear but we've had windind kicking up all right. rht so with the wind kicking up, kii that's allowing theg the temperatures to stay up just aaa little bit. so, 12 miles per hour wind inesp gaithersburg. ver time the wind is uper o five, 6 miles per hour, that's when you can really start caneal rolling up the atmosphere ande d keep it fairly mild. mil so, there's your forecast forecr today. real, real quick, lots off we're going to go 65 for a for high today. hand off to erin como. >> that was a stronghat waa st high-five.hi 4:48 and we have our eye onhaven the roads. the 395 taking a live look behind bn me is wide opened. opened. really light in terms of of volume from the beltway pastas this points as you head upp towards duke street maket m pentagon your way throughy ugh crystal and pentagon cities. cie i like were i'm seeing. sin same story as you head inbound on6.6. 66 problem free from manassas ms to the beltway and inside thee t beltway right here as you y cruise through arlingtongh arlon problem free there.he 95 also looking really nice onyn the northbound side. se. volume is light from stafford sr
4:49 am
and then again throughainou newington as you head to theou t bin laden. i'll let you know if anything changes and we'll take a lookoul in maryland next.l ke a loond n. >> 4:48 is the time right in the news this morning iff you're just waking up, it's been a tumultuous night asht a protests against donald trump tu continue coast to coast.oa melanie alnwick joins us with ut more on the protests that thatst happened while you were sleep. p good morning to you mel. to >> reporter: good morning wisdom and erinorter: and proter back asleep at this point but b you is this whole block oflock pennsylvania avenue prettyetty much lined with police cars wh o and this is the plaza here one n the side entrance of the hotel h that was filled with protestors once again last night. their voices echoed off of theff carved arch ways here in front r of the hotel. people still stinging fromtiting tuesday's election results shouted anti-trump slogans andgd waved signs. it was the second night ofwa unrest in many heavily heavi democratic cities across the country.
4:50 am
call it politely cordialy ial meeting with president obama at the white house, a lot ofth people p thought, yoteu h know,, maybe donald trump would w mellow a little bit as thet gravity of the presidencyreside sinks in but unfortunately they were disappointed afterd af he tweeted out "we just had a a very open and successfulssfu presidential election. now professional protestorsteor incited by the media are protesting. very unfair. "the backlash on twitter immediate.imme many pointing out that theouat t right to protest was in the t u.s. constitution suggestinguggn perhaps that donald trump readd it. we had protests in portland oregon.. some people saying that that sa was really just a small groupro of anarchists that took these mostly peaceful protests and turned it into a and you are back out live hereih you can see behind med m yesterday we had hotelot security guards on duty here.uat they are herey but now n complemented also by d.c..c. police who are standing byg
4:51 am
any of those protests comests c back up again.backp ag we also had a little bit of o vandalism here overnightvern yesterday as well. so, i think they want to makek h sure that everybodyey stays where they need to be. live in northwest i'm melanie m alnwick fox5 local news. n >> thank you melanie. 4:51 on friday morning andng a today is veterans day. a time to salute and honor the t brave men and women who have served in our armed forces andca several events are taking taking place around the district too honor our military.ary. veterans and their families will that gather atillh the vietnam -- women'somen memorial today to share their te stories and active dutyy military personnel andel a veterans are admitted free of of charge at the mount vernonno estate and gardens all day t dat the washington nationaltion cathedral is also hosting aos special veterans day concert.ont it's this evening from 7:00ening p.m. to 9 p.m. now, if youow, u have a special veteran in your r life we would love to hear their story. be sure to show us theire to s t photos using the #fox5 vets #fos and guess what, wisdom, we may y
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on air. >> all right. olays with the holidays juston around the corner why notwhy n bring out the kid in all of us u because still ahead, some of, so our favorite toys now calling cg the toy hall of fame home. >> first a race against thegaint clock to put out a growing california wildfire.dfir a live look we'll take at tk the d.c. region just now rightot there beautiful view of thew ofe monument as we head to break.. 4:52. we're back in just a few.
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>> happening today,appe firefighters in california racing against the clock to put outnighte a again growing b. this is not far from the sanhe diego chargers footballs stadium and publicm and blic transportation in the area isn i shut down as a result. so far no word on any injuries or homes
4:55 am
gary mcgrady you got somemcgr weather to talk >> yeah, i do. i'm working on the seven-day y forecast right now.eag onfo i think everecast rigrybody is y much going to like it. we're stichll g expecting --xpei >> how about the weekend gary.ut >> you want me to show it toan you right now. t. on i click ont i >> yeah. >> your wish is my command. my m let me show this real quick.qui. getting right to the weekendhe e 'cause it is friday after all.i today we're going to go 65. 6 then tomorrow we're stillrowe'r talking about probably thebablyt coldest day of the season season coming in so far andnd temperature with full sunshine s tomorrow is only going to be about 53 degrees, okay, and i will be a little bit breezy.tre. i don't think it's going to beno too terribly bad but it willt be a little bit breezy andtl some of us tomorrow afternoonron will only be in the upper 40's0s for highs. hhs sunday looks gorgeous. 62 degrees. should be a good amount of bmo sunshine and it does stilloe s look like sunday morning herenih in the city -- here in thee city we'll be down in thehe middle 30's. out in the suburbs easily --il there's going to be a lot ofoi 20's out in the suburbs on aynday. it does look like sunday sunda morning, though, we're still sti going to end up staying aboveboe freezing in the city.the c
4:56 am
me if we ended up with with temperatures in the city or att national airport down toown t freezing so just so you knowou out there. let me show you temps this morning becausethis it's kind of unusual what's going on.ind of lot warmer north andorth west and then look how cold itol is for manassas and culpepernd e winds are gusty up north andthnd west and that's keeping these temperatures up this morningur only in these mid-50's there bub you don't have to go too far top find freezing conditions this morning. fre morng that's as odd as the supermoonhn if you ask here's erin como. >> 4:56. it's veterans day and it's it' friday so we're hoping for a quieter morning commute aroundod the dmv. right now it's a quiet drive dri in southern maryland. sou you can see we'reth sereeing nii conditions on our secondariesecs through brandywine andro clinton. problemug free through accokeeka on 210 as you head into fort washington.wash northbound side still volumend free so it's a very smooth andsh qut riride. five at 301 split not dealingeai with any problems and threw a t upper marlboro four inbound is also smooth sailing. s northern maryland same storyto
4:57 am
baltimore this morning i likee i what i'm seeing.'m s on your way to bwi as well as wl reagan national and dullesuls we're in great shape if you happen to have an early morning flight to today. more traffic in a few. wisdom back to twi bac >> time now is 4:57a frantic frc search under way for a missingng college student.e last seen on a s local campus. u we got the details coming uping next at 5:00 plus growing gro tensions this morning ass anti-trump protests become increasingly violent.. the president-elect is now n weighing in on this.hing in on i we'll talk about his messageboue and the lats straight ahead. >> ?? before we head to breakfo right now here's a quick lreoo k at today's stock fut. fox5 news morning back rightk r after this.
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>> this is fox5 news morning. mor >> right now at 5:00, tensionsei across the country are high as protestors take to the streets t for a seconds night to showt their frustration over donaldfrr trumatp's election victory.ic the president-elect now weighing in on all of this. we're live hiwith the verngy i latest. >> and a live look outside onsio this friday november 11th,ember 2016. we want to say very happy vha veterans day to all of our menfm and women in the military andilt their families.ilies. we very much are humbled andumed thank you for your service. ser good morning up to i'm hollyorng


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