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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> another night of anti-trump protests in cities across thes h country. country. some peaceful others like thisfk turning this is portland oregon.pore police there calling eight riot. this morning the mning president-elect trump breaks his twitter silence. >> coach in maryland accused off soliciting a minor for sex. busted in a police coming up, how detectives werets able to set the whole thing t up. metro beingroei up front and honest. some riders are not they talk about slowdowns onwdos one of the busiest sections ofec the track. t we'll put it to the test this morning. >> first though a live lookh a o outside on this fridaye on t morning. it's november 11th.ber 11 it's veterans day. day weather and traffic coming up cn on the 5s at 7:05. 7 good morning to you, i'm you, allison seymour.mour.
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much happy veterans day.s day thanks for your service to our u it has been a tumultuous nights across the country as protestsst continue in cities coast to >> while most demonstrationsemss president barack obamapr peaceful in one u.s. cityess.y things took a violent turnn overnight. overni melanie alnwick joins us livens from the trump international hotel with more on protestsro taking place.lace mel good morning. >> reporter: good morning steve and allison. ow yo wd to show you w rephaort looks like a size police presence here thatet converged on the hotel thisoteli morning.rn definitely a difference in the security stance than what we w saw yesterday where it wast mostly just hotel security sec guards and then they put up u these barricades here but evene if you swing over thisbu way, w you can see here this is the side into the hotel not even n e the front entrance and all the l police officers that are standing there.ffic we don't haveding any hav information to say thatation toy something is going to thappenoe today or whether this is
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portland last night but thisut t was the southeastern ofwas another protest last night. let's take you to the video oftr protestors raising theirtoaisi voices. they almost were bouncing off bf of the carved stone archways ahw here. people still stinging fromtilltg tuesday's election results. res they were shouting anti-trump slogans and waving signs.and was it was the second night off unrest in many heavily heavi democratic cities across theosst country. trump tower in new york, forfo example, the domhnall's home for now surrounded byy protestors once again. simi minneapolis denver and los angeles where students walkedntd out of class. for those who saw yesterday's somewhat cordial meeting between president obama and president-elect trump they maytl have thought that perhaps theer gravity of the presidency mayy t mehellow donald trump a little l bit make him realize howea h serious of a position he is undertaking. but last night he madee opponents even more upset when e he tweeted "just had a very v open and successfulssful presidential election.ctio
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incited by the media are protesting. very unfair.r. "the backlash on twitter wasas immediate. most pointing out that theing ot right to protest is guaranteed by the then in portland oregon things t turned violent, some say itt was a small group of anarchist a that is turned the mostly mos peaceful protest into a riot and then this morning perhaps in response to what happenednseh in portland overnight perhapser in response to the backlash, bac donald trump sending out new saying "love the fact that thete small groups of protestors prote last night have passion forssior our great country. we willgr all come together anda be proud "so, is that a little i bit of a mellowing? maybe a? y little bit of understanding ofdg why these people are so upset? u can't tell. but at this point we can tell t you that it looks like this security presence out here intyp front of the trump hotel is going to be around for awhileret
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detailfi.ce deta live in northwest i'm melanie'me alnwick fox5 local news. n >> the trump transition transit continues it appears largely behind scenes unlike yesterday's very public meeting with president obama andnlik meeti leaders of . this part of the meeting at par the white house. being throwneing thrown about when it comes to the top posts in the trump administration.nist right now it is four> minutes past the hour and news this morning the violencpaest ve across the district hasict injured at least five people.ivp two men shot on stan done roadne southeast about 1:30 thisas both are critical.bothre c meantime a man and a woman shot around 9:45 last night on douglas place southeast. southet they're expected to survive.o si another man was stabbed earlybbe this morning on pennsylvaniapeny avenue southeast.aven sou he also hashelso ha nonlife-threatening injuries.ine >> the university of maryland u police department needs your helpnive d fepinding were you er their students who has gone missing.r stud screen.ree at your this is 21-year-old kaitlynyn george and she was last seentee yesterday at 4:00 p.m. by her roommates.mas. kaitlyn was last seen in black
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>> this morning a marylandhis mo youth basketball coach is outbaa on bond he was arrested for trying to lure an under aged girl for sex. >> police say he used to policy hecraigslist to do it.crai fox5's annie yu is live at livat the rockville metro station where the coach was arrested. >> reporter: hey, good morning steve an>>d r allison.i. as you can imagine those who tse knew the suspect are prettyct ae disturbed by the news. n he was a coach he was also a father and thisndt is where police met him thatha day on tuesday and arrestedrr him and took him into custody. y police now trying to reallyce n get the word ouowt b obviously been in contact withbo plenty of children and they'rene concerned there could be moreerl this is 44-year-old asil din as better known as coach oscar in r montgomery county.gomeount and employees tell us that heee posted an ad on craigslist.n csl it was in the casual encounters category. he communicated with an undercover police officer who w was presenting herself as a 15-year-old girl and according r to the police report, he told p her that he wanted to have sexos with her on a regular basiseg and pay her $100 each time. tim
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the rockville metro. metro when he showed up police weree h waiting for him and tookow himk into custody.into c he is facing charges of sexual solicitation of a minor. min he's going to face a jump nextf month. mont according to those who know whow him again he's a father theyr say he has a daughter aroundr ao the same age. he's been coaching the boy's basketball team with them t amateur athletic union for unior several years. seve we spoke to the before the b director -- director and he and tells us all of the faculty and staff and coaches undergoacd several layers of background disturbed by the news. the n he's alerted all 250 families50e and again montgomery countyme cu police now concerned thatrned there could be more victims out there. ou that's the very latest here lath from rockville, maryland, maryl annie yu fox5 local news.ew >> also in montgomery county concerns there could be more victims after ans school tter as counselor was arrested andnd accused of inappropriatelypriate touching a five-year-old girl.l. detectives say paul ramos r touched the girl during agi dur privately run after schoolingerh program called kids after hos.s. this was at flower valleyr vall elementary.elemtary.
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late august and in october. >> 7: 06 right now.ow tucker joining us on the u set and i have a person who said it looks like you're on ala different set because you seee s the line right here so let's sle prove to everybody that you're not -- not -- >> you just reached across the s explain in there we're on then n set set together. t >> there we we g good morning. >> yes. ng.ood mnirni >> she was disturbed by it. wasb >> i just saw -- saw - >> we talked about it before. bf >> i was looking the the tweet. let's get to it. 56 at reagan national.56t reagat off a getting a nice push of warm air up ahead of our front.nt 54 dulles, 51 at bwi marshall.s. bottom line on today, milday m temperatures, mid 60's but wes b have a frontal system that'stem going to drop through thethrouge region midday. that will bring us a littles a e cloud cover.d c not expecting any rain andn then behind the front lots and lots of very blustery r conditions later thiser afternoon and this evening. so be ready forrn wooindyn w conditions and much cooler air r moving in after daytime highs in the mided 60's we're looking at highs bysy
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50 degrees for parts of the fors area. we'll talk weekends forecastalk coming up in a few but mild md temperatures, we keep it dryeep for your veterans day anday a we'll take a close look at the weekend forecast in just a minute. >> metro news coming up in ain a first a check on the rest ofof the traffic. here's erin. >> 7: 08. kimora said it's her >> happy birthday. >> we say happy birthday toppy h you. moving over to our roads, ifur i you're headed out in the district we do have a police investigation eighth and gat re because of that streetbeca closures on g street between bet seventh and ninth as well asel eighth street between e and ieee street southeast.ea police advising folks to use sixth, tenth and or o pennsylvania as an alternate as to get around that. tha taking a look at metro rightetig now we do have safe tracke safe surge 10 impacting the rednghe aside from that service kicked k in at 5:00 this morning.ict 5: they are operating00 t on a on saturday schedule in honor ofono veterans day today.. there's off peak fares and o parking is free. f no other slowdowns reportedepor across all of our rail lines l
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to enjoy thisan at 7:08. look at all the green on the on map. traffic for the most part is reallyc fo quiet. q we have a little bit of a delay on the outer loop over the legion bridge but aside from that you canon tlegion see2 southbound flowing.hb you are wide opened.are wide we haven't had a delay all morning from 70 down to the spur. we'll hop outside for a live look right now and show youhop u how else you're shaping'a this is 50 east and westbound ws completely wide opened through r cheverly. no slowdowns on 295 southboundsb from 50 to pennsylvania.ennsylva as we forward our cameras topamt of the beltway view of the outer loop by newthp hampshire avenue.ave. in fact from 95 to georgia g you're cruising at speed.u' inner loop back to normal by corenn cloopecticut avenue aften earlier motorcycle crash hadmotc us slowed down and this is awed look right now as you makeyo mak your way out on 66. 6 wide opened as well the entiree stretch from 234 to theto beltway and 395 also cruising. n we have you covered with your wh commute on this veterans dayay holiday. holida back to you allison and steve.le >> let's get to the get some daily commuterste
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restriction. it is due to this, trees t limited visibility for train t operators. the question is are the delays much longer than what metro is owning up to. >> wamu transportationn reporter and fox5 fox correspondent martin dicaro dic road the line in question thisso morning and marty joins usarty s with more. what's your assessment? good o morning. >> reporter: good morning rep steve and allison. well, i rode the line thisor morning, i rode it yesterdayg, as well. i rode the hot spot and befor ir i tell you the time it to get between here and braddock road lets reinforce rei in the minds of our viewershe m what the hot spot is. we'rwhe at reagatan national airport. the track south down tok south n braddock road and vice that train already slowing s down to 15 miles an hour. a giant s curve between hereurwe and braddock road. r we showed that you picture before. there are poor sight lines.poigl there's that one tree onere's te national park service property o that has to be cut down and metro calls it a hot spotpo because it's dangerous toro speed for train operatorspera
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when there are track inspectors on the line. that's why the speed restriction is in in many of the speed restrictions s are in place across the systemhs because of track problems. probl it was last month, however,howe, that two federal track inspectors were almost runmost over by that a speeding train ta because of a botched communication.mmunic those two track inspectors had to dodge an oncoming train sog n metro is now saying all trains s 15 miles an hour. milesho so, metro has said betweenween here and or three extra minutes to what s is a five minutes trip betweenwn these two stations.tion metro's right. rig i actually took the train as i said this morning and yesterday and it took two to three extra minutes on eachn eah side of that trip. >> so, marty, why don't they mar just cut the tree down? [laughter] >> good question. qst i guess with anything whennyth you're dealing with federalh fel bureaucracy it's going to take t some they're working on it but theg t
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and, you know, the natural -- n- you can expect the expected reaction on social media and m here are a couple tweets thattst came in when i posted thete t travel time. t people simply don't don't believe that it's taking asakg s little time as metro claims as a brand new train rolls in onon veterans day here. and because commuters are commu looking at the entire lengthntee of their commute, steve and a allison, the entire length ofe o their commute is longer because metro istheir yellow line trains from thehe southern they're running every 10 minutes instead of every six. ey if they're any backup, reagan ra airport braddock road that also adds to travel time. some people are saying it'sdde i takingng 15, 20 minutes longer n than usual since this speed thid restrictions went into placect so we have the treeio and othero technological solutions metroloi is looking at to protect trackco inspectors who are out hereer
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and it's going to take some to t time. metro has no timetable for when this speed restriction issp going to be lifted andg to blift commuters have beenuters have bn complaining that metro hasla failed to communicatein that to them so they don't know hownow long they're going have toave plan extra time. tim >> we're doing there dng t communicating now.atg martin is riding the rails forai us. thank you martin. twoan to three extra minutes for him in that stretch the last couple of days so he's giveno hi it a couple shots. a cple thanks martin. mar >> on this veterans day ourans y bob barnard world war ii memorial.em we'll check in with him next. n >> we want you top send usop sen pictures of the veterans ineter your life that you want to usify honor on this veterans dayerans just like this. l keep sending in your pictures. use the hashtag as you see y here this one from dawn chapman. the hashtag is fox5 vets. f. we'll try to share as many pictures as we can.ures as we c. >> i'm stealing them for fab five pics. i think we'll have plenty of pictures today. keep them going throughout the year.m go
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>> live look at the vietname veterans memorial on this veterans day and as you would expect there are a number of people who arelookrans m day ahe bob barnard will be talking tal minutes. a reminder if there's a veteran in your life you wouldou like to give a little extra recognition to today send us a picture via social media using its #fox5 vet. >> all right. r. >> powerful. >> really is. thers goer is going to completely cooperate for our veterans day. >> good. >> with sunshine and mildne temperatures up ahead of a we got a lot guroing on. angn. it's really kind of fascinating weather-wise thatist here in washington we could beed 56 and in manassas currentlyurrt it's 34 degrees.grs.
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push of air out of west aheadhe of our frontal system whichm will be dropping down and byy later this afternoon after a mild midday, temperatures willsw start to fall.t o winds are going to really picke up behind our front.nt. front is a little hard to see but see the light shower activity working through central sections of new york and some of that cloud cover? that's ourvitysectf th front. fo it will drop down from thel dr north and again you're goingd ag to know that it's movedit's through as the winds willh as wn shift out of the north andou west and reallt y start to get blustery around here just in are time for sunsetre tonight.onig y about later tonight, fridayri night football playoffs that kind of thing, we are lookingkig at very cool conditions andon a windy conditions.dition >> okay. ka okay. >> so, you know -->> so,ou k >> brace yourself. yrs >> brace yourself make surece y you gotou that cool sweater andt you got a heavier gear for theeo weekend because it's going tobe be a chilly onecaus tomorrow.or. tomorrow coolest day yet this ts season. temperatures only in the low t 50's and by early sundayarlyunda morning most of the areas at a or below freezing.g. >> maybe a little frost on the ground sunday morning.ound
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>> all right.the gr. >> supermoon. we need to talk about that. s >> when is that again?d to t w >>n it'iss monday but it will w build to monday and it shouldsh be pretty spectacular bothot saturday and sunday.satu >> should i prepare any danceses or anything? anyin >> fertility dance perhaps.tili >> no, no. aughteter]ty >> that ship has sailed wentaile don't need that in my housene withed three d taughters being hostst. >> different kind of dance.d ofe >> okay. maybe i shouldn't asked you atyt all. good morning. >> good morning . >> [laughter] [la >> so much to say not reallyotea sure to go with that one.tne friday morning said with the frost what does that mean? you have tothe protect your tender vegetationur right. >> oh, right, thank you. ton >> you'reh, r right now the outer loop is quiet 95 over to the 270 spur. u plenty of green on the m it t mi truly feels like a saturday sat morning commute. it's veterans itwe're honoring all theringll t veterans here on fox5 this5 this rnining. and with so many folks offerny o school and work today 50 from0 annapolis i was the waypo through bowie inside the beltway quiet throughltwa cheverly. problem free on 295.
7:19 am
pennsylvania. suitland parkway inbound is quite.nd par 270 quiet through gaithersburg and as we look at thed ro tckop side inner loop crash after aft wisconsin avenue cleared muchavr aside from that the inner loop n and outer loop looking goodr loi and to and from the baltimore beltway to the capital beltway 95 baltimore-washington parkway route one, 29 i really 2 like what i'm seeing.9 i any questions arealt erilyn fox d.c. on twitter.witter back to you guys.back to you gu >> it is 7:19 right now and a special honor on this veteransen day for one of the country's oldest living v sergeant bill mohr of o pennsylvania is 108 years old. o he along with his family willami visit the white house this houss morning for the annualr the nual veterans day breakfast. breakfa. yesterday he got a chance toy hc visit the world two memorial.ema he served in europe for two years during the war. war >> and how lucky are we to be w in washington, d.c. on thisn t veterans day?te day >> our bob barnard is downtown n this morning at one of d.c.'s most incredible war memorialsem and he joins us live from the t
7:20 am
good morning. >> reporter: hey sal son and ter:steve. good morning to you t earlier we were oveningr tat the worldw ii memorial. both are beautiful this bea morning, peaceful, quiet there setting up for ceremonies hereoe at the vietnam wall and also ana at the world two memorial. so, if you're a veteran or know and love a veteran justt come on down. it's a poignant day here in washington. washin but there is this interestinggte backdrop. can show you the latest video of the yse protestous t all acrosl the country including inlung portland oregon last night n which got a little ugly. week. week we voted. vot i think everybody wasrybody surprised at least in some of if the areas around here closeos into major cities weres w surprised but the countryoury voted for donald trump.naldrump he won the electoral college.alc he is going to beol our next president. and yet there are a lot of o people are not happy aboutap that and you would speak too veterans and you would thinkou t they would say hey what areoulds these people doing on theay h streets e there? you know,peope voted, leave it alone but
7:21 am
vietnam veterans saying these people are doing what they a doi fought for, speaking theirin t mind and demonstrating on thengt streets and here now two of nowo the vietnam veterans we spokem e to this morning talking aboutngo what's happening in our country now. now >> enjoy the right to protest. t but do so in a manner that doesn't infringe the rights ofgt other people. p don't burn their property. prop. don't damage their don't damage their vehicles. vic you know, if you're upset with the way your efforts. you're going -- there's going to be another election in two years and then aotnohetherr en a presidential election in four.r. pool your energy into makinggy i the changes that you wntant to change this time into nextt >> we just got to pulljuot together and get behind our new president and you know, it , is in some way or another in anr this country it always seemsayss to work out. wor >> reporter: and that's thehas sense we're getting fromrom
7:22 am
most of the protests acrosscr the country have been peaceful e including those here inere washington the last two last nights. here this veterans day it is very qs uietve in washington, gs as we salute our veterans. ver >> it is -- it's veryery interesting bob because weecau e look at it with this momentous o change that we have had and when you have a chance to talk k to those veterans it's very interesting because these t veterans fought for ourterans freedom. >> that's right. >> and part of our freedom is art of assemble is the right to free speech et ceteraer so it will be interesting throughout the morning bob at sl veterans what their take ise i not just on the electionthe eleo itself but what we do now and what they have fought for andouf thousand relates now in modern d day. >> reporter: yeah, we have -- we have this- incredible privilege and this right to vote. v you don't have to like how it turns out if say your y candidate or your ballot question doesn't prevail but going on the streets is also isa one of these privileges andges a rights we have to speak yourpe y mind that way but again, both b
7:23 am
you're doing isn't leading to violence and.. >> right. >> >> reporter: and hurting r somebody else.ortebody >> totally agree with that. good to hear their opinion onaln that. they put their body on theutir b line for it, their life on theon line for it so thank you verynky much bob. >> we'll talk to more veteransar throughout the daye todayve ana again if you ever a photo you yu would like to share of a e veteran thatd ilis special to u in your life #fox5 vet and vet a we'll do that throughoutthugho morning. >> look forward to seeingoo the baltimore ravens havelte tron celebrate this morning.ebre >> and trump's transition teamim we're going to take a closer tas look at that.t tha a lot of names being thro of them? we'll chat about that one day after hisat visit v to the white house..
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welcome back. 56 degrees in washington now. winds out of the north and west at 12. in we're going to be in thewa the s mid for a couple of hours midday and then the clouds will move inove with quick moving cold front.drt i'll show that to you and windsn are really going to pick up up behind our front.behiur there's our front right not expecting any rain. rai really need the rain. of september behind the front fo lots of winds. win so blustery conditions aroundro here later this afternoon andnd i keep going like that because i'm hoping my mouth will change. 65 today. tay very chilly overnight an cool cl weekend. look at your saturday daytime de high only 53 degrees.deee quick reminder we've got theve e super moon to look forward to oo monday and it will build bothuih saturday and sunday coming up up we'll talk to some folks at nass about what we can look forwardor to this weekend. that's weather.ea. erin is back with roads.ith roa.
7:27 am
for clearing up 270 southbound.d >> you should take credit for fr it. it. >> i would love to but it's lovi federal holiday. honoring veterans on veteransetn day and because eighths federal holiday lot less traffic out ant about as folks are off work anda school today.scho this is a look at 66 as you pass 234 all the way to the beltway.y that's what it looks like widee open free of all that usualal congestion.eson same story as you make your wayw out.t. you can see we're wide open onno 95 as well probable let me freee from stafford all the way up towards the bot.toward to beltway.s 395 that and you can see right here byerb prince william parkway littleit bit of sun glare but we're we're flowing with great grd metro on time accept fortor safetrack.fe back to you guys.back to you another celebrity announced he's he's runed for president in 2020.2020. >> another besides kanye >> any guesses. anyes >> a lot of names being banteren about when it comes to the top p post in the trumppon administration.
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?? welcome back, everybody. it is 7:30 on this veteromanse . if you have a moment to just tos stop and take look at your screen, i promise you, you won't regret it. live look there at the vietnam wall. you see the washington monumentm in the background. beautiful washington with the fall colors on the trees, youre know, so much to be grateful fof on this friday morning.or thank you for watching fniox5 nn morning as we see veteran there walk through.hrough tell a vet that you know thankst today and we want to keep onee o sending in your pictures of the veterans in your life. lif that you'd like to honor.on send us the pictures using the hash tag fox5 vets like lisa did. di she says happy veterans day too
7:31 am
andrea my proud nephew. nhe i like that. t all right. nancy thank you very much.. >> shouting out her big brother darrell.. let's do one more before we getw to steve.teve. we did it nancy. nan all righty.. again, there is corporal brittany thompson first female marine mortar man makingg history. steve, over to you.. >> you got a best joseph, is he smarter than you?y >> would you trust him with your life? yes, sir. s >> that's your chief of staff. >> of course that would be the fictional president for the wesw wing giving advice how to buildi a white house cabinet.abin. in real life president-electnt-e donald trump came to washingtoni for some similar advice and toeo to start making transition fromo candidate to commander in chieff joining us now talk about that
7:32 am
house correspondent for thesponr hill. you were at the white house yesterday for the historic meeting. what do we take out of the trehi >> it was certainly stunning. sn something we didn't expect to t happen 72 hours ago.ours ago. donald trump sitting next tomp g president obama in the whitet ob house. president obama spent this entire campaign calling trump unqualified to serve as sve a president saying he didn't heid shouldn't have his hands on nuclear codes. it's going to be difficult thind for the obama white house but b all the signals they're sendingn they're willing to do it.lingo o >> first face to face meetingacc between these two?between >> that's right. to fames you'll remember thatl r they met -- well met really kinn of obama secured him at the 2011 white house correspondencesp dinner he was in the >> in the same room.>> >> they never met.>> the first time they've spoken. >> jordan, what do you think wa a more important meeting yesterday.yeerday that meeting at the white housee are the meeting drum happen witw top republicans on the hill? h >> i think we want to pay think attention to that meeting withtw hill republicans to payicanto py attention to what he's going tot do as as president
7:33 am
america great again ild the walall. how is that going tol. happen.n. he needs to work with paul ryan, mitch >> let's talk about some of thef people who may end up in some oo these top cabinet a lot of names have been thrownr out yesterday we'll put a couplu up here i'll get your take onake it. we'll go ahead and start as wena led in with that clip fictionaln clip when it comes to choosing i your chief of staff.your chief sostme of the suggestions when w comes to chief of staff areff a right there on your what do you think about these two? >> these two reince preifhese priebus and t steve bannon ceo f trump campaign are definitelyel two of the top candidates forhet chief ofan staff. sff steve bannon if we're talking about the west wing clip he cp would fit that description.t thd he's in trump's inneser circle. trump is comfortable with steve bannon. reince priebus begins begins connections to the republican establishment something donalde trump doesn't have. he has deep ties to paul ryano n both from wisconsin.both f that would be a person who woulu
7:34 am
engrain say the himself in washington and work with congress and the administrn ati. >> seems cliche this is most ism important appointment when itt p comes to the chief of staff?po e >> i think so. i t yeah. ye absolutely. this is your closest adviser. this is sort of the persoyonur o you're going to see the most,ng you're not going to see your wife as much as your chief ofchc staff when you're thehief presii of the united states.te it's very important g something you have to get used to.haveget >> exactly. let's go through cabinet>>ab positions. secretary of state, newt state,t gingrich one of the names hase a been thrown out there.out t there's another name whose beenb thrown out there, which of if either do you look at donalda trump looking at here? h >> so i think donald trump isrup definitely looking newt gunningg rich for secretary of state. s another person you mightec lookt senator bob cork kerr ofork kerf tennessee the chairman of theant senate foreign relations. >> he's a former goldman sachs c banker and he's undere' u consideration for treasuryn foru y.cretary. now, we've heard a lot donaldotl trump talk a lot about drainingn the swap and two of the names th come up for treasure secretary a are ma nook ken and jamie jamie diamond the jp morgan chief..
7:35 am
>> exactly right. we're talking about two>> guys with major connections to wallol street being talked about forbo that job i will be interestinges to see how this supporterssuppos respond if they get into the top spot. >> attorney general now we arewe throwing in names people have ie heard of before. hav andar among some of names rudy guiliani, chris christie. you know chris christie will chr probably bise in the mix somewhere. do you see either one of theseh two as pick for attorney general or somebody else?or sod >> i think both of them are dead possibility. problem with chris christie he e just had this coming off this ts bridge gate investigation two of this big scandal that broke ahae couple of years ago.go so kris city going to have to go before the senate foreor confirmation hearing if he'll i' become attorney attor he's going to get a lonet oft tf questions about that.questions he's going to have to givabeive answers under oath.r oat so that might be difficult.ght f so maybe chris christie would wd get a position in the whitehe we house where he wouldn't have tov have senate confirmation and turn to rudy juliani for the top job. >> some of these names nes speculated under differentiffe cabinet positions where thattion works out or like you said you s
7:36 am
congress and get confirmed. >> jordan fabian from the hill.. >> send things over to tucko t concern get a look at our atur forecast. >> let's do it.t. temperatures today mid 60s. 6 cool start, but with a frontalro system that's about to move in.i winds will start picking up andp the real thing will be the winde later this afternoon.r thisfter 56 reagan dulles is 54 and up in baltimore bwi marshall 51 degrees.grs all front just to our north dropping through parts new york with verr light sprinkles and showers.les front as it pushes through.ou and then again you'll notice the winds. wi initially out of the west andhet south and west shift to theand t north and west this after snoono and that will give you an indication that cooler air really cold air will work in tonight. we're going to have a touch of a late fall feel around for arounf saturday. i'll show you the weekendthe ekd forecast momentarily.ta. breezy conditions mid 60s. 6 a dry friday for you a dry friday evening as well if youl have plans to be out and aboutoa later today.. ayay. weekend forecast coming up.g u
7:37 am
what's happening?ni? >> 7:36. even in the district earlier police investigation closing atn portion of g street has cleared. southeast traffic movingovin normally once again. aga observation of the veterans dayy holiday taking a look at ourt tweets right now.ow. we're having a problem with ride on fairfax connector observingos holiday weekend service today. d so check your route.ou see if you're affected. aec if you're take the fairfax frf connector. ride on bus making your way out in maryls and.maki myl force metro bus also operatingpg on weekend schedule and met update trains on saturdayda schedule off peak fares andfare parking is free. we do have safetrack surge 10ur1 with shuttle service replacin rail service on the red line.e. orange line will be dealing witt single tracking at 10:00.0: any questions at erin fox5 on dc on twitter. twitter. >> new reports of leaked debatee questions this time to donald t trump.trum also, ahead prince harry's girlfriend spotted in london l trying to keep a low profile. pe we'll have more on that next. stay with us.withs.
7:38 am
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and free delivery. all with our low price guarantee. appliances. electronics. furniture. hhgregg >> back now with what's trendinw on the web on friday morning at 7:40. first up, did someone atn fridtx news leak megyn kelly's debate t questions to drum in that ain ta review the fox host new book "settle for more" new york times revealed the book -- in the booo th hapappened. >> kelly denied that c she tweeted her book does not n suggest nor does she believeie trump had any questions in advance.vanc next up looks like princerie
7:41 am
she was spotted in london yesterday.ster. photographed leaving wholefoodsa in kensington with gvirocery bag later scene headed to harry's kensington palace home. h just open the gate with grocery bags? people magazine reports s the couple had been dating seriously for about two months. >> finally many are saying ife f donald trump presidency proves e anything it's anybody can be president. comedian chris rock announced oo twitter he'll run in 2020 maybey he's joke ago he's funny guy.ny. a lot of people thought thatht a ab wait and see. see i'm still trying to wrap my head around the groceries bag.. al, knock knock, palace door. >> i hope their love blossoms.lm have an american princess. >> royalty just like. >> i love it. , kind of. ko we go to that is true.tru coming up next we'll checklc back with our kevin mccarthy mcr live from la for today's fox beat and on this veterans day we want to keep seeing your your wonderful pictures of veteranstn in your life.ife. if you'd like to honor you've yv
7:42 am
we're seeing a couple more now.w send us pictures use the hash h tag fox5 vets. v look at that.tha that's awesome.
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> thursday night footballrsda baltimore maryland charm city work out for the ravens nowe mah
7:45 am
passes.sses cleveland off to their worst wor start in history starting thehe season zero and 10. first time since they joined tht league back in 1950. 1 >> seeing the ravens victory vio dances which are respectful,, they won't get them fine but they're cool as all get out we w need to have cool touchdowndown dances prepared fort rest of the season. >> pretty drama week in news.ekn we want to give you pick me upeu since finally friday.y the internet going crazy overzy this video o dancing in her christmas sweater. you go. warriors jumped outr. to 31-poin lead over the mavericks onerks o wednesday but this woman they b real star of the show.ho >> what i love how nobody is really looking at had he ever.h. they're look at the jumbo tron.t nobody is looking at her.t her >> she's right in front of them. >> she's getting that. she >> never change christmaser chat sweater lady. anver >> i love it. >> yes. >> she's moving. >> she's moving. wayhisbody is goi but her hips going -- she'sng's getting it.tting
7:46 am
o.o. >> right. >> don't you think it's interesting they're all around her nobody is don'tg th like --' all looking at the jumbo tron.uo >> she's right here.>> she's r >> the world we live in.e lin >> all right. shall we do some weather.l we d >> please. okakay. >> after n you should getfter n inspired for your walk.or youwak ?? >> there it is.s come on on bruno. >> ?? >> you know what i'll be working ---- >> friday!>> f >> what? >> my presidential walk. w can you imagine if you got toot work down pennsylvania avenue al the president.prest. >> we see a lot in >> every four years.a >> all [ laughter ] >> show time.e. >> let's do the weather. we're looking at the end of thef trees here.tree not the end of the trees the end of our fall season here we'ree'e featuring beautiful colors.ul cr get out enjoy them tonight. windy conditions tonight.ight thank you todd for sending thiss picture in from clifton. past peak depend wrack you'reou viewing from and as we get intot the weekend here we'll lose a le lot of leaves with pretty ptt
7:47 am
afternoon. beautiful veterans day.futerans. mid 60s out of -- ahead of ourf front here a little later todayd and then cooler weather tonightt 56 in washington.ashing little pocket of very cool air c just to our south where we'rerew still a little distance from our frontal system moving in.g i everybody else nice and mild. hagerstown 51. 5 52 this morning frederick.deri 52 in gaithersburg. rains will become a big factorac here up ahead of the front outnt of the west and out of the north and north and west later this ti afternoon behind the winds at times could gust 20, 2 25 this evening. eni this front moves through. mov tr here's our's our it's a quick's a quickv it will be through by earlyerl e aftehrrnoon you'll noticoue thee winds pick up.. get a little cloud color withorw it. mostly the winds out of the thes north and west very blustery conditions with falling temperatures tonight bndityio ey tomorrow morning we're going toi be near 40 here in the city and lots of region here off to thefe north and west below freezing. there you go. ther t your set up for weekend. high pressure off to our it is going to be beautiful beal november weekend both saturdayoh
7:48 am
going to the redskins gamehe ren sunday afternoon perfect conditions out there foror football with temperatures intu the low 60s.0s chilly conditions in theons in t morning. i also want to mention one moree time, super moon. m i will be tweeting tucker fox fx and put it on my facebook pageog more information about it essentially the closest the moon has been to planet earth since s 19 freight. >> woo-hoo! >> it promises to be larger anda bigger than ever and you cannd c never go wrong with super moon. can you, erin.ri >> never go wrong with the soup just the marketing of it superts moon catches your i want to check it out. >> crazy things always happen with a full moon. moon. >> i'll stay >> i left you breakfast on yourr desk. >> that was sweet of you, thank you.s swee >> north capitol street hearingi this crash is involving severalv vehicles. north capitol street southboundh right near hair wood roadd caution there bigger delaysthe i picking up.g u aside from as we take look at metro in addition to operatingte on a saturday schedule, we'reulw dealing with safetrack surge 10r impacting the red line as welll disabled train outside of shaw s
7:49 am
green and yellow line residualil delays to huntington and brancha of a also keep in mind at abouto 10:00 o'clock today the orangeda line near carrollton will dealla with delays as well for some s track work keep you posted thont one and then taking a look ata a our earlier tweets, keep in mind fairfax connector observingx coo holiday weekend service.r ekd s. same with ride on bus so checkoc your schedule before you head hd out.t hov lanes not impacting our our roads in northern virginia. 66, 395 and 95 looking back to you guys. today in maryland fune services for 18-year-old brian-b davis will be held in upper marlboro. davis was one of six people shoo outside of a party in capitol ct heights back on october 30th. 14-year-old todd web, jr., wasas also killed.d. davis is the nephew of a fox5 employee and our condolences ara with your family today.. well, you've seen the scenee all morning. protesters at the white housersa and at the trump hotelt exercising their right to t express their opinions.presthei well one teenager from princeri
7:50 am
high school and was then given an pleasant ultimatum when he w tried to the same. take a listen to jason blakely's story. >> so i walked in school i waslw with my friend al drew holmess and we were just walking down d and few people take off my haty start throwing it around and a some people actually triedy ted fighting me, um, and was like making threats, and --d - >> that would be kind of scary.y >> pretty was. >> what went through your head?t what was your first thrhought? >> thinking these guys are kindd of idiots, you >> and then what happened? did? the school,, what did the school administrator do's?stratoo's? >> i walked away from the t situation for about five minutem and went back to the commons and then some administration guyaty came up to me and told me to take off my hat. h asked me what was going on. explained to him and he told mel to talk to my principal.rincal i talked to my principal andnd then asked me to cover it up. >> asked you cover your shirt p
7:51 am
>> yeah. for my own safe too.. >> well, officials at the school did issue an official statemente but respond by saying, no policy against wearing political t shirts to school.chl. in an evident to deescalate thee situation with the other o students they asked him to takek off the shirt or go home.e. but again no policy in place.. ?? >> 7:51. let's switch gears talk about fox beat right now. sit down with one of thefox sts of the much anticipated harry potter spin off. >> kevin mccarthy is wak with us bright and early from ey loangeleles. is the sun up yet? i don't i d think so. thin good morning. good >> far from it. 4:50 in the morning mning here. i don't think it's upset. >> yeah. >> it will be in a couple hourss or so. or you mentioned the harry potter t spin off. sp you may not know his nape he's e about to become one of theome ot biggest stars in the world w playing the flash in the juicehe tis league movies.tis ague steve, allison have you ever me somebody in your life that you y wonder, wait corks we possibly l
7:52 am
my brother for some reason. like him and i were geeking outt so much.souc he's a big fan boy of all these movies harry potter films as well as the batman versus superman. he was in batman versus supermaa as the flash, and just to bee involved in these movies i can't imagine what's going through hit mind i had to speak to him abouo a fan but also how you film somo of those insane flash scenesce that we'll see in justice leaguu next year. tch h this. >> one thing i love about yo you truly are a fan boy which ii really really cool. cool. >> true.>> >> what is the key to keeping ke that suppressed when you'reou playing these -- this is a character whose very internalerl going through a lot of torturedd struggle.le. >> yes. >> how are you keeping that fann boy -- you're acting.cting. >> i'll tell you it's somewhat like a valve, remember, in bandd class at school. the gross woodwind section woulu have the spit valve, remember,r, let out the spit valve on thelve
7:53 am
>> that's what it's like. i have to let out the valveha oo fan boy and let it ahhh and bring it in. >> that's >> focus.>> f >> i've been waiting months toah ask you this question.stio i'm wearing batman versuser superman socks. i have to know how are they a te filming the moments when flashsh is going quickly? are you you starting -- >> you're trying to get the secrets right now. now >> how do you do that? how d >> obviously batman versusmavers superman we see you in that convenience store.nv >> what are you thinking aboutut specifically? what are you curious about specifically.cifi spot to another really quickly.y do you have to run yourself andl they speed you.ed y >> sometimes they make me run. r i was outraged because iecse thought, you know, playing theyi flash this will be great.l beret you can't see him running soning this is going to be easy.eas no, no, no we need to you run. r we have this enormous treadmill. i think it's called a tum bill later.lar >> oh my gosh.h. >> 25 feet long goes up to 45 miles an hour and it bounce n see like a trampoline. pretty much a dream come true.
7:54 am
we do all sorts of stuff watch w we're creating is it's a vocabulary where could c have gravy meets visual effectsf and what we're trying toin implement is a wide diversity oo tactics of how we create these moments and i don't want to givg away too much, but there's a lot of the -- of the flash is his perception. >> yeah. like, you know, thyoe momu'ent , for some reason in thisn in interview all i'm talking abouta is saliva. i keep talking about -- about -- o bao back to it. >> you know that moment whenhe someone is eating and they'reatt talking to you and they're sore excited but they're eating and being rude and like the singleil crumb. >> you see it. it.f food and you see slow motion like your brainrain almost is speeding u so it's slowing down. >> interesting. >> so that's a lot of what we're thinking about in dealing a w lh and we constantly get to have the geek key yesterday y conversations about physics.tion
7:55 am
so sweaty because he's running so h he wouldn't be sweaty aty all. >> all right.>> allht. so that conversation continued on for awhile. ail i was like nerding out about tht flash. he's going to be the flash in fi justice league coming out next november. most importantly right now henow play as character called creedld dense in the fantastic beaststia film. if you're not familiar with whaa that is it's a spin off that t takes place 70 years before bor harry potter, and the it's abouu the author who writes the bookk fantastic beast d find them which is a textbook to that harry potter uses in the first harry potter film.ilm. so that guy is awesome. ezra miller will be a big star.s i think he's awesome. i'll be back with you guys inuys about an hour with movie mie reviews. >> i love it. really cool. >> go hang out sometimes. somet. good call.l >> i want to be best friends bet with him. him and i could be best friendss >> i think you could.. >> aww. >> see you kevin. seeou kevin. >> see you guys.s. >> 7:55. let's check in with tuckereck ik before we debt to thebefoe
7:56 am
all right. 57. love kevssght. smile.le winds out of the west northwestt at 12. we'll be in for a mild first md half of the day.f day. we may get into the mid 60s upp ahead a quick moving frontal fnt system. sy there's our front that.stere's u will bring us a period of clor d cover. not expecting any rain showers s really need the rain showersho running about 4.5-inches behind normal here as far as rainfallal so could use the rain.. not going to get it today.od are going to get lot of wind.d. blustery late afternoon and a chilly evening overnight lows by tomorrow morning area i think will be in thenk wi upper 20s and low 30s good looking -- great looking weekene to enjoy the super moon. moo >> want to see the super moon? >> cape on the moon.n. >> yeah. yeah >>tlittle leg. >> allison we need a graphic.. friday morning commute as youyo can see overall green around the 95, bw parkway i never get to gt say coming up on thep onhe 8:00 o'clock hour but it's wideu open in both directions.irecti gw parkway southbound from thedt
7:57 am
a touch of slow-moving trafficrf leading towards 123. 1 key bridge 11th street, 14theett street quiet.ui. same story story 66. we have a crash on north capitop street in the district a lookt o ere e next. allison and steve.allison and s. >> on this veterans day we want you to keep sending yourng yr pictures of the veterans in your life you'd like to honor. hor send it use the hash tag fox5 vets. >> great pictures throughout thu morning today. happy veterans day to my dad and brother.other. >> aww. another one from skins fans. wow purple heart, silver s bronze star of merit.. that's their dad. >> big thank to you all of theyt veterans out there on thisn t friday
7:58 am
z25emz z17vz
7:59 am
8:00 am
this is fox5 news right now at 8:00 o'clock,:, live look outside on this friday it is veterans day live lookoo there at the vietnam wall. beautiful shot with monument inn the background.the ba weather and traffic coming upd o for you on this friday morning on the 5's at 8:05. good morning i'm allison ais seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks for joining us o>> in ths veterans day on fox5 newss morning.rng it is certainly beeninly ben tumultuous night across thelt united states.uous protests against the election en donald trump continued in cities from coast to cst tooa >> and while most of the t
8:01 am
peaceful in one united stateste city things took a violent turnover night. melanie alnwick joins us livens from the trump internationalernn hotel downtown with more on thee protests taking place from coasc to coast. mel g morning. >> reporter: good morning, mning steve and allison it looks likek d.c. police are here ready if rf anything breaks out again a vere large cakontingent of officers e stand buying here and this isbu just the sidean entrance of thee hotel on pennsylvania avenue. au definitely there were a lot ofr protesters down here expressing their anger over ther results of the election. let's take to you the video that fox5 crews shot. you can see protesters their voices almost echoing off of the carved stoned arch way of thehe trump international hotel. people stinging from tuesday'sue election results shouting antiit trump slogans and waving signs.g it was the second night of unrest in many heavily democratic cities across theosst country.ntry. trump tower in new york, for
8:02 am
the similar demonstrations inoni minneapolis, denver and losnd angeles where students walkedd out of class and the president-elect made opponents even more upset after he tweetee last night "we just had a very open and successful presidential election" professional protesters insighted by thees media are protesttersing very unfair. twitter was wn immediate. most pointing out that the right to protest is constitution. some even suggesting perhaps pes that the president-elect oughtco to read the constitution.. then in portland, oregon thingsi turned violent. some say it was a small group of an narcotic consists that turnet the mostly peaceful protest intt a riot. there were many arrests there overnight.. and then this morning even more interesting tweet from our president-elect donald trump. little bit of a change of heartt
8:03 am
protesters last night have passion for our great country.ot we will all come together and bd proud ".d " >> back out live here onliveer pennsylvania avenue, we have nov information from d.c. police pol that they expect any sort off planned protests here today.e t i've counted at least 15 policep oh cars, more than a dozenore officers as you can see here ane there's some also around the corner as well. wel i'm told that these are officers that are civil disturbance unit. so obviously they're standing bg here just in case anything happens. and we don't know. k could be like this from now n until election day. -- inauguration day i should dy same election day, inaugurationo day, yes, we need somen sleep.e live in northwest i'm melanieane alnwick fox5 local news. >> university of maryland policd department they need helpy need finding one of their students st who's gone missing.who's gone mi take look at your screen.
8:04 am
missing caitlin george is here s name. last seen yesterday around 4:00n p.m. by her roommates. indicate len was seen in black leggings and green long sleevede jacket. police have asked tjahat if youa have seen her, please call theme immediately. youth basketball coach ineth maryland is busted in a police l sting accused of solicitingof st minor for sex online.e. started with post on craigslists in the casual encounterser category. policete arrested 44-year-old as sill din at the rockville metroo station this week where he wre h planned to meet 15 girl. detectives say din started say a communicating online with undercover officer posing asing teen girl. he offered to pay her $100 foror each sexual encounter much he'sh no longer coaching but currentlt free on bon.n also in montgomery county concerns there could be morens victims after a schoo tl counses was arrested accused of inappropriately touchingg five-year-old girl.d gir paul ramos touch the girl during a privately run after schoolch program called kids after hoursu this was at flower valley val elementary school in rockville.i
8:05 am
happened over the course ofur o several weeks in late august ana in october. oct there's a break in the cases of university of baltimore student murdered in canada. toronto police arrested two menm beat julian jones to death. dea they're searching for a thirdr a suspect. jones was visiting toronto with friends for a bachelor party.r police say the attack was unprovoked and followed aned altercation between two other groups outside of a nightclub just on last saturday morning.oi the 26-year-old victim was a laa student and was engaged to be maieied. ?? today is veterans day. >> that's sergeant bill moore of pennsylvania, 108 years old. >> wow.>> wow >> he and his familiar l visitrs the white house for the annual n veterans day breakfast hosted by president obama.ent
8:06 am
visit the world war ii memorialm he served in europe for twowo years during the war. w we want to honor as manyors veterans as we can today and we want you to help out thank youhk so much everybody who sent inen pictures we hope to see the veterans ins your life who you'd like toou'de honor on this veterans day.s d send the photos to our social s media and make sure you use the hash tag fox5 vets.5 we'll share as many as we cany throughout the morning.roug thei >> so great. >> great way to honor those whoe have serve. >> so okay. hello.t. >> 108. amazing. >> it is amazing. had little sign sergeant mooergo to to washington. rfecect. >> all right. hey f you're going down to the mall tu'odreay, the weather will cooperate. cooper it is going to be breezy day and then a windy afternoon as our a front comes t mild temperatures up ahead ofhed our front. front 57 in washington.n. manassas two hours ago was freezing now it's 54 so we're getting a nice push ofo some warmer more mild air hereer up ahead of our frontal system s which is dropping down fromn f
8:07 am
a few scattered showers and soma cloud cover.oud cov that's our front.'s ourront it will drop kind of north tooro south here and once it moves it through not expecting rain r showers but we are going to geto very windy conditions latertions today. so be prepared for that if -- i somebody just tweeted me think -- bowie bulldogs somebodd is playing football tonight oron tomorrow. let me give them shout out. givo i'll recheck it. >> bowie state football team oft to salem virginia ciaa championship.onship. >> yes.>> allll right. >> ciaa.>> >> i'll get you your think you're playing down in pln virginia. for us 65 today.virg 65 day windy do tonight. tig i'll do the weekend forecast momentarily and talking superlkg moon this hour. >> 8:30.>> 8 we're talking to text from nasaa >> he's so excited. excit >> tucker loves this kind ofs ko erin, slowly back away. >> pretty soon we'll be tweetinn super moon picks.ks >> i said i was excited aboutai the super moon.i th >> i saide erin there's like ae super moon every month.ry i get confused.i nfu >> when he says super moon i wanted to da-da-da, super moon!
8:08 am
>> and cape. >> what's that behind you erin.n >> the skins are taking on the n vikings this sunday. sun tucker has been telling you about it. so keep in mind it's a 1:00 kick off. expect outer and in your opinion delays central of a landover lan rode an recent in a drive. crowded metro conditions ifon you're metring over to the fedrt ex field area.a. wanted to get it since it's ace' quiet veterans day compute com commute. we have a disable train outsideo she was saw howard on the greeng and yellow line expect residuals delays to huntington and brancha avenue. impacting the red line out by b noma and keep in mind today at t 10:00 if you're taking orangeg o line out by new carrolltonll delays for some work expected oo this veterans day holiday asidaa well. there's a closer look at your yr safetrack work buses replacing i trains noma-gallaudet to fort to totten green or yellow line cann get you around that brookland bk and rhode island avenue stationi remain closed. i love that view, southboundbo near hair wood road on north capitol street a crash involvinl several cars in the district
8:09 am
steve and allison.stevand >> erin thanks. tha coming up never seen --ng ue never before seen video from thm pulse nightclub massacre in florida.fl this is police body cam video ba that has just been we'll tell you why.. a cringe worthy crime thatir serves as warning for pet owners. adorable pupp so trustingru completely snatched from itsfroi owner's yard. police are on the case. c they're searching for suspects. we have a development in that y for for you. ?? ?? dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
8:10 am
>> 8:09 right now.>> police in florida released bodyd cam footage from the night ofht the deadly pulse nightclub shoos shooting in orlando.shti this video released after anft order from an orlando judgeudge after listening to argumentsinga from the city's attorneys andysd also testimony from victimsictis families.families. you'll remember 49 people were w killed and dozens more injured i in that attack.hat atck. the gunman was later killed by police. arizona dunkin' donuts dut stirring controvsy president-elect donald trump. coffee shop calling their latest creation america's donut.. it's red and blue on white frosting but it's what written on those suite sweet treatsetre sparking out age.ut age one donut says donald trump in donald trump president-elect.-ee the on the says wall as in the e u.s. mexican ports.or what do customers think? thi >> what do you make of these?
8:11 am
see anything wrong with them. i don't know ihif i'd gong o wut way to purchase them but i thini that they're -- it's a way to to support america.merica >> families are being separatedd this is a reality, you know, k deportation is a reality.eality that's reality we face every d day. and sure it's a stupid donut but why -- what's the point of it? who is laughing at it? >> dunkin' donuts told fox 10 in phoenix that they take thesee te matters very seriously. they have notified the propere i teams to handle the -- this issue. so sounds like perhaps somebodya just took it upon themselves tol write those words. >> we'll see what happens withee that. in the meantime a lot of peoplei wathntime iting to see what happ the developments in the class ca action lawsuit involving donaldd trump's university. donald trump's attorneys agreede to enter cement talks beforeefoe it's scheduled to go to trialo i this month. th if that does not work out, his s legal team has also asked to ao delay the trial until early next year to give the president-elect time to work on the transition o to the white house fir the lawsuit was filed six yearsa
8:12 am
spending $35,000 on mentorships which they did not receive. rece >> as the democrats continue tou lick their wounds from tuesday's election, president-elect donale trump is moving full steam ste ahead. fox's chris wallace joins us tos talk about the new era to comeoc in washington.ngton. >> first though as we head tohd break music world loses anotherh legend family of leonard cohen says the singer song writer andr poet has died. they did not give details abouta his death but a memorable in los angeles is his career spanned decades, hith like hallelujah, suzanne and bird on wire.rd on wire. toward this year even at the aga of 82. ??
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
?? tucker, you get specialpe music for your super moon. van morrison. >> ?? >> oh! oh! >> superman. super >> ladiean seen since 19 freight. >> some people tweeting, whenetw are you going to start the super moon jokes. >> when is the last time we saww the super moon.n >> we saw one a year ago. ago >> a lot of super moon. it was the super super moon.oo >> we'll find out 8:30 why thisy is more super.. >> empty meantime, do we need tt take lesson from our youth. y >> we need cuteness.uteness. >> let's do it. >> let's do cuteness.>> l we got douetble trouble everyboo [ laughter ] [ >> look at the cute littlelaheu faces.
8:16 am
>> caleb and myri.yri. >> cute one and cute two. t >> super cuteness. >> caleb is with that beautiful smile -- they're both in theotit toddler bed together. >> myri is two. >> what? read on.hat? on. >> read on. >> okay. >> i'll do it they're favorite y part is're seeing ---- >> yes. >> , allison seymour. >> aww. niece and nephew film was thatht an invitation for allison to t come play.mela >> my my gosh. >> can i just be self fish. >> pick them up and play with them.. >> that little girl reminds soln much of whdsen my girls werelser little and if i had been blessed way son maybe caleb -- any way-w we're celebrating caleb and myri today.. >> you sound like the role avenue grandmom.ramom. >> you could be blessed withoud
8:17 am
>> in the meantime>> i play with cuties like caleb and myri. >> if you need aunt allison to t babysit new york city joke, iiti will do it.willit >> there you go. please just call me.e. in box me. m >> make sure -- >> p.m. me. m >> get aunt allison not uncleotc tucker. >> me. i'll bring the girls and we'llll play all day.ay a >> it's a play date. >> yeah. have a super day. day look how cute they are.ey are >> the phone is ringing.he phon i think they're all reriady toao come over. >> i love them.>>ove >> babysit for the day. babys ov love it. thank you picture.ure. zen us your child's pig cher. c 57 in washington.ngto it's going to be beautifuliful veterans day as far as sunshineh expecting a lot of that and mild temperatures mid 60s it is going to be breezy this morning and a then down right windy this afternoon as our frontal passaga takes place behind that fronthaf much cooler air work tonight. there's your satellite/ showers in the central portionsr of new york pushing intog northern pennsylvania that's oua front as it comes through we'lll get cloud cover.coer
8:18 am
ton night.. 65 glorious degrees today. much cooler tomorrow. tor parts of the area don't get outo of the upper 40sn' so make suree you got that, you know, more m seasonal november jacket ready r together tomorrow you'll want in with breezy conditions.diti sunday morning looks very.y. very close to freezing here inee washington sunday morning cominm up 8:30. 8 stay tuned we'll learn more about the real super moon, steve. >> the super rest of all?? >> yeah. >> we'll talk to nasa.k to na >> they'll be like this close. o i'm excited about it.ut i >> thank you for playing along.. >> good moon brings fortune. fly off. i have work to do. go fly off.i off >> i need my cape. ?? >> we're sorry.. >> let's talk to chris wallace now? okay the election ofctiono donald trump has as the 45th t 4 president of the united statesde may have changed the political landscape for generations.enerio this week on fox news sunday, our friend chris wallace breakss down the historic election and new congress and what's to comee
8:19 am
new role as commander in chief.i good you super dark this morning. chris, everything okay at theokt studios? >> i look super >> no, i look fine.e. something is wrong with the the transmission and katie let's fif it so i don't look super dark.a. in any case, yes, we will be talking about the trump transition, obviously everythinn will change we're going to be talking to tot official in the trump transitioo we think we know what it is. but not quiet locked down we'rew also going talk to houseoouse majority leader kevin mccarthy.h i will tell you, i met briefly f here at fox yesterday withh speaker paul ryan, they are are thrilled because they've had soo many ideas for the last eightast years that they've been tryingny to get through, and not surprisingly they've be blocked by president obama wellw now if they can get it throughtg the new congress and they are going to have control of both houses, they can get it on the
8:20 am
it they're pretty excite.y eit >> that beg the question, isio this pretty much a blank check?k >> no. i mean there's no such thing asa a blank check in american ari politics. remember, there's enoughe'noug democrats to block some thingshs in the senate through thehe filibuster.. but, you know, on the bigig issues, yeah, i think so.o first of all, the backlash, the flip side of the story to the t idea that president obama did sa many things in his last term byb executive order is all t things can be undone on day oneo all the executive orders on climate change, on -- deferringg deportation of people in thise i country illegally all of thatllf can be undone on day then i think you'll see the president move on some of theome key issues in this campaign anda i think one of them will be mimigration. one of them will be trade. t i think you'll see -- and thisnd is actual whole we might seeht s
8:21 am
that was one of the things hee and hillary clinton agreed on. o big jobs program to to get theog economy moving >> chris, you know, in yourou years as a journalist, got to be honest, you have an outsider whr came in, shook up the entiree system and is now going to be t the commander in chief.hi i mean, if we could just stop for moment.oment. how amazing is this? >> oh, it's the biggestst political stunner in my lif lifetime, and talking to someins people like carl row who have wh more of historical perspective, maybe in american history.histo he didn't come from the furthest behind i think truman did whenn he beat dewey but those two conventional politicians to havv somebody like donald trump who's never served as, n politics has never served we've elected somes generals like eisenhower, crew c will he sis s grant to have t somebody who was ao mogul arc businessman a real had the tv
8:22 am
president, you know, is just astonishing.astonish i will say i remember maybe itay was because it was so late but at 2:30 in the morning when wen officially announced that trumpu was president and in our big fancy fox news studio they had those 6-foot high letters trumpp elected president i literallyly sort of shook my head and went,w is this a dream? i literally ll thought to myself, is this role? is this really happening or isn this a dream? because you knowo i have to say we went intot election day with the presumption, not but the presumption that hillar clinton was going to win. w and it's been kind ofn nd o interesting yesterday i'm suregt you felt it, i'm sure lot of o viewers felt it seeing donald trump with barack obama in the oval office i'm sure some lovede it. some hated but i'm sure i'm s everybody was shaking their heah wow this really happened.d >> we're living in a historic ho times. i wish we can talk more a lot lt more questions to ask your ask y perspective we'll have to leave it there.o t >> we'll answer all thosewer ths questions on fox news sunday sun allison. allison. >> we'll have to watch. we'ch chris, thanks very much.s, >> you bet. t >> okay.
8:23 am
internet fad with some speciales visitors at the white house andh this is not involved donaldd do trump or melania trump.. >> does it involve standing verv still maybe. maybe. >> now you're going to kind ofeo give it away.wa >> group of college kids try tot pull off biblical feat, sort of. walking on water though it nevev looked so awkward. back in a moment. 23.3. ?? ?? havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't.
8:24 am
umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks, sweetie. the veterans day preview is on now at havertys. life looks good. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year.
8:26 am
?? all right.lht okay, we're ready. still doesn't get -- it never gets old. and i blinked.lied i apologize i messed the wholetw thing up. up >> darn it al.>> darn it al. >> one of these days we'll stopp with these. so you don't have toth t worry t it mannequin challenge all over the internet if you haven't sees it. >> the best part it takes no talent whatsoever.oer >> you just freeze. >> ward champions clevelandlela cavaliers couldn't pass up a a
8:27 am
there it is. this happened with the cavs t visit to the white houseto yester tday. [ laughter ] ] >> boys the cavs invited by president barack obama.dent >> i love lebron taking theghe selfie with the first lady. >> that's great.>> t >> who started this? this? >> it's fun. >> who's momma started thiss challenge? whoever you are. thank you i love it.le i >> it's fun to look back on anda as we said, it takes zero talent whatsoever.whatsoever. >> it does take talent.t do >> it takes holding your breathr and your position. >> you think that's easy to do.d >> look at all the viral dancese and everything not the dance skills do you so this way anybody can get involved.. >> that's why i said who's momma did it.d i >> lebron and his teammates won the first ever champion in june they got honored yesterday. got gifts from the presidenthe p including his personalizednaze cleveland jersey and then then h cavs they hung out in dc last ls night. they're going to be back in towt tonight or stay in town tonightg because tonight is the game at t verizon center.r. congratulations to them but goou luck wizards tonight hopefully they can take down the champs. p
8:28 am
>> we said it's it's over, guys.s [ laughter ] ] >> i knew erin would break.. >> i can't help it.p i >> good job. j >> good job. >> i can getting paid to bed tob frozen much this is pretty good. >> i don't have dance skills. s i can participate in something.. >> amen to that.>> >> tuck, you're getting paid to work now.. >> mid 60 today's.ay 57 in washington.57wa look out for the winds will pick up later this afternoon blusterr afternoon behind a frontal a fnt system dropping down from theppo north you can see the lightm rn showers into n pennsylvania but we won't beiawo dealing with rain.alg wi actually need the rain we don'tn have it on the seven day.t on cool weekend 5 t3 tomorrow.orw 62 if you're headed out to the e game sunday afternoon beautifull beautiful day at fed he cant fe field for the skins/vikingsings game. game happy veterans day, erin, backrb you.u. >> veterans day roads a bitit quieter than usual. you can see that we're dealing g with lighter volume, some congestion building gw parkwayay southbound inside the beltway by aside from that 270 southboundth nice and quite north capitol street southbound is cleared by
8:29 am
we'll take a look next. n best bird for my family keep it to fox5 news morning. and my wallet. nature's promise fresh turkey is only 99 cents per pound with no antibiotics ever. everything for thanksgiving.
8:30 am
i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for thanksgiving.
8:31 am
>> we know how decisive thisow h election was and how mean and contentious thing got between wn the candidates.ndes. >> people were very passionatesn about their parties and ieir learned a lot about my friends n and family and issues that arete very personal to them.hem >> we have to find a way to fundamentally be able to compromise with each other. o
8:32 am
>> welcome you of course recognize the faces here at fox5 morning news team. and our nighttime team -- nightg side team as well both sharinghg their thoughts on the recentecet divisive presidential electionle and the hope that we can comeom together as a nation. well, this is just one small waw of reminding everybody that we t really are just one america. ari that's what we have to beavto despite our differences what we have in common is a shared lovee for country and because of that, make sure you check out theuthe videos on our fox5 d.c. facebooo page and we're going to chat t t more about this coming up todayd on good day. well, are you wondering what is happened to hillary clintonhi in the wake of her loss? ls? haven't really scene her. it turns out she's still on theo campaign trail. no, okay., okay. not the campaign trail but on on the trail. she is hiking near her new yorkr home.ho. in fact she bumped into herinto biggest fans this week who hadho hit the trail with her daughtere
8:33 am
right? the woman posted picturu with the secretary to her facebook explaining how she hadh run into the former democratic follow nominee on the hiking hik trail and one of her quote proudest moments as mother the.. one of the coolest parts of thii photo was apparently taken byakn president bill clinton. how surreal is that? >> steve, over to you., over toy >> can you take a picture for t us, mr. president. >> i would probably try to do ao three way self foe. self f >> i would get everybody in there if possible.ther we're in nice call a nice set piece rightight it went went away we were -- this monday skyy gazers across the planet will bi able to see the moon our moon in a way it has not been seen since 19 freight. the moon will be up to 14% larger, 30% brighter, making it super moon!oo >> thank you tucker.uc >> y the moon will be so close o terming it's a once in lifetime event going back to 19 freight.g that's a long time ago.
8:34 am
recording high resolution images from years. y >> joining us more to talk abouo this finding castro the nasa engineer missions operationpeti team. good morning. question a lotsta lot of people have is we have heardh of super moons in the past what makes this one the super superup moons out there. >> good morning.or actually the super moon occursnu when we have a full moon coincides par rid gee it's closest pointsp in its elliptical orbit in relation to the earth gives us a bigger and brighter moon.ter m this moon is special we haven't seen since 1948 went won't see it again until 2034. 2 >> all right.>> how close will the moon be onn e monday night for the full moon? >> are you on the moon? m
8:35 am
>> i think we might have lost ho her. we'll try to get back in toucheh with her. >> okay. >> can you hear us now? year >> yes. >> okay.>>kay. tucker's question was how close will the moon be and i want tot follow that up with, is thishis type of super moon that will beb visible pretty much for anybodyo anywhere around the d.c. regiono or certain place or time that wt would be able to see it perhapss more super than another?th? eah.eah. so actually november 14th isr the actual event of the super moon but for days leading u be able to see a bigger and brighter moon in the sky.oo the it's going to be about 14% bigger and 30% brighter thanth your average full moon.oo so i encourage everyone gorye outside and take a look. >> all right.ig fantastic. quick question. moon affect thefft t tides as it's closer than everhe will that really impact tidesati across the planet? >> so the super moon isn't goini to cause any type of o catastrophic events. but i do encourage to you goo outside and take look at it anda
8:36 am
the >> all right. >> can't wait. >> thanks for joining us thiss morning. joining us from nasa. you're very welcome.joinin. >> 8:36 right now.t n so we'll be able to see it,e right, pretty much no matter noe where we look.e weook. >> steve, it will be like that.w >> hi, >> all morning we're talking about the super moon.ningeroo i go to get coffee and these twt jokers over here without me w talking about the super moon. really?al >> what do you want to know. >> i saw what happeneddo y andd that's the close up you debt. >> goodbye.>> >> see you, al. a [ laughter ][ laer >> she was on the moon. she w let's go to the forecast.ecast we can get a picture in fron 57 in washington.ashiton. bottom line were with today's' forecast sunshine and wip deend conditions this morning.his rnin breezy this morning windy thisdt afternoon passage avenued cold c front. fron it will bring us a few clouds.ed unfortunately no we're running 4.5-inches what is considered normal here for the e fall months. 65 today. ch cooler.r. cold air overnight an cool an weekend. we >> all in seriousness and allison open your ears, onar o monday, will it be cloudy or o will we be able to see the super moon. moon. >> we'll have clouds aroundll h
8:37 am
the full moon. >> let's check in with erin andn get a look at traffic.. >> allison said we can have can super moon watch party togethert >> thank you erin. thank >> it will be fun.f >> can't wait. wt. 8:37. breaking news on the roads outer in laurel. l route 1 is shut down in both bot directions between couldn't see road and cherry lane you can se a lot of backup on the south anh northbound side because of a large crash scene. scene. easy work around on this veterans day because volume so s light.t you can easily hop off and taked baltimore washington parkway ini either direction or 95 north or closure.osur another closure in the districtc north capitol street is closed o southbound between hawaii avenue and hair wood road with crashh c scene involving severalngeral vehicles. light volume on the rest of youo secondaries.coarie don't forget on sunday redskins taking on the vikings 1:00 p.m.p kick off. watch for inner and outer out delays. we have you covered on youderou friday morning commute as well.l keep it to fox fies five news
8:38 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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?? 8:40. it is happen ending to a story o you saw first on fox5. a four month old puppy back homm with its family after beingng taken from its front yard. the happy reunion taking placeia last night in southwest washington. the golden retriever puppy was w stolen last month. >> can you just tell us how you feel that cruz is back?
8:41 am
it's been awhile since i've seen him. i'm just happy to have him home. >> the theft was captured onapre video. police now issued a warrant fort the suspects who took the dog. students from floridaloda international universityat competed this week in the 27th annual walk on water competition. the school's department of architecture hosted aquaticol'sa event during which 50 5 architecture student their own water shoes and theyea try to walk across the 175-foott wide lake behind the campus camu library. library. first you have to dress fordresr going in the drink and many of o em d did. the winner of the competitionpen gets thousand dollars and a bragging rights, of course. crs the walk on water stunt. stu >> that's fun. on this veterans day, we, w want you to send us yourour pictures of the veterans in youu life, that you would like to t honor. we'd like to help you in that. t send us using the hash tag fox5 vets. >> all right.llig
8:42 am
getting in including three generations of service.ervice grand dad, mommy and me. thanks so much for that greatha photo.pho. >> um-hmm. all right. r. thank you again, love it 21 years of service still >> all right. thanks for the pictures yberybody.ks for keep sending them using the hass tag fox5 vets. another three generations ofiono service. thank you everybody for your you service to our great country.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> some favorite toys of thevori past will go down in toy historically dungeons and dragons, way back to the swing which is consideredill a ticoyd the fisher price little people.l they've all been inducted intodt the toy hall of >> i'm sorry, did you say the t swing?sw >> i said the swing. swi okay.okay the strong museum in rochester r new york unveiled the toys yesterday.yest 12 toys were put up for induct.. only three got in. got the toys that didn't make the te cut this yr we talked about yesterday.ay the care bears, clue, pinball,ia and transformers but do worry. >> maybe next year. >> the swing just got in>> m transforay swimers.ngtran you've got some time to make it. >> time to check on the forecast coming up in just 10 seconds. >> beautiful fall colors outif
8:46 am
clifton, virginiuluttha.e get out and enjoy thero lm eases we'll lose them in the next thet couple of days particularly with gusty winds we're expecting eec later today. veterans day, beautiful veterann day. day. queue the music. eu?? >> absolutely love it. absol absolutely love live band here. we'll talk to them coming ?? >> i love it. >> absolutely love it. [ applause ] abs >> makes me proud to be anud toa american. we'll talk to all of the thoseo folks coming up. up thank you very much. 57 now in washington.sngto 54 in leonardtown.. winds, winds are really going ty be strong here later r so breezy this morning. mni but very blustery this afternoor winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. perhaps 20, 25 as our frontalro system comes through there.hrou.
8:47 am
won't get needed rain. rai a few clouds with passage ofasgf that front and then just settini up for very cold night tonight g and a chilly weekend.nd. so again cold breezes tonight in you're going out to the football games that kind of thing be tnge ready for cold conditionsld overnight lows 40 in the city tc lots of upper 20s and low 30s0s off to the north and west byest morning. mo very breezy weekend looks fantastic. don't forget super moon we talkt about it. it will build over the nexter t couple of days.coup of full moon on monday. we're getting clouds around.. enjoy it this guys b >> beautiful. >> tuck, thank you very much. tv u.s. air force band ceremonial brass quartet.rt let's check in with holly andhoa wisdom and find out what'st whas coming up on good day in littlet >> good morning. >> on this veterans did you we o salute all whou havwee served.. >> u.s. air force band is heree with us they'll be with us for r the next 90 minutes. minutes here's what we want you to do.w send us your pictures ands stories of special veteran incit your life. make sure you use the hash tagg fox5 et cetera vet. v >> also on good day d.c. actor a
8:48 am
home built for wounded armyed am captain is completed.omet don't miss the touchingching we're live with the >> note to self ge wt so tissues. >> american idol winner tayloray cks is h here. we catch up with the star and,ra yes, he'll be performing live ie the loft. >> also, here live broadway and tv star claiborne elder how you can see him tonight.onht >> and a one of a kind foodd f festival coming to the dmv thiss weekend. we'll give you a sneak preview. >> good day d.c. just moments m away. >> looking forward it to.oo a lot of music coming up great way to start the weekend.e as we've mentioned many timesims today -- >> it is veterans day today.dayo and many of the men and the and women who serve our countryount overseas have come back to theoe u.s. and found themselvesmsel homeless. >> now the dc housing authorityy is trying to help them out.g too we talked to a local veteranalet about his journey from the airmt force to the streets and fox5's alexandra limon has his story. >> i just got my orders i was going to be aside to andrew air force base.forc
8:49 am
the exuberance michael rileyil felt when he receive his firstst orders from the anniversary force. >> when i entered the airs force the vietnryam wartere was windig down. i think most of the combat was ceasing at that >> reporter: for five yearsive s from 1973 to '78 he served his country.y then left the military enrollede in college and planned for his future. future that didn't quite happene the way he imagine. >> it went well for i guess forr then i started having financiali difficulties. >> reporter: years after he served his countryorter:, he hao job and no home. h >> i ended up at the public library and i remember going and i just googled homeles shelters, and i -- the only one that still had an intake was new york avenue shelter.he >> reporter: through theter:hroe shelter and the department ofdet veterans affairs, michael met ronald mccoy who is still sll
8:50 am
after serving in iraq and afghanistan, many return to lifl in the united states but theyutt have no job and few the d.c. housing authority provides connections to jobs. js >> we're talking security jobs.. we're talking jobs where, um, u office jobs, administrativee jobs, um, there's even some jobs where, um, using the skills that they've acquired when they werer in the military.ed w in tso pror: they also provide d.c. housing choice vouchers fof permanent housing. hsing contacted saying my voucher came i was so excited. eit so elated.late >> reporter: all of that meanthn access to things like a phone,ho computer and e-mail. eai things we take for granted but are search for finding a job. aj and it led to a fresh start forr michael an job at the nationalio archives records administration. >> i work in for the nationall declassification center, and i
8:51 am
they're eligible to be releasede to the public. it's a great job i love it. >> reporter: alexandra limon fox5 local news.ew >> well we are certainly going to talk more about veterans daya throughout the show today.he shy we have some special thingssomet coming up oh and good day todayd as a matter of fact let's keep that conversation going right now. even as we two into oerur of ft today, because we want to talk o about movies that are opening un this weekend at the box officeic much as kevin mccarthy joins usu from los angeles. anges kev, i think you want to alsotoa say a special thank to you somee >> yeah, good morning, steve ana lisoson. my grandfather irving weinerei most incredible man i ever met r in my entire life, 92 years old. at my wedding recently. amazing that he came up for it.t my grandmother and him justnd hj celebrated their 70th weddingng anniversary and he fought durinr world war ii in the navy, andav, all my life, he's been tellingel me his stories. s i've gotten to tell some of hish stories on our air. air.
8:52 am
wrote to my grandmother.moer i just feel like, upping, the selfless nature of that -- ofhao that man is just beyond me. i hope to one day be half the hf man that my grandfather is, andd wanted to say a shout out to him and obviously thank you forou fr coming to the wedding he watches our show every single day on on stream down in williamsburg.amur very very cool.y . >> good morning.moing hopefully he's watching thischg morning. >> that's right. >> yeah. >> wish him the best as well. >> thanks guys.him th>>hank >> appreciate its .guppciate it >> let's switch back now toba n the -- is it safe to say that ta arrival is one of the, um, i guess highest -- how do you sayu it critics loved this movie it'' getting really really goody g reviews. not just from you but from fro critics across the country. >> highly politically praised.rd >> critically a claimed.y one of the best movies of the of it's a film that i cannot waitna to see again. aga. it's a film that took me by complete surprise because i hadi absolutely no idea it was goingi
8:53 am
film. nothing like that whatsoever. the idea behind the film that these aliens space ships come t earth 12 of them in certain areas of the world, and they -- military hires a link giftgif played by amy adams who actually tries to translate their language, and that becomes the t whole story, but there's so much more going on. on as to why they are actually here. it's mind blowing. directed by the director whoirer brought you prisoners and is asa car yo, and enemy. jerry renner is fantastic theice music in this movie plays such c an incredible character. chara the leading character in theer t film. that's why i loved it so much. . letting you know when the ending hits, you may think you know what happened but once you leave the theater, take 20 or their te minutes for me at least too actually comprehend what i just watched.wa it is incredible.itcr i love the film so m
8:54 am
it's one of the most surprisings endings i've seen this year.ea it's not a twist like you thinkt oh they get you. it's a slow burning ending i'mng telling you right now, it isit s incredible.incredible. >> one of the best films of theh arar.e be >> if ooh guy see it to nightee will i be able to fall asleepeep afterwards or stay up fourur hours. hours. >> no, you'll be fine. n you you'll leave the theater andnd kind of replay the film in your mind. you'll go, wait a second, what's what? what was where? one of?e those movies that really -- it's a fun experience for thefor t audience. it really really is.really is >> all right. r >> you almost have me convince kev. you know i'm a tough crowd.wd >> you have have to see dr. strange, steve.rang i'm trying to convince you on in imac 3d.d. incredible action film make suru you see that in imac 3d if you u see it.seet. >> there's a better chance of'st seeing arrival. >> i'm trying to see it becauseu benedict is so dreamy but he's ' not buying it.t buying
8:55 am
a difficult a film i hope does really well.l >> me, too. it's a film close to our heartst in washington, d.c. and virginia. i described this s tory on the on the air over the past couple ofuplef weeks. week mildred and writ charred lovingg are a married couple at the timt they were married it was actually i keep saying actually -- that's my verbal ver crux this morning i apologizes n i'm on no sleep.on no ep but yeah this film is about a married couple who was married r in washington, d.c. because at d in the state of virginia whennia they went back to virginia, they were actually arrested there's s the word actually again, and a they were arrested and they werr banned from the state of virginia for 25 years. yea they couldn't be in the state as the same time.e sa they moved back to washington,in d.c. eventually this led to supreme court case and it changed marriage forever and it serious system one of the best t films one of the most importantt films. joel, is fantastic the direction
8:56 am
it's shot on 35-millimeter filmm they recaptured their love andiv the beauty of the movie by theyt way is not the court case. it's their individual sequencese where you see them together tet having these very intimateimate moments that we just feel likeek we're kind of a fly on the wallw we're experiencing their loveth and i just think this ishi i incredible story that everyone e should see. s i give it 4.5 out of five. f almost christmas i gave 3.5 outt f five. great weekend for movies. mov depending what your move is.ovei >> you get a pass on everything. he's not 6:00 a.m. out in los io angeles this morning. >> i've doing live shots since n 3:45. i probably said actually 17y7 times in this hit i apologize.le >> that's all right.>>s all rig. >> actually, you said it 18. >> actually -- >> actually, yeah.>> just joking.stokin >> bye guys. gs >> check in with tuck consider.e he's like the actually kid that was a viral sensation inti case you don't know. kw. >> actually the weather will beh pretty nice today.icday. actually. >> 59 in washington. washington.
8:57 am
into the mid 60s before ouref o front moves through.onmoves thru but then the winds which are wha already pushing out of the weste northwest at 17 pick up andp a they'll be gusting 25 plus herer at times this afternoon.ernoon here's our front again it dropsd down by get a few clouds with it no rain expected and verynder blustery and cold conditionson settle in in so here's a quick look at theat next several days. days. veterans day our day looks good. 65 with cool temperatures. cold temperatures this weekend.e all right, erin last look at traffic and -- we have a few f problems actually. right now and show what you're u up against.gain route 1 closed that both both directions in laurel betweenl bn conshy road and cherry lane. red on the maps despite veterans day with much lighter volume. detour around baltimore balti washington parkway, 95 north ana southbound both very quiet. keep it to foxnd5 bot news morni good day at 9a coming right up..
8:58 am
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straight ahead, donalddo trump's transition not so peaceful. hours after the president-elect's first whiteelc house meett'ing, not my presidet protesters hit the streetseets nationwide and earned a review v on social media.l med we'll have live report. >> plus the current president'ss message to divided nation. nio during his first meeting with wh his white house successor.


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