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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  November 11, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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straight ahead, donalddo trump's transition not so peaceful. hours after the president-elect's first whiteelc house meett'ing, not my presidet protesters hit the streetseets nationwide and earned a review v on social media.l med we'll have live report. >> plus the current president'ss message to divided nation. nio during his first meeting with wh his white house successor.
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still on the trail.on the the former candidate spotted fof the first time since her publicb concession speech.peech. we'll show where you.ou and later, a retired teacher with one more lesson. message the dancing warriors fan has for good day at 9a starts now. ?? [ laughter ] >> scandal. sca >> is it scandal? >> i think so. i thio [ laughter ] >> patti smiling. >> i am a warrior. >> friday morning it's november 11 i'm steve alongsid allison, holly and wisdom. wisdo maureen is off this >> that song put me in a good go i'm also in good mood because iu is veterans day and that is oura day to say thank you to all whoo have served and look at this ths this morning we're paying p tribute with u.s. air force band ceremonial brass quintetet performing live for us alls a
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you can check them out coming up. >> they sowp so good. >> um-hmm. t all b just this morheningy but the time. >> it fills up the whole space.a we want to say thank you to the special veterans in your life.if please, tweet us their picture u and little bit of their storyiry with the #fox5vet. we will share them throughouthrh this morning. >> all right.ight. fir at 9:00 we want to talk about the weather.abth chilly weekend on the way.e tucker barnes in the house right now because we're talking between. did i cover it all, highs, lows and everything in >> high and lows again our lowsw are high again.h aga >> no storm. >> no storm.. >> you haven't mentioned the su'tper moon yet and we're at 9:02.02 >> you just mention it.ou jnt more on the super moon. m >> i understand it's going to be 15% larger, 30% brighter. >> yeah. yh. >> i'm just saying.>> i'must >> wow! >> you paid attention thisaitens morning. i'm impressed. forecast.he lots and highs and lows right rg now we're doing highs the it's
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dulles 56. 5 quick moving cold front up ahead of it pretty good winds. win breezy and become windy behind n the front later this afternooneo as it dives down in the region n would plan oh few clouds middaya and then behind the front againa the winds pick up and those cooo temperatures move on in later lt tonight.tonit but we've got a lot to look loo forward as far as warms w temperatures or the least mildtl temperatures for our veterans day. 65 midday again falling fng temperatures tonight and by be down right cold we' across pr ofhe arerea. weekend forecast coming up but gusty afternoon with passage off that cold front. guys, more on the super moon asa well for good day coming >> sounds good, thanks, tuck. t our big story at 9:00, more not my president protestsrote breaking out nationwideide overnight. but in portland, it actually aca turned from peacefulropeac demonstrations to riots. rio >> all of this the result of r f anger over tuesday's election et spilling out into the streets. r >> now the president-elect iscti weighing in on the nation's mooo
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of communication, twitter. melanie alnwick joins us live u from the trump internationalnatl hotel in northwest d.c. with aia latest on the protest and howndh the president-elect is responding.sponding. mel? >> reporter: guys, yeah, so two eyebrow raising tweets to say the least.sathe we'll get to those in just a int minute first i want to kind of o show you the scene who are who e outside in front of the trumpe international hotel. h. you can see police cars liningig just about every single corner. remember, this is a private business here that is owned by y the trump f i asked dc police if there wasee any particular reason why theyhy were out here this morning, andd they said essentially that theyy are looking, upping, just kindin of surveying many locationsying across the city. they didn't specifically say it was in relation to what happeneh in portland last night but as w know this has been sort of aorta flash point here. this has been a place where manm people in d.c. have come to protest for two nights.ights. let's take you to some of theo video from last night, which seemed to be little larger,o beg
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night. the voices of the protesters echoing off the carved stone sto arch way. people still stinging fromngg fr tuesday's election results. shouting anti trauma slogans ana waving signs it was second night of unrest in many heavilyly democratic cities across the the country.couny. let's take to you trump tower ir new york. also, surrounded for a second sn night by protesters. similar demonstrations inons in minneapolis, denver and los a angeles where students walk outl of class. now, many had h yesterday's meeting between president obama and mr. trump at the white house thought maybe perhaps donald trump would mellow little bit as the gravity of the presidency would set in,i and he's realizing how serious o of a job he's about to undertake. but unfortunately certainly ely c right afterertainly that, he sot inflamed the protesters evenerse more with this tweet.s tweet he said "just had a very openpe and successful presidential
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protesters insighted by they t media are protesting very unfair" the backlash on twitter was immediate.ediate. so many people pointing out thaa the right to protest is protected by our constitutionuto and suggesting perhaps that mr. trump take some time to rear it. then, in portland, oregon, o things turned violent.le now, some say it was a small group of anarchist that is turnr the mostly peaceful protests into a riot.iot you can see there some of the vandalism and destr was going on.. many people arrested overnightvt as police had to declare this a riot and tell everyone to disperse.disper then following that, another ath tweet early this morning fromnim donald trump saying "love the t fact that the small groups of o protesters last night have a hae passion for our great country.oy we will all come together andher proud ". " >> some people are wondering ifd that was trump himself that tt wrote that or somebody actually finally managing his twitter
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back out here live at the trumpp international hotel, i believe l that these barricades that weree put up yesterday by the secretes service probably going to stickk around here for while. we just don't know at this poini how long protesters plan to come out and whether it's goingoi continue like this throughs thrg inauguration day. one other thing we shall mentiol guys all the police out hereer from what i understand they'redt on overtime detail.imel back to you. >> mel, thanks very much it getg deep when you go online andine start looking into the twitterhe because as melanie justelan jus mentioned a que trump tweets or staffers who dod it. people on live disectioned thiss to sayec they think these tweets come from iphone, androids andro staffers posting from i phones.e trump posting from an people are questioning can he qi still tweet as the president?nt >> right. >> you'll remember presidentem obama told jimmy fallon i have e smart phone but i can take% pictures, i can't listen tot li music.musi i can't text on you your phone is modified once you reach theea white house.use. >> well -- wel >> as what to you can do with dt
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here if they're not all generated from trump's own handn it's interesting because it wasw a key player in this election he did a lot of speaking throughgh twitter. it will be interesting.eresti >> online speculation everybodye is trying to dive into everyinte angle and every aspect.. >> going down into thehe scientific leg looking atng a however they go into the tweetss to see what type of phone it ma have come from. from. as you can imagine it's all outl there. there. >> it is all out there. all out. you are right. 9:08. 9:08 in a meeting that lasted muchh longer than schedul president obama came face to face yesterday for meeting att the white house. >> so i heard donald trump say might have just taken 10 minuten but in fact it took an hour appp half. lf the two men alone and actuallyul they never met before. the two appeared friend until fl their public remark after theere meeting but the closed dooroo session could have been tense. n trump spent years questioningioi whether president obama was borr in the united states at firstt i and just last week the president called trump unqualified to leaa
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>> we now are going to want to t do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeeded then the country succeeds. >> mr. president, it was greatdt honor being with you and i looki fothrward to being y with you m, many more times in the future.u. >> thank you.. >> and so let's be clear. car that's what we know from theromt mouths of those two men who wero there and we don't know what was said behind closed doors. doo and the election process was a a contentious one but that justt j th and like the transition of powef was going to be a smooth one. o well from there donald trumpld p headed to the capitol for meeting with gop congressionalos leaders and trump is back in nen york today.od >> now as the president and the president-elect were talking about their business the firstbe lady and future fissrs tt lady e also meeting in the white housee residence michelle obama andmand melania trump sat for tea in the yellow oval room reports say tht two talked about raising kids id the white house and they toured the private residence.
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truman balcony and walked wal through the state floor of the white house.r m, mom to mom,of u the conversation of raising kidd in the white house is an important one to have, and onlyo something another mom that's tts been there with kids in then t white house can a test to. >> right. sitting there it did seem like they probable yit have more in common. common it is interesting and, you knowu i wonder if there was a moment m can we cut the mikes? this ish going to be hard but you can doc it. i'm sure.. >> the job of raising a child especially that's 10 years >> education is key and we've w' seen, you know, with the sitting president's children going todro school in washington, d.c. awaya from the white house.he that back and the first lady has said in thean past that they'd like to try to stay as quote unquote normal asl they can. they have family dinners dinners together, et cetera but you knor it's challenge that other people don't face. fe. you don't have just the privacy is just --t -- >> right. >> so much different. so >> a lot of people getmu no so politics and being on one side s or the other they forget the the
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they're not politicians. they are -- are -- >> and neither are the e >> neither are the kids they'ree doing their business. business. they got to live every dayvery y lives. they have to do what they have to do and they're not po dliticiano s. do antians >> i'm not so sure melania chose to be in this roll.oll. >> exactly. exa >> we don't know.e n't kn >> getting more insight back too twitter now into some of the t transition activity today.oday. the president-elect tweeting within the last 30 minutes "busy day planned in new york.. will soon be making veryery important decisions on the government "of course, that's what we're all waiting for now. trying to figure out who it maym be that are in these cabinet positions, chief of staff etf st cetera. >> a lot of speculation as well. top n names. >> if you are wondering what'swh happening to hillary clinton in the wake of her loss, well i hil turns out she's still on the t trail. not the campaign trail. that's not what we're talkingwea about here. abou but the hit king trail near new york home. yo in fact, she bumped into one off her biggest fans this week whoeo
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trump winning the election. the woman posted a picture withw secretary clinton to her facebook explaining how she simply ran into the former democratic nominee on the trailt hadn't one of her quote proudest moments as a mother.s as aot now one of the coolest parts tho about thisle photo it wasas apparently taken by bill clinton. >> i would take a selfie and geg them both in the picture.ture >> yeah. >> that's just me. me i think it's very cool she saidi one of the proudest moments shes took her daughter with her to ht vote for a woman who she thoughg was going to be president. was going to run into meanwhile i think hillary clinton looks like the weight oe the world has been lifted from f her shoulders.houlders. it's a great picture of her. of >> oy dare say that little girlr will always remember that.remem. a personal meeting with a person who got that far and order broke through many glass ceilings. that's awesome. thnd would have taken a second picture, steve.. >> bill, will you take this wil picture for us. pi.. the phonel >> can't let her walkway i was w without a pick.thout ic >> you have heard the song.hearo
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leonard cohen. c. >> the nation's capitol paying n tribute to the millions of mens and women who serve or haver hae served in the armed forces this is from the world war ii memorial.. to new chevy chase home that's a story we'll is a have a little l bit later.bit as we head to break, we have the us air force ceremonial brass quintet live here in our own studios. don't forget zen us yourour pictures
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this is u.s. air force iir ceremonial brass quintet kind enough to join us on thiss onhi veterans day playing patrioticot music we honor those of hugh hug have served our great country. ?? >> 9:16 is the time. time. across the nation today tod americans are marking varans dad in local and national events with many of them taking placega right here in washington, d.c.. >> right now inn intact wreathth
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seeing here these are liveiv pictures at the ceremony as itsi happens.happens. >> all right. on predent afternoon president obama will deliver remarks and lay a wreath at the tomb of thet unknown at arlington nationall cemetery a special concert fromo seven to 9:00 p.m. at the t national cathedral. special honor for one of thehe country's oldest living vets. sergeant bill moore ofill pennsylvania is 108 years old.ld now he along with his familiar l visit the white house thise morning for the annual veteransr day breakfast yesterday moore got a chance too visit the world war ii memoriala and served in europe for two years during the war. >> wow.>> >> i was reading an article warc about him and his daughter had said that it was only recently l that he opened up and talked tod her about what he saw one of the concentration camp in germany. whenever i see a veteran likee that you just -- man you wish ws you had time to sit down andn a hear their >> that's right.>> that's right. >> the stories they have to tell and their perspective is just jt
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>> exactly. >> with a recorder. >> write it down.>> >> sadly we're losin wg far tooo many of them. today extremely specialpecil veterans day for one local u.s. army captain. >> louise villa was severelyevel injured on during one of his five combat tours in afghanistan he'll receive a special homealom adapted to his needs.eeds bob barnard at the home's ground breaking he wept back inpt backi february and he is there againga today to celebrate itsrate i completion. good morning. >> reporter: h allison we're in heavy see chase on kenilworth drive inside theee beltway off connecticut avenue u very close to walter reed armydm medical center, and you can seee there are a lot of people come here. other military veterans peoplepl who served with -- this not captain avilla here.a here. you see his home here a lot ofot people showing up including the actor musician gary sinise whose foundation helped get this home built here in chevy chase.ha. again very close to the walter e
9:19 am
intensive and this is a smart home basically captain avilla is i confined to wheelchair lost leg, has limited use of his arms.rms he's married, they have three te sons he and his wife claudia ana this is going to make it a lot t easier for them to live as closo to a normal life as i want to take you back to to february 9th of this year. we were here for the groundun break ago and lot of companiesom home depot and others that havev basically donated everything tot help build this hom flooring to the cabinets to thee windows, and washington redskinn charitable foundation alsols involved here, and captainin avilla was severely wounded bacc in 2011 as you mentioned during his fifth tour fighting inghng afghanistan. he was badly wounded by an ied improvised explosive device. he was in a coma for months.on but he's back.ack. he's got a great spirit aboutbot
9:20 am
very easy for he alone to kind i of get in the house, get, get upstairs, work in the use the bathroom facilities, and help get he and his wife ande a their three sons back to a fairly normal life, and there'se a dedication ceremony here starting at 10:00 o'clock we'llw get a chance to interview gary g sinise who is not here for the e ground breaking but is here h today on this veterans day as a this community an lot of of corporate partners celebrate a come back season now going to gi have a new home here in chevy chase to help further his fther recovery.cory. guys? >> made a tremendous come backec and tremendous sacrifice all atl the same time. thanks bob. than >> huge thank you for hisank yoh service and for gary sinise whoe has been to washington so many times now, alexandria the filmil festivals everything else comins back trying to make as much asem of a difference as he >> little star power doesn'tstar hurt. >> 9:20. still to come this morning we'lg check headlines local coach coah under arrest.der arst. cleveland just can't get a breae and the retired teacher with aha
9:21 am
week.we it is definitely the video ofhe the day. we'll have check on what else ii making headlines next. >> little bit later ezra millere has the need for speed. sed kevin sits down with the justice league star to talk about his h role as the flash and the otherh big franchise he's starring in that hits theaters next week.
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they're spending live for us us this morning spending 90 minutes giving ugh free music they're t' giving free patriotic music toit you today.uoday we'll talk with them and fineemn out exactly where you can see ys them in concert on this veterant day in just a few minutes.. two master sergeants, threee technical sergeants and the colonel we'll be chatting who'ss leading them this morning. mor boy do they sound great on thist veterans day. 9:24. let's check the other storiesk t making headlines on this fridaya erin como joins us for that.. >> good morning. first up more global reaction to the election.. russian president vladimirlamir putin's press secretary says hes thinks both the us and russiasi will strive for their own mutual interests in their on-goingg relationship.rela he adds that trump and putin hah similar approaches on o international relationships. and hopes both sides can agreear to work together.ogethe back to the district next uu a youth basketball coach in maryland is under arrest.
9:25 am
on craig list. l they arrested him at the set rockville metro station hetae planned to meet a veneerer oldld girl. gi he didn't know it was ann undercover officer posing as the enen. he's currently free on bon. americans love giving giftle cards during the holiday seasona getting them, though, not so much. less than half of americans area happy when they snag one of sonf those valuable pieces o plastic. in fact, just 27% of people peo surveyed ina they wouldn't want to receive ai gift card this holiday season. now, let's go to baltimore i for some football.tb last night's matchup the ravens versus cleveland browns.nd b after rocky start, the ravens rn got down to business.. quarterback joe flacco fired ofo three touchdown passes keeping the game 296 yards he had two interceptions but that didn't dd matter. baltimore handed a winless
9:26 am
28-seven final score.. and finally, the video of the day that lit up social media. this woman take look at thisan caught onthis camera dance likee one was watching even thoughn tg millions of people are now. now. it happened during a goldenolde state warriors game earlier this week. week deck out in her christmastm sweater robin vibe we are went w all in during that 302nd epic routine and she told local tv station shed a darn good goo the retired schoolteacher people were so upset after the toughhe election they needed something to cheer them up.p. >> thank you. thank you. >> she tried to rally her homeeh city with the dance moves.anceov round of applause for you. cyber has a season ticket holdel to the warriors for almost 30 30 years she has whole new routinei planned for next home game.e gam wisdom give us more of your routine. >> we're seeing it >> so she choreographed that?? >> go, girl.
9:27 am
like no one is watching muchchig that's exactly what i saw.i saw >> dancing from the heart.m thhr >> she killed it.he killed it. >> i'd like to party with her. h she don't care.are. >> the sweater the moves and mea wisdom she's been warriorsri season ticket holder for 30 30 years. she has a lot to celebrate she e suffered through a lot for f decades. >> 30 years she was there durin the first and the lastanthe la championship. >> wow! >> a lot of time in between.ween >> out of the corner of my eye e saw wisdom on the couch but icht couldn't make out the moves.ov how were they.. >> probably better you couldn'tu ke them out.t. >> got it. >> fair enough. >> you might have b>>ee fn sai >> thank you. an a was a poet a sin folk legend how the music worldd will remember leonard cohen.oh >> first tucker barnes is backak with a check how cool the cl temperatures will be thisatur wl weekend and what we can expectac as we head back into the workk week next >> fresh at 10a, another anoth kardashian to keep up were it? we'll show you the first y the pictures of rob and blac chyna'a new baby.y muss more proof the mannequinqun challenge isn't over yet. the three latest versions to gog viral.
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?? we're loving the sounds of u the u.s. air force ceremonialia brass quintet this morning. mni they've been playing patriotic songs for all morning l that been with us for quite qte sometime. we'll chat with them in littlee bit. it should be
9:31 am
the red, white and blue ??e? >> i love it. i love it, love it, love it.ov >> keep sending pictures we'ves' been sharing photos of what wetw like to say your favoriteavit veterans. veterans. those who you want to giveo g special recognition to.tion t if you use the #fox5vet we'll try and share as many as we canc before 10:00 o'clock or0: 11:00 o'clock i should say.o'cl >> 11:00 o'clock. 11:00 o'clock okay. the music world mourning themoui loss of yet another legend thist time it's leonard cohen. >> ?? >> hallelujah >> you have heard that song soto many times he is special physical you ever watchedic american idolal you. >> because every season onn american idol it seemed somebodd would sink that song. s this is the original.nal. leonard cohen iconic singer, poet song writer known for f writing that song other songs ss like bird on wire, passed awaywa yesterday to his facebook page.g that song hallelujah has becomee iconic over the years it's not s his version that is the most mos well known just buckley.
9:32 am
made another come back in 2001 2 when it was featured in shrek. cohen won four june yo awards and one grammy during his illustrious career he wasstris a canadian giving the grammy the a lifetime achieve many award in 2010. he passed a way at the age of 8 yesterday as but as we alwayslw say his music will live on. livo >> i had no idea that was inn shrek. >> really. >> i've seen it a thousan times. >> had no idea. up caught up in the love story probobablyth. >> clearly. >> it speaks to great song,at doesn't it. >> generations would know it.ats >> we first heard it this ts morning when we were doing the g early news it has a calming cmig effect on you. y >> like it's going to be all bel right. >> we would use now. >> that's right.>> l>>ook atooknes has a our forecast at 9:32.:32. yes, my friend a question. qio >> does it have a littlee innuendo in it. >> when i lip listened to it on time i think there's more goingg on in this song.on >> what was going on with you ay the time when you were listenin to it? >> don't ask. a
9:33 am
>> we need able to be put ourselves in your position. >> in the context when it was ww written. maybe that has something to dong with it. >> read a version or two of that song. >> okay. >> tell me what you think. meanwhile beautiful vetl erme day. the coy my imagination, youmygia know. beautiful veterans day. day. we're going to be in the --he we're very close to mid 60s herr for couple of hours as our frontal system is approachingstp from the north and north andor west and then much cooler, coldl air tonight with a pretty good g wind out of the north and west.. 59 now in washing 55 gaithersburg. 55 winchester. leonardtown 55.dt there are your winds out of theo west and north and west about 15 to 20 and again we'll see gustsg this afternoon behind the front over 20, 25 miles per hour.. so expect some pretty good windo here as the front moves on through. here's your front right here. hr it's very quickly diving to then south and will move throughe early afternoon and i promise you'll feel it by late afternooo and evening as the temperaturesu start to fall and the winds stas with us very blustery and briskk
9:34 am
most of theow region 20s and low 30s by tomorrow morning thatnina sets us up for very very cool saturday.sarday daytime highs tomorrow for muchc of the area here don't get out'g of the upper 40s and low 50s sos we'll be chilly tomorrow. all right. there's your setup the front comes through cold and breezy bz but clear out there enjoy a a beautiful veterans day and day beautiful weekend too.weeken to. here's your weekend forecast ans it features lots of sunshineun saturday and nice warm up by upb sunday afternoon.. sunday morning will be very wilv chilly going to be tailgatingait out at the ex field.ld. sunday afternoon, beautiful,eaif 62 degrees. here's your seven day forecast. we need rain running 4.5-inchess behind what's considered normaln around here sinceere since september 1st. ai need some rain. coming up guys i am going tooi t have more on the super moon. we'll take another closer look r at the super moon.n >> steve and allison and wisdom. did you look at it? at? >> those in front of me who werr with us all the way.
9:35 am
he is live at the world war iii memorial right now.ow he's speaking the ceremony thatn is going on gng on they just had a laying of the wreath. wreath. gorgeous morning. lots of verygorg special peoplel there.the. and of course, our world war ii veterans referred to as thehe greatest generations.ion veterans day is a way to payo tribute to our military men andd women in the united states aird force band is doing just that. t with a series of free concertsos and we are so honored to haveedh the air force band c brass quintet in the loft with t us this morning.orning we'll find out more about them now from colonel larry lang whol is commander and conductor ofonf the u.s. air force band it isan good to see you again sir. >> great to see you. y >> we have shared a littleou tim together because i've often beeb a huge fan the music groups ofuo the military are indeed amazinga but tell us specifically aboutut the air force band. >> well, we're so proud proud td be here today. h. i've been so touched by your yr program because you've paid such
9:36 am
all about today. and every day. d as a matter of fact these menf t behind me serve at arlingtonrlgt cemetery every day playing for g our fallen heroes, and of coursu throughout the year, we lovee l getting out into our communities and paying tribute to those that have served.ha served. it's just our honor today especially to be here to pay tribute to them. >> you all are celebrating ate special >> we are. this is our seventy fivethvty f anniversary. >> 75 years. c great concert back in june and we've had severalon sacincet we were an air force band evenae before the air force was formedr so we're so glad to represent re all of those that are serving in our air force and indeed all ofl the services, all around the globe and of course our veterans. >> you guys are going to be doing three free concerts today guys ? >> we are, strings are out atuta the mount vernon today at at 3:00 o'clock.'clo and our concert band in frederick maryland, you know, k playing a concert tonight a patriotic veterans day concertce at 7:30.:3
9:37 am
course, our jazz heritage serier with a local favorite terrell tl stafford is going to be playing at the schlesinger ought ad auditorium.ditoum >> before they give us a special tribute here this morning yourm holiday concerts are coming uptn which are always spectacular.ul. >> december 10th of course at dar. da we hope people will come out att 3:00 and 8:00 o'clock that day.y there's a children's matinee the day before in the morning. morni the schools are already findingn out about that. t then of course our annualual holiday flash mob people shouldu be looking for that. f tha now. >> yeah, if they seen the on thes go online check this out. o this year's will be a lot of fuf back at the air and space museum can't tell you when.llou w but video will be out the firstr week of december.ember. >> looking forward to i tell you ing f cannot imploree enough if you've never seen one of the military groups perform p life, you definitely need to n take your family to do just to t that. thank you for your service, sir. >> absolutely.bsely. >> thank each and of one of youu with that we'll hand it over too the us air force brass quintet.t
9:38 am
our united states military. ??
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?? bruce wayne.e >> you said that like it like explains why there's a totalot stranger sitting in the dark ini my second favorite chair. >> he said he'll fight with us?u >> our loss.. >> more more or more less.. >> probably more less. >> he said no. >> he said no.
9:44 am
u are.e. but whoever you're looking for --ing.for >> so you're fast >> fast feels like an over simplification.ficati >> i'm putting together a team.. >> whoa. >> that looks good.. >> what super power would want? >> i don't think i'd go with t speed. >> no. i don't think i'd do speedthinko either.. that little stuff aqua man doese in the water i'm not >> batman besides being cool -- >> batman is cool. cool. >> he doesn't have super powers. >> he's just got gadgets.ts >> he's strong. song. don't get me started talkingin about batman..
9:45 am
vision. >> we all want to be superman. nt s >> i think so without thehe cryptonite. >> that's not always good.s no sometimes maybe it is.time [ laughter ] >> here's the bottom line that'a part of the trailer from the justice league the next supert r hero from d.c. comic. com it doesn't hit theaters until u next year it's getting a lot of buzz.zz ezra miller coach stores as thet flash in the new movie you can catch him on the big screen into the new harry potter spin off fantastic beasts and where tobes find them. ketsvi n mccarthy got a chance to t out star to talk about his rolee in the two high profilefile franchises.franch >> one thing i love about you y you are truly are a fan boy f which is really really cool.l. >> true. >> what is the key to keeping ki that this is a character veryery internal.teal. going through a lot of struggles. >> yes.>> y >> how are you keeping that fanu bo ky -- i keenow you're acting. >> it's like a valve.a valve. remember in band class at school the gross wood winds sectionds would have the spit valve?ve
9:46 am
out the spit othn toey the gym floor? [ laughter ]er ] >> gross. >> that's what it's like. >> that's what it's like.t's wh have i to let out the valve ofao fan boy and let it and thenhe bring it in. it i >> that's awesome.awome. >> focus.>> focus. >> i've been waiting months to g ask this question i'm wearing wa batman versus superman socks. s sick. >> i have to know how are they o filming the moments when flashlh is going quickly? are like starting,.st >> you're trying to get the tge secrets. >> no,. >> how do you do that? ow do obviously the batman versus convenience store. >> what are you curious about ao specific. >> when nash jumps from one spos to another really quickly do yoy have to do the running yourselfg and they speed you up? how do d they do that.tho th >> sometimes they make me run. e [ laughter ] >> which i was outraged becausee i thought, you know, playing thg flash this will be great. gat you can't see him running sounng this is going to be easy. they were like no, no, no ezra,, we need to you run. we have this see nor muss treadmill much it's called a caa tumble later. 25 feet long.on
9:47 am
bounce see like a trampoline.ral >> i'm geeking out. >> pretty much a dream come true and they strap me in harness. he we do all kinds of stuff. stu what we're creating is a vocabulary.. it's is a vocabulary where choreography meets visuall effects, and what we're trying t to implement is a wide diversiti of tactics of how we create these moments and i don't wantot to give away too much but but there's a lot of the -- flash is his perception. >> yeah. how fast you're moving.'re m it's like, you know the moment n is, for some reason in this t interview all i'm talking abouto is saliva.aliva i keep talking about --bo >> it's okay. go back to it. >> you know that moment whenw at someone is like eating ande eatd they're taking to you they're ss excited but eating and being kind of rude and like the singll >> you see it. >> of food and you see see it. . slow like your brain almost isosts speeding up, so it's slowingwi down.down. >> interesting.
9:48 am
thinking about and dealing witht and we constantly could have the geek conversations aboutonve physics. we get to be like wait he'd be b so sweaty because he's running so much but wait he wouldn't be sweaty at all. >> the movie itself fantasticanc beasts and where to find them im theaters next week and justiceue league hits theaters one full fl year from now.. >> all these in d.c. d >> we're trying to figure oute o the difference between marvel and dc.ence >> this is the b dc >> hulling and black >> they're all >> that's marvel. >> all stanley people.eople >> marvel has been more me ccessfsful. >> marvel is killing. kil >> in the>> i >> than d.c. >> anterior >> suicide squad. suiciquad >> d.c. d.c >> dr. strange.trange. m marvel. >> gotcha.ot >> okay. >> there will be a quiz. >> i need a know chart. >> 2017 justice league comes lec out. we have argue about super herosr we like. like. >> by that i'll be super educated. get it?
9:49 am
morning and coming up a very one of a kind weekend event all evea about meeting, eating and shopping.opng. this morning the emporium has h taken over the good day kitchen we'll scholl i was small sample of what you can expect at the hybrid market mace.e. first though the air force brana are brand playing to us break i honor of this day veterans day.d we'll be right back. ?? ?? my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master.
9:50 am
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tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year.
9:52 am
>> welcome back everybody. this weekend a one of a kind tolc tome hekend coming dmv so grab your foodie friendss and get ready to meet, eat and shop. so basically if you have, youe,u know, shop pee friends, too,endt i'll raise my hand for that onet we are all going to the thirdhi annual emporium. it is a two-day celebration of everything yummy it features more than 95 chefs and artisanss from around the nation, and it kicks off tomorrow at dock fivei at union market. mke first though the event's
9:53 am
kitchen with little sneak peek.e go mororning. >> hi, thanks for having mehg me today.. >> how can you begin to eveneg v preview such a huge event? >> so, i brought a little ofitto everything for you today. tod great thing about the event is you can find products to eatctte there so prepared foods come for lunch or snack.nack. but you've got lot of foods youo can take home.can take home. you can make really amazing things either gift them or putmr them in your pantry for cookingg later. >> what's the atmosphere if youo haven't been out. this is the third obene.en >> our tickets or timed because it's busy 3,000 peo out per day. >> wow. >> super family friendly kidss under 12 are free. we encourage kids to bring their kids, their friends are their at faeslies. people love to eat and drink sos really fun time.un t >> it's such a nice space just full of energy when go down andn everything so be a part of it. we'll tell you how you get thost tickets. what did you bring for. f >> he ooh it brought a fewht a different types of products. this is a bunch of items for tht bar. you've got crude bitters for,rsf
9:54 am
gored tee's pickle jar they maky a brine that tastes delicious is cocktails. cidar, ginger beer, charm cityrc meat coming from baltimore.ti we get into more of thehe condiments ketchups, mustard mta salt artisan salts coming from charleston south carl as well aw west virginia.. tea and there's also a productct called the baking jams prettyret much spreadable bacon.. you put it on anything. ath >> are you serious.>> are you ss >> can i see what that looks.tho like. like. >> absolutely. real f experimented with it. i smear it on toast. >> anything.ny peanut butter.r. >> anything. >> and then we kind of andhen definitely into the sweets intoi brought you some amazing products from milk bar their b t cracked pie they'll be selling cookies, cracked pies andcked p they've made a special >> time out.t what is in the contracted pie? >> it's kind of like a chess a s pie. butter, eggs, sugar, it's delicious. >> i'm glad you just gave me a
9:55 am
>> i gave i was small slice so you can taste it. >> okay.yo >> made a special cookie justooj for the emporium called the snore yo. smores crossed with roar yo.edio it will be delish one of my my favorite vendor social securityn called cookie cutter kingdomdorm they have the largest collection of 3d printed cookie cutters ans you can even make your own youro cookie cutters custom on their website. if you wanted a cookie of yourfy dog or your cat or you couldu c just up load a photo and they're teaming up with fantastic artist named district bake keg her namm is elizabe works of art. this is cookie she made that mad look like a sweater. sater >> she'll be there doing demosod frosting cookies and selling hel own cookies with cookie cutterur kingdom. >> my question firstki angren'tl cookie cutters 3d not with allh of this with the rid much anduca deepness of it. >> fda approved food safety plastics. how can we get tickets.ts tickets sold throughout theghout weekend encouraging -- including at the door get them on our webw
9:56 am
tickets are time.are tim think about what your weekend wd plans are make your way to uniou mark. mark. >> how much are tickets?ow mare >> tickets start at $40 for vips but you can even get them for $15 for general admission. >> that's the range.s the range. they're not too bad. >>they all right. this is great. thank you. >> thank you for havin g me.g m >> you're one of the co-foundero as we said. sa what made you want to do thiso three years ago? >> we just saw so much amazingma food across the country. cnt we went to new york and they t have a smorgasbord event thatvet happens every weekend innd i brooklyn and we thought dc neede it a little over four years agoa this is our third even. eve and we're really excited too bring 95 vendors from the locall mid atlantic area but also folkf coming from detroit, charlestonn new york, brooklyn, you name itn >> this is so beautiful.s is sof it's the emporulium all thell t information will be on our website. neat little poster, too. too >> thank you.hank y. >> we appreciate it.>> w >> back to you guys.>> b>> a little contest to see hoe long it takes for that pie toieo disappear.disapp it won't be long.'t thanks very much, al.y much we were just chatting with money idol winner taylor hicks he's
9:57 am
>> soul patrol.rol >> soul patrol in the loft.l >> he's great and he'll do apatl special song for our veterans on on this veterans day coming up g in the 10:00 o'clock hour. o you don't want to miss that.h >> there's another kardashian to keep up thall part celebrity dish.. >> look, right now it's coffeeo' time on good days d.c. if you'ry bi anding our cool good day dc mugs we have a newdc dunkin'dcdn donuts mug to give away.wa head to facebook page at fox5 d.c. to enter mug contest. one lucky winner selected byd b random drawing. we're back in a moment with more
9:58 am
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>> ?? the must see moments only ot good day at 10a. >> trending right now blac chyna g ri dream parents angelo jolie break her silence but the weekend is free thisrees ekend.d. >> live in the loft we'll catcht up with american idol winner taylor hick.taylor h he'll also perform his new songn good broadway and tv star claiborne elder joins us to telo us how you can see him live in d.c.d. >> let's do it, wis. good day at 10a starts right rig ?? >> stand up. >> ?? >> that will do it. i >> yeah. our producer just told to us talk. ta steve, you go. st >> that will do it.
10:02 am
>> bout full.out fu. u.s. air force ceremonial brass quintet.te. so happy to have them with ushet this morning. playing great music for us on us this veterans day taking the tan time to honor all of those whofo served our country. bunch of things planned thisnnei hour. >> there are few days year wherr living in washington, d.c. and . calling it your home just rock r and veterans day is one of thoso days. i tell you.i ll you >> busy all over the city today. as i snag another piece of of our --r >> i had to walk away from that. that's too good >> you'll get hooked on that. o. >> bob barnard has been outas bn today and down at the memorialsr and we know how important thatnt is to our nation's capitol. capt we've been able to see some ofo the sights and see all thell veterans that come back and honor each other and share s stories and we get to honor thee this is down at the world war ii memorial right now.. there's a wreath there for eachc branch of our military on this veterans day. as we talked earlier today the
10:03 am
mr. moore who is 108 years old s was down there at the world warr ii memorial yesterday at the white house today.t t are seeing veterans of alls of ages from all over.ver >> we saw senator bob dole wase down there. he was speaking. spein >> recently. >> he is sitting there.itti i'm sorry. he's sitting there.he sit i see him now.see sitting that in the wheelchair. he clearly is someone that has h served his country in manya different ways.s. >> so we want to honor your you veterans that are close to youoy as well. that we have received already today, use the #fox5vet andnd we'll try to share as many thist hour as we can. a c we certainly thank you as we've seen so many old, young, somee people putting multi generationr of members who have served iner their families or friends orendo loved ones or neighbors whoeverr it may be you choose to honor or this veterans day. >> i love the before and after.h young men beand women. women >> great. >> and where they are now. wher
10:04 am
them.em >> i love the freedom that is we're seeing all expressed thiss week. we had the right to vote chooseo our next chant in chief.n people have been upset with it. we have the right to protest if we're not happy and all of thosf different freedoms and rightsndr that we have are because of our military that have fought for ut to have the right to do so. >> we thank each and of one of hugh has served we thank all ofa you watching as it is 10:00 o'clock right now.i. i'm steve alongside allison,llin holly and wisdom.m. maureen has this friday morningy off. certainly glad you're on board with us today.y gl with let's check what's trending nowe at 10:00 o'clock on this fridayf all right. night ofht ofher unrest across the nation asn people grapple with the realitya of a president trump. tru last night protests in portlandn oregon became so violent thatlet police were forced to declare a riot.riot. vandalism ruled the night ass officers in riot gear tried to disperse the destructive crowdsd with rubber bullets and tear tes gas. some rioters spray painted evene trump messages across the cityce and reportedly through objects j at the police.
10:05 am
for a second night of protests.t the plaza outside the trump enter cial national hotel was no filled with demonstratorsterato chanting anti trump slogans anda holding signs.igns now, for his part the president-elect not stayingent-s silent about the proteststa.rots donald trump took to twitterk wi last night to blame the media md for the national unrest. unres writing "just had very open andd successful presidential election. now professional protesters insighted by the media a a very unfair "he also tweeted twt this morning writing" love theot fact that the small protesters last night haveht passion for our great country.oy we will all come together and bd proud ". >> trump of course was in was i washington yesterday for hisor s first official meeting withfialm president obama.ent obama they met for more than 90 minutes alone and actually had never met before. b and as the president andsidentnd president-elect were talkingwe i business, the first lady and the future first lady were meeting in the white house residenceou michelle obama and melania trump sat for tea in the yellow ovalla room reports say the two talkede
10:06 am
house and then they toured the private residence.idence. >> this is where we are now.. it's been the election has beenb called and we move forward and a it is interesting that you hearh sort of like the two differentft sides of the president-elect. more forceful tone we're used tw on the traile're u and then, yo, a more toned down tweet later, so i personally am just hopingtp that we really see the truman known and that if that upsets us some people who thought he was s going to be a differentrent president than he was a candidate, that we all know this is what this office requires.ui dough core rum and tact and -- - >> restraint. good restraint and a spirit of o cooperation.op >> i think there has to benk trh fundamental respect for the f office, and that has to come c from everybody.veb it has to come from the person t holding it but then it has to hs come from everybody as wellod whether you like the person insn
10:07 am
the presidency is a job that iss deserved of some exactly. some >> the peaceful tran mission ofn power is a hallmark of this t country.countr. >> um-hmm. u >> one of the biggest challengen donald trump will face after a full year plus of speaking to t your base which turn out to be t half the country based on the te vote total now you're now representing the entire countryy 100% of america. ame >> that's right.>> >> so he has some learning to do which is i think that process started yesterday meeting withew republican leadership on thersht hill,e president. he said he doesn't want to goang back to the old machine of to t politics but you need to have aa unking of that as to how to bee effective as leader movesleader forward.. >> and just how it works. and j >> we just don't know at thisito point. we don't know who will be in't l those positions of power.ower we don't know how he's going tog act as president. prent. so, you know, for all the peoplo who are getting upset saying why is this happening, why is thisit going to happen we don't at thit point have any idea what isa wha going to be happening.. >> but we can all hope that atht lot of the things that were sais during this campaign a lot of the rhetoric the an grow a g
10:08 am
didn't just come from -- it-- wasn't made up is what i'msha saying. that's why so many people are mad. why se are >> the media didn't make i up.p >> the media did not make it yoy up. the building the wall this other mean stuff that was said so nown that he's actually in thetual in office, it will be interestingng to see what happens now because as the president of the entireir country, keeping that rhetoric up would not be a good thing gth right.ri >> we'll see what happens oncehp he does take office. oice >> all right. let's see where the support lict not just in congress but withn o the american people.anple. election places donald trump ini the white house but did ithousei result in permanent gig or alecc baldwin? the question is of course with snl unclear the first post election addition oft saturday night life will be wil rrow night.ght. now this is the show that dave a chappelle is going to host. h what we don't know is if baldwil will be back snl had signed s baldwin for the trump gig earlier this fall since the election note baldwin or nbc nbc
10:09 am
in this role as president-electe trump not just candidate trump. >> i guess we'll seal tomorrowmo night. >> tomorrow night. probably in the first minute. >> in >> exactly. >> meanwhile the co of the grub hub battling accusations he toll please to quit if they voted for umump. in most election e-mail maloneyy who's clinton supporter grub huu would fight for employees who are scared and feel personally p exposed after the election. ele. he said anyone who doesn't agrer with the statement can reply toy the e-mail wires situation maloney says his comments werese miss couldn't tried and he respects people's right to votet for whoever they decide whether you're a hillary supporterrt orphan of trump we are of course one america.meri >> we all know how divisive thit election how and how mean and contentious thing got between gt the candidates.andidates. >> people were passionate about their parties and i learnwere at about my friends and families f and issues personal to them.sue. >> it's message we're sharing in videos you might have seen h
10:10 am
or instagram pages we shared post election thoughts about hot the country can come together tt after what was a rough electione no matter which side you wereyor on. on why it's so important now to doo to come together and we want ton hear your thoughts of course if crowd locate to check out the full videos online andlocate wei to you they are there on ourn social media pages and then and tweet us with the #gooddaydc. let us know what you plan to doa now to move the country forward. >> you know what i love aboutut this, is that, you know, our promotion team asked to us shars our thoughts.r all of that that you saw thereaw >> right. >> those were our real thoughtst and i think a lot of times we ts get asked the question, does the news affect us? yes. y the news affects us as peopleeo and i think if you watch thosese videos and you really listened to what everyone has to say andd you see the genuine emotion on o our faces, that you know we aree all in it with you.ith we are all in it with you and i, um, i watch the night side thiss
10:11 am
have i been more proud to worko with a people that i do and call them my friends. fri when i just listened to what w they had to say.. >> um-hmm. >> the good thing is the overwhelming response fromm viewers but of course there are some negative people.ple. >> sure.>>ure >> on my instagram inn particular. part >> i got it too.>> i got it >> it's like, you all are the ones who continued with this ift as what you just said wisdom as if that wasn't valid. v things were said on the campaign trail butet basket the deplorables.e you know -- kno >> that was from hillary. >> that was from hillary.. >> rapist bad hombres. hom so these are the things that we report and you know, people whoo watched the news are going tong get information but we don'te dn make anything up.. but the attack felt personaltso when we're trying to almost like break scene and get away fromfr the script and say this is how we reallpty feel a because we hv families, and we are americans a
10:12 am
so while i was disappointed byy the very few negative comments,t holly like you i couldn't even e look at you just now i don't d feel like starting with this,, but i agree. a i love those spots and i love the opportunity that we had to t speak our minds in that forum. >> i also got a lot of negativev backlash from some people that l said why didn't you do thisu dot after obama was elected? >> we didn't hear the same rhetoric after -- a >> we have never had an electiot in modern history. history >> give me a break.>> give me >> that has been as divisive. dv >> as this one >> right. >> when obama ran he ran onn an change and america movingovin forward. >> yeah. >> during that john mccain neven said any of those mean. >> no.>> n >> hurtful things. john mccain and sarah palin pal never said that. tt. strictly about policy difference. difference between john mccain and sarah palince b and barack c and joe biden.d joe den >> right. >> this is what i'm going to dod this is what i'm going to do.'mg you decide. yo what we heard from this last l campaign was unprecedented.deed >> yes. >> it was mean spirited.rited it was evil.
10:13 am
about so people can need to get theire heads out of the sand and stoptp acting like oh this is just i politic as usual.potic no it wasn't.. >> that's why it's i it was mean. it was divisive.iv the country was -- we weree w already fighting.n >> then you have two people whop want to run the country andntry they're fighting as well.ghtingl what do you think is going to go happen? >> hence the statements -- >> exactly. >> in that likes either candidate. overwhelming was the sentimenthn we heard.weeard >> so -- >> you have people on capitol>> hill for decades. you have people who havese -- wo professors of political sciences in the entire world that haveav said nothing has ever been liken this before. befe. >> right. >> so for the people who arer te negative i'm sorry you didn't yt get it. but we feel proud of it, and it, check it out if you want to. wat leave your comment this is t america say what you want buttut you might get blocked.locked >> the election is over and nown everybody we have to move hto m forward. >> say what you want i have thea right to blocknt i hav you. >> i ain't sorry. >> few more white house storiess for you that have nothing to do
10:14 am
lebron james and his teammates a won the first ever championships in jun yesterday they got a chance toe celebrate with the chapter in cn chief during their white house visit this happen.appe team gave the president somedens gifts including his own his personalized jersey. but but i was referring to thegt mannequin challenge they did c with the first lady. l >> lebron with the selfie goingg on. >> there it is. cavs play the wizards tonight at the verizon center in think sorry that's where thesorr celebration ends. >> wizards are going to win. art >> while they were there theylet that's their viral mannequin mau chlelenge. good job. and i love this one. one mccartney took on the challengee as well the song the sound track diss ofs mccartney's band hed h posted his video yesterday yeste morning writing love those blaca beatles. that's right. the tweet has been retweeted retweet more than 25,000 times. tim >> i love that. tha >> i know. that's funny. >>tty cool.ool.
10:15 am
the big bad moon rising. r i just looked over and what you can't see from tucker right nowt is he's in fact the super moon himself.msel >> ?? >> no, i'm a super hero for the super moon.sur m high to em pro advise.ois i have on our [ laughter ]ug >> it's super moon cape oncape budget. we got it. [ laughter ] >> super moon forecast. forec hey, we got the super moon thisi weekend.ekd. my advice get out there tonightn saturday and sunday night and n start to enjoy to be pretty amazing stuff. i mean, closest the moon hasn been since back in known 48. that will allow the moon to beno even brighter than normal.or so it will look to your eye on closest approach fool moons fl actually monday night it looks o like we'll have clouds mondayllv night but as we builde tocl it you'll see really nice moon ovee the next couple of nights, and again 14% bigger. 30% brighter.% b send me your pictures tuckersucr five when you get them and thero you go.u here
10:16 am
moon set at 6:36 monday morningg and we won't be this close agaie to the moon until 2034. so i think we'll have reallyly nice opportunity this weekend tk get to enjoy that moon over thee next couple of nights get out and take it in. beautiful thing. thi one of my favorite things about the moon something we all on the planet share together so that'sa something that's pretty cool. c i'll toss it back to >> thanks tuck. american idol winner taylor hicks is here. so what's h find out. >> but first blac chyna has her baby. angelina breaks her silence andn the weekend is going to have hih weekends free. we'll explain coming up next in celebrity dish.
10:17 am
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10:19 am
?? >> it's time for good day celebrity dish we're talkingt's tiabouy t mdianshnequin equals b weekend split, you like thatik t weekend split. >> yeah. >> we're talking angelina speaking out and another littlel something something for you asg well. >> little crime series.e crseri >> little crime >> let's start off talking about this.. there's another kardashian inkad the world. >> another one i have to keep up with. >> oh, my word. >> this is the baby of rob andr chinofa. ch we know who blac chyna and rob kardashian. this is the baby, all right., lr so apparently the fact that fact
10:20 am
>> wait a >>s was dream dy thi come true for them.he >> a dream come true?true? >> why would that be,,is. >> why would that be? look --oo >> because the baby's name is ni dream. >> the baby's name is dream. dam >> that is good.>> tis g that's excellent but i was going to talk about the fact she did this whole mannequin challenge.a >> i know. was having a baby. b that to me -- >> ready. >> here we go. .ou ready >> malkin challenge while you'rr having a baby. >> post delivery.t deliver >> there's mom. >> oh, wow >> yeah. >> okay.ka >> yeah. >> let me tell you something. there's no way i want to seeo >> there's no way that's going g to happen. to happe >> we hope all is well with theh little baby.ley. >> yes. >> and their family is all goodd >> little dream.. >> in their shown they havee their own show rob --- >> yeah. >> they have their own show. it's calledha rveob and black cc nan you'll see the delivery, asy much as you can see.u ca see they take you into the deliveryr room coming up. >> gotcha.otch
10:21 am
exciting. >> no. n this is hard one. >> this is about michaelis bublb and sadness he's dealing with right now.. >> his three-year-old son noah diagnosed with liver cancer and his very good friend david did foster who's very well-knownelln music producer has gone onon o record as saying that michaelicl says he's not going to sing to s again until his child is well.sw they also have a nine month oldn little boy as well.le boy w there's their family.y. his wife is argentinean modeland both of them as imagine are s family. they're in it. they're going to fight it i'r together.e go they'll put everythin else onlse o hold and of course we wish thems nothing but the best.t. he is going to go -- here's good news. he'll go through chemotherapythp that's going to be very difficult but once does he there's anoint% recovery rateerr for him.. >> good. >> in our thoughts and prayers u for fun.ghts >> that is excellent. and ha good newt s excel in that 90% mh that's excellent. let's talk about a weekend split. >> you're not talking aboute non
10:22 am
saturday, sunday split up. up how about we talked about angelina jolie because sheecse released a statement about the t whole drama.ole >> for the first time. >> for the first time. >> since the big news. for forhw >> breaking her silence on herer split with brad pitt. this is following her firster appearance since the divorceiv proceedings began.. this week of course brad pitt was cleared of child abuse allegations following that tt investigation by the los angeleg department of children andf chid family service. >> her statement was just look i needed to make sure my kids werw safe and that's why i spl she didn't really say much. again we hope the best for thatr fa.ily. >> right. >> and for the children. nd f go ck t go back to the weekend split.weekend >> weekend split this is fornd sallison seymour. because -- aww.. >> star boy --oy - >> i'm a star star boy. [ laughter ][ lahter ] >> thank you. >> weekend is splitting up withw his girlfriend bella hadid. now -- >> what?>>t? >> sister of gigi.ig >> younger sister. siste >> daughter of row land today. >> basically because they're schedules have been too hards ee that's what they're saying. sin.
10:23 am
they were together for twogeth r years. it will be interesting becausetg they have to work together agaio in the victoria secret fashionas show that's coming up.comingp. the big one they're doing inng n paris in november it will air ii december. she's walking the runway.lkinthn he'll be performing on thermin runway.runway. >> right. >> awkward. >> yes. >> maybe they had amicable split. sp >> still -- >> it sounds like they did. soundsd. >> yeah. >> so pretty.o pr >> she's so pretty.>> she it could be awkward.'s so it co let's wrap it up with this.hi how about this? you remember rm that big show they that thet t people versus oj simpson.. >> yes.>>. person who dir directed that shh going to put together anotherr o show us network ordered the show tupac and biggy it's a true crime story. >> whoa except. who >> this has been decades goingng on for decades everybody tryingy to figure out who killed both of these men in the world of wor of hiphop. we don't have any answers.. >> but we do have the leadhe detective on the case. he's actually a consultant onltt e film.m. so i think it will be much likek the oj simpson one it willne itl probably be as true to life asoe it can cane.
10:24 am
things we didn't know. p >> rroightings w. >> much like that oj simpson ons i'll be watching.chg >> oh, yeah.h, yeah. >> i've seen lot of stories likl regular stores on this whole thing. documentaries want not.ntot it is fascinating the whole dynamics of they are went on with two pack. the hiphop world in their crime. it was azing we'll see what happens.see hap it should be good did tvs you mentioned.m >> that's our celebrity dish foi friday. >> it was wonderful.wonderful >> well served. >> thank you.>> thaou 1 10:24. coming up later on clay bourne elder is going torn join us. big broadway store. broadway ste >> that's right.. >> talk about were he's doing here in the nation's>> tout cal >> first a special vet advance v day honor for a wounded warrior. our bob barnard has the story so next and -- a >> as we head to break right non one more time, we want to heara from the us air force ceremonial brass quintet on this veterans r day. we thank you for your servicer s and we thank you for coming in and bringing us your gift ofrif music this morning.
10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
?? all right. welcome back everybody. today is anwelcom extremely spei veterans day for one local u.s.. army captain.ap. louis avila was severely injurej during one of his five combativt tours in afghanistan.s infgha today he'll receive a very a v
10:28 am
needs. >> so back way back months ago we sent bob barnard to the the home's ground breaking that wasw in february and he's there again now to celebrate the completiono of this home. bob? >> reporter: hey, steve, allison, they just sang thesangt national anthem here. h i'm in the crowd. this is the house. croth is it's here in chevy chase on kenilworth driveway.vewa sort of near walter reed reed military medical center becausec captain louis there in wheelchair he lost legt he was badly wounded in ied explosion during his fifth tourt in afghanistan five years ago. it's been a long rode to recovery. reco he's married. they have -- he and his wife wif claudia have three sons and right now catholic priest isli p blessing the house. the house this is a smart home that wast s built with a lot of contributions inspired by the gary sinise foundation and garyg sinise is here for the the
10:29 am
february when we were here for r the ground breaking.. the washington redskins redin charitable foundation, also,io contributing to this effort here. it's a smart home that basicalll will allow louis and his familyy to live as much a normal life as possible with his physical limitations because of his injuries from afghanistan, and d everybody basically donatedoned everything you can think of thei counters, the roof, thef flooring, everything this home happen.n. we had chance earlier to speakes to gary sinise who is in town tn for this. t you remember he playedd lieutenant dan in the movietenai forest gump an amputee, autee, vietnam veteran which he says s helped to epp inspire him topire give back to wounded warriors. >> then after september 11th,mb, i just -- i just volunteered to do whatever i can for our active duty folks, dee new york to irai and afghanistan. that all mafanifest the itselfhs into the creation of aa foundation gary siniseary
10:30 am
the movie business andnd television it's good to be able to takee ak some of that success and doo something good for people whoeoe provide our freedom for us and one of those things is buildingg these homes all around the aroun country for wounded service members and people that are severely injured in service to i our country.our cotry so we provide this smart technology houses for folks whoo have their end pennsylvania pen taken away because they've beene injured so there's all kinds ofs cool thing going allow captain louis avilaa and his family to better beetter cared for and for him to haveo v little more independence. >> so gary sinise helping withsg the dedication of this house one of many that he has helped too inspire across the country.ntry father john head of catholic cao charities here in washington,n, d.c., just doing the inn vocation they'll raise the flage about an hour ceremony we'reonyw just starting here and then t we'll be invited to see thisd te
10:31 am
a salute to all veterans but but especially this army captain cap badly wounded in afghanistanfght five years ago. captain louis avila his wifee claude yann three sons welcome home to chevy chase, guys. >> what a wonderful program. >> bob -->> bob -- >> amazing. >> all right.>> letting that sing in for aing th minute. more veteran day tributes on tht other side of the break.ak this time we're sharing yourr b5picscs. it's all -- i was like, no, we e our veterans and so -- s >> so many great pictures.icre >> we've gotten so many. we' we'll have it for when you we yu
10:32 am
my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving.
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10:34 am
>> welcome back, everybody.el >> ?? >> little whitney on this friday. thank you. time for fab5pics. it's all about our vet advance today and the people who love them and center income pictu lres.ittlhis honor of their love ones and ona ieeir friends. >> we could have 5500 picks. >> exactly. >> let's see. if it's five it's five. if 25. it', it's let's start. #fox5vet. that's where we're asking to you use. thank you so much for sending that picture in. my uncle, my sister, my brother and me! >> that's great. >> and dad. that's great picture. picre >> all righty.ighty thank you danielle.e u.s. army vet for sending thatda in and those pictures i do lovel
10:35 am
the transition when you come yom back home that picture on the on left in service and back home.oe my father and uncle served inved world war ii. the greatest generation theirhe father battling illness lived till the youngest one was home. amen on that. t beautiful picture.. okay.ok how about this one from debbie atkins. atki my dad james richard world war w ii coast guard vet. daddy. and then two military dentistsss pentagon all these jobs, it'ss -ke -- rigight. >> all these jobs ands a opportunities in our service.ce this one from looks likee lakeesha william happy veteranst day to my dad and all who server and currently ser we love and appreciate you yes,y we do. d this is one from carol. my nephews richie and matt a m briscoe.bris to all of our veterans, thanknk
10:36 am
handle. thank to you my husband, formerr petty officer marcus day unitedi states thank you for your nice picturevi. okay. michael campbell it was an honor to serve during desert storm.rm you guys remember desert storm?o o oh yeah. >> when i first came out of college, my -- that's the firstf for ray as an adult i canlt ian mber.ber. >> desert storm. i have love and respect for all veterans every branch, everyh, e generation. basketball game and they said gy the liberation of nation hasas gun. gun. >> that was the first time itt felt like it waswas televised. we saw saw all of that play outo and this is from the worm. w that's his handle. hdl timothy earl harris, a fine fe son-in-law, son, father, husbans d frienend. oh, yes, to the son-in-law.-in-a isn't that special?al? >> from his mom in law. law so thank you very m thanks for all the pictures. p keep them if keep them coming. com
10:37 am
there our great viewers who served. i know many of us have familyeal who have served my uncle no longer around unfortunately butt us air force.irce thanks to him. him and everybody else. it's just one of those days we y really have to honor those who w have put their lives on the linl for this country. >> i have -- >> and sacrifice.>> ace >> i have a great picture everye my grandfather in world war onee who i knew he didn't live veryy long when i was living but thata was -- but we go back to the t civil war. w is complicated, i had veteransen on both sides in the civil war.w so, you know, it's like, thank you.yo thank you for all do you.. >> i had both grandfatherss served in the military and theyt mom's brothers two oldestoes brothers served in the militarym her young -- 81 of her youngestu brothers served in the militaryl my father served in the militarm we lived in seattle for while.hi >> i don't think i knew thatnk a about you. you know, for me, you are from mississippi.
10:38 am
>> lots of cousins serving righg now. >> i was just going to say i was at home one time and i saw on the wall my father was one hease was in the military in seat al a tell and another guy ran no an o house and served people from apo burning building.ldin i never new this until lastil l year. >> they don't talk about it. they just do it.y doth jus >> they need don't thehe commendation.ention they do it because who they are >> bottom line we appreciate the sacrifices we make so we don't have to do what they. to they do it. wha surure do. >> thanks. >> we'll continue too a broadway star, he's a cwtvv star, clay bourne elder he's no' hard to look at either. ehe ok a at him. he's live in the loft.he he's in town tonig'sht for a special performance.ce we'll talk about it coming up up
10:39 am
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10:41 am
broadway super star, television actor and he's starred in notable broadway plays like sunday in the park with george, bonnie and clyde, and one arm. but you may actually recognize him as pete from the cwt guuperc the city prequel show cary diaries.di we're talking about actor claybourne elder.urne elder you can catch him on stageta tonight when he stars in thers american pop's orchestra one o night only performance of i'll l be seeing i was world war iiorlr love sto. the drama desk award nominated n star will be playing alongside guiding light rob rains stoppedo by the good day lost yesterday.y this morning though claybourne b
10:42 am
dish about his role and we werew just talking about -- i'm you i have one of the coolestf ole neighbors ever. >> claybourne elder.>>layb your parents were on to on t something. >> thanks. dana my dad's name as well. actualmely an old family name. >> i like. le. >> long line of claybournes. ofs >> got a history. goa ststory.ot >> tell me something fun about rob and i'll tell was he said hs about you yesterday.teay >> gosh. ron invited me over to his housh this week to rehearse with him,, and has this mewing is directorc and he kind of like commands ous things and will sing. but, um, we sing a song togetheo in the show and we -- i keep k telling him i like the way he wy sing it better than the way it'' written and so i keep asking him to sing things for me so i can record it and sing it like him.m >> he really didn't say anythinh about you except you're excep yu incredibly nice. that's nice. >> he was raving about youabout yesterday and racing about thiss show which is so timely of timel course he said the show is justs very dear. dea >> it is. especially for, today being veterans day it'say'
10:43 am
today. it's full of beautiful lush new arrangements of standards, intet mixed with a true life story off a world war ii couple andcouplea they're letters between each other.r. told through an older couple ann younger couple, and ron plays -- ron and i are the same person, and it's really lovely. l >> you're the older one, right. >> clearly.>> clely. [ laughter ] >> look at me.e. it's interesting because, youyo know, obviously did you t diaries and i asked similar question to ron.o. between tv and life theater -- >> which do i like best. >> when do you like best. b >> live theater.>> l it's so fun.ivito fun. having actual like interaction i with an audience that is there,e that you can feed off of their o energy and play, you know, i i love that. i also play music in bands and things sometimes and just that a like concert venue performance
10:44 am
interacting with is you just kind of nothing like it. >> meanwhile he said the same se thing. e? did he? >> he said when you get caught h up in roll and you're there andd it's just euphoric almost andosd there's the excitement of you ou got one shot.t. >> yes. >> if it's live, it's live.t's l >> yeah. >> it was interesting i was reading an article about you ano you hadut talked about how you often research your roles. >> i do, yeah.h >> very in depth.ep. >> yeah. did you research for this one first of all? >> i didre hsearav some conversations about -- about it and also readr all of the -- like read throughh all the material and the lettere and then about world war ii iari just kind of -- i needed to like kind of brush up up on history o so i got online didn't some off you said in this article when ti you were talking abouts yourour researching you research a rolel for broadway you can really get lost in it, transformed into i this character people know the e character they don't necessarily know you not the case on tv. t >> they know you.
10:45 am
all the time. the t in if they watch channel five which they hope they do they t might from time to time on youro tv roll that's what you mostn to times get recognized for?or? >> yeah. >> you know actuall yy it happensae every once in awhile.ever i'll by eon standing like itike happened in new york recently i was standing on subway platform, and somebody was yelling hey, pete, pete! i was looking arounr like who is pete? pete, then in took me a moment, oh i'm pete,hm that's me. >> before we go, i asked the essence of full disclosureisclue because i have these amazingin voices in the loft with me iwh m want to make the most of it.t oi can you sing a little something? >> sure. >> blue skies smiling at me.. nothing but blue skies do i see. >> why would you not wanting tow out and see that? i'm just jus why would you not.wh applplause ]y >> taylor do you have an answery to that.ou to t >> i'm just kidding.>> jus >> i'm a big fan.
10:46 am
>> he'll >> go out and sea isle be seeins you it's going ton tonight at at the gw university listenerlisen you can still get your tickets.s wonderful wonderful wonderful wf way to celebrate veterans day,ay and a chance for to you see somm amazing talent on stage.n stage please come back and viv us v again when you're in town.'rin t >> absolutely. thank you. so so night to meet you. y >> take care. >> we're talking about voicesboe plural in the loft in coming up an idol in the loft aa well. taylor hic winner of money idol winner in dc has a big show tonight. t he has a very special veterans n day you won't believe what else he's been up to we'll chat with him next.ext. been up to we'll chat with him next.ext. ??
10:47 am
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>> our next guest a real idol hu wouldn't season number five of the hit fox show american idol. you remember soul patrol since stepping off the idol stage in 2006 hicks taylor hicks toward o the world releasedffks s tevayes albums performed on broadway, bo head lined in las vegas his own residency there. the he is currently on tour againn r
10:50 am
tonight and we strongly suggests that you do. youo. he will be in concert at thethe hamilton in d.c. but first, he joins us live in v the loft.e lof here to perform very important a song that he is dedicating toedn our veterans this morning.ning the song 19 from the album thehe diceance. please welcome taylor hicks. ?? voted captain of the high schoos football team took us all thell way to state, got a scholarshipr to play down in tennessee, he can catch, he can throw, he tow could run, he could go like you've never seen, well, 19, but on the day those twin towerss came down his whole turnedd
10:51 am
play ball there's a war on now.w so he marched right in with a few good men and joined the marines at 19 ?? >> ?? he's a boy next door. doo he might have carried your bagsb at the gross row store. sto he's somebody's son with a with american dream ?? >> ?? at 19. , well there's a sniper out there in the dark somewhere andd a soldier is down, we need someone who can duck and run and get hem out somehow, one goodmag
10:52 am
the team, so how about you 19? ???? >> ?? he's a boy next door, hee might have carried your bags atb the grocery store. now he's somebody's son with ait heart with a gun in a foreignein land trying to hold on to his american dream at 19 ?? ?? >> they brought him home todayod with a he got a purple heart and a silver star soldier gave a said he could catch, he could cd throw, he's the one that rescued me, he can have played for tennessee, well you he was onlyo
10:53 am
?? well he was only 19 ?? ?? [ applause ] >> that's something.omet taylor thank you very much.or ty >> thanks for having me.ou >> john sounds beautiful. john n >> thank you so fitting for thii veterans day i know something si that's very important to you.rt you had a chance to meet so many people and talk to so manyto son people it's got to be speciale e for to you special a performci m like this which you've been b doing now for many years.for may >> i think it's important when i found the song it just -- it hit me i think it hits a lot of lot people when we talk about our veterans, our servicemen andr se
10:54 am
responders, um, they're fightint for us and they're fighting forn this country and they'rery andy' fighting for all of us to live l the american dream and havend h freedom. >> and you said it perfectly iey think we couldn't have sum it uu any better than tha man, we only have couple minutep it will be tough to run downun n everything you've been doing ing your life. before we get to where you are u now i want to f whelashback bece you see this lovely young lady l over here in the blue. b >> i'm telling you.'m telling y. >> miss holly morris. through the magic of time let'sl go back 10 years right now.. 10 to you the morning after you won american idol. >> soul patrol.atro >> listen,. ex hose hair extensions. >> lord. >> you were deck out, too. holly look at that. ou w at th >> that's how i roll, steve. >> that's too funny. >> i look like i have hair extensions. [ laughter ] >> i gray ones.. >> wisdom was just saying, too,t i mean i tell you what -- wha >> hair changes over time in tim this business. business.
10:55 am
>> taylor you have not aged. age >> you haven't age in the last s 10 years a lot of stuff going of in your life. first of all very close call fol you recently on board your yr scary moment for you i'm sure i that gave i was new appreciatioo for live itself. >> i look at it and made my mad faith stronger and i thoughtug about the five things that t everybody should do and writend down list before you, b you movm on, you know, kind of and of inspirational thing for me thatt you know, the faith and me family -- grace to the pilot.t >> well listen we're obviously s glad you're here and you have h not been dealing with musiceali lately you're trying to mix in o while you're on tour doing tv ow n now. you open up a restaurant backauc home in alabama.home i the tv show is food related. rel are you cooking on the show goos i'm cooking it's called steakala place on the isp network i go to each state and talk about iconic foods just from that state. so i fill up a plate of food
10:56 am
arizona i'm obviously doing fryi bread. maine i'm doing lobster.. i'm coming to maryland, comingym to the d.c. area so i need alled the help i can get. get >> you better ready to eat crabs when you come to maryland.yl >> i'm ready. knoou know you're going to. >> i'm ready to. state plates it's a great idea i an great concept i'm looking loo forward to playing the hamiltono tonight. >> come down to see taylorsee ta tonight at the hamilton.n tickets are still available.l get in the door for $18 we promise it will be fantastican show. taylor we wish you best of luckk >> keep coming back and seeingcg us. bac it's always a pleasure. pleas >> thank you very much.y mu >> the music sounds gre especially on this veterans day. >> happy veterans day everybody. >> holly i like the patriotismat 10 year later.10 year lat >> i don't have the hairthe ha extensions.nsio i do still own those jeans. i do still have them. the >> oh, boy. >> i'll be putting those on t later for veterans d >> we hope everybody has a safef and good veterans day.. >> yes. y. >> today. and a great weekend as well.>>ga >> what a week it has
10:57 am
>> get some rest. >> okay. >> have great weekend.>> hav we'll see you on monday.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> hello! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you.


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