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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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assault on campus, our policy, in his a really dangerous time in our country. to be a person's disability. and so on, to be an immigrant, a muslim, and sexual assault is a huge part at the university of maryland, we want to implement
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protect students. >> students said they want speedier investigations and their final act was to deliver a letter to president low. now, the university did release a statement saying they are committed to a learning at working environment free of sexual violence and i can tell you a couple of weeks ago, the university of maryland announced additional funding for the title nine office that investigates sexual violence on campus, reporting live in college part. alexandra limon local news. donald trump campaign manager is calling on president obama and hillary clinton to speak out against this political violence we've been seeing, kellyanne conway send out a tweet about a cnn interview with an antitrump protester he don't called for people to fight back. the protester also said people
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this wonderful president obama and clinton have called for unity. white house press secretary said the right to free speech oh should be protected. president obama marking his final. the sights and sounds from this time honored veterans day events coming up. we're chief of staff, anita mcbride dishes on the preparations when a new first family moves in. >> it's a beautiful veterans day out there with temperatures in the 60, some upper 50, big changes coming in for the weekend, cooler air settles in. i'll let you know how long it will last after the break. sarah. >> i will take it only veterans
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men and women a, like and we have been sent in beautiful picture of veterans who are loved by their loved ones and these are just some of the pictures we've received. send us your pictures to #fox 5 vet and we will share them. #fox 5 vet. gorgeous picture coming in. we salute you thank you for
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live look at the white house where a transition of power is already in the works, and moving day at the white house is being yesterday the incoming residents got their first tour of the home, where they will spend the next four years, and joining me to give us a little insight on the transition of america's first family from one family to another, is anita mcbride who knows a little something about what goes on inside the white house. you served as chief of staff to the first lady, laura bush. >> correct >> many years >> how long were you with her, i was with her for the second term
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president reagan and george w. bush >> the transition really is already started. right >> i think he said first visual of the transition of course was yesterday when the president obama met with president elect trump and of course mrs. obama and mrs. trump which is the first time mrs. trump ever seen the white house >> did they start actually thinking about what they're going to be putting in there? how much can they change, what do theyri >> one of the things she got her first tour, so she's getting the first visual where they're going to live the next four years, now there will be conversations between at the staff. the staff and mrs. obama and the resident staff and mrs. trump staff, whoever that is to outline things they are got to want and need and decisions they have to make before they move in. and that includes who are your guests going to stay overnight
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those kinds of things they will have to decide ahead of time. >> when does that actually start to happen when they move their stuff in? when will that happen, the morning -- this is a highly core graphed ballet. when the moving vans will be coming in after the new president is sworn in and all of the things they have packed to come down to washington will be unpacked by the resident staff. that's a team of almost 100 care of your every need for the next four years. so when that period of time from the inauguration to the end of the parade, your things are unpacked and you're settled in >> they walk into the house >> absolutely. even pictures they may have brought or -- are put up and their clothes are hung in the closet and your inaugural items are ready for you to wear that
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>> they picked out a chef. >> generally that position, chris calmerford, mrs. bush hired her and mrs. obama kept her on, they're part of the resident staff stays on no matter who the president is. so that probably wouldn't change. >> what about with milania trump and barren, we haven't had a young boy living ith house since jfk junior. that will be a bit of a change for him. what about bringing in friends to the white house? got to be a little -- >> that's one of the thing i'm absolutely sure came up in the conversation yesterday between mrs. obama and mrs. trump. what will family life be like here in the white house, that's what mrs. obama from mrs. bush when she visited. will my girls be able to live a normal life? as normal as possible, obviously, when you're in the public eye and you live above the store but yes, that's what
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help you do too, your friends come, your family on a regular basis and they come slightly, picking out schools is obviously another decision and we know mrs. obama almost did not come down to washington right away in 2009. she contemplated staying in chicago until that school year was out. i have no idea maybe mrs. trump is think about the same thing >> i know he's been a hands, and mom and barren's life has been important to her, is that something that -- that she'll continue once in the white house, and she probably needs to as first lady ab little more present >> that's one of the things about this position, every occupant that comes in to every first lady rewrites the description and they do what is best for them. it takes time to sort of adjust to this new role of trying to lead a private life in the
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saying i'm going to be mom and chief first and get my family in and then i'll focus. there is an expectation that our first lady stay public and involved and engage in issues that matter to all of us. i think we also need to recognize this is a big change. this is a woman who is just been an american citizen for ten years. and never, i'm sure, anticipated being in a public life. neither did mrs. obama, neither did laura bush. so i think that, you know, americans are expecting a lot. but i think we're also respectful of giving them time to settle in >> do you know when we will see the other trump children in the home >> given the announcement today, each of them holding a position in the transition i think you can expect they would be active and very engaged, and probably sorting through all those questions right now. >> ok.
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>> the transition is quite an up heave el from a lot of people in washington. jobs are changing. he said >> for your industry, too, it's all the new people that are coming in getting to know who they are, there's a lot of turmoil and i'm grateful as an american for t president obama, former president clinton who made the call to donald trump, to mrs. clinton, also saying all the right things, you know, the country, you know, needs to have an open mind and we need to move on and a smooth transition of power is a hallmark to our go. . i'm optimistic but i know the tensions are really high >> we owe that to our country. anita mcbride thank you so much.
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were given inside access to the vice president's residence, i am going to take you on a tour, show you the grounds, a history, the a beautiful home, and the place the pence family will soon call home. >> i can't wait. we never get the look vice president mansion. we got biggest super man from generations >> last time this the moo this close to earth, 1948. >> we should have a like a part >> we should have a little super man party. yes, this is kind of what makes this particular super man a little bit so special how close it is going to get to the earth. what we're about to see is set to see on monday. since 1948, if you miss this big event on monday, pack your patience because you'll have to
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will be this full and close to earth won't be until 2034. >> i was telling you i did notice last night how bright it was in the sky. i didn't realize how close we were >> it's just not perfectly full yet. this is funny. when i say super man and go see the super man monday >> superoon monday >> super >> are wes going to go see going to see it? is it going to be cloud less? >> let's find out. we're going to start with a live look, beautiful sunset out there. it is a sunset of change. we're going from mild conditions to much cooler weather as we head into the weekend. let's get i was beautiful sunset picture, live from just about 30 minutes ago from omar, virginia, that's the sunset.
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keep sending them we love sos the sun rise and set this time of year. happy veterans day, reagan national 67 degrees for friday. dulles 64. bwi 66, if you're walking outside, you may notice those winds starting to pick up. here's your satellite and radar. check the clouds out, look to the south, you see those clouds moving west to east. look off to the north -- there's the clouds moving, off the north you see the clouds coming from north heading to the south, that's the cold front and that's the air that willing spilling into the region as we head into the evening. still not bad but on the cooler side, you'll need your jacket, 62 in washington, 55 for gaithersburg, 56 hagerstown, 54 cumberland but i am expecting temperatures drop. wind are starting to pick up. sustained out of the north at 14 miles per hour in washington. 18 at hagerstown, ten at dulles,
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partly cloudy 55. by 9:0052. generally clearing skies with dipping into the 40 it's in the district by about 11:00. overnight on this veterans day evening temperatures falling about 40. that's near the river. if you're away from large body of water likely heading to the 30's as we head into the evening and a big weekend but quick cold blast coming our way, details of what you can expect for saturday and sunday coming up in bit. the you university of maryland police department needs your help to find one of their students who has gone missing >> where her roommates say she was last seen and if police suspect foul play. a puppy thief caught on camera stealing a dog out of a front yard. could the dog snatcher have a good excuse? what animal control is saying
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by its owner >> the redskins begin the second half this sunday against the vikings. if they're going to get a win they will have it does. we'll give you an update on desean jackson and how the trump presidency heightened the tension in the u.s. qualifier. ahead in sports.
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president obama is mark, commander in chief. fox 5 don shows us the sights and sounds from this time
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today on veterans day, we honor those who honored our country with its highest form of service. you who once wore the uniform of our army, navy, air force, marines, or coast guard. we owe our thanks, we owe you our speak we owe you our freedom. we express our profound gratitude for the sacrifices and contributions you and your family made on the battlefield, at home, and at out posts around the world. on veterans day, we acknowledge humbly, that we can never serve our veterans in quite the same way they served us, but we can try. we can practice kindness. we can pay it forward.
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this is fox 5 local news at search still on this evening for a missing university of maryland students. not heard from 21-year-old caitlin george since yesterday afternoon. police tell us she was supposed to go on a camping trip with a friend last night but didn't show up. st. george's family has been notified of her disappearance. investigators say they do not expect foul play >> detectives arrested two suspects in connection with a fatal stabbing in ashburn last
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ashburn. the other is a 16-year-old boy. both are accused of stabbing two men, one of them died. other is being treated for serious and nonlife-threatening injuries, police believe it was a targeted attack. today, friends and family gathered to say good-bye to a maryland teenager shot outside a party in capitol heights. funeral services were held for 18-year-old brian davis in upper marlboro this morning, one of six people shot on october 30th. police are still searching for the suspect. he's the nephew of fox 5 employee. a puppy missing for 25 days is now home safe and sound, crews was found thursday night after fox 5 showed video to neighbors along elmira street. they provided enough information for police to track them down,
5:31 pm
and he's one happy dog today, home over the, yard he called his own since he was born, he's just four months old. back on october 15th, surveillance cameras fixed on the yard captured footage of two people, a man and woman walking the dog, snatched the little guy and walked away. reaching over a fence and taking him off a leash. last night before 10:00, dc police brought crews home. but wouldn't say where they found him. >> i'm vy my dog is home now. >> we talked to the owner earlier. he asked us not to show us face, or use his name. >> high family is happy. we're finally have peace of mind and closure and we're safe that he's back. we don't want anything like this to happen again. >> you feared you'd never see him again >> i didn't. you just never know. >> thursday afternoon after fox
5:32 pm
detectives went to an apartment in the complex across the street from where cruise lived. we went to the same apartment. but no one came to the door. it's unclear why the dog was taken, but the owner suspects the people who took the pup may have thought he was being mistreated. he says animal control recently came to the house and found everything to be in order. now, he wants justice. >> you commit a crime. you need to be for that crime you committed >> as you can see cruise is very happy to be home and his owner happy to have the four month old back in the house, but there's a bit of a mystery. we don't know where the police found the dog. they wouldn't disclose that to us or to the owner of the dog, at this point, all they're telling us is that it's under investigation and no charges have been filed. in southwest, paul wagner fox 5 local news. on this veterans day, the
5:33 pm
of its own, a marine who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> eugene mills the third was killed in afghanistan in 2012 >> to honor his service, the banner with mills name hangs outside laurel high school. he grew up in west laurel and both parents attended laurel high. his father says he is extremely moved by this display of appreciation. >> we all know it's not going to bring gene back but the biggest thing that a gold fears, and you know, everybody gets lost in combat for the military, they fear is that their son is forgotten or daughter, and in this particular case, gene is not going to be forgotten. he's up here on this -- on that post, you know, he'll be there. people are going to remember him. >> mill says he's extremely proud of his son's service and his son will be overwhelmed by this honor.
5:34 pm
this is a memorable veterans day for an army officer from louisiana nearly killed during combat in afghanistan in 2011. he's still an outpatient in bethesda and today got the keys to a brand new home. >> hollywood star power help make today happen >> it's a veterans day homecoming like few others. led by a police escort to a new house on kendall worth driveway in chevy army captain lewis undila, severely injured boy a road side bomb in afghanistan five years ago. officially saying his wife saying their forever home >> definitely this home is going to restore independence, your pride, your >> while we never can truly
5:35 pm
can strive to show them our appreciation and gratitude whenever possible >> gary sinise paid to make this happen, the 52nd home built for our nation's most severely wounded war veterans >> there's all kinds of cool things in here that's going to allow him to better be cared for. for him to have a little more independence >> it's a so-called smart home outfitted to make life easier, everything inside and outside of the house donated by partners of the gary sinise foundation. >> the home is going to be a building, it's going to be a house. our home. >> captain avila wife claudia and the three sons releasing balloons. he lost a leg and suffered a
5:36 pm
attack in his fifth tour in afghanistan. >> get your hands down >> sinise played the what are the of a wounded vietnam veteran in forest gum's >> i've had great success in the movie and television business and it's great to do something good for people who are providing our freedom and one of those things is building these homes around the country for wounded service members, and people that are severely injured in service to our country. >> thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. >> and so on this veterans day, we say welcome home, soldier, your new neighbors salute you. in chevy chase maryland, bob barnard, fox 5 local news. >> that's quite a welcome home right there. >> a special gift. i mean, what a gift. >> you know, so many actors would play a part like
5:37 pm
>> he's going on what? 15 years since that movie? >> 22 years ago. >> he's still giving back. >> i know, i love it. i love of it. it's wonderful to see >> shifting to the redskins of after everyone's favorite a tie back to work. couple big home games, got to get these two at home starting sunday. >> exactly. got to get these two at home. that's been the sentiment of every redskins this sunday versus vikings and next against the packers before a three-game road trip that re that could decide the fate, look like they will be taking on minnesota without desean jackson downgraded to doubtful. and the team isn't expecting him to play because of a shoulder injury. the team didn't go so far as to rule him out but did explain if he's ok, they have no hesitations to put him in even without a week of practice. >> the offense he knows what to do.
5:38 pm
feeling, so we'll see. he hadn't had any practice this week, which was which is not good, when you're a veteran like he is, you can make an exception >> with a guy like him, he's a veteran and he's able to transition if he's able to go on sunday, certainly you want your guys out there. >> the biggest soccer rivalry making an already tense atmosphere more tense mexico in a world cup qualifier in ohio, sometimes offensive intolerance, with the atmosphere, some mexican are afraid to attend the response. they sent re sent this message. we ask each and every is not
5:39 pm
homophob ia. >> you want to note, do you two believe in dinosaurs that they didn't existed? >> haven't there been proof >> we have fossils here. los angeles rams defensive ends william haze doesn't believe dawn even when he was a kid he did not believe this, jimmy kimmel took him to the la natural history museum to convince him. >> >> that doesn't move you in any way? >> absolutely not. >> what do you think these are >> clay. >> actually going out and digging for dinosaurs. yyes, i have >> where?
5:40 pm
you believe >> mermaids but not dinosaurs. >> a large, you know, discovery, we talking different species. we have horses here during the last ice age. so it can be a union corn with the same thing, do you believe in unicorns? i do now. dinosaurs. he's had this belief for year, this year, they're doing a documentary on the team with the rams and they covered this, all his team mates trying to convince him, he says there could be mermaids out there. and now maybe unicorns. he was not convinced. none of them are complete. he's saying if that part is
5:41 pm
>> and it's funny >> the outfit made it. >> i love that. >> a little safari. >> put him jurassic park and have them facing him facebook changing one of it's polls, >> local the world record books, how their efforts are benefiting veterans >> if you're heading out you should see lots of these, stars and a gorgeous moon, not super moon but temperatures pleasant at 62, but we're heading for a big change as we head into the weekend. i'll have that full forecast coming up after break. laura and sarah? >> and happy veterans day to our vets out there. thank you for sending your pictures in. to us.
5:42 pm
keep them coming because that he is are beautiful pictures. we love sharing them with you, they're touching pictures, old or new, we love seeing your vet who served from your family, we so proud of them as we know you are as well. send them to us again fox 5 vet is the hash tag and we will share them on our twitter page.
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. sweet tooth, potomac mall was the place to be, >> i like frosting.
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ever built. officials at guinness certified it. it is more than nine feet tall. it was a team effort to get the cake made. >> we have 350 hours of baking alone. 160 hours of planning and organizing. we had to create a mold, where it fits all in. where you basically the cakes, i didn't see anymore cake for the next two weeks. it doesn't matter what cake you're going to bring me. it's not going to excite me. there might be something in the inside of this cake. you never know. >> i don't blame him. meanwhile, as we mentioned, the cake was more than nine feet tall. the previous record was six and a half feet tall. they really did break the record. it weighed 6500 pounds, and that includes 5500 pounds of cake
5:47 pm
jam. 460 pounds of icing. now you're speaking my language. plus decorations. the cake could serve 32,000 slices and people had a chance to buy one for a dollar. all the proceeds benefitting fisher house which would help serve military families going toward a great cause. wonderful. >> record breaking wonderful, how many calories? do >> who care? >> i don't blame the chef. if i made that cake, i wouldn't want to see cake for like a month. >> i'll give it a break for day. >> are you ready for change in seasons? briefly >> are we going back? >> no, the other way >> taste of winter but snapping back next week. a little preview coming up. >> not talking about snow are
5:48 pm
not here, live look at the white house tonight, nobody is digging out. no need for the snow shovels, up to the north across portion ohs of the northeast. snowflakes are deploying as we head into veterans day, temperatures too warm. 62 degrees outside at this hour. here's your satellite and radar. snow up towards quebec coming down to portions of upstate new york, mountain snow, wouldn't rule out mountain flurries in west virginia, no terms of snowfall in the district: it's just really a change with a lot cooler air, temperatures 62 in washington, 66 atlanta, 72 little rock, however, this time of year, it's about the way the wind is moving. look at all this cool air. look at where the wind is coming from out of the north down to the south, cooler air started to make push into our region as we head towards the evening and overnight. temperatures will certainly
5:49 pm
once again, 61 manassas, cousin quantico, starting to fall back into the 50's, off to the north, nothing too terribly cold just yet. the deeper we get into the evening hour, the colder, high pressure building in across the great lakes, kicking low pressure out. a little squeeze play there. we'll have some winds we had through the course of tonight and through the first part of the day tomorrow. things do improve in the wind department, gusts 25 to 35 miles an hour are 23 for frederick, 21 for gaithersburg, lows in the district, 40 right behind the river, everybody else heading down towards the 30's. because of that, we do have a frost advisory, that is in effect overnight tonight, about 9:00 saturday morning. again, if you're, on the 95 corridor, portions on the east and you still have outdoor plans, cover them up this evening, high pressure continues to build as we head through tomorrow. tomorrow will be one of our cooler days and very chilly high
5:50 pm
saturday. very cold start coming for sunday, sunday the coldest morning for fall. let's get to the fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. 54 degrees is your daytime high saturday in the district. locations north and west may stay in the 40's all day, by the time we get to sunday, 62, down to 54 on monday with showers, and 60 comes back as we roll through the course of next week going to feel a little more like fall. let's check with the forecast. we'll be right back after this
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. one mother trying to keep her house sparkling clean for thanksgiving and she needs her kids to buy in on that. first, a somber anniversary will be marked in paris this weekend,
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terror attacks in paris, faith leader from across france paid tribute. gathering outside the theater where 90 people lost their lives. sting will perform and proceeds go to survivors and victims' families. facebook changing its advertising policy. the social media company says it will no longer allow advertisers to exclude specific racial and housing, credit or employment. they used to offer target marketing now changing that. >> remember those snapchat spectacle that is record videos without using your hasn't? they sold out in four hour, the video shades were 129 bucks and now going for 950 on ebay.
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them and you can find those machines by going to keep out, kids, one mom taking holiday preps to whole new level. she started early with clean-up and closed off the living room for one month. read the sign, kids. closed until thanksgiving. 30 guests are coming and she's not cleaning again. her son posted the pic on twitter. veterans day, a 14-year-old missouri girl teaching her horse to show respect to those who have served our country. land en said she spent the entire summer teaching them how to bowel to a veteran. apparently she nailed it. we thank all of our servicemen and women on this veterans day. and that is your fox 5 on the
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thank you for joining us at 6:00, i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy, police made an arrest in a disturbing crime in northern virginia >> following a car crash in stafford county, a man dragged a woman out of her car and sexual assaulted her. investigators were able to track the suspect down in north carolina. >> fox 5 with the latest. >> reporter: it's horrified so many people an lot are relieved that it has been solved. that man we're talking about is robert flores. he has no known address, police say he was living in the fredericksberg area prior to the attack on october 21s re it's. the 26-year-old was booked into jail with 100 hundred dollars
6:00 pm
u.s. immigration detainer. tonight he's charged with rape. you'll remember police released this sketch not long after the crime. authorities use this major clue. to solve the case, it's a shirt they believe was left behind by the attacker. authorities quickly made it public, hoping someone might recognize it. by the way, a lot of people stepped up to help with this case, police say nearly came in. and all of those leads were investigated. tony? . in just a few months, president-elect trump will call 1600 pennsylvania avenue his new residence and day he unveiled a many big names to help him to the white house. >> president-elect trump unveils


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