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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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u.s. immigration detainer. tonight he's charged with rape. you'll remember police released this sketch not long after the crime. authorities use this major clue. to solve the case, it's a shirt they believe was left behind by the attacker. authorities quickly made it public, hoping someone might recognize it. by the way, a lot of people stepped up to help with this case, police say nearly came in. and all of those leads were investigated. tony? . in just a few months, president-elect trump will call 1600 pennsylvania avenue his new residence and day he unveiled a many big names to help him to the white house. >> president-elect trump unveils
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transition from candidate to commander in chief. replacing chris christie with mike pence as the chairman of his transition team. three of the trump children will also play important roles alongside former new york mayor you rudy giuliani >> all of my work on behalf of him has been out of great loyalty and friendship to him. a veterans day as he does his part to heal a >> when the election is over, as we search for ways to come together, to reconnect with one another >> while those in washington talk about unity, americans across the country continue to peace fully protest the election results. some turning violent. >> protesters, this is an unlawful assembly >> but a top republican says it's part of the process.
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ability to complain about whatever you want to, and it's about as american as apple my >> as democrats look for answers on what went wrong, they also need to choose a new chair of the dnc. names being floated are former governors and presidential candidates, martin o'malley and howard dean as well as the bernie sanders back congressman keith he willy son. lauren blanchard fox news. the president-elect said parts of obamacare. includes both allowing young adults to stay on theory parents' plans and prohibiting insureds from denying coverage because of preexisting conditions >> one of the women he don't accused donald trump of sexual assault spoke out today. she was a contestant on the fifth season of the apprentice. she held a news conference. she said he touched her breast
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she claims it happened at the beverly hills hotel back in 2007 >> mr. trump stated after the election, he would file lawsuits against me and the other accusers who claim that he sexual assaulted them. after he called me a liar, i was threatened, bullied, and saw my business targeted. >> donald trump since denied all accusations him of sexual assault. protests about the president-elect continued across the country. in fact, one was held this afternoon at the university of maryland. >> more than 100 students held a trump sexual violence protest. victims of sexual assault spoke out against both donald trump and the university for for the doing enough to try and protect victims. fox 5 alexandra limon is live in college park with their message. alex? >> reporter: that's right. and that protest ended just a
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that i spoke to tell me they feel that president-elect trump normalizes sexual violence because of his own words in those access hollywood tapes. >> this afternoon the students gathered maryland college park. they marched to the administration building. also littered the lawn with under garments, underwear and bras. their point was in light of trump being elected, more needs to be done at the local level, at the university level. both here at the university of maryland, but at campuses around the nation as well when it comes to prevention and education
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in person training about consent and sexual violence for incoming freshman and senior investigations when sexual assaults are reported on campus. students say they have a long list of concerns about the trump presidency. >> things he said and it's been triggering for a lot of people and started the conversation about sexual assault on campus, and our policy, >> this is a dangerous time in our country to be a woman, a person of disability, a pers be an immigrant, a muslim, and squall is a huge part of this movement at the university of maryland. we want to implement policies here on campus that will protect students. >> reporter: the students also delivered a letter to the university president, president low, now the university of maryland did release a statement saying they're committed to creating a learning and working environment that is free of sexual violence and i can also
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say they are adding funding and personnel to the title nine office, and that's the office that investigates things like sexual assaults on campus. reporting live in college park, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. a call for calm. donald trump's campaign manager is calling on president obama and hillary clinton to speak out against political violence. kellyanne conway sent out a tweet about a recent cnn interview with an antitrump to fight back. the protester also said, quote, people have to die to make change in this world. white house press secretary josh earnest weighed in saying the president believes the right to free speech should be protected >> it is veterans day, we're going to show you how those who served were honored across the region >> you can say it was the icing
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attempted to enter the record books in maryland. >> looks delicious's it was a beautiful veterans day all around the region. temperatures here in dc reached the nearly upper 60's most of the region low to middle 60's. will not be the case as we head through your saturday. good news, we're expecting a sun-filled and dry weekend. bad news, temperatures taking a a little bit of a plunge. we'll have much more on what you can expect as far as the weather is concerned for this we'll be right back after this
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at the tomb of the unknown. the sights and sounds from these events. ? ? >> today on honor those who honored our country. with its highest form of service. you, who once wore the uniform of our army, navy, air force, marines, or coast guard, we owe you our thanks. we owe you our respect. we owe you our freedom.
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profound gratitude for the sacrifices and contributions you and your family made on the battlefield, at home, and at out posts around the world. on veterans day, we acknowledge humbling, that we can never serve our veterans in quite the same way they served us, but we can try, we can practice kindness, we can pay it forward. we can volunteer. we can serve. we can respect we can always get each other's backs. god bless all who served and still do. 's may god bless the united states of america. a group of senior citizens in alexandria celebrated veterans day by singing songs
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blankets. the mt. vernon was a member of the 77th infantry division during world war ii. his division is being profiled in the medical gibson film, hacksaw ridge. this is a memorable veterans day for an army officer from louisiana who was nearly killed during combat in afghanistan in 2011. >> captain luis vi an outpatient in bethesda. >> bob barnard barnard said hollywood hole star power helped to make this day happen. >> reporter: it's a veterans day homecoming like few others. the new home of army captain luis az illa, severely injured by a road side bomb in
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wife call their forever home. >> and this home is going to row store independence, your pride, your mobility >> while we never can truly repay the debt we owe luis, we can strive to show him and his brothers and sisters in arms our appreciation and gratitude whenever possible >> gary sinise helped to make this day happen. this now the gary sinise our nation's most severely wounded war veterans. >> there's all kinds of cool things in here that will allow the captain and his family to better be cared for and for him to have a little more independence. >>reporter: it's a so-called smart home to make life easier, everything inside and outside of the house donated by partners of the gary sinise foundation.
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a building. this is going to be our house, our home. >> captain's wife claudia and the couple's three sons releasing wounds for their military friends who died in the last year. captain lost a leg and suffered brain injury in afghanistan. >> sinise played the part of a wounded vietnam veteran in the >> it's good to be able to take the success and do something good for people who provide our freedom for us. one of those things is building these homes all around the country for wounded service members, and people that are severely injured in service to our country. >> thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: on this veterans
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newer new neighbors salute you. in chevy chase maryland, bob barnard, fox 5 local news. what a wonderful gift. >> fantastic. for it to be the 52nd home they've done, just -- that's good, good work. coming up mike thomas will be joining us after the break >> he'll have a look at the forecast and how cool it will get. we'll be right back.
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now at hhgregg. get up to 40% off storewide. plus 24-months special financing. and free delivery. all with our low price guarantee. appliances. electronics. furniture. hhgregg the countdown is on to one of the biggest super moons in generations. what makes it so special? it's how close the moon gets to earth. it will light up the sky monday, it is the closest the moon will be to the earth since 1948. if you miss the big event monday
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moon in his close will be in 2034. >> yeah, yeah. >> i feel like we've heard this every four months. how many have we had >> this is the second one >> really, really, really super >> this is a super dooper moon, if you come in hear and talk about another super moon >> we're going to do it on december 14th. that's the this but it won't be this close. it will be 1,000 miles further. >> i'm with tony >> we've had three, one in october, one in november, one more next month. then we only have one next year. just one next to december. >> what do you care anymore? >> you both have a point. you look up in the sky and everybody expects half the sky
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>> has that ever happened, unless >> unless the moon is crashing into earth. we don't want that. live look outside. chilly but you will start to notice. sarah simmons noticed it last night. moon is starting to get brighter and super moon best time will probably be sunday night. beauty with these things is in the details. when we say super moon monday, it will actually be super full and closest to earth on monday morning. still, you really won't the difference. we're worried about cloud cover on monday night. again, sunday any time during the evening hours will be best time to see it. again next one this close will be november, 2034, next super moon, only a month away. today's high, 67 at reagan. a beautiful veterans day. thank you to all the veterans out there have not dulles airport 64, bwi, 66. those will not be the highs tomorrow, about ten to 15 degrees cooler for your
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will fall, really kind of take a plummet, will be a little breezy through tonight and first half on the day tomorrow. after the noon hour, the wind will subside and second half will be good in the wind department but still cool. 20's and 30's, widespread freeze watch already in effect. i'll show you that, by sunday afternoon, turning little milder we'll get back into the 60's, should be lots of sunshin towards that windshield game at 1:00, satellite and radar, snowflakes flying, maybe over the mountains of west virginia, a snow flurry or two. we're currently at 60 degrees, look at the 40's and the 30's already popping up off to the north and to the west. big imtan new york, 36, 44 in pittsburgh, 45 at club, you see
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cooler air on the way as we head through the next three, four hours you'll notice the difference, martinsburg, 26, 25 hagerstown, 23 at frederick. it's those winds that will be bringing in that cooler air, high pressure settling in. strong area of high pressure pushing that frontal boundary down to the north, most of the ramp is heading to the 30's. we head into the overnight hours, here's what you can exct tomorrow, 40 in washington. remember, we measured the air temp down the river, little question mark there. most heading for the 30's, 34 at gaithersburg, 33 at frederick, 31 hagerstown, cold enough that we're expecting frost around the i95 corridor including the cities of dc and baltimore, frost advisory overnight into the day tomorrow as well. jet stream taking a dip to the south and because of that, tomorrow afternoon, temperatures only in the 40's for some of our northern suburbs and lower 50's
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well. 54 is our only high for your day saturday. again knock weather concerns, just will be a little cool and breezy first half. sunday cold start but much better as we should return to the 60s by 3:00, 4:00, pretty much as the redskins game is wrapping up. there are your lows sunday. 36 in washington, look at all 32 degree marks areas below freezing, we do have a freeze watch in effect fo into sunday morning, plants outside consider bringing them inside as we head through the course of this weekend. fox 5 weather 54 for saturday. 62 sunday, bubble back down, thanks to the chance of showers, heading to the course next week, fall comes back, we get our 60 backs tuesday, we kind of hang out in the low to mid 60 as we head through wednesday, thursday, friday. just a couple of chances of showers, no big rain events
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mall was the place to be on veterans day, monumental cake, the tallest pyramid cake ever built. officials certified the cake this afternoon, it is more than nine feet tall. the chef who oversaw the project says it was team effort to get the cake made. >> we have 350 hours of baking alone, you know, 160 hours of planning and organizing. you know, we had to create a
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where you basically assembled the cake. i can't see anymore cake the next tweaks. it doesn't matter what cake you're going to bring me. there might be something on the inside. >> you previous record for the tallest cake was six and a half feet. this cake weighing 6500 pounds, that includes 5500 pounds of cake, 300 pounds of raspberry decorations, the cake could serve 32,000 slices and people had a chance to pew one for a dollar. proceeds benefit fisher house to help serve military family. >> i do that every thanksgiving. i didn't realize it was a guinness thing. thanksgiving is coming. >> that's right. >> bring some of that left over cake in; >> my family is hungry.
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>> it's about seven million calories. >> wow >> gym time after the holidays. >> yeah, you're right. >> that's a food coma, happens. >> so cool tomorrow morning. right, much colder tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon sunny and cool as well. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00, >> keep it here. #5at630 is coming up
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happy friday and boy has it been a long week. >> it has and it's over almost >> there's a lot to come after that. let's get right to it. members of his presidential transition team. as you can see on the side of your run down, this is one of our top talkers at 6:30, you're invited to join the conversation, tweet us using #5at630. vice president elect mike pence will serve as chairman, take over for new jersey governor chris christie. he will stay on the team as the vice chair along with ben


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