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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  November 13, 2016 8:00am-8:30am EST

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this is fox 5 news morning. good morning, everybody, welcome to fox 5 news morning on this sunday. november 13th, 2016, i'm annie yu >> good to see you >> welcome back. >> thank you very good to be back in dc after a couple days up in the city that never sleeps, coming back to a freezing, freezing morning. what the heck happened >> november arrived >> it was spring last week. all of a sudden, gone >> we have turned a page as the fall weather and had chilly morning including today, down right cold. it is certainly beautiful, we have another day filled with
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looking >> waking up to 37 reagan national, dulles 30 last hour 24, bwi marshal 38. with the sunrising a little bit earlier in the morning since we fell back, we're seeing temperatures jump quickly but they're still very cold. manassas 28. you were at 21 last hour and there are low 20's still showing up. otherwise temperatures in the 30's, and a hard freeze for many of you, 30 in gaithersburg, 37 in washington, maybe frost out there on the lawn or the cars. 42 in annapolis and 38 in baltimore. we still have that freeze warning out for the washington baltimore metro until about 9:00 a.m. almost done with these freezing temperatures, if you're not already as we'll see them climb quickly.
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let get straight to the forecast, vikings back in town, by week is over. it's going to be perfect football weather. it is cold. if you're watching us about to head out to fedex field, you need the winter jacket, hat gloves and sunglasses, strong sun, dress in layers, by the time we hit kickoff, temperatures are in the 50's and 60's by the middle of the game. it actually is going to turn mild later this afternoon. 62 so yesterday we only made it into the 50's. anywhere, a little bit warmer later this afternoon, should be a nice day. work week preview state ahead. prince george's county investigating a stabbing, two small children in the hospital after they were stabbed. fox 5 alexandra limon joining us from district heights with the latest. alex, what happened? >> reporter: annie, there's a
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i can tell you the investigation is fluid at this point. however, i can tell you this is a horrible crime we're dealing with, two very young kids were stabbed last night. and are in critical condition. now, the stabbing happened here on the 1700 block of dennis court in district heights around 10:30 last night. a lot happened since then. at one point, we heard the children were about two and three years old. as you can imagine, situation was very chaotic. at this point, the prince george's county police department says they can't confirm the exact ages other than to say those children are very young. at one point, we'd also heard they'd been upgraded to stable condition, unfortunately, this morning, again, the spokesperson said she does not believe that's the case. and sadly believes as of the last update she got they are still in critical condition. now, some new information that
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taken to the hospital. however, we don't know what type of injuries he suffered or how he suffered them. again, a very fluent situation and we still i have no idea what could have possibly led to two such young kids being stabbed in a home here last night. just to give you an idea of what we're dealing with, let me read i was tweet sent by the spokesperson of the prince george's county fire department last night after this happened, he said, medics, our finds cannot forget what our eyes have seen, horrific, horrible, yet we have to help. that gives you an idea of what first responders may have been dealing with. we will, of course, stay on top of the latest updates in this crime. we will bring them to you on line, you can follow me at alexandria fox 5 dc on twitter
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news casts throughout the day. annie? >> i'll take it from here. college park, police searching for a missing universitily maryland student, 21 anxiety caitlin george went missing thursday, she was last caught on camera leaving her dorm room for a planned camping trip with a friend. the friend called police when george never showed up. right now, police do not suspect foul play. developing overnight, a mall in new york was saturday afternoon after reports of a shooting there. police are still looking for an alleged gunman, gunshots were heard at a mall that sent choppers into a panic, no one was hurt. police say a confrontation between two men may have started the shooting. meanwhile the u.s. embassy in afghanistan is closed following to deadly attacks on a german consulate at an american military base, four american, two soldiers and two contractors
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on the taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks. protests happening around the country. new york organizers blocked photographic in new york's time square and chanted not my president. protesters are also gathering or major cities including chicago, las vegas, indianapolis. in las vegas, seven arrested. hillary clinton said her campaign had been winning against donald trump until the fbi reopened the e-mail investigation, she also method other factors like sexism and voters wanting change. the election now come and gone but snl went right back to drama last night >> in the first episode since republican donald trump, became the country's next president
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note. >> here say live look of the white house this morning, it is a gorgeous start to sunday. and it's only going to get better from here. we'll be right back. k. ? ? even hollywood's latest sweetheart
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. time is 8:09. celebrate american education week honor teachers who take on the landing thankless job >> one year anniversary since the terrorist attacks in paris. we take a look at those in the week ahead. >> sunday one year since the horrific paris terror attacks on november 13th, 2015, at least 130 people were killed and hundreds of others injured. in widespread coordinated attacks. isis claimed responsibility prompting a global security crack down. monday is the start of the 95th annual american education week. oh,ed by the national education association, the week honors those who make a difference in teaching the country's children. also monday, the president begins his trans-atlantic tour, mr. obama will travel to grease
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germany. he'll entailed peru friday. folks around the globe observe world diabetes day, eyes on diabetes. events are held to promote the importance of screening for type two diabetes. saturday is international men's day, the theme is stop male suicide sponsored by the dad for kids fatherhood foundation. it aims to promote family friendly policies that support men and improve the well-being of children we'll recognizing the contribution men and boys make to those around him.
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night opened its show with no jokes, a take a look. ? ? >> it was just comedian and indicate mic kin. ended the song referencing all the unrest. saying i'm not giving up and neither should you. most people commented that it was a perft somber week. >> no alec bald win. he had so much to say about the election. >> i was able to catch up this morning but he did not appear. we'll have to see if he makes a return or if darryl hammond gets the job back. >> it will be interesting. >> time now is 8:12. he's going to be our next
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strong presence on social media >> president-elect trump is making a promise why he's stepping away from twitter. we'll have that and much more coming up.
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i know all the old songs. that's my only purpose. >> i only know it from the late 90's. >> fitz is a big fan. i love that. the countdown is on to one of the biggest super moons in generations, what makes it special is how close the moon gets to the when the super man will light up the sky monday, it's the closest the moon has been to the earth since 1948 >> i remember that. >> do you really >> maybe. >> if you miss the big event monday you'll have to wait to see it again, the next time we're going to get to see a full moon this close will be in 2034, we're talking a good 18 years here >> i'm a little bit with tony perkins on this one.
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super moon like >> seems that way but caitlin and i were talking about this yesterday, super moon isn't a technical term. we overuse it when it's really not a super moon. >> yes. >> and i'm going to let caitlin explain. she's our meteorologist expert but caitlin, what makes this so unique is the distance? it's going to be brighter and closer >> closer, brighter, bigger, it actually is the superest of the super moons. so in other words, caitlin wants us to stop overusing super moon >> it's tough, because full moons, you know, they are so big and they are so bright. we seem to have the biggest of them per year, this one actually is a super moon. >> you're right, annie, it is not a technical term, astronomers have my been using that for years and year, it's been recent thanks to popular
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if you want to see this one late tonight into early monday morning, it is the full closest approach the moon to our pleasant, 14% bigger, 40% brighter, closest since 1948. moon rise right before sunset this afternoon, 4:43 p.m. and 6:36 monday morning. if we can beat the clouds coming in, you'll have really great viewing. skies, it will be beautiful to look at. next one november of 2034. a long time coming. the moon looked gorgeous last night. it will again this evening. if you do get those great super moon pics send them to us. temperatures cold for any star gazing overnight. 37 in washington, but we started at 35 in dc, widespread 20's northwest of town and still in manassas culpeper.
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warmer along the weather, 42 annapolis and 45 in stevensville. 47 boston, 43 new york city, some really cold temperatures centered across the midatlantic from wash up through pittsburgh then up through bing to my new york, 25 in columbus, 28 in lexington, cold canadian high pressure overhead. delivers those chilly temperatures a the night. also delivers a sunshine, clear skies as we look at satellite and radar. it will also be a little bit milder by the the p.m. hours, futurecast clear skies all day, sunshine and clear skies early, moon viewing is very, very nice after moon rise, then overnight hours, notice byly 8:00 a.m. clouds rolling in from the south, the best super moon viewing tomorrow morning is going to be from washington and points north. those clouds look to increase during the overnight from south to north, most of monday does look cloudy, we got a little storm system skirting by towards south and east.
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get closer to washington. a good chance, rain showers. we'll see rain. we need the rain, doesn't look like much. the cold does not last. it is very chilly this morning, but we aren't expecting another cold night like this in the foreseeable if you have no we'll get into the 60's by this afternoon and a lot of 60's showing up in our seven-day forecast. here's what to expect later on this afternoon, 62 and sunny, it does turn milder, dress in layers for today, there's those showers coming through on monday, a cloudy day, mostly cloudy with a lingering shower tuesday. sun and clouds by wednesday and we turn pleasant towards next weekend. temperatures in the 60's. >> i did the math, i'll be 70 years old in 2034. not good.
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donald trump is pledging restraint on twitter. in an interview with 60 minutes that will air tonight, he said he's going to be, quote, very restrained, if eyes it at all. he went on to tremendous. he said he thinks it helped him win the election and thinks it's more powerful than money >> imagine coming across bruce springsteen on the side road. this happened in my home town of howell new jersey. he broke down on a motorcycle. the stranded, a group of veterans stopped to help him and gave him a lift to the nearby mulligan's on route 33. they chatted with bruce for awhile before he got his ride and he went off on his own.
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bruce took their phone numbers and beers were had and $100 bill were you left on the bar. mulligan's had quite a day. >> that is a great story. time is 8:22. you're watching fox 5 news at 8:00. we'll be right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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welcome back, the time is 8:24. chris wallace the host of fox news sunday joins us with a perspective of today. >> good morning. i know you have kellyanne conway and as recently as friday, there was turmoil and changes in that transition team with chris christie no longer on the team do you think that conway will be willing to give you more insight into really what's going on with that transition an might expect from donald trump's cabinet >> we certainly hope so. that's why we have her on. i think there are a couple of questions we may ask kellyanne conway. first, about the transition. how soon we're going to go see announcements and there's big questions, for instance, chief of staff, will trump pick an insider like reince priebus or will he pick an outsider like steve bannon who used to be the head of bright bard. that will be one of the issues.
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trump said something very interesting on friday in an interview with the "washington post," he suggested instead of repealing and replacing they might amend it. well, that's very different from what it on the campaign trail. again, we're going to be looking for tea leaves. i don't expect her to make staff monument, the president-elect will do that, but to give us an indication of where donald trump will be. will he talk about draining the swamp as he campaign or will he be michelle obama of a con sill 88er. >> i know you have representative mccarthy on and will he be working with a unified republican house >> kevin mccarthy our other big guest, we'll be talking with him as well. i will tell you, ronica, i get the sense house republicans are like kids in a candy store,
8:27 am
last eight years by barack obama now they realize they can get it through and get it to the president's desk, this president will sign it. >> thank you so much, you can catch fox news at 9:00 a.m. on the hill, right after our show
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i pledge to every american, this is not the outcome we wanted, what we worked so hard for and i'm sorry that we did not win this election. the values we share and the vision we hold. >> a divided nation moves forward but tensions between the two parties still riding high on the hill starts right now. this is fox 5 news on the hill. good morning, it is sunday, november 13th, i'm ronica cleary alongside tom fitzgerald. >> i love that music at the start of that show. gets you such a great mood >> i was out of town a couple days this week. did anything happen? >> yeah, just a little bit. >> so busy.


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