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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> right now a father accused of stabbing his two young children. >> i grabbed towels and tried todd stop some of the bleeding. >> family and neighbors are now respend together horrific ales plus what police are saying about the suspect's criminal history. >> and then the next step in president-elect trump transition to the white house and who he is tapping for senior >> dazzling display lighting up the sky tonight. "fox5 local news" starts now. >> thank you for joining us tonight i'm lawsh lauren. >> i'm jim lokay. >> off the top tonight at 11 the search is on for people that stabbed two young men wheaton metro station. >> "fox5" was on the scene our lindsay watts has the latest. >> the stabbings happened righted in the west entrance of the wheaton metro station. right in this area here.
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victims are 15 and 16 years old. those are expected to survive. and investigators say they did know the suspects. important to know what's just above us here. you can see two security cameras this crime was caught on camera and we asked police for footage tonight and they're not releasing it yet. want to she you what we saw when we first arrived here today. stabbings happened before 3:00 and big police response both montgomery countsy and metro police were here investigating for hours. you can see the closing and the bags that were and as far as the suspect, again, police say they did know the victims and they're likely young guys as well and right now police are still trying to identify the man that stabbed two victims. they have id'd third person involved who didn't actually stab anybody. they're waiting for an.
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well equipped with cameras. pretty much every public space of every station has camera coverage and this station is no exception. we're very hopeful cameras will prove fruitful in this case as well. >> the big police presence earlier did disrupt some of bus stops here at the station. they had to be moved outside to the street there. but metro service continued to run as usual and tonight everything here at the station is back to normal. wheaton, local news". >> to prince george country now a father did the unthinkable. he's accusing of stabbing his own children at a home dep is court in district height last night. christian dill hard is accuses of sexually assaulting a woman he once had a romantic relationship weapon with. he's in cust by and facing numerous charges, alexandra limon reports. >> we spoke to both family members and neighbors that to
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about the two little boys who are just two and three years old and were allegedly stand by their own father. both family members and police say it was their father who is responsible. >> ron port versus suspect's brother. he's still trying to deal with the violent events that took place in the family's district heights home on saturday. >> they arrested 25-year-old sexually assaulted his ex. saturday morning then fled before police arrived. police say he returned that evening and had the violence at his sons. >> depressed about the relationship -- >> please say the boys were stabbed multiple teams and this neighbor describes the chaotic scene following the attack. >> i foe he probably was
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it was in my house. >> family membered ruch the little boy to her house after he was stabbed. >> i tried to stop some of the bleeding and you know it fet like they would never come. >> prince george county police said people were frequently calm and domestic issues between the boys apeens and court documents show dill hard has lengthy criminal history. after allegedly raping his exthat morning dill hard came back home and several people were home including children yet no one called police and neighbors say this about the suspect. >> nobody in this neighborhood could say he was a bad guy. he had those kids up and down here every day. bring tears to my eyes. he loved those kid. i don't know what set him off
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issues and he wanted to be the man he wanted to be but was going through life with hurdles and he could not overcome and it bam a burden and i guess the stress of life took him to another level. >> despite being stabbed multiple times both of the boys are expected to be okay. reporting in district heights, alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". >> on to presidential transition. president-elect donald trump is beginning to shape new there's another hire getting a lot of attention tonight. here's fox's ed henry. >> president-elect donald trump made it official tapping steve banion to be chief strategist and counselor and ryan will serve as chief of staff. >> swriingts super star. >> outgoing republican party share whan is more of tact tition and close ties with
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>> it was a lightning rod of cits same because of move in alt right movement but has loyalty to trump. >> the thing i don't understand in this campaign he's been general and worked closely with ryan and the rest of us. he tried to tam it down between two different power septemberers in white house improving heltion help. secure borders and repeal and replace obamacare and destroy radical islamic terrorism. please elect also signaled immigration as top priority in interview with cbs 60 minutes vowing to deport millions of illegal immigrants. >> gang numbers, drug dealers, there's a lot of these people.
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>> and picking a previouseder may help in washington but it's a warping sign not leave sight of the outsider message that i got him. >> the swamp doesn't want to be trained and it will suck you in if you threat. >> trump sat off alarm bells. by listening to him about keeping leg say itemsp in place and then telling "wall street journal"and 60 minutes in separate interviews will keep some parts of obamacare. >> with the children living with parents for extended period. >> a lot of trump missing he already said during the campaign he would keep popular parts of obamacare like keeping kids on parents' plans and preventing insurance companies from not cover offing prekiingting sknz and some of trump's supporters want nothing shorts of full repeal. ed henry. fox news. >> turning to weather now. hopefully you got outside and got a glimpse of super moon tonight. see that plane that flew across
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by our photo journalist applegate. this is brightest in 7 decades. it won't be this bright again in year 2034. right now bundle up. temperatures are dropping. gwynn it's getting chilly out there. >> it is getting chilly out there you know lauren, not as cold as last night and definitely cold night. these high pressure in control and light winds. let's look at details with the super moon for you though. like lauren said get out and take a look. 2034 is long ways away. it will set at 6:3 6 monday morning and 14% bigger and 30% brighter and there's a total of six super moons in 2016. we already had four. this will be one december 14.
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all and above surpriseal average. cold night in tap for you now. right now temperatures into 30s. we have a few 40s and 20s on map. 45 degrees d.c. this hour 36 baltimore and 2 dulles and 28 mannasas. so ep coulding an eye on wet weather to south of us we have a coastal system there and that is making its way towards us. we're going to be dealing with that tomorrow. in the meantime 9 for hard-of-hearing night low. mostly clearer skies. bundle a cold one. full forecast is ahead, back to you. >> gwynn, straight ahead marking somber anniversary tonight. >> one year since deadly terror
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>> france is marking somber anniversary. it was one year ago today paris was attacked >> 130 people were killed and hundreds wounded in series of attacks carried out by isis. earlier today survivors and relatives of the victims joined with france's political lead others to honor those that died. fox's garrett teny has more. >> reporter: for a lot of folk in paris it feels like yesterday these horrific terror attacks devastated city, country and rest of world.
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to honor 130 people killed in series high lie coordinate add tacks targeting bars, restaurant, music venues anticipates sports stadium. this morning at each location survivors and family members of victims stood in silence as names of those that lost lives were recited and looked on as they laided wraemings and plaques to honor those that lost lives. for some fur survivors return fog are first time brought back horrors of the night. some ink skaz between the ter rit and police there were sop of of the bullet went into the wall app i was just on the other side of the wall. >> today's ceremonies follow last night's reopening of bacaclan concert hall. tickets for the reopening sold out and british pop legend sting opened his performance with a most of silence. even a year later france
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emergency. >> only one of terrorist behind the attacks is believed to be alive and one year laider salam is in jail awaiting trial in france. in washington, i'm garrett teny, fox news. >> u.s. embassy new afghanistan is temporarily closed following the deadly attack the the air fie in afghanistan. suicide bomber killed four americans and wounded 17 others. two victims killed were soldiers and two were contractors. and taliban limd responsibility for the attack and u.s. embassy said today's closure was temporary, precaution arie measure. >> straight ahead a chance for rain for the start ever the workweek. >> gwynn will be back with the
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for months i've been complaining about humidity and now it's statistic, dry, cold, all that always something tore know complain about in the hair department. >> here's the thing i can not say anything.
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if you do and damned if you don't. >> you deal with statistic with your clothing. >> moving along long here. you know, dry air. rain coming. maybe that will help. a few showers headed our way once we get into tomorrow. you know what we need the rain. >> and that's fwraet to be able to see the super moon. some of you sent really nice pictures you've taken and we've had great video on the web site. check that out. definitely 14% bigger and 30% brighter. it's going to be a moon to be worth seeing closest to the earth and the next one happens 2034 and way, way back what do
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that's a good example. we'll have one december 14 not was close as this one tonight. six in total for 2016 year and we had four so far. on december 14 you get to the see another one. it won't be this spectacular. this is the one you want to see. forecast time now skies right bright, cold, mostly clear. speaking of rain early week is definitely tomorrow. weee plenty of sunshine this the 7 day forecast once we get past the rain and temperatures start to rise. we're headed to mid 60s before the week is over. all right where are we now temperature wise. told out there. bundle up. 6 gaithersburg and 45 city and 36 baltimore and nap sis list at 45 this hour and chilly 28le at mannasas and 42 dulles and 35 martinsburg.
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atlantic as you can see. we're not alone. temperatures for tomorrow will be above the seasonal average by afternoon hours. in the meantime tonight overnight lows into the 0s and few 20s to north and to northwest. under those clear skies. jet stream south of us. we're going to see 50s and 60s once we get to tomorrow. upper 50s. low 60s for daytime highs and rain definitely. now we have a system to the southern coast. and that's what's going t starts to move north. month elz in a little disagreement. some wants to make the rain hang around longer into tuesday than others. we'll have to watch it. early morning hours chilly. in the afternoon i mentioned we will number 60s and up 50s tomorrow. looks like rain comes later part of day just in time for evening commute, folks. lookts at this. mrementty of clouds earlier
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tuesday. here's morning hours as well. look at this it keeps it happening around until midday or so. before it starts to pull out. so planner for tomorrow by midday double fives kicking in and dry conditions there and clouds rolling in by 4:00 hour. and they'll continue to increase ahead of the system. 9 for tonight. mostly skleer skies. light winds and gold 62. 58 city tomorrow partly sun a take a look at the 7 day forecast. temperatures start to climb, wow, mid 60s by friday. not bad aat all and mr. mr. presidenttive sunshine and dry conditions past the rain. as i said we need the rain. we'll be back after the break. don't go far.
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>> that's going to change. first strike longing to cousins and company today. 1st quarter goes back and jamison crowder in the end zone. four yard touchdown. skins up 7-0. in 2nd quarter give credit to hometown guy vernon davis gets 38 yard dprach cousins makes it look easy. skins up 14-0 and vikings tie it up and chris thompson one of
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an down goes brad ford and strikeings. skins win 26-20. everybody is talking about preston. >> jay has been riding me like which one of them horses like you know i feel like jay is jockey and i'm the horse trying to win the race he's been riding me so hard and not giving me a break and telling me you need better rush, every day, every day, one-on-one he tells me he will come down and watch me and make sure i get the rushing and makes sure i'm on -- i could be on ses he tells me i'm not. >> couple moves never know i thought i would get in end zone. he's been plague good ball. >> confidence booster. hopefully we continue that production the rest of season because we don't node it. >> we know every game -- when you rarely have a game. most games we are playing will be close games and you know you have to have that mind-set going into every game and
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>> next up green bay packers sunday night. >> i like that they won and they look good in the old school uniform. >> you like that.
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oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant. >> one more glimpse of super moon we showed you in our area this is what it looked like over spain a favorite sfot watch it there on a hill top
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sitting in that area. beautiful. >> really is. that's money shot there. >> yeah. >> so cool. >> sound nice to be watching it there. >> get out and look tat it's beautiful bundle up. >> cold tonight and rain on
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>> today on "matter of fact," you were a witness to history as the trump era puts republicans firmly in charge. >> the american people are looking for results. >> how will they use it? >> people at the bottom of the income l chance. >> can you get behind the president-elect? >> it could be a big win. the one issue that could pull americans together. and washington in need of a job. >> i came to washington, d.c., with a young wife and daughter. >> what he wants you to consider this veterans day. but first -- soledad: what is ahead for the next four years. i am soledad o'brien.


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