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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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minutes. president-elect trump donald trump and his wife melaniat-el n spoke on the cbs program "60gr " minutes" last night. nig it was his first sit down interview since his stunning stg victory over hillary clintonerlt in the race for the whitee wte house. trump is changing his tune on one of his most hard dents d campaign promises those t 12 million illegal immigrantsmma he wanted to deport.or now he's only thinking off sending back a fraction of that number. number. >> what we are going to do iss get the people that are criminal and h records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these people probably proba 2 million could even beeven 3 million we're getting them wet out of our country or we're we' going to incarcerate.arcete we're getting them out of ourt r country that are here illegally. >> trump says some areas willsow need a wall built while other o places will be fine with just a fence being put up. >> donald trump announced theout
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he's a washington ie nsider is i and was the republican partyy chairman he has close ties tose house speaker paul ryan. >> protests again against againt president-elect trump continues across the country npd manhattan on sunday someyom thousand protestors carriedstor signs in english and spanish spi saying things like hate won'tat make us great and chanted we chw are here to there were also to o protests in los angelesn loange philadelphia san franciscois portland oregon and other andthr locations.lotion here at home montgomerymonte county police investigating a case of what appears to be politically at the pistorius cop church ofho our sale eighty four in silverit spring. the sign outside the church indicating mass is offered in spanish were painted with w trump nation whites only. onl >> people say two men were stabbed just inside the the wheaton metro station.. it happened yesterday.da police are looking for two towo three suspect and they hopehe surveillance cameras above the e
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help in this case. meanwhile in that prince george's county two young brothers allegedly stabbed bygec their own father continue to recover this morning following the horrific attack saturday mific now, their father, christian cii dillard is now charged withrgedw attempted murder.dur he's also accused of sexually assaulting a woman at that tha home earlier in the day ander ia that he previously had a a romantic relationship.hip. the boys just two and threeandhe years old were stabbedst multiple times.. records show police wererd called to the home numeroushoumr times in the past for issuesue the search continues for a f missing university of maryland n student who was last seen on >> the young woman was tng w supposed to meet a friend forenf a camping trip but she neverhe n made it. 's melanie alnwick is live in le college park maryland with the latest details this morning. mel. >> reporter: there's nore's reason to suspect foul suspect f placement now, university oft no maryland police were able tobl trace some of kaitlyn'sace movements. they tell us that sheso
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white taxi on campus here at 4:44 in the afternoon onon thursday and that taxi thenhen took her off campus. they say that she was droppedasp off at a marina in baltimore'sms federal hill neighborhood.borh police also were able tocele look at some security footage fo there which showed that kaitlyn got into what they saytn was an suv that appeared to beat waiting for her.waiting for she was also seen the next nex morning on a charm cityharm c circulator bus there in there baltimore city. c years old.. she's 5 feet 3-inches tall, 121 pounds, hazel eyes blond hair last seen wearing black leggings a green long sleeve jacket with bright socks.s. friends tell that you saynds kaitlyn is happy,te friendly,ri, outgoing, she's part of an adventure club here at the school, really as you can imagine they say this is totally uncharacteristic forti her. police tell us that> po they're continuingli theg investigation until they knowio that kaitlyn in s okay. oka live at university ofy of maryland, i'm melanie alnwick,an
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>> 4:33 is the time right now.hw happening today, the parents tod of a prince william countylliamc high school student who saysstuh he was mistreated at schoolt soo for wearing a t-shirt t-shi supporting donald trump willp il meet with school officialsol oia today.y. jason blakely is a freshman at a hylton high school in princennc william county.wi he and his father sat downher sw with fox5 last week and his andh father says jason was harassedd by students in the common areas of the t schoo the school officials stepped in and forced him to cover up cr that shirt or go home o hishirt dad say os he should be able too wear his t-shirt.hi. >> george's county, the family they institute is offering parentsis training and background checksrh tonight free of charge.f crg it all starts at 4:00 is the:0is judge sylvania woods school in glenarden.enarde. there's background checks and fingerprinting through childinti protective services.ces. >> 4:44 is the time. let's get to. gary mcgrady and talk aboutalk u the supermoon. super >> it was super, sire because
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but still -- look how cold it hl is out there.. 25 degrees in frederick thishi inrning. dulles 27. that's a freeze. a fre 25 degrees for manassas andas quantico is down around freezing.freeng fredericksburg is well belowwelw freezing at 28 degrees, evens, e leonardtown is getting closeettg to freezing at 32, annapolis aal in the lower 40's and we're a w still sitting at 40 degreest 40e here in town.n t look, down to the south of u us we have c this morning.or. so, the moon, yes, is beautiful. i think it's at its fullestul point about 6:20 something:20 so like that this tha clouds will overtake the area later on this morning andng eventually we will get some showers. it looks like hopefully,e hopey, hopefully, now this is not a guarantee t-but hopefullyef these showers will hold off off until after the eveningheveni commute but it's going to begoie real, real, re i think we'll start to getl stag some southern area rainfall byy
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spread up into the region.p intr it's not going to be a completely dry commute thistely afternoon. it will be a completely dry d l beomplet commute this morning, lots of sunshine, m too. t. cool today.oday temperatures will only be up b into the upper 50's. the uer 5 now, down south it will bell b cooler.. fredericksburg, culpeper, culpe manassas, quantico.uanto. because the clouds willusth overtake you quicker soke qui limited amounts of sunshinentofs there. if you're farther northtn and west you'll have a coupleavu more hours of sunshine thane anybody else and we'll expect ec some showers overnight tonighton and for the first part ofrst pao tomorrow t here's kaitlyn -- kan not kaitlyn, i'm s saw her name. sa here's erin como. erin i think i do need a cupd a of coffee.e. i'm on the struggle bus this morning. morn >> it's monday morning and ifmod you're waking upay and need your coffee too the good news is news you can take your time. roads are quiet. quiet across the wilson bridgen b flowing freely. 66, 66 eastbound from 234 to 28 quiet once you get into centreville centreville to theio beltway also flowing
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problem free and we're quiete'rt across all area bridgeses including the american leachac the wilson 395 entire stretchtr beltway to the 14th street idge.e. freeway eastbound and westbound cruising along. in southern maryland it'sbound s quiet drive right now problem pl free in accokeek as you make y m your way up through fortouort washington. no problems in upper marlboroo on four. i'll let you know if and whenhe that changes.. metro gearing up for serviceer at 5:00. >> alarming study when it comes o post traumatic stres its impact on teen girls. >> cleanup efforts overseas ines new zealand following a powerful and deadly earthquakeqe that triggered tsunami the time is 4:37. 4 stay with us.s.
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tracker. >> good morning, everybody on this firninrs t up, president-elect trump donald trump in his in h first post election tv tv interview says he will not he wl take a salary while he'ss president. instead he'll take one dollaronl a year instead of the $400,000 $ the job pays. p in the "60 minutes" interviewtee trump admitted he didn't evendne know how much the presidente makes. he first promised not to take te is a salary on the campaign camg trail last year and he will be the third u.s. president inde history to do so. next up, in al they say murdered a cher a che rivers deputy yesterdayvers morning in d modesto. mes police say 36-year-old david machado shot deputy dennisnis wallace twice in the head at a point blank range afterfter wallace discovered him in a i stolen vehicle. vic they say machado then machado t carjacked a driver justdri minutes later. police say machado was a known k criminal already wanted on a felony warrant. next up a new study of of teen girls shows why they'rehey' more likely to develop post pos
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experiencing a trauma than teen boys. teen researchers say it's due toue differences in the brain.he b a part of the teen girl's brain is actually physically different when they manifestst symptoms of ptsd that's thehe brain region processes reg emotions. it's actually larger in traumatized boys and smallerma in girls.irls. now researchers say it say suggests girls might benefitir t from different al projects to treatment.treatment. and finally get ready for rf the latest hatch a mole. they're eggs that hatch into h that furry creatures.ry creatur already sold out.y o once it hatches it goes through three life stages. it sings hatchy birthday between each stage and it retails for $60. but are being sold for hundreds or thousands off dollars on ebay. eba guess who won't be gettingng the hatch a mole for christmas? my son. anyway, over you to all.u to a >> all right.>>ll r
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apparently.apre 4:41 is the time. you know what this mor4:ning thi search continues for a missing s maryland college student. sde police don't suspect any foul al play. we've got the very latestry latt coming up in a live report.t. >> later protests continue this morning following donaldnig trum fp's eollection victory. his message to protesterssters straight ahead. ahead >> as we head to break, i love v this song here's a live look l across the d.c. region.egion. you've got two more hours to get a gander at the supe so if you want to head on amaybn outside.ou it is gorgeous. 4:42 is the time and it is a i crisp 40 degrees.0 de more fox5 news morning after this musical interlude.
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> i'm going to fox5 do very restrained all. i find it's tremendous.s. it's a modern form of communication. >> donald trump giving his firstd tr television interview r the first time since his his stunning victory. victo >> all right, it is monday november 14th.november 14t live look outside at 4:45 at the supermoon.. >> supermoon. >> you better hurry up andet take a look teat it because youe only got a little while longerie and then it's going to be go lne for probably about 20 more mor years. >> wow. >> then you won't get a chance
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>> good morning everyone.d mo thanks for joiningrn us. us. i'm maureen umeh. umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin. m our crew is here gary and erin talking weather and traffic. tr. >> look how nicely we allly w match today. >> yeah. we're buttressed by purple andnd black. >> we don't even plan these things. >> don't fool those people. foo >> ith texted wisdom and saidai get that purple tie out. >> no, you didn't. >> you finally have that cup tha of coffee. >> i think it was the light ofsh window that kept me awake. a it is >> look at that tha t >> oh, look at that t speaking k of planning, are you kidding me? >> was that a spaceship. tha >> its that's like et with at's kid and a bicycle going by.oiy. >> i have some breaking news. n. >> what's that. tha >> you said that was last night. >> yeah, we did plan that. [laughter][l >> hey, look, it's 30 percentpen brighter. that's a supermoigon. >> that is beautiful. butif >> it's a super supermoon supmo
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said they said 50 to a hundredun miles than just a normal supermoon. so, it wasn't much closer than -- it was just these crystal clear skies that akies made it -- and 30 percentpercent brighter that is significant.if. >> and it is. ook up looa point to l when i walked out this morningo because of the supermoon. >> i felt like people weree of l worse drivers because of the bee supermoon. >> because they wanted to turnur their headlights off.adli >> that's just the d.c. region. >> leave your headlights on. >> maureen making jokes this m morning. you didn'tak o don't worry. 40 degrees in town. deg look how cold it is out in the suburbs, though,d ditown in the 20's there. dulles it's super s cold. we're watching an area of low oo pressure, too. this is going to be the is go weather player for today. tay clouds come in at then we're going to get someet m showers coming on across. aos couple of the models are suggesting maybe just maybe we e pick up as much as a half inchh to in some cases an inch of rain out of this feature feare coming across.cros most of that will be to the t east of i-95.5.
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about not quite as much rain. r. maybe a quarter of an inch again as this continues to come on up. on up clouds for us this afternoon.fto then the rains come in and itn t looks like we'll be really rea close with the rain for thefor e evening commute, okay, just so o you southern areas should be getting some rain as early as 4 o'clock -- 3, 4 o'clock some c of in could spread into the t region by 5, 6 o'clock, okay, o, but maybe it will hold off and it will be more like seven or 8 o'clock before the rain gets g here's the forecast. generally cool today.. about 57 degrees 'cause we'll 'l lose our sunshine and then tomorrow we'll start off withrtf the possibility of a couple of o showers and then get into someoo sunshine tomorrow afternoon, aea little bit warm we are.le bithere's erin's she's got a look at traffic. trf >> thank up tucker -- i meanean gary. gary. >> that's so bad.>>s twice this morning i -- well, il i actually called you the wrong name. >> hey, you know, it happens.knp >> sorry erin.ry e >> it is all good.>>is a it's monday morning and here's ' the thing. it's only 4:48 so the dayo y can only get better from here. 270 southbound moving down dow
4:49 am
increased volume but trafficutff still moving without anyutny delays from 70 all the way t down. taking a look at 50 inside the t beltway through cheverly fromouh the beltway towards 295 cruising.ui same story on the outbounde side. no problems by annapolis state s bridge is clear and 66 and headlights coming eastboundts c inside the beltway throughom thu falls church in arlington very light volume. v outbound side same story t9595 definitely increasing volume by 123. in fact from daleal city to 123 you'll see all not enough to show you downshoww just yet as you make your waye y through that overpass. oveas we'll take a look at our mapsap at 4:49. southern maryland quiet drive. not seeing any problems hieereth is the green on the map from frederick and 70 is also nice and quiet right now.ghnow. we'll let you know if that changes. metro gearing up for service. still dealing with safetr trao k t surge 10. back to you wisdom and maureenae >> happening right now, thehe search continues for a missing i university of maryland student who was last seen on thursday. a
4:50 am
a camping trip but she never mat. it. fox5's melanie alnwick liveaniei in college park, maryland,aryla, with the details this morning. i mel. >> reporter: well, good eportemorning. and it's been four days nows now and you can imagine why friends and family of kaitlyn george are worried, even,ve though police say there is noo reason to suspect foul play. now, university of marylandf myd police just gave us an update ud saying that they've been able al to trace some of kaitlyn'ssomefk movements. they say that she actually actul even though she was supposed to meet a fris suenpd at for this hiking trip she s actually got into a white taxi i at 4:44 thursday afternoon andoa left campus. cpu the driver of that taxi says s that she was dropped off at a marina in baltimore's federal fd hill neighborhood.ghborhoo then security footage shows sws she got into an suv that t appeared to be waiting for her r and she was seen on a charm cha city circulator bus fridayr busa morning. kaitlyn george is 21 years yea old. she is 5 feet 3-inches tall t-121 pounds with hazel eyesye and blond hair.d h
4:51 am
black leggings, a green long grl sleeve jacket and brightket andh socks. now, friends tell fox5 thatendst kaitlyn is happy and and considerate and was part of an outdoor adventure club here at the university of maryland. really concerned for her. they say that this really isth s something completely out ofg co her naturmpe. nur police tell us that they are continuing the investigationtign until they know that kaitlynthan is safe. live at university of univeity maryland, i'm melanie alnwick,mw fox5 local news. >> 4:51 is the time. time. a maryland father behind bars this morning accused of the stabbing his own children. chil. still ahead what we are learning about his troubledbo hs past. >> but first promising news for those suffering fromring fro arthritis. may not pose not p as big of a health risk assk as once thought. going to break right now.reak rn live look outside across theosth region. time right now 4:51. 41. we're back in just a moment.t.
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>> celebrex no risk for theebre heart than some other painkillers. do the study.tudy the study it's not as tough ongo the stomach as ibuprofen or naproxen. naproxen. >> joint development plan at new carrolton station. metro is devw ca considering the redevelopment of the park and ride service lot number three expanding the bus loop addingdd an office and residentialid building and a parking garagearg but with less parking spots.. now, formal public hearing isrii
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fortis college. colle >> t.s.a. precheck beginning tomorrow you can dog o so at the monational gallery of art at a mobile precheck enrollment center from 8:00mentc a.m. until 12:00 p.m. and then m 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow through friday. tgh fr. and it will be located at the fourth and constitution avenuenn northwest location.ion. >> 4:55 is the time right now. n let's get down gary mcgradygary and talk a little bit about weather and this supermoon and the cold and all things >> yeah, you know, i mean, we do,, it's great -- it's been an great overnight for viewing of this incredibly brilliant moonlm out there. the and it's going to continue tooon be real, real nice as well,el okay. so, we have clear skies this morning. and temperatures out there basically are in the 20's and0'n the 30's.s. we're -- we're at 40 degrees0 de near town. but really the forecast foror today is to increase the clouds. clouds. a better chance of somencome showers later today.od
4:56 am
the south so we'll watch itch and you can see, too, that too, there's clouds and then there's rain and it's not a n lot of clouds way out ahead of d the system so we're going stayna sunny through most of thehe morning at least i think here it in the city we'll seehi lots of sunshine, at least for the next four, five, six hours and then we'll begin get some clouds move on across and then eventually the rain willhe rn spread in as well. it's super chilly, too.hilly, t. high temperatures only aboutpetu 57 degrees today. degrees tod here in town, if you're south, little cooler. north and west you'll be inu'e the upper 50's to right aroundhn 60 and tomorrow i thinkw there's a possibility of a morning shower and then weg break into some sunshine inunsh the afternoon. here's erin como this morning. i it's monday morning. she's got allrn the details on s your morning taught commute. >> that's right gary. 4:56.4: metro gearing up for service at56arin 5:00. 5 so far so good across all rail i lines except an ongoing issueue with safe track surge 10ack sur0 noma-gallaudet to fort
4:57 am
heading downtown take the remino green or yellow line betweenet totten and gallery place.. free shuttle service is ser available and it will be w stopping at those closedse stations as well. factor in extra time to the time red line. taking a look a t our roadsur r right now in northern maryland n the outer loop throughoop throuh beltzville looking good. lookioo so if you have an early flight to catch we're quiet on theuihe way to bwi reagan national andnd dulles. back to you wisdom and maureen.n. >> thanks erin. protests continuing forhanknuinr another day after donald trump's stunning election victory. how the president-elect trump is responding.esid at 5:00. 5:0g up next >> that message coming in his h first television interview astew president-elect trump.esid how he's trying to calming to c worries that americans have this morning.s that
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> i'm going to do very restrained, if i use it atf i ia all, i'm going to veryy restrained -- i find itin tremendous -- it's a modern- itd form of communication.munication >> donald trump giving hisumving first television interview since his stunning election victory.vict his message to calm worried americans as anti-trumpi-tr protests continue across the country.cotry.


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