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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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burger in ashburn in the one loudoun shopping center. sheriff's office is not releasing ages of the girls only saying they're both under 13. and investigators say after the the assaults the older of the two girls ran out and told her parent and other workers at the restaurant and sheriff's office were made aware and orr was arrested quickly there in the restaurant. this all happen around 8 . o. r was hired at elevation burger despite status as sex records show in 2012 convicted of same kind of crime abduction and aggravated sexual battery on a minor. here is loudoun county sheriff mike chapman. >> we don't -- we're not -- we're not in charge of what somebody decides to do when it comes time for them to hire or not hire somebody that is something they have to resolve themselves. there but it is tragic that
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a position where they would have access to small children and be able to do what they did. >> in just the last few minutes we have gotten a statement from elevation burger and it says they're daeply saddened by the incident going on to say elevation burger is investigating the internal processes for which she was hired. our main focus is actively cooperating in the ongoing criminal investigation. meantime, luiz orr living in insterleing was held without bond tonight. reporting live, walt whitman lindsey watts, fox local news. >> a prince george country man is accused of stabbing two young sons before turning knife on himself. tonight he's been ordered held without bond. christian dill hard stabbed his children multiple times and the boys survived the attack and are still in the hospital tonight. "fox5" paul wagner joins us tonight with the horrific story, paul.
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at the charging documents today and the list of woo to these two boys makes you take a minute and reflect how could they have survived this, chest, stomach, arms, hands, fortunately the grandmother was upstairs. she heard what was going on. she went downstairs and she was able to pull the boys out of there and call 911. now, that grandmother was here in court today for the arraignment of her son christian dillard she was in tears as telling the jud she's been trying to get help for him for the last two weeks. >> madison says she was at home when she heard one of her grandsons cry out for help from the basement of the home on dennis court. when she went to investigate, found her sop christian with a knife in his hands attempting to harm himself. the boys, 2 and 3 years old were also wounded and suffering from multiple stab wounds all over their upper bodies, arms and hands. madison says she and another
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dillard before getting help to the house and told the judge and later reporters that her son had been using pcp and had not been himself and certainly was not himself saturday night. >> i just thank god i was there that night me and my younger son was there that night to get my grandchildren and take them to the neighbor's house. fy was not there i think they would have perished. it was a terrible sight the stab wounds and my youngest ran and older grand just crying. >> what we know about domestic violence is right it knows know age, no race, it just knows know socioeconomic status. this is affecting every corner of our community. it's not happening way over there but in your offices and churches and it's just everywhere. and it has to be taken seriously. and it has to be irradicateed.
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in this case that christian dillard was trying to harm himself and he had stabbed himself in the stomach and then slashed his throat and he was taken to prince george hospital center. but he was in the jail today and appeared via closed circuit tv for arraignment. he said nothing. again we heard from his mother upstairs in the courtroom. she was trying to tell the judge she was trying to get help for him and told us outside here that she spoke with said he had absolutely no memory of this incident taking place and only learned that he actually harmed his sons. we also know he's been charmed with sexually assaulting a woman inside that house as well. he's being charged, of course, with the crimes and he's being held without bond. >> live in upper moreboro at
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news". >> [ cheers ]. >> it's not going to better unless we change it. >> i'm not a trump supporter. but he got elected fair and square. >> we're worried about their safety as they walk in lanes of traffic. >> i think they're scared. i think this is to be like for a while. >> hundreds of high school students in montgomery country as you can see took to the streets today to protest the election of donald trump as our next president. some are questioning whether school administrators encouraged pro tets and whether similar demonstrations could be taking place in the coming days. tom fitzgerald is live at school headquarters in rockville with more, tom. >> good evening, sarah, laura, make no mistakes, folks, this
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school students today. not only at montgomery blair high school but nearby north wood high school. many of these students you saw in the video they were chanting dump trump. they were holding up signs that said, not my president. and all of this comes on the heels after the superintendent of montgomery county public schools raised a lot of eyebrows last week by sending a letter home to parents saying that the election was "particularly difficult and that he was putting counselors into the school to help feelings" we saw and spoke to many students today they told us they were not interested in taking a meeting with a counselor they were interested in taking action. sending direct message to president-elect donald trump. >> next generation will not stand for what's going on. >> we have a facieist president we have to care. >> i know people sad and depressed.
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wondering mom why is everyone panicking. >> and there's people chanting not my president but he will be in two months. i'm not a trump supporter but he got elected fair and square. so what's the back story on that you it gotta round about 10:00 this morning 100 students from the high school said they would rally. allowed them to do this on the football field in the grounds and that's where they were supposed to remain. however, many more student than that hundreds in fact poured out of the football field and on to the surrounding streets. hundreds of them marching three miles down university boulevard and they then met one other students including those from northwood high school and then went to the westfield wheaton mall georgia avenue and then another group continued down georgia avenue.
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ncps superintendent jack smith issued a let to parents following discovery of anti-jewish messages at bethesda middle school. said in that letter his goal was to not take sides in the presidential election results. we spoke with him just a short time ago and reiterated that. he says his goal was simply to assure parents and students that the schools were prepared to assist students in processing these election results no mat >> and there have been questions about whether or not you would have sent that letter had a democrat won? was it fair to send that letner response to donald trump's election or would you have sent that letter had hillary clinton been elected? >> given the factors in this election, in the other election with the same factors i would have sent the letter no matter which party won or lost or what was going on. there was a lot of emotion in
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>> couple hundred kids walked out of one of the high schools today. what happens to them? are you prepared for this to be a regular thing throughout other high schools in the district. >> they will receive unexcused absence unless they bring a note from parents biving permission. they deposit skip school they walked out in front of adults. are we prepared with? absolutely we're prepared. ear not predicting it and we don't know. >> now we should tell you there were no incidents of violence in any there were no injuries. montgomery county police were on hand throughout the entire incident guiding traffic allowing these students protesters to go about with their march. fortunately, this were no bad incidences in any of this today as far as physical injury to the students. however school officials tell us plainly they are aware as how quickly these kinds of messages can spread on social media. they are monitoring further out breaks of this and however at
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not to expect more of these in the coming days. we're live in rockville, tonight, tom fitzgerald, "fox5 local news". >> meanwhile a similar protest happening los angeles this morning hundreds of students walking out of class to protest the election of donald trump and some in the crowd carried mexican and american flags and organizer say they want to see county and school leaders declare los angeles a sanctuary city that would keep immigrant families safe. similar demonstrations have taken place in other district, obviously, new york, philadelphia, chicago, and portland, oregon. and meanwhile, today, president obama spoke out for the first time since the election. >> ronica has the details of the speech today. high, ronica. >> hey, laura, sarah. the president had harsh words for trump before elected. now that's he's president-elect, president obama seems to be changing his tune. we'll have the details after the break. laura.
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the vice-president's residents and hist are you you never knew. today we'll take you inside the home of the second most powerful man in the united states. >> and cuba becoming hot spot for americans. not just for beaches and historic attractions. why cancer patients are headed to havana aget treatment. >> sue. >> most of the rush our we're getting in on the dry side. rain is moving in. we're five inches september 1. when to expect it and what we're seeing overnight as well as for the start of your tuesday. "fox5 local news" at 5 will be
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the journalism world sl mourning death ever a bright star long eiffel died in d.c. after loseing a battle with cancer. 61-year-old was coanchor of pbs news hour and moderated two vice presidential debates. she wrote in two newspapers and herald and "washington post" and "new york times". she switched to you tv joining nbc and moved to pbs. she was staunch advocate for journalism and served on several boards including committee to protect journalist
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journalism at the university of maryland. >> today the president spoke out for the first time since the election. "fox5" political reporter and along with important decisions president-elect donald trump made since election day, ronica. >> hey, laura, sarah, before leaveing for international trip the president took questions here saying he hopes the focus will be on the trin when he takes. it when he was asked to comment qualifications and decisions he has made so far the president was hesitant to really comment on or criticize president-elect trump. take a listen. >> without coming up out i think it's fair to say that it would not be appropriate for me to comment on every appointment the president-elect starts making. fy want to be consistent with the notion that we're going to
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transition. >> well, here's a little more information about some of those decisions that the president-elect has made. he's chosen rnc chair reince priebus to act as chief of staff and stephen bannon to be chief strategist and in a statement would like two to work as equal partners. there's been a great deal of criticism over bannon and association with alt right movement with nancy pelosi calling him a white nationalist. in his first interview since being elected as president-elect donald trump chose to sit down with 60 minutes. there he spoke about the key issues he had on the campaign trail. however, his style was clearly more reserved. when asked about that border wall between mexico and united states he said he would be top
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and when it dime appointing a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton and that private email server, he said he wanted to think about that. and he asked for the immediate repealing and replacing of obamacare? listen to what mr. trump had to say. >> there's going to be a period. if you repeal it and before you replace it when millions of people could lose -- >> we'll do it simultaneously. it will be just fine. 'r're not going to have a two-day period. and not a two--year period where there's nothing. it will be repeeled and replaced and we'll know. and it will be great health care for much less money. so, it will be better healthcare, much better, for less money. not a bad combination. >> well n. that interview the president-elect also spoke about the importance of social media on his campaign in particular and how it affected his success.
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deeper dive and look into just that. reporting live in northwest, i'm ron ka cleary, "fox5 local news". >> and the white house is not the only place there will be a new occupant. pns s will be moving into the 19th century home on the ground ever the u.s. naval observatory. home. i sat down with the social secretary for the bideens to the last eight years. >> it really is a front row you know in history. >> carlos alasino is self proclaimed perfectionist you have to be to plan the event for the second most powerful man in the united states. >> i had dark hair when i startd whether hosting ireland prime minister for annual st. patrick day breakfast or party for d.c. public school kids or wounded
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>> it's up to me and my team to make sure that the stage is set. >> it's like a ballet. as soon as the curtains are drawn it's show time you know? and there's no turning back. >> the home was built in 1893 for the superintendent of the u.s. naval observe tore question and in 1974 coming gress happened today over to sitting vice-president when it became too costly to secure private residences. gera before he could use the home. his vp nelson rock afeller use today only for entertaining and first vice-president to live in the home was walter monday dale. since then had housed vice-presidents bush, quail, gore, cheney and now bidens. >> when they appointed me they said we need help in making this house a home. >> each family brings in their own personality to create their home. >> this blue which we refer
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in delaware. >> a rotating art collection was selected by bidens withal han dro's help and photos throughout the home show warmth of tight nit biden family and that feeling is somethingal han dro says they try toy we've in every event in the home. >> it's from the heart and they love utilizing this house. >> signatures biden beach bash is a perfect example. >> people you know relax and let their hair down. >> water activities and we had vend sdors doing face painting. >> do you come one all those ideas. >> sure that's a great aspect of my role here at social secretary for bidens is you know working with them and trying to accomplish what it is that is important to them this is in honor of you thank you.
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front lawn and house of wash in pink and no detail overlooked this being october event pink pumpkins were front and center. >> how do you get ideas pintrist. >> pintrist is helpful, yes, google is helpful. >> preserving the history had not been done but he made thud with dr. it biden stones etched with each vice-president their family and the display he created to showcase the china from past vice-presidents. >> every day when i drive up it's a pinch me moment. as their social secretary greeting every guest that comes through the front door it really is a privilege and honor. >> planning the parties is no uzi task. sometimes he has a few tweaks put an event together and sometimes it's a few days. >> as conductor if you will,
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all the pieces are together and that everything is ready to go for the next step. >> as we say in this business if you fail to plan, plan to fail. >> when you can finally breathe. >> january 20. >> it's a big job. >> yeah. >> he said once he had a lup to much plan for twelve world lead nertz biden home and had three days to plan that. >> oh, my gosh. >> he says it speaks to the biden how the their lives when his mother died bidens said we want to hold a mass in the home for you and for your mother and so they had 100 of his friends come in and celebrate his mom's life after she died. so it was very meaningful to him. but he's one of the longest serving social secretary ever. >> yes. >> it's interesting to see behind the scenes there that you don't think about. >> right.
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takeover. >> will he stay. >> no, not carlos they'll bring in their own team and redo the whole place. >> surgeon donations why women across the country are donating to planned parenthood and mike pence's aid and. >> a restaurant china apologizing after a army vet was refuse a free meal on ved rans day. entire incident caught on camera.
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fore me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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>> cold and cloudy. >> it feels like winter is kind of rolling in minus snow, of course. >> you better believe it does. we had a lot of 20s. we'll show you overnight lows in a moment. what we're waiting on is arrival of light rain. maybe drizzly weather as well. it's been slow to arrive because the air is dry. you may have noticed ectatic
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while to overcome the dry air. it's badly needed rain and we see thaet coming to down imminently and down to the southwest. especially ounl of interstate 64 and looks like it's creeping towards 66. few spots reporting bit of rain now. it's been slow to get here which is always good. we prefer rain to not happen during rush hour right and most of you will see late rain arriving later tonight and we had a couple reports down towards beaching of some rain getting in here as well and area of low pre tracks east of us and so we'll keep showers in the forecast tonight. light stuff. and not as cold tonight as result of this system passing us by. mainly in 40s which is a good thing because we know what moisture and 20s will do around here. we'll keep the clouds around and you have a right to notice how cold it's getting. very cold last night reagan and dulles dropped to 25 and bwi 2ment. we won't do that again.
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the 50s. which is pretty close for average this time of year. check of text tires we're in the low 50s in d.c. and chillier in richmond, 44 where the system is affecting everybody and for kids tomorrow expect a little bit of lingering drizzle tomorrow morning 42 to 49 at the bus stop or early morning pickup and after school brighter skies temperatures recover 54 to 60. caitlin will have the 7 day forecast in lauer after, sarah back to you. >> ahead at 5:30. >> where security cameras spotted a 21-year-old when she was supposed to be going to meet friends to hike. >> a boy stabbed at the wheaton metro station who they are looking for tonight in connection with the crime. >> you taking my food away from me now? >> and u.s. army vet is mistreated at a restaurant or veteran's day and recorded the whole thing. we'll show you what happened
5:29 pm
was questioned. was questioned. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> detectives are trying to find a gunman for a murderner brandywine. tyrone cherelle jr. was found shot on power are road and later died. there i any information leading to an arrest. if you know anything give police a call. >> and search is on for people responsible for stabbing two teen age boys at the metro station yesterday afternoon. police say they are looking to two to three suspects an they know their victim. the injured teens were going to the hospital for treatment and it's unclear for the motive. >> and in the county police are investigating a disturbing case
5:33 pm
spray painted graffiti on a church sign and this was discovered yesterday at the episcopal church our savior and trump nition white only they were heart sick over that vandalism. developing tonight. we have an update for you on missing university of maryland student. >> police say 21-year-old caitlin george was recently spotted in a baltimore neighborhood. caitlin disappeared last thursday. she was supposed to meet a friend for a hiking she never showed up. campus security video showed caitlin getting into a cab with a backpack and investigator spoke to taxi driver that said he dropped her off in front of marina in baltimore. security footage shows heret getting into an suv. >> we're really just wanting to make sure she's okay. if there's anyone out there that had any type of form of communications with her via
5:34 pm
our detectives know. our concern is making sure she's okay 1st and foremost. >> at this point police do not suspect foul play. >> true 911 this happens several times a years. >> the notion that 100 people in most frightened moment and life-threatening moment could not reach out for help. >> usually have one recureing nightmare and trying to call >> you have simply can't have the system fail. we have never have that happen. >> it's been four months since 11 and during today's counsel ill meeting lawmakers discussed whatever needs to be in place and ways to know what is going on. investigators say the outage last july was caused by failing air conditioning equipment serving as backup system while
5:35 pm
and two people died during the outage and 40-year-old man. and emergency officials estimate as many as 100 people may you have tried to call 911 during the outage and they say if 911 is not working residence should call local fire station. >> chillys is apologizing for an incident on veteran's day. his service was questioned and his free meal taken away and whole things what caugh camera. allison harris has more. >> no, now you grabbing my food away if me. you're taking my food away from me now? >> u army veteran walker and service dog barack went into chili's for a freeburg are on veteran's day his military service was questioned and then this happened. >> i'm sorry. >> documents. >> yes, i did just provide documents to you. >> manager at the chili's
5:36 pm
walker could not prove he's a veteran and walker says he showed him his dd 14 and driver's license which also showed fox sunday. he believes it was another customer an elderly white man also veteran that doubted him. >> he said i was in world war ii in germany and they didn't have may blacks over there then. i said he's old are guy, i let that stuff go. >> moments later this confrontation happened. >> he say that say you are not a legitimate military veteran. >> walker says that elderly veteran that approached him was wearing a donald trump campaign sticker and he feels it is no coincidence this happened days after trump's election. >> i believe if it was not for temperature of america right now i believe that man would have never reacted that way. because i think he probably is a good person. >> walker posted video to facebook and since gotten
5:37 pm
company spokesperson released this statement. our goal is to make every guest feel special and up fortunately we fell short on a day we serve free meals as token to honor veterans. we're taking this very seriously and the leaders in our company are actively involved with the goal of making it right. walker's attorney kim cole says she's meeting with chili general council monday and one of the company's attorneys has apologized. >> she felt reaye >> she felt reallyed about that mr. walker had this experience. >> i stood ready. i served my country. it insulted me. >> horrible. >> crazy. >> terrible. >> thanksgiving is just ten days away. coming up quickly. >> many families are celebrating family some in the region struggling to put food on the table. giant food is trying to make a donation to the capitol area
5:38 pm
a electricy donation. >> we give 1,000 turkeys to the food bank and relationship with monumental sport and entertainment as they much donation this year and,000 turkeys to food bank which makes us delighted >> those 2,000 turkeys were delivered today and will help provide meals for local families and communities in ne turkeys to food banks in mid atlantic region. >> wonderful. >> it's great we're getting that time of year we see people giving back and helping people out no matter where you are from or what you do. >> did you have a good weekend. >> we got kids together and gave electricy and thanksgiving basket to others to eat. >> perfect. >> that's what we did this
5:39 pm
people spend it at fedex field. >> that was fun to watch. >> it was exciting game. they looked good at the start though didn't they. didn't we seat that firsthand at fedex field yesterday. redskins got off fast against the strikeings and scored touchdowns to first two possessions and second coming to cousins don'tp call me over the hill vernon davis by the way he's only 3. and strikeings took over 2nd quarter and that fumble didn't help. vikings pu then head coach admitted today he had to give himself a timeout. >> i had to shut myself in my own room for a few seconds to cool done a little bit and get my poise and then go out and rally the troops. coach them up and see what they were seeing on defense and shawn and joe did a good job of preparing them for the second half. that's all you have to do and say a few and go play. big thing keep poise and go out there and shoot guns and play
5:40 pm
things will happen and it did. >>. >> you like that? you like that? >> it's been a year after leading skins to a game over the tampa bay bucks. and can we have a the vine and six second clips go away this could be the lasting legacy. >> ohhhwee. >> ohh-weee. >> ohhh-had weee. >> wee. >> i like that. what ohhh-weee where did that
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dunbar i don't know where he got but it goes around the locker room and it was fitting for the way i was feeling. >> ohh-weee. >> finally big week for nats. baseball biggest awards for 2016 announced this week with rookie of year nats trea turner is finalist going up to two members of dodgers and honors set tote set tote go around 6:00 tonight. there's no such thing as a sure thing going into the day before anything. >> yes. >> lessons learned in media. extends to sports as well. >> thanks, jim. >> why women are donating to planned parenthood and vice-president elect mike pence's name. >> and souvenirs bringing back from cuba and how it could benefit cancer patients. >> much needed rain moving in now. behind me satellite and radar shows dry in washington and
5:42 pm
south to north. it was beautiful weekend it's been a beautiful fall season. we really need showers. not much expected but i'll walk you through tonight and tomorrow's forecast which both features raindrops coming up in the 7 day when fox news at 5 features raindrops coming up in the 7 day when fox news at 5 returns after fios is not cable.
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>> him dairy music group is walking a way to retirement next year. that's rite, air owe smith parting ways. but before they call it quits they are launching a farewell tour called area o'dell verdici bade. the tour will start in israel and stopping in europe throughout europe and the group has been together for 45 years
5:46 pm
dream on and walk this way and farewell tour starts in may and tickets will go on sale this friday. a lot of people will spend time on the phone. >> and closer to home another iconic groupon way to mgm national harbor. early wind and fire will perform on the 18th. this includes stipulating, boys ii men. bruno mars, lionel richie and during ran during ran they'll run 95 plus tax. >> good shows planned >> you can understand why it attracts a lot of people. >> we need jackets out tonight for sure. >> it's like winter out there. >> all right, yes, temperatures get chilly enough and we're not used to it get. we need the good warm kloming for tonight as you step outside and probably also a jack wet hood. rain jackets and umbrellas with 'take a look outside. accuweather forecast we have
5:47 pm
i feel like we're talking about one dry day after another this season and in fact we could use the rain. we're at about 5" below norm what it comes to rainfall from september 1 to now november 14. so yeah we really coye use a lot. i don't think we'll see much maybe half inch showers are fairly light and stormtracker radar shows dry new washington and along the beltway up 95 through baltimore and down south and west batch o through fred rikdzburg in northern virginia. this is firely light lifting south to north on 95 and then sowers overnight here in washington we have another batch mainly along the jersey shore and atlantic city and delaware stride and this part of the storm system lifting south to north looks to stay east. that's one section i showed you that will move through drkts c. and bring rain. temperatures today's high
5:48 pm
cool 57 dulles and the clouds increased ahead of this storm system fairly quickly. right now we're in the 50s. only in the 40s. 46 culpeper and 45 fredericksburg and by the way culpeper originalth county reports some sleet earlier this morning with precipitation that moved in faster for counties towards south and west. it's chilly out there. heevrdz future cast it shows area of light showers by 6:00. this is obviously aheads of schedule. between 7 and 8 p.m. light rain showers last through the evening and start to dissipate into tomorrow morning. by day break tuesday looking at just cloud cover not looking at rain for drive in and we're actually kind of faring okay with this rain comes in after this evening's rush and is out by tomorrow morning rush. as storm system departs clouds will be tough to get rid of and maybe early morning drizzle and i don't think tomorrow will
5:49 pm
it doesn't look like a rainy one. cloudy and damp. projected rainfall through tuesday morning not much with the showers and generally looking for half inch or less and i don't think we can make up too much rainfall deficit and it's a start. planning forecast for tomorrow. clouds and drizzle through early morning as the system moves out. we dry out quickly. like i said, hard pressed to see a lot of sunshine. maybe late day. but we have no, i small window and temperatures look to stay showers tonight fall back into the 40s. not as cold as this morning. this morning we started off 36 in d.c. and 25 dulles and so much milder than that. you may not need the heat overnight and high temperatures tomorrow mainly just in the 50s. still cool with all that cloud cover hanging around. we have more weather in the 7 day forecast. look at this 70s showing up behind me. cool tomorrow, 60. sunshine comes back out wednesday and thursday and these two days are beautiful fall afternoons.
5:50 pm
hitting 70 friday. schedule any outdoor plans maybe on lunch break could be outdoors if you can and that's mild for mid november. we've had mild days so far this month and temperatures are running above normal and we'll continue that through friday and late afternoon showers saturday and then wow we get much, much cooler high temperature 50 by next monday. that's a look at 7 day
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cuba is home to a vaccine named simvax. thousands of patients be on the island nation have received that vaccine. >> it does not prevent cancer but works to stop brother and dpreep reyou're curing and
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afoot and light-hearted i test test e world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. test test test
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>> d.c. police xhapder is dealing with a bit of trouble at the fourth district station. check it out >>. >> what happened? >> officers 4d took on mannequin challenge and this video recently posted to youtube over the weekend shows what happened when they took the challenge on. captain derrek larson is now challenging other d.c. police districts to do the same.
5:59 pm
>> all right. >> all right. >> thank you for joining us today. >> "fox5 local news" at 6 starts right now. >> president-elect donald trump is making major appointments within his administration. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> those appointments could be a bit of surprise for supporters. trump ran as outsider but is appointingeders >> people have spoken. donald trump will be the next president, the 45 president of the united states. >> speaking alone for the first time with reporters since president-elect donald trump's win last tuesday, president obama saying despite his time in office nearing end he still has a lot to do. >> my up instructions to my team are we run through the tape and we make sure we finish what we started.
6:00 pm
to build his administration naming establishment backed republican reince priebus chief of staff and far right wing conservative stephen bannon as chief strategist and former campaign manager and senior advisor says more appointments are coming later this week. >> i think it's a great team i'll continue to work and they come my iment each other. >> this as protests against next commander is chief continue around the country. students airing their frustration during school walkouts. reince priebus hopes people see mr. trump wants to be a president for all. >> it's very important that all americans understand he's a president for everyone. he wants to make everyone proud. whether your race, ethnic background, gender, anything, >> president obama is leaving for last foreign trip as chappedner chief. over the next week he'll travel


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