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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. right now at 10:00, a convicted sex offender arrested again, this time police say he targeted two young girls and sexual assaulted them at the restaurant where he worked. >> feel like the eyes burn in the back of your head, creepy. >> the suspect's former classmate and neighbor speaking out fox 5 pushing dc police for
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appears to show an officer pepper spraying an atf rider. week after a election day, demonstrators are still protesting president-elect trump. how dc students are planning to get involved. the news at 10:00 starts now. thanks four joining us on a i'm shawn yancy >> i'm tony perkins. a sex offender convicted has been arrested again. investigators in loudoun county say this ti two girls into the rest room. >> both victims are under 13. lindsay watts spoke to a woman who claims he harassed her when they were in school together. >> reporter: this young woman not only went to high school with him but lived near his family. she says despite her own strange encounters with or, she can't believe he's accused of hurting
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chance. >> you catch him staring >> spent want to be identified but this young woman who lived for years near him agreed to share her experiences. >> it would be a weird stare. walking home, we walked the same way, just timing we'd be walking at the same time. feel like the eyes burning in the back of your head, time frame in 2012, orr was convicted of assaulting two minors. he was also minor, he wasn't locked up for long >> i freaked out. what is he doing here? he should be in jail. >> reporter: less than four years after the prior conviction, investigators say orr targeting children ats had workplace. accused of holding two girls
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them. all while their parents sat in the the restaurant. investigators say one girl got free. orr was arrested right there at his workplace >> it's tragic somebody like that would be in a position where they would have access to small children and be able to do what they did >> orr's neighbor agree >> i don't want to have that risk. he has to get out of eventually. he's only 20, but i don't have to see him back. not at all. >> reporter: investigators tell us orr is being held without bond, he could spend decades in prison, not only is he an adult but a prior offender, we'll keep an eye only case. we did get a statement from orr's employer. it says that the company is deeply saddened by this incident and that it's currently investigating the internal
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hired. actively cooperating in this ongoing criminal investigation, lindsay watts fox 5 local news. fox 5 is in the district where new video of an atf arrived is raising questions about how police should stop illegal dirt bikes and atfs. riderers 11 an officer pulled up next to the atf and pepper sprayed the driver, marina marraco is live in northwest with the story. marina? >> reporter: tony, police sources confirming several bike riders have been arrested since the incident. those officers you're about to see on the video, they tonight remain on duty. watch the right side of your screen, two legal motorcycles riding illegal until a pacific other legal bikes on the sidewalk. watch again as the driver on the red motorcycle loses control and
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bystander standing at his parked car. >> he's on the other side of the road. there's someone on the street. i feel like they're trying to get a reaction. >> they may be why these are being filmed. sunday afternoon, nearly 100 illegal bikes were spotted coming in from prince george's county and riding through the streets of northeast dc. this sixth district cruise you are is seen chasing closely narrowly avoid a wreck. one officer stuck his arm out the window and sprayed the biker with base. >> it's certainly not ok to stop somebody else from breaking the law, it best way enforcing.
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>> i think it's ridiculous, dc definitely should be stricter on bikers and atfs. >> reporter: now, to be clear, it is against dc police general order to chase any sort of the vehicle including motorcycles. dc says they're aware of this most recent situation, they say it does appear those officers were following the riders but they say they're still referring the incident. live in northwest, marina marraco fox 5 local news. let's hopefully got a chance to get out there and get a glimpse of the super moon because it's going to be tougher to see it tonight. this is video of the moon from last night. it was at its brightest in nearly 70 years. sue palka we got clouds out there. what's making it hard to see tonight >> i got not one picture of tonight's moon shot. we were clouded over. we knew this last week, that it would likely be sunday, the better day to see the super moon.
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and put a lot of great pictures on twitter. what about those clouds? some of you have not seen rain but there are showers around tonight as we take you to radar. everything is pretty light. this is a system that's actually off the coast, so it's brushing up a little bit. down towards charlottesville. moving from south to north, brighter, as we get closer to dc, we have a couple of lighter showers scattered. and while we think there will be a little through overnight. it's certainly not going to do a whole lot to put any kind of hole in our deficit, which is almost five inches this very dry autumn. tonal tall lizingly close, this area of low pressure will be moving out. bottom line, we'll have showers overnight, it will keep us from heading down into the 20's like we did last night. which is a good thing, we don't want an icy situation.
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going to amount to much in the rain gauge gauge. as we look at temperatures around region, we're anywhere from mid 40's to low 50's. and we'll stay likely in the 40's for most areas overnight. are you going to have rain tomorrow morning? there could be left over patchy drizzle or light showers especially for the kids at the bus stop. 42 to 49 in the morning, that will be the range. after school, we expect skies to brighten up and a temperature range of about 5 early showers as our storm system will still be close. again, rather spotty to remember morning and afternoon sunshine as cool temperatures continue across the region. we don't just have cool weather on this seven-day forecast. we have bonus warm weather days for those of you who appreciate a little hint of late sent in middle of november. shawn, tony back to you.
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>> still marching nearly one week after the election. sarah. >> reporter: trump protesters continue today, but expanding to area high school students got involved. i'll explain coming up. shawn >>. president-elect trump had his first phone call with vladimir putin. we'll have more on what they discussed. we'll be right back.
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hate trial crime crime in montgomery county. police were called to the episcopal church. someone spray painted this banner and a wall outside the church with the words trump nation whites only.
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reward for information to leads to an arrest. church leaders say they were heart sick over the vandalism there have been demonstrations against the election from coast to coast. now, some americans who aren't even old enough to vote are joining the improvement earlier today, some high school students in california and in montgomery county walked out of class. sarah simmons is live outside the trump hotel in northwest with more. sarah? >> reporter: tony that's rig. hotel at this point, things wrapped up. protesters wrapped up for the night. it was quiet earlier. it was a small crowd of about 30 people out here. protesting president-elect trump. they were getting creative. it was interesting to see what some of the protesters did. in the past, we have seen total or the hotel marked by paint and defaced in some form or fashion. protesting the trump presidency. tonight, one group peacefully
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the hotel saying things like fight for real democracy. refuge welcome here. we spoke with one man who is not only protesting the president-elect but he had choice words for the democratic party as well. >> and the problem is that everybody knew that we needed change. everybody sick of the status quo and the damn get go of their pet candidate and that is is a symbol we don't actually have a functional democracy. >> not my president. >> earlier today, high schoolers in montgomery county took to the streets and protest of the trump presidency, more than 100 students from montgomery blair high school in silver spring walked out in a an anti-trump protest. they marched down university
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several hundred other students. they all met up at westfield mall. we understand there are dc public school students that are trying to get together a protest of their own. talking about meeting up at the taking metro down to the metro center then marching here to the trump hotel. we did reach out to dc public schools. they're telling us this is not a school sanctioned event they call it and they said that if anybody did leave school, that would be an unexcused and reiterate they've told both parents and students this as well. that's the latest at the trump hotel. sarah simmons back to you. >> thank you. tonight, we're learning more about drop the administration. yesterday, he announced that rnc share reince priebus will be his chief of staff and former campaign ceo steve bannon. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is secretary of state.
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grin el. he would be the first openly gay person to hold a foreign policy post. steve mun chen. and mcdaniel is being floated as a replacement for reince priebus. he's currently the head of the michigan republican party and if the name sound familiar mitt romney's knees. relations between their countries were unsatisfactory, and vowed to work together to improve them. president-elect trump's office said putin called to offer congratulations and they discuss a range of issues including the threats and challenges facing the united states and russia. president obama held his first news conference post election, here's what he had to
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trump was qualified to run at president. >> without copping out, i think it's fair to say that it would not be appropriate for me to comment on every appointment that the president-elect starts making. if i want to be consistent with the notion that we're going to try to facilitate a smooth transition. driven the backlog >> the president went ons at the the world leaders will go a long way in defining his presidency. he asked the people protesting to give of him a chance. we're sad to report the death of long time journalist gwen ifill. the 61-year-old was co anchor of the pbs news hour. ifill began her career in newspapers and switched to
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ifill was a staunch advocate for journalism. served on several boards including the committee to protect journalism. a prince george's county man accused of stabbing his two young sons, his mother, michelle madison said she had been trying to get her son help. she had gone through a break-up and using drug, she and or a one of her from dillard before help arrived >> i thank god i was there that night to be in my younger song re son was there that night to get my grandchildren and take them to the neighbor's house. if i wasn't there, i think and i grandkids would have perished. it was a terrible site to see the stab wound. >> both children survived but are in the hospital.
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her son, he told her he had no memory of what happened. details tonight in the search for a university of maryland student reported missing from campus. police say 21-year-old caitlin george was recently spotted in baltimore. george was reported missing last thursday. she was supposed to meet a friend for a hiking trip but never showed up. campus security video showed her getting no a cab with a backpack. investigator it's spoke to the taxi driver who said he baltimore. a camera oh caught her getting no an suv but she has not been seen since. police do not suspect foul play. people can't get through on 911. >> this happens several times a year. the notion that 100 people in their most frightened moment in life threatening moment could not reach out for help >> usually have one recurring
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i'm trying to call 911 and i can't get through >> you simply can't have the 911 system fail. we can't ever have that happen again. >> words from members of the montgomery county community back in july, when their 911 system went down nearly two hours. that outage happened after ap air conditioner malfunctioned. members of the cnt happen again. the director of general services says a new air conditioning unit had been installed. county officials are identifying other issues by inspecting 400 county facility two people died during the outage. a 91-year-old and a 40-year-old man. officials estimate as many as 100 people may have tried calling 911 during the outage. coming up, a fox 5 exclusive. >> we're taking you inside the
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the vice president's residence and getting the inside scoop from the man who served as social secretary. startling new recommendations for cholesterol screenings. why you may need medications even if you aren't showing symptoms. we'll be right back.
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. department of justice is siding way lawsuit that claims virginia driver license suspension law is unconstitutional. civil rights lawyers from the department of justice filed a brief sprigged the suit against
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the department of jades say suspending the license of people who cannot afford to pay cost costs and fines violates the constitution's. they filed the lawsuit back in july on behalf of driver whose have little to no income. we have an update. red, gold, green, that's the name of a band, a dc area band in the middle of a nationwide tour. they suffered a major set back. friday morning, just hours find all of their equipment stolen. the band appeared on good day dc posted a video showing how the thieves cut a lock off of a trailer. they used facebook to spread word of gofundme account to try and replace what they lost so they can finish the tour. that post was shared hundreds of times and fans responded in
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originally from reston raised $17,000, and even a little more. they were able to get equipment and made it to the show friday. they're still scheduled to close out in dc. still no word on the missing equipment. the thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner. earlier today, the capitol air food bank got put a big boost. giant food made a huge donation matched it. >> turkeys to the food bank and what's fantastic about our relationship with sports and entertainment we have much donation this year. we can better this year donate 2000 turkeys to the food bank. >> 2000 turkeys were delivered today. the turkeys will provide meals for local families in need. over the past five years, giant
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bankings in the midatlantic region. an exclusive look inside the vice president's residence >> it's a home you probably drive by without releasing it. the bind family's social secretary is taking us behind the scenes >> a refresh my memory to wake up with fox 5 morning news, we will have special guests. the cast of love jones the musical will be here. it's all tomorrow on ?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values.
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know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
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he was at his workplace elevation burger. he followed two young girls in a bathroom and was sexual assaulted them. was arrested soon after. >> reporter: police forces confirms several bike riders were arrested in dc. the police officers still remain on duty and here are those images of those bike riders riding through prince george's county into riders allege they sprayed at least one driver with mace. dc police say they are now reviewing the incident. it has been another day of protest against detroit about two dozen showed up in northeast dc. the protest was peaceful. hundreds of high school students in montgomery county walked out of class to show their displeasure with the election
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place in the district tomorrow. >> we continue to watch on radar very scattered and light showers, a little bit of drizzle around the region, badly needed but there isn't much of it. i'll give you a peak at radar. as we put this in motion, everything is moving up from south to north but skewed a little more heavily towards the west side of interstate 95. as we get closer to dc, light sprinkles, we're going to continue with this overnight. i think the bulk of it gone by tomorrow morning. can't rule out some lingering patchy drizzle in a few showers. most of tuesday is not going to be on the wet side. what about our fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast? let's take a peak at it right now. tomorrow we're going to max out about 60. wednesday on the cool side. both days fundamentally dry with the exception of a few left over early morning showers or sprinkles but look at thursday and friday. we warm up a little bit.
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september but we'll take that if you like warmer weather. kind of mild saturday. but another front comes through saturday. could bring us a few late showers, definitely drops us back at or below normal by the weekend and next week. ten days to thanksgiving. wow. time is really flying, tony and shawn? the white house isn't the only place that will soon have a new occupant. the pences are preparing to move into their home. >> many of us president's residence every day but we don't see it. the home sits on the grounds of the u.s. naval observatory. laura evans was given an exclusive access. and sat down with the man who has the job of keeping things there running smoothly >> five vice presidents and their families lived inside of this home, until the bidens not much history from previous vp had been preserved there.
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that one of his project. he has been with the bidens eight years. >> eight front row in history >> carlos is a self proclaimed perfectedist. you have to be if you're planning the social events. >> i had dark hair when i started j. >> reporter: hosting ireland's prime minister for the st. patrics for dc public school kids or wounded warrior >> it's up to me and my team to make sure that the stage is set. it's like a ballet. as soon as the curtains are drawn, it's show time. there's no turning back. >> reporter: the home was built in 1893 for the superintendent of the u.s. naval observatory. but in 1974, congress handed it over to the sitting vice
10:33 pm
costly to secure private rendss. gerald ford became president before he could use the home, his vp nelson rocker feller used it for entertaining. the first vice president to live there was walter monday dale. since then ubush, quail, cheyney and now the bidens >> each family bring re brings in their own personality to create their home >> this as biden blue is similar to what they have at their home that delaware >> a rotating art collected was selected with his help. photos throughout the home show the warmth of the tight knit biden family and the family feeling is something he says they try to weave into every event >> it's from the heart and they love utilizing this house
10:34 pm
let their hair down >> water activities and slides and we have vendors doing face painting >> do you come up with those ideas >> sure, that's, that's a great aspect of my, of my role here as social secretary for the bidens is, you know, working with them and trying to, trying to accomplish what it is that's important to them. >> this night is in honor of you. thank you. >> dr. biden's annual included a bar class on the front lawn a reception followed with the house of wash in pink, no detail overlooked this being an october event. pink pumpkins were front and center >> how do you get your ideas? >> pinterest is helpful, google is. >> preserving the history of the house hasn't been done priestly so he showed us the heritage gander he recent built.
10:35 pm
each vice president and their family >> we have al gore >> and the display he created they don't showcase the china from past vice presidents >> every day when i drive up, it's a pinch me nominate, as their social secretary grieving. it really is a privilege and an honor. >> reporter: planning the parties is no easy task. sometimes he has a few weeks to put an event together. sometimes it's just a few days will, i'm running around making sure the pieces are together. and that everything is ready to go for the next step. as we see in this business, if you fail to plan, plan to fail. >> reporter: when can you finally breathe >> january 20th. >> reporter: take a little vacation, some events have brought on a few more gray hairs than others.
10:36 pm
leaders for lunch he had three days to plan that one. laura evans, fox 5 local news. coming up, a good excuse to treat yourself to a drink >> we'll tell you what new research shows about impact of
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aggression is on the rise and teen girls most risk. researchers studied more than 300,000 people between the ages of 13 and 25. the number of teens suffering increased from nine to 11% but if you break those numbers down by gender. researchers say teen girls much more vulnerable. experts called the findings disappointing. new guidelines are out about
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disease. the results printed in the american medical association suggest anyone over 40 get test ford high cholesterol. those who aren't showing any symptoms start taking stat ins, the medicine used to control cholesterol. they would be used as a preventive measure for people with a slight risk. researcher it's are asking doctors to look beyond cholestero a new study suggested a drink or two a day could help keep your heart healthy. moderate alcohol consumption. moderation, excessive drinking can lead to liver problems and other issues. the people consistently drink moderately had fewer. and had were less lightly to
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at 11:00 more details about the man accused of attacking two under age girls in a virginia restaurant's rest room >> it may be one of the biggest hacks in history, an adult dating website >> a restaurant chain facing a criticism. after one of it'sth manager's took back a free meal from a veteran on veterans day. and the story behind this is more incrib moms and dad's are real guilt trip am new report saying nearly half of all parents spend more time commuting to work than playing with kid. what the after the accident telling their children that they're too busy to play eight times a week. just because your credit isn't great doesn't mean you aren't paying attention. americans low credit score say they spend what they earn or less on every day expenses. the dow closing at another
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best weekly performance gain in nearly five years last week. there will be more holiday cheer this year. the average gift giver of spending a total of 935 bucks. that's up. it's going to be cheerier in palto alto toe california. it's time to make friend in silicon valley. that's business, i'm charles
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what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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at least two people died avant earthquake struck new zealand, the 7.8 quake hit after midnight monday local time. followed by several after
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maryland helicopters an naval sthoip rescue tourists and residents. new zealand prime minister says clean-up efforts could take months and cost billions of dollars. earthquakes hits oklahoma more than a week agoing was more damaging. 5.0. the that number is expected to rise as residents and business owners inspect their property. fortunately no one was seriously hurt. all right. it has been a cool day. change in temperature coming >> mild days later. not as cold tonight, by the way, last night was really cold. >> chilly, yes. a lot of 20's. we had a very hard freeze sunday morning as well. tonight not quite as chilly. >> thank goodness for that.
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when you re when the rain comes. the rain we're seeing is aim off the cost. we're on the western edge of the precipitation, there's been a little bit shower activity south and west as well as ocean city. i mentioned earlier we're having a hard time because there are clouds around, we were fortunate to get one picture in after i mentioned i hasn't this is from dave. obviously ed you wanted to look last night. not too many have been able to catch that. it's easier to be out and about. 25 at dulles. d w i. 28, 36 at reagan. headlines it won't be at cold, stay in the 40's, there are showers and drizzle. the bulk gone by tomorrow
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tuesday. so keep the rain gear handy just in case, you certainly won't need it all day. tuesday we expect the sun to be back. same temperatures near 60 tomorrow. later in this week, we get a little up tick. two, maybe three days of warmer temperatures to 60's nearly 70's. you can see we do have showers around the region, spotty, not a lot. east downpours down towards charlottesville. you'll get a few 10th of an inch. in dc, that moves over in howard county. we'll keep it around, the actual system is off the coast and it's going to continue to move up. we'll see that pulling out of town overnight and first things tomorrow morning. meanwhile, 45 for gaithersburg
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winchester. we will not be dropping too much. temperatures steadier because of the clouds and the scattered showers that we're seeing. talking about the temperature trend, cool to start and a mild finish, tomorrow 60, wednesday 62. thursday, we rise to 64. friday to 70 and we'll be around 68 saturday. little bit up and down. but this area of low pressure which tomorrow morning will be departing and then we'll have broken clouds in the afternoon and more of a cool flow out of northwest. tomorrow definitely on the cool side. a lot of places staying in the upper 50's, maybe mid 50's to near 60 one of the warmer spots in dc. as that week goes on, our jet stream bringing in the cool air will recede a little bit. that's why we'll see things warming up a little bit later. high pressure pumps in that south wind.
10:50 pm
into saturday and sunday. you'll see as we see the temperature on saturday with a few showers, it's a sharp drop off for sunday at 55 and monday about 50. pulling through mid november. we can certainly use a little bit more rain than we're getting tonight for sure. that's your seven-day forecast. last year, the kirk cousins phrase you like that became a rallying cry for redskins fans. yesterday, he debuted a new motto >> we'll kirk was fired up against the vikings, jim lokay will be right up next with sports.
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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are no one said it would be easy, after roller coaster. we seemed to sit out. the redskins are figuring out a second half battle plan that
10:54 pm
nfc champs. trent murphy, remember this is a team that won three -- that lost last three after a strong started under bradford. and another sack. keep in mind the redskins never made it to the end zone in the second half. they had to rely on dust tin hop kins. jay gruden is what they will have to focus on >> we have to win the next one. we're a couple games back behind dallas playing extremely well. we have the figure out a way to catch dallas. we have to continue to play well. one game at a time. coaches cliche but it's absolutely true in this business, you can't look ahead or your record you can't try to guess what's going to happen.
10:55 pm
greenbay next week. >> more enjoy. than you like that. kirk cousins with what could be the catch phrase of the 2016 season. he says he uses it around the locker room. th i guy named mr. poopy. late in the second quarter, cousins is looking for his man, he finds ryan grants but grant goes to grab it. he gets tripped up. watch cousins. he flies at least 30 yards, wondering what happened. he explained his passion a bit more with the nfl network. >> that's a big play in the
10:56 pm
you know, not calling penalties have an enormous impact i thought we had a chance we kept us on the field and didn't get it. i wanted voice my opinion and that was that. >> it's interesting to see this guy, you have two totally different kirk cousins. you have the one that's calm and you see that one on the field. he scares me a bit. >> why? >> on the field. >> you like that >> you like that passion >> exactly >> and you like when he's having fun. >> oh, we. >> i don't think that's going to catch on >> the news at 11:00 starts
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this is fox 5 local news at 11. right now at 11:00, a registered sex offender accused of attacking two teena disturbing new details about the suspect. dc police re police officer pepper sprayed an atf rider. tonight we're asking the department about this video. an army vet refused a free meal on veterans day. tonight he's telling us the story behind this viral video.


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