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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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virginia missing since wednesday. believed to be abducted by biological father 24-year-old dillon james richard son of the two may number 1995 burgandy van with virginia plates headed to new jersey. also developing this morning another shooting in the district. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is live on the scene with the latest on this story, mel. good morning, guys this a bit of mystery i can till. you can see here wood ridge drive in northeast. when we arrived literally has not changed since we got here. one cruiser here guarding scene. police tape along the driveway herement earlier this evening or earlier last night we should say, d.c. police tweeted there was a shooting here at this address and later this morning that tweet for some reason was deleted. but i can till that my sources are telling me that this involves a d.c. police officer. we've been working the phones
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in touch with the public information office to try to confirm that and try to find out exactly what kind of shooting are we talking about. is this someone injured? is this domestic? is this indeed a crime scene? so far really no information them. but we're standing by here to try to get information. obviously there's still protecting something here. it's possible we'll get more police here on the scene. we were told from the public information office that there would be a police presence here so, again, maybe at first sight we'll get more officers here and we'll get as much information as we k some kind of a shooting or incident here involving again from our source as i d.c. police officer. back to you guys. all right. details about that. thanks for the update melanie alnwick in northeast this morning. 4:31 is the time. developing news. employee of elevation burger in ashburn virginia arrested sunday for sexually assaulting
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luiz orr could face years in prison for that attack. authorities say it's unfortunate he was hired and able to be around children with his prior record. >> i wouldn't imagine somebody would be in a place like that to have access to small children and do what they did. >> the restaurant is deeply sa internal process on how the suspect was hired. now he's at the loudoun county adult detention center held with no bound. happening today d.c. public school students are planning walk out of class to protest president-elect done done a flier says it's planned for noon. students participating plan to leave school get on met reand meet metro sent erin then march down pennsylvania avenue to trump hotel.
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divide us is their message. >> and thousands from montgomery blair in silver spring marched down university boulevard and met up with those from other schools and went to the mall and many khantd not my president. protests continued another day throughout the country after election of donald trump. students walked out of class cross the country protesting him as president of the united states. students say they're concerned about the president elects comments about affects he has on their communities. >> we feel like we need our voices heard for things like donald trump winning presidency and lgbtq rights and i rights for people of all races. >> for people in my community never to fear we're here and we'll stand up together. >> trump supporters asked protesters to stop. president-elect trump will focus on deporting undocumented
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others after the mexican border wall is completed. >> d.c. counsil set to take a final vote on death with dignity act. it will give mentally capable terminally ill adults with six months or more to live to get a precipitation to end their life. it is supported 2 out of 3 residents and follows similar legislation passioned in colorado. >> department of justice citing a lawsuit that virginia unconstitutional. >> there is a suit filed against vdot and in that brief suspending licenses of people that captain ford to pay court costs and fines violates constitution guarantee of due process. legal aid justice center filed in july on behalf of drivers that have the little to no income. all right, coming up on 4:35 here let's get a check of today's forecast with mr. gary mcgrady.
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falling. >> it's been super light. this little area coastal low pressure working up. it's been a bit of dud. if we were going to have clouds and showers we needed to get rain and we didn't get anything from it to amount to anything. we're dry. and a little rain would be nice. next chance for some really comes up on saturday night with pretty voong surge service cold air. 49 degrees in town right now. dulles is 46. it's not too chilly out this morning. lot of clouds in place. and there's around. really, hopefully, not too bad for the morning commute. but it is enough that at least in spots the roads might be a little slippery and wet out there. but nothing too heavy at all. everything is light. watch this area of low pressure break up. it's moving east of us and northeast of us. but it's not providing well really anything in terms rain. just very, very light and there's not been so far any measurable rainfall at national
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again, we had a little shower activity around. drizzle this morning in spots. lingering spotty shower. by lunchtime today we're all dry and beginning to get sunshine and certainly by this afternoon more sunshine. winds pick up a little bit. maybe only 10 miles an hour in terms of the wind speeds later this afternoon. temperatures get up to right around 60 or so. it does look really nice coming up the next several days, okay? so we'll show you 7 day in a bit. erin como is here with that. erin. >> 4:36 keeping an eye on tuesday morning ride concerned you could hit damp road because of rain falling around the dmv. quiet on 66 into the beltway. west falls church and arlington
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bridge, 95, quiet harbor delay free. earlier crash between stafford and fredericksburg clear out of the way. traffic flowing 210 for the washington to brandywine and clinton an ak akeek and i'll let you know if that changes in northern maryland, 295 and bw parkway cruise ago long route 1 in great shape as well. if you have an early morning flight traffic on way to bwi, reagan national and dull ses in great shape. i'm holding my peanut butter protein bar in my hand because it was melted from my coffee. >> a look back of life and legacy of gwen eiffel. murdering the subject could be a free man. >> a live look outside the region time 4:37 and temperature is 49.
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>> 4:39. what's trending on the web. >> good morning, first up we're continuing to learn more about donald trump administration. looks like former new york city mayor rudy guiliani you tapped to be the favorite for secretary of state and trump report he edly considering richard better nel as un ambassador and steve munch informer campaign chairman could be secretary treasury. >> still in shock overpassin of long time pbc journalist gwen eiffel. she passed away yesterday afternoon surrounded by family and friends. she was diagnosed with cancer in late 2015. she was award winning political reporter and author that worked at the "washington post", "new york times" and nbc news. eiffel was just 61 years old. >> and finally wisdom martin judge ordered release of brendan gassy, gassy was provided in the popular netflix
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uncle kill a woman back in 2005 when just 16 his lawyers argued investigators coaxed him into commiting a crime he did not commit. the state has appealed the ruling. >> thank, holly. >> coming up a civil rights group warns hate crimes are on the rise after election of president-elect donald trump. >> and affor >> a live look across the d.c. region. traffic moving well out there. you know as the morning goes on things may get congested. details of weather and traffic on the five. right now 4:4 more "fox5 news morning" on the other side of
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>> today on "fox5 news morning" president obama is in europe trying it secure his legacy as he gets world leaders ready for donald trump and his administration. >> looking live outside you might want to grab your coat and hat. it's cold out there. waking up with temperatures in the 40s this tuesday morning, ouch. good morning to you thank you
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>> i'm with wisdom martin. >> today is tuesday, november 15. erin como is talking about what is happening on the roads and gary mcgrady is talking about what you just talked about those 40 degree temperatures. >> right. >> yeah, showers too out there this morning. this is not a super wet commute. but it's going to be enough showers here and there, there's damp roads and drizzle. of course, we cannot see it on radar. there's legit showers. this is very, very scattered. this little area of low pressure work ago long the as any rain to speak of. nothing that will help our situation at all with being so dry. it's enough rain this morning to be a bit of nuisance. i think there's still a chance of showers moving right through the 8:00 hour and maybe a couple around up to lunchtime or so. as we progress through the morning, listen, drier and drier, 49 right now. almost 50 in town now. annapolis is pretty mild this morning at 52. baltimore 46. temperatures holding steady mid
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we have clouds in place. clouds will be with us on and off all through the morning hours and we'll begin to break into sunshine by lunchtime or so and get more sunshine in the afternoon. otherwise cool temperature makes it up to 59, 60, dumb places 61, 62. other than that typical this time of year. here's erin como with a look at the year. >> drizzly start to tuesday morning you may need windshield wipers and patience. you may beltway looking good through largo. problem free entire stretch 95 beltway toy 14 street bridge. let's look live and show you wet roads. upper loop by braddock road you can see cruising at speed in both directions and buffer room between those cars as we forward cameras checking in 270 maryland representative of all of northern maryland right now. delay free as you make your way from urbana to the spur.
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scales. back to you, maureen. >> 4:46 is the time. virginia state police are searching for a 4-year-old girl abducted and believed to be in extreme danger. this is an abell richardson of charlotte country, virginia, missing since wednesday and believed to be abducted by biological father you see there. 4-year-old dillon james richard son. they believe the two may number 1995 burgandy chevy van, virginia plates may be headed to new jersey. >> foll story in d.c. a shooting happened there overnight in northeast. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is live on the scene with details if you can. mel, good morning. >> good morning, guys, a little more activity now. just a few minutes ago this d.c. police truck pulled up and now we're seeing some investigative activity going on in the upper room there where it looks like window is on and we're seeing some flashlight and photographs being taken as
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last night when d.c. police tweeted out there was a shooting here in the 2300 block of wood ridge road northeast. and then, early this morning, that tweet was deleted. we got no more information from d.c. police but my sources tell me this involves a d.c. police officer. that's really all we've been able to get at this point. we still cannot fwet the public information office to confirm those details to us. so the nature of this shooting, the -- basically the status of the victim we don't know whether this person is alive or dead or in the hospital they're not giving us a lot of information. you can see obviously something happened here and now we're seeing more people show up we saw a couple of detectives arrive here and walk into this house as well. so, we'll stay here this morning. and continue to bring you details as we get them. live in northeast i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> president obama currently
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president arrived in greece this morning and makes stops in germany and peru. yesterday he held a press conference to reassure cord leaders president-elect donald trump is not so bad after all. president obama says trump maintains america's alliances and mr. obama opened up about his meeting last week with trump. listen to what he had to say. >> do i have concerns, absolutely. of course i have concerns. he and i differ on i whole bunch of issues. i emphasized to him gesture matter and how he reaches out to groups that may not have supported him and how he signals his interest in their issues or concerns and i think those are the kinds of thing that can set a tone that will help move things forward. >> president obama went on to say there are certain elms of the president-elect's
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>> ever since donald trump was 'located to be president hate crimes have been on the rise across the nation and these reports created fear among civil rights groups. many are concern aid trump administration may alienate minority sfwlz we've seen acts of verbal harassment, vandalism, physical assault across the country. like a store that was defaced with swastikas in philadelphia, or close to washington d.c., a church vandalized with graffiti that set white only. >> president-elect trump says he's sad to hear about the hate crimes. >> happening today, d.c. mayor muriel bowser will break gound on a housing development northeast ward 7 affordable housing is set to revitalize one of d.c.'s most under served neighbors it's taking place on hayes street. >> time now is 4:50 coming up
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of securities and exchange commission announces plans to step down. >> and wherever you go this holiday season sxkt a lot of company. we'll explain when we come back. >> as we head to break. a live look outside the d.c. region. temperature 49.
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>> back now charged with canning unarmed black man watched enhanced video of that shooting. experts testified during the trial. video frame shows michael slager picking up object and dropping it by his body. defense contends the shooting occurred when scot wrestled away the stun gun and point today at him.
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hearing to see if dylann roof can stand trial. the psychologist examining rough will not fip ib report until today mary-jo white was appointed by president obama. white's term does not end until 20 19 and she's stepping down early. trump will name own sec chairman. >> if you plan to travel during the holidays you will have plenty of company. 48 million people will take to highways skies and sea. that's increase of one million thaters compared to last. 89% of people will drive this thanks giving and 3 million
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>> it's cool. temperatures mid 40s this morning. upper 40s in town. i think 52 annapolis that's not bad. we do have light showers. couple spovts drizzle, too, we'll trend drier. trending drier through the end of late morning into the early afternoon. and dry. sunshine poking through out there. temperatures in th here's area of low pressure. it's working up to the north and to northeast of us. it's a little coastal area and it's been insignificant for us in terms of rain. we thought we would get more rain out this than we ended up getting. there's light showers out this morning and otherwise no big deal. just enough rain. glaze out there that has made the roadways a little bit slippery in spots. take it from me i had an issue this morning. drizzle this morning. still around. maybe a few showers as well.
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50 or so. still some middle 40s out in the suburbs. noontime we're 58 beginning to see sunshine poking through and later this afternoon before the sun sets we should see good amounts of sunshine temperatures around 60 for all of us. there's forecast 7 day in a bit. right now erin como with tuesday morning traffic. i wish it were friday, erin. >> it's day after monday, gary, we're getting there. let's be happy about. it tuesday morning ride and you problem free gw parkway 123 to key bridge and all area bridges are cruising 11 street and no problems memorial or roosevelt i let you know if that changes, 270 southbound quiet drive frederick to clarksburg and into montgomery country. 70 looking good no both directions and northern maryland 95 beltway and bw parkway quiet route 1 and 29 problem free coalsville, concernsing ton, riverdale and
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secondarys. i'll let you know if anything changes, quiet through spotsylvania, fredericksburg and stafford. back to you maureen and wisdom. >> 4:57 coming youing up on fix news morning a convicted predator facing charges after targeting two girls in a bathroom. >> and d.c. council getting ready to decide the future on the proposed death with dignity law.
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>> today on "fox news morning" president obama is in europe trying to secure his legacy as he prepares world leaders for donald trump presidency. >> looking live outside. you would want to it grab your hat and coat today. temperatures just in the 40s. just barely, 49. we're almost in 50 degree mark. plan accordingly. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is tuesday, november 15 where is it you're going


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