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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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straight ahead at 6 breaking overnight two deadly shootings in the district win involveing a retired police officer and why officials say he shot his mentally ill son. >> "fox5" is pushing for answer and this appears to show a officer pepper spraying atv rider mid wheelie. >> november 15. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. >> good tuesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to 5 news morning". first up a shooting in d.c. heartbreaking it happened woodbridge street north east. sources tell "fox5" retired d.c. police officer was attacked in the home by his son who they say had a history of mental illness. son reportedly broke down a door threatening father and another person. the retired officer eventually shot and killed his own son. also developing overnight two deadly shootings in the district. writing now you take a live look at third street also
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so far no word of suspect or motive. >> take a look at this video of confrontation between atv rider and district police. riders claim an officer pulled up next to the tavrment v and pepper sprayed the driver. >> the whole thing raising questions on how they stop illegal dirt bikes and atvs. good morning. mel. >> good morning, so clearly it's problem we know on sunday there were reports of about 100 of these bikes coming in from prince george county to d.c.. so, this is a been a problem. d.c. police confirm several bikers in that video have been arrested since the incidents. officers seen on the video remain on duty. take a look here. this is what is crazy. again here is d.c. police car following this atv and question becomes is this a chase or is
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this is what you want to watch here where the arm comes out and it's unclear at this point d.c. police say whether indeed the d.c. police officer was now pepper spraying atv rider or not but it's bringing up questions as far as what should be done. we had video earlier of another incident you could see the dirt bikes one in fact up on the sidewalk striking somebody. so, it really is question here. i think a lot of people in the city want d.c. police to do more to stop harassment of drivers on road and pedestrian as well. but there are good morning, everybody certain orders in place that say that d.c. police cars cannot chase these atvs for public safety reasons as well. and again the investigation into whether or not these officers did indeed pepper
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should say and whether that's something considered okay or not i don't know. that continues, bark to you guys. >> all right. thank you melanie. >> and employee of elevation burgerer in ashburn virginia arrested surprised for sexually assaulting two girls in the restaurant's bathroom. 21-year-old luiz orey could face deck identify for the attack. he had a prior record as a minor for sexually assault being back them. right now country no bound. >> normer mayor rudy guiliani is top pick for the job and senior officials says there's no competition if juliana wants it is it his. he's a former federal prosecutor and lacks extensive foreign policy experience. julienia was in the district call being to ceo counsel ill and reports that donald trump wants children to see america's
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considering security cleans for them. >> helping today d.c. public school students planning walk out of class to protest president-elect donald trump and flier says demonstration is planned for new. student participating plan to get on and meet at metro station and they'll -- the future president cannot divide us. >> yesterday hundreds of high high schoolers in it mingt kouingy to president-elect. students from montgomery blair high school and silver spring walked down university boulevard and met up with several students. they gathered westville, wheaton and chanted not my president. also, caught on camera in ohio. shoveing a man done a nrooingt of stairs during trump rally at campus they arrested the 4-year-old student ape charmed
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who was giveing a speech on a set of stairs. now that student fell down several stairs and luckily was not hurt. >> new this morning president obama is in greece. he arrived inage eps 3:30 in the morning. it's his last major trip abroad while still in office. president obama will deliver a speech tomorrow before moving on to berlin. >> 6:05 tuesday morning we have a good fist check of weather. >> not much moon this morning. i went and looked for it last night. not a lot of heavy clouds but enough to mask it. >> mean while, few showers out there early. we'll get showers out and turn partly sunny, near 60 this afternoon. >> if it was truly super you could see it. >> you say point there. >> it should be super nephew
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clouds. 5 reagan national. 45 winning number. dulles and bwi marshall will be about 60. rain steve did you get rain. well the roads were wet this morning i'll make educated guess rain. >> or 100th of an inch in dulles. this is it the next couple days. we'll clear it out. again seasonal temperatures m upper 50s to 60 this afternoon and partial sunshine to look forward to. of here. there's forecast. i'll have the 7 day coming up. is it too early to look at the weekend. >> never. >> we'll do that in a minute. >> deal. >> thank you. >> check on roads, here's erin, good morning. >> that was big smile for steve for weekend forecast right allison. >> right. >> right now sky fox over a dark and very crowded stretch of the outer loop by georgia avenue. you can see traffic is just backing up. outer loop jammed from before
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simply because of congestion. we'll move over from sky fox. we're not seeing maps now. we'll see if we can pull the camera for you and show what you you're up against. this is view of 270 on southbound side. volume picking up montrose road to spur and north of that point by truck scailz we're getting con squeington. fret -- leaving two-minute earlier is bet best bet. you saw yum chopper was just as crowded by police allow for ca time. upper loop good an as you page your way on 95 dealing with heavier congestion by prince william and things are cruising through dill city south through stafford. you need to allow that extra time. 66 also backing up as you make your way eastbound side from 234 to 8 and then upper loop starting to see heavier volume out by wilson bridge.
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yellow line alert for you. all that information on my twitter eight erin fox d.c. >> off offering much needed
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snv the death with dignity act it will give openings to doctor's precipitation for medication to end their life and the bill is supported by two out of three d.c. residents and follows similar legislation that passed in colorado. >> and new details about possible war crimes committed by membe cia accused of torturing in afghan fan more than a decade ago. results appears to have subjected at least 60 detainees to torture in maybe and 2004 and cia may is have tortured more than 5 de tape hes else why the same time period.. they'll decide soon whether to on full scale investigation. >> one of suspect of netflix
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to be releasedieson. they ordered brendan dassy be set free. he was 16 when confess ited to helping uncle steven avery rain and murder a woman in 2005. his attorneys argued confession was coerced and state turn general will file emergency motion to keep dassy behind bars. >> robert f. kennedy jr. is slated to join protesters of dakota pipe access on north day colt called to finance the project. here at home there will be a peaceful sit in at army corps headquarters in defense of pipeline to 4:3024 afternoon. go fund me payment launched to safe grave stone of benjamin franklin in philadelphia. they say the site has been danaged by ritual of tossing pennies on to grave.
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thrown on to the market each year. the trust has received grants to repair the grave stone and seeking another 1,000 for the project. >> you saw it here on "fox5"cows stranded on a small island of grass after new zealand powerful earthquake. >> it would take snob height hoist phlegm helicopter. >> how they were saved was not by helicopterment farmer and helpers were actually able toy? after they determined that the land was safe. they made it. >> also in other news in new zealand a warship is headed that way now. first time in 0 years that happened to help with earthquake evaluations. >> flying is now less stressful so they say. new technology keeps tabs on lug soonl that's covered. we'll tell you how it works coming up. >> as we head toe break this tuesday morning there's washington monument front and center.
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>> breaking news amber alert is cancelled now alert for little girl in virginia. virginia state police say 4-year-old an abell richardson was found safe along with man that took steve hershorn father dillon richardson. amber alert issued earlier is now cancelled. she has been found.
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>> and i'm ready to go. let's get to it. afternoon sunshine to look forward to. still clouds and couple showers out there early. we'll look at this here just a moment. but, let's start with cool temperatures. 50 washington. 45 gaithersburg and 45 dulles and 45 leonardtown. of course yesterday morning we're page waking up to lots of cooler temperatures temperatures in 20s. cloud cover overnight. yeah, it's cool out there and not bitter cold it will be upper 50s to 60. what's left of rain very, very light you can see we don't have a whole lot out there. most of it is now passed north an north and east pushing up through montgomery and howard county and again light showers and sprinkles. once this gets out avenue here, we carry a low pressure. we should gradually see clearing and again partly sunny, very pleasant this afternoon with daytime highs where they should be upper 50s to 60s.
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4110th of of an inch. we should be upper 50s to 60. next couple days cool temperatures. then jet stream temporarily retreats to west and north. that will allow couple days here, thursday, friday, temperatures in 60s. we may get close to 70 by the time we get to friday. so, alert. >> alert. >> happy hour with me friday afternoon. >> promise. >> i'm sorry buying. >> near 70. >> i didn't know it was a possibility. >> that's my request for friday. it's cold cash loading weather throwing it out there. right now 66 eastbound packing up by virginia investigator center from 234 out to 28 eyre at a crawl. no crashes, give yourselves 30 extra point in goat beltway.
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backed up traffic 66 to bridge. few extra moments needed there. outer loop cruising from 270 spur all the way down. outer loop topside of parkway college park 95 past coalsville to scorj a20 minute slow downsome my because of congestion. upper loop looking good. drizzly ride earlier but not enough moisture to cause a problem on the roads. and 270 soub side volume increasing north of that point 70 past 10 to 15 extra minutes and stop and go conditions down to the spur as we forward cameras once again we're plaque i didn't mean to do that and turn off all the lights for you but metro if you take green or yellow line power restores at l'enfant plaza we're dealing with residual delays there. there we are. back to the beginning back to you guys. >> it came full circle for you. >> just like construction on capitol building. >> happening study on capitol
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restoration of capitol dome it cost 60 million and repairs and stone. >> very nice. >> too busy for play time next. what a new study suggests is getting in the way of parents spending time with kids. >> fist of all we now know how much nike back to the future self lacing sneakers we like to talk about will cost. hyper adistant 1.0 will sit back wait for it. 720 dollars. >> they're on sale december 1. >> you have to charge them 3 hours and battery lasts up to weeks. so there's works involved. >> you don't have to get for me this year. i'm saving $720.
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today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.awe. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> just in time for holidays air lines aim for end of lost luggage. lauren demarco, good tuesday. >> good tuesday, 12 point away from 19,000 i better get my 19,000 dow hat ready record run
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today dow up 7 days in a row. higher by 2. this is market that can go oymer way take gaipz while they last. >> across the board, right, after the election, business banks it's across the board, >> it's a trump induced rally. he will spend money on infrastructure and i cut taxes and de regulate a lot of wall street, this, that, banks are doing well with healthcare stocks doing well. it's also knee jerk reaction. d stick. we're liking what we're seeing from president-elect donald trump. wait and see 7 days in next time you travel you wion't have the stress of oh, no will my bag get lost. it's positive. >> technology to the rescue. this is what we know so far. delta is working on tracking bags in realtime. they're actually doing this. this saves you time and saves them monday. they're using radio frequency
6:24 am
is working on elect tropic bag tags. all in this would save airlines $3 billion in next 7 years. saves money, saves time. that's a win/win. >> september it now they're like hey let's do something about lost luggage. i'm just saying. >> we'll charge you for bags and you're paying to charge them. now when we lose them we'll try to do that less often a thank you for your business. >> i'm all on board. before we let you go let's talk about the fact i think most parents already knew and we're not spending 234u6 time with our kids. instead we should play with them more right? >> one of the reasons we're not playing with kids is because we're stuck in traffic. this is study commissioned by nintendo and whole point of study is to say hey play nintendo games with family but data was surprising.
6:25 am
getting work than they do endplay time with children. average parent tells their kid "i'm too busy to play" eight times a week. >> tibl. >> okay. >> they're not too puzy toe put food on plates or. >> too tired to play i'm guilty of that one. too busy, no. too busy trying to catch a nap. >> bye-bye. >> bye. >> speaking of nintendo did you see the new game system that came out. >> the box. >> sold out every we. >> it's throw back games super marios 60 bucks has 30 games in it and sold out in a minute. >> sure. >> supposed to be a hot christmas gift. can't find it. >> i bet you can get it somewhere. >> i'm sure you have internet but pay a little more or lot
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don't let that rain cloud on left fool you. most of rain through the area in fact let's look at radar together. you can see light showers north of us through columbia. maybe out towards annapolis and anne arrundel country leftover shower and for the most part, clouds here early and we'll warm it up to near 60 today. cool afternoon. it should be partly sunny later today. and that sunshine returns the rest of week. friday near 70. saturday, 68 degrees. floorious weather erin if you want to get married. and then much colder weather earlier next week. that is perfect for next weekend because we'll be set up for great eating weather in the 40s next thanks giving. >> it's next week. >> thursday. >> unbelievable. >> all right. >> thanks pat. >> erin. >> i would like to propose a friends giving on good day. >> what does that mean.
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and have a little meal. >> let's do it. >> we did it last year we were too family like when we started fighting like family. >> we started fighting at the end. >> nothing like real life, felt like real life. >> any good family doesn't tell business out to public. >> right. >> let's do that. >> have to have someone hold altogether. traffic cruising along with delays 50 towards 11 street bridge on 295 southbound and 50 unbound slow through we'll keep you posted you can see that if you take metro green and yellow residual delays. allison, steve. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, airport. it's 6:7 now. >> not even old enough to vote but high school student try to protest donald trump. >> veep us wilson making announcement billion retirement
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step is shoes. step is shoes. we'll be right back. what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving
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i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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>> 6:30 right now welcome back everybody. welcome back to "fox5 news morning" on tuesday. we will have weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:5. >> first at 6:30 back to news the anti-trump protests don't seem to be slowing down and movement has inspired walkouts by students at area schools and
6:31 am
tell us where another walkout is planned for today. bob, where are you? >> we're at wilson high school in northwest near tunly town and we believe the sceepz this protest today originate here that school. we can show you literature out there on social media basically one page flier that is basically calling for a peaceful and positive demonstration encouraging kids from all d.c. public high high schools to take metro down to metro center and then down to the trump hotel where they'll stand together, hold hands and basically message he cannot divide us they say. we can show you videotape from yesterday. same kind ever thing napped silver spring area. students from montgomery blair, northwood, einstein and kennedy marching south along georgia to downtown silver spring. this follows hateful acts of vandalism in some area schools
6:32 am
kids to say, hey, you know, we'll be okay and we'll stand up to trump. the kids at montgomery player say they have diverse population. some are concerned their parent may be de ported and other kids went along as an excuse to get out of school. it was big demonstration there. there was one along the south east, southwest freeway late in the day. also in los angeles, guys, this is making rounds. that we'll see what the turnout will be like in the district today. >> thank you have much. we got a lot of response if you about the walk quout. thee are the ones hurting themself. if i were a teacher i would fail each and everyone of them. go to school. just another excuse to skip class.
6:33 am
the same. . >> another please be silent. those kids have every right to free golf speech as well as right to protest peacefully. this is still united states. 'always like to hear from you. >> now to heartbreaking story that happened in the district. sources tell us retired d.c. police officer was attacked by of mental illness in a home on woodbridge street in northeast. sources say the son repeatedly -- reportedly broke down a door. there end father and another person with the knife and retired officer eventually shot and killed his son. >> happening d.c.. shooting on third street in southeast happened after 11 last night. police say one man shot and killed in the 4300 block. so far no word of suspects or motive in that shooting in
6:34 am
>> and switch it up for the morning line right now. baseball awards season continues today. manager of the award will be announced this afternoon. hopefully dusty baker gets that. matt cherers is up for cy young award and daniel murphy on short list of mvs. nats trea turner failed short of rookie of the year. he only played half a season and was second. well deserved. the winner voted on by a panel of baseball of america and rookie is l.a. dodgers also nationalist form mvh had him savl a great year. >> giant, 6-3 ahead of skips after beating bengals, close one 21-20 new york took the lead. odell beckham jr.. ten catches, 97 yards. fastest player in nfl history
6:35 am
>> first game against each other in dmv terped ral hiked to win 75-71 flip it hoyas playing thoingt host at vr izod center. >> this is not quite honestly not auto game and our guys know and understand that. and if you can't >> and fwheez it means to the fans to get hereby all the media today. obviously a big game. and our guys get. it they're all big. every game counts as one. counts being local moons a lot. >> both coaches say they look forward to talking about hopefully extending that rivalry. >> venus williams talking retirement. get this. 36-year-old revealed that the
6:36 am
years from now may be last match. she said it is time for her to get to life outside of the court she made remarks on hallmark hallmarkel home and family show which aired today. if you think about that allison to be able to play competitive step is at the top of your game at 40 there are people that retire at 20. >> those are not the williams sisters. >> no it's taken it to another level. >> it really is. wish her the best. >> we can hold on for another year up here. >> very athletic. >> nice thing about this business is they retire you whether you are ready or not. >> like a major every day. >> exactly 50 washington. 45 richmond. 51 new york city and 39 pittsburgh and so here's the deal. shower activity moving through. lifting off north and north and east and the good news is we'll
6:37 am
i don't think you need umbrella a. most is out of here and enough to wet the roadways in spots. there we should clear it out and be ready for a nice fall afternoon. did i mention real quick we have cold air on the horizon. >> you sure did. >> all right. >> we'll look at those details momentarily. >> in the meantime we'll check in with erin. there's two mysterys in life why we always have traffic and why tucker turns air conditioning on when it's >> i'm wearing twiingt and sweater dress. >> i needed to move air aa little bit. >> you do shoeless weather reports when he's hot. >> woor not loving this sutly delay 344. let switch it over from a look at sky fox. a lot of backups and
6:38 am
45 extra minutes to get 234 past crash to beltway we have usual congestion as well. westbound side looking good. let's switch it over and show you a look at cameras and how things pop up around the districts. 14 street bridge. 95 northbound pentagon across the bridge is slow. once we get to freeway top and go traffic as well and south east suitland parkway inbound slow alabama to south capitol and look at this outer loop new hampshire avenue parked. no crashes but 95 over to georgia it's such heavy congestion you're in for 25 minute slow down. eper loop past connecticut i'll let you know if that changes. normal service resumed blue line earlier problem eastern market and ep back to you, allison, steve. >> coming up. ment the newest member of the bush family.
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twitter. what's done to stop that spread.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. >> still in shock off passing
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diagnosed with cancer in 2015. of course an award whipping political arnl or and reporter and work ago "washington post", "new york times", nbc news, passed away yesterday at the age of 61. >> way too young. such a loss. fake news sites. google and facebook on on a mission to shut you done. they're staying steps to stop web sites from generating revenue through ad services and it's time they're it's time they're moving to address growing couldn't verse joy on the web. >> and president wife and bush adding to their family with a puppy. they're adopting a puppy named freddie bush and they got him adopted freddie from the spca of texas and they say they already love him and even the cats are warming up to little freddie. >> he has no idea he is in the family of a former president. >> dogs love all the time. >> two presidents.
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>> 6:45 right now. >> oh, boy, good morning. >> it may start after rain overnight. >> allison i want to hear more about people --
6:46 am
stalk. >> why. >> why are you doing this. >> it's a flag of veggies. >> mostly what you bought is the stalk. >> i get it. >> maybe you're saying i really want it like authentically from the earth. >> right. >> that might be it. >> just one of those things on a tuesday morning i ponder. >> i have no idea what a brussel stalk. >> let's dot forecast. >> they're attached to it. >> excellent. bus stop forecast. leftover sprixing temps 40s to 50. after school partly sunny and temps around 60 with at least some sunshine. plenty of sunshine. should be mostly sunny afternoon here with rather cloudy start. we have a few leftover sprinkles. >> 52 washington and 52 annapolis and waking up with 20, 2 hours ago. cloud cover 44 hagerstown and winchester 45. and 46 fredericksburg and
6:47 am
both near freezing mark. light shower activity didn't amount to much. we didn't get a measurement of rain at all and 4, 100th s out of dulles. looks like a leftover shower baltimore and western shore of bay leftover sprinkle. that's about. it high pressure west will build in. and winds out of west and north here and we'll number for a very pleasant afternoon and kind of seasonably cool. highs upper 50s to 60. there's low pressure. we'll showers gone. that's really best chance of showers the next week or so and once again high pressure builds in and we're in for a couple quiet days. let me pension here with the jet stream retreating west and north hereby end of week we're 70 by firday friday looks fantastic daytime high near 70 and lot of sunshine. get out and enjoy the sunshine as it looks much cold are by end of weekend. sunday packers right, steve?
6:48 am
>> backers redskins. it will be chilly out there at fedex field sunday afternoon no it's sunday night right. >> thank you, erin. >> sunday night game. >> it will be cold. >> okay. more on that coming up. >> teamwork makes the dream work. i have to say tucker thank you and tucker moneyed i need 10,000 twitter followers and guess what we hit 10,000. >> saw some. >> allison gave us a clap. >> net row on blue line and that cleared delays to franconia. let's show you what is going on green and yellow line earlier problem but between gallery place and water front pentagon you may encounter residual delays on green and yellow line. we hop outside metro to roads crash blocking right shoulder 66 eastbound sutly delays have you back to 234.
6:49 am
fox and slow you a line of slow, sad moving traffic. stand still, drop and go 28 to beltway. leave house from gainsville or mannasas 45 minute early. westbound that's a dream. 95 jammed past with volume landover road down past eastern avenue as you get towards 11 street bridge. you need patience this morning it's a crawl because of done joington. quiet as we take a look now on th etsell road slow belt to way to etsell road. topside of beltway is also very, very crowded as you pass coalsdale road. we're seeing a lot of slow-moving traffic there. please allow for extra time. we'll keep you updated on your morning commute, back to you steve and allison. >> every since donald trump was 'located to be president hate crimes are on the rise across the can't we these
6:50 am
minorities. >> a new resolution today addressing community concerns over discrimination and hate crimes. the country has largest form of foreign born residents in maryland. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser will break ground on 150 unit on north east ward 7 it's said to reis rite lies one of the most ground break being. >> weeping aamerica beautiful all kind of event for america recycles days. america recycle says there's three tips to get people to resayingle. one empty contents and clean all residue and make sure dry before you place them in recycling container. >> d.c. launching a new plan to adapt to climate change it
6:51 am
living center in northeast. u.s. aroundy corps of engineers will reduce moving in the area. it's called climate ready d.c. and will address the change in climate some say is bringing more dangerous heat waves and severe storms and nroving to our area. >> new this morning lift launched replacement for the pink mustache overhead and it's kind of psychedelic dash accomplice may with name on it's called amp. you know that's your ride. >> on book shelves it's called. >> khinging out the fox beat. adele will extend tour to include dates in australia for the first time ever.
6:52 am
and she wrote, good day it's me. i was wondering if after ten years in the game you would finally like to meet? get? it's like a play on hello. she goes on to list cities it's a spin on hello. tour kicks off february 28. >> tip she gave about touring in australia turned into her tourping in us veilia. >> out with a new trailer adaptation of animated film beauty and beast. >> >> it's alive. >> who's that. >> dwu wish to take your father's place. >> give me the light. >> never mind, go back. >> not what i was expecting. >> too much light. >> okay. >> it stars emma watt sop as bell and stevens as the beast beauty and the beast hits theaters march 2017. >> i am thinking mr. steve
6:53 am
for that role. >> he kind of looks like the lion from the wiz. >> ear here for. >> the beast. >> clearly you're the beast. >> other clearly not the beast my bad. >> you're not the prince. >> i like that. >> did you see beauty and the beasts a kid. >> i did not. >> thought i would ask. >> and taking on the classics. >> a group of 17 actors and performers racked they're way through the books. volume two. >> i could have been somebody vipinger this the all kissed my hands? i love the trauma? >> little combination of rap, spoken surprise word, some song. from books of be loved lord of flies private prejudice et cetera it's a 37 minute video shot in just one take well don't it was done at
6:54 am
into the word. i like that. >> get a little sense that maybe hamilton opened doors. >> that's what i was thinking. >> very cool. >> and in one take. >> val talln'td trending this morning plus five model ashley gram and barbie. mattel day bud a barbie modeled after gram. but that on my christmas list. >> done. >> the doll is part of the she roses series, around body norms. and they believe that's important it's important message for young girls. gram had a big hand in making of her very own barbie making sure the girl's thighs touched just like hers. >> look, if you have a doll that is supposed to be your portrayal it's not they include you in the process. >> very cool. >> you have to get it early.
6:55 am
i really want it. >> i'm writing it down now. >> let's look at financial of date now. >> we shall. >> it goes to joan. joan oswald, happy pus tuesday, joan. >> joan says she watches "fox5" every morning. thanks for watching we appreciate it to be the next fan of the day. facebook path of the gay. post yourselfy underneath miss jones. >> very nice, 6:55 now tucker you can please remind me about the barbie for allison. >> no you have up to do i order it. >> can you remind me later. >> he will deliver. >> i know. >> i just fear he'll run out of town. >> where is sglechb not today yet. >> what's the weather. >> 49 washington. let's see, light rain showers overnight. we have those out of here. doing daytime highs upper 50s to 60 and should be plenty of afternoon sunshine.
6:56 am
showers overnight and lifting off north and east and for most part with exception towards annapolis an baltimore we're done with showers and we should see gradual hereing. nice warming thend the next couple days. friday and does we'll take it cooler by end of week temperatures likely in the 30s for kickoff. erin is back with more fun on the fares >> a crash blogging shoulder just cleared 6 of eastbound tutly road. bad news we have residual delays super heavy traffic 234 past this point and again towards beltway. again you need to leave the house 45 minute earl lawyer headed to gainsville or mannasas. here's a look 295, 25 southbound as you make your way long-over road to 11 street bridge. give yourself significant am of time.
6:57 am
lines. we you have covered this morning. keep it to "fox5" we're back in
6:58 am
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>> right now it's 7:00. a shooting that involved a
7:00 am
forced to on fire on his own son. what may have led up to the deadlien counters. and new details this morning about donald trump's transition to the white house with weeks to go until he officially takes office vts we're learning about who may else be besides him in the nation alcapitol. >> and caught on camera. d.c. police officers appears to pepper spray illegal atv rider as racing through city streets doing a wheelie. did the officer g raising questions of how officers should be able to respond even stop riders. >> a live look outside tuesday morning november 15, 2016. we'll have weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox5 news morning". truly a sad story developing in d.c. overnight and our sources tell us a retired police officer had to shoot and kill his own son after being attacked by his son. he has a history of mental


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