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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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forced to on fire on his own son. what may have led up to the deadlien counters. and new details this morning about donald trump's transition to the white house with weeks to go until he officially takes office vts we're learning about who may else be besides him in the nation alcapitol. >> and caught on camera. d.c. police officers appears to pepper spray illegal atv rider as racing through city streets doing a wheelie. did the officer g raising questions of how officers should be able to respond even stop riders. >> a live look outside tuesday morning november 15, 2016. we'll have weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox5 news morning". truly a sad story developing in d.c. overnight and our sources tell us a retired police officer had to shoot and kill his own son after being attacked by his son. he has a history of mental
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the son broke down a door threatening his father and another person. >> staying in the district now, police investigating another shooting and this one in southeast. it happened just before 11:00 last night and police say a man was shot and killed there along the 400 block of third street. so far no word on suspects nor a motive. >> so good news from virginia this morning an amber alert is cancelled for this girl on the left. virginia state police say an abell richardson was found safe last that amber alert was cancelled and she has been found. >> now to the latest on donald trump's transition to the white house. and with just weeksing to go until inauguration we're learning more about who may be part of administration. >> president-elect and team rushing to fill thousands of west wing possessions and doug luzader joins us with more. >> thousands of people to hire.
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so far announced. we're sxleking a slew of announcements later this week. >>. >> what will the white house look like next year. it's all taking shape inside trump tower in new york where president-elect donald trump and vice-president elect mike pence and others meet today to puts together a team. we know former campaign ceo steve bannon will be chief strategist and republican parties right weaponing chef of staff and beyond that secretary ambassador john bolton or former new york rudd ready who deflected last night. >> john would be a good choice. >> is there nick better. >> maybe me, i don't know. >> alabama senator jeff sessions could become secretary of defense. he was trump supporter from the gecko or perhaps to new hampshire senator kelly aiot who just lost reelection bid
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podium it could be kelly an conway or laura ingram. >> i think people are getting far ahead of the narrative. >> maybe this is d.c. parlor game. president obama wouldn't bite when asked about recent trump appointments. >> i think it will be important for him to have the room to staff up and to figure out what his priorities are and distinguish between what he was campaigning on and what practical and what he can actually achieve. >> trump seem is clearly in a rush here. i mean every administration always s trump team may have been behind the eight ball to begin with and one thing to keep in mind high level points and cabinet shots require. >> january 20 will be here
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move med. >> bob, good morning. >> good morning, allison, steve, we'll see you power of social media again today. we're wilson high school northwest d.c. where we believe the screams of today's walkout were generated. basically we want to show the flier circulating on social media calling for students at d.c. public schools to walk out today at noon to bay beingly go to metro reign take metro down to metro the trump hotel for what they're bill as peaceful and pods demonstration. and now d.c. ps officials say this is up excused absence if kids leave school to do thised is the possess annual they say is speaking of donald trump he cannot divide us. i want to show you videotape from yesterday. students from montgomery player, einstein, kennedy high high schools left campus and went up university boulevard to
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peaceful but as you get to bottom of the hill, it should be -- >> the next generation is going to care what's going on. >> i know people dad and depressed. people like -- i know some parents that their kids are wondzerring mom, dad, what's going to happen. why the is everyone panicking. >> and there's a lot of but, he will be in another two months and i feel like i'm not trump supporter but i feel like he got elected fair and square. >> some of those kids for montgomery blair say they have parents who maybe in this country illegally and fearing deportation under president trump. and we'll see what happens today, guys, but it could be another one of these days like
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all across the school hev and it could be interesting. a peaceful walkout. >> bob, we'll be watching thank you very much. >> we're hearing from so many of you about the high school student protests and a lot of comments don't support the students. result are in and finals we are giving away too much time and attention to all the protesting and arrest the ones that are breaking the law. and let's tryto >> i hope the school contacted parents. isn't the school responsible for these kids. if anything was to happen to the kids on the streets and their parents think they're in school there would be thoel pay. >> and on the other side eric says i love assumptions on posts like this they want to keep you school and waist time. given the technology driven age they have better access than we
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he'll appreciate that and all the comments coming. take a look at that. >> let's look at the waerk. >> clouds out tlument at the moment. light sprichingle activity overnight. pushing off northeast and we'll clear it out and be about 60 this afternoon. 49 reagan national. it's cold. not the cold we have this morning. up in baltimore bwi marshall 4. light shower aming activity no measurement am. by the way did you see the movement to move the official site back to d.c.? >> i saw that. >> i saw your sphere heading that? >> i've been. >> i would like to get involved with that. anyways we'll clear it out reign voyrz are out of here and we'll be back. dry afternoon. momentarily i'll focus on the weekend and what --
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>> white house or mall. >> what about like for the reno. >> that might be a little difficult because this part of d.c. is different. >> because of the trees and everything. >> higher. >> higher elevation. >> okay. >> okay. >> okay. >> all right. >> keep us posted. >> on discussion about it. >> let's talk to airport and look at traffic. >> traffic is slow and sad, 7:08 now and sky fox is over 6 6 and they've gone up 66 from 234 to 28 and traffic remains slow. speeds under 0 miles an hour buzz of cop sdwrein from 34 to the beltway give yourself we can sky fox to maps and tell what you're up again. two left lanes blocked comings road backed up to. allow for extra time there and keep right. once you pass comington road
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road and crash eastbound side just outside of beltway and because ever that seeing big delays leading to the beltway. upper loop jammed across the region bridge and 66 view of the map we showed from you sky fox all that red lynner loop in annandale slow as well. back to you guys. >> happening now. metro transit police serving for the woman you see on your scream after they say she threw hot soup at metro bus driver. alleged assault happened sunday morning along the 94 union station anyone with information is asked to call metro transit police. >> this morning new video of atv rider in district raising question how they should stop police riding illegal dirt bikes and atv. million melanie alnwick is live good more, steve, allison. a lot of questions here and a lot of people seeing both sides
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police tell us they were able to arrest several and video here first you will be able to see some really dpaink russ bike riding here. hoor you can see there's legal motorcycles in the middle of road and then also check on look on the sidewalk here. you're going to see relatively soon. look at this striking a pedestrian right there. that's the kind of danger that we're worried about here on d.c. streets. and the in daipinger because of these swormz ever motorcycles and dirt bikes and atvs and riding illegally in this city and then certainly what brought us the question here is how should d.c. police respond. we have another clip of video here you see a sixth district police cruiser following behind one of these bikes. very closely here.
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looks like they're following closely. i don't know you call that police chase or not. officer's hand coming in there. and pepper sprayed the bike rider and definitely brings up question is that proper procedure and is this considered to be police chase which in some cases they're not allowed to do or is this appropriate to try to stop somebody who may or may not have been involved in the pedestrian collision. d we really just don't know at this point but we can tell you d.c. police say they are continuing to investigate this incident and last year we know that d.c. police were really trying to crackdown on these illegal dirt bikes and atv riders and they made 70 arrests last year and they're resorting to review video gotage and arresting drivers after the fact. what do you do? that's the question what do you
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like in so many cases d.c. police officers hands are tied. big questions here steve and allison i don't know if anyone has the answers yet, back to you. >> 7:12. today in alexandria man expected to number isis is facing charges of transporting four machine gun as cross state lines in exchange for $300, he told an undercover agent he wanted to join isis and pretended to join military will shouldn't a center. >> cleanup continues over seas in new zealand earthquake. moooving news for residents left strandd too much. >> yes. >> i like it never mind. >> no doubt our nation divided and one thing we can likely agree on election night left us voting from the street.
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>> new this morning we have happy update for the standed cows in new zealand. video of them on small plot of
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area and this morning cows were rescued. news of new service reports the farmer along with other people were able to deing a path for the cattle to escape after determining the lands was safe. so, yeah. happy ending this. >> all right. good to hear. 7:16 now how tuck. >> remarkable earth fell around them. >> right it was like a little -- i don't know if little family but there were two bigger. >> looked like baby. >> and baby in there so cute. >> 49 washington. we'r this could be the send. rather cloudy start. 35 pittsburgh with couple of light sprinkles moving through overnight. we are getting showers out of here. last of it out towards annapolis pushing towards the bay baltimore and clearing off south and west. so good news is we should gradually turn partly sunny and president ept there afternoon.
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right back to sunshine. need rain. not in the cards for next 7 days as we be in for nice warm-up here. look at friday, saturday, daytime highs 70. cooler air next week. in fact, long range looking like we could have temperatures well below normal by middle and end of next week. time for thanksgiving though, that's good, erin. you need to be cool for eating. >> then i can justify the whole macaroni be at dinner. >> that goes with friday happy hour for friday tucker. >> got it. >> a6 eastbound traffic easing however 234 to 2 heavier before this point. need 45 extra minute. beautiful view of industries there. less move to maps and show what you you're face on presidential road this morning. eastbound route 7 crash blocking left lane. as you head to leesburg look how backed up traffic is
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67 through rest inlook going and certainly keep you updated jammed packed from 07 down to spur a lot of stop and go traffic heaviest from 07 past urbana and through montgomery county and it's day where you want to leave the house at least 0 minutes early to get to beltway and unfortunately once you get to beltway super jammed outer loop before 95 over towards spur with about a 25 minute slow down and 95 north of icc on down and bw parkway both dreks powder mill. steve. >> this massive sink hole that happened in japan near a subway station a week ago. the road believe it or not is on already. they got that fixed in two days. sink hole cut power, gas and water in the area and incredibly nobody was hurt and again, that has been fixed.
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>> it's like a two year job. >> speed cameras popping up in d.c. new locations south east one hill crest drive and other on alabama avenue. remember those sites. these places have been identified as problem for speeding and pe pedestrian safety. drivers are under pay warning period. violators will receive warning sigh stations and warning period. ends a month from now december 15. >> all right. >> if it seems to feel like presidential election took a toll on washington >> fitness tracker fit bit d.c. residents lost more sleep on night of election than anywhere else in usa. how much you say? people in d.c. who wear fit bits logged almost an hour less sleep compared to national average. and virginia and maryland ranged mopping top ten sleep deprived states and maryland came in fifth 6 minutes of less snooze time.
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sleep loss since fit bit began tracking in 2009. >> i lost more than an hour. >> we'll know i think everybody was watching. >> in this city for sure. >> president barack obama embanking on final overseas trip. >> and later outpouring of support for veteran denied a meal at a popular chain restaurant on vaet rans day.
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time now 7:20 >> 7:22 looking at top story dwlz hour. soot shooting in d.c. truly heartbreaking happened wood ridge north east. sours tell fox5 retired d.c. police officer as attacked in his home by his own son. they say had a history of mental illness. sop reportedly broke done a door and threat end father and another person with knife and our sources say retired officer shot and killed his own son. >> council takes final vote on death with dignity act it gives mentally capable terminally ill adults with six months or less a live the option to get a doctor's precipitation to end their life. bill is supported by two out of three d.c. residents and is similar to that passed in colorado. >> and president obama is in greece. he arrived an hour ago.
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minister. tomorrow the president is scheduled to give a major speech about democracy and globalization. and president obama's trip was expected to be dominated with questions and concerns about president-elect. president bill also visit germany and peru. >> former mayor rudy guiliani to be front runner secretary of state. news industry is in shock over the passing of long timing pbs journalist gwen ifill. according to network eiffel passed away yesterday afternoon you surrounded by family and friends. she was diagnosed with cancer and was in hospice care and was award winning political reporter and author who worked at the "washington post", "new york times" and nbc news. eiffel just 61 years old.
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the year award game in second national league to mvp candidate. pretty darn good for tre. winner voted on for panel of association of american work rz and today winners will be announced and dusty baker is on that short list. matt scherzer is up for cy young award and daniel murphy is among mvp nominees. hopefully suck tucker we can get one award. >> who won rocky of >> hager from the l.a. dodgers. >> thanks for stare sharing. >> winds norm west at 6. cloud cover. we'll clear it out and for a nice tuesday afternoon. sunshine, daytime highs upper 50s to about 60. couple leftover rain showers and sprinkles. really unfortunately didn't amount to whole lot here locally overnight. in fact it's four one hundredths of an inch of rain and it's not on the 7 day.
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60 today. cool, overnight lows upper 0s and 40s and you can see arming friend. look at thursday, friday, saturday, with sunshine and it will cool down early next week. temps may be below normal. daytime highs low to mid 40s by middle of next week. all right. what am i doing. where am i who am i. >> traffic thavk you. >> we you have covered tucker. >> taking a gloomy day for tuesday. it looks like drizzle from earlier dissipating and 395 etsell slug ash. stop and go traffic heavier pentagon as well. as we forward cameras 295 from beltway to laboratory road jammed up if waking up in southeast d.c. allow time to get through that. once you get to 11 street bridge you're heavy as well. upper loop now you make your
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slow branch avenue to wilson bridge allow for extra time there. outer loop not terrible but slugage outer loop baltimore washington parkway. and this is wide view and you can see a lot of red cluttering our beautiful map. bw parkway outside of beltway stop and go traffic both directions powder mill outer loop super jammed with congestion. 95 to georgia, back to you guys. >> and one we next president one week ago this morning and result name trump as president-elect sending shockwaves around the nation and sparking heated protests. >> so with just weeks until his inauguration what can we expect over the next four years. so next 7:0 we'll talk with newly elected maryland senator chris van holland for more insight as he prepares to be part of new congress.
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today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.awe. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, maining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. ?? it is 7:30 right now.. just 65 days now until president-elect donald trump officially takes office at theic white house. white ho we are learning more about whobo could be alongside him as partsr of his another station. most recently names being throwr
7:31 am
guiliani tapped for secretary of state if he wants that position. >> with the country so divided v over this election war the plans for now a part of the newhe copping come january? and howcy will they reach across the aisla and cut through the divisivee partisan rhetoric. rhetori >> joining us this morning newly elected maryland chris vansan holland.and. >> thank you.ou. >> we talked to you many timesy you have always both people on both sides of the aisle for somebody who can work with did you viewed congress.wen this may be the most divided we've seen in recent what challenges do you have nowv taking the lead to work across r party lines. >> i do hope to have that opportunity because we have lot of work to do i d thio sity be . that seems to be an area where a we could find common ground.n g the problem is, that the president-elect has to lead byd
7:32 am
ugly campaign.n. he now is calling upon people to come together. together. but that's what he's sayings sag through his words.. but people are watching his watn deeds. so when he appoints someone like steve bannon to this high postih in the white house just shortt t distance from the oval office,e, that creates a lot of that is very troubling to havee this guy who had what was calll the all right website all white website. wsite national lift website.eb i really you were donald trump to, you know, send assurancesce not through his words it's easys to look into a tv camera and say something, but through his throu actions and that action reallyly is very troubling.. >> and yet the country squarelyr looks like a red map even the te state of maryland whom we think of more avenue blue state was divided as well..
7:33 am
with in fight spite of some offo the more concerning people that donald trump surrounds and his header rick quiet frankly? >> i think when it comes to the issue of loss manufacturing jobb in this country, people can call about it but i don't think don't people have identified with theh deep economic pain it h caused. what trouble me about the troleb into these communities he didn'h put a lot of ideas on the table. but he said to people, you knowo you're economic pain is a resuls of other people who look differently than you or thingsri like that. if we want to focus on actuall policies that can help change things, then we welcome thiss opportunity. but if we're going to continue down this sort of divisive pathh that steve bannon's appointmentt suggests, then we've got a reala problem.
7:34 am
send a signal not just by whatyw he says but through his actionss >> i know it's hard to kind ofnf define how you approach thero situation when you don't knowno yet whom else will be in these positions and which policies will be kind of chased down thed road by this administration.tran but no matter what it is and non matter who is in what cabinetint position or advisory position,yo you still have to work with him and still have to work in the te senate now. n. a as newcomer to the senate, ho, do you approach that as saying,, look, we still have to get something done here?thing her >> that's right republican senators. sen some of them were colleagues ofg mine in the house of ithe ho representatives years ago. a. we've been corresponding since the election, and people do wann to find a way to come together.e there's a hunger in the countryy to get things done.s d there's been too much obstruct. so we're going to look for those opportunities.rt but it's really important as we do that that the president-elect send a message from the white tw
7:35 am
divisive rhetoric of the campaign that's behind us.d us. but that he's going to lead bydy example, and that's why this why appointment was so troubling.tmo >> do you think the president-elect will have>> a a better time of getting someet s things passed because th past -- past president with the president now awed republican congress and fought with eachite other on lot of things were sorn of blocked right at the gate. gt do you think that this presideni will be able to get some ofe those infrastructure thingshi passed through, jobs passed pas through, little bit easier? again, we want to work with, yoo know, donald trump on the areas where there's common groundnun infrastructure modernized infrastructure we know around ao this area how important it ismpa it's not just roads and bridgess transit ways but also broad band, clean energy platforms. pf there's a lot we need to do todo bring our infrastructure intoe the 21st century and also puto p people to work with good-payingg jobs. bs so look, i put forward proposalo
7:36 am
issue. i would welcome the opportunityp to work opn those particulararta issues and the other issuess where there's common ground.nro where there's an effort to try t to turn back the clock on someco of these other important impor national values, then he's goini get the fight of his life and le that's the way it goes. g but where we can identify those common areas, there's a possibility.ility. >> and your take on the>> a democratic party right now, isn it solid in congress? is it is fractured in jong.n need to be more together thanert ever because of the make up of p congress now?? >> look, i think there are twoha thing. i think, number one, you know,w, democrats are obviously going tg have to take look at exactly what happened in this campaignsa around the country. address obviously some of thely shortcomings.. also, remember, though, that, hillary clinton did get aonet majority of popular vote so morr people voted for hillary clintoi than donald trump and it's alsoa important that the incoming
7:37 am
important to take actions that t bring us together. tog so democrats are going to be to certainly looking be looking ati exactly what happened here as i said. said i think it's really importanty r that we do a better job of department feig with the economic pain in many areas ofif our state, in maryland, in the rural areas you've got a lot ofo economic pain. p you've got a lot of kids who goa don't see a future for f themselves in those we've got to find ways too addres in my campaign in maryland iylan worked very hard to get all ovee the state.tate not just areas that were wer traditionally democratic areasts but also republican areas, areas because it is really importantlr that we are all talking to onene another. and if we're not talking to onet another then it's going to be impossible obviously to findusly ways to move forward.move forwad >> sure. >> thanks for coming in andfor i spending time with us. us. >> good to be with you.e withou. >> hopefully you'll continue to come in. >> happy to.>> hap to >> next few years. yea >> congratulations on the win.u. >> i've been on the campaignmpan trail.
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>> tucker, over to you. >> allison, little bit ofle bit cloudiness lingering here earlyy this morning but we'll get sunny and bright and seasonal thissont afternoon upper 50s to about 60t nice looking afternoon to look forward to. n. in washingto 49 up in new york. in ne yor boston as well.stons we all right. shower activity very light. veig we need the rain. r we didn't get much of anythingfa around here. here. 41 hundredths of an inch atnch dulles. you can seedu the clearing skies off to the south and ans we're featuring part toll mostlm sunny conditions and hightions d temperatures around 60.und all right. we got plenty morning coming up right after a
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?? back right now, 7:41. more than a dozenback r passengo had been on board american ame airlines that caught on fire ata o'hare last month filed ailed lawsuit against the airline. the lawsuit reportedly claims american was sold and used a faulty engine.e. passengers also claim american e airlines employees should havemo done a better job evacuatingvacn failed to quote providerode assistance, supervision andsi instruction. all 161 people on board made itd out safely. hate crimes against muslimst on the rise right now it's at i the highest number since afterer september 11th.. overall the must be number ofumr hate crimes reported by law by l enforcement agencies to the fbi increased six-point 7%. he have since the president pde election there have beenee numerous reports of attacks of s nationwide based on race andaced religion. >> support pouring in for texasx
7:42 am
chili's restaurant on veteransns day. the incident was caught on camera. a manager at the restaurciandetk earnest walker's meal after hee thought walker was pretending to be a veteran. >> now you grabbing mike food f away from me? you take mike ta food away from me now? now >> i'm so sorry. >> yes,, sir i did just provide documents tot yo.. >> manager said a customer toldl him the veteran was scamming the restaurant wasn't not a real rl soldier because he had his hat h on while indoors.. even af of military service the managerr refused to acknowledge it andedt took the meal away. meal away. the video went viral and viewede hundreds of thousands of times. chili's apology.pology manager has been fired. fed >> gofundme account set up fortp veteran called buy veteranet earnest walker dinner. so far $655 has been move that up to 745 out of a $100 goal. heads up for any anybody why plans on flying this holidayiday season. the airline that let's it trackk your luggage.
7:43 am
find out where in the world ouro kevin mccarthy is. >> i could find out my luggage is really in some other country?
7:44 am
7:45 am
?? 7:45 right now. capitol dome looking real pt this morning. the brand new refurbish domeshom will officially be unveilednvei after debut comes after threeerr year, $60 million project to refurbish the 150-year-old domed that looks brand knew again. aga
7:46 am
cracks and fixed windows and ornaments peeling paint removedd surfaces repainted and now allwa the scaffolding is gone. g the goal is to get it done by dn auguration day.y. looks like well ahead of thateaa goal. okoking pretty. >> all right. >> the skies don't look too bad either, tuck.eitheruc >> little cloudy out there.tle o i completed three year, $60 overhaul of the leak in my roofr >> here's what we'll do for youu we're going to paint, take awaya everything. >> get that stuff that fixes the holes in the boat anstd pufaintt where are on all the cracks.s. exactctly. >> spray it in there. overrated. can we be honest.n we bhone >> any time something breaks. b >> sometimes i long for thatimes apartment live again.apar >> there you go. t that.u're right abou >> ?? >> as i was up working my gutters yesterday. >> ??>> ?? >> you can make me feel betterlt with an awesome walk right now. >> what am i walking to today.oy >> not sure yet. whenever it is it's smooth.oth. >> yes. >> notice how allison how i glance at the cam ran look awayk
7:47 am
>> you're like maxwell smart srt from get smart. sma [ laughter ] >> let's do weather. ?? ? >> if you're home and you can'ty stand that segment i apologize.. afternoon sun.un we're looking cloudy out there t this morning you saw the live tv shot down at the capitol but i t promise we'll get sunshine thist afternoon, and temps about 60.u. 49 now in washington.ashito 46 leonardtown. fredericksburg you're under 19 1 my name but 46 degrees.46 deee 44 up in hagerstown.stow 43 this morni warmer than it was 24 hours agoa with cloud cover and very verynv light rain overnight.ghrain in fact not even enough rain tot put a dent in our rain deficit. no measurement of any rain atain national reagan.eagan 41 hundreds of an inch at dulled we need the rain. it's not in the forecast heret h for the next couple of days. d >> lifting off to the north ando east. we'll clear it out.ear itut. high pressure will build in andd nice aft but a cool afternoon.ftno highs again in the upper 50s too about 60.t 60. area of high pressure builds in
7:48 am
very pleasant days around here.h cool at night.ig. pleasant in the afternoon andnd nice warming trend as we get g into the end of the week all right. 50s and 60s for the time beingei but our jet stream temporarilyea retreats to the north and west by thursday, friday and saturday. we're going to get awfully close to 70 degrees around here by the rental of the week with lots oft sunshine.ns so we're keeping this nice falll going.go it's been beautiful fall.een beu we need thel fa rain but can't c complain about the nice conditions around here.ioroun 70 on friday.. cooler weather dow around here by sunday, monday.on i think that redskins packersacs game sunday night will be a wila chilly one. l riright, erin. >> bundle up. >> back with roads and rails. >> we got you covered thishi morning.rn bit a slow roll but it doesn'toe seem like there's any more raini in the area right now.ght w we're done.. so you might deal with wet spott from earlier this morning. mor right now, you can see the inner loop slows from branch avenueroe across the wilson brnuidge ases usual. once you hit the mixing wereg bowl inner loop jams to 60. to
7:49 am
fairfax.fa as we zoom up for look on 270n 2 south look at all that red.. from 70 all the way down through gaithersburg into rockville asve you get down to the spur about a 45 minute delay because of heavy congestion. same story 95 southbound on the icc on down. dow that southbound side to theide t beltway bw parkway southboundoun super heavy from about 32 onbou2 down to green belt.elt. northbound side slows through powder mill. also keep in mine theine t outer loop jams 95 over to georgia. coming off t through kensington.kensinon. 14th street bridge dealingdge cth crash. delays back to the pentagon. pgo be prepared for that one. one more traffic in few.moraffic in back to you guys. g >> thanks erin.s eri you can now track your luggage with your smart phone.. today delta airlines will becomb the first major airline to allow flyers to track their checkedire bags with smart phone app. a the airline hosts the apple ease the stress of passengers recentr dues the percentage of lost and unclaimed items and allison if i'm on the plane and it doesn'tn
7:50 am
>> start your worrying.our w >> new this morning, though,ho lyft launched replacement for fr the pink mustache overnight. instead you'll see a psycho dell lick dash display with your namh on it it's called >> cool. >> designed to prevent awkwardra car mix ups with passengers. hey, are you --re y >> license plate is too hard too figure out which car it is?o >> i would like utto w see -- dw see how it actually looks. loo >> i think where it said lyft sl that's where it says your name. >> okay. >> kind of looks lik colors riders will be told to bt look for the vehicle with ah certain dashboard display anddi the first time you'll see is ne year's eve in some big >> there you go. whatever make it easier. 7:50 right now. ayay. we have been waiting so much tot find out where our good frienden kevin mccarthy is.. see last time we saw kevin, in n our last episode -- >> he was,. >> i think he was in los angelel last we talked with him.h him. that was on friday. wasfrid >> then he was in >> then we heard from him in hii
7:51 am
live and now he's in front of - >> where are you, kevin?in? >> give us one more clue. >> steve, this is bigger buzz bz than the actual presidentialnt election is to where i am righti now.w. i mean this is absolutely huge.. no, one more clue. ce. i'm in europe and they have a king. ki >> give us the letter of theushe country the first letter of the country. >> s as in >> it will be switzerland ornd r spain.spn. >> it's spain. >> slow vac it's .w va >> i'm in >> i'm in spain. it's crazy because it's actually 1:50 in the afternoon here.on h i've been up all day. day i saw footage of the new film as since creed which is why i'mhy actually here. the footage i just saw was 30 ss minutes of if the taj.he taj it was amazing.zi. video game by the way which i wi did not play one of the most mt popular video games everyonee apparently loves this game onon xbox and so the movie actuallyy michael fast bender and his character is somehow -- he's aes
7:52 am
him in puts him on this machinec called animus and connects himsm to ancestors and supposed to beo like this visual fighting hand to hand combat par core jumpingi over buildings and that's whyhaw i'm actually here in they'll have me recreate a lotea of the action scenes you're you seeing in the i'm going to be jumping -- doind something called a leap of faith. i'm learning martial arts, handn to hand combat, i'm going tomoi have weapons i'm going to have l little hoodie that they use --se they use in the movie. m so i mean to be here in spain to recreate that is very very coolc but the footage i just saw just really blew my mine it comes out in december and what i loveov about doing stuff like this, you get to see the movie kind of o unfinished and you get to watcht like scenes before all thee al special effects are fully put n in. so you just appreciate how muchh work goes in all these films.ils yeah, this is -- i mean this iss the coolest thing ever for movie
7:53 am
>> or travel nerd or just aus lover of history. it's amazing. >> one tip for you, kev. for y k make sure you stretch first. fst but my question is, i know thata did you something similar for f maze runner when you were gettinged to action. aio >> yes. >> are these going to be filmed everything that you're doingse e today. are we get to see another kevinn mccarthy action scene. scene. >> of course. the mazeazedid for runner i was in lance roadie idi was able to film a runningun action sequence i was pretendind i was in the maze runner.aze this will be a lot more d detailed. i'm actually learning how to fight anald l teahe leap of faih jumping stuff i'm very excitedxc about as well.l. i'm going to make a two minute -- 1.5 to two minuteine trailer that's going to featureu me like basic until the assassins creed universe. uve >> we can't wait to see it.can' >> i'm excitedt .. >> tell us mr. lynn manuel miranda probably one of theyone biggest names in any type ofyp o production these days. >> by the way did you see my
7:54 am
>> yes. because it's awesome. [ laughter ]becauser ] >> lynn manuel miranda, okay, ii went and saw him on broadway iny new york city and i wanted to we meet him so bad afterwards, butb i waited outside for an hour and a half.oud didn't come out because it wasecse getting too crowded, andnd hamilton obviously one of thef e biggest cultural phenomenons wes have around right now. he's writing the music for a disney film called muwana. man the rock is singing in the filml as well.. one thing i love about lynnut ln most incredible free stylers ofo all he can be given any topic and tc immediate dollar a free style.ey we've seen him do with the president.esent. we've seen him do it on ellen recently. owe wanted to get inside hisedoe mind how do you do that so quickly. because some people say, oh,ple, wait, we must have thise rehearsed. he doesn't he does it right offr the top of his of h that is how he does it. watch this.. >> when you have a topic, what t is the process to going into thh free style? if we were in thisi
7:55 am
what would you go? what word d you start with?h? >> yeah. actual it's interesting.nteresti i think this is the thing ithe g think about lot.t lot i probably have done that moreha than anything else. ee. after a certain amount of repsps you just kind of have theseave t avenues you go down and you alsa it's almost like you're puttingt your language through a filter,e and just the words that rhyme th just stick it to as it goes to e through the filter.througthe >> right. r >> that's the way i think of it. i also like te owa think backwa. if you said to me titanic i'm going to with jack and rose and work my m way there.the >> how would you get to jack an rose? >> well, i would say the wind w blows, freezing -- i would get there however possible but i'm working towards something as a opposed to start having andar giving it a -- a - >> you have the end game.en gam >> i immediately try to think oo the last line.. >> what's very cool about lynnyn manual miranda not only they t hamilton connection he did the t movie for star wars last year.ay one of the sequences in star in wars the cantina sequence muchum
7:56 am
after people right now.htow. his dad was at the junket. he just a very down to earth guy, and after the interview waw over he stopped me and m complimented me on my questionso such a nice a n. so i'm looking forward to that.a we'll have more from him nextimx week also his thoughts on thehe current presidential election e and what we can do to kind of kd unify as a country with this new election.. >> anything rhymes with muwana.. >> that's actually funny. f i should have done that.ld haveo i gave him titanicne referenceee earlier in the interview he wenw he works backwards.acar >> it's fascinating.cinang >> really cool how he does >> we'll let you go and enjoy ej spain for little bit and catch up with you again soon. >> i'll see you guys in the 9aa hour. i love you very much and miss you all in d.c. d.c. thank you to all the amazing ama viewers for all the cool tweetss >> have a fun safe time overtime there. we're jealous. >> spain is is on my list. lis >> kev has been to 175 more mor countries than i i he. >> right. >> just in the last year. >> 51 now int in hey, we're going to be about 60t
7:57 am
clouds out there at the moment m want to show you clearing off tt our south and west.soutand done with the rain today. tod what rain we got was very lightg overnight and right back in that sunshine and nice weather wther pattern here for the remaindernr of wee week. 60s this afternoon.noon erin quick, quick, we're goingeg to commercial.ommercial. >> i know but i have traffic toc talk about tucker right now eastbound route 7 crash blockink the left lane at colvin run roan as you head out in that areahate give yourself extra time comingi from great falls in reston.. things looking good on 67 right now. 66 eastbound 234 tonlet streetoe look at all that red. r leave early it's a sluggishlugg commute and keep it to fox5. f we're back with yourour 8:00 o'clock hour in just a feww
7:58 am
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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>> this is fox5 news morning.. right now at 8:00 a.m., lif, look outside on this tuesdaysday morning. in weather and traffic o at 8:05.. good morning to you i'm mor allison >> i'm steve chenevey. i s welcome to fox5 news morning. capitol dome look just beautifut this morning. m d. sure did.or >> our top story this morningtoo 8:00 o'clock, the latest on donald trump's transition to tht white house. with just weeks to go until the inauguration senior official onc the president's elect transitioo team says rudy guiliani is the t favorite to become secretary of state.stat not a done deal but the job is guiliani's if he wants it.nt it. that's the word. wd. at an event yesterday the former
8:01 am
not want to be attorney generall though. though. another name being floated for t secretary of state john boltonia former un -- u.s. ambassador too the un. the united states nations.ns meanwhile president barack obamd is opening up about his meetingn last week with the president-elect.esiden take listen. >> how he staffs the first steps he takes, the first impressions he makes, the reset that canan happen after an election, all of those things are important, andr >> yesterday the president helde a press conference to reassure world leaders that the t t president-elect is not so badoad after all.r that's what he said. president obama says trump willl maintain america's alliances. right now the president is in greece beginning the finalnnthe international trip of hisis presidency. president arrived in greece this morning. he will meet with greece'sec president and prime minister min tomorrow the president scheduled to give major speech aboutut
8:02 am
president obama's trip is expected to be dominated byat questions and concerns about abo president-elect donald president obama will also visitt germany and peru. bringing back home locallyn you saw it right here on fox5 f5 first.first. videos of what atv riders claima is an officer, police officer,i, dc officer, pulling up to an atv and pepper spraying the driver.. >> raising questions about justs how police should stop illegalll dirt bikes and atv's. fox5's melanie alnwick has morem the situation anho riders op their streets. mel? >> reporter: steve an allison, there were some other incidents that preceded thatde t video that you just showed andea we'll goat to that in just j second. second. dc police tell us that several v bikers involved in the incident have been arrested and the officers involved remain on dutt at this point. p let's take to you the video that preceded the one in question. q. and that has to do with this wi swarm of atv riders in thehe
8:03 am
can see there's two motorcyclesr in the street clearly illegal atv's watch on the right side os the screen here.the reen right there, dirt bike hits a a pedestrian and they all just jut keep on going.keep oi you'll see it again here.ain h this is the problem that peopleo are so concerned about. these bikes they come into d.c.o they know there's a no chase policy, and they seem to be abla to just do what they want onnt d.c. streets with impunity andun that really gets people upset. what also has people upset the next video clip we're about to t show you and that is a sixthixth following behind this four wheel atv here. her following pretty i understand this is not is n this is following.ollong and some cases they want to do o this so they can try to get get video of the driver to identifyt him. this is the problem here. h the hand out the window. win what is this officer's hand, we don't know. the bikers allege that it ist ii pepper spray and we don't knowow if that indeed would bedeedould violation of policy or not. perhaps if they had reason to r suspect that this atv wastv was
8:04 am
we just don't know at thiswt point. so many questions in terms of exactly what was going on theree preceding the incident anden following the incident as welll why the officer put his or her h hand out the window again d.c. c police tell us that they are investigating the incident.iden their take on the video is thata the officers there were following not chasing and theynn don't appear to be exceeding tht speed limit but again all still undertill ud investigation. still brings up the question how do we want dc police t even own documentation says thes believe these riders are comingn in from other jurisdictions j because they know of the no then chase policy and at this points steve and allison really what ra they have to do, they try to geg surveillance video identify they drivers and after the fact thent go and make arrests and theyhe have made 77 arrests last year.a they're also offering $250 reward for information that leads to confiscation of these
8:05 am
on the problem on our cityy streets so live at dc police headquarters,r i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> certainly problem and concero has been going on for many years now. w sources tell us it was ace retires d dc police officer whor shot and killed his own son at a home on wood ridge street intrt northeast last night.t last nigt sources tell us the former officer's son threatened theea former officer with a knife andd reportedly broke down a door att the sources tell us the son had aad history of mental illness. in southeast d.c. a shoot tag 4300 block of t this incident happened just after 11:00 last night.ast nig a man was shot and killed.ndil so far no word on a suspect orpr motive on that shooting ining southeast. metro police hunting the the person that through hot soup al over a bus driver. bus dr. the driver had to be h to hospitalized for his injuries. e here's a picture of the suspectt this happened on bus near unionu station early sunday sadly assault on bus drivers isi not uncommon according to data d from metro those assaults were up by 37% last year.
8:06 am
metro police. metro closing most of its in person sales offices today.ay the agency is facing a $300 million budget gap and thea move is part of a series of of internal actions to row ducee expenses.ex. officers at metro center, pentagon, anacostia and northerr bus garage will all be the sales office at metro headquarters on fifth street int northwest will continue to offeo full service on weekdays between 9:00 in the morning and 3:00 in3 all right. ic:00 sick. tuck is back with a look at ourr >> good morning. clear outng to clear it we'll be in for sunshine about 60 this afternoon a.eron >> all right.>> all r >> no rain, no rain.n rai >> not much of any rain reallyel need the rain as i've been mentioning we're about four plus inches behind here for the fallf months. so we need the rain.e the 51 now in washington.hito we are warming it up 39 out inn pittsburgh. 30 ittn columbus this morning. i so the coldest of the air well l off to the north and we have.tha cloud cover holds thed temperatures up overnight andht you can see what's left of theef
8:07 am
with notable noticed clearinglen trend expect plenty of sunshine thisut afternoon and a pleasantasan afternoon.n daytime highs about 60 degrees.r we'll be cool again tonight. but lots of sunshine the rest or the week and warming how warm will it get? >> 78 degrees!degr >> 84! >> those are good not quite that warm. at quitthat >> no can, all right. right. >> stay tune. >> i can just tell you 70 biteo0 end of the week. >> not bad. we were close. >> you were close.we w >> 8:07. hi, erin g morning. mni h news is, we're getting back toat normal on metro earlier probleml on the blue line cleared out byy l'efant and green and yellow ylo moving along just fine. fin as for roads eastbound seventbos there's crash blocking left lane at cull vin run road.un r eastbound side of 267 towardsows the beltway backing up as welll heavy traffic there for yourr tuesday morning ride.ning rid inside the beltway on the dullee toll road dealing with a crash a that's causing some additionaldo delays gw parkway north andnd
8:08 am
southbound side of gw parkway py 123 to the key bridge is dealina with a lot of heavy volume andua the key bridge from ross lindhsl in a scratch town stacking up ag well. things improving on 295 northbound red line turned turne yellow but in your opinion slows from branch avenue across the ae wilson bridge. back to youwils guys. guy still ahead a surge of donations why women across theot country donating to plannedlann parenthood in the name of vice president-elect mike pence.ecen >> and minority students on onee concerned for their safety.. >> they made an event like a lia calendar event saying that it'si lynch day and that they're going to lynch try to find any blacknb person that they can lynch.yn >> warning from a civil rights group about reported hate crimee across the nation after the
8:09 am
8:10 am
?? we love our beauty here in h the nation's capitol and the capitol in just about an abn hour now, the arc of the capitol will officially announce thee t successful completion of the t u.s. capitol dome restorationran projt.t. >> scaffolding up since 2014 was taken down in march. m since then workers continued tet paint the dome renovationsns included repairing more thanhan 1,000 cracks and removing lead d based paint but i guess they did it in different segments becausu we saw it as recently as feltel like a couple of weeks ago. a
8:11 am
. donel done if job, guys. guys. >> is this this way. iwa >> it's right here.s righhe >> oh yeah.yea okay. >> back now 11 past the hour.r. d.c. council is set to take its final vote on the death with wit dignity act.ity act now this bill would give ge mentally capable terminallyly eluate adults with less than sis months to live an option to getg a doctor's prescription to endid their life. le. the bill is actually supportedud by two out of three d.c.. residents.nts it follows similar legislationeg that already passed in colorado. disturbing news out of virginia >> register sex offender and ann employee of elevation berger in ashburn, virginia arrested on o sunday for sexually assaultingsg two girls. two girl in the bathroom of theheathroo restaurant. 20-year-old louis, could faceac several decades in prison for f the attack.. he has a prior record from whene he was a minor for sexually assaulting two people back thent he is being held that thethe loudoun county another difficuli detection center with no bon. since the presidentialdentia election hate crimes have been
8:12 am
the southern poverty law centere counted more than 300 cases off hateful harassment or or intimidation in the united unite states since election day. day the group says many of thosef t have happened in schools and universities and some though non all involved direct referencesee to the trump cal the fbi also announcing onin o monday that hate crimes against muslims in the united states up by 67%. 67% that rise is not dir to the election. electio the fbi stats looked at one yeaa period from 2014 to 2015.01 >> that was before the election then. >> going back a few years. >> look at the same amount oft o time. time. i'm going to make sure that, um, everything is correct with thatt sty y for you. >> meanwhile in montgomeryntgome county today, county executive i can leg get will address community concerns about hatee crimes. the council will adopt newpt n
8:13 am
safety and did he nouns hate hat speech and anti immigrant immigt activity. >> the county has the largest l population of foreign bornor residents in the state of statef maryland. >> yesterday mayor bowser issuey aor b similar statement on her facebook page talking about inclusion and diversity how about it's welcome in thecome ie district very similar toery simr montgomery county leadership dih wellll. >> all right. staying on the facebook theme. e >> yes. still ahead have you look atd vy your facebook page this morning can you spot fake news feeds? s there are so many. 17 engine is stepping in now too help.
8:14 am
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>> 8:16 right now.>> i'll tell you what the one thing we do have until these leaves fall off the tu rewhesve -- unt >> is -- beautiful colors. c >> that's right. it's painted with the brush ofeu an artist. >>h!h! >> okay. >> my neighborhood was beautifua yesterday. >> so romantic. >> i was out raking a>>nd c slen gutters. not a fun job.a fun no.o. >> yeah. >> did you get all the leaves ke half the rees.ecau tre i know i have to do anothero atr >> i learned from last year las don't try to wait until they'ret all off to do it. sadly i'm following that trendtd again this year.ear >> let's get to cuteness.ess. >> time now for fox5 first fivee photo of the day.o the we got cuteness.. >> hello pumpkin.pkin >> cute little smile. sle. >> so cute.>> st we've got quite the name here. >> brinn leaf little john.oh >> all right. >> wow! >> lane elyse little john.n
8:17 am
>> super cute. ce >> what a darling.>> whaa da >> here's the deal.l she just turned one and is a big fan, big big fan of fox5 d.c. >> awesome.>>me >> really we're big fan of her. >> this is not any ordinary oinr smile. this is a smile she gives whenn the fox5 first photo music comes on. >> right now. does right now maybe she's doing a little, you know ---- >> right now she's smiling at herself smiling.ling >> how cute is that. >> i child's chis your picture go to our facebook pagep fox5 d.c. and send it on in anda we promise you'll get your turn. everybody gets a turn. a tur p perfect. >> all right.. brinn elyse little john we lovel your name.ur n >> and your smile.our sme. >> um-hmm.m- >> she's >> yeah. >> super cute. >> so cute. >> all right. allight 51 glorious degrees out therees early this morning.this morning upper 50s to about 60 this0s afternoon.oon you can see little cooler dullee and bwi marshall but not theut n cold we had yesterday morningaym when we were waking up to 20so across the region. rio
8:18 am
i think most of the area shouldh be partly to mostly sunny hereuh the next few hours with daytimey highs in the upper 50s to abouta 60. that's close to where we shoulde be this time of t yeao r.r. so a pleasant day and a dry afternoon. in fact the neck several daysays look dry. we could use the it's not in this seven day forecast but what is, milderildr temperatures look at thursday,ku friday and saturday. about 70 degrees.0 degrees. next week by the way looks much cooler.. those of that you love moms rain.moms rain. good right in you i was justhty looking. lo thanksgiving might be a rainy m day. >> so, you know, i know a lot of traveling occurs in around thatt watch that carefully. >> um-hmm. um-hmm. >> really a man of the people,af tucker. tu k >> um-hmm. >> can we do this real quick.ui by sons of martial heights ong their way to florida to defenden their title pop warner football. >> awesome.. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> bring it back home.back he >> december 3rd defendingng their national ---- >> that's nice long trip, too.
8:19 am
i'm sure they could use a littll help getting there, too. gti >> so check it out online. >> apparently they're on theirt y, r right? >> they're getting there onhereo december 3rd and they just, they you know, i'll put it on my o facebook page.cebook page. >> we wish them the best of theo luck. >> yes, we do. let's go. >> let's check in with erin. in. >> let me just tell you if itoui rains on thanksgiving i can can justify watch -- taking a napngn and watching football. talking a look at roads thingsng are slowing on the te look at this by newthe hampshii not improving at all as you makk your way from 95 to georgia geog about a 15 minute delay becausec of congestion. inner loop slowing bit off the t 270 spur. sr. we'll take a look the our mapsep right actually this camera first. fir this is the inner loop down thet springfield interchange. you're heavy from van doren alla the way across the springfieldid interchange towards 66 heavierea volume across the legion bridgeo as well. more traffic in just a af back to you steve and allison.o. >> erin, thanks very much. m it is 8:19 right now. >> we have been reporting about
8:20 am
president-elect.presen but people are also protestingsn the future vice-president.esid women are protesting hisgis position against abortion by making donations to women's w health providers.rode >> since the election plannedla parenthood says it's received ad surge in donations. many mike pence's name but alsoo some in hillary clinton's name.. well, donald trump wins the wine popular vote michelle obamaba deletes hillary clinton from hil both fake news headlines but b both have a good chance of chanf showing up on your facebookk timeli your feed or in google search. h >> enough of a concern about tha role that fake news played in pe the election major action isions underway to make sure what you see on socialo ma media is thehe truth. maureen is here with more one o that. all right. mo what you got for us.s. we'll believe you now. n >> here's the thing.>> i'm sure you h saw these sightss from 70 news said that trump won both the electoral college and c popular vote.pula another one saying that hillaryr clinton is basically calling the election a loss.os and this changes everything.ryt. these are just some of the fakee news sites that might haveav popped up on your feed but asedt
8:21 am
nothing knew on the internet. in fact dee bunkers drying to back down those unfounded claima for two decades now the problem has gotten more cute since bitterly couldn't testifiedn'ted presidential election and google and facebook which are the twoho major companies in the crosshairs of this issue are taking action. a both have announced measures to stop fake news sites.s ses google says it's working onkingo policy update that will prohibii fake news web sites from usingin its ad selling software. sofar what does that mean? well basically means that it would make it harder for the, those fake news sites to earn moneyn e and facebook which has been theb subject of heated debate andeba scrutiny for not having toughg t enough policies to better curber those fake news sites says s they're adding fake news to the list of sites banned from its advertising network.. choking off those fake newsew sites by eliminating revenue.. both sites have come under firer by users, media, researchers,rcs political groups just aboutus a everyone who they all claim that the role -- those sites roll ins
8:22 am
now the good news is that t according to researchers at pew most people do remain skepticalt about what they read online only 4% of americans have a lot of confidence in what they actualla read on social media sites.ia st get this.hi local media news outlets fairedi better in the survey with 22% of americans saying they trusted tt that information much more thano they did what was foundre onlin. now, steve and allison let me point this out to you.his ou y a couple of tips if you'refou wondering site you're on is real real. avoid web sites that end in l-ol they take accurate informationnn and securing it and make it noti so accurate.ccur watch out for web sites thatha head this is another real good one. if something you read make youou really angry and makes you wantw to share it or you know maybe like -- share it and get it out there, look at it again that's probably a click bait want youtt to do to generate their revenuen
8:23 am
a bit. a so just a few tips. beware. fake news stories are out theree >> good idea. do online searches yourself yrs forehead lines.forehead see if they show up anywhereer else. all right.l ght. and, you know, don't believe bie everything you read online. >> except the local media.ed >> just watch us.uswatch manansion, mo. >> coming up next new oh mowew jeez are coming soon.oon. dozens of new designs that willh make the emojis world inclusive. >> march of millennials.nnls students across the nation walkw out of their high schools s yesterday to protest the election of donaldru president.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
?? 8:26. time to learn new emojis al. they are coming out now elear mor diverse including a woman wearing a had a jab you see inee the middle.e middle. breast feeding mother you seeote e ove that. >> all right. >> hands carrying what looks like emojis that will be added to thd next update.pdat >> my favorite the ufo hee emoji. >> i kind of like the pretzel.ez >> pretzel that's there you seee it on the left. kind of cool. shocked face. fe and exploding head.. >> like blew my mind.d also giraffe face which i'm not -- >> they have the finge crossed? >> steve wants the fingers maybe it's w in there. the i don't >> finger crossed.ssed okakay. >> hi, erin.. >> we do it every morning i hopn
8:27 am
>> fingers crossed.ed >> see now i can text that. >> when it is nice we go prayera hands. >> that's already there.t's alrh >> i know but i'm just saying. >> fingers crossed isn't in it. >> that needs to be there. there >> we have the peace fingers. fn we could use finger >> that's >> all right. we'll work on that. tweetwe'l you.ou >> i would love that.eha right now thursday morning rided slow everywhere.ere gw parkway inbound sluggish ride from 123 down to the key bridgeb outbound side a bit sluggish asa well cabin john clara barton and ri patterns right now. 66 inbound through fairfax jammed up ride with a lot of congestion same story the intore your opinion through annandale n and across the wilson bridgeri backs up to branch avenue.h ave we have a stall out by shadyy s grove blocking a lane because oe that and the already crowdedro commute give yourself extrafxt time. still need about 45 extra minutes to get from 70 down too the spur.r we'll keep updated metro back tt being on time except for excep safetrack.fek steve and >> dc public school planning al
8:28 am
election.elec >> bob barnard life in the the distract with details what liese ahead. bob?bob? >> reporter: well, hey, steve,, allison it started here ater wilson high school but through social media there could behe hundreds or thousands of highig school kids leaving school todat and heading toward the trumpmp hotel.. we'll tell all about it when wen come back.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
morning update to story that you may have heard about two women from small tewow 8ten teard in i who had been under fire aftereft making what seemed like racistac remarks about first lady aboutsl michelle obama. one of those women has now beenn >> that woman named pamela taylor works for a non-profitoni group. she posted on facebook aboutut melania trump taking over asg os first lady. fi she saidrs "it will be h refreshing to have a classy cla beautiful dignified first lady back in the white house" here'ss the part that is i'm tired of seeing an ape heels "the mayor of clay beverly walling commented on hern h friend's facebook post saying, n this just made my day, pam. pam those comments have both beenh b deleted since then a petition pt started online calling for theoe resignation of both women thougo the mayor though --h >> no word on what happened toae the mayor if anything as far as her position as mayor but,tion o again, the other woman has beenn fired from that non-profit she-e work for. well, the beverly told theot washington post "my comment wasw
8:32 am
all. i was referring to my day beingi made for change in the whitehehi house.ho i am truly sorry for any hardard feelings this may have caused. e those who me know i'm not racist ". >> that's a statement from theem mayor.yo. 8:32 right now. now. anti trump protests spreadingeai across the country. coury students in our area we saw thee in montgomery county recentlyom taking a step for the movemerent staging walk outs to communicata their message. now let's bring it to thessagbr district. >> fox5's bob barnard life to t tell us where another walk outal bob. >> reporter: guys, it's planned for the rnooepnor houre trump hotel. h we're at wilson high schoolhchol where this whole thing kicked k off where the seeds were we planted, and joining us right ut here is freshman here maddie mai kessler we stop her as she's heading in to school. schoo your sign says what here.ter >> not my president.redent >> reporter: then something on the back. th >> what do you have --av-- >> and keep guns off the streetr and women won't be punish byh b trump. >> reporter: you're taking part.or >> i am. i'm reallyte exckingited. excited.
8:33 am
mom and she said go maddie.o m get to thank you so much maddie. m >> have good one. >> reporter: to you. > this started repor via social ma organizations here at wilson atl they put out this basically thii flyer on social media and it'st' basically saying that the demonstration will be both bot peaceful and positive.osite they're asking kids to take thee metro down to metro center andtn walk to the new trump trump international hotel in the noon hour. myhr message basically they say is he can't divide us. u now, in light of what happened yesterday, d itself because yesterday we werw there in silver spring when students from montgomery blair,a north wood, einstein and kennedn high schools all left they basically marched up university boulevard to wheatono plaza and then south on georgiaa avenue into downtown silver spring. there were several hundred. they basically were peaceful but blocked traffic, montgomeryic, county police helping them alono the way. w some saying they were upset byut the trump election.
8:34 am
opportunity to skip school. here now a couple of other oothe students from wilson thiss morning talking about theirheir plans for today. >> i think it's important for us to speak our voice and to make m sure that any progress that has been made in the past eight eig years is preserved through the r >> i'm concerned about the coned attitudes of people just that,h, um, our country is so dividedivd and, um, even kids my age won't -- or can't understand the like what we're doing today is really representative of, youe y know, solidarity and just a j showing that, like, we have a strong pin just like everyonee else, and we're together in feeling this way.feing this >> i'm going to do it becauset u the point of a walk out is to it walk out on like i know i'm supposed to go to school but ilb definitely would rather go protest and my mom was like yeah, definitely do it. >> reporter: again, i think dcc police should brace themselves
8:35 am
they've heard from kids in otheo public high schools, middle mid schools, some private schools they say kids from sid well sid friends are going to join them.m so there could be thousands ofao kids, guys, in downtown d.c. today heading toward the trumpru international hotel.otel. again as you see kids going in.i are you march dag? >> i am march >> we're both mashing. both mas. >> we're part of the group that form this. >> you started of rtedhis. >> yes. >> can you stick around and talk to you off camera in just atickn second here, that's it, there could be d.c. police ande anybody who works or nee t downtown in the noon hour, noonn to 1:00 o'clock today, should, l brace themselves.s. there could be a lot of kidsul heading toward the trump hotel.. >> bob, real quick i know youw talked to number of studentstu yesterday and you mentioned itn some who are very passionate about the cause. ust looking for f the opportunity get out of of school for the day. but what happens as far as thers school district is involved? excused absences for being out g there if something would happen to the kids when they're not ine the classroom is that a schooll responsibility? what happenst s there? >> reporter: there is the t is
8:36 am
pub lib schools say any kid whow leaves campus to participatepa will be marked down as unexcused that was the same issue at least at montgomery blair high schooll yesterday. we were told by students thatde the principal at montgomery blair in silver spring part of t montgomery county school systemm that the principal encouraged pp the kids talo go out on to the e football field and demonstrate but the kids said that thatthatt wasn't enough. they wanted to not cause any problems but kind of disruptf d traffic and get out there andour get their message scene byy others. so they left c of that, the principal was thene going to mark them all down as unexcused absences and that'st' apparently what will happen e here. any kids who leave public pub schools in montgomery countyount will be marked down as unexcused absence, and if something bad sb were to happen, you know, i i guess it's on the kids.s >> all right. a bob, i know you got a lot moreu people to talk to you there. tre we'll let you get back to work.r we have a twitter poll going ana about that this morning.mor the question is do you thinktio that the majority ofdo student protester upset about election results or just taking thes or s
8:37 am
>> now this is, week askingek ak adults that are looking. lki >> twitter followers. >> right now 55% of you think ti it's just a way to ditch class.a you can weigh in, 55%. you can weigh in on fox5 dc on twitter. >> all right. close for being an>> even amounu there.e. >> a lot of time we've seentimee young people lead the way on lot of social movements, and you know, it's adults weighing ing n and looking on what kids areids doing. >> passion.>> passion. 8:37 right now. it is time to check in with w in the 50's already.ea >> 51 degrees. 5ee not a whole lot warmer this this afternoon. we'll be in the upper 50's to about 60 with wind out of theinf north. little area of low pressure is s exiting to the north and east. really didn't amount to whole to lot in the way of needed rainai but you can see we are clearingn out here, and we should be in in for generally sunny skies thiss afternoon. kind of a partly sunny afternoon but a dry afternoon.ftno we won't get any more rain witht daytime highs about 60.highs abu quick look at the seven day. we'll revisit it here shortly. . talk details but look at thatha
8:38 am
with sunshine. >> let's see erin is report good things in in >> it's tuesday. it's little dreary out and if o you're taking metro orange, silver, blue line passengers may be experiencing rei seven wagonn delays because of earlier medical emergency at capitol south hold trains holding clearg to me. 8:33. keep you posted oh and that onee as for the roads take look at all that red.all thed gw parkway remains super jammedm up from 123 to the key bridge.. slow through fairfax on 66 you're still dealing with stopnp and go traffic. 234 to 28. 28. earlier disable vehicle clearedr out by shady grove on 270 south. look at all of that slow-movingo traffic from 70 down to the t spur. it's still about 45 minute delay. 95 south from the icc to the frc beltway and bw parkway as you yu make your way southbound towardw green belt heavy traffic therefc as well as the outer loop 95 too georgia it's been jammed up allp morning long and the usual spots. about 15 minute slow down theree and then 50 inside the bell wayy
8:39 am
pennsylvania.nnsylv 95 north improving through throu woodbridge. back to you, steve and allison.. >> former president george w.nt bush and his wife welcome a newa addition to the family happy hap update for those stranded cow in see new sealant. remember this picture? there'sr a happy ending there, too. too
8:40 am
8:41 am
good update here.> go
8:42 am
odaw these cow that is ter t were ste after an earthquake in neww zealand.aland. i mean literally with a grassss earth collapsed around them. th. well some good news thisd news s morning. the cows hav e been rescued.. the farmer and some help actuall wl able to dig a path out so out that the cows could escape aftea they determined that the landmie around them was >> i worried about those little cows. cows. how are they going to get them down. good maybe they could doay the helicopter hoist.he fly them out o >> didn't need to.>> >> bush family wil dl be hearing the pitter patter of four new little feet. not twin granddaughters likeer their twins. >> let's lose the banner see thn cuteness of the puppy. >> former president george w.rg. bush and his wife laurae ra announced they have adopted a puppy. his name is freddie that's cute.that'sute. they got him from the spca of texas.s. excellent.t. >> yes. y re say they already love adfreddie and even their cats ae
8:43 am
little puppy who's in need.nee that's acute dog. dog >> sweetie pie.>>etie pie. >> it's going to have a gooding life. >> oh yeah. >> 8:43. what are the odds of this happening? statisticsre the prr won, $100,000 playing powerball. >> one in 1.8 million people. p. >> pretty >> you know he knew the odds. >> nicholas today pour a teacher at fairfield university in uni connecticut. lectured this his students about probability and bought $15 wortr of powerball example to explain the odds of wiping. >> we get scratch cards for ourr birthdays, for christmas andhrid sometimes we play the occasionas powerball ticket.l tick so what better way to show the students real life example thana go through the odds of winning i the powerball of winning the different combinations.nations i guess somebody has to win, ton right? so i was -- i'm happy tt be that person.. and it just made the lesson that much more interesting.esti. >> he gave his resignation twoot hours after that interview.erviw >> it was 100 grand.. >> okay.
8:44 am
>> he'll use his winnings for a big vacation and plans to keepep playing the lottery.g the tter >> obviously on that white board he did not put his numbers hebee was thinking up on the big whiti board or everybody in thehe classroom joined in his as welll >> if you are a parent how muchc should you pay for youry r y babysitter?ba? >> sarah fraser joins us next to talk about this story.ry we have some other tuesdayueay talkers as welcoming up.ngp. and your forecast. it's 8:44. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee.
8:45 am
i'm really glad you're here mom. me too.
8:46 am
have you done anything out of the ordinary recently? we bought a new washer and dryer from the home improvement store. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now at hhgregg. get up to 40% off storewide. plus 24-months special financing. and free delivery. all with our low price guarantee. electronics. furniture. hhgregg ??
8:47 am
doesn't owit?n,doest i >> it makes you feel so good.. >> stress lines going away. there's to stress.tress. the only stress when you have to wait 10 full seconds to get to your forecast. >> still doing some clouds out d there.oi o but we have this to forward. afternoon sunshine todayshine later tod daytime hhs 60. cool. 51 in washington. still doing 40ings here offin to the west. good morning manassas 46.assa 47 at dulles.ulles 48 still we're warmer than we weree 24 hours ago when we were looking at overnight lows in the upper 20s and low 30s. 3. so, yeah. i mean our daytime highs shouldl be in the upper 50's to about 60. that's what we'll see thisl se i afternoon very light rainry l showers overnight. enough to wet the roadways. four one-hundredths of an inchnc rain at dulles.rat du last look reagan national didn'o
8:48 am
and it's not in the forecast for here fort next couple of dayspld now that we have this little batch out of here. we're trying to clear it out.ito i think again we should bee she partly sunny this afternoon. only weather feature of note high pressure out to the westtot will build in later thisuild it afternoon. help kick this very week weakee little area of low pressure outl of here and we're going to beowo seasonably cool. a bit of a northerly breeze herr at about 10 miles an hour.s an so cool afternoon. aftno chilly tonight overnight lows i the 40s in town.n. 30s off to the north and west.t and then as we get into theo mile jet stream which is temporarilya dipped down across the midedownd atlantic will retreat to the wta north and west and for us that means 60s.0s. we might touch 70 degrees friday afternoon. warmer weather to look forward r to by the enter of the week. w those of you that love wintere and want signs of winter on then way it looks like that gets inhn here next week. he in fact by the end of the sevent day here by sunday, monday itony looks noticeably cooler. coor if you're going to tha redskins/packer game sundayame u night that will be a chilly a ci
8:49 am
might be some wind out there ast well on sunday.n suda so there you go. g colder weather on the way. wea enjoy this afternoon 60 degreess all right. let's see, steve, allison youon y left me. hopefully you're still in thee s building. >> we came over to the lost. l for couple reasons much it'sh i' little more comfortable overmfoe here. we're in the same room as hollyl and wisdom. wi they're right over >> let's find out what's comingn up on good day.. >> we're getting into detailsng about trump's team as he gets h ready to take over the whitevert house. we'll tell you what you need toe know in the first five minutes.. >> local high scho s and they're planning anotherng a protest this morning.otesni we'll be there live. there l >> fox news anchor megyn kelly y dropping her new book today andd some bombshells as well.s w we have a sneak peek at 10:15. 1 9:15 rather.he >> at 9:15 because then coming m up on good day at 10a, boy, are, we bringing the star power.r only on good day d.c. the starss of the new musical love jones j live in the loft. >> mc light, duvon, tone knowtok grant live with us at 10:30.0:30
8:50 am
also life in the loft. thanksgiving may be a woke awaya but we're getting you in the yon mood for he'll be singing his song fromgf his new album a kenny latimoree christmas. >> twilight fans guess who we have, don't miss our interviewer with taylor haunt they are.he >>no know. >> really? rea >> really? >> i'm just saying. l>>ess.rtseen him shirt >> we're getting you in the mooe for christmas that would be a t gift. >> that's right. >> to us lies >> i was going >> jam packed good day d.c. jusj minutes away.wa >> keep your shirts on. s on. >> i don't think he owns anyonhk shirts. >> thank you, >> i like that.. >> hi, very. >> high you guys.h u gu >> it's >> it's tuesday talker, babies.b >> i love it. >> are you ready for this. you r >> it's hear it. >> momma is going craze seem cre she's a mom with a couple ofa mh kids. she put up this post she essentially says she has interviewed a couple ofoupl babysitters movely young women w who come energy 15, 16 years5, 6
8:51 am
negotiates what she's going toho pay them hourly they go, pay mey whatever you think.hi she puts up this facebook post s saying look it starts at home.. these girls need to know selff respect.spec need to know confidence then con need to come in and name theirme price. >> yeah. >> do you think that's true for a babyu sitter at 15thin or 16 s old or do you think we're justej babysitting here? you live at home. your salary doesn't depend on italary ?it >> you know, i guess i'll speak, on this since i have bysisitters. and i was in immediate of babysitter. sidney baby sits sometimes.ts sm she's 15. and we just really didn't have h what kids make who babysit. we didn't really know what to even ask for. for. so we did go into the situationa it's a neighbor, and they saidd what they would pay for us ands since i had no idea about whatha the salary should be or salary -- whatever, cost -- >> hourly fee should be.uld >> right. that's fine it plus it's ae itl neighbor thing what it taught me was, research where we live, le, research it and go in there ande
8:52 am
because i think it does set youd up for the rest ofoe your life. many kids first job.t j >> i'm going to throw arbitrary numbers out there a.ere. say that they were like we'lle e give you 20 bucks and then younu fine out later the going rate ie 40 bucks what do you do the nex time they ask you. >> 40 that's crazy talk. >> these are ash trash numbers.s you're getting half of what you feel price should have been. bee >> if that's client i'll learnil from my my the next time somebody a you should determine your worthd and your rate and it d settarts there.there it's first job for a lot of girls specialsly. >> i agree with you. we were having the>> discussiono downstairs in the newsroom an to couple of people who also have kids were saying at the end ofyd the day a lot of times thesees t girls come in and they'reme in h charging way too much money, and you're not relying on this income.. so they felt as though this momm is kind of making a bigger deala about it. >> nope. >> than what it is. >> i don't agree with n >> the parents have to't d aecio whether or not they want toher n bring that person on bore.otat n
8:53 am
>> it's important to know youror worth. fast forward when you get yourwo first job out ofu ge college 23. pay me what you owe me. it sounds ridiculous. >> the boss was just like -- l when you filled out your plick, what do you think your worth? o what salary do you want? >> minimum wage.imum wag it was ease seize. s >> you graduate to another jobeo or you fill out an applicationpc either.eith >> research the mark. >> what do you think you need? e >> i had to work at a bowlingowi >> i figured that was just --as >> i used to babysit when i was real young and my mom would comc over and help me because it wasi three little >> i'm really offended. oen nobody asked me to watch theiro children.ildren >> what else do you have today.d >> great great video put out byb a psychologist and businessgists insider picked it up. essentially where everybody and social media seems so toxicox everyone is kind of arguing --n- obviously. this is a great way of how tof w win an argument every time andim
8:54 am
and a half. just sort of detailing the bigig thing, though, which i thought t was great was listening to theot other person, right, which iswhc hard to do when you really wanty to win your point.r point but you have to pick up on thatt one thing where you guys find common >> yeah. >> and then if you get them to agree on that essentially youheu won the argument even thoughugh perhaps maybe you haven't wonavn the whole thing.hing >> in winning the argument the t whole agree to disagreee considered winning now we're not hating eve other? don't you y fe - -- >> i think they're saying findan then essentially you've won thee argument even if that pointt might not be the first one you e set out.seut >> i'll keep listening to youin sarah until i find we have hav middle ground here. >> we do have middle groundle. n >> don't you feel, though, and d don't know, i mean if it's, f you're arguing. argui there are people that will argul anything just for the sake oftho arguing. we all know who some of theseomt people are. but -- i'm going to throw myhrom attention over here.ntion er h >> do you.>> d you >> no, no, no i don't. >> and you know she's just's j playing. >> jk. jk
8:55 am
that if somebody is really rea passionate enough to spark likek a big argument it's going to be really hard to convince them t that you feel otherwise.therwi >> here's what i think. like sometimes when you're wheny having an argument and whatevera it is and then if you're bothe t parents or whatever.hateve what would you think if thisld i were your child? you know, you, stop the rhetoric.heto you find your commonality andmoy then you build on that and a sometimes you are going to justt not agree you can't see it but i totally agree. agr it's g having a discussion then youssiy make a point i say that'ss exactly what i'm saying. say we then you sort of just sort of o change the trajectory.rajector >> al and go in circles and we w don't realize we're agreeing ane we come back at some point it'si just like -- okay i guess we do kind of see this the same way.. >> you've got along together for long time. >> 42 years this summer. >> a long long time. >> okay. >> okay. >> do we have time quickly for v one more or no?e tione mo or >> probably not.>> probabl
8:56 am
>> one more. >> how much do you think you y should be owed if you are trapped for five hours upsidersd down on roller coaster? coa >> six flags story.ix f >> i love this story. i lovthis. >> less than what they got.ess >> upside down? >> brief context this happen atn 2014 at six flags over in upperr marlboro.boro. people were trapped up to fiveve house.ho they initially had settlement oo $10,000 for each of the victimsv which was 24 victims. >> hang on i didn't think theyi' were upside down when they werer stuck. oy thought they were just stuckk in --- >> seven stories high.tori hig >> >> okay. seven stories high. >> thank god. >> it was hot. it's it's maryland. r.thsummein the summe you're stuck. you're >> how much?>> muc >> they each gotten thousandhous dollars settlement but many of them are going back and going, uh-uh, i had nervous damage. sunburn damage.n dam how much do you think it's wortr if you were trapped for fivetrpo hours? you think 10 grand is ai good settlement or they deservee more. >> i would be more than happy with 10 grand.ould b >> you would? >> i would sit out in the sun? for 10 grand for three hours. hu >> you don't know if something m leads to different thing.fent t i don't know. i think there should be medical
8:57 am
medical. i >> right.f >> issue. attached it to they will all pal for it. yourself.f.that on >> tucker, over to you. ove >> in the meantime i would bemed trapped with tucker outside for three hours if he gave mee $10,000. >> what do you think t >> people would pay $10,000 forf an opportunity to hang out witht me for three hours.. >> we may argue that case.. >> i have this weird buzzing in my ear. >> that's your mike.>> that's y. warmed up to 53. dulles 49. bwi marshall 51.all 5 let's see. sunshine this afternoon stillern dealing with morning clouds butg done with the rain.eain. don't need umbrella thisrella afternoon but we are going to ba cool. so bring a jacket.. upper 50s do about 60.bout there's your seven day and got g lot of sunshine to look forward to the next couple of days. 70 by forty three day. wrap it up right here.y fowr we got gooapd day it up r d.c. g
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
?? straight ahead, the trump t white house starting to takee sh >> is there anybody better?eran >> maybe me. i don't know.. >> rudy guiliani apparently a shoe in for secretary of statefs and that's just one of the primp positions that could be filledtt in a matter of days. d we'll talk about who else couldd have a top spot in the next administration. >> nation wider walk out highn i schools students take to the streets here in the dc region and across the countryde.studhet thouey say tnthey're upset overe election results.ults


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