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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  November 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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> hey, everybody, let's geter things started. th house is takingin shape. the positions are set to be filled in a matter of days. the question is who else shouldd have a top spot in tweet us always what's on yourur mind with the hashtag 5 at 6:0. the big protests, we'll talkll about that in a about it.. right we're learning more aboutr donald trump'sni administration. rnc chair previous chief of staff, former ceo stieve banana's his chief strategist and council. former new york city rudiey
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favorite for secretary of state. donald trump reince preibus, the first openly gay person to hold a post. have you heard this name before, ron a rom any mack daniels. her name is being floated as a replacement. if chosen she will be the firstt woman to held the republicanlica party in > what we can expect in the first 100 days. good evening.enin >> thanks for having me.ving > thoughts so far, i'm guessinm a the look of discord of what we're hearing from the left. >> that's an understatement of n thede this has been quite a busy few days. first the president elect fires governor christie and vice v president elect pence is taking
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answers. i've spoken to friends who haveo told me that the trump transition team hasn't reached out to the department of state or the national security councii yesterday. a lot of big questions of what's ahead. obviously your thoughts are a little l slanted on this. let's talk about the big name that we all heard today, rudy giuliani as possible secretarypo ofss state. there was information today that he may have had dealings in the past, been paid by governments g before he started to see himself in this role. do you think problematic if he ultimately ends up in that position?siti >> well, i think they're important questions to be answered and i this i those same questions need to be answered by anyone that served in federal government. the things that president elect obama did is role out a code of ethics for all potential appointees.appo i don't believe that same code of ethics has been roled out by the trump administration. a you have thed ability to vet
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appointees is going to be a test. any of the things in mayor giuliani's a potential conflict of interest or could he they embarrass the president elect. those are my guess the questions that they're asking right now i think that we on the left would be very open to that. one of the things that's so important about any pieceful transition of power is that you do have bipartisanship, i thinkk if the p were to invite avite democrat to serve in his cabinet that would go a long way to allay the fears. thanks so much for coming
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donald trump's team looks to the protestors. the a look because this was scene at wilson high school today. students walked out of class today at noon. they walked to the trump hotel. they walked to the monuments. the question is, though, are their protest actually accomplishing anything? sterilh beard from campus reform joinss sterling, we know that your organization u sually is a about it more conservative, but i've got to ask you, do you think what these kids are doing is constructive in.cons >> i wouldn'sa constructive. it certainly is not going to accomplish anything in the long run. and keep in mind this is just local high school that you just showed, but tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. more than 120 schools1 are going to see their studentsn watch out of class, colleges by the way at 3:00 p.m. to try to pressure their universities toei become sanctuary campuses. basically their schools to shield immigrants from imminent deportation under a trump
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i sincerely doubt that it's going to amount to anything in the long run. donald trump said in the campaign if he didn't win the election, maybe not from trump from a lot of people on the right, joe l walsh said he's going to pick up his muskett and fight, obviously that wasn't necessary because donald trumpld won. is there a double standard. they were talking about revolution on the right. we're seeing this on the left.. there's always going to be people upset.set. protests around the countryuntr specifically following out fromg donald trump's elect. it's in the going to do anything in the long run. they're not taking place in redd towns. thisser ' taking place in deep blue cities. if there is one place that would have the least amount of effect it would be to have right osteomyelitis in portland, organ. that's not going to in the long run effect the nationalhe n
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high school students today byay the estimate of d.c. police outp there on the streets even what they're doing isn'tt actually going to effect change, do you think it's a good idea go for them to be a part of this process of being able to voice their opinions and voice -- have a voice out there because that's what america is about.. >> well, look, you always haveas your right to freedom of speech and for a lot of kids, keep in mind a few of them may have beee able to vote in the election they're still high school kids.l i know if i had participated ini a walk out in high school myhool parents would have beenen extremely unhappy with me. they wouldn't sign a note. they wouldn't sign a note saying sterling, you wouldn't you have our permission to protest. >> absolutely not.>> a they were of the opinion that my parents were my parents, not my best > and i understand that completely. coming in.o much for my pleasure.easu > what does donald trump's mean for the average
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their pocketbook. > joining via skype tonight, is this going to effect -- are we going to -- does it matter who is in the white house when it comes to suspending and going shopping. >> in the new interpret, some of of theinte policies that the president puts in place can effect how much you spend, for instance, on healthcare, taxes and other things, but in the long run will it make a big difference, probably the not. we heard from an exper t may have a big impact under the housing hein said he wants less government, wants to lower taxes. if we remember back before b presidenta obama came in office, we saw the housing market h explode. now we have a lot more regulation. suspect that we'll see that trend go back where there'r a lot less regulation, people will start buying houses so far. >> that is what we've seen donald trump said so far.
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get back to lending.di where we will be with the economy it's too soon to say if people will more confident about buying homes. right now that's the directionco where things are headed.aded we're expecting this to be woulo be of the busiest housing seasons. mostly because of things having to do with the election.tion we're feeling better.. we're seeing that the economye has been steadily growing. we could see that happen anyway. but we'll see what actually going to happen. i keep hearing about buying houses. talk about under the bush administration.admi they cut the 3 600 checks. we haven't heard anything about that. the government isn't talking about giving out checks likes they did in the past to get people to go out and buy the playstation. >> i don't think that he's talking about that just yet. one thing that is clear and you had mentioned this earlier is
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he wants to lower taxes pretty much across the board. he's been calling for a simpler tax code, three main tax brackets and that woulduld eventually lead to lower taxes for most people, but especially for people on the higherren. we always like having you folks from the washington post joining us at 5 and 6. 30 so we appreciate you coming in tonight. >> no worries, thanks for having me. > let's talk about the weather. it's funny because we've seen it cool off and then as we go the weekend we're building up to the 70s. >> we're building up for a big let down after that, too. our first snow in the mountainss > i'm getting way ahead of myselfs. we're going to have to talk about whether or not we're going to say the s word. >> i can't hear you. > we'll talk about that ak a little bitbo later. in the short term this week we have one storm departing.
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york city.y. only a short stream to your area. the temperatures will drop back into w theil 30s and 40s tonigho a clear and chilly start on your wednesday morning.wedn but it really looks like l wednesday is going tooo be a beautiful day.beau here in the city we drop to 44-degrees. we should top out at 64-degrees. at 5 to ten. we'll do the trick. a chilly start, but in the afternoon, an increase in cloud cover won't hold back much. we talked about the 70s. they're on our seven daye forecast,on including friday any saturday. you noticed saturday we're showing some late day showers. that could be mixed with snow showers far north and west and even into the mountains and that looks more likely, but look what happens on saturday. we go from 70 on saturday to 49 on sunday.nday we stay chilly on monday. about 49-degrees. we're up and then downwn
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weekend. a little something for everybody on this seven day forecast. shawn, jim, back to you. > thank you very much. sue. we were talking about the school protest and this is one thing we've got good responses on twitter. these protests are seeing local students using the hashtag 5@6:30.5@6:
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age your health and more. need to be thorough. we're not doing the shots back.. a lot of people think they needy to drink now that the election is over. the museum is holing a big party for everyone to let off some steam after the election. guess who is, there tom fitzgerald. >>reporter: what is going onon down there. >>reporter: every now and then people might say alcohol isn't the answer to everyone.
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we're on pennsylvania avenueenns right up the street from the trump hotel, right up the street from the white house. and what are they doing here? this is called museum night. basically everybody kind of has been through this election. they've been through this campaign. so come on with me, they've survived, everybody survived so they're getting together tonighe to eat some chicken.icke hi, how are you. >> i'm doing well. > did survive the elect.ct. >> barely. are you still talking to family and fen > absolutely. what was the high point in whatn was the low point of this in. >> of the election or of the popcorn? > you just got to the party. i was thinking more about the election. i really don't have a comment on it. > you're in the museum. it's bylaw that you have to talt to us. > we'll let you off the hook this but we'll be back to you later. >> let's talk to our friend
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have your chicken and your drink. this is called museum that's right.ight we're not supposed to be in here right now. >> most people think of museums as quiet, boring place. we're pumping, popping. we have open bar food and beverage. after the nine to five, we're open. most people can't find the timee when they're working a full-time george washington to make itton down here. this gives a new opportunity to do that. > did you hear that low kay,y, they have an open bar.r. >> they have some real heavy hitters here. l alan goura argued the supremea court case overr thegu d.c. gun ban. alan, you know, a lot of people have probably been asking youski what should we expect in thiss town come january 20, especially onua thery legal side in wawa aa you telling people when theyn come up to you at this party and
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>> we have no idea what to expect. obviously there's cause for great concern. but at the same time becauseause candidate trump has been so all over the map with various pronouncements this way and that way, often changing his mind in the same time in the same day,d, we don't know what is going to happen. >> we're not clear right now as we stand here whether we could see you against the administration or for the administration because we don't know what they're going to do. >> that's co what happens. i was not a supporter ofof candidate trump.idat i wase very concerned about his sudden seat to the presidency, but we'll see what happens.happ > they're giving me a hard wrap, but i'm not going withouth showing this. over down here we have an artist that has been working on this painting and i got to show you this. this is michael hammond. tell me about your painting. >> the painting is about theabou truth in the media and trying to
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let down lately and i this i wes have a lot of potential. you even got the fox down there. > it's donald trump.s do i didn't recognize the hair.air. it looked darker. > i'm sorry.sorr >> shawn, i can hear you. he can't. so you're not going to make mee say that, are you, shawn? >> no. carry on. enjoy the open bar. get some chicken. have a. > night, fitz. it's called museum night. they have a couple more comingmg up. we'll go next time. > republicans and democratslica gathering for a good cause and c it l involves pumpkins.mpki
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wall wean may be over, but members of congress are uniting
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bash pumpkin bash to smash kids cancer. > ronica cleary. >>reporter: we are here at the monster mash pumpkin smash to smash kids cancer.ncer mary, i know you started the answer. this is your son clay, the inspiration behind it i knon w we're here in front of all of these pumpkins and somehow you managed to race lasa year hundreds of thousands of tell me about how you bringu congress together to race moneyc and awareness for this very serious disease.seas >> well, my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was three and it's an orphan disease which means not a lot of people have it and so not a lot of funding goes towards it, butt it's a devastating disease and clay is a total whether oror anr has been our inspiration and senator lahey's grandson, patrick, who is here tonight and clay met in preschool beforere
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friends since then and senator lahey has also helped out with your cause. tonight we bring people in a bipartisan atmosphere to carve pumpkins. who doesn't love that, right. clay we were talking a little bit tal earlier. tell me about what you want people to take away from this event when they see and your hear your story. >> i want them to take away thee the -- what's the word i'm looking take away the disease.ease > absolutely. >> and you're so brave to come out here. senator lahey this has been a horribly heated contested heated type. tell me why this could be a wonderful event for by part andship to remember why you're in this business? >> look at clay, he's been
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patrick and i first met clay when he was two years old, watched him and patrick play. look at this disease. we can spend hundreds of billsls of l dollars all over the world. let's do some things here. his whole family is so good to race this money, but we also, i think republicans and democrats here would agree, i think we will agree, we should bring research money -- we should give hope to people like clay, and a whole lot of other children. >> thank you so much. > mary, thank you so much and clay thank you so much. we're going to post pictures ofe some of these amazing pumpkinsng out here. it's an incredible night for a really incredible cause. shawn and jim we're sending it back to you. >> there's a steelers logo there. i love it. > thanks, ronica.nica we're in the kitchen because it's happy tuesday.
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> welcome back on this taco b tuesday. we'reac sitting with our team thism week. a farm to taco restaurant. > susan a b when continue a hao some healthy tacos up her sleeve. where did you come up with the name? where are you guys located. >> the name means live. the name is plant.plan > i love it. it we are from a farm to table concept. we work with local farmers. everything is fresh, seasonal. our menu always changes. i love it. > you've brought some of youryr ingredients and your specialties to sort of mix one today. take us through the process.oces so we're located in georgetown.e we are about to celebrate our one year and verse i saturday. >> happy anniversary. >> are you having a party.
6:56 pm
to show you. susan is going to prepare a sweat potato taco with a special salsa, >> this is a corn tortilla. we make them in the restaurant.u we press them by hand. we have this on our menu right now. sweat potatoes are in season. everything we have can be made e vegan. so if you don't like the cheese you don't have to put that that is made to order. feta cheese. we're going to top it with this is a cream i sal a. it looks like it has sour cream or something in it, but it's just raw. >> a little cilantro. >> and micro greens which are very nutrition. we pinch itve together in the restaurant and put it together
6:57 pm
there. when folks come in they can -- this is what they'll get. they can choose from a menu of options.tion those three there are our three current rio owe everything is seasonal, but the two other tacos we'll show you later we we have on the menu all the time, but this is a garlic i lemon greens which is terrific when you're cleansing.sing you're trying to get as many dark green levy greens as well. what do you have in the big box over here in.. >> we're doing these catering trays and perfect for office parties, perfect for family parties. >> eat healthy after this election for sure. > eating healthy. you are about to bite in to the crowd favorite which is a cream i potato and kale taco. >> that's two thumbs up for that.that > you are in georgetown,rget
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: real estate trophy goes to cindy crawford and rande gerber. they just made $10 million in a year, and didn't even sell the full property they bought a year ago. >> i feel like for $60 million, i want to walk out my door and stand in the ocean. harvey: for 30 seconds, you're rande gerber. now, you have a choice -- >> i will take 30 seconds with cindy crawford, thank you very much. >> what will he do the next 25 seconds? [laughter] >> we got a copy of dream kardashian's birth certificate. the ob/gyn delivered all of kim's babies, all of kourtney's babies. harvey: he's all up in all of their business. >> he's seen all of their vaginas in their worst possible state. >> he sees the one-month checkup. >> the one-month checkup is gross too. >> no, it's not. >> is it? you have a kid. [laughter]


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