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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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state out of the public eye and back on twitter plus the press overnight and tendon steps ow and leaves press behind we'll show you where. >> local high school students third straight anti protest live in rockville. >> and live look outside on this wednesday morning it's november 16 live look at the white house and looking dark at the moment and weather and traffic on the fives at >> and everybody sleeps in. >> exactly. >> and little lame duck right here. >> i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> first up a prince george county mother willing in court today facing charges and 3-month-old son's murder. janice petty after the fact in her three month old baby's death. the baby's father antoine petty beat the boy to death and
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bury the body. the incident happened this fall in the fall and the fall hearing it scheduled for:45 this morning. >> and father of-year-old boy who brought a loaded gun to school earlier this month and security guard molton elementary school found the handgun after checking the child's backpack. and prince george county police are arresting an adelphi man accused of making targeting a local high school. aim he threatened to bring gs and sxloss to high points. the 20-year-old is alum of that high school and facing several charge. >> growing concern about president-elect donald trump relationship with the media. he broke protocol once again ditching press pool when left highrise to have design it are a few blocks away. this is video of motorcade and press scrambling to catch up.
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aware he was going to beginner and would do nothing to leave the press in the stark. >> there were a few late night developments to counter the notion of a stall. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning we know a number of republican members of congress will be tapped to build the new administration and two prominent republican national security voices have left team trump. amid rumors of up tight score settling the president-elect took to twitter again last night sending out this me isage "very organized can net since i decide on cabinet and other positions i'm the only one who knows who the finalists are. sounds like something if a reality show. now vp elect mike pence is leading transition team after dismissal of chris christie.
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obama administration to share with the team. christie's signature made it invalid. rudzy guiliani he merged for a favorite for a transitioning. campaign spokesperson tellly an conway dismissed criticism of a team in chaos. >> everyone is affair of what happens in the west wing and new president administration staff level. people like to leak to media. i would focus on two men at hand. president and president-elect. and i think the rapoport they built last week even though they're political nemesis they have a shared love for country and peaceful transition. >> now up coming white house chief of staff reince priebus
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and the team saying it's not too late to accepted the right message. back on tap toll hill end manying relationships born job here. vice-president elect mike pence does have a good relationship here from his time as senator from indiana. he will return up to washington shortly. we understand to start holding meeting with members of congress. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> making heard. students at a local high school plan to walk out of class and protest donald trump's presidency. this was the scene in washington d.c. yesterday as hundreds pavr. ed from the tap toll to supreme xwort and nop a similar demonstration happened. >> annie yu joins us now are a high school in rockville where students plan to walk out today, good morning. >> good morning, allison, steve, that's right around 10:00 today in a few hours owe students from richard
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maryland, plan to do a 10:00 it's they'll march from two miles from here there would be the second time students from montgomery country hit the streets and it's third day student in our area are hitting streets on monday which we is video of. and hundreds of blair and surrounding schools walked out of class and marched streets of silver spring to protest donald trump's election last week. they chaptered not my president and we reject the president-elect it snarled traffic university boulevard and overall all remained without violence. montgomery county police shadowed students along the trout ensure taivty. we're talking young adult, 15, 16, 17 year olds not old enough to vote but want voices heard and they're not alone. yesterday thousands of district students hit the streets as well representing a number of different schools across the city including wilson high school.
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downtown gearing at trump international hotel. that's where they began and went by the capitol and supreme court before heading to the national mall and lincoln memorial. there's been a lot of strong reaction following the student protests raiseing a lot of questions. take a listen to mayor muriel bowser regarding student safety >> okay. >> a lot of students were exercising their first amendment right to we to be able to express their feels. >> do you think it's such a dangerous precedent? >> so express juror first amendment right no. >> to allow students not be in class. >> we want our kids to be in school, absolutely. >> but you're okay with today's walkout. >> no, i always want kids to number school and any he protests in my view should happen after school hours. >> now many folks wondering what are the schools doing
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if students miss a class they'll receive unexcused absence unless their parents write them a permission note. that's the latest from rockville, maryland, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> tucker is looking at the forecast and annie bundled up cold start to the day. >> yes, cold, 0s north and west and good looking day as far as mild temperatures. 42 reagan national and dulles down quick look at stormtracker radar. let's see we're not tracking anything out they early. we're expecting clouds this afternoon and particularly northern half of of the viewing area a sprinkle well off norm and west had this afternoon. otherwise we're featuring daytime highs in the low to mid 60s. which is above normal for the most part dry companies across the region. nice looking day. still got 70 on 7 day and
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the 7 day at the same time. >> yet felt nice. >> this year. >> great. >> check in with erin and get a look at what is happening on roads. >> 6:08 now. look behind me. slow traffic on 66 eastbound by 50. 50 to nultly dealing with delays and 66 eastbound 234 prince william parkway 28 you jam up as well. right now early start coming in towards the beltway gainsville, mannasas and centerville. no crashes to report. just a lot of cop juston. to maps. things lowing down as well on metro right now. earlier malfunction king street because of that on blue line and residual delays largo town center taking a look back at roads outer loop jammed 95 to georgia long line of red already a 15 minute delay and 50 inbound through chefly slows and also seeing nice conditions 95 southbound a touch of slow down south of icc as you approach the upper loop. baltimore washington parkway still quiet and route 1 and 29
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concerns top, rockville and silver spring quiet now. however gw parkway delays building southern 123 to owes velt bridge. not a lot of cop juston and seeing green on the map be prepared for that. dulles toll road 28 to beltway is moving along long fine without any issues. inside the beltway you can see 66 through falls church slowing a bit as well and 295 crash blobbing shoulder by eastern are popping up from about 410 down to 50 and past that scene. more traffic in just a few back to you guys. >> the father of nfl player is victim of deadly shooting at oklahoma main airport next. new details we're learning about the incident. >> and protests me greece as president obama wraps newspaper athens, time now:09 we'll be
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>> 6:11 new video of president in griese grease today frez getting a tour. when you are president you get a touvrment later this hour president obama going to deliver a speech on democracy. his visit to greece has been met with protests.
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germany and then stop in peru for the asia pacific economic summit. >> well cuba this morning president raul castro pardoned nearly 800 prisoners at request of pope francis and called for mercy those pardonsen include women, young and sick prisoners and not those that committed murder, rain and drug trafficking if it's unclear if any reached. >> and a southwest airlines employee was shot and killed outside of will rogers worlds airport. police identified the victim michael winchester. he's the father of kansas city chiefs player james win chester and hours after the shooting police found suspected gunman dead in pickup truck and dead of self inflicted gun shot
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police believe it was a pre-med tate add tack. >> north carolina, tennessee, a concern smoke from the fires more than 200 people in chattanooga were hotizeed for breathingsh use. progress is being made. arson is suspected in several of those fires. >> 6:13 white house christmas tree will arrive in nation's capitol next friday the day after thanksgiving and coming from wisdom martin where it was cut down as you see and this video got don tree 20 feet tall rare balsam fir mex set newspaper blue rup of the white house. >> we'll tell you about it as we airport has warm and traffic
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>> the 5 college park it is building already when it comes to volumes problems on 66 as well. le let's look at tucker and the forecast. >> hey, steve, good morning, weather will cooperate and daytime highs mid to low 60s. we're chilly out there. bus stop for the cast dry conditions expected today and definitely, definitely jacket warm. we're back to low 40s in the city and once again around freezing mark north and west and below freezing in some spots.
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and 3 annapolis and sorry leonardtown we'll not get a lord from you and chilly temperatures to start the day. much like yesterday and last couple days expecting a nice warm-up with daytime highs in medicine to low of 0s. koud iy ness off norm and west and i want to mention khoyd this afternoon and mixt of surprise and clouds and this push as cross pennsylvania, no, it will drag cloud cover to our region as well. perhaps there could be a sprichingle if you are well off norm and west and i'm pretty much giving guarantee we will be dry across the region. high pressure, mild conditions, 60s around here still building towards a 70 towardsen week and upper 60s to 0 friday and saturday and then we are putting the hammer down as far
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so, check it out. temperatures build to 70 saturday. strong cold front on saturday will usher in much cooler air, cold air sunday, monday and those temperatures sunday night for the red kip backers game and temperatures in the 30s during the day. >> that's good got ball whether. you know what else that means. >> perfect for thanksgiving. >> and thanksgiving left yet. >> i have big plans for my turkey dinner. >> we're not dealing with a hot of cashling activity on the pelt from 95 to george ayou need 25 extra minute already just because morning rush kicked in. upper loop nice i'll let you know when that changes. moving to camera of 66 2340u
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slow. and then before that point 234 prince william parkway through 28 heavy traffic at well leave 0 minute early from gainsville you'll need it westbound blowing. crash before the 14 street bridge on 395 northbound. it's blocking right lane. traffic starting to jam up all the way back to pentagon and bridge also dealing with heavy traffic. once you get to freeway things on up a bit. 295 southbound crash south of eastern because ever that 50 avenue and more traffic in a few, back to you guys. >> new crime fiinging tool coming to prince george county called smart water it will allow residents to mark personal belongings with liquid that contains forensic code and once applied it can being seen under ultra sigh let light. it makes it harder for thefts.
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things of value doesn't always match. >> yes. >> it will be invisible except under the black light. >> okay. >> walmart versus unions. next april retailer is telling employees not to use. >> first what's worse than following economy. you have heard of paceic economy. we'll explain.
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>> 6:22 now rock bottom airfare. as always there's a catch involved. first we'll check markets from fox business network studio. lauren demarco before we get to the episode how the airlines get you let's talk about how we're moving market. financials are leading charge here. >> i'm going to call it trump bump. since trump was elected dow has been up every single day and over 7 days been up 5 90 points. goldman action 200 points in that time. yesterday we saw a rally in text stocks, amazon, apple, they all did well. futures are down a bit now. we continue to gauge what type of president donald trump will be particularly on wall street. so far we're liking less regulation and lower taxes and infrastructure building and that's why the market has been
6:24 am
ready technology can be great in the workplace unless the boss doesn't like it apparently that's what walmart is saying when it comes to what employees are using. >> this is drinking. there are no unions at wall mar mart. acouple days ago an app started to circulate where walmart workers can go own and get information about rights. as employees they can talk to other current walmart workers and former walmart workers company is not con doping app they warn you your anything can become exposed. they're probably that they protested for higher whims and better benefit and that's something a big company like walmart is obviously fork ring something a big company like walmart is obviously fork ring to continue. i'll protest for lower air fare with no springs attached. >> that's protest. >> united is doing this thing called basic economy as if
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economy. economy is pits, come on. now it just got even worse. basic economy. you board plane last and can only bring one item on plane has to fit under seat. you have no right to use overhead bin and for that plus other concessions you'll pay really low air fare. united is not tell us how low this airfare bill will be regular economy you can't rename it it to have carry ones you'll have other places. how will they know if you're in an area they have overnight bags or not. >> i thought about this one. since you're getting on the plane last they're probably assuming that there's going to be no overhead bin space anyway and typically that happens to you and your bag doesn't fit they'll check it for you for free. because your less than cattle at this point because you're
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free they're saying don't bring it on only bring something that fits under street. that's so basic. >> we'll find out in january and do price checking then. see you tomorrow. >> 6:26. >> i saw a guy last time on plane he had too wran many carry ones one was just kloms so the guy is like i can't bring it on so he took it out of the bag and put four layers of shirts on. >> started wearing everything. >> timeout. >> that was you tucker. >> it was not me but >> didn't you tell me the story did you that. >> i did something similar to that i cannot share. >> okay. >> let's go to the forecast. >> do what you have to do to save money. >> i'm throwing a flag on that story. >> it's okay if you did that. >> allison. >>y, it's okay, right erin. >> totally fine. >> 42 what washington now. winds south west at 5 miles an hour. we're looking at sunshine, cold
6:27 am
clouds to start the afternoon. and i don't think we'll get rain although we need it and perhaps saturday was a few showers very strong cold front. we build to near 70 by saturday and then the bottom falls out and daytime highs don't get out of 40s by sunday, monday. >> i don't believe tuck we're do that he doesn't like wearing a clot of colleges he gets hot if he laird up with extra layers that would be very uncomfortable. >> you know a lot about it. >> good morning. >> what tucker did was equivalent of me saying allison i need tell you a crazy store hey and you know it's him. >> that's totally fine. >> if you head to districts you deal with water outage hash order street northwest between sherman avenue acord the even and emergency repairs. aside from that 14 street bridge crash blocking right lane. more traffic in a few. back to you guys. >> thanks, much, 6:27 now. >> news of cubs winning world
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>> you knew that would not take long. >> it took about two seconds. >> the pope's new sports gear. >> if you were at maryland georgetown game man did you get your money's worth.
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bridge crash there blocking right lane. bigger picture just shows headlights protest at the slow going. erin will be along shortly to let you know progress and getting it back up and running, big delays in the area. and warm and traffic on the five again at 6:35. first developing overnight vice-president elect mike peps signed the paperwork allowing donald trump and officials to work with the obama administration. last night the president-elect tweeted h very organized process and meanwhile ted cruzs with at trump tour and was being considered for staff. >> alejandro tweeted threats toe bring guns to high point in bellsville and the 20-year-old
6:32 am
facing several charge. >> d.c. police wants to you take a look at video of armed robbery in southeast. it shows a man shooting another man point blavk. luckily he missed. it happened on sunday afternoon in the 200 block of t place the victim met the suspects to sell a pair of shoes and police are looking for all three suspects seen in the horrible video. >> additional charges were filed against deonteo caroway former prince george county employee students. he is facing 15 charges forcing children between 9 and 13 to engage in sexual acts on camera and new charges resulted from additional victim and one more video. >> there's new information on homicide investigation at senior care facility in alexandria. "fox5" is digging for answers on why no one has been arrested for deadly attack at the sunrise senior living center on duke it street.
6:33 am
amex ander was attacked and died from injuries days later. we're told 7-year-old resident is responsible for attack. so far no charges have been filed. commonwealth attorney in alexandria says police have completed their investigation. . right now at 6:303 new piece to puzzle looking at brand new imannual of missing university of maryland student caitlin george. >> this is old video and photos you're looking at now. the bus was headed to norfolk and stopped iftis strict and investigators are following leads and tips to find her but they still do not suspect foul play. after weeks of meeting in local flag schools will start after labor day montgomery country and end no later than june 15. this was executive order issued by governor larry hogan and board of education last night
6:34 am
instructed staff members to offer openings on how to make it work within those dates. >> time for morning line right now a fall frenz question at verify sdpon center last time mar ar and georgetown met a year ago it was fantastic game. they renewed rivalry last year. last night the game moved to hoyas territory. let's go to verizon center. a minute to play. not so fast. just eight second go. million owe trimble knocked down. the veteran steps up to line and makes both free throws, interprets up one. driving for the lay-up with seconds to go anesthetic blocked by kevin hearder and maryland wind 76-75 pull out rally in second. here's what melo had to say after hitting two free throws.
6:35 am
we were trafficked. now we're not ranged. we don't worry about what people say we go out and compete every day. >> have you been in a game that finished like that. >> we came close laying for duke last year. after down ten points two minute left running press like we did fast came here and i never oh, double reason for maryland fans to celebrate last night, number 7 kansas knocked off number last second shot frank malala yousafzai san with jumper and jay hawks win 77-75. eight time kansas bet a top ranked team. mar par gets a win and duke gets a loss can't do better than that to start the season. caps return home sanlip cup and are hoping to around lon sdop.
6:36 am
time and blue jackets won face off and get the goal 2-1 in ca time. off and get the goal 2-1 in ca time. we'll see what happens tonight. >> so exciting. >> postseason rematch. >> i hope they can get that going. >> it felt likened of season. >> whole air gets involved in it and excited. love if. >> okay >> it makes for one rocket environment get nerve there. >> we both do well here. >> i think they'll improve. i'm not an expert but -- >> okay. >> okay. >> 42 washington. 47 up in new york. we are chilly to start the day. lots of 30s. in fact 20s. nass in the 20s earlier this orping and he with will peek in low to mid 50s.
6:37 am
and west some of that rolls in later minimum of sun and clouds this afternoon and should remain dry and very pleasant around here for middle of november. 65 and we have 70 on 7 day and also a chance for snow showers in parts of the area. >> when will that happen. >> now i cannot say it and you have to wait 6 minutes. >> all right. erin como. >> good morning. >> we have a bunch of problems and delays on rails and so we'll show against this morning and 6:37 now. look at this crash as you approached the 1 street bridge. 95 right lane blocked keep it to left. and leaf the house 20 minute early and you need that time freeway backing up to third street tunnel as well. i'll had the you know emwhen lanes reon. we have problems along the district as well.
6:38 am
reregular service zoomed on the real line. the get from it's between sherman and george aavenue closed due to emergency repairs for the next two to four hours. the rest of morning russia void that area. any questions @erinfoxdc on switer and 25 southbound crash kleeshd and sdlaiz top jam up to souchbl eastern avenue. you need a good 30 extra minutes to get that through congestion. you may want to take the beltway to route 1 and work your way to secondary and that's causing overflow of chefly on just. >> we have eastbound crash route 7 fairfax country parkway
6:39 am
and outer hoop delays slow down from ic. s you pat pouter mill road. 95 northbound for dale city packing up as well. >> there's new details overnight about the west virginia mayor that. >> oxford is out with order of the year. >> next what's hot on the web >> next what's hot on the web on this wednesday morning. >> surprise me.
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>> 6:42 what is trend on the web this morning? first a mayor in west virginia resigned after comment on racist post about the first a county employee was the one that compared first lady michelle obama to an nape heels and former west virginia mayor beverly walling commented on the post saying that made my day. the comment have since been deleted and drum roll, please, oxford word of the year is post truth because i'm about toe tell what you it means post truth means relating to or
6:43 am
objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeal to emotional personal belief. the dictionary ed toward are tore said at the inclosed after the election. >> pope francis received a cubs cap and chicago archbishop lays cub itch and he weeted a puck t the pop tough sell lights for us. >> who has time to sleep when britney drops new tunes at midnight. and if you have a news
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together, we can make sure
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>> >> little cool out there. >> good morning, 42 out there in fact at 6:46 we're back with tucker. >> we might see sunshine. >> cloudyness and not enough to have rain. >> yes. >> we need the taken. we really need the rain. i'll show you charts later we're running 5, 6 plus inches behind. thimingz are dry.
6:47 am
daytime highs in the mid 60s. few degrees above normal and mid to upper 50s this time year and here's chilly temperatures. let's see, 42 washington. look at mannasas. cold spot 28. 33 dulles. 34 good morning gaithersburg and 34 fredericksburg and moun tons in 30s generally 41 in whip chester and shoulding nice start for everything you should be mostly sunny to sart the day. it won't amount much. that will be the wovt forecast. could be a sprinkle if south west pennsylvania. i'll throw it out there there could be a wichingle if up form and west. silly khp eye verb you're and mild conditions sdpek around here we should remain dry. this dotted line you see that's
6:48 am
bringing clouds this afternoon. i'll show you clouds on future cast. mix of sun and clouds. and we'll get it out of here overnight. nice warming trend. thursday, friday, and first half of saturday looked fantastic. second half of saturday we've got a very strong cold front. let's focus on next couple days. up to 70 friday and saturday and then winter returns or wint area peers or wintery conditions shower activities and kick in and wouldn't be shocked if there represent a flurry or two a little closer than that on sunday. >> but you can see temperatures are color hereby end of weekend. we'll timely hit freezing early next woke at. >> you like cold. >> not at all.
6:49 am
see ice. >> just pretend you didn't hear that. i'll need your help in one minute. >> okay. >> 95 crash cleared 14 street bridge. this is sdlai pentagon. delays extend gleeb road to 14 street brim and eastbound side of freeway packing up as well and look at 50 inbound because of earlier crash 295 southbound eastern that cleared. we're still dealing with heavy traffic from beltway to 295 and basically parked past the point at 202 allow for extra time coming bowie once you get inside the beltway. 295 jammed up basically from the beltway all the way down past 50 as you get to 11 street bridge. let's look at maps. why we have the area. 95 northbound through stafford 17 to aquia harbor you're jammed backed and slow moving task dale city to beltway you're jammed with heavy delays making your way dale city to
6:50 am
sluggish put not tear bally delayed. red zona cross the 14 street bridge inner loop delays from branch avenue. each in mind through it suitland mark way namd up as you make your way towards south capitol and delays on 270 southbound just a solid line of congestion montgomery county to rockville point frederick 30 minute early same story 95 southbound icc to beltway and outer lone 495 to georgia and route one looking good and bw park we southbound jammed. now tucker i need your help. it's a live look at national harbor. today i'm going to see ice. christmas around the world. we gave you exclusive preview two days ago good day d.c. on carvers building production and today we'll take you inside and
6:51 am
at national harbor. i'm excited about that. i wish you could do the ice slide with me. >> 9 degrees i hear. >> i will be out there during 9:00 hour, 9:50 good day and during the 10:00 half hour. >> only reason he cannot go with you is because he going with me because red kettle campaign started and we'll gore to visit with the salvation army today. >> i'm jealous of you too it's a few kickoff. >> bell. >> you can ring my bell. >> give steve a look at distaste for that one. >> it's for charity. >> happening today, should there be a museum to whem's history. they'll dliv a report. they'll look into the need of such a me assume and where it might be built in the district.
6:52 am
>> death with digney act is in happened of muriel bowser they voted 11-2 to pass the bill giving patient less than six months to live option to end one life with help of doctor, it's legal in six says states. >> pepco customers moving forward. here's good news with bad news lower than originally expected. pepco asked maryland public service commission to approve a hike that in bill by about 15 which is a whole lot of money. commission denied that request and will allow pepco to increase rates by a smaller percentage increase should cost customers about more a positive and you know check it out it takes if you like serial fans of frosted flakes will flip over this.
6:53 am
s is cinnamon because of demapped on social media. there have been different variations across the state. never tin monday and tony target says do it steve. >> it's great! >> thank you. >> sounds just like me. >> 6:53 the guy that made the documentary super size me is selling fast food. he's opening a popup restaurant saturday in ohio called holy chicken. menu offers sandwiches an the a hitch he'll. >> running 22 miles to the finish line. he pulled off this attire and won. >> weren't we supposed to do that. vegas marathon? >> yeah, you forgot to me rind me about that. 2:8 world record forecastest
6:54 am
be redics im. >> what's elvis interview. >> did you say that. >> a lot of elvis. >> can't get enough. >> in today's fox beat britney spears kept her fans awake with a slum per party the name of her new single and she dropped it at midnight. >> features tenashy called full finances can get a tease right now. georgous. okay. >> while the new live action beauty and beast won't hit theaters until march but it's broken record the trailer dethrowned "fifty shades" darker to view the trailer in 4 hours of release. >> let's talk about that. how popular it is for people to watch trailers these days. member.
6:55 am
million times. >> just by kevin [ laughter ]. >> 13 million more times than normer record breaking. that's cool i have to admit that. >> maybe it will be out some point. >> march. >> thaxingdz, al. >> nominated by dulingt jennifer lie land. >> hi miss linda. >> and her worky daysy tune in everything. >> so he facebook fan of day post a selfie under the picture of linda's. >> without any further adieu here is tucker. >> speaking of "star wars". are you reading that hans sew le patti fisher relationship on the set. >> back then. >> yes that's juicy. >> i'm reading about it now. >> that's great. >> except for brother and sister in the movie aren't they?
6:56 am
>> yeah. >> that's so cool. >> not really when you read the article you'll see. more creepy than cool. >> i think he was married. >> oh, >> oh, you buried the lead. >> i didn't bury the lead i said i was waiting about it. >> i love harrison ford. >> as do i. >> 42 washington. not chilly to start the day. here's the deal with today, sunshine to start. we'll get a little cloudyness. see clouds in western pennsylvania and western maryland. some of that will get in here this afternoon and partly sunny daytime highs in the mid 60s we're on track for beautiful cup m days and right through the first half of saturday. late saturday strong cold front maybe meet and showers and look at cold air rushing in sunday monday, windy too by sund afternoon. overnight lows in 20 and 30s. >> i'm coming in now. viewing sky fox with fasty trech of 295 toub.
6:57 am
heaviest traffic 50 to east capitol. brake light there that's wayet and north side jammed bottom of belt wail past laboratory load. keep it to fox news morning we'll have more thavk as we
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6:59 am
7:00 am
>> right now 7:00 is it really stalled behind the scenes chaos overnight develops to show that president-elect bit of a curveball at the press. we have it covered for you now. >> and hundreds of more high school students in our area set to protest donald trump election rick victory for a third straight day. many are asking though are schools letting this get out of hand. >> and later fight are crime goes high something different. liquid tool one local community will help you use now to keep personal belongings safer. >> and live look outside on this wednesday morning. it's november 16. 2016 weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 7:05 good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> big news this morning transitioning of president-elect donald trump and come up from the trump team the president-elect took a


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