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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> what caused this food truck to burstin this is "fox 5 news" at 10. just in. new video of [ protests ]. >> just into the fox news room new video of protesters crowd around muriel bowser. she claim she is not doing enough to protect immigrants from u.s. immigrations and custom enforcement or ice. thanks for joining us at 10.
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>> i'm tony perkins. >> the video was recorded yesterday at the university of disstrivkt columbia. mayor bowser quickly fired back at protesters saying the district is a sanctuary is they that protects immigrants. >> reassure us. i voted for you. i voted for you. >> listen, listen, listen. everybody has -- and i appreciate the anxiety people feel. but your anger should not be addressed at your mayor stood up in every case for this community. >> in the meantime the d.c. city council will hear from post legislation tomorrow that could create safe haven for central american refugees and family. >> council member briann nado introduced that legislation. laura, what would this proposal do if passed. >> reporter: let me get into that in a second, tone yes, i shawn, just to be clear this was not proposed in reaction to election of donald trump.
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interestingly enough with mayor muriel bowser call to make d.c. a sanctuary is they. what brianna doe wants to do with the legislation is oppose federal immigration raids. she wants to stop immigration raids on south american family refugees fleeing violence from their family of origin. she introduced this resolution ba and it was falling federal raids that happened earlier in 2016 similar to these that you're looking at right now, which council member ndao say sparked fear in ward one constituents a cording to resolution 400 mother and children that crossed southern border since 2014 were caught in the raids in early 2016 and she blames obama administration for repeatedly targeting
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majority of those people were fleeing violence. i asked her if this could possibly be dangerous. couldn't it potentially allow real criminals who the feds are being ing for, to go free? >> i am very committed to ensuring that we take seriously any accusations of crime we're not harboring criminals and but the fact is that in these raids often times people criminals get swept up and we have the intelligence if we can be more particular about how we go after criminals to not do these sleeping raids. and i want to see in any administration a little more specificity and a little more care taken when we are going after these federals. >> and just to clarify again this is resolution and not a law that she is trying to make here me d.c.. so this is more about making a
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points made in this legislation. and raids can foster distrust between residents and law enforcement which harms public safety efforts and number two many migrants are fleeing gang threats, murder, extorsion, rain, poverty and social exclusion in their country of origin and number three, when families are detained because of immigration status issues they're often held in conditions that cause them further trauma this is inconsistent with the values of the district. those are three of the bullet resolution. and again, because this is a resolution it will go for one hearing as opposed to two hearings. that hearing willing held tomorrow and go before the council for a full vote in december. and you bet we will be covering that. in the district, laura evans, "fox5 local news". >> now, we want you to take a look at video. that's is a food truck the flames you see there that's a food truck up in flames on the campus of george washington
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the filofal bus caught fire 2:00 this afternoon and three workers on the truck were inside at the time and they're all recovering from severe burns. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in the meantime, george washington students have setp a go fund me campaign to help the victims. so far, they've raised more than $4400. in prince george county firefighters rescued a man trapped in a trench for more than five hours today. it happened around 1 crescent road in green belt and officials say the man was doing work on a trench and replacing a pipe when the dirt started to cave n rescue crews were able to pull him out 6 p.m. the man suffered serious and non life-threatening injuries. when former d.c. public schools chancellor kya henderson announced resignation in september many people wondered why she would leave into a school year.
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remind. marina morocco joins us with the story. >> we asked the mayor about the investigation and city's ethics board decision and here's former d.c. ps chancellor kya henderson at standing ovation gala earlier this year you see the video in a senkd the probe contends henderson asked major city contractors to give money top go towards gala honoring teachers. the investigation also found henderson asked for does 100,000 from several city contractors including chart wells it's a company that made more than $19 millionto set i a lawsuit the company alleged the company cheated district through price gouming fraud and deliberately stockpiling food allowing it to rot. the company sent that food to school calf tier yeahs where it was served spoiled. >> do you think it was he greej us to ask not only for high quantity to contribution fwout ask from chart wells that
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ps school lunches? >> i actually think the public education fund over the years that have been on the kuns ill and now mayor, millions of dollars have been race todd help us with the reforms that we need and public education m. and so ethics board has investigated and renderedrd a decision. so i am not going to question the decision that they came to. but, i do think we should look at policies moving forward it see if they need to be adjustd mr. john davisas during this time and he is now intern interim chancellor as being deputy at this time are you considering him for the permanent position. >> i don't have any reason to have any questions about john davis' service. >> the emics board can fine up to 5,000 and i this time chose not attorney ua fine. among the several vacant poings in her administration the d.c.
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henderson stepped down two months ago. shawn. >> marina with the story, thank you. two maryland wrem in trouble after a 5-year-old girl in their care overdosed on an opiate. and police in washington county state mother treacy and the aunt said the child ingested methadone. they later picked her up and she was acting drunk and took her to the hospital. by the time they got there was unrespoychbs. they gave the girl narcan to reverse the affects of the overdose. they are charged with child endangerment and neglect. >> a father charged with murdering his 2-month-old son antoine beat his baby to death and his wife helped beforey the baby. jen ees is charged with secretary after the fact. they have to decide whether to indiet her or reduce charges against her. her husband is held without
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we are looking at a flashback to early october in the coming days. sue palka standing by with the forecast. hey, sue. >> hey there, tony, shawn, we're going to see kind of of a nice warm-up for a couple days and enjoy it while you can. because, believe me, there's a big drop-off coming after that and it ill westbound a late december preview we'll look towards. tomorrow the sunshine is back in a big way. we had a disturbance come through today and while we got up into the mid 60s as a result of that dist through it also dropped a small amount of rain in few locations and not enough to do much about your droulingt. it is ongoing. it helped us get up to 67. dulles 64 and bwi 65 and that's with a lot of clouds around as well. temperatures slow to drop and we have many places in the 40s. not going to be chilly tonight. i think it will be more cool. 55 in the district. and we'll head down to the 40s and there's that disturbance moving along way now and skies are clearing out rapidly behind
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is too strong of a word for the 40s. we have many nights in 30s and we'll have some coming up as we get into the weekend and next week. but, for tomorrow morning at the bus stop 45 to 50. not bad at all. after school, 60 to 65 and looks like it will be a nice, bright day after school start and mid 60s. back in the forecast with plenty of sunshine. and on your thursday. so, make plans to take a little walk outside in the afternoon and soak it up while you k we'll weekend forecast and 7 day coming up at 10:30, shawn. >> thank you, sue. >> well, tonight, hillary clinton made her first public appearance here in washington d.c.. since the presidential election. and when we come back, see why the former white house hopeful was honored along pennsylvania avenue. tonight. plus, >> i've been told by my fellow coreligionists go to the gates of hell. >> this northern virginia
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she's catching slack for support porting an unlikely candidate. >> two freshman football players from university of maryland were linked to bb gun shootings on campus and the punishment they're face when
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>> hillary clinton made her first public appearance since conceding to donald trump. should was honored children's defense fund up tonight was tough for her. >> i will admit coming here tonight was not the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. i know many of you are deeply dispointed about the results of the election. i am, too. more than i can ever express.
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campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about the country we love and about building an america that is hopeful and inclusive and big-hearted. >> clinton started her career at the children's defense fund which advocates on behalf of children. obviously many, many people voted for donald trump but who are some of those people. >> some of them are secret trump supporters heard about. in fact a long time liberal, sinle mom and muslim immigrant recently revealed she voted for the president-elect. today on 5@630 she complained why. >> there is not this idea that you know are you voting 10 0% for that candidate. are you voting for one choice -- you have two choices you are voting for one candidate. i'm getting folks like gotcha politics with me did you hear this and see this and what about that?
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the man running november 8 taken was best choice i koxt i will fight as best i can for all the values. >> you have received backlash and how are you been able to respond. >> i've been told by my fellow coreligion goyingts to the gates of hell allah will send you there and fellow liberals trawling me trait or. >> she went on to tell us that she actually previously voted for president obama but doesn't think administration did enough to help with h pricey health care preem xwrumz and muslim extremists. >> peaceful protests against the president-elect turned violent in montgomery country. students from richmond montgomery count gather add ep and mar. ed to the courthouse. during that march several students got into altercation with another student wearing a make america great hat. >> the young male wearing the make america great again hat
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boys beat him up basically. they attacked him. they hit him. they stomped on him. they were punching him. and when i ran up with other students to try to stop it, they went away. >> the injured student is expected to be okay. police identified a suspect and are not releasing his name because he's a juvenile. >> two freshman football players university of maryland are charged with a sear why yous of bb gun shootings on campus. wide receiver darryl turner and return are charged with assault and reckless endangerment. three college park students were hit on november 6. turner and harrison were suspended from school last saturday and did not play in last week's game against ohio state and they both played high school footballal dematha. >> missing university of maryland students found safe they located caitlin george this morning at a fast food restaurant in houston. she was supposed to meet a
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10 and never showed up. a day later she was captured on surveillance buying a ticket and boarding a bus at baltimore grayhound station. >> when we come back, feral exterminated lake vermin across the district and proposed bill in d.c. is they counsel could allow that to happen. could your house cat be mistaken for a stray during the process. >> prince george county police unveiled a new secret would the invisible crime fighti that helps law enforcement that helps law enforcement track down stolen property. next on "fox" news at 10.
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>> are cats in d.c. invasive specie as i bill making way to city counsel may label them as that putting them in daipinger of target for termination. >> human resource alliance the organization asking concerns about the issue is live in northwest.
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in close to passing this bill. >> yes, it's actually pretty close to the mayor's signature. what this stems from they're concerned about endangered species in areas like park like areas around d.c. which of course we have a lot of them. now it was passed on tuesday. it goes up for a second they will take up the bill for a second time which then would go to mayor's desk for signature. so, yes, it is pretty close. but the human rescue alliance says it's very concerned about the potential here of the cat population being targeted as invasive species and not just feral cats but domesticated cats rome around the streets of d.c.. now, right now the bill gives the mayor the authority to classify cats as a nuisance species. under the d.c. department of energy and e wild life ak plan hugh main rescue alliance the name is considered a invasive
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or feral and this fears this could lead toe cats be rounded up in the district and euthanized. >> material cats communicate i can cats, these cats are cared for by members of dmupty and born in raised and in yards and alleyways and keep rodent population down and may not be near a bark but because doee has authority on a whim to say that cat lives too close to a species that we've identified as n to go. >> so the alliance of course is uming residents to call their counselor or d.c. city council member and urge cats are not included in this bill. or at least would be covered under the bill. we reached out to chairman phil mendleson the sponsor of the bill could not be reached for comment and we reached out to council member mary chay who chairs counsel ill on
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with what the bill actually z there may be a misunderstanding here. she says she will meet with the groups or group or groups in hopes of resolving these issues. that's the latest northwest, sarah simmons, "fox5 local news". >> and prince george county police today unveiled their newest high tech crime fighting tool called smart water taken kuss liquid toy mark property leaving behind a forensic code that can only be seen under uv light and police say if something ma they can trace it back to you and hopefully catch the thief. it's the first police department in the area to use the new tool. >> smart water is silent and invisible witness that means that that offender now can be tracked back to that crime days, weeks, even years later. >> the program was launched thanks to 50,000 invests. from the police fund and prince
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>> and bizarre burglary caught on camera, take a look. a man was caught on surveillance video stealing a water bottle from a pizza shop. and the man was naked. and the incidents happened at slice pizza is towson last week. the man broke into the restaurant through a proof vent and once he got inside took his klonls off we don't know why and he damaged a vent hood and several registers and then stole a bottle of water. if you have any information about the burglary slice pizza is week for the rest of your life. >> yes. >> that is new. >> i was not expecting that. >> is that serious. >> apparently. >> all right. whatever works. catch the naked man get pizza for life. >> that's right. >> fresh pizzas not -- they threw all those out i'm sure. >> holidays are almost here. that means it's time for annual ice display at the national harbor. >> it's become a tradition for some families and tonight we're learning about the intricacies
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facts wednesday. >> and as we head toe break we have great news to report. baby blake thomas has a new chance at life. >> yeah! >> the 9-month-old we told you about a couple weeks ago was in need of liver transplant because suffer physical a rare form of childhood liver cancer and sunday baby blake got that transplant. his mom tells "fox5" it dpraim deceased done or from pennsylvania. >> he had the transplant med recovery and expected to be in the hospital few weeks and he received sixth and final round of chemotherapy. at this point doctors expect him to make a full recovery. we're full pulling for you we wish you and your family the best baby boy.
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>> we're back with a look at tonight's top stories. a food truck up in mraimdz on the campus of george washington university. the bus caught fire around 2:00 this afternoon. three workers on the truck were inside 'time and they are all recovering tonight from severe burns. the cause of the fire still under investigation. a maryland man is recovering tonight after being rescued from a trench after five hours. the man got stuck in the trench at belt this afternoon. he suffered serious but non life-threatening injuries and it's not clear what caused him to fall in. >> today the d.c. board of ethics called into question former public school's chancellor kya henderson request for donations while in office they sent surd the former d.c. school chancellor. she resigned in september two yeekz into the school year and investigation revealed henderson asked major city
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twhoot go towards a gala honoring teach and reportedly asked for as much as 100,000. she says she did not know that was wrong. well when you hear the music you have the thee of us on a wednesday can mean nothing other than, what's the facts. >> it's almost time to slide into the holiday season that wearing blue parka and ice sled at the national harbor. >> two weeks ago we showed what you is beginning of what is becoming seasonal favorite for many across the area the ice show. and the display at national harbor. well, now it's complete and it's ready for those who want to chill. >> and there's those 2459 want to chill. >> exhibit as a look at christmas around the world this year. joining us is rachel dembook
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the did i say it perfectly. >> you said it perfectly. >> you're decked out. >> i'm ready for the holidays sdm she has bling that looks like ice. >> i like it. >> and we put it altogether. >> via appropriate. >> it was a different theme this year and looks exciting. >> this is most colorful we have christmas around the word and we're viewing this this saturday thanks for having us on and to tie into that we have christmas around the world themes. >> here we go awesome. >> all right. saturday right. >> 9 degrees to a ten. >> all right. >> you can have a heat and cold all at the same time. >> all right. all right. >> cute. >> all right. >> we're ready. >> we're ready for you. >> true or false, first question the tradition of kissing under the missile tow began in netherlands. >> i will say that -- >> true. >> i was going to say true but i would have been cheating.
10:32 pm
>> oh, >> but, but it's england. >> england. >> oh. >> another fun fact. >> and traditionally berry will to be picked before the person could be kissed and when all the berries are gone no more kissing. >> okay. >> do all the plastic mistletoe that doesn't count. >> i guess not. >> and it is a parasite and grows and ruins trees in france. they don't like it. >> merry christmas to you, sue. >> thanks, sue. >> thanks. >> debbie downer [ laughter ]. >> ready for number two? >> true or false. >> they decorate the nana or mango trees in indian for christmas. >> i'm going to say true i don't know. >> do they have mango trees. >> they probably don't celebrate christmas. >> false. sue is smart. >> it's actually true. >> yeah! >> yes, they decorate their
10:33 pm
what they can v we can't have what we grow here the fir tree. >> we're learning so much. >> every week i learn a lot. >> all right coldest place on earth is north pole, true or false? >> oh, my goshfy fail this one i'm in so much sglubl pressure is on sue palka. >> false. >> i would say false. >> i'm thinking. >> you are all correct. >> yeah. >> and it is goldest. fun fact for you in 1983 they recorded temperature of negative 128.6 fahrenheit much colder than ice. >> even hand warmers don't protect you for that. >> not with that. >> all right. ready? >> yes. >> this one is is taking us back it attraction. it takes 6,000 blocks of ice to create gay lor national isa tracks. >> true or false.
10:34 pm
>> no, it is true. >> oh. oh. >> it takes about 6,000. each block weighs over 300 pounds which leads towed 2 billion. >> we were thinking about the little blocks right? >> right. >> big blocks. >> big blocks, very happy. >> and lots of ice. >> all right. >> all right. >> we have the final question. >> true or false, in germany parents hide a pice christmas tree on christmas ever. >> a pickle? >> gosh. >> german pickle? >> i bombed this one. >> i don't know i'll say false. >> that sounds strange enough to be true. >> yeah. >> should be weiner snitsle. >> it is strange enough to be true. >> yeah. >> and so, the person who find a pickle gets a presents at the end. >> kid of like new orleans hiding the bakey.
10:35 pm
>> excellent job to all of you and i have. >> we don't keep score anymore. >> i have a little something as a gift. >> i win. >> everybody gets a lovely ice scraper. >> yeah! >> yeah! >> i love it. >> you're the best hosts ever. >> yeah. >> that is good it runs through january 1 and kicks off saturday january 1. on daily. you have plenty of time. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> check out ice, thank you sue >> check out ice, thank you sue, appreciate that. >> we'll be right back
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serious run to channel the king? >> michael. >> for most running marathon is pinnicle of athletic endurance. he is not any runner he's a runner who dressed like elvis. >> crazeest part as race was going along i started getting closer to front and ended up taking lead at like 22 1/2 miles and i was able to hold on and kind of win the race. >> the one the biggest rock and roll marathon and sent begins record forecaster time by someone dressed as elvis. that's a thing. it started after inspiration by fellow marathoners. >> he was dressed like elvis and i thought about doing this for a while an he saw he had like the crazy awesome like costume elvis suit on i was talk to him and said man i've been think about doing the elvis world world and he said, well, if you want to do it i'll
10:40 pm
and i was like suit. >> custom suit cooled him as he ran through the hot vegas nights but to transform to all this he went all in. >> part of the costume you have to wear the wigs and i've got craze yeah elvis hair and what you can put on. ape then the final part actually one of the hardest of costume you need to wear but as you run, they're really loose. soy ended up with a little bit of pain in the nose actually from them just bounce around. >> what's that are you talk a break or running another marathon in a week. >> no saturday jfk 50 mile race. so there's no real break i'm
10:41 pm
competing. i love that event it's my first ultra marathon di way back in 1997 and i'm trying to get ten finish there's you get a cool sweatshirt. >> not as cool as this though. >> i think it might be as cool. >> yeah. >> no word if they plans to set another record like the one for running a marathon while pushing a stroller but there might be room for improvement in one department. >> we got hear the elvis impression. >> yeah i think the only one i got is thank you, thank you very much. [ half ter ]. >> got a little work to do there. tony and shawn the rock and roll comes back to d.c. in march and michael says he will be there. i'm not going to get a firm confirmation if he'll be there or not. he has to run it. >> i think he does. >> little work to do there. >> that wig had to be kind of hot. >> he's running 50 miles in hagerstown this weekend. he ran the marathon last weekend.
10:42 pm
>> apparently. keep on running, man. thank you, jim. >> coming up at 11 we hear from a witness who saw a food truck go up in flames near a local college campus. >> also ahead what you're hearing there is gunfire on d.c. streets recorded by police. louchb shots ringing out. we investigate it and what we found may surprise you. we investigate it and what we found may surprise you. that's coming up at 11 >> discounts after you guy guest your turkey. wallet hub says the average discount for black friday items this year will be nearly 40%. the report also naming macy's, best store for black friday. j.c. penny, coles and sears make it top ten for discount and while shoppers looking for deals target is targeting shoppers for typeier stores and the company saying it's planning to on more smaller
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you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> welcome back, everybody, 10:46 time for a look at warm forecast. >> nice warm-up coming our way
10:47 pm
>> i don't have any 80s. i think we can get to 70 for a couple days at the end of the week. >> we'll take it. >> nice and then you know what happens. >> wow. >> big drop-off. >> so 70 is nice treat in november and then signals something behind that above average which is upper 50s as we're under 10 hours of daylight as we begin middle part of november. but, today not a bad day. we did have through that brought a few showers to a few areas. even with that we managed to get to mid to upper 60s and we'll be right back there tomorrow with a lot more sunshine. no little disturbance coming through tomorrow to bring clouds. it will be mild day friday, saturday we think 70 definitely in sight for both of those days. but late on saturday a few showers come on through and that will be the beginning of a very strong cold front coming through and drop temperatures. sunday it will feel lick mid
10:48 pm
actually more like mid december if not late december heading into the upper 40s for high temperatures and feeling like it's in the0s because it will be windy. so we'll show you that redskins forecast here in a moment. and the warm air will be building over the next few days and our jet stream will take a bit of a break and allow those warmer temperatures mid 60s and again near 70 to come roaring back into town. average high 57. tomorrow, above it it's 65. well above it on friday and saturday and at drop sunday's temperature back to 46 now and again with wind feeling like it's in the 0s as we head into sunday. monday looks chilly. tonight, not terribly cool. we have a lot of 40 euz out there to mid 50s and i don't think we'll see as many 30s tonight. maybe a few upper 30s. mostly low 40s and mid 40s as we look at temperatures around the region tonight. back to the mid 60s tomorrow it ought to be a beautiful thursday. get out and enjoy it and as we
10:49 pm
high pressure will be pumping in even warmer air as frontal boundary is beginning to approach from the midwest. that's when we enjoy sunshine and 60s and 70s and then saturday starts out warm and we'll end quite cold when this front comes blasting on through with its big wins and apparently a good amount of lake effect snow may be possible for parts of pennsylvania, new york state and our mountains as well. maybe a few of us see a flurry especially north and west as we look at the weekend. it's a changeable weekend rain. and temperature of 70. and surprised, 46. and much colder. here's the redskins sunday nights game. 8:30 packers come into town. 30s and 40s. but again feeling cold are because it will be rather wnd joy. we wrap it up with "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast and showed you the warm days. now here come the coiled days as week of thanks give ago approaches and it will feel a lot more like december around here. 46 on sunday again with the
10:50 pm
monday and by tuesday, wednesday, we're back in mid up up toer 50s. rights now not seeing too many travel issues if you're headed to grandma's house on wednesday. we'll take closer look at that tomorrow. tony, shawn, back to you. >> thank you, sue. >> well, last january green bay sent redskins packing. the rematch is this sunday night at fedex field. >> but will the burgandy and gold deep threats return to the lineup for primetime show down. brody logan has details in
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>> big news at redskins park desean jackson after missing last week's game, he was back out participating in individual drills today. what does it mean for offense to have him back out sunday. >> if he's able to play sunday obviously i don't me if that's the case i think it would be huge boost. increases your ability to make
10:54 pm
you want to be able to score, two, three, four, lays if a drive. >> earlier today jay gruden talked about what having desean would do for the team. >> nobody does it quite like desean and he can really take the top off. even if he doesn't get the ball he brings safety over the top which helps running game and other guys get on. >> back this sunday green bay packers after first round playoff exit back in january. what do you think it team lear >> well, i don't think all that much really is relevant anymore from the loss frankly i think they made a lot of mistakes on big same and if there's anything you can carry over perhaps in primetime against good opponent you have to play best football and green bay under 500 coming in after bad losses it's better than everybody will tell you all week they are. this is so familiar. packers stink. aaron roth certifies no longer good. fall ago part, their coach in
10:55 pm
they crushed the redskins. >> you're facing aaron rodgers when you get him down you have to keep him down. >> when aaron onlyers has mow joe scoring is 35-18. i'm not used to going home early endplayoffs. when we come out this game we have to make sure we have them down and keep them that way. >> coach jay gruden work on his diet and doing pushups, 20, 25 or more. why do you think he was doing pushups. bet. >> i think he was getting ready for this run they'll v this is second of three games in just 11 days. everyone has to be fit and ready going into this week and then thanksgiving against the cowboys. >> you can imagine three daimz in 11 days and sunday night into thursday day game against dallas cowboys that's unprecedented. >> that does it for me, grant paulson, back at redskins park. >> tough, green bay few days later and dallas?
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>> right now at 11 a food truck goes newspaper flames on a local college campus and. >> the head of d.c. schools
11:00 pm
what city leaders did today that may explain departure. >> it sound like a war zone and gun battles happening on city veets and police have the technology to zero in on gunfire what it's picking up will surprise you. >> but first we're following breaking news out of frederick, maryland we're told a bear attacked a woman while on her drive way. this hpe around 9:20 tonight not that long ago. department of natural resources officers along with department's bear response team are tracking the animal. the victim is at a hospital being treated for puncture wounds. there's no word yet on her condition. we will bring you any new updates as they come in.


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