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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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what city leaders did today that may explain departure. >> it sound like a war zone and gun battles happening on city veets and police have the technology to zero in on gunfire what it's picking up will surprise you. >> but first we're following breaking news out of frederick, maryland we're told a bear attacked a woman while on her drive way. this hpe around 9:20 tonight not that long ago. department of natural resources officers along with department's bear response team are tracking the animal. the victim is at a hospital being treated for puncture wounds. there's no word yet on her condition. we will bring you any new updates as they come in.
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crowding d.c. mayor muriel bowser she is not doing enough to protect immigrants from custom enforcement or ice. they caught up with the mayor at the university ever district of call can up bee a. mayor fired back and and told them d.c. is sanctuary city that protects immigrants. it's a hot button issue. d.c. city council will hear proposed legislation that could propose refugees. >> live in the northwest with more on that proposal, laura. >> contrary to what many may believe this was not brought up because of election in response to election of donald trump to the presidency and this does obviously coincide with the sanctuary city resolution that mayor muriel bowser was talking about. that's really coincidence this hearing will happen tomorrow. what resolution calls for is
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raids on immigration families here in the district. and this was proposed back in april and what council member brianna doe introduced and followed federal raids in d.c. similar to what you're look at her sparked fear in her ward one constituents and she blames obama administration initially for repeatedly targeting migrants from el salvador, guatemala in d.c. those of whom were kneeing violence in countries of origin. i asked if a resolution like this could be dangerous ahowing for tranquilizer who are watched by feds to go free. >> oom very committed to ensuring that we take seriously any accusations of crime we're not harboring criminals and but the fact is that in these raids oftentimes people who are not
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do have the intelligence if we can be more particular about how we go after criminals to not do these sweeping raids. and i want to see in any administration a little more specificity and little more care taken when we are going after these criminals. >> so we want to lay out for you three of the eight points that are made in the legislation. number one, raids can foster distrust between residents law enforcement that harms public saverty efforts and many migrants are fleeing gang threats, murder, extorsion and social sklotion in country of origin and number three when families are detained because of immigration status issues they're held in conditions that cause them further trauma and this is inconsistent with the values of the district. then those will stated in the president louis. to be clear it's a resolution not a law proposal. so this is something more of official statement.
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happen tomorrow and then vote will go to full council which is expected to happen in december. in northwest, laura evans, "fox5 local news". >> some frightening moments at george washington university after a food trunk wentz up in flames. the bus caught fire 2:00 this afternoon and three workers were inside this time and we're told they're all recovering from severe burns. >> we saw that there was fire coming out for the most part. that's why major smoke and fire were happening and then after that pretty much we saw people dragging the two girls out of the truck and then the owner was on the outside of the truck trying to pull something out of the box or something out of the backside of generator. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. mean tile, george washington students sets up go fund me campaign to help victim. so far we understand they have raised more than 5,000.
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george county rescued a man would was trapped in a trench for more than five hours today and it happened near crescent road and green belt. the man was replacing pipe when the dirt started caving in around him. rescue crews pulled him out 6:00 tonight and the man is expected to survive. >> when former d.c. public schools chancellor kya helped are son announced he resignation in september many people were wondering why she would leave weeks into the school yea could have been happening behind the scenes. marina morocco joins us. >> the city board of ethics called into question kya accepteder son request for donation while in office. henderson abruptly resigned in september two weeks into the school year. we asked the mayor about the board's position to sent sewer the former khouns lor. here's former kya henderson at standing ovation gala earlier this year and probe says she
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give money top go towards the gala honoring teachers. the investigation also found hend are sop asked for more than $100,000 from several city contractors including chartwells. that's the same company that made pour than $19 million to settle a lawsuit that city alleged the company had cheated district through price gouming fraud and deliberately stockpiling food and allowing it to rot. that very company that still is sending that food to school cafeterias where it >> do you think it was somewhat agreej us to not ask not only ask for high quantity for it contribution fwout ask for chartwells that's got a damning history with d.c. ps school lunches. >> public education fund over the years that's i've been on council and now mayor, millions of dollars have been raised to help us with the reforms that we need in public education and
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so i am not going to question the decision that they came to. but i do think we should look at our policies moving forward to see if they need to be ajusted. >> mr. john davis was deputy during this time. he's ainterim chancellor. as being so deputy during this time are you considering him for the permanent position? >> i don't have any reason to have any questions about john davis's services. >> and the board can fine city officials up to 5,000 time chose not to issue a fan. mayor bowser said among several vacant positions in administration the d.c. ps chancellor seat is her top priority and end henderson stepped down two months ago. tony. >> peaceful protest turned violent today in montgomery country and this morning students from richard montgomery county high school gathered to the county courthouse in roarkville where they protested new president-elect donald trump. on the way some students got
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other over he make america great hat one of them was wearing. >> the young male wearing make america great again hat swung and that's when the three boys beat him up basically. they attacked him. they hit him. they stomped on him and they were punching him and when i ran up with other students to try to stop it, they went away. >> and we're told the injured student identified a suspect but they are not release ago name because he is a juvenile. >> and coming up next, tracking gunfire in the district. >> and how often are gun battles breaking out in city streets when we you may learn may sap you. streets when we you may learn may sap you. le we'll be right back.
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pats pass >> new details now about frightening armed robbery we first showed you last night it hand sunday in the 2200 block of tea place the victim is meeting weapon a group of
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fires at the victim point blank range. the security camera captured all this. >> those bull coats have flown in another direction. >> one was shot towards our house. one of the jaran up on the driveway on the lawn and the bullet hit somewhere up in here. we did get the cameras with the d.c. police department and d.c. government program and it does work. you need to go getne by the way if you recognize any anyone on the nrevt this video call police. d.c. can use shot spotter technology it records sounds of gunfire and pin pounds its exact location. we wanted to see how often it picks up shots on any given day. paul wagner asked for a freedom of information requesting jewel
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that day shots fired or recorded 30 different shootings in every section of city except southwest. here's paul with more on the story that you'll see only on "fox5". >> reporter: listen to what it sounded like chesapeake south east east 1:45 in the morning [ multiple shots ] seconds later a gunman opened fire on southern avenue [ multiple gun shots ] and then 18 minute after that this is what it sounded like on george aavenue northwest [ shots ]. >> once the network picks up
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a software program try answering lights sound and provides an exact location. later that morning on 295 near for the sterling officers were alert todd shooting of two men inside a car. one of the victims judone stevens was killed and there were two other murders that day one on good hope road and one 14 street northwest [ shots fired ]. >> and there were people wounded in shootings as [ shots fired ]. >> that was paul wagner reporting. we're told that shots spotter is not quite as accurate as gps but has helped police make quick arrests and technology allows officers to play recordings of gunfire as they head to the scene. pretty fascinating technology to see how it works like that. >> you deal with a lot of
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like. >> i tweet aid picture showing we're going to go from october to december between saturday and sunday. >> okay. all right. >> temperatures feeling like december. >> get the big coats ready. >> yes, puffy coat ready and especially if you go to redskins game sunday night tate lairdz and it's going to be chilly. tonight, comfortable out there. we had a front come through today with a weak one. just had a couple sprinkles with it dropped to two tenths of inch of rain on reagan national we we do not look like we'll get that for a while. there are a few more showers in our future when the front comes through on saturday. and that is about it. got a great picture on twitter tonight just wanted to show it to you. cory love always checking for the sun sets. and they had a beautiful sunset tonight between -- behind the capitol and we loved seeing all the scaffolding off the capitol beautiful picture cory thank you for sharing it send your great pictures to me sue palka
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facebook. big headline tomorrow sunshine back in a big way tomorrow. this gorgeous sunrise by the way, sent to us from eld ridge and sunrise tomorrow morning 6:54 temperatures should be about 48. >> next two days looking nice. 65 thursday. friday about 70. so we're easing our way into the weekend with little bit of flashback to mid october and really not very much cold air to find in the east or northeast for the short head to sunday. because this big cold blast of air will be comeing across lake eary and that could mean some first snow sniff caps for part of pennsylvania, new york state and maybe those western facing high ridge tops here in our own mountains. for tonight, though, system is moving on out. we're clearing out and we're cool, not terribly cold adds we head toe 40s tonight. what you can expect tomorrow morning.
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and after school pleasant day. 60 to 65. high pressure on top of us tomorrow so that's why we won't be watching any weak disturb answers come through like today and that means plenty of sunshine with beautiful day ahead. warmer temperatures will be very obvious as this frontal system gets closer to us. and thursday through saturday we're in the 60s and 70s and just wanted to show you as we head on into saturday it will start warm. this is front that will come through at night and really first of quick burst of showers and then behind it pull in the much colder air sunday. maybe a nrawry here and there far north and west and accumulating snow possible in highest ridge tops in mountains and future cast shows that front showing up that starts friday morning and clearly won't be getting to us in a big hurry but it will be on approach by saturday and it definitely has any captain push of cold air behind it. when you go from 70 on saturday
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lold hole colder than that 46 degrees. we wanted to make sure you had layers especially if heading out to the football game. fedex, 46 and dproping to 32. this would be the first time we hit 32 in district. monday morning we do it again tuesday. maybe 50 by tuesday and 55 on wednesday under mostly cloudy skies. that's your 7 day forecast. tony, back to you. >> sue, thank you very much. tomorrow, on "fox news morning" we'll breakdown where you c friday and that's in the 9:00 hour and on good day at 10 a actress and center christina milean she talks with the crew about her role in the new rocky horror picture show. and if you're looking for the perfect dessert to make for thanksgiving a local pastery chef has great suggestions. all tomorrow morning on "fox5 news morning" we're back after
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>> matt shearsers became first pitch to strike out 0 any aimgene and joined another elite group sixth paper to win cy young in both leagues. there's only one way to celebrate on vacation with family and friends in british american virgin island and soaked in soaked in nonetheless cham pine. and this is accomplishment for matt. lot of love there and for washington becomes first piper from either iteration of senators or nationals to win cy young that started in 1956. >> it's such an accomplishment. there's so many people to thank. all my teammates for going out there and competing the whole season. everything they did day in and out for me i can't thank them enough.
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that world series ring but to have a ripping now and this award means a lot to me and i really believe in all the teammates we have coming back and what we'll be able to do. you know i really expect big things out of us next year. >> well-deserved. meantime capitals mosting stanley cup. jay beagle wins race to buck. he's denied and then oche chips in rebound. first of two goals. later in nicholas bax trum what a night he had. shot through the legs of defensive and matt murray. caps cruise 7-1. >> what? >> yes, pengs and caps office depot schedule now 10, 4, 2 and wizards if philly against sixers bradley beihl did not play because of nabbing hamstring n first half the one-win sixers dominating.
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and the sixers built a 24 point lead. it's too much for this kid. there is no cry physical basketball. it's okay. wizards do fight back. john wall drives nice move and lane high 27 points and wizards cut the deficit to plea and with over a minute to go sixers almost turn it overpass over to rashawn holmes who cans three from corner and wizards lose 109 to 102 drop to 2-8 they st it's not a good start. >> no. >> for scott and his crew. >> just a bit. >> don't want to lose to them. >> no. >> they have two wins now. >> still not we can do better. we can. >> we will. >> thank you. want to say anything else. >> no i'll leave it to you. >> okay. let's go.
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>> back with great news to report. bade boy blake thomas had a new chance of life tonight the
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traps plant because uvr ising from rare form of childhood liver cancer and sunday he got the transplant. his mom tells "fox5" the donation came from does he ceased donor from pennsylvania. >> he had it med star george town he's in recovery and expected to be in the hospital for a few weeks and he also received sixth and final round of chemotherapy at this point his doctors expect him to make a full recovery. >> precious baby boy. miracles do happen. i'm so happy for >> what a fighter. >> been through so much. >> he's so adorable. >> very, very cute. >> organ donation. >> works. >> very important. >> saves lives. >> we wish you all the best. >> and thank you guys so much for joining us tonight right here on "fox5"news at 11. >> yes, we want to you stay tuned because coming up right >> yes, we want to you stay tuned because coming up right after us is
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the i'm very proud of him.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: it is official, conor mcgregor is challenging floyd mayweather to a boxing match if the price is right. harvey: don't count conor out! >> he would get annihilated. harvey: coming from the man who said donald trump didn't have a chance. >> are you going to use that excuse for the rest of the time? harvey: i will use it for a i will use it for a while. >> donald trump last night, snuck out of trump tower to go to eat with his family at 21 club. harvey: that's old school, folk. >> got a steak. harvey: i wonder how he eats the steak. >> he likes it well done. >> that's bad, bad, bad! >> actually, no, that would be a way for him to get some of the black vote. >> young m.a., she's the open


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