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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 17, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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this is fox 5 news morning. at 7:00, a bear attacks a maryland woman had to be rushed to the hospital after under going surgery after a wild confrontation happened in her driveway. >> high. a local school district class instead of matching in the streets. council member taking a stand to protect immigrants but is what she's proposing going against the law? we'll discuss. live look outside on thursday morning, november 17th. live look at the white house. we'll have weather and traffic. i'm ailly son see more, i'm steve. the president-elect is due to
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of state henry kiss end jer. and nikki haley >> nikki haley being tossed around as a possible candidate. hillary clinton makes her first public comments since her surprising loss in last week's election, doug lou sayedder; the trump team is trying to play up the world leaders all of the pr speaking with but the focused is on this transition process and it is a tough one. the comings and going at trump tower in new york, that's about all we have to go on as anticipation builds. he will get the prime slots in the trump administration, beyond a dinner outing this week, trump hasn't pen seen, those around him say the reports they're running around are untrue and more monuments are coming. >> i'm not sure it will be
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there's a lot to put together >>. >> reporter: the trump team seemed to get backing as mike pence met with vice president joe biden in washington. >> no administration is ready on day one. we weren't, i've never met one, but i'm confident on day one everything will be in good hands >> pence is leading the transition effort and shunning washington lobby easiest. the most recent arkansas tom cotton. hillary clinton made her first public remarks last night in washington, speaking at a children's defense fund event >> there have been a few times this past week all i wanted to do was curl up with a good book or our dogs and never lease the house again >> again as far as it's transition process is concerned, there are a lot of names being discussed, a lot of people we've
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trump also ran as an outsider, talked about draining the swamp here in washington. it's certainly possible we could see surprises once all of these names are released but we don't even have a timeline for that yet. back to you guy >> and donald trump saying he's the only one who knows right now >> developing overnight. more protests gets the president-elect. college from california to new york participated in peaceful demonstrations. voicing their trump presidency. students at the university of maryland are planning as well. a local school district sending a new election. this comes one day after students at ridge montgomery high school marched to the courthouse in rockville and there was violence along with a. annie joins us more with what the superintendent is saying. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. yes, yesterday, around 10:00, hundreds of students filed out
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walked about two miles to rockville town center where they held a bill anti-trump rally on the steps of the courthouse. that is where unfortunate tulle things turned a little 59. turned a little violent. the superintendent is tell me students to stay in class. this is a video he realized last night. he addresses the fact that mcp s supports everyone's assemble and express feelings he's asking students to remain if school and concern. how this is taking place over school hours and how this place as series safety issue for sole. these demonstrations have generated valid concerns regarding the security of our students outside of our schools. when students are threatened or injured as part of a protest, it raises serious safety issues that require us to rethink the situation.
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safe. >> during the rally yesterday, this is video. a student wearing a make america great again hat was assaulted why a group of student protesters. the 17-year-old is facing second degree assault charges, they say no doubt there's been a lot of reaction over these students organized protests. commutes in which they're taking place. many of you are expressing concern about the outrage attacking place school hours, i spoke to the principal about both items, what they're doing about the safety and also taking places during school hours, basically he said they were working closely with montgomery county police as well as rockville city police making sure that police officers are shot doughing the route of the students and keeping watch not only students but traffic control as well. what happened yesterday, i did speak to a mom who said there
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happened, it was just chaotic and the kids that were involved sort sft disbursed into the crowd. another thing about this taking place during school hours, up until yesterday, students would be receiving unexcused absences if they missed class. however, now you see the superintendent speaking out saying they will now take disciplinary action, that's the latest from rockville get a little reflection from the sun >> sun is up about 12 minutes ago. beautiful day. >> chilly out there early, but within we can look forward to plenty of sunshine dry conditions this afternoon. we need rain, a significant amount to catch up. >> several inches. maybe thanksgiving? >> ok.
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just saying that >> it looks stormier next week. stormier and colder. sunshine is back, yesterday we had clouds move through and one or two of you might have encountered a sprinkle. >> me too. we all did. 44 me washington. 37 in gaithersburg, 30 in manassas, 35 dulles, most of the area here to our west is in the 30's to start your day. we're tracking quiet conditions sunsne will be nice quiet afternoon. high pressure will control the weather and that means temperature as few degrees above normal. if you love 70s, you will lot of the satisfy the. >> 70 is good, not too hot, not too cold. >> perfect >> i like. >> just, like erin, good morning. >> i love you right now, i have so many bad accidents to tell you about.
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this report. right now, we're taking a live look where we're seeing really slow traffic to 70 southbound coming down from germantown and gaithersburg, this crash south of cooper road did clear but traffic is basically parked from clarksberg road to south of, as we take a look at skyfox, in an inner loop cleared, the outer loop looking good, the inner loop still dealing with delay, heavy traffic, w and switch it over, on the crash moved over to the right shoulder, traffic heavy, let's move it over to our maps, other crashes you need to be aware of, as you make your route around town. you're jammed back to 4, left lanes blocked overturn vehicles south of 216, delays back to
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congestion. developing and frightening story where police say a bear attacked a woman in her driveway. in the 7600 block of iron gate lane around 9:15 last night >> the woman had puncture wounds and had surgery in a hospital in hagerstown. they're still looking for the bear apparently that did the damage >> they found a 50 pound cub in a tree, and the woman may h inadvertently come between the cub and its mother prompting the mama, bear to attack. >> people are saying muriel bowser is not doing much to protect them. >> fox 5 melanie alnick is live from the wilson building with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison, on the campaign trail candidate donald trump
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cities. now is trot is president-elect, dc mayor muriel bowser send out a statement reaffirming the city's status as a sanctuary city. right now, dc police as they have been are not asking the immigration status of anyone they arrest, dc does allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses or other forms of official photo identification. now the city council wants to go council menbry january said they have federal rates in dc similar to those you see right here. according to her resolution, more than 400 mothers and children who crossed the board since 2014 have because the up in these raised across the country. even though they didn't didn't do i'll re anything wrong.
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origin, some asked if the resolution could be dangerous if allowing criminals. >> here's how brianna do. dress that day >> i'm committed to insuring we take seriously any accusations of crime that we're not harboring criminals, but the fact is that in these raised, oftentimes people who are not criminals get swept up. he we do have the intelligence, if we can be more particular, to not do these sweeping raised. i want to see in any administration a little bit more specificity and a little bit more care taking. when we are going after these criminals. >> reporter: to clarify, this is a resolution, it is not legislation, more about making a statement, saying these raised need to stop. three of the points made in the legislation are these, raised can foster distrust between
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which arms public safety efforts. many migrants are pleadth gang threats, murder, extortion, rape, poverty, and when families are detained because of immigration status issues, they're often held in conditions that cause them further trauma saying is this inconsistent with the scrawls of the district of columbia. that public hearing is today at 1:00, there's an opportunity for public comment then it would go on to a full vote of the counsel live at coins headquarters, fox 5 remember when can i henderson abruptly resigned? we're learning more about her dealings. she's been seen chambered for soliciting a six figure contribution from a company doing business with the school system. >> an investigation was launched in may, that she asked several
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featuring the city. that he didn't really it happened. they chose not to issue a fine. there's push on the way to make sure your ride on uber or lyft is a good one. >> one proposal jeopardize you having access to well. a lot of work to be done for this historic day >> bob barnard getting a look, going to check in with with him
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. knew future home the m g m grand. >> it is really something. >> new view from the top floor of that place. i guess what i'm saying is, there's an opening party and they want to invite me. >> plus one >> great place to spend new year's. >> it would be. >> find all the concerts going to be there. >> it should be great. >> today should be great as
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bad. >> i enjoy everything else about it >> i would be so broke >> maybe so rich >> maybe so rich >> forecast. we are looking at 44 now in washington. temperatures jumping around a lot. the last couple hours, with lots of 30's here off to the north and west. most of the country much like us, very quiet weather pattern four last couple weeks, couple months. you can see that cold air settling we're getting our first significant snowstorm of the season, you can see it there across wyoming. parts of the dakotas can get up to about a foot of snow. >> can you believe it >>. for us we're looking at sunshine, mid 60's. our next chance for shower will
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pattern fairly benign here several months. near 70, friday and saturday look what happens, i really think we're going to see a change to much cooler air for thanksgiving week, fray sunday, we and cold sunday, monday, maybe rain around by wednesday and thursday next week. investors, be thes thanksgiving. if you ever need a date it's a perfect indoor date. what more do you want? >> somebody else to do the cooking erin >> i'm cooking too; right? >> if you have any turkey i'm taking them >> buying mine cooked and putting it in the oven >> we're cutting corners here, i like it. let's move it over to traffic. so many crashes to talk to you, disabled train at courthouse.
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orange line viennas. additional -- fort trotton on the red line, 270 southbound earlier crash did clear, heavy delays remain about an lawyer delay down that stretch of 270 south, 95 south involving a character overing an overturned vehicle. delays are super dlad back to 100. outer loop jambs 95 over to georgia. we have a crash of richie marlboro jammed back to four and another crash at eisenhower on van darn on the inner and outer loop. traffic back on those. back to you. might be preparations for the inauguration in fill tilt >> it takes a village, in this case, a whole area to bring that
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exclusive joint lick at henderson hall. joins us with the details. good morning. good morning, keeping vips and visitors safe during the unaugust representation will be one of the responsibilities of the 947 maryland deattach mens. over here we see buddy, along with specialist baker and sarge wolf. what roleil we're going to do a demonstration >> provide capability for law enforcement just basically keep the area safe of explosives and also to keep the visitors and all the area of travels within the national mall safe >> can you tell us >> we provide nice presentation for bag im. we want to sweep them make sure
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he sat down positively identified it and he was paid >> he's looking for anyone had might get into the parade route, ceremony, >> anything dangerous that's going to complete incapacity or obstruct the actual inauguration. sergeant wolf >> we're showing a demonstration of our bike capability as well. this is our patrol. he's going to pursue an apprehend a subject. >> and causing trouble -- and you had concern you goes would bring the parade in >> bring that guy down >> this is something you do all time. when would you besides an inauguration what would you be doing here >> basically on the garrison for bell for the male, pay attention if they did commit commits in
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appreciate you having us out this morning. we'll look for you around, and you're behind the scenes; right? you'll be doing your work without being seen, thanks for having us out. back in a little bit with more terroristic threating fun and informative things out here at for the myer this morning. >> thanks a lot, back, thank a lot about it. sflfrmths new details on what dreary train crash. aware -- also oversees mosul under siege isis losing control of the city, the folks who were
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7:25. back with an update on the fight to retake mosul from isis fighters. hundreds fleeing the city on foot. making region. aid was delivered for the first time in two years, first time isis is admitting defeat. domestically new details about the deadly train crash in new jersey. investigators now say the train's engineer suffers from undiagnosed sleep ap anyway. however, it's unclear if that condition led to the crash. one person was killed more than 100 others hurt when the train slammed into the terminal back
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7:25. waging wildfires continue to burn in north carolina. firefighters in the charlottes area are working around the clock. air quality issues remain a problem for those in the area. the charlotte fire department cancelled all burning permits yesterday and officials are probabilitying all outdoor burning, including recreational fires until further notice. some areas firefighters are recommending people evacuate their homes. 6:26. tuck, you're up. >> what a were beautiful month. looks like sky and 44 and sunny. >> i need that day laugh. >> lose the glasses there you go. hi, tuck. 44 right now in washington. winds out of the north, six miles per hour. the reason why i'm sleeping on the job is because the weather is the same every day it and it will be again, low to mid 60's.
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look how quiet. it is cool, 30's off to the west and north earlier this morning, and this quick look at the seven-day forecast. 64 today, 70 tomorrow. couple more very warm days, average daytime high should be 57. you can we're above that few days, the bottom falls out here by late saturday and sunday, much colder air. windy and cold for football. sunday night is going to like like it's in the you can see we stay chilly next week into thanksgiving week holiday. i'm going to get coffee. how is it looking >> i've only had one for now. it's not enough. terrible traffic if you're heading out in southeast dc, take a look at this, 295 now,ed sun glare use cause, from the bottom of the belt to the 11th street bridge. we had an earlier crash on the website. huge delays, southbound looking good there, as we far our
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stacked. 294 northbound gets lighter. crash on the outer loop block it's right shoulder, eisenhower avenue, two barn jammed up from branch avenue? we saw a earlier crash, red lines a rook at that next. back to you guys. >> uber the might not be able to give you a lyft in the state of maryland. the maryland public service will be making and if uber will provide rides there >> is your child's birthday see the safe? later we're going to tell you which one scored the best for protecting your child.
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ride share passengers in s maryland may find options limited if the publihacland m se commission tightens driversightv screening rules. rules the commission starts three dayd of hearings today. h at issue whether rider sharingig companies such as uber and lyftl should be required tod t fingerprint drivers as part of pre hiring background check.. despite recent incidents of ridd
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do good job of vetting drivers.d they also say that adding a fingerprinting requirement iseqi one more layer of pre employmenn screening that could adversely r effect potential drivers.rive they say low income and minoritr drivers had most need the jobs j could be the most affected by by the if uber and lyft do pull out ofo maryland, it could have an impact beyond their currentr customers. metro has been work fog transfee thousands of the metro access customers, that's door to doordo service for elderly riders andis people with disabilities, to t ride s let's find out more what could happen there and also with metrm joining now with all these all t issues martin dicaro. marty let's start with the first deal with uber in is this something that will happen, what do you sensing herr from the folks you've been'v talking to? >> reporter: good morning,orng steve. uber says it is not bluffing ang if we take uber's recen history, they're right. r uber has pulled out of austin, texas -- san antonio, texas,,
7:33 am
fingerprint background checksck screening process on the so i spoke to uber's leaderships in washington yesterday andyest they're going to make their casc to the public service commissiom as will the taxi industry over the next three days, a decisiond is expected bayys, a the middlef next month.on. december 15th.ce 1 now, what's at steak here.k >> uber has 30,000 registeredtee drivers in it's provided m 10 million tripo over the past two years, yes, 10 million trips, and if uber were to pull out of the state is the publi were to impose fingerprintgeri background checks that wouldhaou affect drivers for uber who are registered in d.c. and virginiai they want to be able totter picc ups in maryland either. e this also would affect lyft, ly, lyft also does not useot u fingerprint, fbi database, for f their screening process. pcess but lift has not threatened to pull out of the it's interesting to note that both companies pulled out ofniul austin, texas, at the same timem in a shoeff solidarity. also, worth noting, steve s that
7:34 am
florida, relented after uber pulled out, changed the systemhs an loud the ride hailing compano to use their own system of o background checks which usesch u name, verification, social, soc security numbers, court recordss but not the fbi criminal database based on fingerprinting. >> all right. so in those cases the ride share ca bseyes ended up winning essentially following through ot their threats. let's talk about metro right n now. now. so marty, i was little excitedi i'm not going to lie when iwa dd the math and i realized, hey,d, we're about three quarters oft e the way throue ghqu this surge. and then i found out, no, noo, n we're not.we'rot we're going to extend this thini it's going to cost lot more thae original planned. how can metro justify doublingon the cost of a program that theyt knew about for a long time? >> reporter: well this is notsot entirely surprising that tha safetrack is going to takeo t longer and cost more money. mon. metro has indicated as much but now we have some specific spefi numbers. the federal transitrans administration releasedease documents yesterday with a w
7:35 am
about twice as much asuch a originally anticipated.. metro is going to joust if i by saying listen this is the cost c of getting the system up to a t state of good repair that the t original estimates were just wes that. original estimates and also keee in mind, steve, even after safetrack ends sometime next n spring or maybe early summer sue metro wants to stay on a repairp and maintenance footing.ig that is that's not simply goingg to go back to business as usualu so the new normal is here to safety service. >> all right. marty, we'll leave it there forl noeaw. we appreciate it. wes. to see you as always. 7:35 right now. n tuck, will join us with look ato the forecast. it's just maddening, al, when w you think about say you're're having your roof repair at yourr house. >> right. >> then they come back and they say, it will take teywice c aomg and cost twice as much.uch. >> yeah. yea >> then he have mate we t originally gave you. >> what are you going to dohen r about it.igt >> what can you do about it.areo ca>> exactly.n do >> you got to pay it. a >> yup.up. >> that's what we're dealingat i with with wittro. hi, tuck.k. >> i don't like it.>> don't l >> no. why would you?
7:36 am
if it makes us safer in the lonn run -- >> i get it. >> but you have a budget. have g how do you double -- double -- >> when you find more problems. >> i did tunnel time a couple cl weeks ago i was in there forre f like 45 minutes.ines >> um-hmm.>> just like an old u house, you fn more issues as you, you know, k try to repair, right? rig >> that's why my philosophy,ph allison --lin >> no money pitt. >> we both know this we don't>>n look. >> that's right.>> that's but a band-aid on it.t. >> exactly.>>ctly >> right. >> certain doors i know not to d open.oo >> exactly. throats the forecast. hey, we're looking>> atat temp overnight. n washington. 35 up in pittsburgh and let ment just mention that most of our area particularly to the west is waking up to numbers in the 30s. chilly out there early.illy o we'll be in the 60s later todayd low to mid 60s think afternoon.n bright sunshine, a beautiful day. yesterday of course we had thatf afternoon cloud cover an shower or two that popped uanp. that eu today that will not be the case. will just be bright and sunny sn due to the northwest flo intact. it will feel cool out there if
7:37 am
friday. and the first half of our our saturday, and then fall returnst in a big bad way. w we'll talk more about thatbo momentarily.mome erin is back with more roads. r >> we'll go through a lot of gto maps at 7:37 so many delays and crashes.ass gw parkway crash on the memorial bridge and you are just stacked up there. the freeway is parked basicallyical 395 northbound as you cross thet 14th street bridge getting ontio to the eastbound side of theouif freeway and then also keeping ig mind the westbound side of theu freeway from earlier crash is ch dealing with huge delays a bridge. let's see if we can forward ourw maps. inbound delays on the 14th street, 11th street and southeast southwest freeway. look at the inner loop fromoop branch avenue let me get out ofu the way all the way across theet springfield interchange upange p passed 50 you jam. 295 up to the 11th streettr bridge. 295 southbound down to the 11th street bridge. 95 northbound super heavy h through woodbridge.ridg dale city to the beltwaytw completely jammed up.p and then 66 eastbound remains rs really heavy 234 to 28.8.
7:38 am
delays on the beltway.n the ltwa outer loop, 95 to georgia, 95 southbound in laurel a crashurec involving an overturned car just south of 216 delays all the waye back to 100. bw parkway southbound not such a great alternate because it'seca' super heavy traffic there asre ll.l. silver and/or ranch lines in i addition to red line safetrack.. >> the kind of milk your childoc drinks has an impact on their ot weight. coming up we'll tell you whichtw milk researchers say helps them remain lean.ea >> how much you spend during thu holidays may hav do with how old you are.ith we will explainho the break down as well. 7:38. ??
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>> in today's health watch people who have ebola mayday' nt always have symptoms.s. researchers studied the blood of nearly 200 people who lived in village of sierra leone and thee found that 14 people who testedd positive for o bowl la never had illness. researchers say this is evidencc that a significant portion of i bowl la transmission may haveioa gone undetected during the t outbreak.. after all these years, milkl still does the body good just gt like the old logo or the old ad goes. new study finds that kids who ks drink whole milk though are actually they also have higher vitamin d levels and kids than drink low fat or skill milk.ilk whole milk consumption has has dropped about half as to what it
7:42 am
childhood obesity rates havee tripled.trip experts say they don't know why drinking whole milk was associated with lower body masss index. >> insurance highway safety child booster seats are gettinge better at protecting preciousprs cargo our agency tested 53 booster seatsrt and 48 of them received the highest ranking possible. only two models the costco easyy in 1dx were not recommended.mndd studies show the children c between the ages of four andur d eight who used booster seats are 45% less likely to be injured id ashsh. >> how you spread holiday cheer may have something to do with wt the year you were youer according to new study, threethe generations were asked about ast their holiday spending habits.s. the result showed not all agege groups approach seasonalac spending the same way.he se w here's the break down.
7:43 am
to be impulse shoppers more than jenn xs and more than the baby b boomers.oms. millennials the least likely toy stick to the holiday budget.ud so they just kind of do whato they want when they want when in comes to spend fog the holidays. >> the bills come afterwards.s >> yeah, well ---- >> and credit cards. a cre >> never a good january, is it. >> i don't care how old you are for that.ho >> that's right. >>oe'toesn't change. in cauguration a couple ofru months away speaking oplfe jany preps are already underway.alren we'll get a sneak peek at the caisson platoon as the for the inaugural parade. >> president barack obamasideob announce who's will receive thet nation's highest civilia honors. we'll tell you which stars made the list for the presidentialdea medal of
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
?? good morning. live look at reagan nationall airport and the trees still stil doing their thing what's left of the leaves there.thaves t looking beautiful what a what beautiful sun rides we had aboud an hour ago with overnight lowss here in washington. in wagton all right. al sunshine is back. we had cloud cover ysuesterday during the afternoon hours even a sprinkle or shower or two. or won't be the case today.he case today writ back in the sun withw mild temperatures by afternoon.. nice cool start. you can see off to the westto tw there still doing 30s for most s of the region here.n h in fact, below freezing ingn manassas 30 degrees.grees. 34 in frederick.ederk 44 here in the little warmer by the bay, 51 bay good morning annapolis.ap 43 in leonardtown, and 30s off s to the north and west martinsburg, winchester in thege
7:47 am
that is a cool -- i feel likel i've been doing the same thinghg for months talking about thebout quiet conditions.nditis. erin jobs gets harder harder. mine gets easier and easier.s ed sunshine and nice conditionsdits expected. beaches, bay, 95 corridor out to the mountains we all look greatt today with bright sunshine andun high pressure out to our west w that we'll continue to dominaten our weather here for few more days much what's that mean? whaa mild temperatures and again witw jet stream retreating off to the north here, we're going tooi t feature daytime highs a few a degrees above normal today and saturday up ahead of our next n cold front which will move in by the second half of saturday. sat that's our next chance for few showers. saturday afternoon, saturday afr night with that cold front.noono that cold front is reallynt. goi push some cool autumnal air inii here by sunday and daytime highs go from near 70 into the mid tot upper 40s by sunday and monday a let me mention the winds onin sunday are going to be quitee qu strong out of the north and west. so amazingly a little lakee l effect snow not too far off to
7:48 am
mountains.mountain ski season starting.on are you a s skier?ki >> i've taken snowboardingwbrd lessons and it's a progress in work. >> are you pretty good. are y >> i'm all right.>> i >> steve can sno >> really? >> yes. >> i'm not that steve probably wouldn't want mem on the slopes i'm willing tomilt learn. steve is shaking his snh we'll have to go snowboarding. >> my specialty tee is hangingyn out in the lodge. the >> that's mine as well.ll. i like tube ugh get to sit thers and go down the mount tin. traffic is terrible.fic is a look at 270 southbound earlier crash still blocking the right shoulder south of clapper heavy track from clarksburg roar down to the spur you need 30ur extra minutes.extr let's forward our cameras. 295 northbound easing from thefr beltway towards the 11th voteot bridge. br still congestion both sides ofob the freeway. i want to hopth for our mapss quickly because we do have a hae metro delay for you that you thu need to be aware of. orange, blue and silver, this t could cause big delays.el disable train outside of potomat avenue because of that we'rete' single tracking between easternn market and stadium armory. arm that's affecting all three of tr the that's in addition to safetrack surge 10.
7:49 am
totten be prepared for yourou metro commute that could slow cw things down and gw parkwayand aw there's a crash on northbound no side at memorial bridge.ridg really heavy traffic lingeringrg on 395 from the beltway all thee way across the 14th streeteet you need 30 extra minutes.ed 30x you can see that the 1tra 1tmiht street bridge is still heavy and closer to the 11th streethtr bridge 295 northbound definitele picks up. southbound side of 295 from 50 o down to the freeway also superur heavy traffic east and westbounu out by main.t by then as we take a look closer to can see that red on 395 throughu crystal city and pentagon citygc really heavy traffic. inner loop jams from branch avenue to the interchange. 66 eastbound slows die suddenlye back to you guys. to yoguys >> we're getting even morevenor behind the scenes peaks a goesas into preparing for presidentiala inauguration. arlway bob barnard always on the move is now over at the stable s where is the old guards horses h are kept.t. what are we seeing now, bob? , b good morning.
7:50 am
at fort meyer right next toght arlington cemetery with al viewer rah and lieutenant austin hatch who's the platoon leaderde here for the casons team. these are the horses that takeae part in the ceremonial funeralsl at arlington item tear.tem t thanks for being with us.s. >> eight is a typical day delayy for us in arlington.ingt >> al viewer rah will bel ewer h participating in som >> al viewer rah will serve inae four funerals as the sectionhe i horse. >> which means? >> section horse is separatedon from the wagon. hor she'll actually not be a damaged to the wagon and will be withndt the leader of that team off to t the side.e >> she's shaking her head saying yes, i will. you will be participating in the 58th presidential inaugural.ugur tell us the role your team willw be playing on january 20th. >> yes, sir., sir we hope to hav.e a 15 horse formation with soldiers mountedt where they can participate andpa move with the parade processione
7:51 am
as a platoon by honoring our nation's fallen.aln >> so kind of in sense showing g off who you are and what you doo on that very special day.peciald es, es, sir. >> and al viewer rah will leavel us here. the rest of the stable horsesore are out. o love the sound of the hooves ono the bricks.s. >> where are they going out to today to get rreea tdy for thess funerals? >> they're going behind the barg right now to tack up or hitch up to the cason and they will bey b moving out to go tow arlington and in just a few moments. >> wow. wow. is participating in inaugural ig parade something that these the horses do that your units doni o every four years? >> yes, sir. we have in the past, and we looo forward for this nextis xt opportunity. >> i think perhaps one of theneo last or -- not last because bau there have been couple sinceupln then, but when president reagan was -- misery mapes were brougho here, your units the cason led n them up to the capitol, right? r who will forget that going downg constitution avenue.cotituti >> yes, sir.
7:52 am
horse as we call it sergeant sge york he's still here in andilhe served with us today. >> they're out doing theirhe thing, guys.g, dial my thing. be here ae ad t go little cleaning up to do and it is my honor to pick up after these beautiful horses here atha the cason stables, guys, and again, these horses will beill participating in the inaugural r parade coming up on january 20,y and coming back we'll be with bw the marine band back inside iid across the way, guys.s. >> bob, if you're too good at gd that they might keep through foo while. >> now what do i do with it?h i? exactly. >> at least you're doing itt yod today for an honorable cause. >> absolute. >> thanks, bobby. >> true. 7:52 right now. new smithsonian museum be cominm to d.c.? commission granted byd congress studying the need for r women's history museum them t museum should be built and parte of the smithsonian b institutioi the commission says it won't asa congress to direct thereche smithsonian to start buildingtat the museum right away, instead i it will ask for $2 million inio annual funding for the planninga process with the goal of goa of building that museum win 10
7:53 am
new this morning, lebron leb james donating $2.5 million toit new exhibit honoring muhammed mm ali at the smithsonian nationall museum of african-american-amecn history and culture. james aid mirror err of ali sayy he jumped at the opportunity to support an exhibit honoringit hg muhammed ali's live.ed's l >> have to love that put the the money out there. 7:53 right now.ow president obama names thet recipients of the presidentialte medal of freedom.ntdal of f let's take a look at who theyhe are.e. >> includes ellen degeneres, too redford and robert deniro some s of the 21 recipients of the medal. >> the presidential medal off freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor which isch presented to individuals whoidlw have made major contributions tt the nation or a number of other significant public or private endeavors. the awards will be handed out on next tuesday.sday >> all congressman and civil righta leader john lewis among one ofan the winners for the nationalat book awards.
7:54 am
people's literature award for f his book "march book three"hr recounts his experiences duringe the civil rights movement. other winners include colson cso whitehead for his book "the underground railroad". oprah's own network facing c little legal trouble accordingub to tmz thele network being suedd for allegedly sexually harassing a new mother. mot employee rebecca tailor says she was harassed by her supervisorei when she got pregnant back in 2013. she says after she had the baby, she began pumping work.wo taylor says her supervisor woulu do various things to embarrass r her including pretending to squeeze her breasts.. that's happening there at thet t own network that is owned by o b oprah but this is the supervisoi we're talking about harassing h this one worker. oorker. >> nissan going rogue as in star wars rogue one. rog the car maker collaboration with lucas film making its debut atut the la auto show quite thew qu t escort that it had there a well. the vehicle limited edition star
7:55 am
popular model known ver as the r features rogue one branding onnn the front doors illuminated witt door sills of the star wars s o logo. the cup holders feature alliance and logos. log buyers get a death trooperroop helmet when it comes to buying n that car if it's your thingour you'll be loving it. somewhere kevin is geeking out.. you can hear him. h all the way from spain. >> yes. me fthme for fan of the day right now. today the honor goes to patricia brantly. it is birthday time for miss patricia.patricia. happy birthday to you. >> patricia is 46 today. today. you're looking great, girl.l. >> yeah! >> a fox5 fan for as long as sh can remember and she watches us every morning.or happy birthday. thank you so much.ank you so to be our m next facebook fan oo the day post your selfie right under miss pi trashy's.y'. >> tucker has a great forecast o for you patricia as well. >> patricia will have greatave g birthday weather.eath. anybody who had birthday therthh last couple of weeks close to ct 50 in washington.
7:56 am
featuring daytime highs in thehe low to mid 60s bright ce quiet d day. more sunshine than yesterday. you can seete our storm trackerr ray car tracking quietcking qu conditions as i mentioned lastos hour i don't think i've used thv radar much in the past couple of months.mont very very dry unfortunately.tuna need a lot of 64ed a now -- 64 this afternoonn washington. 70 tomorrow.orw near 70 saturday and then the cold air rushes in here saturdae night. look out. sunday, monday, tuesday cold temperatures with overnight loww in the 20s and low 30s. 3 so i chillier by thanksgiving week.g. >> all right, erin, how areho a roads. >> roads are still really bad,aa tucker you want to help. help. >> i want to dance while do youe it. >> do little sad traffic dance.n come on. >> all right. we'll move over to our maps. ou. dancing away. ay. dancing out of the shot.g out leaving me with all work.l w i see how it is. 95 southbound crash south of 216 involving overturned vehicle.urd moved over to the left v shoulde delays still really heavy backvc to 100. 1 we have a crash bw parkway southbound, south of 175 bigig delays there. t
7:57 am
southbound through green belt really jammed up right now.ightn in northern maryland, 270, 95 o the beltway look at all that alt heavy traffic 95 southbound from north of the icc to the beltway is at a crawl speeds underer 10 miles an hour. outer loop jams heavy from 95 f over to colesville road withh about 20 minute delay.e delay inner loop slows coming off thet spur and 270 southbound stilluns very heavy traffic about a 30 minute delay from urbana down tw the spur there.the spu you can see all of that back up earlier crash did clear.lear keep it to fox5 news morning. mi we'll update on metro ora blue and silver single trackingn did clear. we'll take a closer look at that next. next.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. fx right now 8:00 o'clock, live look outside. it is thursday morning, weather and traffic coming up on the 5's at 8:05. ay mormi morning i'm allison5 80 sengym our'm aon. welcome to f5 fuse morning morng thanks for joining us thiss s morning. new at 8:00, the search forf black bear that attack add woman in frederick county, married,rid last night is over with that t bear meeting an unfortunate ende win the last hour that bear wass shot dead by natural resource officers. >> the attack happened in thed t driver driveway of the woman's home on iron gate lane betweenle frederick and middletown.and dde the woman underwent surgery overnight for puncture wounds that the bear gave her. her just a few minutes ago the head
8:01 am
what likely led keto the attack. >> this was not bear that wasats sort of laying in wait for the homeowner, um, the best we can n tell she went down a darkk driveway with a dog.og there was another dog in thehe driveway off leash, and the sals had her comes there and shehe reaction to do what she believee to be was a threat.. that's our best guess of what occurred.oc >> the mother bear did have twot cubs officials say both areh a fine. they weigh a actually and that they're oldy'o enough to take care of themselves.selv. this had -- this had been theeet first bear attack in the state s of maryland, and those officerss remind folks to never feed wildd bear, but, again, the woman womn attacked did live.e. she survived through surgery. all right. this morning, the superintendenn of montgomery county schools sco issuing a strong message toge students planning to protest tht election of donald trump. jack smith posted this video vid late last night instructinging
8:02 am
in class, and behave with respect towards every student,te teacher and adult in the montgomery county community. message comes after peacefue protest turned violent iniolentn montgomery county.y. students from rinard montgomery high school marching to the rockville courthouse yesterday.u several students got into anot n altercation with a student who s had been wearing a make americai great american hat.. >> the young male that was wearing the make america great again hat swung anth the three boys beat him up basically. they attacked him. h they hit him, they stomped anded on him, they were punching him, and when i ran up with otherth students to try to stop it, thee went away. >> the injured student isedtudes expected to be okay.o oka police have identified a suspecs in the attack but are notre n releasing any name because he's' a juvenile. violence here at home comiig a midst more protests across the country.y. college students from californii
8:03 am
peaceful demonstrations and wall out voicing their opposition ofn a trump presidency. students at the university of maryland are planning a walk out. out. >> the trump transition teamionm blazing ahead at full speed.peed some of the most prominentromine politicians get ready to meet mt witness president-elect. among them former secretary ofry state henry kissinger.nger south carolina governor nickyic haley as well. haley being considered fordere f several posts includingincluding secretary of state.. another official for theciae secretary of state position former new york city mayor rudyy guil tower yesterday, and was one ofo the president-elect's fear zeste supporters throughout thet campaign. one opponent of guiliani's may be current new york mayor bill diblasio. >> i don't want to tell thehe president-elect who to chooselet for his cabinet.for hi i can say that in this city,sit there were times when rudy wasys not a force for unity. >> trump's campaign managerag kellyanne conway expecting a tot spot in the new administrationtn
8:04 am
her appointment options.ent opt. trump will also sit downow with the prime minister of japan taking off some tokyo on his waw new y york. it will be donald trump's firsts face to face meeting with worldr leader as president-elect. abe is likely to seek reassurance trump remains rains committed to the alliancelliance between japan and the unitedd te states. ?? ? tuck, you got bonus 30 seconds watch will you >> let's talk. >> all the time in the world. wd >> caps game last night.ight >> congratulations to max for >> max scherzer. >> pop up rain yesterday.terday >> starting to prepare some oftp the appetizers for myzers fy thanksgiving dinner. >> we're not talking weatheralkr yet. >> fantastic. does the vending machine still>l have fun in it.haun i >> make those yummy brussels yoy normally make.normal no, that's you.. >> tucker wins the 26 bar.6ar >> twink the twix >> didn't i last year.ear. >> i will deliver >> play to your strengths. stre. >> i brought rolls last year. let's do the forecast.t. reagan at reagan national. natna
8:05 am
rain we're running five plus pls inches behind since septemberter started whoever so very dry fall but not in the cards today. tay in fact bright sunshine moree sunshine than yesterday.d should be beautiful afternoon.a. want to get your car washed? g? for it.t. >> awesome. >> yeah. my advice. go for it. with quiet conditions and againn a nice warming trend here forerf the next couple of days.ofay today will be in the low to midd 60s.. tomorrow and saturday near 70. 7 our next chance for few showerse second half of saturday.atur satu want to emphasize here the coldl arrives by sunday and monday and it will feel like a wholele different season with daytime d highs in the mid 40s and maybeay snow flurries around sundayarou north and west. >> i'm seeing here is get out gt enjoy friday.ay. >> friday should be beautiful. >> nice. today will be gorgeous, too. be >> but the commutego, erin, how would you describe if you had to?to >> i would describe it as thes t mannequin challenge.enge [ laughter ] >> nothing moving?in
8:06 am
look at that 5 miles per hour oo the outer loop out by newy new hampshire avenue from 95 over tt about the 270 spur.pu 20 minute delay.ay watch out for that.or t forward our cameras.rward ca also, really heavy traffic onffn the outer loop out by richiehie marlboro. earlier crash north the writ wri keal marlboro that cleared outee loop through largo really heavyh from pennsylvania of a upp towards baltimore washington parkway. inner loop looking nice here however once you get to branchlm loo you get avenue you really jam t up.branu this is 270 on the southboundbon de.e. earlier crash by clapper roadppr completely c shoulder.ld. heavy traffic from urbana down w to the the you can see brake lights arounds the curve there.e cu i would say you needrv about 35t 40 extra minutes to get from 70o to the spur. the s and things are really nasty onto 395 right now by crystal citystl and pentagon. as you make your way northbound you can see how slow you are asa you get to the 14th street bridge. to the 14th4tay street bridge you are in for about 35 minute delay unfortunately. as we forward our cameras, oneda more time, 66, hey, there's ahea silver lining for you looking a little bit better on the b bet eastbound side by saidly fromrom
8:07 am
and go traffic.go traffic about a 15 minute delay from fm manassas as you make your way tt the beltway. let's take look at our mltaps. earlier single rack tracking across the orange, silver and blah you if you're taking metroah thing g getting back to normal out. tno. there 66 a look at that map weaw start to jam through fairfax ass well. 95 northbound still heavystileay through woodbridge. you loosen up a little bit in in terms of volume from newingtonit closer to the beltway.eltw keep in mind on the freeway fay we're dealing with heavy traffic gw parkway vessel bridge jams.. back to you >> still ahead this morning hillary clinton speaks outor publiclyclin for the first timee since the defeat in then election. the former white house hopeful f honored right here in washington the moment as you might imagine bittersweet.swee >> a cross country runner somee unexpected competition. knocked him off course quite literally oh deer that willt wil leave i was mark. mar we'll tell what's going on hereh leave i was mark. mar we'll tell what's going on hereh in this video. ??
8:08 am
should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do.
8:09 am
?? welcome back. it is 8:09 on a thursday morning. nice look over the dmv. nice appropriate temperatures we'll call it.>>s 8:ce tu lckerooro wprilial bwee'lll o along with err erin for weatherr and traffic on the 5's. on the 5 hillary clinton made heraryo first public overnight since her concession speech. speech. she was being honored at thehe newseum right here in washington by the children's defense fund f calling on supporters to neverev
8:10 am
>> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for m there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to o do is just to curl up with ah a good book or our today dogs anda never leave the house again. aga i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the i am, too. t more than i can ever express.xpe but as i said last campaign was never about oneut e person or even one election.lect it was about the country we love and about building an america ae that is hopeful... >> well, clinton started herrt h career at the children's defensn fund which is the organizationio that brought her to the newseum it advocates on behalf of children. another democrat making hiss rounds in our region last nightt senator bernie sanders. san he was speaking to students at george washington university.hi
8:11 am
candidate told students that hea was disappointed with the outthe come of election and called onln trump to pull back on his on hi appointment of steve bannon as top white house strategist.t. tonight sanders will make an a appearance at johns hopkinsop university in baltimore.timo steve?st >> allison head overseas rightar now the fight to row take mosul from isis fighters now one one hundreds of women and children n fleeing the city making theire h way to the curdish region. rio for those trapped in mosul aid s was delivered for the first timt in two years.ea this morning for the first timee isis is admitti mosul is a possibility.. the minnesota police officeo who shot and killed philando castile charged with secondh s degree manslaughter.r. prosecutors have concluded that the officer yanez was wrong to g use his weapon during thatt traffic stop.p this morning a utilitylity worker is dead and dozen otherss injured after gas explosion expn rocked in illinois townilnois overnight. dramatic blast caught ongh surveillance video shattering sn glass throwing debris around thd local store.l st the explosion left windows selff
8:12 am
forced the evacuation of nearby apartment buildings in illinoisi as well. w in north carolina wildfires wdfr still burning this morning mni forcing firefighters nearers nea charlotte to work around therodt clock to control the blaze.ze air quality still a problem form many energy in that area.rgy in firefighters have recommendedecd people evacuate their still ahead preparations foa the presidential inaugurationgu are well underway.ery >> we are going to hear from thr marine corps band as they t practice fort big day.t big bob barnard has exclusive access for all of meyer henderson hall.l >> we're inside the gymnasium at fort meyer. meyer. our audience which with the the marine corps band which will beb marching in the inauguralnaug parade. we'll be right back to hear more.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
?? >> still have fall colors outll there. real pretty, isn't it? look at the cathedral in the far >> i don't think so. >> just being a contrarian. havt >>y, lots of other ie ca cities- thi>>t beina >> it's gorgeoucos,ities of co. i yes.. >> how is the washingtonashi monument doing.nt d is that going to be open any opn time soon. >> it's right hyped you.u. >> i'll have to do research.ea elevator issue. >> indefinite. >> we might have had the lastvee ride up there.ide t >> or you may have broken it foo anybody. >> last ride. >> did he push any buttons whenu you were up there?sh any bthere? >> no. >> he was good up there. >> okay.ka
8:16 am
our favorite time of day we gott not one but double the cutenessc >> it look likes there's a lik e performance in this house every day. >> it does look like show time.m haley and gracie, and you canou see here with our fox5 picture p of the day we got a double dosed of cuteness. >> love it. >> how old are they, tuck? >> they're twins.. big day. seems like a lot of birthdays today.y they turn five-year-old >> big birthday. >> great big happy bir haley and gracie. andra we love it. >> so cute. >> right?>> right? >> yes. so much fun. they just probably light that t pr house up with joy and laughter.. >> you know they do. >> and fun>>. >> shenanigans.naniga >> yeah. >> two for every day. >> they watch with mommy everywm day before they head off to pree >> i heard that erin is a bigs a fan in that household.. >> yup. the reason why haley loves the way erin dresses and calls her r fashionista.shionista. >> i definitely agree.>> >> i would agree with that. i wu >> u agrm-hmm. >> she wants to be just like he and gracie reports she loves aos
8:17 am
>> no. she says you are funny >> she likes you.ou you're [ laughter ]ught >> do something funny.methnn do something fny >> you're a hit with the kiddies.dd >> i don't want to brag that's my crowd the under 10 and over 70 that's my crowd.'s cro >> you get them every time.m evr >> i've seen you in action.n act [ laughter ] >> we love it haley and gracie. happy happy fifth birthday.irth >> have a super day.ay >> that's one of the first fir birthdays i remember is myhday fifth. >> i would agree. >> it was a good one.>> i>> iwa >> we love it.>> w >> cute 50 in washington. we'll be in the low to mid 60s more very quite tranquilranqui pleasant weather to look forwark although it is chilly out early much of the area waking up toup numbers that the 30s. 30s soon enough we'll start talkingl travel weather next week bigee travel week the good newss country quiet at the moment t m although we dr. did have our first winter significant wintera storm of the season taking shapi across the northern tear not expecting anything locallyig any time soon. an we'll be in the 60sy today neay 70 friday and saturday. we are lookingur at -- whoopsiep
8:18 am
the weekend.. but you can see we get a couplec more very very pleasant niceic fall afternoons.fternoons. do love this time of year beforb that colder air gets in here byb sunday and monday.da need some rain looks like our o only chance next seven days wiln be surdaday. >> i'll use my expert weathereah knowledge and predict wind w chills in the twenty sevens during this game on sunda night. >> absolutely, yeah. wi>>nds probably 30 plus on sunn very chilly sunday night. green bay bringing the weather.h >> that is green bay weather coming in for >> not bngring iing a good footl team. >> don't jinx us. >> let's not jinx things.x t >> we owe them. the playoffs last year. >> that's right bay pack. >> metro closes at midnight. figure out how you'll getses h. >> what? >> focus on the wind. they bring the weather. we bring the>> fthey w bind. >> i don't want any strandedt ar nds nds there. adorable twins think you are quite the fashionista.. >> i love those twins.wi tucker is funny. fun >> he is fun >> thank you, i'm blushing i'm i so happy now.
8:19 am
any time maybe tucker and i canc >> love it. move over to roads now.. tucker just like i don't think k wanting to shopping err inn.hop right now 270 southbound superer jammed up from 80 down to the t spur. it's about a 40 minute delay bee prepared for that one.ha we'll forward our cameras. other slow downs sun glare causing issues this is the innet loop bottom side of the beltwayy by 414 from pennsylvania avenuei all the way over to van doren. i don't like what i'm seeing see tons of congestion there outerho loop looking better. bette keep in mind if you are takingyt metro the orange, blue and blu between eastern market and stadium armoryee earlin er disab train outside potomac avenue. ae watch for delays and a crash crh northbound 301 at the five splis right shoulder blocked heavy traffic coming up north throught waldorf this morning. morning. 210 northbound through fort washington. we got you covered for your your commute. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. steve and allison. all maybe a couple of monthsf mt away preparations for the presidential inauguration already well underway behind thr scenes here in washington.aston >> whole lot of moving piecesine that going into bringing the big
8:20 am
the band ready to play on. fox5's bob barnard giving us u exclusive access this good morning. >> reporter: allison andison steve, good morning to you quite a morning we're having here.'re we're with the us marine band. you heard marine's him as wes w went to break a moment ago.omen they'll have treat for us here in just a moment.n st drum major dwayne king leads tht charge here. he. drum major king, thank you very much for being with us.oreing w >> pleasure being here, thankas you. >> what will your role be at tht inauguration coming up in just,j >> yes, sir for the inaugural my role drum major to lead the ban in the parade and any ceremonien and also responsible for the drill, the marching drill thatgl you'll see today. >> we can bearing see you takest awhile to get the head dress onn we're leaving it on. you'll be performing during theg ceremony and then marching inar the parade, is that correct?ct >> yes, sir, that is correct. we will do the swearing inhe swg ceremony at the steps of the capitol, then we'll move straight to the parade and thena after we'll actually split theit
8:21 am
inaugural balls. >> you will fantastic.>> y what are we about to hear? hea >> today you'll hear theea official march of the ninth then marine corps. >> it's quite a honor for usor here to get this exclusive performance. can you take it away.take ia >> thank you very much. very ch. >> drum major dwayne king and uu marine band, guys.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
watch out for the dear!out >> a warning but somebody gotebg nailed any way.ay. watch the back the upper left of your screen. scrn. you can see a runner justt getting plowed this is across country runner from mercyercy college actually running lastngs race of his college you know that's memorableem drilled by that deer making hisa way across the course.t de the s the runner was knocked down, heh was able to get back up andpnd finish that race despite that powerful i do not want to get by a wild l animal like that. >> um-um. >> they're clearly, you know, trying to get out of the way.geu >> i meaofn that's like linebacr making a tackle at full speed. d maybe a cornerback but still. >> you know just want to makee sure we're seeing -- he didn't ' attack the man. he was trying to run toat get b. >> you're like you got to be -- like the
8:26 am
versus speed.peed >> everybody is okay.oka >> that's the good news. ns. hi, tuck. >> those dear were moving.ov >> trying to get out of the way >> i didn't realize how fastow s they were. >> sunshine is back. sunsh going to be beautiful day forl r us. expecting low to mid 60s this afternoon.afternoon. but that's after chilly starty t overnight lows back in the welll below freezing here off to the e west. we now 50 in washington but again a lot of 30s not too far off to t our west and north early thisari morning. 33 in pittsburgh.tsburgh. 51 up in new york.k. 49 in boston.. very quiet weather patternerattn across t very quiet weather patterneathee across the eastern half of theae country for the last couple off months, and that will continueon today. all right. lots of sunshine expected more ne ete sunshine than yesterday.terd we'll warm it newspaper the lowe to mid 60s and we still have aae couple of gorgeous look at a friday tomorrow will beay t ombeautiful.ortiful steve, happy hour tomorrow afternoon we could do it do outdoors. e> sure. >> all right. 70. >> all right. >> looks like a few showers onwo saturday. i do want to mention then t saturday daytime high will be i the early afternoon and thenhe much, much cooler in fact cold d
8:27 am
northwest wind saturday night.i. sunday is going to be down righg cool if not cold with temps ins the 40s an lot of if you're preparing to go to the redskins packer game be readye a for a cold >> get it a cold one, erin?ri >> i got it.>> i got i picked up on the double doubl meaning of your cold allison and i would like to joij happy hour, too.hahour >> we'd love it. >> right now inner loop delays s springfield interchange to 50 t5 look how slow we are through an man dale. dal real particularly you cross thee wilson bridge slow as outer loop jams towards van doren. things were clearing up but but heavier volume caused big slowio down about 35 minute day from f 234 to the beltway also 95 northbound delays dale city to the beltway and then as you make your way 95 northbound you'ree jammed from 17 to the aquia harbor.ha. really heavy traffic from fredericksburg through staffordr so plan accordingly you need a a good 30 extra minutes there asth well things open up until you get to dale city and slow towards the beltway top side of
8:28 am
move to the shoulder in laurelne 95 on the southbound that was causing some big slow o downs right now we're justre jammed from the iscc to the beltway.way. bw parkway north and sound stopo gone traffic between the capitol beltway and baltimore beltway. w >> trump on trial.rump on trial. what the president-elect might m be facing. facing. also a food truck goes up in flames at a local college campus. what students are now doing to
8:29 am
8:30 am
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this is video protestersdeos around d.c. maurielle bowser. bw she claim she's not doing enouge to protect immigrants from u.s. immigration and customs enforcement or ice.r i video was recorded on tuesday aa the mount pleasant library.ib the mayor quickly fired back at the protesters saying thein t district is in fact a sanctuaryt city that protects immigrants sanctuary city mayors plan to fight president-elect drum manym plan to deport undo you meanedym immigrants.gran. d.c. mayor muriel bowser againor saying that d.c. is a sanctuarya city. ty >> but one d.c. council members wants to take it step further sr and taking action today.iotoda melanie alnwick live at the t wilson building with the latestt there. mel? >>er reporter: hey, the stakes are going to get evet higher with the next congress in you recall in the last congressr there was a bill that the housee
8:32 am
enforce or literally get rid off sanctuary cities across theoss united states, and there wasre s another one that wanted to umedu fines on the district ofnes columbia for not complying witht those federal immigrationigra reporting laws. and those did not make it into legislation because of the democrat controlled senate.e. now, the tables have turned andd so things are getting a littlee tricky here in the district ofic columbia.mb mayor muriel bowser did reaffirm the stow's status assange to yoo wary city af election. but now as you mentioned,oned council member wanting to a stee further with new languagee basically opposing federal immigration raids. now take look at the video hereh these are the kind of raids that they're talking about.'re tag council member brianne, says federal raids like this sparkedk fear in her ward oneone constituents according to thishi resolution she introduced moredd than 400 mothers and childrenhid who cross the southern border
8:33 am
hick this across the country.heu she blames the obamash administration for repeatedly targeting migrants from el salvador.. guatemala and honduras the majority were just fleeingfleein violence in their countri' off origin and were not suss sus expected criminals. they asked if it could becod b dangerous allowing criminals tos go free. here's the council woman's's response. >> i am very committed to ensuring that we take seriouslyy any accusations of crime that we the fact in these raidshe r oftentimes people who are not criminals can sweat up and we dd have the intelligence if we could be more particular aboutco how we go after criminals to not do these sweeping raids, and i want to see in any administration a little bit more specificity an little bet more care taken when we are going a i after these criminals.
8:34 am
note this is? just a resolutioo not legislation saying it does d say the raids need to stop. sto some of the points made in the n legislation including that thest raids can bring distrust betweee residents and law enforcement,ce harming public safety efforts,, they talk about the types of things that the migrants are fleeing talking about gang aboug threats, murder, extortion,xton poverty and also saying that when families are detain becausc of their immigration status stu they're often held in conditionc that cause them further trauma,m and noting that this iss the district of columbia.. now, again, this is just a resolution.luon. really kind of saying this iss the feeling and the statement of the d.c. city council there's aa public hearing at 1:00 o'clock today the opportunity for publip comment for and op move and then the council will vote on thishis resolution in live at the wilson building i'mn melanie alnwick fox5 local news. federal judge meantime mnt mulling another quest from theat
8:35 am
hearing has been schedule forg a this week where theen justices expect to deliver a the class act lawsuit which wash filed by former customers accusc the university of misleading mie them on its promise to teach t them how to be successful at at real estate. >> the case was scheduled to go to trial before the election, and mr. trump's lawyers wereyerr able to convince the judge to postpone the trial until afternt the ec he was going to be rather busyy trying to be elected president e of the united states and so thed judge said okay to that.. >> trump is hoping to postponete the hearing until january aftera the inauguration.ur take look at this video.ideo a food truck up in flames on th campus of george washingtonhito university.univsi horrible. the fortunately business caughtt fire around 2:00 yesterdayel2:ee afternoon.oon. three workers on the truck were inside at the time. te. they're all recovering from severe burns today. tod
8:36 am
under investigation and in theie meantime, gw students have setav up a gofundme campaign to help p the victims.vict so far they've raised more than $6,600. >> all right.>>ll right set a goal $10,000 and hopefully workers recover.ecov 8:36 right now. pretty shot of thehot of t washington monument and trees ii the for ground. gro >> looks very nice.ery nice. gorgeous afternoon.go low to mid 60srg great day to go it gone for walk.for no rain in today's forecast.ecas more sunshine than yesterdayha time year. >> it's better. het cooy the next couple of days. colder weather on the way just in time for thanksgivingeath we. >> okay. >> celebration. >> good. >> okay. >> 50 reagan 40s dulles. bwi marshall.arshal dulles a few hours ago was 33 degrees.rees we were very cold overnight.vei. that is quite radar. in fact sometimes i'm thinking k it's not working because ikingae haven't seen anything on it in t months. as we have been very dry aroundo here and we'll be dry thisll bes afternoon. here we go.. daytime high 64 degrees.4 degree
8:37 am
chance for shower will be onor i saturday we'll talk more about o that and we'll talk about warm w and then cold.d >> talking about so many thingst so many things. many gs. >> awesome. erin, talking about so muchc >> i don't know why that know yt reminded me of step brothers.s >> right. >> so much more room for>> smuch activities.tyie [ laughter ] >> so much. >> i have problems. i he pr right now moving on to yourng ou commute.comm there's red everywhere.e please get an early start arouna the dmv and have patience. pien. inner loop coming from 66 across the hee john bridge that'sha now. gw parkway southbound 123 to tho key bridge jams.ams. key bridge jams rosslyn intoyn t georgetown this morning. 295 north and southbound you cao see all that red leading towardg the 11th street bridge.eet bridg eleventh street bridge to the freeway jams as well. w thee 95 still about a 35 minutem delay from the springfield sgf interchange to the 14th street outer loop through largo remainm very heavy you can see all the congestion on the beltway inneri loop and outer loop from through annandale slow and outer looper
8:38 am
spur with 25 minute delay.e del as were take look at a crash a h inner loop at 355 rockville pike caution there.. 270 south still a parking lotkig from clarksburg road down to the spur. 45 minute delay in fact from 80f down to the spur this morning. 95 southbound bw parkway reallyy heavy here's kind of a wide viee of northern maryland where you can see that delay on 270 southbound.sout even though earlier crashlier ca cleared awhile ago.clead awhilea it's still a lot of heavyfvy residual delays and inner loopop delays continue branch avenue tc the van doren secondaries in the backing up suitland parkway verr heavy traffic towards south s capitol.tol outside of the district in upper marlboro four issue pastr i p dowerhouse is slow and 29595 southbound it is just park fromo four fief tow to the 11thie street bridge. 50 inbound through cheverly c slow. back to you guys. ad this morning it mng is cats this time in the crossss hair.. >> officials in d.c. calling itt an invasion and they have a plap of attack. a we're talking about all cats here.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> update on big project in d.c. right now. the war from project billion dollars plus project you may have a way to get to the southwest waterfront via waterfr taxi. officials calling this a gamecah changer. riders will be able to go from o old town alexandria to thea waterfront in about 20 minutes.s the war project of course of cou expected to open next year.ed that will be great to . all right. al
8:42 am
are cats in d.c. invasiveive species? well there's a billrel making its way through d.c. city council that might actually actl label them as that. tha right now, the bill gives thegie mayor the authority to classifys cats as nuisance. opponents say the name psychameh tiff feel list cat tis cat considered an invasive species.. the problem s while that does -- scientific name for ferrell catt the scientific name for house hu cats. so if you label it as one, coulc it include now this could lead to houseose cats being rounded up and euthanized.ized >> that's what i don't -- i got- to know more about it. >> some kind of distinguishingno between the two there.twth >> not to mention that there ar people who really don't like cats. cats. you know what i mean for wholeie bunch of different reasons.feres >> rounding up on their own. >> okay.y next, a look at the future t role of first lady melania trump want roll she'll play in thelaie white house.whit >> we'll be talking with ag with former first lady chief of staff. we'll debt get the details for
8:43 am
assignment this morning.orning towed go all the way to spain ti play movie star.ovie how does he do this? we'll shos was he's up to after the break.
8:44 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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cable can't offer that. only fios can. >> look at the capitol dome thic morning. a lot of sunshine reflecting off the dome thisshin morning. beautiful blue skies, too. too. 50 degrees in your nation'satn' pipitol. allison what's the countdown tou the forecast? it's coming up in just 10 --0 --
8:46 am
steve, allison you got toott agree that's a shiny dome.hiny >> it is a shiny dome.e. >> that's a very shiny dome.ome. >> it's a shiny dome.hi >> thanks allison.s all >> steve, i know you're overve, [ laughter ] >> sunshine is back. bac we'll be in the low to mid 60si6 later today. tay that's after a chilly start.ta 34 in manassas.anass overnight in manassas belowsas o freezing most of the area herete morning.. so once again with clear skies s temperatures are able to cooloo off overnight. 48 in leonardtown. we're featuring low to mid 60s 6 as mentioned this has not been n hard working piece of equipment the last couple of months we just haven't had whole lot oflel rain we won't have it y nice and quiet.nice and not even much in the way ofheay cloudiness across the area.s tha lots of sunshine expected. beaches locally to the mountainm here we look great. great with very quiet weather patternn high pressure just out to our
8:47 am
northwest flow if you're in thet shade today it will feel aill fe little cool but the actuall daytime highs in the low 60 tos she'll feel pretty good.y we are going to be on the hieldd side of thing for the next of to couple of days.r ight but daytimeut day highs today in the low to mid 60s and we'll get i was smell ie close to 70 degrees bothgr tomorrow and up ahead ourf very strong cold l front. i want to mention the cold frono because it will really change ue the air mass by the end of theef weekend and we'll go from near n 70 to mid to upper 40s around here by the end of the weekendee there may be even snow flurriesr or snow showers off to the nortr and west this week and.k a 64 today. mentioned your winds sunshineunn and comfortable temperatures there's your seven day. day. near 70, friday saturday.atur there's your cold air by sundayn and monday. mony. daytime highs don't get out of the 40s with sunshine. sunshe very blustery around h sunday. sunday night that game will behl very cold.ol i think we'll have wind chilld values in the low 30s perhapsn upper 20s and looks like we maye get a little stormy midweek nexn
8:48 am
more on that as we get closer. that is a full weather update. steve, allison, i am tossingmosi over to you guys.u gs >> tucker thanks very much.. >> has changed our universe likl anything that is powerful it can happen have a bad side. >> just days before her hub was elected president, the futurehet first lady melania trump calledp for an end to online bullying.ig >> she told campaign crowd that she will c when she steps into her new rolw at the white house. thite >> let's theft many wonder wagoa kind of first lady will melania trump be.e >> this morning joining us tonio talk about the role of the future first lady anita mcbrideb who served in the white house he for two decades under three presidential administrationsaldm including chief of staff to first lady lauer are bush.ush new at the at american ameca university. for congressional and presidential sd. a mouthful. you've done it all. you th moru this morning.
8:49 am
>> great.>> thank you for having me.for havm >> it seems like every four evef years we've had an election like no other before. b this time it's really starting a to sing home, and now we'll havh a new first family. famil from your advice as former chief of staff, to mrs. bush, what w advice would you have i guess or what should commissionhomm mrs. trump expect now in thishi new role? >> well, two different two questions, two different answers. one, she should be herself. herf that's going to be the bestt thing that she can do, because people respond to authe and credibility, and what canhan she expect? absolutely nothingy like she's ever seen before.efor no one can totally prepare youry for moving into the white housee and trying to lead a private p live in very public sphere. so and we saw with mrs. obama,.b she really did take her time tot roll out her initiative.ativ she wanted that make sure her te family was secure and happy first before she did and that's really a good formula. and laura bush to a septemberte
8:50 am
>> it remains to be seen becausn every first lady gets to rewritw the position drippings muchpp there is to position description for this job it's automatic autm powerful platform the minute the president take the oath ofhe oat office. >> we saw in the clip i want to inaddres ts it because, um, it'' there and i know a lot of peopll are going to think about the fact that she is taking onlinee bullying when you had a campaiga that we saw a lot of let's say y questionable online -- - >> online bully >> behavior from her presidentfm now the -- her husband now the t president-elect.ent-elect. how does that play? is that authenticity? how does that? s play in your eyes. in your >> maybe this initiative caniven start right at home, and startrt to set the tone, because when w you are in the white house,ou people do listen to what youo have to say.oay obviously you have to be veryeey careful what you -- what you put in print and what comes out of o your mouth. i happen to think the initiative is one that can really have an impact on young people.
8:51 am
for teenagers and how they use social media and not really notr understanding the implications of what that is and it stayst s with you forever. so what i will say about this is if she does choose to focus on that initiative, she will have w all the resources available toib her and be able to harness theee experts to do it.s o it. >> just a quick follow up. would that be by design? is all that by design. >> to have the resourcesat b tot heavailable? >> i mean to come out with whatm you're goinge to push or does e >> does somebody say, hey, let't do this. >> i think it really does starta with the person themselves. thes >> okay. >> i think they have to makehi a decision to work on something s they feel they can put the time into and that they can make a difference. otherwise it really, f thee it , passion is not there, it's not s really going to >> a lot of pebble don't realizt what happens inside the whiteaps house or congress or government for that matter all the people behind the scenes tha mt matakem things happen.n. you were in that position as chief of staff to the first i lady. who should she surround herself
8:52 am
friend arc confidant. to go with a established person who knows how things work. w >> great question.uestion i was want combination of allonl those thing. t it does have to be a position oo trust particularly if you're ifr choosing achieve of staff achie somebody that you can feel fee really confident being able to e you know, be in every possible s situation with. wit but also somebody that does d understand a little bit about what goe although we -- this has been campaign of total outsider and surprises and changes. one thing i will say about the a white house, the white house whh adapts to its occupants and thet occupants adapt to the whitehe w house. e so i think when you're choosingo someone, choose someone that yot think you can feel reallyfe real confident with.with. >> before we let you go beforeo you get to the white housetose there's the inauguration.e inauo >> true. isn't what do you feel by the to of ththis year's inisauguration. >> sure. >> what can you say to to that.t
8:53 am
bruising campaign. ve's over. the time for the solemn duty of governing starts now, and putting together angeer administration that is going tos impact the american people. who's voices he feels theels president-elect feels that he is responding to. so the inauguration i hope thate it's look at as what it's meantn to be, a new chapter in our i o american history, and that rhee it's respectful and maybe the t tone of it will be different.l maybe maybe it won't.'t. but i think we'll see what theht leadership of the inaugural inag committee puts together for thef country.y >> i think just like we saw throughout the campaign with tha election we just don't know atwa this point.. >> it's all surprises.all surp >> we do appreciate you joining us. >> thank you for having me. for >> sharing your years at the yet white house with us that ish usi morning and your time ature american university.versit >> 8:53. let's check in with wisdom andsd holly and find out what's cominc up in a few minutes on good day. >> hi, guys good morning. mor >> let's talk about the trump transition.siti
8:54 am
story. who will get those crucial cabinet seats. tbinet ats >> could real surprises be onldr the way? what you need to know in the first fivea e minuteswhf good day d.c. >> plus maryland woman attackedc boy bear in her own driveway. di in you details on this terrifying encounter. >> can you believe it? thanksgiving one week away. tiz the season for gift giving.v what are the who of the to testo gift cards to give this year.ea we have the top five.v >> all new at 9a a popular fox anchor ainsley ear heart writtei a new book, children's bookren' dedicated to her d she joins us live to tell us als about it. >> i'm looking forward to that.i live with us on goodng day at 1a singer song writer actress christina a meal i don't knowt k the triple threat.plehrea she has new campaign she wantsts you to hear to hear a >> live in the loft he sharesinl the name of a legendary singerge comedian bob marl system here ty make us laugh on this thursday s morning. >> always can use a good laugh.a cyber attack, bomb shellsb revealed an near death d experience that's just anotheror episode of empire.
8:55 am
10:15.10 tell us what you think.s whatout >> i want to say one thing.ay oi we really bring it in november.e we bring it every month. m so all the copy cats out thereue just remember, you got no shot. can't touch us.t touc u good day d.c. just moments away. >> all right mc hammer can'tme c touch this.hi [ laughter ] >> thanks, guys. we'll switch gears and talkt about what's happening overseass and we're talking about somee breaking developments in spain. fun and movies.andov kevin mccarthy to spain end goto a chance to do real cool stufflf over the past few days.ast d >> including a seven hour action shoot on the set of a brand neww movie called assassins creed and got his own movie trailer torait prove it. take a look at kev behind the
8:56 am
?? ?? >> so as cool as that was,s thaw that's actually not the finished product. prod >> oh no. >> kevin said -- you saw like aw lot of that with the cameraamera people it in. in.
8:57 am
film view of it. >> right. >> that's where the movie magic ens.ens. kevin becomes -- in march of 218. >> a super star. sta trailer will be watched morer wh than any other fox5ed m trailern history. >> we want to send out veryd special wish to you are facebook fan of the day patricia brantlyy and her birthday today.od happy birthday. go on facebook and wish her a h happy birthday.happrth >> she's 46 years old today. 46l you looking great. g. she says she's been fox5 fan for as long as she can remember andm she watches us every morning. mr to be part of our next facebookk adventure fan of the day post p your selfie under patricia's.a' >> hope off great day.ofgrea we're in the going anywhere.oiwr k arouaround. good day is neck right afteright this.
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?? clinton brutally honest reaction to last week's shocking loss.os >> all i wanted to do is just tt curl up with a good book or ouro dogs and never leave the house >> plus is donald trump's whitee house transition in turmoil? to we'll have the very latest.. >> our goal is to keep our students safe.ents saf >> a message from montgomeryer county students.nts after peaceful protests turned violent. why it could mean an end to to


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