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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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gary joins us in the weather center. he'll have your cold forecast and i' youll have your roads inv just ae yo moment. men >> let's start with the news. a tragic story in staffordd county virginia.irginia. police are searching for cluesou in a murder is you side thatidet left four people including twodg ildrenen dead. >> fox5's lauren demarco hasarch more on what we're learning lea about the victims. victims >> reporter: it's just it's ju sickening. an entire family gone and a according to neighbors it wasrs two parents a young child and ca a small baby.alab they were all living in theinhe here behind me.. now, this family is family s familiar to us. thefa news the new before because one of them temporarily went missing last year.. but we're not releasing any ofny their names because thes e t stafford county sheriff'seriff's office is still working to workg notify relatives. relates a spokeswoman held a press conference this afternoon. afte. she gave surprisingly little detail, just speaking foring about a minute or so. s here's the bulk of what shredhae to say. >> the preliminaryliminary
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related and it's a murder-suicide. the ages of the deceased are a 35-year-old male, a 30-year-old female, a five-year-old female and an 18n month old female.em >> reporter: she went on tot to call this a very delicatelica situation and refused to take t any questions.stns detectives continued o searchrc for evidence into the eveningng hours after the medicaltee examiner arrived and left. we don't know death. none of the neighbors recallec hearing gun shots but even iff they did they wouldn't think'thi much of it because it backs up to quantico it's unclear when the murderr and suicide took place.k we know the police were calleded out to the home at 9:00 a.m. police who live here were justt shocked. one man broke down in tears. tr another man who did not want wat to show his face on camera wasas out walking his dog and he and h said the horror of this ishi i
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take a listen. >> it's something that youhihaty don't expect anywhere let alone in a place like this. t a lot of folks that live heree are military or government or former government, so it's it' kind of a -- i don't want to say upscale but it's a comfortable neighborhood thatd t we don't normally seee things -- well, who seesl, who s anything like this?hi >> reporter: at this pointr: ais just a few officers left heret e at the they are wrapping up but willapi be back out here tomorroworrow morning and that's when we'reate expecting to be able to bring b you some updates in this in stafford, lauren demarco, fox5 local news. >> 4:32 right now. now. a former montgomery county couy teacher facing more trouble trob this morning.this morning now accused of sexually abusing as many as five students at changeoverlyy elementary school in silver 50-year-old john digna turnedige himself into police after three more victims werere vtimsw identified.
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in june accused of abusing twost students while he was at thehi h school. police say other victims have timsav come forward who say they wereyr abused by him as early as the year 2000. 2000. >> meanwhile today anwhileay 19-year-old who tried to buy a jaguar in his elderly elder godmother's name will face thefe judge in court. crt the crime happened in staffordpn county back in edseptembe irn sr before. being arrested on that fraudt case robinson has been arrested in florida for practicing medicine i didn't dn' outa lie sense. >> school bus aide accused of children with special needs is also scheduled toecial appear n court today. michael potapiy.. >> talk politics now. now president-elect donald trump has offered ridetirened rt lieutenant general michael mha flynn the job of national security ad fifty five.iv flynn has been a closen ha adviser to trump and has worked witr h him onto nationall
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senate confirmation.firmio >> president-elect is planning-e to meet with one of his most outspoken opponents for what is being called a "healing meeting."meg." a source close to trumpurce says the president-elect willrei meet withde former gop presidential nominee mitteeitt romney this weekend too continue mending fenc. romney reportedly called trump to congratulate him after hisulf victory last weekte which trumpu said was very nice. and tonight americans will get t a special chance to see a side s of the president-elect that isct rarely seen. be aiws will hour special called cal objectified donald trump atd 8:00 p.m. d tonight.onht. >> the show will feature anturen interview with donald trump as a he show cases a variety ofty o objects inside his homeome offering stories behind eachac one. here's a sneak peek. pk. >> my understanding isding business school was not your y first >> well, i wanted to be in a business that you're very familiar with. make motion pictures.
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>> what was it, about, i mean,, that's why -- what was it that literally was going make youou break from what your dad didr dd and start a career in film? >> i just liked it. just d it. i always liked the it. i liked the glamour of movies. >> again, objectified donaldobje trump debuts tonight at 8:008:00 p.m. with special encoresor saturday and sunday also at alsa 8:00 p.m. meantime, we're getting anen encore performance right now from gary mcgrady.dy 4:35 is the >> the one and only. only. >> he is talking aboutng >> this is a great day today. a gre mentioned earlier this week that it is a greatreat day to play hookie, if youkie, can. we didn't. we're all here but it's going g to be great this afternoon. aftn i don't know, maybe you try to y speak out of the office aout little bit that'stt all.'s a that will be all right.. dulles at 32, gaithersburg 34.s3 it's cold out there.'s col it's starting out cold. manassas below freezing. frein east readings in the suburbsin b
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bit above.. we make it up to 70 degrees.deee so, we put down 70 for a high. manassas 70's degrees. culpeper winchester you may get up to 71 or so. or a little cooler for now.ow. a little cooler forr leonardtown and quantico isico i 67. if the winds don't go southwest this afternoon int thi d.c. we won't get to 70's butut surrounding areas will bewill upper 70's. it will be just as good iusi promise wi and light winds.d lighnd we'll have a couple of daysve here at 70's degrees a and c tht we're going to get much, much m colder.ld we'll have details coming up.g right now back upstairs topstait erin como with traffic.raic >> 4:36 right now thank you very much gary.har we're taking a look all rightokt friday morning commute and sonig far inside the beltway we are ce nice and quiet. problem free on 395 the entirent stretch from the beltway torom o the 14th street bridge.14th s i trlike what i'm seeing on 2955 outside the beltway coming comin inbound from annapolis on 50 you're problems just outside oftside of fredericksburg in virginia on on
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95 northbound lanes all lanes ls remain shut down just north of r ladysmith road. there's a tractor-trailer crash there they need tos a get cleared. you'll have to detour aroundaron that. if you're heading towardsowards fredericksburg or staffordr sta this morning please be mor pleae prepared to add extra time toe your commute. we have you covered with yourou friday morning drive. drive >> all right. thank you very much erin. muc ei thank you gary.y. 4:37 is the time. a baltimore police officer oic once charged in the death ofed i freddie gray is speaking outay a for the first time.t e. what she's saying about the metro safety once again infy the spotlight after the agencyge over concerns they could goould too fast. ith whouve with what you need to as we head to break righthe now a live look tlioo thk e time is 4:37.7. the temperature is 45 degrees 4s t happy friday. more news, weather and traffic comit eang uthp in just a momen.
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? harry's meeting clients from far away.? ? but they only see his wrinkles. ? ? he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal. ? ? better find a way to smooth things over. ?
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e would be less-wrinkly and winning at life. ?? >> ?? >> 4:39 is the time right now.he back now with what's trending on this friday morning.
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female police officer charged o in the death of freddie gray is speaking outth o. officer alicia white says before all charges wererges dropped against her in july w shagaie snspent much of the last year with crippling anxiety a and the stress led to a broken engagement with her fianc?.e however she maintains her h innocence and says when shes wh went to work that day she did everything that she was trained to irst oftr the six the six officers charged to do a sit-down >> next up also out oft of baltimore a disturbing videoa di is making its way it shows a middle black student and yellingyell racially charged comments atomm other students. at one point she even grabsoint one of the students by the sweatshirt and tells him to shet leave the class before screaming the n-word at them. ne baltimore city schools dom. says the behavior will not be tolerated and that teacher no to longer works for the school.cho. >> next up, remember the guy who smashed donald trump'sdonalu star on the hmpollywood walk ofo fame last month? well, nowl, nw he's facing felony vandalism argeges. the los angeles d.a. child thehe
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he faces three years in jail. video of otis using a sledge hammontoner to smash the staror went viral. te said he did it to protest trump's treatment of women. wen >> cam newton may have leftave l his fashion sense at home at hoe thursday night. nht the reigning m.v.p. debuted some fox tail zebra print pregame.pram twitter went to town on them. users tweeted things like cam has dead furbys hanging on his ints.s. the panthers beat the saints sai twenty three 20 and i say doreea you. i like the fashion. >> what's interesting isinteregs that's against the rules. rul >> is it? >> yeah. >> too much flare. >> you get fined for that.>> t r they have a person in the nfl who stands on the sidelines s and tells people you can'ts peop wear that. >> hm. >> and they get fined. they t fn >> and he was able tedo play the whole game with those on. o imagine that.ha >> some people just do certainot things. time right now is 4:41. n is new details in that in
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still ahead, we hear from the victim pleading for help for hel moments after the horrific encounter. >> first more safety concerns for metro.ore sa why it's working to remove an entire fleet of rail cars.raar >> we're going break right nownb at 4:42 way live look outside.ui we're back in just a moment. >> ?? ? >> you know you want to dancet t to madonna with me.
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>> ?? news morning.5 >> he's -- he's broken my armss and my i can't move. and i'm bleeding and i'm going to die.toie >> part of a frightening 911ni11 call from a frederick county c maryland woman after she wasomat attacked by a black bear in br her drive way. way this happened on wednesdayneay night. we're told the woman is nowldomn good condition in the hospitalea some surgery. wildlife officials did have toi put it down. >> 4:45. thank you very much for joining us.yojoinin. i'm erin como alongside wisdomse and gary.gary. >> yeah, that bear story istorys really frightening 'cause garyer and i live out in let's justn l call it the sticks.he sti there's lots of animals. ama we see deer fox all the haven't seen a bear bfout thatut is frightening to thinkthin that -- -- >> well, i heard from a friendei that there was actually a bear b
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>> that's very frightening.righg >> kind of bedding down andof they had to restrict all the bre kids from playing outside out until they were able to do t d whatever they do. >> we're out in the suburbs in s what used to be the animals'nils memes. it's not out of the realm of of possibility that these wildd animals can be in yourinour backyard. we hear aboutck this stuff all the time. >> i understand she>> i under accidentally may have gottenave between the bear and the just a sad situation for her. hr >> let's switch gears and talkwc about weather on this fridayathe mor rning. >> so gorgeous today.>> s i be thereo trumpeting this al week long.weong. >> good happy hour congestionono for this friday.rida >> happy hour all day long not to mention -- we're startingtain out -- it's friday so does ites get any better than just beinghi friday in the first place? >> absolutely not. >> i don't care if it's i d snonowing.'ting. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. w >> hold on.dn. >> easy wisdom. >> okay. >> he's actually walking this
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today. toda i say snow because it'se it' friday, right, because bec everything is okay on a is ok o friday. we'll get to 70 degrees today.oy manassas 30 degrees and temperatures get up to 70p t today. i mean, we're going for it. i'll say this.llay this. if the winds continue outoni of the south, going across the e potomac for national, we probably won't officially get to 70 degrees at national.nal. the winds go southwest, then we'll get to 70 at national nato but all around us it's going itg to be upper 60's to 70 degreesgr so just a not much has changed with thiss weekend forecast. we're still going to goaso 70 degrees tomorrow.w. actually 70 degrees plus because i think some of use i will be over 70 degrees.grees. much, much colder on sunday.y. winds gusting saturdayti s evening. listen to this, guys. winds gusting saturdaygustia evening maybe to 50, okay. oka and then winds gusting on sunday 40, 45 so it's going to t be real blustery especially zone. it will feel like it's in they 30's all dayfeel l long.ik lg. enjoy the next couple of days because it looks like a little
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erin it's your turn. t >> right now unfortunately now u gary we have some moree some breaking news with youreaking commute. 66 westbound is closed. cse traffic is squeezing by on the shoulder at the dulles toll dulo road. there's a crash involving involi several cars.severaar you can see even though it'sug i only 4:48 in the morning we do w have a lot of backed upck u traffic leading towards thatarda accident point.oint again, 66 westbound at thewestbt dulles toll road traffic tffic squeezing by on the shouldere s as you head towards falls f church you're going hit that hit location of the crash.e cr you may want to take seven to hop back onto the interstate ine as you head outside the you hea beltway. we'll certainly keep youl ce updated on all of this becauses something atypical for your fory friday morning drive. also 95 northbound as you head a towards fredericksburg allcksbua lanes shut down right now justos north of ladysmith road.oa we're dealing with a tractor-trailer crash.r cr detour in place.. 606 to route one northbound.ortn we'll keep you updated on all oa this breaking news for your y friday morning drive.inrive whiz. >> 4:48 is the time.8 ishe t metro police trying tong identify a man accused ofed of
4:49 am
silver spring metro station. sti the victim tells police thee t man grabbed her buttockser but yesterday evening while she was on the elevator.levato police believe the man got onven a train g and left the station.i they're going over security surt camera footage.. >> 4:49. fox5 is tracking metro this thi morning where concerns about c your safety have prompted theed head of the transit agency to reorganize all 4000 series ser ars. cars. there's safety concern thatce ta could cause the trains to goraio too fast. >> fox5's melanie alnwick is station. >> reporter: they decided they were going pulleporte all 4 series cars off the track andck that would have meant fewerould eight car trains for riders but then after taking a look hcr at more data it a wasft decidedc that the 4000 series cars are c okay as long as they are not not the lead car.. now, metro says the 40000 series as we know are the least reliable in its fleet.leet these have been in service
4:50 am
fortunately there's only about a 80 cars in the fleet, makes up about 7 percent of the fleet.fl. metro says this is a very lowery risk issue and this move is mov being taken really just out of f an abundance of caution for the safety of now we know there have been b issues with the 4000 seriess cars before.ef take a look at this video fromio a couple years ago. a people remember this, right, the car doors flying open.n. now that led metro to pull the 4,000's off the tracks in 20'sns 10 and ag now the automatic trainatic t control system or atc is thes th issue this time. t metro says it lacks thelacks the specialized equipment to testze thed eq atc's speed command syss each year as recommended by the manufacturer and a problembm has popped up. fox5's contributor martintrutor dicaro explains to us whatshat that >> reporter: m. >> that's what dictates thete spacing and speed of trains it prevents collisions so if there were to be malfunction
4:51 am
series, a false speed commanded could be given train operator g who is riding thativen accelerar in the cab. ifin a 4000 series rail car is i the lead car. a false speed command meansmandm that the operator could behe o revving the train too quickly, k therefore, createing ain collision risk. >> reporter: now, metro sayste it isr: n planning on retiring g of the 4000 series cars by 2017. they'll be replaced by those 7000 series rail cars. live at i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> 4:51 is the time right now.ew a frantic rescue under way w overseas right now for a groupup of miners trapped hundreds of feet below the ground. the gro the latest coming up next. >> 4:51 ahead at 5:00 more questions than answers this morning after an entire familyr is found dead inside theirnse home from an apparent murder-suicide. what we're learning about w thosee're l victims.icti >> going to break right nowig way live look outside on thisdet friday morning. stay with with us. we're back after this.his.
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>> ?? >> back now at 4:54 and b developing overnight inack turkey, a mine collapse hasne cs left at least three peoplee dead. more than a dozen others are a still trapped inside.ilde right now rescue crews are onre the scene.ce officials say the copper mine cp in the >> all right. 4:54 is the time right now.ow let's talk to gary mcgradyry mcy about our friday forecast.ou inr fact, let's get today's's let's talk about what we'retalk going to do onwe saturday in saa regards to the forecast and atoc little football forecast as fooo well. so, just give it to us -- give it all to us. >> and maybe a little sneakittla preview of thanksgiving.nksgin >> yeah, here we go. wait. are we interrupting you gary.e we >> you iyou mentioned the footbl forecast. i thought hey i got it righti tt here so i'll just go to it buto
4:55 am
>> i understand.nderstand. >> we appreciate it gary.e >> since erin wants to knowapprw thanksgiving as well let's getls the football forecast and then we'll talk about right now and this morning and then we'll jump to the foo atbboall fornioc how about that.w aboutha >> we're so needy.dy thank you. >> i mean the thanksgivinghanksg forecast. 30's for the football game. the look, it is going to bgae coldsc out there and it's going to be really breezy, windy, tempsdy, p are going to be kind ofnd dropping into the 30's.o th 3 wind chill factor is going tong be in the 20's so it's t really, really winter like out there. we will be dry. we're just talking about some clouds okay and what i'm okay wt telling you is bundle up for the game if you're going out temperatures right now pretty rt cold especially out in theut t frederick has dropped to 30. westminster has dropped to 37 degrees. winchester is 34. today's forecast is simple. 7wis fo0.rend 70. how about that? we're done. sole, here's what i'll say.ay. in terms of thanksgiving, itsgii looks like on thanksgivingnksgin we're probably going to haveave some showers around for thehe first part of the day and thenne we're going to trend drier forrr the afternoon. temperatures on thursdayes y will be in the 50's.wi i would say lower toll mid-50's'
4:56 am
quickly the sunshine comesy e out. that's the way it's lookingooki right now. a lot of the modeling has been b real consistent in at least at l just trying to bring a few a few showers through on thursday thua morning so i think this one ts looks pretty good for us.etood not a bad thanksgiving at allt and again, we may have a few showers and then sunny and dry and wednesday looks pretty good for travel. tuesgoday looks, really nice for travel and then the way it'sayt' shaping up right now sundayowuna looks pretty decent for traveltl as everybody is coming homeminge from grandma's house so therenda you 'sgo. i think i tried to cover all the points for you guys, your special requests. s >> great job gary and really j who could beob happier aboutbout this friday forecast? reallyt?a nice weather out there. rightreh now unfortunately not the same s story with your roads aroundro the dmv. starting you off just south of fredericksburg 95 northbound shut down north ofks ladysmithbh road. there is a tractor-trailer-til accident at that location. locio all northbound traffic isnd trai being diverted ladysmith road to northbound route one. take route oneorth towardsneow fredericksburg this morning. mng otherwise you could get stucke in ayo bigu backup especially y
4:57 am
that's not the only problem pro we're dealing with thisth is morning.rn 66 westbound right now all now a lanes are closed at the dulles l toll road because of a crashsh involving several sevea this is in falls church.h. the shoulder is sneaking byneg b even though all lanes are and we don't have much volumeonv but look at that long line of to avoid that hop on seven, take seven or 50 over. ove do you have options. opt 50 is a really good one.ood o 29 as well. w if you wants to get outside the beltway.the we'll keep you updated because u we're already dealing withalrea these problems this morning.wits wisdom. very much. right vee tis the time. after epic twitter tirade soupau model kate upton's boyfriend now coming to her service on seo social on -- defense on social media.ed the most wonderful time ofum the season.ea one viewer could win four tickets to six flags holidayol in the park. p the prize has an approximate
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