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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> new details in a triple suicide. what we learned about the father's troubled pam. >> buckle up for a weekend weather roller coaster. we're expecting warm temperatures followed by a major plummet. "fox 5 news" at 10 starts right
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>> we begin tonight with a developing story out of hyattsville, maryland, two teenage boys beaten and left on the side of the road. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> the attack happened:30 this afternoon bellcrest road near northwest hoois. lauren demarco has the latest tonight. >> teens were attacked with a piece of wood and knife. the one most seriously injured suffered major trauma to the back of his head. city of hyattsville police say spotted boys one lying on the sidewalk and ran over to help. >> and it happened along bell crest road just around the corner from northwestern high school where the two victims are student when we arrived, investigators laid out evidence markers in the area and they say two teens were attacked by a group of about 5 to 10 suspects. while the one young man remains in the hospital in critical and stable condition the other victims' injuries were minor. after the attack the suspects
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for early 20s took off running prince george mall. where were students targeted. this were no signs of robbery. the attack happened:30 in the afternoon and earlier in the day a group of kids northwestern were out in front of the school protesting the outcome of the presidential election and police say they have no reason to believe the event were related. we spoke with several classmates that deposit want to talk on camera and told us they heard the attack was gang related. police would not confirm that but say they but say they are not ruling it out and this was not, they, believe, a random attack. detectives are interviewing witnesses and if you saw or heard anything in the area at that time, they want to hear from you. in hyattsville, lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". >> we have new information tonight phone a tragic triple murder-suicide in stafford county. the sheriff office released identity of couple and two children found dead yesterday. investigators believe lance buckley killed his family before taking his own life.
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last year. "fox5" alexandra limon has the latest. >> i've been here on the scene all day long yesterday and today and had a chance to talk to several neighbors and friends who say they were close to the buckley's and what many people have told me is they wonder whether lance buckley was struggling with mental health issues and perhaps didn't receive the help he needed. >> one week before thanksgiving lance buckley and reported murder-suicide and then hung up. when the county deputy arrived they found four bodies and they were 17-month-old abigail buckley, 5-year-old claire buckley, 30-year-old amy buckley and 35-year-old lance buckley the man they said mate the fateful 911 call. >> stafford public county schools are saddened by the loss of claire buckley. it say dive tult time.
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down to designated area where they can go in and talk to the counselors about whatever they need to discuss. >> as the entire community tries to deal with the tragedy that rocked the quiet neighborhood in stafford county, frez questions continue to swirl because it appears there were red flags in may of last year shortly after the couple's second daughter was born the howard university ph.d. student vanished and multiple law enforcement agencies launched a huge search and his mother buckley, begged for the public's help. >> we are devr state. there are no words to describe that the feeling that this is. the helplessness and we're trying hard to reach out to people to get answer. >> authorities expressed concern about buckley having a gun later he was found unharmed at a camp ground near harper ferry no reason given forever what happened.
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surviving family members including his parents anden type community including youngest are left dealing with a great loss. >> today claire's kindergarten class the students made a book memorable book and memorial book and students could put memory on paper in the book that was a healthy activity they did today to remember claire. >> the richmond medical examiner released cause of death. the big question is whether lance was strulinging with mental illness. what more could have been done to help this family and to help future family from avoiding these types of tranl diz. reporting in stafford county, alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". we have the late ekt now on the transition of president-elect donald trump. he has now nominated several people to lead key agencies in the government.
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is head coach to head the cia they consider him a hawk and tabbed alabama senator jeff session to be the next attorney general. but he could face a rocky road ahead. 30 years ago congress reject add appointment to be a federal judge over allegations he made racially incensetive comments. also, truthp is now nominated retired general michael flynn to be national security advisor. he was a close add vis or to trump during the presidential campaign. yet another student our area this inside a prince george county high school. and students at wise high school said they were told they would be punished if they left the school building so many protested in the hallway and cafeteria. and students admit things got a bit out of hand. one student was even escorted out of the area by a security guard. here's how students described it. >> it kind of got disruptive and out of control. but, that's what you kind of
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trying to get into it don't know the reason why. >> everybody was yelling and everybody screaming and people getting pushed around. >> why was that because of what school officials did. >> yeah it was not necessarily what school officials did. they did their best to keep it under control but there's,000 children in the school. >> school officials say the student you saw escorted out was removed for being disorderly. no one was arrested. there were no injuries. a student walkout did occur this afternoon at northw sky fox was over the scene in hyattsville as the students marched from the school. the student protest was not as big as some of the ones we've seen in recent days. and the demonstration though was peaceful. no word on whether student will receive any type of reprimand for walking out of class. >> and a number of traditional democratic groups are now calling on president-elect trump to send a powerful message to his supporters. stop the hate and stop the violence. the american federation of teachers joined with civil rights labor and religious
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president-elect to take action. they wanted him to call for the in to waiver of racist, bigoted and violent incidents that took place nationwide since the presidential election. >> we call on the president-elect to use the power and authority of his po circumstance both as president-elect and then as president to clearly loudly, and unequivocally deannounce hate and bias and make clear that al treated with dignity and respect. >> head of the teacher's union says during the campaign donald trump stoked fear and dive etion and hate cannot now become the new normal in society. >> will attend the a plaintiff exhibit summit. the summit is the final stop. apec is made up of 21 countries
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global trade and more than half of them agree to the trade and they discuss the del and what the successor may do about it. >> they do not know itself what it will do. all that suggests we have a holding pattern for a while. >> donald trump blasted transpacific partnership and called it disaster pushed by special interest. well, its with a into the 70s at least in parts of the area but a major change is haded our way. it will get really cold and winds will be biting. let's academic with gwen tolbart. >> let's see a dip in temperatures. you will twoond bundle up. first part of tomorrow will be on sixt like today. but let's take a look at what is happening here. we have a frontal system now
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the upper midwest and headed our way. with that frontal system we will see pretty serious cold. here's a look at what can be anticipated. a winter weather advisory, yes. old man winter making its presence felt over areas of the north and northwest. and the alleghany front is expected to see anywhere from 3 to 6" of snowfall and with that, some gusty winds. we are talking blowing snow as well here. and it's going to be happening as we move through into saturday with the frontal system coming through through until sunday. so, if you head to this area, do be aware. here's a look at what we're talking about. temperature-wise now. 52 annapolis and 53 d.c. and 48 gaithersburg and dulles and 46 fredericksburg and 48 winchester and 50 cumberland and 45 march continuesburg. but if you take a look at national picture it's clear where this the cold front it right now. take a look at that blue. 0s. all the way to east and 40s all
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the country and that is what is headed our way. so as we get into sunday and monday daytime highs will only be in the 40s while tomorrow will be day where we'll be in the 70s. unbelievable. 50 for tonight however. clear skies. chilly. southerly wind 5 to 10 miles an hour and we're talking weekend where we got a temperature roller coaster theme going on. it's going to get pretty cold and we'll also have pretty significant wind chills. flurry to the north. i'll have more details a little later. shawn. >> thank you, gwen. despite d.c. leaders efforts to reduce homelessness more and more people are ending up on the streets? a new report says d.c. saw one of the biggest increases in homehomeness nationwide over the last year. we look at the growing problem next at 10. >> and someone diagnosed with tuberculosis at a maryland high school.
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>> a new report shows homelessness dropped 20% since 2010 and unfortunately those numbers don't node d.c. >> we saw a major spike in that time frame. lindsey watts has more on the findings and i understand you visited one of d.c.'s biggest >> this is what we found by kennedy center quite a few tents throughout right now n d. there's a ban on public camping and the city removes cams like these and inevitably they come back. a dramatic jump in d.c. homeless population. a new federal report on homelessness showed 30% spike since 2010 and 57% spike since 2007 and these are biggest increases in the country.
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was told issue is not that there's not enough room in area shelters they don't want to go. and that brings me to another outstanding finding in that report which is 96% of d.c. homeless population live in shelters. and so about 8,000 people are in shelters right now and just a few hundred on the streets. this is interesting especially considering mayor muriel bowser plan to combat homelessness. part of that is giving year round shelter access to families. as a man pulled over because he saw our news van and wanted to talk about ways to help and eventually he shared with us he knows firsthand how eyesy it can be to end up down and out in a city where housing is so expensive. >> probably over the course of four or five months every night i would get back in the car and it was cold around the time was. there i would have to turn on the car to stay warm. myself hi a vehicle.
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so, i feel like again if there's anything we can do as a community i'll tate first step. >> if you live in maryland or virginia better news for you out of this report on homelessness. both states we've seen 30% drop over the last six years. >> and lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> fairfax country police need your help to locate a man who exposed himself to a child. the alleged incident last night inside a target store arlington boulevard in falls church. police put out this surveillance photo of the man they want to talk to. investigators say he struck up a conversation with two young boys inside a bathroom one of the children quickly left and the other stayed behind. and police say that is when the man exposed himself. and the boy ran out and told his father. but the man was gone. and investigators are looking for him now. >> and to annapolis, maryland police are trying to solve
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someone shot charles carol on july 28 royal seat to and he later died of wounds at a hospital and fbi and annapolis police are working together to find the person responsible. earlier today they announced a 10,000 reward for information. >> we're depending on the community and depending on the public to provide information as we have gotten in other crimes that we've solved in city of annapolis and our message should be very, very clear. neither nor the fbi and our law enforcement partners or community will tolerate violent crime in the city of annapolis. >> carole's father is pastor in annapolis and he and his wife attend. his name is charles. reverend corral preached against gun violence. it is heartbreaking to have lost a son and he hopes someone will step forward to help
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>> a new tuberculosis case is confirmed. they're expanding the investigation after learning the person freak rents robert stephham educational center after hours. they sent home letters that may have been exposed. tuberculosis is bacterial illness spread through the air by coughing or sneezing it is treatable and preventable. >> it's a story you s "fox5" a pup any stolen from owner's yard. >> weeks lightser the dog was returned and charges were filed. >> lighting up dupont circle the new green energy project that has you electrifying the circle with every step you take. details coming up. >> and as we head to break beauty is in the eye of the beholder. stressed out men prefer heavier women.
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training and those in environments largely stress free. >> as stress levels increase canned they related heavier female spaces it follows in line with evolutionary findings that thinness may indicate sickness or inability to
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>> new tonight at 10:00 the district is now finding a way to use pedestrians to power. >> d dot unveiled a new sidewalk in dupont circle. sarah simmons sarah simmons has the latest. >> dew point circle one of the buzzest areas of the city and now the district is using that to the advantage it's called a kinetic sidewalk. >> they collect energy from pedestrians. the football energy is
10:22 pm
evening there's accent lighting in the pocket park. >> the new connecticut avenue overlook park sits on south side of dupont circle and you can see the led lighting from underneath the benches that serve as a place to sit and take a break. >> our estimate are that about 1,000 people per hour during rush hour cross the medians here and overall there's about 10,000 pe pedestrians a day. so what that equates is about enough energy hours each evening ever led lighting. >> more importantly, the park is offer the grid as long as people are walking, the lights will always come on. an important piece of the program as country aging power grid is pushed to its limit. >> the sky is the limit. there's sidewalks everywhere and pedestrians and cities are an opportunity to collect energy and power many more devices than just these leds on benches.
10:23 pm
could be powered this way, streetlights. >> could. >> that's the hope. >> for now it's a pilot program and project designers see this as energy saver for the future. sarah simmons, "fox5 local news". and to follow up police made arrest in dog napping case in the distribute. surveillance captured a man stealing a golden retriever puppy cruise onel myra street they identified the man as lieu ease phonedel he took the puppy because it was being mistreated. we asked the dog's owner what he wanted to happen anyone this case. >> my family is happy we have peace of mind. and closure now that he is safe and back. and we just don't want anything like this to happen again. you commit a crime you need to be held accountable for the
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>> fondell turned himself in yesterday and the other person in the video was not charged. >> president-elect trump was reportedly suing district. the lawsuit resolves around fax taxes for new trump international hotel. bloomburg reports that lawyers for llc owned by donald trump and children filed the suit. their first lawsuit which alleged the district over taxed hotel was dismissed in october. it's now being refiled in separate petitions for each of the lots that me property. trump's legal team argued $1.7 million tax bill in 2015 and 2016 was too high because the hoe it tell was only partially completed at the time. mean while, lawyers for the president-elect reached a settlement over fraud allegations stemming from now defuvrpingt trump university. students claim they were lured into paying up to 35,000 to learn trump real estate success strategies the settlement is
10:25 pm
around three civil lawsuits and the agreement will also clear trump of any wrong doing in the case. >> all right. it's that time of year people across the country are getting ready for thanksgiving feast. >> i'm sorry i didn't mean to step on you you. >> must be anxious to get to thanksgiving. >> i am washington wizards john wall stepped up to help local families in need. >> and coming up tomorrow on weekend edition of fox news morning the folks from restaurant seasons 5 here to share thanksgiving recipes and you know with all of the thanksgiving feeingtsing we're about to do it's important to have a fitness plan in place. a local entrepreneur who created his own fitness app will be here to show us how it works and also it's a great opportunity to cross off some gifts your christmas list. we'll show you holiday shopping ideas in a review of small business saturday in alexandria. it's always a greet event. saturday edition of fox news morning kicks offer tomorrow at
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>> we're back with a look at tonight's stories two teenagers were attacked near northwestern hoois this afternoon. two teenage boys were assaulted along bell crest road by a group of 10 to 15 teens. one of the head injury and is hospitalized in critical condition. the other boy suffered only minor injuries. right now it's not clear why they were attacked. no arrest were made. >> and to stafford county, virginia police released" ty s of a family found dead inside a home yesterday. police say that 5-year-old lance buckley called 911 to report a murder suicide in windsor forest subdivision. buckley, amy, 5-year-old
10:30 pm
were all found dead. lance buckley was actually in the news in may of 2015 after he went missing for several days. at that time he was found safe at a camp site in west virginia. >> and upper marboro maryland a high school walkout became disorderly this afternoon. kids didn't leave the campus they stayed inside the high school and as they walked out of classs in protest of donald trump election. this happened at wise high school. one video shows students chaptering no justice no peace. no arrests was injured. >> well, we've got really, really changing weather coming our way. temperatures will really dip within 24 hours that will be unbelievable. we're looking at frontal system that is now producing rain in upper midwest and headed our way and with it we will see snow in the upper elevations over the alleghany front. temperatures are really going to plummet. take a look. you can see pretty indicative
10:31 pm
are really going to feel boxy winds and here 3 to 6" of snowfall over the mountains is expected. winter weather advisory in effect from 4 p.m. saturday through until 7 a.m. on sunday. for tonight for us, 50 is overnight low. we have a light southerly flow. clear skies and chilly in the overnight hours. we will see a little bit of warm-up for tomorrow. more than a little bit. we're headed to 70 for a daytime high. and before it all changes and we start really settling in. we're headed to the 40s after that. and i'll have all the details coming up in a bit. back to you. >> thanks, gwen. >> and we're less than a week away from thanksgiving families all over our area will gather taingt for food and fellowship. >> washington wizards star john wall is helping those in need. he kicked off the holiday season today. brody logan is here to explain. >> fans no about john wall's assist on the court and vision and passing ability put him
10:32 pm
often wall's biggest assists are offer the court. last year donating 400,000 to bright beginnings center for youth whose families live in shelter and tonight he dropped another dime to the d.c. community. he provided a warm thanksgiving meal for 500 children and families at malcolm x in southeast d.c.. the personal chef lauren picked up full thanksgiving feast with all the fixings and each family received a turkey to take home for thanksgiving day. john wall foundation malcolm x elementary. this was kickoff of next year after veent. wall gives back to children in the area because he sees a lot of himself in them. >> when i was a kid i did not have an opportunity to have a lot being less fortunate nobody is different we're all the same type of people you have money or don't i feel everybody is equal. is certain people are born into certain lifestyles and situation you cannot control and some don't have thanksgiving. i've been there times we had to
10:33 pm
might not have a lot of food certain nights. i lot of these families may not have a thanksgiving to go to. all of us can come together as one big family john wall foundation and people helping me and all the families eating and having chance to take electricy home and have thanksgiving next thursday will be a big factor to them and put a smile on their face. >> it's good for the community and this is one of the few that actually took the back. he has a good heart. that's all i can say there he's got a good heart. >> he's done in the community and this event and others tonight d.c. council declared november 18 john wall day in the district. and shawn and tony, i did ask john wall what his favorite thanksgiving side is. >> what did he say. >> he said he's a picky heater he likes ham and turkey and corn. >> what? >> that's it. he said he's a picky eater. >> i was waiting for him to say
10:34 pm
those things -- >> something like this. >> lesson to all the kids out there who parents say don't be physiciany eater you can be a picky eater and make it to nba. >> i don't know. jon with wall, cookie, corn, this is thanksgiving dinner. >> all the rage in the "fox 5 news" room. >> it's online look a viral thing. >> it's a sermon that became a song. >> yes. >> i just saw it this week. >> timely there's a thanksgiving song. >> there's a million christmas sons. >> it will start people with the christmas creep they want to do christmas through november. now we have a song for thanksgiving. >> look it up it's on youtube. somebody put music to it. >> she was disturb todd seat versions you're putting out there. >> she was not a fan of some of the dancing, twerking she didn't like so much.
10:35 pm
john wall. >>en joe juror ham, turkey -- >> thank you brody we appreciate it? . >> and the thanksgiving holiday is also a time of sharing 'giving which you guys know. these kids are taking that message to heart. earlier today the fourth and fifth graders country side elementary school in sterling worked together to fill thanksgiving baskets that will be disstick todd people in need in their community. >> it means a lot we have a lot of families that are really struggling right now and having a lot of hardship an a lot of hardship and families lost their jobs and we have a lot of single parents. this is important we had families calling and making sure we'll be here today. >> the children put the baskets together and they were distinct todd 150 family this evening. organizers say it's great to seat children so young showing so much compassion for others. >> another preholiday event put a huge smile on communities most cherished members.
10:36 pm
i love that term. seasoned citizens. the event took place this afternoon pr harris education center southeast. seniors that came were treat todd free lunch, dancing, many people that attended are long time community supporters and safety advocates in their neighborhood. >> getting down. >> he is going to town there. >> oh, okay, look it's like a "soul train" line did you see the next person came through right there. >> got it. >> we did feel like we need a "soul train". >> that would be great. >> we should go out on the street. >> let's do it sometime before the holidays. >> all right we'll do that okay guys tweet us and let us know where you like us to show up. >> so we know there's steep consequences for people who get caught drinking and driving what about lighting up and driving. >> a new breathalyzer steingt in the works to help police identify stoned drivers. see how it works next on
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sghv right now if someone is caught driving while stoned it is hard to prove it. a california laboratory is designing a new breathalyzer that should help. here's the story. >> most of us see pot like this. or like this. francis sees it like this. >> this is thc molecule. >> he spent the year and a half looking for pot, looking for it some place no one found it before in a user's breath. >> we had to develop new chemistry that can be done it was not obvious when we started that we could tag this. >> meantime it can be obvious to a street cop when somebody is driving stoned. >> for most of our officers impaired sim paid and they can see that based on their
10:41 pm
david dowdy with the u.s. ruinon that represents hoy way parolemen getting an arrest and conviction are two different things. >> because they don't have a tool like alcohol, it's very difficult for them to say, okay, all of these things that you saw that's wonderful. and you may have been right, officer. but we need to con vns a jury. >> that would be hound lab buzzing in with an answer. it's a breath test detect both alcohol and pot when the person taking exhales and that's important because there are already plenty of ways to tell in someone uses marijuana and to fell they smoked pot recentlyfy they're sfond, breathe is much better than urine or blood. >> thc resides met ab owe lights resnide media for the long time. sometimes days, sometimes month. so you cannot use those methods well to determine if someone
10:42 pm
marijuana or smoked marijuana you cannot tell how long it's been. >> while dr. francis has been working on the problem for a year an a half, mike lynn, ceo of houndlabs and guy demonstrating the breathalyzer for us has been working on this longer. >> we have tremendous interest from now only law enforcement but employers struggling with this problem and cannabis injury know you can't drive stoned. everybody accepts that. >> the breathalyzer best defense for pot users not stoned at the time they're pulled over. >> that was fox's ben d.c. reporting. >> and trauma at a local high school after students tried to walk out in protest. >> take a look that, this is not snow. doesn't it look like a bunch of old soap bubbles. >> bizarre leak at airport and the man who decided to ride bicycle through it we've got those stories and more coming
10:43 pm
. drivers you may want to listen up up we have another recall to tell you about. fiat chrysler is pulling back 35,000 dodge durangos and jeep grand cherokees because of a possible leak. and dodge darts over problems with windshield wipers. all models 2016. but there is a treat if you already are headed out for the national average for regular unleded falling again this week we're looking at $2.15 and dow up 36 points not enough to keep it from closing the week higher. >> and after you finish off that thanksgiving feast it is time to sleep it off. literally. accord to a new survey third of of americans say they will take a nap after they eat on
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>> we're in midst costser ride. >> 0s daytime high. 70 tomorrow daytime high. >> okie dokie. >> i then it's over dip coming in the roller coaster headed to 40s for two days in a low before 50s again. and we know we have a holiday coming up end of week and we have a nice forecast for that to tell people so they get ready and i also want to mention that healing souls is having a thanksgiving food drive and give ago way more than 500 turkeys to low income
10:48 pm
want toen kurm people who know anybody who has a meal to go there they'll give dressing, trimmings, desserts, everything, monday november 21, 1 to 5 ivy city smoke house 1356 oaky street northeast and they go into the community to give it out and they'll be a free concert, music with lack alley band as well as at the same time and smoke house partnered with various abouts and organizations, hats off to them and make sure families get to eat >> all right. now let's talk about this cold weather coming our way. enjoy the sunshine tomorrow for early part of the day because we're also going to have rain and boy do we have gusty winds to talk about here. lots happening on the weather buffet. let's begin with satellite imagery here. you see a line of wet weather. that's what's coming our way associated with a frontal system. it's a very strong cold front and as a result of cold air and that moisture we are talking
10:49 pm
higher elevation alleghany front from 4 p.m. saturday to 7 p.m. sunday 3 to 6" of snowfall possible here and winds gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour you know what that means in materials of hazardous conditions and be careful if you head to that. i cannot rule outcomeing to the northern areas and not looking at much for us at all. it will be all really concentrated here. there's a look at national map. i want to show you this because this is where that frontal system but that cold air will move its way straight across the mid atlantic and for us overnight lows into 40s and 50s tonight and few clouds and mainly clear skies. ridge of high pressure large and in charge and then we'll see ridge hold us steady for sunshine for early part of tomorrow and little bit of southerly breeze warming up to the 70s. then here it comes that cold front. with that cold front in the afternoon hours early evening of your saturday expect to see rain showers.
10:50 pm
air reinforcing shot here and those gusty winds. so, that's going to stick around until sunday as well. 67 degrees is midday forecast for you tomorrow. few clouds. then by the time we hit the 4:00 hour expect to see showers kicking in. we got a football game to talk about. well it's going to be cold, well into 30s and wind chills in the 20s. bundle up it is definitely football weather and hanks giving day temperatures will be out maybe a shower or two. here's your box 5 accuweather 7-day forecast look at the roller coaster. 70s to 40s to 50s what a week we'll have. few showers thursday as i said. we'll be back after the break.
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>> a puppy gets nruingterd with the dog dish. >> and later in life child
10:54 pm
>> "fox5" on the fly with laura evans. >> zika is here to stay. that's the word from the world health organization and now shifting from nine month emergency declaration to longer taerm approach again the virus. calling it a significant and enduring threat. nearly 0 countries have reported birth defects linked to zika. >>? what a lovely way of much you love me? >> waiting to have your first child may mean a longer life. researchers ucsd found women choosing to become first time morps later in life may increase chances of living into 90s. >> and i, will always love you? >> bobby christina's exboyfriend nick gordon order
10:55 pm
he was found legally responsible for bobby christina's death and filed appear in court for many proceeders the brown died in july of last year. she was 22 years old? president-elect trump's newest diplomatic weapon for relations in china his ground daughter arabella she's reciting poetry in man day written. it's a hit rights now on chinese social media million views, 4 years old in this video reciting a poem called sympathy for peasant one many chinese toddlers learn. >> poor little pup baffled by the doggy bone pictured at the bottom of his bowl. paws at it. tries to bite it. doesn't get it's not a bone just a picture. it's been shared more than 14,000 times and that's your "fox5" on the fly.
10:56 pm
>> i love that video. it's so cute. >> i love that sdmrt poor little doggy. >> we'll be right back with
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we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> right now at 11:00 a family lost to tragedy. what we've learned about the disturbing murder-suicide
11:00 pm
>> a twist to yet another student protest. how this one got out of control. >> and it's not even thanksgiving but a snowstorm is already pounding parts of the midwest. so what's your weekend looking like? the news starts rights now. i hope my weekend doesn't look like that. >> absolutely. >> back at home hyattsville police are looking for two attackers that two teenagers on the side of the road. i'm shawn yancy, >> i'm tone sglon it happened around 3:30 bellcrest road near northwest high school. "fox5" lauren lauren is fol the investigation. the teens were attacked with a piece of wood and knife. the one most seriously injured suffered major trauma to the back of his head. city of hyattsville police say an officer on routine patrol spotted boys and one of them lying on the sidewalk and ran


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