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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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utah and colorado, as the buckss try to punch their ticket to the pac-12 championship game. >> brady: you look at some of those matchups, alabama has already got the sec west locked up. florida clinched the sec east, so they will be playing against one another and that is easy championship. look at coleman, just continues to keep driving. we talked about myles gaskin taking over with coleman being quiet, it was actually versus arizona state where gaskin started the game, and really was the featured back, and it has been that ever since. >> joe: are you going to spend thanksgiving at home this year? >> brady: i will get a chance to, and am happy to do so with my wife and obviously my newborn baby, she is a little over four months. >> joe: minus five months today.
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coleman one more time. for a first down. so washington, for the first time since 2000, will reach ten wins. still very much alive in the hunt for the playoffs. they certainly control their own destiny to a pac-12 title, and as we have made the case as this night has rolled on, you figure controlling their own destiny in the playoff hunt, too. >> brady: they have knocked off, i don't know if you want to oregon, who had a strong streak against washington. now arizona state who had won ten straight against the huskies. so chris petersen checking a lot of these matchups in the pac-12 off the list. >> joe: arizona state, meanwhile, loses five in a row for the first time since the end of the 2011 season. that ended dennis erickson's tenure.
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territorial cup to become bowl eligible. jake browning, 338 yards and two touchdowns, john ross a career-high 12 catches for him tonight. arizona state kept him in front, all his longest catch was be you and they showed it tonight. >> brady: it was really their ability to capitalize off of turnovers, the two turnovers for arizona state turn into ten points early and started the momentum. >> joe: time for the taste of winning sponsored by coca-cola, down to jenny. >> jenny: coach, the message was a win and we control our destiny how pleased are you with the overall performance question right >> well, to get a win, we are always pleased. i think we have a few things to clean up, and that is why we practice. >> jenny: your defense continues to be your backbone, kevin king without interception early change the momentum. has a defense exceeded your expectations is here? >> well, we knew we had good players and i think they play
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am proud of them. >> jenny: you are off to a good start with ten wins this season, the first time since 2000. but i know next week at the big rivalry, how confident are you in preparing for that match up with washington state? >> they are a heck of a team, it will be a great game. >> jenny: okay, best of luck, thanks. >> joe: all right, jenny. thanks to coach petersen, the first win against arizona state as i i head coach of washington. wee are back here to seattle ia moment. eyeing all year. ? ?happiness is? ?happiness is? ?different things to different people? ?different things to different people? [gasp] the gift they're waiting for waiting on ebay. ?at's what happiness is? new, unique, and everything in between.
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"fox nfl kickoff" and america's number one pregame show, and then it's the bears and giants and other regional action bread coverage beginning tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern on fox. huge slate of games coming up next weekend, including the apple cup and chris petersen's bunch against washington state, that is on friday, and we will have utah and colorado on saturday with the south division
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the rest of our crew, joe davis
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>> winds pukd up and teming turz plummeted after a wild day of weather. what does the forecast have in for for us next. >> and then the search is on for a man that police say set a woman on fire. the latest on the investigation coming up. >> and another day of meeting for president-elect truthp as he works to complete his cabinet. we have the details on the sit
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late i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm matt ackland. >> let's start with the rorl coaster forecast. warm this afternoon and the wind brought in the cold and rain. and right now, it is chilly for sure. >> blustery out there, gwen, the temperatures taking aa dive. >> absolutely it's behind a strong frontal time that moved through this afternoon. an example of the contract was the fact at 2:00 it was in the 70s and 5:00 it was in the 40s. that's a really huge difference. let's take a look where we are in terms of temperatures. it's still cold out there and yes, still blustery with those winds. 4 this hour in the nation's capitol, 41 baltimore. we have the double fours fredericksburg and 41 mannasas and 40 dulles and 46 winchester avenue 37 at cumberland. so very, very cold and those winds creating some wind chills
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from 17 up to 37 miles per hour. and i want to tell you that in sox our neighbors we had peak wind gusts today from 40 to even 50 miles an hour. so, really, it was really felt out there. wind advisories in effect. we have a wind warping in effect a high wind warping for the higher elevation as long the alleghany front. where wind are gusting up to 55, 60 miles an hour and elsewhere brown we have wind advisory in effect 7 a.m. sunday will begin until midnight and winds there 50 to 55 miles an hour. tomorrow morning i and the wind to be even stronger. than they were today. and also, we have interest winter weather advisory north, northwest in effect and they're talking 4 to 8" of snowfall in the higher elevation around the moup tanz. that's another situation for
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your overnight low tonight, 36 degrees. cold, windy, with the gusty wind partly cloudy skies and had a little rain earlier. and some of you even saw a little bit of sleep sleet here and there. and i want to tell you we actually tied a record at dulles today. guess what it was? trace of snow. just a trace. flake or two passing by. all right i'll have more details app a look at the 7 day later. back to you. >> fairfax county now where about a horrific crime. police say this morning a man set a woman on fire. this happened inside a home in the woodlawn area aunt suspect is on the run as the victim is fighting for her life. "fox5" lindsay watts has the details. >> this is who police say is responsible, lewis edward reader. he is accused of intention alley burning both his 64-year-old girlfriend and home they lived in together.
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argument inside this home on keeler court. the first call was about a disorderly man. >> there is alcohol and unknown drugs. he was calm and now yelling and screaming in the background. i see smoke and flames. >> a house in flames an a woman also set on fire. >> there's burns all over her body and right now we're hearing the subject may have lit this >> this man, lewis reader lived in the home with the woman he's accused of burping. >> the subject no longer onsite he left in a vehicle. >> reader took off aunt victim, not identified, was taken to the hospital. >> she was subsequently medevaced to a local hospital for treatment and her injuries are deemed life-threatening at this point. >> neighbors say they woke up to firefighters and detectives. >> we saw stretch or take the
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well and the woman was well liked in the neighborhood. >> her nickname was sweetie and she was very nice to everybody i just hope she pulls through and i hope that they catch him. >> something like this just happened in prince george county last week. police say a man in keterring set his girlfriend on fire on election day. she ran from her home to a school serving as a poling place for help. the couple's house caught fire and the injured he later died. witness lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> police in fair tax are looking for a man that exposed himself to a child. look at this surveillance released by investigators and see if you recognize the suspect, police say this man exposed himself to an 8-year-old in the bathroom of the target along arlington boulevard in falls church. the victim ran out and called his father who told police. if you you know who the man is or have any information that
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>> former republican presidential nominee mitt romney attended an hour long meeting with president-elect donald trump today and took place at trump's golf course in new jersey room any was critical of trump during the campaign at one point calming him con man. as doug mcelwy reports the two men seem to have buried the hatchet. >> president-elect donald trump meets with 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney and trying to mend fences. >> i appreciate to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration. >> there was no confirmation or suggestion of a job offer despite reports of room any's interest in the setting of state post. >>. it was first of many high profile meetings with president trump and pence this weekend. and reed and retired u.s.
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>> we had a far-reaches conversation with regards to various theaters in the world where there's interests of the united states of real significance. >> earlier in the day trump took to twitter demanding apology from the cast members of "hamilton" after mike pence was booed by the audience and lec toured by the cast. actor pran done sixon read a letter. >> we truly hope this show american values and work on behalf of all of us. >> in response president-elect trump said the theater must always be a safe and special place the cast of hamilton was rude to a good man, mike pence, apologize. >> former new york city rudy guiliani and new jersey governor chris christie are set to meet with the president-elect on sunday. doug mcelwy, fox news. >> meantime, president obama is wrapping up his final overseas trip.
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asia pacific cooperation summit and met with leaders of the es involved in the partnership. today were adopted in the district. we ceremony. >> holiday shopping season upon us because mazy's is unveiling the holiday windows in the disstrngt.
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life.
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know better sleep with sleep number. >> it's national adomtion day and 30th annual adoption day event took place at d.c.
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of 29 children finalized in a special ceremony. "fox5" alexandra limon got to know one family that shared their story and why adoption is so special and important. >> the mckinney family arrived at the d.c. courthouse for a special occasion. >> to be able to love them as your own. >> they're welcoming not one but two new members to their family 4-year-old mira and 3-year-old andrew. >> we've always wanted to adopt they just came as a pair so we're like okay we'll take them. >> it's about an adjustment for everyone including d.y. who is now a big brother. >> fun and exhausting. >> but despite a few challenges they along with dozens of families could not be
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eager faces and fwlisening eyes. >> anxiously awaited the moment. >> their adoings became official we're really excited. we've been going through the process for about a year now. and it's finally here. >> a total of 29 children were legally welcomed into 2 new families. >> exciting we could hardly sleep. >> treacy mckinney adds what makes it more special for them is that adopting is becoming a family affair. >> we have a lot of children in our family who are adopted and it's awesome opportunity to be able to take children into your home. >> in the district alexandra limon, "fox5 local news".
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tier of joy that's so special. >> we've been to those events several times and it's always great. these kids need a good home and so many happy parents. >> one of the most noble, awesome things you can do. >> it's a sure sign the holidays are around the corner and macy's unveiled its holiday window down at the macy's metro center location in northwest d.c.. visitors got the chance to see some fascinating displays that a young child watching a tv on an old time television. and then, there was something a bit more modern robot for all to see. if you want to catch the holiday windows check them out on g street and that's in between 12th and 13th streets. it's getting fwob that time of year. check it out. the first snow of the season in minnesota take a look at that
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were talking about snow today as well. bad weather caused whiteout conditions in minneapolis and hundreds of car crashes, heavy snow also fell in parts of nebraska and the dakotas. i'm not ready, are you? >> no. >> around here no snow. >> that's the worst ice storms. >> that's usually january, late december for us. fortunately around here, no snow. we did get a little rain and some wind here's a live look outs dropped. i was just outside it's cold. >> unbelievable, today, gwen, we were wearing tee thirts is morning and this afternoon all i sudden i wept back out to walk the dogs and what happened? >> the dog said i'm not going out? >> and we we had a strong cold front that moved through and that frontal system moved through the midwest and backside of it that colder air
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front with that frontal system that headed its way through with the colder air and with it creating snow over the higherel vagues and some of you even to our north and northwest saw just a little bit of sleet few pellets here and there not a lot just a few to notice it. dulles getting a traivs snowfall nothing american urd and what tied a record. you can see the moisture moved its way out now as far as we're concerned current temperatures cold out t and 30 d.c. and 40 dulles and 42 at culpeper this hour with those gusty winds and they're going to continue right into the beginning of week so get prepared they'll be at least once again throughout the daytime hours and 40 to 50 miles an hour if not more. wind advisories and high wind mornings as highel rations are in effect as we move through the next day or so. winter
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48" until 4 a.m. monday before this expires. so, overnight lows tonight in the0s. cold, cold, cold, bundle up and i'll let you know when it will warm up in the 7 day forecast. coming up. back to you. >> gwen, thank you. >> surprising move by the world health organization. >> the sdook avirus is no longer a global health emergency but it remains a public health challenge. we hear more >> a controversial change in status for zika virus world health organization announcing friday the virus no longer constitutes an international health emergency designation. >> it no longer represents public health emergency of international concern. >> but the un health agency insists the move does not mean it's down grading the threat of the virus by placing this as a a longer term program of work we're sending the message that
11:29 pm
response to here to stay in a very robust manner. >> rather the who is stressing there's now a need for a long term effort to talkle steak awhich remains a serious global threat linked to birth defects and neurological issues and some health experts worry that lifting the emergency label could slow support for zika research while the virus is continuing to cause infections. one georgetown university global health law expert says he thinks the change zika designation is "unwise and says the virus still holds the potential for an exposeive ed depic in we're doling with long terp issues here and health system issues and dealing with a long and comprehensive reserve and development agenda that needs to be multi-year. >> u.s. centers for disease control and prevention says the word health organization as announcement does not change the urgent need to better understand zika and find
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karen mccue, fox news. >> up next tonight a "fox5" exclusive. >> we're taking you inside the vice-president's residents and getting the scoop from biden family social security, coming
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>> president he lent donald trump is suing the district of columbia. >> bloomburg news reports lawyers for llc owned by donald trump and his children file the suit. the first lawsuit which alleged the district over taxed the hotel was dismissed in october. it is now being refiled and in a separate petition for each of the lots that make up the property. trum's legal team argued the
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and 2016 was simply too high because the hotel was only partially completed at the time. mean while something donald trump said he never does and now that he'll be president the lawyers reached a settlement in a lawsuit over fraud allegations steming from trump university. students claim they were lured into paying up to 35,000 for trump's real estates success strategy and didn't get any. the million dollar settlement will cover clears trump of wrong doing in the case. >> white house is not the only place that will soon have a new occupant. pence family is preparing to move into their new home off massachusetts avenue. >> many of us drive by the vice-president's residents avenue day and don't see it. it sits on the ground of the u.s. naval authority. laura evans was given exclusive access inside and she sat down with the man that has the job of keeping things running
11:33 pm
>> it's a fronts row in history. >> carlos alehandoself proclaimed perfectionist you had have to be if you're planning all social events for the second most powerful full man in the united states. >> i had dark hair when i startd when hosting breakfast ar party for d.c. public school kids or wounded warriors for thanksgiving dinner. >> it's up to me and my team to make sure that the stage is set. >> it's like a ballet as soon as the curtains are drawn it's show time you know? and there's no turning back. >> the home was built in 189 for super intend ept of the u.s. naval observatory and in 1974 congress hand today over to the sitting vice-president when it became too costly to secure private residences. and gerald ford became president before he could use the home and his vp nelson
11:34 pm
vice-president to liver in the home was walter monday dale. since then it housed vice-president bush, quail, gore, chaney and now the bidens. >> when they apointed me they said, we need help in making this house a home. >> each family brings in their own personality to create their home. >> this blue which we refer tore as biden blue is similar to wh in delaware. >> a rotating art collection was selected by the bidens with alejandro's help photos through the warm show the warmth of the tight knit biden family and that's something that they try to we've in every event they host in the home. >> it's from the heart and they love utilizing this house. >> their signature biden beach batch he says if a perfect example. >> people relax and let their hair down. >> water activities and slides and we have developed ors doing face painting. >> so do you come one all those ideas?
11:35 pm
of my role here as social secretary for the bidens is you know working with them and trying to accomplish what it is that is important to them. >> this night is in honor of you. thank you. >> like dr. biden's annual breast cancer awareness event which this year included a barre class on the front lawn and reception followed with house of wash in pink no detail overlooked this being october event pink pumpkins were front and center. >> how do you get ideas pintrist or -- >> pintrist is helpful, yes, google helpful, yes. >> preserving history of the house was not done previously so he showed us the heritage garden he recently built with dr. biden, stones etched with the names of each vice-president and their family. >> and then we have al gore and tipper. >> and the display he created to showcase the china from past vice-presidents.
11:36 pm
it's a pinch me moment. as social secretary greeting every guest that comes through the front door is really is a privilege and honor. >> but planning the parties is no easy task. sometimes he has a few tweaks put an event together and sometimes it's just a few days. >> as the conductor if you will, i'm running rounds making sure all the pieces are together and that everything is ready to go for the next. >> as we if you fail to plan, plan to fail. >> when can you finally breathe. >> january 20th. >> i'm sure a lot of people will be breathing and relaxing a little bit. a job like that seems excited doesn't it? >> you know i love the china and historical stuff, so cool. >> i never -- i have been to the white house many many times and tours ever the west wing and never been in the
11:37 pm
>> we need an invite. >> thanks for taking us in there that was great. >> proof dancing brings people together. >> yeah, what had d.c. police grabbing dancing shoes and cutting rug. i see assistant chief grooms there doing a dance. we'll have more on that. >> get it man.
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>> glen joins us now and i was saying earlier i gets a chance this morning short sleeves was raking up my lawn and cutting grass and when i went to work it was cold. >> reality of the surprise right. >> and it blew in the winds and the drying up leaves were flying everywhere. >> dramatic change. >> it was leak a leaf tornado. >> i sue a few of those.
11:41 pm
strong. it gavz us abrupt temperature change and change in whole weather pattern for today. before you get start ud want to tell us about something going on. >> this a lot of families that don't have financial status to be able to get the families fed and i want to share information on healing souls and thanksgiving food drive and turkey giveaway monday, 1 to 5, 500 turkeys fixings everything for low income families 1356 oaky street in north eekt. so if you know anybody that needs any thanksgiving fixings and nice turkey dipinger that's where they should government happen to to share that. let's goodet to the weather now and show you what is happening there. not bad tonight. still cold. clear conditions out there. but, you know what, we did have rain today. and actually, some of you saw just a little bit of sleet here
11:42 pm
higher elevations for today and we have winter weather advisory and however there was a trace that blew through dulles and so they actually tied a record that was actually just a trace. nothing to even talk about really nothing measurable in any way or form. the rain came through. rain dealing with higher elevation and still have a winter weather advisory and until 4 a.m. on monday and in total, talking 4 to 8" there blowing as well have been extremely gusty and continue to be so. look at some of the peak wind gusts today anywhere from 45 to 53 mile an hour you wind gusts and i know in some areas we had a few trees that got it uprooted as a result of that and you know it will happen again tomorrow. so be very aware of that and be careful when you're out anywhere. rights now winds gusting anywhere from 22 to 1 miles per hour out there and it has been
11:43 pm
and we're talking a high wind warning for higher elevations, 50 to 60 mile an hour winds there. and but elsewhere we're talking a wind advisory, 50 to 55 mile an hour winds and strongest wind are going to be for the first part of the day. if you head out to morning services or anything notice morning you definitely will feel that. and wind chills as well. 4 d.c.. 41 gaitherur and 36 west at winchester and 4 at fredericksburg this hour. and take a look at imaginational map. we're not alone. just look at this cold air that's settling in. and continue to do so behind the strong frontal system and we saw the snow all happening up in the upper midwest and we're glad we're not dealing with that. cold and windy tomorrow and i'll have to tell you it's lasting again right through to the beginning of week. it's not going to be over once
11:44 pm
tomorrow. very cold start. 47 degrees by the time we get to 4:00 hour. football game oh, make sure bundle up it will be a cold one. temperatures in the 0s with wind chills in the 20s. layering is what you want to make sure you do even maybe graph a blanket and make sure you have winter jackets on. pretty cold sitting out there watching that game. and for thanksgiving here's a peek at what you can expect. showers thanksgiving for daytime high with clouds. and you know what you won't have to worry about it you will be inside eating turkey. 6 tonight as we wrap it up for you and for tomorrow a very chilly 48 degrees folks. it's going to be a cold one. we are talking temperatures in the 40s for monday as well with sunshine and we start to warm up. relatively speaking into the 50s. >> turkey day looks good. >> it does like i said today
11:45 pm
was abrupt we hit 70s at the 2:00 hour and 40s by 5:00 hour with the front. >> it's like a slap in the face. >> major drop. >> you can heat up my car tonight. >> hey, maybe. >> i'm going to ask every weekend for as long as winter goes by. >> little favor. >> i don't think it will happen. >> as long as you take the snow off mine. >> deal. >> staying neutral. >> thank you, gwen. >> a new local business is aiming to help wounded warriors the driver rehabilitation center of excellence opened its doors the center was founded by marine who was wounded in afghanistan and retired army major the company helps wounded vets and other people with disabilities drive through special training and modifying vehicles. >> the driving program means i get my independence back and i can do things on my own some things not all things but i can get out there and have my mobility.
11:46 pm
>> and the owners of the company say they believe their own military experience will help them taylor their programs to wounded veterans. >> d.c. police took time to honor seniors who have been long time supporters and safety advocates in their communities and the department 7th district hosted 2016 seasoned citizens not senior citizens but seasoned citizens ball seniors were treated to a free lunch. d.y. and dances. doing well there she's off a little bit. >> i like this goo. >> he's good. >> members of military personnel and other law enforcement agencies served as dance escort for all the seniors there. >> having a ball. >> students a country side elementary school in loudoun county are giving back for thanksgiving and the students spent much of the school by friday packing holiday baskets for local families in need and working on the service project
11:47 pm
and thanksgiving projects were handed out to 150 families in the communities. love to see that. the event gwen was talking about the best you can do for thanksgiving and biv gabbing. >> there's always turkey give awiz and they can continue that tradition in ward 8 and so many others. ward 7 alexander handout turkeys throughout the area it is good to see this week. there's so much charity for those who have less. >> redskins in middle of run of >> yeah, they're hoping to get back the speedy desean jackson for tomorrow's game against the packers and brody logo an on for tomorrow's game against the packers and brody logo an on deck with more. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
11:48 pm
the north and the south are mine.
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>> so for that whole move to the big 10 not working out well for maryland. >> not readily on the field
11:50 pm
in the big ten they get 34 million a year. so while they might be losing on the field offer the field maybe it's going to be a long time for d.j. derrek into get his players in there and build back up the program and it's not been good so far. you never see maryland in naval academy two college campuses 24 miles apart and on the football field they may as well be light years apart. terplo terps lost last two game by 121-6 and mids are in the captain chair of the aac east conference match-up today taking over starting quarterback for may havey and pirates nope for explosive offense and getting 40 yard touchdown off the bat. they top that with scores of 77 and 81 yards against the mids. didn't matter one bit. worth rushed for 159 yards and
11:51 pm
goodness. navy ground game cause too much they blow out east carolina, 66-31. all right. maryland, here's your chance. first year coach d.j. derrek inlooking to pick himself up. here's a dpraet time. look at this play. max to d.y. moore shaking all kind of tackles cutting bag and he is gone. 92 yards for the touchdown. and a huge, huge have mattered more if terps were down 28-0. a loss by 21 this time. 28-7. >> vr virginia tech first year head coach justin with first visit to take on notre dame. 2nd quarter notre dame up 10-0. desean kaiser launching deep. finds chris fivrping for 31 yard touchdown. fight irish led hokies 17-0.
11:52 pm
run. hokies down 4, 21 4th quarter gerard evans and bucky hodges find a 7 yard touchdown and irish had a chance to go ahead late. but they come up short here. hoagies win 34-31. >> tomorrow red skips host green bay packers hosting a game they put up 388 yards with one of best defenses in the week might add a weapon missing in the game. desean jackson jackson participated to individual drills throughout the week she's officially still listed as questionable and if he does play the team knows what he can add to already potent offense. >> we miss speed without a doubt. that's something we did a nice job last week adjusting to personnel and still able it take a couple shots and vernon
11:53 pm
and till can't getsle ball down the road in the play. nobody does it like desean. >> he tracks the football as well as anybody and gives you a lot of room foreerror. you can throw the ball in a lot of places. >>. >> eviction and passing ability put him perennially around the league leaders. the biggest assist off the court dropped another dime in the d. scrks community. and he provided thanksgiving personal chef kookdz up a full thanksgiving feast with all the fixings and each took home a thanksgiving turkey for thanksgiving day. >> this is kickoff of next year of event with the school. wall gives back to children in the area because he sees a lot of himself in them. >> when i was young i didn't have the opportunity have a lot being less fortunate and nobody
11:54 pm
or don't have money and certain people are born into certain life styles and situations they don't control and some don't have an opportunity to have thanksgiving and i've been there times we had to scrape to have thanksgiving or might not have a lot of food on certain night. a lot of people may not have thanks giving to go to. but all of us come together as one big family and my john wall foundation people he with this crosses and coming in opportunity to get and thanksgiving next thursday would be big factor. >> it's a good thing and look for the community. >> he has a good heart. that's all i'm saying there he has a good heart. >> and that baby stole the show. >> i know. >> and there he is. john wall fresh off giving up hot meals ready to skivrping wish the heat verizon 1st quarter. wall crossing them over.
11:55 pm
dazzle behind the back. wiz up three. 3 4 points 8 assist. miami got hot. never cooled down. wiz got close but lose 114 to 111 and john wall i asked him what is favorite thanksgiving side which is very important question for thanksgiving and he said heeds simple he likes corn and turkey and ham. >> corn. >> he's a pic >> that's healthy he wants the protein. >> yeah but that's a message to all the kids watching if parents are don't be finnicky eater you can still become nba all star. >> he's eating very lien. >> he is. >> thank you, brody. >> coming up next being caing down on people who drive while stoned. >> police don't have effective test for marriage math and how
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>> more safe legal recreational marijuana law enforcement is trying to keep up. >> if someone is caught driving while stoned it's tough to prove it. california lab is creating a new breathalyzer that could help. fox's ben d.c. has the story. most of us see pot like this or this or this the but francis sees this like this. >> this is a molecule. >> he sent the last year and a half looking for pot some place
12:00 am
user's breath. >> we had to develop new chemistry that could not be done and. >> meantime it can be obvious to a street cop when somebody is driving stoynd. >> for most our officers impaired is impaired they can see that based on training and experience. >> but according to sergeant david dowdy with the union that represents highway patrolmen being able to make an arrest and get an conviction or two different things. >> because they don't have a tool like with alcohol it's very difficult okay all these things you saw that's wonderful and you may have been right officer but we need to convince a yourry. >> that would be hound labs puzing in with an answer it's a breath test that can detect alcohol an pot when the person taking it exhales and that's important because there's already plenty of ways to tell if someone uses marriage math and to tell if they smoked pot


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