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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 20, 2016 12:00am-12:30am EST

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user's breath. >> we had to develop new chemistry that could not be done and. >> meantime it can be obvious to a street cop when somebody is driving stoynd. >> for most our officers impaired is impaired they can see that based on training and experience. >> but according to sergeant david dowdy with the union that represents highway patrolmen being able to make an arrest and get an conviction or two different things. >> because they don't have a tool like with alcohol it's very difficult okay all these things you saw that's wonderful and you may have been right officer but we need to convince a yourry. >> that would be hound labs puzing in with an answer it's a breath test that can detect alcohol an pot when the person taking it exhales and that's important because there's already plenty of ways to tell if someone uses marriage math and to tell if they smoked pot
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breath is much better than urine or blood. >> thc resides met ab owe lights reside tore a long time. sometimes days sometimes a month. so you cannot use those method well to determine if someone has recently up guested marl major smoked marijuana and you cannot tell how long it's been. >> while doctor francis has been working on the problem for a year an a half mike lynn the ceo of how well labs and guy demonstrating the breathalyzer for us has been working on this fo from not only law enforcement but employers struggling with this problem and cannabis industry that knows you cannot be driving stoned. everybody ago september that. >> the breathalyzer will be the best defense for pot users not stoned at the time they're pulled over. >> my question is what if somebody uses edibles or pills or something. >> then it's not in your breath. >> yes.
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>> we're starting the 11:00 show right now and it was -- okay we're not starting the 11:00 show. >> here we go. >> we're talking about president obama and other world leaders because it's after and they're attending asian pacific cooperation subject in lima, peru. >> earlier today mark zuckerberg spoke at the conference and urnled world leaders to do more to make internet access more accessible. will carr reports. >> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg said they're weeding out homes and other information after facing criticism for
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run-up to the presidential election. >> we have a fundamental choice in how we chose to at dress the inequality. >> addressing the cooperation summit in peru the role of special immediate what and election and responsible of such sight have in ensuring ak sit and fairness in the iptet net. >> we can work to give p.m. a voice but do our part to stop the spread of and miss information. we can build ort facial intelligence to fight terrorism and but we also need to make sure we protect people's privacy. >> duckierburg urged world leaders to help the company get more people online saying it will help reduce income and we quality and raise living standard. >> if you take a country that has half the population connectsed and connect the other happen you can increase gdp as much as ten points. >> and new post zuckerberg
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attack against fake news including warning labels on false story anticipates working with journists to develop better fact checking solutions. google actually took steps to stop creators of fake news from making money off the ad services. in loss ankle less, will carr. fox news. >> thank you for barring with us. news at 11 up next after the
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>> thanks for joaning us lights time i'm lauer lauren. >> i'm matt ackland. >> we're supposed to start the 11 nping it's more like 12:11 it's a shot within and side we've seen it all today haven't we. for the win started getting going and rain moved in and you better bundle up. >> temperatures reall out there cold, cold, cold. >> today was a weather buffet. i'm tell you matted is a little bit of everything going on and strong cold front moved in and brought all gusty winds cold condition an rain. looking at the temperatures. chilly. 42 now game rzburg and same as
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south. we have gusty wind not quite as strong as they were earlier and put they're still producing cold conditions out there anywhere from 18 to 36 mile an hour winds right now gusting across the area and they're not going to stop is they'll continue into tomorrow and well into monday. get prepared. we had peak wind gusts 50 miles an hour or more today. high wind warning for higher elevations and wind advisory elsewhere, winds expected to gust miles an hour and i want to tell you tomorrow morning i and seeing strongest winds. winter weather add vitsry also still in effect until 4 a.m. monday overall gainy front we look at anywhere from 4 to 8" overall before it's all said and done and meantime here at home 36 tonight and partly cloudy skies and cold and gusty winds and sunday much colter and still with cust gi winds. those winds are not going
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day coming up. lauren. >> thank you, gwen. fairfax country now we're learning more details about horrific crime. police say this morning a man set a woman on fire. it happened inside a home in the woodlawn area of alexandria. the victim fighting for her life tonight and the suspect still out there. "fox5" lindsey watts has the details. >> this is who police say is responsible. his name is lewis edward reader. he's accused of up teng alley burning bo girlfriend and the home they lived in together. >> police say it started as argument inside this home on keeler court. and the first call was about a disorderly man. >> i had some alcohol but no drugs. i was camel and now he's yelling and screaming in the background. >> less than two minutes later. >> i see smoke and flames. >> we'll need a medic. >> house in flames and woman also set on fire.
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body and right now we're hearing subject may have lit this woman on fire. >> this man, lewis readers lives in the home with the woman he's accused of burning. >> he left in a vehicle. >> reader took off and victim, not identified, was taken to the hospital. >> she was subsequently medevac todd a local hospital for treatment. her injuries are deemed life-threatening at this point. >> neighbors woke up to firefighters and detectives. >> lady away. >> a man who opted not to show his face says he knows the couple well and that the woman was very well liked in the neighborhood. >> her nickname was sweetie. and she was very nice to everybody. i hope she pulls through and i hope that they catch him. >> something like this just happened in prince george country last week. and place say a man in keterring set his girlfriend on fire on election day and she
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serving as poling place for help. the couple's house caught fire and the man ended up so badly jirtd he later died. lindsey watts, fox local news. >> moving on to the race for the quhit house where trump transition politics can make strange bed fellows case in point minimum room any held an hour long meeting with president-elect donald trump. room any was southernly critical of trump during the cam pain and as fox's doug mcelwy reports the to have beforeid the hatchet. >> president-elect donald trump meets with 2012 republican presidential nominee mit mit and the two are trying to mend fences after a bitter election year. >> i peeshiate the chance to speak with president he lebt and look forward to the coming administration. >> there was no confirmation or suggestion of a job offer despite reports of room any interest in the secretary of state post. >> it was fist of many high profile positions meeting with
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and also on the schedule michelle reed the former chancellor of public schools in washington d.c. and retirtd u.s. marine corps james mad is. >> we had a far reaching conference with regard to the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the united states of real significance. >> and earlier in the day trump took to twitter demanding apology from the cast members of hit broadway musical hamilton after vice-president elect pence was boo audience and lec toured by the cast at the end ever the sdoe show they led a let to pence. >> we hope this show up spird you to uphold our american val you'd and work on behalf of all of us. >> in response president-elect trump tweeted the theelter must always be a safe and special place and cast of am ill ton was very reed to a very good man mike pes. apologize.
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governor chris christie are said to meet with the president-elect on subbed. doug mcelwy. fox news. >> up next, joyful day for families. >> more than two dozen children adopted today in the district. we'll take you to emotional
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snv it is national adoption day and alexandra limon is sharing a story of this family of why adoption is so important. >> the mckin any family arrived at the d.c. courthouse for a special occasion just to
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own. >> they're welcoming not one but two new members to their family. 4-year-old amira and 3-year-old andrew. >> we always want todd adopt. they just came as a pair. so we're like okay, we'll take them. >> the growth has been adjustment for everyone including d.j. now a big brother. >> fun and caught exhausting. >> sdes spite a few khevrps family koz not be more excited. eager faces and glistening eyes, anxiously awaited the moment [ applause ] their adoptions became official. >> we're really excited. we have been going through the process for about a year now and it's finally here. >> a total of 29 children were
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families. >> exciting. so exciting. we could hardly sleep. >> treacy mckinney adds what makes is even more special for them is that don'ting is becoming a family affair. >> we have a lot of children in our family who are adopted and it's awesome opportunity to be able to take children into your home. >> in the district, alexandra limon, >> how great is that. awesome, hu? >> what awesome event. that's for sure. >> gwen is back with the 7 day forecast. >> after roller coaster weather today alone tell us what thanksive gooding week that's
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>> week matt went to florida and left us here. >> it was nice. it was beautiful. it's been nice here hasn't it. >> until this afternoon. >> yes. >> din are outside last night. >> yeah 70s this afternoon and 5:00, 40s. we're mixing it up for everybody, right? >> winds, winds, winds. it is -- it's still wendy devr in thely it will stay windy right to the beginning of the week. gusty winds behind that frontal
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cold air take a look at some of the peak wind gusts today. up to 53 miles an hour leesburg 51 baltimore and so, yeah, def think thely hang on to your hat weather and it brought really cold air with it and significant wind chills as well. not out of the clear. we'll have to deal with this right into monday. temperatures 42 rights now in the nation's capitol. 39 dulles and that's the same for mannasas. 42 at quantico. and baltimore at 41. and we have 39 hagerstown and and we have 39 hagerstown and 34 cumberland and here's the wind gusts for you this hour from 16 up do 36 miles an hour wind gusts right now across the area. and tomorrow morning i and the winds to be the strongest. we do have a wind advisory in effect that kicks in for tomorrow. winds anywhere from 50 to 55 miles an hour and over higher elevations we have a wind warning in effect and those winds could be up to 60 miles an hour and that's where they've been dealing with real
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anticipating anywhere from 4 to 8" and this is in effect until 4 a.m. monday winter weather add sciencery if nor them an a few little flakes that flew their way through into dulles taking a record set it was just a trace. nothing measurable by any means what sovr. some of you saw sleet today not a lot but enough to tell you what season we're headed for. warm this afternoon. into 70s. strong front came through and cold air behind it bringing teer i call it the reality check of the season and it's very, very cold. it's going to continue to be that way. pump upet heat tonight. high ez tomorrow in the 40s once again with strong wind. weville have sunshine tomorrow. dry, we won't have any rain to speak about. but here's a look at some of the future wind chills. when you factor in the air temperatures only in the 40s and then you bring in those strong gusty winds this is what it will actually feel like.
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areas. here's 7:00 tomorrow night look at this. we're talking 6 degrees what it will feel like in d.c.. pretty good indication of where we're headed. 19 by 10:00 hour at gaithersburg. for tomorrow midday air temperature 46, 47 by 4:00 hour and chilly and big football game going. dress warm. if you take the kids make sure they have lots of layers. only in 30s. gusty winds as i mentioned wind you will be sitting still except when keering for redskins jumping up and down as a good way to stay warm it will be cold one. turkey day. what's happening then. we'll begin in the 50s and have a chance of seeing hours owe. so be aware. here's a look at the 7 day forecast however. we're going to end up seeing temperatures into the 50s into the week. very cold and windy once again as i said on monday. not gateing a break.
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by tuesday and then into the rest of the week we have a fair amount of sunshine and another little system wednesday night to thursday and who needs to worry about the rain on thanksgiving. everybody will be inside stuffing themselves. >> eating that turkey. >> right. >> thank you. >> deposit we discuss it was warm one last thanksgiving the winds odz were on. >> yeah. >> looking forward to it we'll >> yeah. >> looking forward to it we'll be back. we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright?
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