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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. . right now, strong winds, downed trees and fuel multiple brush fires. we're live with a look at the damage. then the man hut forth gunman m who shot andan killed a police officer inki texas.fice wer have the lathest on the investigation. and how much time will donald trump's family actually spend in the white house? why the future first lady plans to wait to make
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> thanks for joining us tonight, i'm lauren demarco. >> and i'm jim lokay. lo off the top we're talking about the powerful winds that have led to damage. >> we have team coverage with wi the weather. and lindsay watts with a look at the damage. >>reporter: jim and lauren, there has been a lot going onn today with those fires tree branches falling and even an entire tree coming d ceasing ton. that tree snapped power linesnap putting the utility crews work to tonight and leaving a few hundred people without power oni such a freezing night. we heard what sounded to me like an explosion and a of course ouf lights went out and then a couple of seconds later there was another large bank. after hearing the strong wind all day people who lived near kensington parkway got to see
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utility poles snapped like twist and tangled wires all over road. it knocked out power at two apartment billings.s. they have elevators stopped. so they had to get people evacuated from those.hos far from the only square from heavy wind and dry conditions, a tree branch crashed down on a on car in bethesda and this is one of several fires today, a barn up in flames in clarksburg. i was empty at the time and no one was hurt. the firefighters say nearby homes were i was fully involved in fire. obviously the windy conditions were creating a situation where the nearby brush and woodsoods caught on fire very quickly, pretty rapid spread of that fire. before this, montgomery county fire was called in a brush p fire in gaithersburg, marked byh a brush fire. a gentleman was operating the lawnmower, started a fire and ad rapid spread into the woods areo and fortunately we were able too
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it probably spread about a abo hundred yards or so.yard a busy day for fire and utility crews and a frosty evening for those without power. wi it's going to be a cold night at our place. pla back here live these utility crews you're seeing will likelyk remain overnight. power isn't expected to be be restored until monday. mon we do have some safety tips for you from firefighters.yo they sayu fr if you should lose power, steer clear of candles ca because of the fire danger. so any kind of outdoor grilling or burning in this kind of weathera also, be sure to properly dispose of cigarette butts and d also fireplace ashes. this is a perfect night to ligho up the fireplace, but the ashes left behind can retain heat for up to a few days so you do want to make sure to put those in a metal continue with tin with a a secure lid. > we want to get you to gwen
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we're also talking about the cold. it is bitter out there. we saw lindsay with her scarf. definitely. >> this all began y esterday in the afternoon hours when we had a very strong cold front blow through and with the gusty winds and cold conditions. a reinforcing shot of cold air. wened up with the winds having some significant wind chills. threats let's take a look at a l some of the peak wind gustswind today and a good example of what wind situate was referring toefr hazards that happen. bwi55-mile per hour and d.c. 49, dulles 51, leesburg, 56-mile pee hour wind gusts today and and manassas 45678 that's just somea of our neighborhoods.ds. now, there is still a windind advisory in effect. the high wind warning was over the appalachian. that has ended. the wind advisory is in effect right through until midnight. we're talking about wind gusts
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night. sustained winds are currently from 7 to even 26 miles per hour across our region and here's a look at current wind gusts forus you gusting even up to 40-plus across the region as well. we'll see a little bit of improvement tonight but tomorror it's still going to be pretty breezy. the temperatures into the 30s. wind chills in the 20 #-s and ad that's what it's going to feel o like when you're heading out tho door tomorrow morning, also. so be prepared.rep satellite showing you a few light north of us. i'm going to have the full seve day forecast coming upth in jusa about it. but cold and waindy we start the week that way. back to you. you > turning now to developing to news out of texas where san antonio police are mourn theo po death of one of their own. detective benjamin marconi was a shot and killed this morning while he was writing out a traffic ticket in his squad car. the gunman is still on the lose. fox 5's marina maracco joins uss with the very latest.
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the san and tone owe ow metropolitan area to find the shooter. just a few hours ago, the police have identified a person of interest. reached in and fired a second round. this man now being a considered a person of interest after san antonio police detectivetoni benjamin marconi was murdered while on duty. a person pulled up behind the patrol car in a black vehicle. it appeared to be a run of the million traffic stop directly outside police headquarters. he the 20 year veteran was inside a squad car writing a ticket when his killer pulled up behind him, walked up to his window, shot wn him once in the head and then a second time before flowing. it's always difficult, especially in this day and age where police are being targeted across the country. police also searching for this car as the man hunt continues for detective marconi's killer.l it's always difficult,iffi especially in this day and age
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hopefully we'll solve this one real quick and if thisf individual is a danger to more police or anybody else we'll try and get him off the street as quickly as we can. sources say in the immediate aftermath of the shooting here h at home d.c. police have put out this internal tell type reminding officers to remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings. this is threats against law enforcementw this comes less than five months after a gunman killed five officers in dallas and three other officers were killed justu days later in baton rug. rug just this month two iowa officers were killed in separata ambush attacks also sitting in n their patrol cars. lauren. a search will resume tomorrow re morning for a missing fish man whose boat sanged in the potomac river. this happened last night in st.
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one of them survived. searchers recovered the bodies of two fisherman earlier today, but had to end their search se forth fourth man because of of rough sees, high winds and the d dark. > this could be a big week wite for president elect donald trumd as he continues to fill out his cabinet. earlier today mr. trump held court at his golf course in newn jersey. interviewed a number of people including rudy guiliani and chris christie. >>reporter: president donald trump is moving full is steam ahead on building his administration meeting with a slew of high profile people this weekend. john bolton the former un a.m. bass or. bolton and guiliani are unrependent for the iraq war. on saturday trump and pence met with retired marine generalene james madison. mad and mitt romney who is being considered for secretary ofid state.ered it was a great first step and
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way things are going here in in president elect trump's operation. some of the picks are a shift from the appointments announcedo last week. donald trump in his campaign echoed the views of democrats, not republicans, massive transportation bill, trade,l, t getting rid of the carried interest loophole, cleaning up e the swamp. us. he's not draining the swamp. sw he's filling it up more and there's going to be more swamp creatures than ever before. lobbyists and big p timebbyi investment bankers. s neat doing what he said he was going to do for average working americans. there's definitely a possibilits morph cabinet will be made this week. > bryan llenas, fox new. > donald trump will have a the white housee all to himself whn
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trump told reporters his wife melania and their ten year old son baron will stay in new yorke city and then they plan to moven to the white house. they decided against switching baron's school in the middle ofi the year.e he goes to a private school in p new york city. > the president elect has add alec baldwin to the people he feed with on twitter. twi i watched parts of saturday of night life last night it is a nothing funny at all, equal timq for us, question mark. alec ball within fired back with a string of tweet equal l wall time, election is over, there is no more equal time.l you try to be president and pr people respond that's pretty much it.t. baldwin went onto tell trump ifp he were president elect. and ended with, i could go in. n
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me. i'll be at s & l. keep italy here at fox5 for allo the latest. lat jessie burns from the hill will join us to tell us who the nextx cabinet choices may be. be. you can catch that at 7:30:00 a.m. president obama flying back to d.c. wrapping up is foreign trie of is presidency. he met with limb a peru after the economic summit ended. he plans to give his successors space to govern, but said he won't necessarily be silent if donald trump policieso violate what he believes are america's values or i deals.eals >> as an american sits who cares deeply about our country, iff there are issues that have lesss to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal or battle l, but go to core questions co
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deals, and if i think that it'st necessary or helpful for me to defense those i deals, then i'll examine it when it comes. the president will stay in d.c. for a couple of more years after he leaves youngest so iss youngest daughter can finish school here. > coming up, the cost to cook thanks giving.ivin hopefully you can take a little l break from politics and enjoy the food, but you should actually be this year compared to last. that's some good news. we are crunching up the numbersm coming up next. robots that can kill without human controlling them. here's something you can talk about at thanksgiving dinner,
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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fairfax county. police are looking for this man, lewis reader. investigators say early yesterday morning he got into an argument with a woman at hisis home on keeler court in alexandria. that argument escalated and the woman was set on fire. police tell us she was taken to a hospital with live threatenine injuries. investigators are asking anyoney who may know reader's whatread abouts to give them a call.ll. crews battled a massive fire at howard county golf course.rse. it caused major d word on what led to it yet. fox5's alexandra limon with more. >>reporter: the howard county fire and ems department says itt appears this billing is a totalt loss. i is a clubhouse at the willow springs golf course here in the city of west friendship. the fire was reported early in the morning and you can see it caused extensive damage to the building. now, luckily first responders say the building was vacant so there were no injuries.urie
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with the fire whipping upping several times because of thesef very strong winds.ds. at approximately 6:00 a.m. a passerby on route 70 had saw the flames and called it in. we're told that thewe investigation is still'r ongoing and they still don't have a cause of the fire. reporting in howard county,d alexandra limon, fox5 localloca news. > to the fox5 followup now, police made an arrest in a dog mapping case in the district.isr you've seen us cover surveillance video captured a man stealing a golden retriever puppy named cruz out of a yard. police have idead the man who took the p puppy as lewis von delve southwest.. one dell says he took the puppy because it was mistreated. last week we asked the dog's owner what he wanted to see see happen in this case. >> mitrally is happy.
10:18 pm
closure now that he's save and he's back. we don't want anything like thie to happen again. you commit a crime you need to be held accountable for thatfor crime you committed. von del turned himself in on thursday.tu the other person in the videorn was notht charged.harg let's switch gears now, taking i live look outside.side it's pretty nice out there. a little bit windy. we've been seeing the cameras shake. it is feeling like it is a lot of gusts out gwen is in the weather center. we're still talking wounds and l we still have a wind advisory iy effect and that's right throught until midnight. those winds are still pretty strong and we have some windwind chills to talk about, also.o. let's take a look at our maps and show us what is happening. wind gusts up to 30 miles anan hour in d.c. and 44 for martinsburg, that's a pretty
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we will get a little bit of a break-in the overnight hours, but they're still going to be strong. and tomorrow as you get ready to head out for work and the kids get ready for school it's going to be cold animus think. wind advisory in effect until midnight. we're talk temperatures that t going toem be in the 30s.0 right now 38 at d.c. 35 at dulles, 36 at culpeper, 35 at martinsburg and the windd chills will be kicking in. it's goi only in the 20s. 32-degrees your overnight low. westerly winds, mostly clearar skies. here's a look at the next couple of days for you. temperatures still into the 40s. we are going to head into the 50s into the week. we'll see a little bit of ait o warmup at least. over all the week is definitelyt starting cold and windy. make sure you're dressed warm for the morning hours and make sure those kids have lots oflots layers objection to the formbjec i'll have more details in the seven day forecast coming up in just a about it.
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travelling thanksgiving yousgiv might want to give yourself a little extra time. aaaa predict 48 million peopleel will hit the road. the top four destinations this thanksgiving, las vegas, san fran cyst dough, san diego and orlando and new york city which is the home of the macy's thanksgiving parade ranked fifth. if you're staying home, thiss year it will a 10 person dinner.ner. that is ten cents cheaper than 2015. these numbers are according to the american farm burrow federation which costs the cost to cook thanksgiving dinnerner every year. a 16-pound turkey will run you about $2 this year.ear. by the way, the fox5 morning m team will get you readyead tomorrow. later on,
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choose the right duanes for youo thanksgiving meal. that is tomorrow morning right here on fox5. did you ever do the fried turkey >> i've never had it.d do it outside, don't do it in the garage. do it away from your deck. every year you get one of those. > a good remind.ood it's tasty if you do it > straight ahead there are a staple in science fix.ence here we go from turkey to row bombs the technology couldt be closer to reality than youthn think and there's debate onbate whether this should be allow.
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> the idea of robots who cana killof r humans on their own. it sounds like more like science fix than realitiment it may noty
10:23 pm
fox5 lucas. >>reporter: robots acting ong their own hunting down humans and killing them. what's only been seen in hollywood could soon be cominge to a battle field next to you. machines that could one day kill on their own and now the big question, how much independent to give them. we're convinced that fully autonomous weapons, better known as killer robots would cause they turning life and decision making over to machines. over 30 countries already possess defensive weapons which use autonomy to shoot down aircraft. the pentagon would insist that humans will decide when toen trying. when it comes to use of force on behalf of the american people there always need to be a human being involved in making those decisions. critics don't want to take any
10:24 pm
preemptively banned. they don't exist yet, but they're coming down the pike rapidly. a system which incorporates a high degree of autonomy shot down two friendly aircraftaft killing the pilots. we don't think it to be perfect and pristine. there's going to be i be correct information, there may be accidents. there may be ways we can make it more precise. > autonomy can reducece casualties on the battle fieldle experts say the pentagon is only interested in using the technology for logistics operations or other tasks such as refueling aircraft. others see the value in an underwater drone.rone today ought missing is being used for driverless cars and ona wall street, but it's nott perfect. stock trading today it's highly automated and there have been situations where these algorithms that companies havemp they interact in unexpected ways
10:25 pm
flash crash. i don't think youfl want to see the military equivalent of that. top pentagon officials say the us must stay ahead in the us arm's race. chin united states won the cold war in part due to its innovation prow less, something it hopes tole maintain.ntai at the pentagon lucas tomorrowly son, fox news. > lighting up dupont circle.rce the new green project has people
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> this is fox5 local news at 0. right about now there's thousands of people over in landover over at fed ex field freezing tonight or at least trying to stay warm.rm. the temperature dropped sod so quickly yesterday and now itow
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it's just an indication, folks, of the season of what's to come. >> that's right. i posted on my facebook page of the picture of my canadian mights and said is it time to post this? i don't think anyone is ready for it. i know i'm not ready for it. if you're in the stores you are hearing the christmas music andc the decorations. let's get past turkey day first. yes, very cold, very windy, very that's what we've had all weekend long and it's not to stop just yes we still have a little bit more to go through. the week is going to start sunny and cold and once again very windy with significant wind chills. morning hours tomorrow you havey to make sure you dress the kids warm because it's going to be really cold for them out there. mid week we have a chance of seeing some showers. thanksgiving is looking pretty good but i can't rule out maybeb an early shower than a i'll explain that to you in just a about late week we've got lots of sunof and temperatures into the 50s. a combination of all things
10:30 pm
a. here is a look at some of the peak winds from today. we saw damage in some of our neighborhoods that has happened, power outrages and the whole about it. 54-mile per hour wind gust at baltimore. 56 at lees burg. that's a pretty good indicationi of what we dealt with today andy those winds really strong andl definitelyly affecting the falla foliage today as a lot of the trees loosing theig leaves over the entire weekend.k right now 37-mile per hour windr gust at d.c. martinsburg and the winds are going to stay strong tonight as well as into tomorrow as i mentioned. so weave pee got wind chills too talk about.ut. also, we still have a wind advisory in effect.n we did have a high wind warning for areas of our west. that has now ended. this wind advisory is in effect until midnight.midn i wouldn't be surprised if maybf tomorrow they may have to issuee a wind advisory again.gain we'll watch that for you.u. highs today only into the 40s,
10:31 pm
quickly cooled down and that's because on saturday we reachede into the 730s and then very abruptly as that strong cold front came through within a thr matter of hours we dropped into the 40s. we were 70-degrees in the 2:00 hour and by 5 we were in the 40s. this is definitely stickingly around for a little bit. b here's a look at temperatures right now. 38-degrees in the nation's capital, 36 at manassas, theassa same for fredericks but, 32 at winchester this hour, quite chilly. we've got 36 at baltimore and the same at into the 30s every where, continually but here's a loot at wind chills anticipated once wed get into the early hours of tomorrow morning.tomo this is 8:00 a.m. when you're're heading out for your commute or even a little bit earlier thant that it's e going to be in the 0 #-s. it's going to actually feel like it's only in the 20s. here's the 1:00 hour feeling like it's only into the 30s even though our temperatures will be into the 40s at that point, the, same thing for monday night. we do have a winter weather
10:32 pm that's because there's still seeing some snow and blowing b snow that only expires at 4:00 a.m. on monday. low pressureon system movingyst october, ridge of high pressurem moving of in. that just translates into strong winds.wi midday tomorrow 46-degrees butut feeling so much cool consider and for turkey day we're going to be into the 50s but i can't rule out maybe a passing shower because we're p going to have se showers wednesday night whichht could linger through into thursday. tomorrow 46-degrees just plain chilly as i always say. get the woolies out. here's a look at that seven day forecast. we're going to be hanging out in the 50s once we get into the i wednesday period 679 chance of a few showers wednesday night. as i said, i can't rule it out forth early part of thursday.rsa you're going to be inside eating anyway, right so you don't havee to worry about it. lots of good food. i hope you have a great save local day. the rest of the week is looking in
10:33 pm
> the district is finding a new way to get pedestrians to generate electricity.gene this isra cool. ddot unvailed a new sidewalk inn dupont circle that is generating power in a unique and energy safing way. fox5's sarah simpsons has more. >>reporter: dupont circle is one of the busiest pedestrian areas in the city. this is what's called a kinetic sidewalk. they collect energy from pedestrians as they walk. basically the football energy is collected and stored in a battery during the day and eachh evening there's accent lighting in this pocket park. > the new kinetic avenue overlook park sits on the southe side of dupont circle. you can see the led lightingli from underneath the benches thac serve as a place to sit and takd a break. our estimates are about a thousand people per hour duringr rush hour cross the medians hers and overall there's about 10,001
10:34 pm
and so what that equates to is about enough energy to provide six hours each evening of led lighting. more importantly, the park is off the grid. as long as people are walking, the lights will always come on. an important piece of of thee program as the country's aging power grid is being pushed to its limit. the sky is the limit. there's sidewalks every whereevr and sidewalks are an opportunitn more devices than just these led. eventually do you hope maybehope traffic signals could be poweree this way, street lights? >> could be.>> > that's the hope.t' >> that's thes th hope. > for now it's a pilot program, but project designers see this as an energy safer forth pp future. sarah simmons, fox5 local news.s > i like that so much better than killer robots. > there you you have it. > we're going to talk about turkeys later objection to thete form i want tor make sure weure
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biggest discounts on black friday. and open i and the boys look format anyway victory against the -- we have it coming up next
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> the capital season is stillal young. s early succeed doesn't always guaranty long play off runs. we remember that after last year they were at the verizon center hosting the glue jackets. trying to clear the scope, but h niklas backstrom was there to
10:39 pm
is the fourth goal in threeee games for backstrom.stro backstrom passed to alex ovechkin. he buries his ninth of the year. the caps are up 2-1. backstrom tries to lift -- watch h this. you see that happened.ned. he's called for a penalty. that sets this up. the blue jackets takingblue advantage of j the power play. the caps lose 3-2 and they host the blues on wednesday a little now. maryland hosts towson and the tigers came to play building 13-point lead. deshawn mor mom for the dunk.m o with two minutes to go, justin jackson to freshman kevin hearder. the terps pull away with three throws down the stretch. they win 71-66. the terps are now 4-0. virginia ate ranked hosting theg yale bull dogs.
10:40 pm
the steel, watch the cavalier defense. i say a wilkins, gets the rebound. they try again, watch this. this time their turn for a massive block.. the calves up by eleven. they continue to pull away. a steel takes it a distance for the lay all the way down court. makes it look easy, virginiagi wins to improve to jimmy johnson one of the four finals along with joey la gone owe, kyle ed with ten lapse to go. a kicker car off the start instead it creates a crash that probably cost them both the title. johnson would take advantage of the late6p? cautions. he would only lead three lapse
10:41 pm
homestead winning his 70 chan pomship. > now it's time for our close five top five where we show you the best moments in sports you may have missed. number five, the blaming of the anthem in a display of unity.f i was the idea of senior guard deon edwin and was well receivel by the team and coach and the coach says they're going to do this for every home game. that that is great. number four today the seahawks and eagles, some role reversal.l russell wilson gets the snap. throwing to wilson for a 15-yar5 touchdown. that was incredible. >> that counts in. > it counts. do we have a closeup. >> the seahawks win and theren n you have it. let's move on. let's show you number three, they call him jock z. he's the only ntr reporter
10:42 pm
world records.ds. 630 seconds at a 278 guiness certified the lord. by the way, the whipping is real. > what is that sign. >> they do a big renaissance festival up in new england. the mustache you see, not real. > okay. whipping is, mustache is not. number two guiness book of world record another one, from 58 feet, nine and a quartee inches setting off a ill approximation. you can't always do it that way though. wouldn't that be fun to see that in the nba? i wonder how long that took him.m. incredible. o take you to the ice for number one, ryan miller. this is an early contender for nfl safe of the year. watch that, owe, my god. he easterned his money.ey. a diving stop by miller going
10:43 pm
presuming he played baseball because that's the only way you master a play like that. the steels went away from the red wings. maybe it was an accident. i meant to do that. that's incredible. good for him.m. i love the top five. > a nice batch there this week. thank you, jim. which stores are best to hit on black friday. we're going to tell you where you'll score the deepest discounts on average when we
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> we are less than a week from blackless friday, so which store can help you score the biggest discounts? well, according to wallet hub macy's ranks the bess with an average 63 percent.
10:47 pm
kohl'ss, and sears, the overall average black friday discount is 39 percent. one of the reasons macy is so high you go there you buy you a lot of things at label price. they usually don't have itave marked down from the get go. you can tell the holiday season is upon us because this week macy's unvailed their holiday windows. the displays include past and future wi malelements, but also more robots. >> no, no more robots. if you want to catch holiday windows check them out on g street between 12th and 139. macy's has gotten into the habit of bringing some old favorites back. teenagers says a text mixup gotx him an invite to a thanks giving dinner. 17 year old jamal hinman says he
10:48 pm
grandmother telling him what time thanksgiving dinner would u be. once the two exchanged selfies, why we don't know they knew itkw was a mixup instead of taking back her offer, she said he wass welcome. i was in class and i got a random group shot text so i texted back. bac and he found a new grandma. i grew up in military families. my dad was navy so we would invite vet over that we didn'teo know either for thanksgiving dinners. so it's not uncommon. not only did she invite malto dinner, but she extended the invitation to his entire family. why did they exchange sell e fistula. >> i guess he was confused and hee wa said send a picture. > why? >> he thought it was a strange request. > who are you.
10:49 pm
> cheers to some new friends. i hope they have as to good tim. >> i hope so, too.
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arlington manmade a run for the dressed as elvis. he performed in the rock and role marathon last weekend. we caught up with him this week when he got home and asked him what challenged him h to run as the king. michael ward onisn't just any runner, he's a runner whoo dresses as elvis.
10:53 pm
front and then i actually ended up taking the lead at 22 and a half miles and i was able to hold on and kind of win the race. the arlington father of two won the biggest rock and role marathon over the weekend and he recorded the fast test time after someone started as elvis.. it started by a fellow marathon. he was dressed up like elvis. i thought about doing this for a suit objection to the form i was talking to to him and i said is thinking about doing the elvis world record. he said if you want to do it i'll get you a suit. and i was like sweat. the custom suit actually cooled him as he ran through the who the vague as nights. but to transform into elvis he went all in. part of the costume you have to wear the wig. i've got the crazy elvis hair.
10:54 pm
and then the final part andrt actually one of the hardest parts of the costume is you need to wear the shades, which are fine like this, but as you run they're really loose so i ended up with ambulate of a pain inin the nose actually from them just bouncing around. > are you taking any breaks? is there such thing as a break-in your life or are you going to run another marathon in a week.a running the jfk50-mile race. there's no reel break.k. i'm going to be out there competing -- i love that event.. it's one of the -- it's my first ultramarathon that i did way back in 1997. i'm trying to get ten finishes there. you get this really cool sweatshirt. though.s cool as this, i think it might be as cool. > no word if he plans to set
10:55 pm
a stroll, but there might be room for improvement in at least one department.e we have to hear the elvis impression. i've gotk the only one is thank you very much. i love your line. that is a thing h. he did run the jfk350-milerfk35 yesterday in hagerstown. so this guy doesn't rest. eventually he plans to run seven marathons on seven continents an he really does have the motivation. '.redible to >> good job, elvis. > thank you for joining us tonight at 106789 the news at 11
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what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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> this is fox5 local news at 11. thanks for johnson & johnson us tonight, i'mohnson lauren demark complete i'm jim lokay. off the tople wtee i are talking weather.weat the powerful winds have led to
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that is because that tree took out power lines leaving hundreds of people without power on this freezing night.. we heard what sounded like an explosion. of course our lights went out. was another large bank. after hearing this strong windrg all day, people who lived near ceasing ton parkway got to see how fears those gusts could be. utility polls snapped like twigs and tangled wires all over the road. it knocked out power at two apartment billings.apar at thitms one, they safe elevath stopped so theyey s had to get people evacuated from though fa from the only scare from heavy


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