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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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leaving skins fans yelling bring on dallas. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning, you to tyo thank you for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin.nd i to'mday is monday november 21sts gary mcgrady talk, weatherk, erin como talking traffic in a n moment.mome >> happening right now d.c.peni ngwater crews outside in the ith wind and cold trying to repair a 12 minch water main this napped northwest on busyy connecticut avenue. crews racing against the clock c to get it ready and get itet repaired before morning rush b hour.ef fox5'srush melanie alnwick livel this morning with the details. mel. mel. >> hey, good morning, guys.orni there was a little hitch herere because there's a large pepcoa c project going on on connecticut avenue. most of us like we had to wait d for those pepco crews to clear c before washington -- before bfor d.c. water to get in here soere they literally just got into i
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block off the area.bloff so they haven't even gownven g start digging here the water has been shut off. o this water main break wasbreakas reported around 9 o'clock last night and initially the projection was that they wereonw hoping to have everything fixed by 6:00 thisasng to morng but at last check it lookslook like now the projected restoration time may be as be as late as 8 o'clock and we know ko as far as traffic goes, thatic t is not really when you want to have one of these lanes on d.c. water telling us itelli is a 12-inch main. no information as far as howmati old it is, but as we know, k these things happen, just looking at the temperaturesperae saturday, remember how warm it was in the 70's and then t sunday it went down to 477 almost a 25-degree temperatureeu swing so not uncommon you'llncoo have these water mainsaterai sttingng to pop. we'll stand here and let youou know throughout the day howhrou
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avenue. back up. >> 4:31 is the time right now. also in the news this morning, the search t fheor aws t missing fisherman whose boat sank in the potomac river will resumerir today. today. saturday night in saint mary's m county four fishermen wereen participating in a fishingishing tournament when their boat theib ton wan water. one survived and searchers src recovered the bodies of twotwo fishermen early sunday but s they had to end their search sea for the fourth man because of rough seas high winds and darkness. darkness. >> montgomery county police and the tgcountyomer council hmt this comes after a public publi safety committee wanted toante know more about the police pic force's use of tasers.ers. according to the baltimore sun in 2011 montgomery county1 monty police were involved in four deadly taser incidents. today's meeting willid focus on changes to police training andad tas.ics. the committee will discuss sex x assault investigations and hownd they're handled. >> a man accused of setting a woman on fire in fairfax down. . police are looking forking f this man louis reeder.eede
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an argument way bomb at his home in alexandria.xanda. that argument escalated andednd the woman was set on fire.n police tell us she was takenhe w to the hospital withh life-threatening injuries. inju. investigators are askingatorare anyone who may know reeder's re' whereabouts to give them aa >> ?? >> now to the latest on the trump to trathnsition over the weekend the president-elect met with several people that could sev potentially fillly fil positions in hisis administration. mitt romney is a key couldn'teyu tend to become the nation's nato next secretary of and state of james matis. mat >> donald trump will have thel t white house to himself when heeo moves to d.c. in january.anua trump told reporters his wifee melania and their 10-year-old 1o son baron will stay in new york until baron finishes the school year and they will move into the white trump decided against again switching baron's school inon the middle of the year. he attends a private school in new york city.yo c >> president obama isredent o considering removing the headg e
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agency and u.s. cyber command. a admiral mike rogers has heldik the position for two years yrs now. the consideration is set toat st follow a recommendation by rogers' two bosses o defenseefen secretary ash carter ancret director ofar national intelligence james clapper. sources say carter iss sa disappointed with the lack ofack progress nsa has made in the mat cyber offensive against isiss and clapper believers the agency should be headed by a civilian not someone with a military background redskinssk playing the late game against aa close in the fourth when that tt washington just blew it wideus open. kirk cousins hits pierre garcon. touchdown 70's yards.ds later in the fourth carter, a, a 4-yard run by fat rob, robert kelley fields it foreyie washington they win 42 to 24.n o they are now six, three and one and currently holding down w third place in the >> not to be a fly in the fly i ointment but did they get a get
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>> well, it's all up to the up t referees how they figure that out. >> fat rob. >> fat rob, robert kelley.robere that's his nickname. hed. good. no penalty. palty >> little trot through the endtt zone that's not celebration. >> it's all good. tha>>t yellow yee flag you're all good.'re algood >> folks, i'm learning.ea >> every day is a learning dayae process just like we learnede about that cold wind that just l started up over the weekend and it's still going. going >> let me ask you a question. qt did you see any snowflakesu se this weekend. >> no, i thought i saw eeom sleet.eet. >> let's see. og when he said yes i didn't hear e you guys so -- so >> no, i did not but i thoughtht i saw that sleet hitting theittt windshield.nd >> no, sleet, that was snow.w. >> i took cover so i saw nothing. >> that makes sense.>> look at the snow to the northe. ofthe sn us. wow. now, look this stuff up intup pennsylvania i'm not worriedania about. there will be aed little wind w snow northwest, yes, there could. could.
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pressure up through upstate new york. they're getting hard right now and then into new england asw ea well. this big area of low pressurew e one of the reasons we're reasoe' getting sump strong big high pressure to the west pe of usss and this strong area ofa low pressure to the northeasttot of us and we're kind of caughtf in a big squeeze play here andye we're getting some incredibleble northwesterly wind especiallyspy northwestern regions. the winds up there a lot stronger northwesternthwestern neighborhoods than they are to the south of us. see temperatures t-, look at temperatures north andmr westminster is a little bit they below freezing but hagerstown frederickdeck gaithersburg dulles martinsburg they're temperatures would be much, much colderatures but the wind e keeping everything mixed up soer that keeps the temperatures upye a bit. you head farther to the souththh fredericksburg and culpeper in e the 20's.e 20' wind has died down a little bit down there. now, there it will pick upp when the sun comes up but this i morning anyway, the winds w aren't so bad down to the south. here's our temperatures later today. anywherer from 40 in hagerstownt to about 49 degrees inees in
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clouds and sun northwest. northe i think we'll see a lot of a lof sunshine here in town.ns it ihis goineng to stay windy wn though. thou there's your forecast.ere' how about some traffic? erin tn como is in with that. wh t >> well, gary, 4:37. 4 very cold morning. morning we're dealing with a waterdeal main break in the district in northwest. connecticut avenue southboundue right lane is blocked betweenet van ness and yuma street northwest. melanie alnwick gathering more information.nw that could cause siclick spots s and delays special as she said i the work could last untilil about eight ooh clock thish cl morning o good bottom of the beltwayotto through oxon hill heading to alexandria. 395, 295 in greenbelt lookinggr good. if you have an early flight to catch you won't hit any delaysel onay your way to bwi reaganwiea national or dulles.ulle back to you wisdom andisdom maureen.maurn. >> 4:37 is the time. tim russian president vladimirn pr putin says he's lookingtin saforward to an improved impro relationship with the united states and under president-elect donald trump. >> and we take a look at the big winners in lastt-elece ta ng american music awards show. >> as we head to break right hd now live look across the
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temperature 36 degrees. and the wind is still blowing hard. fox5 now's morning back after'sm
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>> ?? what's trending on w social media this monday morning. >> holly morris standing by with our realtime newshaal mly s tracker. holly. orter: good morning.r: good putin is speaking outt aboutut his recent phone call withall wh president-elect donald trump. at an economic summit in peru p putin said he and trump share an normalizing relations. he says it remains to be seen be how successful trump will be.ilb next up, at that samet s economic summit asia pacific leaders vowed to fight protectionism.otecti
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>> reporter: in europeter:euro highlighted by brexit underxit scored by donald trump'sy dona u election was major concern. conn key concern were remarks madeksd by trump during the campaign caa that he would abandon the u.s. u led trans-pacific partnership which is a free trade deal involving 12 regional economies. they say protectio nism slowednism down recovery of the international economy. ecomy and finally, stars shinedsh at last night's american music awards and none brighter thanr a rapper drake and justin bieberka who both came up big with four but also shining bright selena s gomez who won favorite female fm artist in the pop rock pop r category. she gave a heart felt speechelte on stage.on she told her fans about recent c rough patches she's been goingcb through and say if they too thet are broken they don't have toave stay that way. gomez recently took time offlyki to treat depression and anxiety.. >> portion that of speech iton was really heart felt.t i'm glad she's getting ithe get together and sending a message s at the same time. >> absolutely. >> thanks holly.
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morning, virginia lawmakers law unveiling a plan they hope will prevent voter fraud. fud >> despite the best efforts ofto city leaders elementsness inntsn the district continues todistri grow. >> a live look across the region.ct c l it is 4:42.ive regiits and4: it's 42colder out there. 36 degrees. yikes. one dell if you you're heading out.f we've got moreyo news, weathersh and traffic also on the other side of this break.
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news m forningr transition announcement.ncent. we could be a few hours away from learning the first membertr of donald trump's presidential cabinet. >> fife live look l you're waking up to u to winter-like weather. it's not it's real winter weather. weath that wind is howling outout the.e. some powerful winds. we'l long that's going to beto be around. >> it's howling out there. the good morning.good morni thanks for joining us. u i'm maureen umeh.n umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin today. today. is he have monday novemberve 20's first. it's the 40th anniversary of the m he release o 4f the0t film "rocky." >> you're so full of good information.'re so how did you know that.di >> because it's in thed se it'it prompter. >> i was trying to give you some dap.ap >> there was a nice pass on an uncontested layup. good morning erin como. mor
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that wind is howling. howli >> beyond howling. bey >> i mean, it's -- it'st's annoying.annoying. it's the kind of wind that -- ta >> very annoying.nnoyin >> wakes you up at night. nht temperatures of course feelf cof much, much colder because ofdera that that wind. let me show you temperaat ttures ght nonow. it's cold to the the winds not blowing as hard down through southern areas but it is really cooking and it's going toreal stay really rl windy all day today. tod listen, down south it's not it'o too windy now. n. these are the current winde th speeds. the constant wind speeds ind s and notice north and westpeedor sun comes up i think areawide ae the winds will pick up again. winchester is 21 miles per hour wind. here in the city we've been around 9 miles per hour. 9iles . gusts are up close to 20's. 20' wind chill value, how it feels e obviously with the wind wind culpeper it doesn't feel as f bad down there in someome locations because again the the wind not big of a problem downbd to the south but it's just cold. manassas 25, dulles feels like 22, westminster still feelsll es like it's in the teens. teens
4:47 am
little snapshot it felt evenit t combed here is the forecastere foris today. 37, 43 noontime. 44. 44 so we'll get to a high of about 46 but with the windhed obviously it's never going toevr feel like that, g okay. oy. we will gradually warm up andnd we'll have a look at your y thanksgiving forecast this morning asving well. wel here's what's going on withing t traffic now though.traffic we got to get to erinno como for >> 4:47 right now.7 ght now. bundle up. bu the wind,nd the cold, it'sd, i definitely a chilly start toy st this monday morning.orni. right now as you make your wayor out around the beltway trafficaa looking good through largo ongh same story continues 95 over 9ve to georgia.ia we don't have typical delays yet. t. 66 coming from gainsvillevill quiet on the eastbound side. quiet 270 southbound from fro frederick down to the beltway. w no slowdowns on 40.n things are moving along just jut fine 70 in both directions.irec in northern maryland i likeike what we're seeing on see baltimore-washington parkway,wah 95, 29 and route one as well.inl all the majors to and from thert capital beltway and the t baltimore beltway cruisingay crg along without any slowdowns. same story 95 northbound dalendl
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tracking an active water mainin break scene connecticut avenue northwest at yuma street. two southbound lanes are lan a blocked. we have team coverage. fox5's melanie alnwick is at the scene.. i see the flashing lights lig behind you with the very latest. good morning, erin.ri i can't think of a worse joborsb to have to be doing thisnghi morning. well, there probably couldyo be some worse ones out there the but these guys will be bracing the cold and the wind as theyy main break. . d.c. water saying it's aayit's a 12-inch main and it looks like -- they're still working wi to try to pin points the exact location of it. waterlo on watere the road right now because a bea short time ago they reopenedreoe the main to discharge some of the water out of the pipes pipes there so we think they'reso getting close to the point we co where they can start to comean c in here and start to dig up dig the road but they're not therehn just yet. and as you can see, right nowign it looks like we've got one goto lane there are -- there is a possibility that it could goo
4:49 am
shut down depending on howng on much space they need to geteed t their work done here. initially we were told itwe wer would be done by 6 o'clock olo this morning.this looks like it's on targets on tr perhaps for 8 o'clock so'clo s definitely we'll keep you guyss posted on progress here and and how it may affect thoseffect inbound commuters on connecticut avenue thisti back to >> all right, mel, thanks fornko the upday. it is 4:49 and if you're just waking up let's check the top te stories including overnightverng developments in to two policeo c a. louis missouri where a police officer was shot last night. it happened while he drovourie w down the street, hes she he wasw ambushed. the officer was shot twice inr thewa fs ace.the face. he is in serious condition butdi he's expected to live.ecteto li. the suspect in the shootingin to was shot and killed during a shootout with police aboutbo three hours ago.hours o. then in san antonio texas aas person of interest in the of death of a police officer thereinof a p is in custody.usty 50-year-old detective benjamin marconi was shot and killed as he satdeteshot in his squad carc writing a traffic tickett yesterday morning. police say a car pulledyester up
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out walked to the squad caro th and shot marconi twice in the t head. despite the arrest that ofth of suspect police say they are thee still searching for the actuall shooting suspect. suspect. >> time right now is 4:50.:5 a new report shows a majoraj spike in homelessness in d.c. a federal study says ss homelessness in the district in has increased by about 30 percent since 2010 andnd 57 percent since 2007. 200 while some people who live on p the streets clolise to be there, about 8,000 homeless people000 live in shelters in the city.ho. the statistics are better inr maryland and virginia.irni about a 30 percent drop inp homelessness over the last six years. >> now to the latest on donald trump.trum his transition over the weekend the president-elect met with several people thatev coulder potentially fillill positions in his administration.stra mitt romney is a key contenderor to become the nation's nextn's secretary of state and retired r marine corps general james matis is a possible pick forbl defense secretary. secretary rick perry is set to meet upp with donald trump. tru there is a new proposed ppo
4:51 am
party voters registration ivives. the bill would create nor n paperwork and nongovernmentveme employees. the virginia general assembly ay couldn't spleens january.'t >> 4:51 is the time right now. i cominggh up on fox5 news mornin a case of mistaken identityit leads one family to adddd another seat at the thanksgiving table. tab >> j.k. row once again box officers hit. b >> as we head toox break rightat now a live look outside across s the region.n. the temperatures still 36 windy degrees. d we're back in a moment.
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>> ?? >> 4:53 is the time right now. welcome back to fox5 news
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india where there was a deadly l train derailment over thelmenovt week. 133 people are dead and more a m than 200 others injured.s injur. 14 cars on a passenger trainng a derailed on sunday.un rescuers searched overnightove through the twisted ande twted mangled metal searching for survivors. >> harry potter's fans casting a big spell at theotte box offif this weekend fantastic beast and where to find them knocked dr. strange from the top spotng by takinge fr home $75 million. dr. strange to fell to numbere r two with over $17 million. mlion finished extra person at the thanksgiving dinner table> thit year all thanks to a text thateh was sent to the wrong number.the >> started with 17-year-old 17-r jamaal hinton got a text about thanksgiving dinner a womanwom claiming to be his grandmother.he turns out it wasn't hisrns w grandmother. instead it was a woman named wanda dench.a den even though it was mixup mix jamaal asked if he could stillls
4:55 am
wanda said hey he can still come over.e ca >> i saw his p icture and even and though i invited him i did not n think for a second that he would want to come tohat my hou after seeing my picture. pictu >> jamaal says he's happy tol sa have another grandmother in his life and snoaythers he's lon for ward to joining them for a thanksgiving meal . >> [laughter] >> that is very funny.unny gary mcgrady it is> ga 36 degrees certainly feeling like the holidays around now. >> yes c holes, it we're going to warm up a little bit but we're going going have a couple more days where the wind is going to bes go blow going to be kind of stuck in the 40's so just get used toet e it. you knew we would pay because wo of all that will great weather e we had at the end of lastt the f week. week 70's on friday and saturday. su. a lot of snow up north and a west wrapping around this biginu area of low pressure to thee te north and east of us.f we may see a flake or twoo flying around north and west but nothing here in theg here ie district. 36 right now here in town, n, manassas 34, colder to theder to south. the winds not blowing so much mc down to the south of us ande sot they have generally cleare gener skies so that's allowedies soal
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off. off. north and west there's a few's a more clouds. cud it's a lot windier north andorth west so that's keepingng actually temperatures up a bitra this morning. th hereis m in town i don't think e get to freezing because it'saus' going to be too there's are forecast fore's today. at least withfo temperatures 46s it will feel like it's in thet' 20's and 30's all day long. almost 50 down to the south 50 and we'll have some gooddo'll vs sunshine, too. t. here's erin como monday erin morning. take a look at your traffic. >> 4:56.>>:5 rough start in northwest. north. melanie alnwick gathering more info behind me. a water main break affecting aec traffic on connecticut avenue south -- excuse me northwest- on theexcu southbound side. s right lanes are blocked. this is right by yuma please use caution. traffic getting by but you canac see the shine, water on theon te road and with the colderol temperatures could it causeat some slick spots andures crews e telling melanie this shouldn'tho be cleared until about thehe 8 o'clock hour. you can take wisconsin ornsin massachusetts to get around geto that active scene thisat aive morning. we'll keep you updated. uated we'll move it over to a look too at our cameras. cer
4:57 am
southbound typical spot foral the overnight construction consu unite near glebe road hasglebe h cleared so all southbound andbon northbound lanes opened.hbouanes very light volume on thate ont stretch of 395.h as we look at our maps asides from the water main break thatak we're dealing with in theith in district traffic outside theffii district in virginia lookingok good. go 95 northbound delay threeel t through the aquia harbor.ia har we'll keep you updated thispded morning on your monday morningyi ride. wisdom and maureen. m >> coming up, police searchpolia for answers after a body is by found in a laurel home.aurel ho. calling out the cowboys afterbot blowing out the packers last l night at fedex field.edex fie >> all right, before we headberw to break quick look at today'sod stock futures. futur fox5 news morning back after this. this.
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. morni >> today on fox5 news morning,oi transition announcement.ncen we could be a few hours awayoura from learning the first memberie of donald trump's presidentiall cabinet. >> let's go ahead and lookbiet'h live outside on this monday mon we are waking up to winter,r, folks. >> uh-oh. >> you felt it yesterday,esteay, though. definitely going need to bring out tlyhe g heavy coat today.vyo powerful winds out there againra today.


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