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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. morni >> today on fox5 news morning,oi transition announcement.ncen we could be a few hours awayoura from learning the first memberie of donald trump's presidentiall cabinet. >> let's go ahead and lookbiet'h live outside on this monday mon we are waking up to winter,r, folks. >> uh-oh. >> you felt it yesterday,esteay, though. definitely going need to bring out tlyhe g heavy coat today.vyo powerful winds out there againra today.
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to you. thank you so much for joiningnig usyo.u uc us i'm holly morris.ri >> and i'm maureen umeh.aure u today is monday november 21st.b thanksgiving just a couple cou days weigh. can you believe it. >> no, i don't believe it.o, i n i do believe this gary andaran erin are working hard as they always do. we'll check in with them in achc feinw w minutes.utes >> d.c. water crews outside in e the wind and cold trying to try repair a 12-inch water main break. >> this happened in northwest on busy cs onhanectppicut avenue crews racing against the clock t to get it repaired. repai of course before the morning the scene this morning withe th all the details. d so, where is that repair standhs right now, mel? >> reporter: it's still inti the very early stages, guys.s, g there was a large pepcoep project here overnight and unfortunately these d.c. water d crews will to wait for ther pepco crews to get out of the way before they could start moving into position here and i we literally saw themnt jo ust s few moments ago doing some initial jack hammering of theme
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at some point they will bring the backhoes in bit right now rg haven't even really opened upy the street yet. th this happened arounde stre 9 o'o last night when it was first war reported and initially the projection was a 6:00 a.m. a completion time.ompl when i just checked a littlea ll while ago then it was updatedt d to 8:00 a.m., so not going tongo be good news here for commuters.ut this is the kind of thing we know, look,s water mainth breae season is just beginning. beging we had almost a 25-degree 25-gr temperature swing fromatsw the kind of thing that happens, these old mains theyldm just pop and these crews theyree know how to handle it, they know what they're in for. they're -- once they get in g there i can tell you usually uly it doesn't take too long forak them to get these fixed. but again, this morning rightng now we're seeing one lane shuten down here on connecticutneicut avenue. we're at windham street right wm here but there's going to be a i little bit of closures onres o either block from where we arelo to connecticut
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that's where people will start to see backups. see bac we'll keep an eye on it. e on they are definitely making mak progress hour by hour but itr b looks like it's going to be ang long m back to you guys. >> thanks melanie.>> thanks mela appreciate the update.apecia we'll check back of course see how things are goi. 5:03 right now and we havend we some news from laurel anym laury other share. this morning police are investigating a murder there. this mg a maern was found shot dead insids a home on deerfield road.rf this happened around 9 o'clock k last night. police did not prelease ma ny preleas details overnight. overnig there are reports the victim's c child actually saying men had entered theered home and argued with thewi victim before shooting him. h >> now over top saint louisaintl where a police officer was w shot last night. according to local media loc med there, the officer was shoter ws twice in the face and is in serious condition but is expected to live. the saint louis policeolic department says he's conscious and being treated at ahe's can hospitaling .hospit meanwhile the suspect in the the shooting was shot and killed k during a shootout earlier thiser morning with police.mornin >> and in texas, there is a person of interest in custody oe
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year veteran of the sanderf t se tonio police -- san antonio poll department. detective marconi was sitting in his squad car writing a w ticket when a second card pulled up behind the cruiser.rus someone got out and fired twice at the cop killing him kil before then taking off.ff president-elect donaldpr trump spent the weekendes holding meetings with advisers and interviewing candidates to e complete his national security y team.te last wee senator jeff sessions forsi attorney general and kansas representative mike pompeo toe p head the cia. mitt romney is considered a key contender to become theeco e nation's next secretary of state.state. meanwhile trump'ss administration is showing ani major rafocus on security. >> policies to temporarilyly suspend immigration from areas that harbor and train and tra terrorists until betterrroris
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we get a -- someone head of the state department thate stde understands what donald trumpnat said over and over again thehe iraq was a mistake. >> rick perve set to meet with w president-elect trump today.t-ea >> the burgundy and making fans very happy thisy hay monday morning. mond they won last night's game again the green bay packerske final score here 42 to 24. 2 that was a beatdown.tdn. okay, but it was a close game ce in the fourth quarter whenhe f washington took over kirk tk ovr cousins hitting pierre garcon minutes later 4-yard run by robert kelley sealing thee de.l. hey, the burgage and goldgand gl check out their record six,rd three and one. o what?what? >> on a roll dare i say, right. >> what is going on? the cubsne win, the burgundy and gold are d on a roll.ol what's >> clearly it's the end of the f world.wod. bundle up today, it's bon if, ii
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>> let me show you bus stopu b this morning. th speaking of outside in the wind, wrap those kiddos up good. layers, big coats this morninggm because the feels-like temperature out there in theatuh lower 20's and a couple spots c in the winds are going to continue totu gust society feels-like 97 soc most cases is much colder than a the actual temperature.tu after school not much better. at least we'll have soolme n wlh sunshine t it's still going to stay windyin thgh northwest 15 to 25 gusting as gs high as 30 or so. technically speaking there's a wind advisory in place thisdvis morning at least until 6:00st u a.m. i'll see if they extend that but i doubt they will but b anything is possible p at thispt point with this wind.ind. 36 degrees right now here in no the city. cit dulles is 34. it's a little -- in terms ofe -f the air temps, it's a littler t warmer north andli west because the wind is still blowinge pretty good and that'swind mixix the atmosphere.sph keeps the temperatures from getts ing thtoo colde .ld.
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down to the south side we haveth 20's because it's noe t as windn down there and temperaturespe are allowed to get colder. so, this morning anyway it's i not as breezy down to thet as south. bre you see thiezs big area of snow snow to the north of us us rotating around low pressure. that low pressure is slow tois t move, so until that getshat g pushed out of here, we'reshed going to remain windy and that d will be at least today and i'm i thinking into tomorrow asor well. here's erin como monday's erin morning traffic.mond heymo erin.he e >> on-time traffic brought to bg you by toyota. special offers. >> thanks gary. we're going to start you off with breaking newgoinsg wtoe' e following out of the district at ou at 5 this is actually connecticutonct avenue on the southbound side o inn northwest.thwest a water main break blocking at least two of the right you can see a little bit of shine on that stretch of roadofe as well as we zonoom tha in on e work. unfortunately worksers outunate there in the we would -- cold c and the wind. w we're being told that thatat tha lanes could be blocked ond be bd connecticut on the southboundonh side through about 8 o'clockoug8
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massachusetts or wisconsinachu once we get more traffic outrafc in the area could be a better we'll keep an eye on that an eyt in virginia 56 this is at 234 a business on the eastbound side traffic is flowing.lo i'll let you know when thatwhen normal morning congestion congeo starts to cause a little bit tcs of a slowdowns.lowd westbound through gainsvilleundv also at speed. t as we look at our maps metro meo has geared up for service at 5:00 and we're dealing withealiw safe track surge 10 impacting the red line noma-gallaudet to fort totten brookland and rhode islandand rs stations close.lose maureen and holly.. >> coming up on fox5 news5 new morning later this morningis crews will resume their search a for a missing fisherman. frm >> and a strike by workers ators one of the nation's busiest airports could slow down your trip home this thanksgiving.nki.
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region. it is 5:08. 5:08. cold out there. 36 degrees. 36 . we're back. more fox5 news morning after the break. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant. >> ?? >> 5:09 right now and this morning the century assumes for a missing fis:0he9 rman whoe boat sank in the potomacat river. srive now this happened saturdayy night in that saint mary's t county. four fishermen wererm
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took on water.ok on w one of them survived.vived. searchers recovered the bodiesv of two others early sunday buty they had to end their searchheic for the fourth man because of b rough seas, high winds and ness.ess. >> happening today, montgomerynt county police in the countynt council will meet this morning g to discuss using tasers and how they investigate sexual sex assaults. focus on the tasers comesers ce after public safety committee cm wanted to know more about theret police officers' use of o according to the baltimore sungo back in 2011, montgomeryontg four deadly taser incidents.rnc today's meeting will look intowt how the force trains officerss o to use those tasers. protestors and policeprot crashing overnight in esnorth dakota at the site of theko pipelitane o ail at least one person wasersowa arrested as hundreds ofdreds demonstrators tried to push past a bridge on the state highway. high the billion dollar projectr pro will transport oil from north fo dakota to the midwest.e midwe prosecutors say -- protestors pe rather say it will hurt the hur environment. >> the families of those on board malaysiahe fam airlines ff
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prehunting trip to madagascaraga to search for clues about whateo happened to the missing plane. investigators have so farso identified six pieces oftifiix p wreckage from the the families say there has been no systemic organized search by investigators.tiga the plane vanished back inck march of 2014 with 239 peoplepl on boardly.oardly >> disturbing new detailsg w d about the charges against at thh former congressman from illinois. illi aaron shock is accused of arranging meet and greet gre ev d.c. for his constituents anduea charging them a fee and thenhe pocketing the money. prosecutors say shock set up a secret florida bank accountou with a fake business name and told his staff to put theake money into that account.ount shock is charged with wire fraud and theft of governmentf v funds and could be sentencedan to decades ind prison.ri he's scheduled to be in courtn c next month.. >> workers possibly planningossa to announce a strike tomorrow. baggage handlers cabin cleaners janitors and a
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o'hare say they are underhare s paid. they want minimum wage pay to be raised to $15 an hour. h union officials say the strike will of course disrupt travel during thanksgiving but will not shut o'hare down. down. >> 5:12 right now. coming up on fox5 news morning r a local student is chosen to be a rhodes scholar.ol >> a number of americans sayrica hillary clinton should retire. t there at the united statested capitol. look at hows clear it is. i stars sparkling in the sky.s sp it is clear andar cold.nd that's was need to know.o kno bundle up, bundle up, bundledl up. 5:12 right now. n we'll talk weather and trafficnd on the other side. you're watching fox5 newsing x5n morning. stay with us.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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>> ?? >> all right. it's 5:14 on this monday morning.
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man, looks can be deceiving. it's cold out there. the >> good thing we're inside, iid right.ri >> yeah. >> need the big jacket >> exactly.>> especially this morning as you're out and about.hisre ond a temperatures don't necessarily tell the whole story because of the wind out there. the reagan national 36, dulles 34, bwi marshall 35 degrees.des. just keep in mind that thethat t wind chill values this morning m are generally in the 20's, okay, pretty much area a lot of snow flying back b this is futurecast. i went ahead and set it at 2 o'clock today.ay we should be in pretty good ityd shape, at least in terms ofms being dry with sunshine.unine. more sunshine today than what wa we had yesterday.rd that does not mean we won't we n have a few clouds from time to o time and could there be --e just could there be still ahee l flake or two flying north and west kind of wind driven snow? n yes, but again it's prettyt's py doubtful. but there's still going to be b a lot of lake effect coming effn down into upstate new york and
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pennsylvania coming right off the lakes there.ia comlakeere. big area of lope to the north of -- low pressure to thee to te north of us. u tomorrow still looks good butdut it still looks breezy becauseezu we got to get this area of low w pressure out of here from the fe north -- well, it's going tot'st continue to move northeast andea that will bring a little bita lt of relief from the winds but not until late tomorrowomro afternoon and then intont wednesday. it does look like by the timee e we get to wednesday, thingssdayh are looking a whole lot better e so that's a little look atlo your futurecast.uras 46 today. keep in mind it will neverlev feel that way.el t windy today. a good stiff breeze forod stiff tomorrow but we'll stay b dry. d what about your thanksgiving thg forecast? here's what i'm hersh thinking.thin i think there's still going toe be a few showersstil around.rod. a little bit of sunshinesu in thens afternoon.fterno temps getting up to about about 55 degrees or so. here's this big storm crankingra to the the northea. big area of low pressure here. e winds coming around that.d t high pressure is trying tointo build in from the west, soest, we're getting a bit of a o squeeze play here with theplay winds and that's why the winds'e
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will that continue to be windyoo today.y. 15 to 25, gusts to 30. to 3 high temperatures only up intosn the middle 40's. next seven days quickly looklyok like this. thi great for traveling on tuesday. great for traveling oning on wednesday.wednday. thursday a few showers,, thanksgiving a few showers andws it does look like a pretty good weekend as well.od wee here's erin como. com monday morning.ning. she's got your traffic.s goyourc >> love the little tue that's dancing on yourr thanksgiving forecast.ving 5:17 and you're taking andta look at the breaking newsing ne you're tracking behind us in u the district. avenue on the southboundcut sidd at yuma street a few lanesew l blocked because of a large lar women break scene.n break scene unfortunately crews workingatel hard in the cold and the wind tw to get that cleared.. now looks like we're being told melanie alnwick is outs there gathering moreor information that those lanes should be blocked for the workhr through about 8 o'clock.h t 8 could put a damper on our o commute. you can see light trafficra moving by very by ry s wisconsin or massachusetts canan get you around that one. one let's switch it over to a oo look in virginia on 95. this is 95 northbound atund at prince william parkway.ce w you can seeil tlihe headlightsdt
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we have volume building. also south much that points inei stafford some volume buildinglue as well. b we'll certainly keep youy keeyo updated on that.t. 270 southbound still quiet all q the way down throughough frederick.frederic high got you covered with your d morning coute. holly and maureen. maure >> all right, time is 5:18.:1 let's take a look at stories sto you're engaging with the mosth s this morning on social media. md >> wisdom martin standing by. >> star studded night in l.a.ghl nig night. not just in the sky.t st we're talking about the 2016 th2 american music awards because they had some biwagrd winners big performances as a celebs included justin bieber who won four awards area gran ga grande who won artist of the t year zane new artist of thew year rihanna and drake who took home collaboration of thelb year for their song it was aas hit work, work, work.ork. drake nabbed three other awards a he actually came in i way record breaking 13 nominations.nominations. next up after a tough lossao to donald trump t-many arean a wondering what's next for next hillary clinton.arton. turns out the majority of americans think she should just
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55 percent of likely voters say mrs. clinton should findlint something else to do. democratic votersmethin think tr party should go in thethe direction of someone like bernie sanders. only 26 percent think thenk the party should stay more like hillary clinton. next up,hi we now have aowav rhodes scholar from right hereie in our area. a uva student from lower lower maryland is among the 32 the 3 americans selected to pursueur postgraduate study at oxford ood university.sity. her name is erin she's a senior at uva doublee majoring in african-americanmera and african studies.. she's also president of the university's black studenttudent alliance so congratulations tott her. and finally on the heels of last week's a wee kirk cousins was yelling how youling like me now as he celebratedra on the field last night. nig now, his reaction following anga huge redskins victory over thert green bay packers, who was hehos yelling that how you like me
5:20 am
general manager scotagerco mccloughan because he's thes t guy who is going to decide dec whether kirk cousins gets paid u and stays with the redskinsedsk next year.ea you can do how you like me now n or how you like me now, hm. >> cool mo d >> that's right. >> he's going to sound likeoundk here comes the money. the mon >> that's right. >> okay. whiz, thank you. coming up on fox5 news morningwe changes to the content on itsnts site. >> and an american icon ico introduces a new way to take a selfie.. >> okay. okay. >> as we ted to break a live liv look across the d.c. region,n, it is 5:20 right now and very chilly 36 degrees.6 degree more fox5 morning news afternewf
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>> 5:22 right now.>> after dealing way massiveyas recall of its galaxy seven se zones samsung acknowledgingging there have been a handful ofandf incidents of the phones t catching fire and overheating og but says they have not foundnoou any problems with the phoneh the batteries and that they stand behind the quality and safetyy of the galaxy s7 >> zuckerberg says an automated system will hope to weed outo wd fake news stories. stories it also will now be muchlswill easier to report false contentlc as well as post labels on fakesf news stories. ne work they also plan to with journalisting on fact -- journalists on fact checking stories.stories. >> sabra recalling hummus dues e to possible listeria contamination.atn. containers have best before
5:24 am
sabra officials say they are recalling this product out ofduo an abundance of caution. caution none of the finished productsth have actually testedfi positive for listeria so far. >> if you've ever wanted toyou' take ave selfie while you zip coca-cola has a story for you. y presenting the selfie bottle. the camera snaps a photo pho overtime user takes a a sip you can take a selfie while you sip that coca-cola and now i'm done. de. >> and how much is it?nd h muc >> exactly. >> right, a coke that comesa coe with a camera? >> i'm thinking -- thiing -- >> i'm thinking those aren't in our vending machines downstairs, what do you thinkhi gary. >> we could try. look and see.
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on out there right outhe temperatures cold, we knowates c that, though, right. r winds are howling. howli we know that, though, right? cull severe 29 degrees,degr fredericksburg 26.frericksburg 2 it's colder down there. the. actual air temperature, it's warmer air temperature-wiseempea north and west but the windshe n are stronger so it feelstee colder. are you confused yet? look atoo the wind speeds still holdingng at 9 miles per hour, constantst wind speed in d.c. but as you y travel farther north and westes the winds go up. sustained in gaithersburg atur 18, the same for sustained for hagerstown atown 29 miles per hour.per hou it's not gusts, this is just isj sustained winds and then the t gusts on top that of are running 25 to 35 miles per mil p hour out there.he so s-the wind chill, how it feels is much, much colder obviously north and west. westminster continues to be ine the teens with the feels-likehel temperature.ature. winchester you've now droppedery to the teens. you get the ideaou here.ere. it feels like it's really coldyc out there. bundle up, wrap up. u i suggest layers today 'cause even though we will have goodild
5:26 am
winds staying 15 to 25, gusts to 30 today, it's never really going to feel very much like muc it's in the 40''sn the 40 mostly it's going to feel likeok it's in the 20's and the 30's. . now you're prepared for it.or let's give you the info on thenn traffic this erin como is here withere wit traffic.traffic. >> 5:26 and right now we'reght w tracking breaking news on thewso roads. this is the beltway out by 50 b0 in maryland.and. outer loop we're dealing withopw ae' vehicle fire. f pretty big scene there. scene. you'll need to keep it to the left.. the right lanes are as you can backed up traffic. traff inner loop flowing past 50.ast you can see some of the flameshs in the area. please use caution on both uti sides of the beltway againayin vehicle fire outer loop rightrit by 50 in maryland.aryl we'll keep you updated on that a and the delays that are coming n up and any new information wemaw get on that scene. s let's switch to a live lookswit outside and show you a water a w main break we are tracking northwest section of the t district this morning. mor this is out on connecticut conct
5:27 am
street. two right lanes blocked. melanie alnwick has been gathering information out there. crews letting us know that they should be out there untilee ttbe thereabout 8 o'clock this r traffic is getting by the gting scene s it could cause somee slowdowns as more folks hit hit the road. take wisconsin orns massachusetts to get aroundhuseo that one and watch for slick foi spots because of the reducedcaed temperatures and the water onurt the road. r we have you covered thised t morning. metro is on time except fore exr safe track s holly, maureen, mre bayo to you. >> thanks erin.. 5:27.5:27 coming up on fox5 newsox5 ns morning, one man's trash,'sra always another man's treasure. s a key member of th o administration may soon beoo shown his way out the door, only to become welcome a few few weeks later in the trump whiterp house. >> all right. and the police department in montgomery county preparing to present its report on the use of tasers by its officers.ers. >> as we head to break let'saket go ahead and take another live l look outside on this chilly,y, chilly monday morning.or it's actually not chilly. it's bona fide cold out there.he 36 cold degrees. degrees.
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after this.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. reakfast. >> ?? >> today on fox5 news morning, transition announcement.n fo we could be a few hours awayon from learning the firstirst members of donald trump'sru presidential cabinet.ential cabt law enforcement leaders inas our region get ready to to present the findings of their t support into the deadly use of u tasers in montgomery county.ount aaron rodgers and theaaron o
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photographed prime timephed prie leaving skins fans yellingg bring onsk dallas. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ?? this is fox5 news morning. morni >> good morning to you.rn thank you very much forin joining us.ank yo i'm wisdom martin. m >> and i'm holly morris.or today is monday november 21st. >> erin como talking traffic tra gary mcgrady talking very cold weather in a moment.ean a >> we'll talk news thoughll tal right here's what's happening righ t now. d.c. water crews are outside in the wind and cold trying break. >> now it happened in>> now northwest on busy connecticutnec avenue. crews racing against the clockhc to get it repaired before thepab morning rush hou fox5's melanie alnwick joinslnwi us now live this morning withor the details. mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. very slowly. sloep they have not even begun yet y to dig up the road here get down that 12-inch water main. m. diagnosing on where they
5:32 am
these crews were delayed a weree little bit because there's anitu ongoing pepco project heree along connecticut avenue thatnu was taking place overnight.rn they had to wait for those tho pepco crews to clear beforeefor d.c. water could get into position here and they've gotveg the lights up. it looks like they pretty muchtc pin pointed where they'rehere looking because we saw themaw discharging somed water out onut the roadways clearing out those lines.e les. normally the way this goes is they pinpoint it again, they t exactly where they need to get g to digging so right now we're seeing one lane shut down hereee on connecticut avenue, but if experience holds true, you true, could see perhaps two laneswoan because once they start to digst they will need to bring some soe pretty large constructiononst equipment in here to get downetd to that 12-inch water minuteer t
5:33 am
it popped last p last update was 8:00op a.m. it could last throughout theouot morning rush hour. we'll have to wait to see how hw quickly they can make the repairs with this water main. some 25-degree change. c this is the kind of thing wenge see as we say it is kind of and water main break season starting around here in then t district of columbia and other surrounding areas. a so, again, we're going keep an e updated let you know how it's going to affect your morningecti commute. live on connecticut avenue i'me melanie alnwick. back to you guys. bau'reyou're just getting up let's get yousu caught tge up oe other stories making headlinesdn this morning. mni first a man was shot inside a home on dear rolled road.oa there are reports the victim's i child called 911 saying men say had entered the home andomend argued with the victim beforetie that shooting him.g him
5:34 am
ambush-style in saint louis an officer wasicw hit twice in the case.he ce. the suspect in the shooting was shot and killed during a a shootout with police early e this morning. this the officer is expected to survive. >> let's go to texas now where e there is a person of interest in custody that may bet may involved in the shooting deathot of a san antonio police detective benjamin marconi wasbn shot two times in the head during a traffic stop outsidepde morning. the officer was sittingdqua in i squad car writing a ticketcar when a second car pulled upr puu behind the cruiser.behind the c. someone got out and firedgoout twice at the officer killingerng him before taking offer.before k now despite the arrestsin we mentioned, police say they actually -- the actual shooter remaat lat large. >> happening today, montgomeryyy county police and the countyy council will meet this morning to discuss using tasers andnd how they investigate sexualual the focus on the tasers comes after a public safety saf committee wanted to know more ke about the police force's use of tasers. ter
5:35 am
in 2011 montgomery county1 police were involvemod in four deadly taser incidents.ncents today's meeting will look intoli how the force trains officers to use tasers. >> ?? >> 5:35 is the time right now. t let's talk politics and the latest on the trumphetalk p tran over the weekend the president-elect met witht-elt me several people that could that l fourthly fill positions in hispn administration. mitt romney is a key couldn'tey' tend to become the nation'so bee next secretary of state.ta and retired marine corps general james mattis is a possible pick for defense secretary. rick perry is set to meet withtt donald trump. >> the redskins playing a latee game last night versus the packers. it was actually a close game clg in the fourth quarter whenrter w washington took kirk cousins hits pierre garcon for a 70-yard touchdown o there it is later then in theatt fourth a 4-yard run by thaty robert kelley in the end zoneel hein t is. he seals it for washington.hingo they obliterate the packers 42 to
5:36 am
one.e. >> all right.ight >> playing catchup to dallas.s. >> so they're not terrible. teri >> no, they're not terrible.hey' >> they're not terrible,y're n r that's one thing. >> they're in third placehey' right now.ght no >> actually i think they'reuall exceeding people'sceedin expectations don't you think. ti >> that's why i'm saying that. >> it's good. >> we know the browns arewns re terrible because -- >> o and 11.d 11. >> they're worse than terrible.rr >> i know.ib know. >> sorry cleveland. >> anyway, let's not talky, about that. let's talk more about weather. 36 degrees now here in town.e iw the big deal is the wind of winf course. the winds are still blowing blo out there. tre the wind speed constant wind speeds are greater to theer north and the west.the st. listen, once the sun comes upoms the winds are going to kick up for everybody so culpeper fredericksburg it's not tooicks bad now but thebu wind speedspe will pick up once the sunth sun comes up. wind chill now in the city is cy 29 degrees.29 it feels like lower 20's to upper teens out north and a west. and the actual air temperatures for culpeper andpen
5:37 am
and lighter winds down there,s n they've dropped off well below freezing. so we're windy all day long lon temperatures mid 40's. 4 it will feel like it's in theiks 30's. erin como it's monday morning. . how is traffic. >> it's monday, it's tal breaking news on the roads in ri maryland. 5:37.5: just beyond the overpass therest this is the outer loop out by b 50 on the maryland side of things, one of the center the c lanes blocked by an earlierarli vehicle fire. fe. still dealing with some police activity at that scene. scene keep it to the left and right ar lanes to get aro watch for delays on the outertoo loop as you headut uper towards5 this morning. morning inner loop rubber neck delay. right lanes blocked by a wham wm break. break. wisconsin or massachusetts cancs goat you around that.atou a >> coming up on fox5 newss morning, syrian leaders say s they refuse to agree truce agr t deal with people they say are terrorists. >> and the nfl is preparing for its first prime time gameim
5:38 am
decade.cade. >> we're going to break right g now with a live lookoing outsidt heross the dmv. the time is 5:38 right now, n the temperature 36.perature
5:39 am
dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>> 5:40 is the time right rescue crews completed theirws
5:41 am
incident happened yesterday hap when a passengpeer trainain derailed. 133 people were killed and and more than 200 others were injured. teams worked through the nighthr to pull out people who wereout e trapped inside that who t wraint no word yet on what caused 14 train cars to slide off theof te tracks.trac this is india's deadliest railii tragedy since 2010. 2 >> syrian government hasernm refused the un's latestt proposal for a truce in al i a help post it is also called on insurgents to withdraw andts t said it it would not grantotra autonomy to the rebels ine reb exchange for calm.or syrian officials say restoring g government rule is a matter of national sovereignty and theyovr will not allow the people ofei aleppo to be hostages. clapper to replace admiral mike rogers as the head of the national securitymiy agency and u.s. cyber command. . carter and clapper have reportedly not been pleased pas with rogers performance duringg his two years at the nsa.years this comes as president-elect
5:42 am
next director of the national intelligence. rogers met with trump last thursday and that meetinget w reportedly rough if he would aoh lot of feathers in the obama administration. >> coming up on fox5 news ublingading up numbersumbe about the homeless population pl here in the district. in the dii >> and we're taking a look ata t some of the biggest winners wine from last night's american music awards show. >> ?? ? going to break right now.htn live look across the region. ri. the time is 5:42.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> ?? >> 5:45 is the time right as we take a live look outside -- this weekend wheneke you were out that wind did it catch you off guard? i knowrd?w he said it was coming buting still. stil >> so, no. n i lift tend to gary and i knew e it was going to be a tal two seasons on saturday. satda we got out early on saturday, s, on the playground playinglayi around then we retreated andatea had an indoor activity for the evening.eving. see what happens when you listen to gar you e bear. bea >> he listened to you. y he didn't believe you. >> passively listened. lis i understand that.i you know, iunt's hard to thinkhi about that when it's 70 plus. pu >> it's crazy.>> it's crazy. >> i think it was 72 into d.c. . on saturday and just like thatet
5:46 am
56 degrees and the wind iss howling so that happens. happe you know you're going pay forinf 70's when we're having -- whenge we're talking about two days in a row in the 70's and a gorgeous in the latter part oftf november you're going to pay for it andou'r that's what'ss at happening right now.g right now i'm not saying pay for itt 'cause i know a lot of people po like this kind of weather. they want wind to settle -- -- winter to settle in.settle in. it came blasting in saturday afternoon. wind chill that's a feels like temperature. not windy down to the southwn ts it's just good old fashion fason cold. the wind has died down down to o the south but it will pick back up again once the sunth comes up.p. it's 36 now near town, then, t actual air temperature. i want to show you we're notot talking about ridiculouslyiculoy cold temperatures at least nottu so much for usre but we'reut we' beginning in to see some ofg in the -- well, this is by far t fr the coldest air we've seen so s far this season but you can see here we've got some teens
5:47 am
14 degrees right now, minneapolis 23 and chicago 24. remember friday morningriday chicago was in the low 60's? 6' not anymore, right? jetht? j stream pattern what's ahead. a big dip, big area of low of lw pressure to the northeast ofe hs us that's kind of forced the t jet treatment down as always in this type of situation itsini homes the door for the colde do air to come in.or come . problem is this low pressure to the northeast of us it'stheas super strong.r st a lot of snow on the backsidekse of it and it's slow to move. mov high pressure's trying to move v in. so wha play right on top of us andht o thatn 's whyto the winds are soo strong. the pressure gradient is very,e, very strong overhead this morning. that means windy conditionstions for us.r us. cold northwesterly winds.. we're 46 for a high today.h tod. it will never feel like that.ha. 49 degrees for a high tomorrowig t it will never feel like thatit with the wind. the wd. here's your thanksgivingiv forecast. listen, tuesday and wednesdayedy great for travel up and downavpn the east coast.e st c i don't see any major major maj
5:48 am
east coast or the continentalon united states throughout thetes weekend, okay. .n't don't see that association it shouldn't beion s too terrible to travel even if you're out to chicago or denver or atlanta or dallas dala the big airports, okay.ka here's the seven-day forecastec just so you we'll gradually climb outgrd of the 40' here's erin como. the'sn com she's shaking her head. h she seems to like that or maybe she likes the turkey.e li >> i like the little dancingke turkey. makes me smile gary. traffic not looking great ono that cleared but as you can see still some slowdowns inlowdn that area. inner loop a bit of a rubber ofr neck delay. as you make your way out onay ot the maryland side of the t beltway please use caution in both directions on the inneron loop and outers loop. l let's switch it over for ar fora live look in the district: tric tracking a water main breakn bak connecticut avenue southboundouh in northwest right at yuma a street. crews working hard in the cold out there to getg ha things under control. some spray from that water main break on the road cay foulu
5:49 am
two right lanes are blocked.lane please use caution. you can take massachusetts or wisconsin to getpl aearoseunkedt one. let's move it over to ourt r maps show you what else yut ee you're up against.agains volume building in frederick fri 270 southbound from 70's to clarksburg. about 10 minute delay now t northern minut maryland the belw baltimore-washington parkway,shw 95 and 29 they're all looking li great. metro is on time except fort f safe track surge 10 and i wishu you could see maureen andreen ad gary, they are dancing as ifs they're in a professionalfessna ballroom setting right and it's making my day. day back to you wisdom and holly. hl >> all right. 5:49 is the time right now. now new report shows a major spikeos in homelessness in a federal seltuesdy says homelessness in the districtn th has incereased by about 30 percent since 2010 and 57 percent since 2007. 27. while some people who liver on r the streets choose to be there about 8,000 homeless people00 live in shelters in the city. the statistics are better i0 hon maryland and virginia. virnia.
5:50 am
30 percent drop in homelessness over theof last sii years. >> there is a new proposednew os bill in virginia that wouldou impose more rules for third fori party voter registrationegistrat drives. now this comes after multipleerl cases of potential fraudud leading up to this election.le the bill would create morere paperwork and requirements for nongovernment employees tomployo register virginians to vote.e. some election officials wantn to do with third party registration altogether. altoget the virginia general assembly ay convenes in january. >> time is 5:50.nven tim that means it's time to take a k look at the stories morning on social media.g on soe >> maureen is standing by ofdiat course at our realtime news tracker. hey mo. >> good morning wisdom and holly. russia'smorn presi dent vladimir putin speaking out about his h recent phone call with call with president-elect donald trump. at an economic summit in peruer putin said he and trump sharere an 90 normalizing relationselato between our two countries. couns putin says there's a bigsays difference between preelectionei rhetoric and actual policy. he says it remains to be seen how successful trump will be.
5:51 am
summit asia pacific leaders lrs vow to protect rising protectionism under scored byr donald trump's electionsc was as major concern at the two day summit. of key concern were remarksrn wr made by trump during the campaign that he would abandon n the u.s. led trans-pacific-pacic partnership which is a free fre trade deal involving 12vi regional police. they say protectionism slows down recovery of thewn r international economy. and finally here we goere again. this time it's flip-fl so what do you see? are they white? then gold or blue and ba gold or black and blue? thee? t three choices here.e. okay. okay this is the latest. opticalic illusion storming the internetrn just like that dress remember rr back then? a picture of theture flip-flops was posted onlops twitter on w thursday.hursy. people still can't decide't did which color they are but onn the site buzz feed 42 percentede say they say white and gold. 25 percy blue and gold and 14 1 percy black and blue.d blu i see white and gold. g
5:52 am
>> wait a minute. mnute. hold up. let me look again. oh, i do see blue now. n >> i'm looking at our screen ie see blue and gold but looking l behind you i see white.te >> it depends on your screen and the lighting. >> i think they do all of thisa justhe to maky e dous crazy. c >> thank you. >> they do. job.., they doing a fine thank you maureen.k you maureen. >> you're welcome. >> 5:52 is the time.e. football fans in mexico city c got a police chance to practice yoga from clearr leaders residents yesterday.erd. residents also took pictures piu with the clear leaders. lea all of this is going onn because the texans and raiders e will face off on monday night nt football in mexico >> that's tonight.s to >> yeah. >> okay. foudare less than four daysn awayys from black friday.k frida which stores can help youan helu score the biggest discounts? ts according to wallet hub macy's ranks as the best with an average of 63 percent63 per discounts. also on the list j. c. penneyne kohl's and sears.ea
5:53 am
>> if you are traveling forg for thanksgiving, you may wants to give yourself a little extraelf time. aaa predicts more thanedicts mor 48 million people will hit theei road or fly for thell hit holid. now that number is nearlyearly 1 million more than last year.r. and according to aaa the top four destinations this thanksgiving are las vegas, veg san francisco, san diego and orlando. new york city home tola theto t macy's thanksgiving day parade if you're hosting thanksgiving the price tag pri should be last year.oue la this year it will cost aboutbo $50 for a 10 person dinner 10 1 cents cheaper than 2015. big ticket item of course is ofr the turkey and a 16-poundnd a6-o turkey will run you about $23ut3 this year. y >> all right. all well, we're getting you readye e ttfor thanksgiving turkey day chef brian hill he's going to g
5:54 am
w top tophim from the sho chef. later on good day d.c. an dan expert will teach you how to h t choose the right wine for your thanksgiving meal. mea >> rose all day.>> >> is that what it is. >> i don't know. that's my guess. we'll find out during goods th>d day. right now we'll find out who w our facebook fan of the day soko and itf the is oh my gosh lookt that. what a beautiful picture. pictue that is tia cole there with her daughter a is shia. shi >> she says they watch fox5 every morning and they love to see tucker do his fancy walk. wl so do we. thank you very much for watching. >> we don't call it fancy though. do n't >> it's just a walk. w >> keep it to fox5 newsit to fon morning. to be our next fan of the day post a picture below this this gorgeous picture.gorg >> i love that. cute.>>su i can't say i'm loving theg weather gary though i knowh i k it's time. >> there are people that like t this, though. there are people that havee
5:55 am
>> talk to those five and then t talk to the rest of us. u >> hey, look, we had some snow around, too, on sunday. s i don't think we had any onwe ho saturday but sunday weunda w definitely had some snow flying around. look, wrap the kiddos up this u morning. 20's and 30's actual air tempsair temp in someplace are in the 20's. i2 a lot of air temperatures are in the 30's but it feels like lk it's in the 20's with the wind. wind after school 47 degrees willees be about as warm as we ares we a going to be t but the wind wind will make it feel primarilyeel y like it's inhe there all day long.y lg. here's the actual air temperatures, okay. 30's, a lot of them north and west. we here in the citi city we're down 36 degrees.the cido but look at culpeper and fredericksburg i've beenburg mentioning all morning it's it' not so that windy down theret we so temps have been allowed to at fail off just a bit. bit. big storm system to the northemt of us cranking all this colds cl air down from canada.anada. actually the high pressure to hs the north and the westsu is is bringing the cold air downirown from canada but that area ofa o low pressure is helping tois hpt keep it really, really windy.
5:56 am
we're pretty breezy tomorrow. temperatures will be close to co 50. 50. late evening showers onwers o wednesday. that probably means afterft about 10 o'clock, so justous showers. it shouldn't be a big't be g deal. and right now a sdehowerhower possible thanksgiving morning mg and then partly sunny, tempsunne will be about 55 degrees for a high there. here's erin >> gary we're dealing with ae lot of problems on the roads.des a live look in northwest.thst keep in mind a portion of connecticut avenue northwest noe at yuma street on the southbound side blocked bynd s water main break repair. this delays as more folks hit the t road. crews working hard in the windin and the cold. col keep to it massachusetts or wisconsin to steer clear thatte of delay. as we take a look at our maps ao we have some otherk iatssues yu need to be aware. aware southeast-southwest freewayt-so there's a crash on the eastbound side before the caseu cbridge and in addition to thata out in maryland landover roadyla is closed at brock driverock dre because of a fire. that's causing big delays.ausi please keep in mind you'll need to detour aroueendp that t one. we'll keep you posted as well. in addition toou p that here wee are southeast-southwesthet-so
5:57 am
we'll keep you posted on that tt one. on metro delays on the orange ong line. line. a closer look at that as a we continue with your
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> straight head a water maingh break causing a rush hour mess in parts of thehe dinisg trict.r crews battling the winds andin the cold weather. weath >> how about the skins lastabouk night? what a win iint was forw washington dominating theomatin packers in the cold and the wind. wind. not a lot of time to celebrate or prepare for the next game. it's dallas week.eek. three days from now it will bewl time for another big game.ig g >> first though a live lookoo outside on this monday.y. the sky was just beautiful. beaf i don't steve on the way out the door to this morning but it's reallyt'se pretty. a live look.a ve l it's monday november 21st.be21s. weather and traffic comingr up on the 5s atan 6:05.:0 but it is cold out is t good morning to you.o y i'm allison seymour.son eymo >> and i'm steve chenevey.heney. welcome to fox5 news mornings rn on this chilly monday morning. i off the top, the cold windy weather kept crews busyy overnight.ov traffic issues on connecticut cc half. >> fox5 it's melanie alnwickit is live in northwest this'siv morning for us ase in nor crewsg


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