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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> more innight a donald trumpnu presidency as more announcements could come todayoy regarding his administration. questions growing about wheregrw the soon to be firstin family will live as the t president-elect talksesidel beginning his term alone inne i the white house. hou >> hail to the redskins as thehe burgundy and gold pull off anf n epic sunday night win at home. national television. what a great job for theob for t skins. team owner dan snyder gettingden down jumping around when itit came to the celebration whichtii later. >> and a live look outside onsi this monday morning. morning. it's notify 20's first, 2016.20. giving you a live view from kensington, maryland. maran power crews hard at work trying to get the lights back on for everybody impacted by this weekend's high winds.. about 500 customers around0 the d.c. region remain in then dark this monday morning.orng will those winds finally diein d down today? weather andoday traffic coming up on the 5's at 7:05.:0 good monday morning,morn, everybody, i'm allisonybod seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. 'mhe
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monday morning.mondayni >> those power crews we showed you aren't the only s ones dealing with high winds. they've made for a busy nighty t for fire crews in our region r as well. that includes this house fireir along largo road in upper marlboro. fire started around 3:30 this we're told flames were wer possible sparked on the back bak deck from ashes from a fireplace. three people and the family andf dog inside all made it out okay. okay that's good's good n and more good news largo road r in front of the house has nows w reopened.reop just 7: 01 now. n prince george's county policerg' investigating a plan's this happened in laurel lastn le night. a man found shot to deatho dea inside a home on deerfielddield road around 9 p.m. we haveave very little information attl this time. we do knowe police of courseof course still investigating.tigating. let's head to missouri now. no a police sergeant recovering after being shot twice in then h face in what's being called anla ambush attack.ack. the suspect in the case killedee in a shootout with police overnight.t.
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in a marked vehicle around 7:hi7 30 last night when another car c pulled up alongside him and h a opened the sergeant is a 20 yearyear veteran of the department. >> that attack comes hours h after another police ambush inro texas which left the officer dead. >> right now police areig lookht ning for the gunman in tt case. maureen joins us with the veryhv latest on this horrible story.ty mo, good, >> reporter: horrible indeed it is allison and steve. good morning to your:. halli 50-year-old detective benjaminde marconi was act 20's years year veteran of the san antonio a he was sitting in his car in hic sunday morning writing a a traffic ticket when another car pulled up behind him and bei the driver of thatm car got out, walked up to the driver'sr' side window and opened fire hitting marconi twice in the head. head. he was later pronounced deader at the hospital. now right now police say they want to talk to this patnow po , calling him a person ofso interest in the case.te there are reports marshall servicesste ar arrestea person of interest in the casete but that person isre reportedly different from the person in the surveillance image.survllan police are also looking for
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that was seen leaving theleing scene of the shooting. shootg. police also say they do not do o believe the driver of the car that officer marconi had h pulled over has any h any relationship to the ip these latest a tmbushus attacks once again sendingng shock waves through policeough departments around thertme country.couny. the d.c. police department.o sent out ali message to itsts officers reminding them to beto vigilant while on patrol and that is a message you'reou're taking a look at right there the saying all members are as-- so again this ambush-stylel shootings of police officer. two happening in the lastng inhe couple definitely sending shock waves s throughout the community.hout t back to you steve and allison. s >> twenty seven civilians deadve after a suicide attack at a shiite mosque.te mos officials say the attacker waskw wearing a suicide vest as het as
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mosque. no word in a terror group is tror behind the deadly attack.ack. >> turning to politics now.polin more announcement the may bee come bag as president-electde donald trump fills out hisls o administration. >> trump will reportedly meetad with texasill re governor rick scott. this comes following a meeting g this weekend with new jerseynd w governor chris christie. >> fox's doug luzader has morees from capitol hill now. now >> reporter: the trumpportere t transition effort is reallyt isy picking up pace and we coulde co see some positions filled fil pretty quic the number of interviews we w saw play out over the weekend. one after another aftertherfter another the front door ofr donald trump'sthe golf clubolfc seemed to offer a front row view into who is beingo whis b considered for top t administration posts. none one got more attentionion than mitt romney. once a fierce trump critic nowow being considered for secretaryta of state.ta. >> had a far reachingeain
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world where interests of thets united states of real sagan.l g. >> reporter: mike penceep alongside throughout theorteidro weekend ugbut on friday he wasts the center of attention thrust into a controversy when a cast t member spoke directly to him tim at the end. >> we, sir, we are the diversedi americans who are alarmed and anxious that your new n administration will nottiill protect us.t u >> reporter: trump on repr: t twitter said the cast should apologize. pence seemed to take it all in i stride. >> at the end, you know, i didoi stage and i can tell you iou wasn't offended by what i waswht said. i'll leave to others whethers wh that was the appropriate venue to say it. to say it. >> reporter: president obamar: p meantime returning to theo white house last night fromlastg what may be his final overseas a trip in officers.icer after suggesting that he may break with his predecessorsss and publicly criticizeze president trump in the years ead.d. >> and if i think that it's i necessary or helpful for me to t
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i'll -- i'll examine it whenhe it comes. >> reporter: as far as the incoming first family isng firsf concerned there are a numberther of reports that melania trump tu may not move into the white house right away preferringefer instead to stay in new york yk while their young son finishes s up the school year.ear. in washington, doug luzader fox >> former governor rick perry ry down in texas, the president'sst going to be meeting back at the white house today andit we're going talk more ae bohoutt all the transition news comingig up at 7:30. 7:3 >> tha >> look atou those>> y clouds co tucker. >> beautiful yesterday. light was eautif beautiful.utul not so much if you're outuch if walking. >> no. y >> as it was little breezy. >> or trying was l to keep your hatches unbuttoned -- battened.ed. >> battened.>> monday morning, we're smooth. the deal with today,e al w chilly temperatures. only mid 40'sra for daytimeayme highs and the winds they'reinds going to continue to gust to g unfortunately out of the north and west at 30, maybe 40 milesbs
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for most of the regionmost overnight which will now continue for the northern tier of our area until 5:00 p.m. thep allall right, there are your aru currents winds. just because we're not getting a report in washington doesn'tce mean we don't have them. the 33 in gaithersburg, 29 baltimore, 33 winchester.te you get the idea. ia. breezy conditions.ondion partly sunny for us today, for quite u cool. coo the actual air temperature inpen the mid 40's. wind chill in the mid 30'sll i today so be ready for very chilly conditions.dion it will be dry tod partly sunny. more about the laket the lak effect snow off to the north. nh extraordinary what's going onwhg across parts of pennsylvaniats and new york. of e getting liketing like significant >> really? >> yeah. yt's been so warm so, you know, first go round of thend o season. mid 40's for us windydy conditions this afternoon. >> thank you very much tucker.m >> let's check in with erinhecke see how your commute is going. >> i want to know if i'm going i to see snow in philly this weekend? >> not likely.ot lely. >> okay, fair enough.kay, i'll take it. right now you can see the see outer loop at new hampshiret nea
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hour. jammed in the typical spot 95th to georgia witcal hsp about a 22 minute slow down simply sim because of volume.use ofolum the inner loop looking muchh better from the 270 spur over towards baltimore-washingtonltir parkway. we'll switch our cameras tow a look a ot ur270 by montrose roaa brake lights in the distance. stag with delays back to urbana. tracking some other problems p on our maps. taking a look at tweets if you're taking vre this morning letting us know manassas train manassas slippery rail issues so plan ahead for that. northbound 301 we still have a crash at branch avenue twonue t right lanes remain blocked sos jammed backrema to acton give yourself extra to the --- extra time to get to thatto t through oxon hill very slow moving traffic there. suitlandid parkway insider beltway jamssir to south capitol.ol. 295 northbound slows from theous
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410 to the 11th street bridge. i heavy traffic through cheverly, 50 inboundever jamsly to 295t we still have al crash new york avenue in northeast.noheas bladensburg road with delaysroa back to south dakota so caution there. there southeast-southwest freewayeeway northbound crash at the case cas bridge did did clear. it was blocking the left lane delays across the 14 street bridge. back to you steve.o yo all hailri the redskins burgundy and gold. >> hail. >> big winners after huge win hw over green bay last night.. fourth quarter and washington wn took the lead on that nice play pierre garrison and fatandt rob kelly with the 4-yardd touchdown right there. >> fat shaming him.. >> he fat shames himself all the time. tim
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aaron rodgers not happy a h a skins bands playing a tune. te. very happy.ap and i think we should see the dan snyder video, al. v >> here we go. g yup. >> jump around, jump around.p a. i'm trying to be the music m soundtrack. >> okay.kay >> skins owner dan snyder dancing in the owner's boxwner'b last night at the big redskinss game as they took on and pummeled the green bay packerske of course. >> wearing the salute to sale to service hoodies that they werei selling -- the nfl and everything and -- and >> did he just check his bank hb account on his phone.. >> he might.>> he mig i don't know.i don't know >> i kind of like that lookha better than the taught suitaugh and tie.e. >> he looked cute. >> if you're the the own are i a think it should be one with sho the fans and have a good time. >> iul hav do, too.oo >> wear a jersey go have fune fn day. >> totally agree. total agr >> police protocol takingol tak center stage in one marylandonmy community a discussion takinga t place in montgomery county monty that police want you to be a parte wa of. o >> first show though a dramatic rescue on the
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we're back after this.s.
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>> ?? >> 7:13. happening right now, the search for a missingenin fisherr whose boat sank in the potomacit river will resume today.ay
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in saint mary's county.s couy. four fishermen wereen wer participating in a fishing tournament when their boatir b took on water. one of them. searchers recovered the bodiesrh of two others early sunday.un >> all right, in an unrelated ut story on the water look at thek dramatic water this is on the chesapeake bay yesterday and you can see howy chopyopy the water is. the winds very strong as well. a 14-foot sailboat capsizedd sending that fisherman intoannt the 54-degree water. luckily another group ofer g of fishermen was nearby.y. they spo fisherman were able to pulle top him on board to safety.y. he's going to be okay.y. right place right time.ight t >> as you said steve he's a strong swimmer. smm winds are really choppy.ho part of the northwest andth midwest getting their first fir snowfall of the year. y tuck mentioned this earlier. eai here's the snowy scene inhe swys parts of michigan. the lake effect snow causing near whiteout conditions and 50 miles per hour wind gustsr ws along the great lakes. l good news in michigan though.gau
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>> in upstate new york severalte inches of snow n fell. some people out look at that al. enjoying the winterjo activities. looks pretty from the inside. only the day before onetty f day be on saturday the temperature temtu record was broken for a record r high of 72 degrees in barns corners, tucker barnes cornersor new york and then a lot ofa of snow and the deer had fun theun next day. saturday i listened tucker got t my run in early when it wasas beautiful and sunny beforeef 2 o'clock and then i turned ond college football and watched snow coming down and then in watched the michigan game ande g the snow coming down aamnd thend west have -- it was all overt w the place on saturday.atda >> something about watchingethi football in the snow that'ngs it fun to watch.toch. >> i always get nervous nvo because of the slip slideye of conditions on the field. on thef i'm always worried the leghe leg will go this way.ay still traumatized from joem jo theismann's leg. >> there was a couple years ago now. >> i know butre was it's in my . >> i got it. >> right. >> let's get to it. lots of weather to talk about. we hit 70 on friday and again on saturday and then t>>he lathe
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a much colder weather patternate here for the for the t wind advisory this expanded and extended until 5:00 p.m. 5:p for counties off to the north.hh everybody's going to be windye n again today.od i guess a little less windyss w than the 40 to 50 miles per50 ms hour winds that we hadwe h yesterday.ery. but still, we can expect windstn locally over 30 miles per hourih at times this afternoon.rnoon current temperature temrature 36 degrees. wind chills in the 20's. cll definites ly make sure you are properly dressed here. h you know, your mittens gloves hats starves, s all things redskins as youingsek head off to school and work today. >> agreed. >> this is a big week. not only did they win last night but thily d it's dallas w. >> and they won big last night. >> 33 crushed it.crusd it >> snow in up yet -- up yet state new york. binghamton over 14-inches. 14-. very warm lake watersry warw across the great lakes and you k push a lot of cold air rightir r
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results.s. amazing stuff. stuff. we'll be in the mid-50's-5 thanksgiving day with a few showers. showers. i'm being wrapped. goodbye. >> sounds good. let's check in with erin get a at the roak ds.inoa. >> 7:17 right now. no a lot of slowdowns. lot we'll start you off with ayof wi look at metro. metro several other delays cleared.aye because of a medical emergencyry at l'enfant mraz sat green andtz yellow line they're s still sti dealing with residual delays d in both directions. dirti that that is in addition to aito safe track surge 10 impactingcks the red line. ur day ofw is the last taking a wide view of our dmv od map for this monday morning. mog a lot of slowdowns in then usual spots 210 northboundorth remains slow to the beltway. be. inner loop sluggish throughloop oxon hill as you s get across gr the wilson bridge.ridg delays from branch avenue ave across the bridge and then as a you make your way out taking vre this morning manassasass train 328 delayed 15 south of manassas they'reassa te dealing with some slippery let's go ahead and take a livea look outside at some of yourme o virginia roads this morning. thr as you make your way across the 14th street bridge heavye
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channel drive slow traffic there as you across onto east side of the freeway.. crash block the shoulder atulde the case bridge. 366 jam packed past the parkway. back to you. >> 7:18 now on a monday andnow d happening today, the parentshear of murdered dnc staff seth stafs rich will be in town.ll be tow. they're here to bring bri attention to their son's unsolved killing.un they'll be joined by gopy lob gist jack burkman for aurkmn news conference at noon in northwest. rich you'll remember was shot'l back in july while walking police believe he was theve hwas victim of a botched robbery, rbe though his wallet watch andalle cell phone were not taken.ak >> in montgomery county today,ge a meeting with concerned cce parents and police to discusso s the recent arrest of a former teacher charged with sexually abusing students at cloverlyt co elementary.tary. 50-year-old john vision nap turned himself in ton v policete last week after three morefter r victims were identified.deifie he's being held without bond.hon police believe there could be more victims. victims >> today in montgomery countymoo
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this comes after the baltimore o sun reported back in marchar police in montgomery countygomey were involved in four of 11 deadly taser cases in theer case state since 2009. today's meeting will focus onl o the changes since then to police training and tack activities the committee alsoomt will discuss sex assaultiscu investigations and how thoseatiw cases respect handled.dled >> donald trump may be the the most unconventionalonventional president-elect as we've 17ent- modern times and he's about toao get even more so.t e >> this time it's about whereti he and hisabou family plan to bob barnard is live from thee oe white house now with details. di good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys and you can seep behind me it's a c ronstruepctiu zone outside the north lawn oftf the white house here they'ree ee building the grandstands forndan the inauguration.e inauguration. but what we're learning and he confirmed it yesterday at his at golf course up in new jersey,w the donald says that when hee becomes president, first ladyrsy melania trump and their
7:20 am
remain -- baron will remain inbo new york. he's in the fourth of fourththe grade at a private school in new york city so they want bar e tron stay up there.. melania will stay with him. donald will live here mostly mos at the white house but he also s sales he wants to work a lot w out of the trumpan tower in midtown manhattan and also outnn of his resort in palm beach,alea florida. so, imagine that, a firstfir family not spending as muchs time as previous presidentss and first families have hereve at the white house. weat t took that scenario tona people going to work this wk morning here in what do washingtonians think? ti >> i think that's different.ifnt and he wants to do things differently.differently. so, he's doing themhem differently. >> reporter: the new re>> rality. >> the new reality. yoewu said it best. b >> i understand the son isth that so's a speculate of it. as someone whoes a moved to d.c few years ago and had myad m daughter stay in north stay in t carolina while she finished fis her senior year.rear. i get. that i think it would be i important for him to begin to tb
7:21 am
limited focus but it's also it'l important as a nation to see the family together. >> i have no problem with himit keeping his son there forre school. i would, working out of palm beach stupid. white house is built for theus president. it's there for the president. that's where here for should woo >> reporter: so you're you getting the sense here that hert the presidency of donald trump t will be unconventional,na perhaps in many ways, guys. g >> all right, bob,ob unconventional that's a good word for it. thanks so much.ks s >> w transition coming up at 7:30. >> be right back.ri
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>> ?? >> and i was absolutely broken inside. and i keinpt it altogether andnd that's why i would never let ner you down but i kept it toot much together so i let down. >> preach selena gomez. the popreach star delivering aa heart felt speech at lastltech night's american music awards ma after winning for female popal p rock singer.inr. first major appearance sincenc taking time off to deal withdea whatl she says was the fine effects of lupus includingnclu anxiety and depression.reio she encouraged her fans to getot help if they are struggling. >> also ariana grande taking tan home the award for artist ofor f the year. that's the big one.'s tig o she released her generous gou woman album this year which whi
7:25 am
other big winners last night were drake and justin bieber b so there's a little bit of run f down. we'll of course get more in morn depth on good day today when ton it came to the award show last i think we have a special guest that's going to joink uwi to talk about. >> yes, we do. d >> someone you know near and clear. >> mr. mark clark out in lossk l orange for the ama's.arge for ta >> he was themare right. >> the >> mr. allison seymour. seymour. >> he likes being call that,hat, yes. >> as he should. >> hi tuck.tuck. >> hey, guys.uys. >> how did kanye do last. las >> he wasn't t >> law still on his tirade. tad >> he wasn't at his concert.onc. we don't know.'t k >> i watched. watch he was not there. t >> winds at eight.t eight. don't be fooled by that eight. t winds gusting 20, 30, 40 miles0e per hour. it is very cold out there and wind chills generally in thes ge 20's across the region as wen a are looking at a very --er-- another very, very chilly day. daytime highs about 10 degreesds below normal.rmal only in the 40's.onn th wind chills in the 30's.lls the look at all that lake effect ow.w. just extraordinary.dinary.
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push the winds across them andea this is the result and up to t about 14-inches of snow hasnow been reported so far and it'st' still coming down there in new i york. yo slowly here the winds will letl up over the next 24 hours, the snows will let up as well and we'll be in for a gradual gradul warming trend but not today.ot . you can see that real kind ofe sets in here bthyat wednesday ad thursday doesn't look bad. doe i think we'll have showers aroundwe'l on thursday with temt in the mid-50's and let's seeete black friday there, friday fri 58 degrees so perfect shoppingg weather.he every day good day forod d shopping, right. >> absolutely. >> what's perfect shoppingbss pr weather. >> perfect shopping weather ifho you'rein outside at the outletso national harbor you wantu wt warmer temperature but ifraturef you're indoors a rainy is i desirable.sie. how is that.w that. >> there you go.>> >> right now a live look ativoot the key bridge. sluggish with heavy volumeheav from rosslyn into georgetownetow right now.t n. you're going to need a lot ofa t extra time to head on there o inbound side. once you get intoe.once yet georgetown secondaries back up u as usual along wisconsin min m street just a whole lot of
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we'll switch it over for a for a look at our maps.ap in the baltimore area 70'srea 7' dealing with a crash involving a tractor-trailer. on the westbound side afternd sd 15. delays all the way back to k 270. 270. eastbound side the left lane is blocked. blocked delays to 40 out on that side te as well so bad news 270 news 27 southbound go ahead and head over to thevet desk right now allison andison a steve. more traffic in a few. >> erin thanks very much. it is tra 7n : 2than7. weeks to go until thentil t inauguration and we might get more clues today about who tod will join the donald trump >> coming up at 7:30 what what those clues could reveal ands cl what's ahead for trump as the t clock ticks towards his h transition to the white house. 7:27.7:. >> ?? >> ?? afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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the north and the south are mine.
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?? we have a few problem back on our illegal immigrationn act because they say finding fii 11 million illegal immigrants is going to be hard. >> impossible probably. pba >> they say it's going to be goe even harder to deport them. >> so maybe let's not do it. i [ laughter ] >> eh, don't do it? >> yeah. scrap it. >> scrap it? >> scrapped, scrapped. >> saturday night life over the weekend poking fun at the trump
7:31 am
choose to drop some of his his campaign pledges that will beha hard to get through theo get ug president-elect didn't thinkt di that skit was too funny hen h tweeted sunday morning the showw was too anti trump and questioned with his h administration would get, f hiss administration would get equal time.. so jokes aside what did we learn about the transition over thetr weekend and expect today.pect t joining us this morning jesse burns associate editor at ther a hill. what we've learned we don't knod what to expect day to day, do wd we. we >> no. you tease every day there coulde be announcement so far only three positions have been namedn and that was on friday. f we expect to is he some more soe this week. >> are you a little surprised aittle surp with all the big namesrise thade been thrown out there we haven't seen any of thighs these bighs g names fit into a position yet.i. >> not necessarily.sari. i mean, this is part of the transition is kind of vettinget these candidates, and so we knok that there was a little bit of o scramble witness trumpnessrump transition right away.tion r a so it took couple weeks to kind of get their footing and to kind of go through these picks rudy d guiliani looking at, you know, k if they do pick someone likeomik
7:32 am
is going to be the hurdle as fas as overcoming senateate confirmation that kind of stuffa and that takes little bitt ofeo time to work through good when o you look at the -- we're callin- the bigger names just becauseusc known more on a national scalenc the rudy guilianis, chrisischri christies that have been floatet out there.t there. do you think it was more justt either maybe political peoplealo not associated with trump or the media that wanted to throw thesr names out there because of association like maybe he wantss established names around him inn some as spec or do you think t that these are people that t donald trump rea interest in the first place.. >> rudy guiliani, christie these people have been with him thehit entire campaign, long-time long- friends of it wouldn't be surprise at all a to see him nominate them for for something because he's been shun chest surveillance mitt romney is hail little moree surprising.rpris once of his fear rest critict ci during the campaign delivered a blistering speech in march in mh calling him a con artist and sod this is, you know, picking and a
7:33 am
party he's willing to sit down with people even he has beenn critical of in the past.ast. >> a lot of sitting down arcttgo lost meetings but as you mentioned not lot of appointments at this point. >> righttments.>> so far we've only seen three appointments, jeff sessions 1414 general. michael flynn the retiredetired general for national securityect adviser and we saw representative chris pompeo. >> do you think he's doing part of it just for show to say, toay look, i'm willing to talk with t all these people even though have any interest putting anywhere in my administration? >> it's that the case,.that tas he is meeting with more people l than he actually has appointments for.intmen sitting down with -- andith a something, too, the transition a team has said not all of these meetings are for cabinet c positions necessarily.essari some are just for advice.dv that might be the case with mitm eymney. he might not actuallyctl appointment him for secretary or state at least talking withst tg people to get their advice onen something, you know, in the nexh few weeks we expect even more oe those type of meeting.f meeti
7:34 am
awhile. you've talked with a number of people from both parties on the hill. what sense do you get because this was republican party that t had a divide before donald trumu was even elected president.rede from republican leaders people l on the hill right now, maybe, me stabbing politics that could cou potentially fit into this into campaign, do you get the sense that people want to do it or tho people that are going to distance themselves from thisms and maybe go on their own in four yearse go?? >> yeah. well, so far we haven't seen ann evidence they're trying to trygo distance themselves kind of honeymoon period amongmong republicans.. we've seen study craze who, youo know, took his time endorsing trauma be footed as attorneyy general before senator sessionss was picked and so there is thist type of reach out campaignpaign which, you know, leaders on o capitol hill are definitely putting themselves out there anl making themselves available toat trump.ump so far he's only picked liftked lifts for cabinet and potential positions.sitions. >> expected meeting with rickd i y toy today.
7:35 am
let's talk tradition.. some of the big news over thethe weekenwsd whether or not his wit and son would live at the whitei house and questions whether orns not he would actually spend much time in the white house preferring to be in new york. obviously drain on secretec service, having to cover bothh properties, on non-life stop-lit basis, what does this say aboutt tradition and the white house w and is there any other i guessue aspects that maybe he legallyegl can do but we're not used to ust seeing a president do?nt d >> yeah, we saw it with michelle obama and the two obamaba daughters in chicago not away.. we understand melania trump thet don't want to bring their son 1n years old out of school.. so they'll revisit the issue, ts but at this point he's staying in school in new york and so its is going to be a big hurdle forr secret service to try to guard g not only the white house but trump tower there on fifth of ao which is big building.isig build >> more news on that to come.thm jesse, thanks for joining usoing this morning. >> thank you. >> still cold out there this morning, tuck. steve.tes, col
7:36 am
looking at the snow. hang on i'll reset here. impressive stuff.ff very cool one daytime highs only in the mid t 40s wind chills in the upper 202 even this afternoon.eron so you want to make sure that sr you are dressed appropriately.p. 36 that's the actual airacal a temperature at reagan national.a dulles 33. bwi marshall 34.4. so the deal with today, thehe winds they not going to let up p whole lot.. current wind chill feels like 30 in washington. who just 17 there up in west 24 in leonardtown. 2424 you get the very very cool day particularly for this time of year only in t the mid 4im0se forof daytime hg and we can look forward to partial sunshine it shebeli nicn looking day.oking day cold when you're outside. out lake effect snows still kickingg binghamton up to 15-inches. what?t? >> and they're expecting anotheo six or seven before the lakeefok effect snows quit.effect s more on that coming oth our forecast, chilly one, 46ne, still windy and cold. col winds northwest 15 to 30 plus. more wet momentarily.omenri
7:37 am
>> do your walk to the frozenroe sound track. >> right. >> just saying. just look that delay we don't havet e any crashes reported but the inner loop jams this is old georgetown from the dulles tollt road to the legion bridge realll heavy traffic give yourself yrs extra time. outer loop looking much better. we'll switch it over for look at our maps other slow downs arouna the dmv this monday morning. 95 northbound dale city to thelo beltway. a lot of stop gone traffic aboua 15 minute delay heaviest througt woodbridge as you cross the delays 234 past 123 all the waye to the beltway now we had w h earlier vehicle that washat was disabled. it's about a 45 minute delay. d. so extra time needed there.d. back to you allison and steve. >> erin, thank you very much.ou. very special honor to two local college students.dents. the prestigious award they'regie now a part of. >> forget about black fridayda cyber monday also coming early major retailer rolling out online deals early like a week early. 7:37. early. 7:37. 7:37. today we're gonna be comparing
7:38 am
k. esome. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock.
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7:40 am
?? ? 7:40 now.ow. protesters and police clashinge overnight in north dakota at tht sight of the pipeline oil protest.prot at least one person arrested. ae hundreds of demonstrators triedd to push passed a bridge on state highway.wa the billion dollar project willl transport oil from north dakotad to the midwest. the mst protesters say it will hurt the environment. new developments this morning regarding the malaysiaps
7:41 am
board will conduct their own o frustrate nod organized searchia has been planned and head too madagascar themselves to lookooo for clues. that plane with 239 passengerss vanished in 2014 during a flight from you'll la lumpur toum beijing. >> following this deadly neway jersey train crash federal fer regulators now want railroads ts test train operators for sleep disorders.ers. this after investigators foundto the train engineer in the crashc suffered from an undiagnosedndia the train was traveling moreling than twice the speed limit whenw it slammed into the terminal tea back in september.epmb one person was killed.ille dozens more hurt.. black friday just a couple a of days away now but wal*marta*m already getting a head start ono cyber monday.cyber a week away now. n the retailer will kick off online deals at 12:0 1:00 a.m. on friday so that would behat wb thursday night into friday rnining. trying to steal the black fridar under.r. cyber monday typically theical t
7:42 am
online shopping last yearea shoppers spent more than $3 billion on cyber monday deals. hollywood heavyweights warren beatty to the director'ss chair. new movie called rules don'ton't apply. kevin talked to him about -- get the scoop on the new film. fil >> royalty. what a weekend for kanye from an on stage rant toan canceled shows what he's sayingg about his controversial weekendd that left so many upset..
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
?? okay. 7:44. 7ck now at i'm just distracted.istracte steve you might have to readea >> me too by the doggie. dog look how cute. >> that doggie adorable. >> looking i was towed good dayt a question many of you might asa is your dog weird?eird? >> never. >> they're all weird in theirrdi loving way.ay >> does the stuff they do leavea you scratch your head? we've got a pet expert and a humanan trainer thatou hear.hear things like woo do theydo they sometimes east think theirsthe waist. waist. >> do things that humans wouldhu not do? >> at 9:30.:3 also talking about.alkingbout american music awards a hugeug show we get the scoop from backk stage when we talk witness one and only mark.ark >> who is that, jal. j >> that is 24/7. >> it's allison's hubby. >> gentleman on the right lookso like he's missing a button on his shirt.. >> internet sensation model don
7:46 am
he was going to teach you guys g how to get your sexy on. >> i think it's unteachable but he can try. canry >> i don't know if i haveon't anything left to learn. khi >> look at lk at t do it. >> thank you. >> confidence is half of it,ncih steve. you got he's got it. it. >> he has confidence.confid great big morning to couldn'toud swale la she's been watching fof 30 years. 30 years o oh wow.. >> fantastic. had the pleasure of talking with her yesterday.esterday. >> 30 years ago is like tom andd jerry's here on fox5.ox she must be like 30. 30. this one is for you whether your want it or not. tucker barnes lock. >> i want add little kanye, but apparently he's nowhere to be found.fod. >> we don't have 10 minutes. >> right.>> r >> nice beat, >> yeah, right. >> yeah, tuck. >> walk back in the shot there,e bud. ne dne day. let's do it. hey, winds. wds now i got to do the weather. we.
7:47 am
winds gusting unfortunately 30,3 40 miles an hour.ou. and there's just no let up herer i mean we'll see winds diminishs during the course of the day and into the evening, but they'reute still with us this morning. mori 36 the actual air temperature.te winds have been so strong kindg of held our air temperatures up a little bit overnight.ight still very cold out there.out ee 33 dulles. 24 in fredericksburg.g 34 in leonardtown, and you mix m in winds out of the north andtht west at 15, 20 in some cases 30 or 40 miles an hour and thatnd t gives you wind chills in the teens and 20s very cold out there hagerstown current wind gust gus 40 miles an hour.ou 23 in annapolis.apis winds stay with us today.od along with very chillyhill temperatures.mperat our daytime highs don't get outo of the mid 40s this afternoonero very cold.old. extraordinary lake effect snoweo up here.up h just reading binghamton, allison, your favorite 15-incheh of snow. >> yup. >> still snowing there. last year for the entire yeatirs binghamton got 32-inches so they're already at half of theio total from last year in the pass 24 hours.
7:48 am >> schools are closed?choo >> schools are >>oo that's mazing. tha >> district the schools areict closed with the snow. syracuse over a foot now.ow there you go. go. very heavy snow to the northhe that's the reason why. big dip in the jet stream came charging through here saturdayor afternoon we'll remain veryn wel chilly for the next 24 to 48o hours and then a moderatinging trend. 40 today's. we'll be back in the 50s b y 50s b wednesday and thursday.huda and that's our checks next chance for little bit ofof desperately needed raind rai wednesday night and early thursday.thur ha can he gobble. >> dance like the >> we'll do that later thisth t week, right.week, ght. >> okay. >> safe up for it.or it >> beep beep.>>eep >> i'm sorry i ruin your reporti i was really excited.was real >> if youly wan etxc to do a lil early version right now you can. >> not in this skirt. not not happening. r th it for thanksgiving. i [ laksgiughter ] >> gw parkway delays southboundn 123 to the rose vest bridge a crash on canal road near fox hole big delays there an littlel bit of gw parkway northboundbo delays coming off the rooseveltt
7:49 am
beltway traffic throughic thr woodbridge as the cross the the occoquan opens up a bit. inner loop sluggish from branchc across the 66 earlier disable vehicleic blocking a lane has cleared cled awhile ago, heavy delays fromro 234 to 123. 1 then again to the beltway so yoy need still about 45 extra5 ext minutes to get that was that t stretch of 66. 295 southbound remains heavy from 410 all the way down to the 11th street bridge and 50 inbound inside the beltway sluggish. new york avenue passedas bladensburg heavy traffic asg hv well. allison and >> all right. thank you very much. we now have new roadsoa scholar from our area. yay! uva student from laurel, maryland, among the 32 americans selected to pursue post graduatt study at oxford university.. >> her name is erin frazier senior at uva double majoring in african-american and african
7:50 am
congratulations to her a student from howard university who madea it and one from johns hopkins. >> we've had several.ever >> yes. congratulations to all. all >> in the meantime we go fromro road scholar to talking aboutnga what's going on with kanye west. upsetting fans once again aftert he canceled a show last night ii los angeles just hours before he was supposed to take the stage it comes a day after his on o stage rant in sacramento fansoan say west showed up late to thata show played proceeded to go on 10 minute mut political tirade then walked off stage. during the rant he praisede donald trump, criticizedtize president obama, hillaryhiary clinton, beyonce' and jay-z suggesting politicians andns a celebrities were plain out ofaif touch with the way that most mt americans feel. kanye hasn't commented on -- heh did a lot of commenting.menting. >> he commented for 10 minutes straight. that's for sure. ur >> i want to clarify something s said earlier in the show. s >> what's that. what'that >> i think for people who are aa
7:51 am
are ending early that's messedmd up. it's not entertaining.tain for me when you sit down andow a watch these videos, it is entertaining to see what he hast to for some reason we're talkinge'g about it on the tv it's a bigig news story. story and why are we so fascinated by it? that's my big question.. >> um --- >> it's not cool. >> he may be a jerk because hebe does that to his fans.ans what i'm asking why is it so polarizing. >> what do we look at carar crashes when we go by? >> true. >> same thing.>> sam >> i think it's interesting.esti what he has to say.. >> i feel bad for people who ara at his shows. his s. >> i mean, look, i think that wa have a request for knowledge and information and so by watching i it now we know what it is.s. now you're more informed.. somebody says what was kanyeanye talking about, kev, you >> he did cancel his show in lal last night which is crazy the show that rant was was on o saturday.rday recently i sat down with one ofo the most legendary film makers,, actors, directors of all timee warren beatty, incredible actorr
7:52 am
don't apply.pply he plays howard hughes the firsr movie he's done in 15 years. >> wow!ow >> 15 years. so obviously you know him froyef dick tracy and reds and bullnd worth.woh. now in this flame he playshis fl howard hughes follows a lovee story between an actress lilly collins and her driver alden erin reich and how they bothheyt worked for howard hughes i spoke to warren beatty about directini himself, but also about one ofuo the most violent scenes in the e history of movie the ending of you know what i'm talking about. >> of course. >> watch thiscour. >> when you're directing the t film that you've written andtt starring in and you're in aand scene and you're setting up thet direction, you're telling thetee actors what to do, can you talkt about like how you stay inyn character if -- while you're directing the moment? is theree a balance to i want this shot st this way, you need to be doingeg this and this scene but i'm also howard hughes? how do you how d balance that? >> the toons your question is, i don't know.
7:53 am
probably say that -- that, um, u you don't go completely out of character, and you might -- i think it varies. vie i don't think there's an easyn e answer it to. it i like to say if you'reoue directing yourself, that youhayo have at least one actor who sort of knows what you had in mind. >> i'm a huge in many fan. f i grew up watching your movies s to be sitting across bonnie and clyde one of the besb movies of all times i think, yok know, the first time i saw thata film the ending was so brutalrul because it just took -- one of f most violent things i've seen ii my entire life.e ife. i wanted to ask you how that waw shot in regards to when you guyy were shooting that scene howenew were the bullets done back thenn because that's the '60s.60 i'm wondering how that was done. your body was like shaking akina round. how did they do thatun moment? ? >> we had six cameras. >> wow!
7:54 am
the violent ending which... >> bonnie and clyde is an i a interesting story. story. in the way that it took -- i i would say it took five months to work its way into being accepted.ce. >> interesting. >> which is n>>o longer possibls today when we open in 2000 sandd or 3,000 theaters but we openede in two theaters in those days,h, and then we made -- might havehh moved to 100 theaters over a period of a month or two. two there was a whole reversal of critical opinions over four or o five month period. >> i want to say he's 79 yearses old. >> wow. >> he looks incredible. by the waye plookardon mes in a audio the trailer video was over o
7:55 am
i apologize.ologize o woo worries. >> incredible talking to himbl about that.ab he's such an incredible filme fl maker.r. my mom likes splendors in thesne grass i've never seen which is supposed to be great movie. mie >> how does this howard hughes e compare to leo.toeo. >> howard hughes was a verya ver interesting gentleman.eman in the film we are very -- >> odd, weird.. >> recluse. >> we're very -- it does notoe n portray him in the best light.t i mean his character is in thest dark a lot. lot literally speaking. like like to hides himself. he had an interesting affairsstr obviously in his course of hisos life. i think it's kind of similar to warren beatty himself becauselfu he's famous for all the women that -- -- >> playboy.>> >> i think the movie ishinks interesting it's an old schooll hollywood thing for people whope love film making you'll really enjoy it. it definitely --initely -- >> when is this movie out.s mov. >> it opens on wednesday it'say' called rules don't apply. the lead is the hugh hans soloo alden erin reich. r >> bonnie and clyde was famous u
7:56 am
>> thanks, guys. appreciate it. >> thanks, kev. >> check in wit>>h t tucker.r. 7:55.7:55. >> breaking news we're up onenee agree in the past hour. hour. 37 now in washington.ngn. winds are back they never really went away winds out of the westt northwest at 14 going to be verr br day day. maybe not the 50 miles an hour gusts when he late saturday anda sunday but 40 miles an houran hr gusts at times today.atimes going to be very breezy veryezye chill day. mid 40s daytime high. look at the lake effect snow.tno mid 40s for us. u it stays cool.l. wind chills in the theirhe you'll want it. little warmer tomorrow llback i the 50s by wednesday andsdaynd thursday. thursd might get showers wednesday night into thursdaayy. mt ornini you're planning ahead for f travel. that looks leak our next chancec for i'm wrapping. wrain erin is i am.>>am. 7:56 right now.ow big delays this is a look at fof hole inbound there's a crash you can see some slow-moving traffif leaderring towards it. towart. it's out by the key bridge. be. so give yourself extra time there. let's take a look at our maps. p show you exact wrl that is and d what you're up against..
7:57 am
fox hole gw parkway slow.w. looking at our tweets, train 328 experiencing mechanical issues if you're taking 330 behind them and couple witht 328. that should take about 30 minutm delay. we'll keep up iodated. iodated. back to you guys. major news from the vaticann overnight. next at 8:00 the power that popp francis is now granting all catholic priests. >> and we may be looking forwara to that turkey dinner this week, but is the thanksgivingg celebration putting you in y i danger? what you need to knowtk to keep you and your family savv
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
?? this is fox5 news morning. g good morning. morning i'm allison seymour.soymo >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to fox5 news morning.orni thanks for joining us on thisn i monday morning. 8:00 a.m. thisthi november 21st. 21s let's take look what's ahead ona the fox5 news morning menu. first up th three cities targeted and shotdo win hours. one of them has dien dh.. another clinging to a manhunt is underway. trump's white houseump's wh transition is beginning to looko a lot like a reunion of one-time republican rivals. mitt romney, governor christie r was always in his camp and todat rick perry meeting with the the president-elect.ect >> if you haven't been outside yet, layer up if you didn't gont out over the weekend you'll know wait feels like today. pretty much the same as as yesterday. weather and traffic coming up on
8:01 am
news from the vatican.ican pope francis allowing allg all priests to absolve the grave sis of women who have abortions. extending special permission heh granted them last year for theet holy year of mercy. mcy this according to a document dut made public today. however, he staunchly reiteratee that quote abortion is a grave a sin that puts an end to an innocent life. ?? let's get to our top storieo this hour.r death in his squad car while writing a traffic ticket. ticke. somebody pulled up from behind,e walk up to thed up officer's's driver's side window while he w was sitting in his car and shoto him twice in the head.n he the shooter then drove off. o police have identified a personr of interest. i the victim is 55-year-old benjamin ma coney a 20 year vetr and of the force. for. in missouri -- that's not the t right in missouri police sergeantgean recovering after being shoteings twice in the face a an ambush attack.atta a suspect in that case wasase
8:02 am
overnight.night. officials say the 46-year-old-o officer had been sitting inttini traffic in mark police vehicleiv about 7:30 last night whenhthe another car pulled alongside ana opened fire.ire that sergeant also a 20 year0 y veteran of the police depth. a florida police officer ofr recovering from injuries thiss t morning after he was shot on the job. jo the officer shot during ashot da traffic stop last night. nht we're told a drive by shooter st opened fire on the cop before bf fleeing the the scene he was later wounded during ain shoot out with police the injured officer this time in i florida treated and releasedea suspec ?? happening now, the searchrc for a missing fisherman whose wo boat sang on the potomac will w resume today. >> it happened saturday night it saint mary's county actuallyctua four men participating in a in fishing tournament their boat ba took on water.ater at this point we only know what has survived. searchers recovered the bodiess of two other fishermen early sunday.sunday. the fourth still missing.issing also in the water on thern e chesapeake a dramatic rescuetice you're seeing right here look al that guy swimming to another atr boat nearby.
8:03 am
caused a 14-foot sailboat tooatt capsize and that sent thatthat fisherman into the water. 54-degree fortunately these other oer fishermen were nearby.y. they spot the the stranded man m and pulled him to safety and he's going to be okay. oy get to prince george'stoe county right now. rigow firefighters battled high windsn to put out a house fire earlierr this morning.isorning. >> luckily the entire familyil made it out alive thanks to some working smoke alarms. fox5's melanie alnwick is live l in upper marlboro with the withe latest. good morning >> reporter:. [ inaudible ] that is why they are trying tory let people know this kind ofhisf thing could happen and askingskn folks to be very very careful. f you can see right here thishi house the whole back of itk of i pretty much as been burned out.t firefighters left a short time they feel like it's perfectly
8:04 am
they're concerned about is thata it appears that in this case it may have been ashes that causede this fire and that is one of the things that they're askinghere a people to be very careful of. if they choose to have a fire oo that sort of thing, no outdoor o grilling while the winds are sos high at this point. point that is definitely a no-no.. now here in this case, we had h three adults and a large dogge g apparently were able to g of the of this house g safely.ay but you can just kind of take aa look and see the extent of o damage that even a small firellr can this started about 3:30 this thi morning here on route 202. 2 brought out a number ofbe o firefighters but again fortunately they were able to w save the back structure but we had number of firesf fes across the area not just here ie prince george's county butty b montgomery county as well.l so just a word of warning, guys, very very careful and again thet thing that made this turn out tt
8:05 am
did have smoking work detectors. live in upper marlboro, melanie alnwick, fox5 local >> good reminder for all of us,o mel, thank you.ou. 8:05 right now. parts of upstate new yorkte n y looking like a winter wonderland. in ial inches of snow fell barnes corners and new yorkornes state. some people out shredding anddd enjoying other winter activities. tucker sharing schools are closed up there.haringer which in my recollection istion rare. so it must be something.somng. and rain and snow to blame in i spin outs and accidents on thene roads. things will dry wet weather will return tomorrow, and as the week progresses.og and powerfulre winds blowing blo through this weekend in theeekeh nation's capitol. strong gusts led to powero pow outages and damages and in bethesda a tree branch crashed h down on and in clarksburg, a barn wentnt up in flames. f the wind making it hard oft har course to put that fire out. >> i don't think it's rares r tucker for, you know, to have aa windy day but it seems likeems k
8:06 am
days of sustained winds. wds not just the gusts. >> a couple days of it.e days o. not just us, it's whole eastern seaboard causing lake effecteect snow the lake waters are still wa ---- >> winds blowing over the waterr >> causing the snow to fall out there. quick reminder.remier coming off of melanie's story sy we're at high risk for fireor fr danger because of the dryause conditions we've had and very hr gusty winds and we'll do thato a unfortunately again later todayo all right. let's get to it. i wind advisory continues countiee off to the north, frederickredek in maryland.yld. so places like columbia,, ellicott city under that windt n advisory all of us will be of ue experiencing winds over 20, 25, 30 miles an hour but winds coulc gust at sometimes up to 50 to to the north later today. today all right.l r there's your numbers. nrs. 37 at reagan national.atnal. 34 dulles. 36dwi marshall it does not feelf warm.arm. wind chills right now in the 202 for just about everybody it will be very very cool day for us. u. lake effect snows still flying binghamton officially 10-inchesh through midnight and they'rehere
8:07 am
10-inches today. so pretty impressive snow totall in upstate new york already andd expecting more this afternoon. 46 for us.. we had flakes here locally we ly don't get those today but we hah get chilly conditions.tion seven day has warmup and we'lle' talk thanksgiving and all thingt weather coming up, travell weather. >> folks are headed out.ks aeade yup. >> thanks so much, tuck.yus m >> short week for a lot off people, erin. good morning.legoodorning. >> short week for them which isw good news because this monday ma morning has been a pretty roughh ride. 8:07. 8:07. canal road inbound we have a inb oucrash between fox hole and the key bridge. bdg you're jammed back to chaino han bridge you can see slow movingwm traffic.affi this is causing a lot of overflow traffic in georgetown white hurst freeway jammed upam much this is a look at the inner loop where we have lot ofhere we slow-moving traffic.traic. no this view georgetown pike delayy from the dulles toll road to tho legion bridge heavy volume asuma you come up from 66 trying toin get towards the 270 spur. s outer loop however is nice andea quiet. we'll switch it over for a looko
8:08 am
westbound crash involving acrin tractor trailer after u.s. 15.5. heavy delays all the way back to 270. and the eastbound side the lefth lane remains blocked so from 40 patsed that crash delays as well. 270 south on and off delays froo 70 to the spur.the pu really the heaviest blaze delays picking out in montgomery county towards rockville.towa give yourself 30 extra minutesis there. metro back to being on timeim accept for safetrack. allison and steve.teve >> just call him the deal makerk elect. ec trump expected to announce morer key members of his folks will be advising him asads early as today.early asoday. he is set to meet with formerr texas governor rick perry todayd and chatted with mitt romney rom considered for secretary of o state. meantime he took some time offio to fire off angry tweets abouteo the cast of hamilton you sawou s that over the weekend saying san they harassed vp elect mikelectm pence. while he attend the show.w. pence said he wasn't of a phoned by that incident.t. yesterday donald trump called reporters about new jersey jery talked to reporter bows chrisow christie cut didn't say if therh
8:09 am
administration. here's part of the exchange. christie, dorks we have part --- we don't have it. i came after two former aidsr a convicted in the george grg washington bridge politicalridgi revenge plot saying that chrisrs christie was very talented manem that's what trump said as theyse met for talks with reporters inr w jersesey. but did not say if there was aea place for him in his administration okay. let's just move on now. va student from laurel marylandn among the 32 americans shrek tok do pursue post garage studies at oxford university. err name a erin fraser and she's a senior at uva. uva >> she's a double major, andnd also congratulations to ao richmond man who's senior atio a howard university he was alsoits chosen. cameron clark is a double majorr in community health, education and biology. >> actual toll students from uve
8:10 am
maryland or virginia ties. tie >> that's a beautiful thing.hin. >> uva, howrd what, georgetown,n naval academy, washington, lee and johns hopkins >> well done everybody.ell redskins nation a lot to ni celebrate this morning with aita huge win last night over thet nh green bay packers final score was 42-24.24. wasn't easy fort skins. skins as a matter of fact first halfof very close. even in the fourth q uarter it was close. wa and then kirk cousins with thata long 70-yard pass to pierre garson. knifing that pass through the wind. wi then later in the fourth robourt kelly a 4-yard run he had threer touchdowns on the day. after the game kirk talked about why this win feels different.. >> i think we walked off the ofe field in a few games feeling fei like even in a win we're capable of doing more, and tonight was certainly the culmination of what we feel like our potentialn can be much it's hard to do itto week in and week out, but we're pleased with what we were able l to do tonight because so manyauy
8:11 am
could.d >> going to be short turn arouno for the skins, though, they plap on thursday.da thanksgiving day down in dallasd short week of practice.ctice cowboys coming off a win theyine beat the ravens nine had of-one. coming on good day at 10a we w have a special tweet for skinsns fans. we'll celebrate last night's wiw and get you pumped up for thursday's game with localocal >> waiting on the white house.t. >> after trump's inaugurationugo the entire first family mightilm not be moving into 16000 we'll explain.lain.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
??? >> 8:14 right now. give you a little extra bonus time today for special cute a ls >> cuteness warm up let's get it to.s get o. my first five.ive. >> ?? >> somebody will be warm.arm. >> what's going on? >> yay! >> so cute. hat adois adorable. >> yes. >> all right. nth old seven month old isaia. >> hi,isai isaia.. >> all right. here's the deal. isaia gets up and he likes to to watch favorite show in thehoin e morning fox5.g f5 you know what? he knows exactls where the power button is on thn remote. >> he does? >> uh-huh. turn on his favorite fox >> as long as he knows where the on button s we don't need him tm learn the off button yet. >> can we lose the banner? ihee got to see his cute socks he has on? on >> there he is.>>here h >> aww. >> that is adorable. >> all right. >> there's news about you. re's>> yes. part of each of morning is the forecast which w
8:15 am
>> fantastic.>> ftast >> well, he listened today if i he's going to wear that, because i tell you --ou >> i want to wear it.t. >> i want to wear that cute little cub hat.le cub hat. >> he's just adorable.just adorl great fashion sense for the daye as >> doesn't he?>>oesn >> good outfit for it. >> we love your picture.. >> yeah, we do.h, do. >> thanks for turning us on each morning. morning. hope everybody else in theve family arypproves. how can they say no to his facef >> go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. >> send us a great picture. ptu you kno or allison's name or steve's ste name a better chance -- chance >> you might get in there.etn t erin, too, don't forget. >> erin' name or kev is secondary. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> me or allison you definitelyl we're kidding. 37 in washington. hey -- he >> he said steve.e sa >> he actually said it thishis time, err, err inn. thank you for looking out forfo >> we're looking at mid 40s for daytime highs. highs. very cool conditions for thiscot time of and the worst of it the winds ts
8:16 am
really went away. that are your wind chillshills coldest i've seen yet at reagana national current wind chill 28 degrees and look atoo hagerstown. 21, 20 in winchester, 24 in i leonardtown.ardtow you get the idea we're in forn what will be typically a januarn day not a mid november day.ay. lake effect snow still flyinglyg mentioned binghamton, syracuseys getting with snows.s some of the snow totals up there half of the totals they got forr last year already.lrea so just extraordinary what's going good skiing if you wanting to uo to parts of new york by yk wednesday or thursday.rsda our forecast we will see moderating trend withit temperatures. we'll be in the mid 50s foror thanksgiving day.ving day steve you want to get out andutd play football thursday afternoon. >> all right. >> turkey bowl. >> turkey bowl. >> yeah. in mud bowl or not. it might ow beor a n little, yeah aeah little wet out rain showers thursday morning but i think by afternoon partly sunny. >> i used to love the turkey wl g games.d to >> me, too. now i can even throw a footballl
8:17 am
>> without pulling something.uts >> back in my day, i lovedom it. >> i heard myself going to thent refrigerator.or >> i go have to walk all the wa across the parking lot.arot >> you guys, come.uyom >> i pulled a hamstring gettingg out of bed. >> you guys are young bachelors. >> exactly.xact taking it out of me. [ laughter ]laught ] >> oh, my goodness. >> you sound like old guys. g >> i know. k >> come on.. >> we expect more from you steve and tucker.d tuck. >> right. >> like we most things we likeos to set the bar very low. >> then you just exceed theedhe expectations.exctations at center point parkway leftay f lane look at that nastyne red line o the map.. fredericksburg through staffordd very slow-moving traffic. t you need a good 45 extra minutet to get into dale city thisyhi morning. as you see dale city thingsityhi aren't terrible but throughut tu across the occoquan jammed and a then through lorton slow movingv traffic to the beltway. inner loop jams up to 66 andand northbound 395 edsall road tol d the 14th street bridge some som heavier traffic there.fic the freeway east and westbound slows and you're jammed across thes te 11th street bridge.dg
8:18 am
side 123 to the roosevelt bridgg look how heavy that traffic sra also making your way out in in georgetown because of an earliei crash on canal road between fox hole and the keyan rei a lot of leftover congestionstio white hurst freeway backing upbi and heavy from rosslyn into i georgetown across the keys the y bridge. 295 southbound, 410 to the10 t t 11th street bridge and jammedd and 50 sluggish towards 295. 2 new york avenue northeast a lotl of stop and go traffic passed bladensburg in north we do have delays 270 southbouno through montgomery countyugh mo gaithersburg and rockville andkv then the outer loop jams with 2 minute delay from before 95 to georgia. back to you guys. >> erin, thank you very much. president barack obama back inba the white house this morning. the president arrived homerae ht midnight from his final foreigni trip as commander in chief. during talks in peru over the or weekend the president says hent does not intend to criticizeri donald trump but he will speakpk out if the new president or
8:19 am
harms us deals. >> ideals. >> donald trump might be the mostd tr unconventionalio president-elect we've seenelecte recently and he mayn getting moe so. >> this time it's about where h' and his family plan to spend s their time while he's in office. fox5's bob barnard is live fromi the white house with details. bob? >> reporter: hey, guys. you think it would be right herh at the white house which is a hh construction site this morning.s they are getting ready forit thr inaugural parade and the grand e stands are being built here b right in front of the north laww but you speak of ann unconventional perhaps president donald trump, well he confirmed to reporters yesterdae that at least for the next several months after he takes t oath of office first ladyrs melania and his 10-year-old son baron trump will remain livingiv in new york that's because baron is the inn the fourth grate grade andur g they've decided as family to leo him finish out the school yearoo at his private school in newn york city. after that, yes, they will move down here to the white house. but president-elect donald trump
8:20 am
as much time as possible working out of the trump tower in neweri york city and also his home dowd in palm beach and so maybe theyy won't be full-time residentsid here at the white house. hse. what do people think of? >> this is a symbol of america. this is our symbol of democracyy everybody always over the worldd wants to come here.. maybe see the white house.ou i don't know why somebody wouldy not want to stay here. why? >> part-time at the white hou i'm not sure. sur that's a little bit unusual, but why not? >> i can understand it's a younu child he wants to be with his ws family as much as he can. amuch that part i really understand. however, we need him here, too.t and they need him every. where.where >> that doesn't particularly pai bother me.ther me you know, there's a lot of things to be said and somethingt about that wouldn't be quitewouu enough to make me upset. it is a little unconventional.nt wherever he thinks he can get ct the job done, that's fine a lote
8:21 am
about what he's going to do more so than where he'll be doing it. >> i don't think it's a problem as long as he can run oure caru country, i don't see any problel with it. i think we're defined by more be than just the white house, youyu know, i think he can do both. b. there's nothing wrong with thatt this is 2016, right? >> reporter: so there you go. yg a mix of pins this morning. mori could be unprecedented.recented. we'll have to see how all things work out his school year up in new yorkno city. guys, in may or june.un >> all right, bob, thank you, tu very much. she is one of the most one followed celebrities on instagram. >> last night selena gomez won w big at the american in musicinus awards and sobering message to her instagram followers we'llol' share as welcoming up next.
8:22 am
shouldn't cost more.
8:23 am
8:24 am
at ikea, we believe that making room for one more shouldn't cost more. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget. ?? music means it's time for fr >> hi, kev. >> good to see you guys. >> ama's big show last night. huge trending on social media aa lot of awards given a lot of major performance and includingi ono mars.s. biggest award of the night wentn to ariana grande. gnd artist of the year. y she released her dangerous woman album back in may spawned threee hit singles since may. may
8:25 am
her recent struggles with lupuss during her acceptance speech for female rock singer, pop rock singer. gomez explained they wenthey wet through bouts of brokenness andd one thing she said i found fascinating she had everything e but she felt so broken inside. and then she was talking about o err instagram followers and told her fans that they, tol too, cac find restoration.rati. very powerful and very emotional speech i recommend seeking itki out and listening to what shehe had to say. say. >> good for her. >> she looks darling. andot a little political controversial as well. gigi hadid and mr. jay farrell e from saturday night live opened up the show and said theyd t weren't going to get political gigi hadid did awkwardwkward impersonation -- awkward of melania >> watch this..
8:26 am
sasha and malia. >> spot on. that was spot on.t o >> that didn't play well. for me listen i think -- ink -- thought it was awkward.wk i didn't think it made sense. s i don't know for me the joke was too easy. ey >> i didn't like it when the --e jokes were the other way. >> right. >> i don't like this. it's uncomfortable.fortle >> i completely agree. >> completely agree. >> the best thing she said all night the tribe hill quest hasi the number one album that albumm is amazing if you haven't heardh it phenomenal. opening monologue started awkward.d. bruno mars opened the show wayey mazing performance.zing per >> he mixed with knee deep. bringing back fundal lick. >> he kill it with 24/k magic.a. here's some of that video rightt here.he alenomenal job. i thought he's one of the bestes super bowl performers of all all time. he's incredible.ree we got to wait now.t now if you haven't seen the video
8:27 am
swift i'll put that on my facebook page kevin mccarthy fox. did he lip sync of her in the apple ad. sync appl. >> okay.. >> i we shall we had it. really really funny. >> awesome, >> i'm glad you let us know kno because they were up against the skins last night.ins laight tough competition.ti. >> we hit covered between thethe >> coming next broadway bulliess or free speech. donald trump way new target on twitter about his vb. >> tucker and erin has yourr weather and traffic..
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> we are a diverse america whoi are alarmed andvers anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> those words directed at vice president-elect mike pence byece the cast of hamilton one of thet most popular shows to ever hit h broaayay. from over the weekend a show aho stopper on broadway.ady >> friday night the vp elect ele attend hamilton with hisitis daughter and other familyer a members the show wasnd ending aa pence and his family weremily leaving the actor playing w aarn burr read a prepared note singling out the vice president-elect.elect. >> good morning, maureen. >> controversy a never shortage. let's talk about it. vice-president election mike pence he was booed by the was b audience when he went tot
8:31 am
fact have message for him asim steve and allison said at thed e end member of the cast suck thet new administration might not bet fair to lgbt and minor rot rot communities.mmit listen to we'd to say. okay. it looks like we're having h issues with that. >> here we go. >> we know a guest in then the audience this evening vice president-elect pence i see you walking out but i hopeop you're hear a few more momentsms moments.nt nothing to to boo here. we have a message for you sir ww hope that you will hear us out.. i encourage everyone to pull out your phones and tweet and post. vice president-elect pence wect welcome you and we truly thank you for joining us here at at hamilton. we really do.
8:32 am
>> wonderful american story toll by diverse group of men, women m of different colors, creeds and -- >> that was portion of thertione speech you heard there wee apologize for the technicalhnicl errors just before.before. president-elect trump the cast s should apologize and he heard hd it's over rated show. vp pence doesn't seem to mind he even nudge his kids and remindee them that's what freedom soundsd listen to what he had to say. >> i know this is a veryery disappointing time for people pl that did not see their win in this national i know this is very anxious timm for some people, and i just wann to reassure people that whatt president-elect donald trump said on election night he absolutely meant from the bottoo his heart.his hea he is preparing to be the president of all of the people p of the united states of america. >> mr. trump tweeted yesterdayed calling the move harass many anm calling the cast rude saying san quote the cast prone dues sers e of hamilton i hear is high every overrated to immediatelyediately
8:33 am
their terrible behavior. the cast of hamilton has invitev president-elect trump to comeo m see the show.w no word yet if he will or not.ot a lot of you are sunning off ono this all weekend long.on since the airing of this newshis came out and here's what you hah to say. s this person tweeting out, usedd their right of living inin i democracy and the free country to tell mike pence about the new government.ernmen nothing wrong with that. the next person says, yes, we dd have the right of free speech fe but it doesn't extent to havingh the right to humiliate others.. and the next person says lookino at the policies mike pence pence supports, isn't there reason fon hamilton musical cast to be alarm? the last one is, so demm can play when kanye rant at ayer concert but republicans can'tnsc play when hamilton actorss inappropriately lecture mike m
8:34 am
again steve and allison is a lot of people weighing in. i we invite to you continue doingg so this is part of our show we like to you weigh in what youhay feel about this but no short of controversy and we're -- >> kanye ranked again over the t weekend.d. >> he sure did. hre d >> heard the cast of hamiltonamo speaking out. >> we apologize fort technicalhl rorors. monday morning blues. morng b >> yeah. gremlins in the system. >> that's right.rit. >> gremlins. gre >> there you go. >> holiday week.>> hiday >> yes, it is. >> it is 8:34 right now. now it's not really feeling yo w self too much maybe.h mbe. if do you add extra layers. layr >> all right. tucker barnes with another check of the weather.. ?? hey, guys.uys. windy conditions, such windy conditions across the yesterday we had winds gusting to 50 miles an hour in a few few spots and today the winds willdl be back 30, 40 miles an hour ata times this afternoon. so very breezy conditions thiso morning. windy 37.y 37. wind chills in the 20s. looking at partial sunshinertian today, just like yesterday we'l'
8:35 am
we should be dry later today. the snobewf dlakerys that we haf parts of the area yesterday are, v retreated to the north. upstate new york snow totalsals impression seive more than a sei foot in places, binghamton andnd syracuse and lake effect snowtno machine kicking in for another 12 hours or so as the winds stay .p. for us 46 today. 10 degrees below normalegrees b temperature wise.el still windy out there.ow ntempl winds out of the north and westt at 15 to 30 plus. definitely be prepared here forf a chilly january like day evenan ou seven day we'll talk thanksgiving turkey coming up. >> gobble, gobble.obble, gob >> erin is back with busy roads. >> breaking news out of ock rockville.ckvi pete piringer tweeting dealing with a crash closing gainsvillel road at seven locks road. a medicaloa transport vehicle ad landscaping truck. tru serious injuries involved innjur this crashies in on gibbsboro rr it's shut down in both directions use alternative routu around that.nd tt. 270 southbound is really backedb up right now through
8:36 am
so you'll need a lot of extra et time to get through that we'll keep you posted. skyfox head to do that serious accident location.ation closer view of 270 from clarksburg to the spur 30 extraa minutes to get to the beltway. earl jams from ken toning son. n outer loop starts to slow beforf baltimore washington parkway anp jams 95 over to georgiaar. 95 southbound jams from the icch to the beltway. baltimore washington north and southbound stop goneuu traffic as you cruise past powder mill road wolf 95ad wolf5 southbound jams from 410 to thet 11th street bridge and 50 50 inbound through cheverly.rly. very slow metro is back to beini on time except for safetrackafra surge 10.e 10. impacting the red line.d l allison and steve.and steve >> still ahead nor violence when it comes to dakota pipeline pip protests. >> hundreds of demonstratorsst clashed with police the out come it's 8:36 on a monday. 37 degrees. dre
8:37 am
8:38 am
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
8:39 am
?? 8:39 right there. live look at the white house.>>e president just arriving in the h middle of the night back fromouf his overseas trip that has beenb to several nations. now back. bk. hopefully resting at the whitese house. time right now 8:39.9. overseas in india, a devastating scene.ce death toll continues to rise deadly train derailment over the weekend.. 146 people killed.
8:40 am
14 cars derailed. rescuers searched overnight orn through the twisted mangled mgl metal trying to find survivorsur in haiti dramatic video from fro port au prince. no word what started this major market fire. haiti also still reeling fromngf hurricane matthew. and new developments this morning regarding the doomednewd malaysian airlines flight mh370. family of those on board willoal conduct their own search. src search had been planned and wild head to madagascar to look for o clues.ue the plane with nearly 240 passengers on board vanished inn 2014 during flight from call la lumpur torbay jing.y jing >> 8:40. breaking news out of north onorth dakota now.kotaow. where violent protests continuei over the dakota access pipelinen a police officer was hit in the head with a rock at least one lo person was arrested as hundredsr of demonstrators tried to pushus past a bridge -- state highway billion dollar project will
8:41 am
to the midwest protesters say it will disrupt sacred ground and also hurt the environment.. let's head next door check in with holly maureen find outid what's coming up on good dayoo y d.c. in just a few minutes. mut >> the weather the big storyig y this holiday week, right? rht whipping winds, snowstorms,nowso bitter cold temperatures.. tucker continues to monitor what you need to know as you hit thet roads. >> also developing right now the trump transition we're gettingri clearer look at theclr administration and what aboutut the new first l living in dc part time?? >> hmm. wind?inut that >> yeah. >> redskins fans they got reasot to celebrate thishe mondayony morning. morn wisdom plays monday morningor quarterback with fox5's grant ga paulsen. >> also on good day at 9a, we w all know dogs have weirde w behaviors so why do they doo that? allison our resident dogo lover asks the questions we alle want answers to and, yes, we y,w will go there. gohe >> and it's the ninja warrior challenge, one local college isi actually taking part in thist ii
8:42 am
we'll talk live with the showhew host. ho >> and it's man crush monday onn good day d.c.od d d.c it may be cold outside but it ii whoo hot in here.her male model and viral star doneld blaylock is live in the loft t l with his hershey bars.. okay. someone get the smelling salts.s >> i know right. kno >> this is going to be epicw . >> looks delicious.elic. >> looking good. i'm not talking about the candy. >> good day fashion police inole formation as we dish about theut fashions from last night at nht american music awards fab or fail? you help us decidc at 10:15.15 >> it may be holiday week we ara not taking a a bre nope, not at all.t a good day d.c. just moments away. >> i am taking a break later ini the week but i'm here today.. >> enjoy her while you can. c. >> thanks, ladies. all right. want to give a big happenpe birthday shout out to miss virginia santiago.anag >> happy birthday . >> she hit us on the fox5 facebook. we do look at that.okt th want to say have super day. coming up next we're talking tki turkey.turkey
8:43 am
feast without the fuss.outhe >> right. >> give me a break. >> you can fuss about other
8:44 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
8:45 am
>> here's a look at the capitolo dome. 8:45 right now. temperatures hovering a little bit above freezing right now but r than8: hovzing thathate because it's breezy out there.. how cold? when will we warm up when will the winds stop? we'll get you your answers is just 10
8:46 am
all right. been anything but summer breeze out there. it feels very wintry with thosei windry ws with hich have been py consistently blowing here at 20, 30, 40 miles an hour for theurot past 36 hours or so. so and they'll be back with usit u today. day. they'll stay with us today.'l we'll have winds il t wonst't be quite the blustery conditions we had yesterday but still verybuiy breezy at times this afternoon.n all right. here are your cool numbers. 37 in 36 in leonardtown.wn 34 out at dulle 34 in hagerstown.own actually the winds the stronghes winds overnight holding thesengt temperatures up a little bit.ur. so it could be worse here.uld be the wind chills again in the 20e at this hour. and they're not going to budge g whole lot later today.. so expect the things will remaii very cold this afternoon.fteron you saw in the live shot theret of the capitol even with thatitt bright sunshine we'll keep thelp temperatures on the chilly sidey today. feels like 28 in washington. wa. 27 up in baltimore. btimore 24 in hagerstown.wn. leonardtown 28 for you guys.s. let's sea 20 out in winchester.h
8:47 am
to 30 to 40 miles an hour. h in fact just looking hagerstownt had a wind that gusted overd o 30 miles an hour.30 mes an unfortunately winds back with us today. otherwise partial sunshine. should be a nice looking day. d it will be cool one actual air r temperatures the mid 40s look at the lake effect snows looking ag some numbers binghamton 15-inches of snow.w. syracuse over a foot expectingxc another three or 4-inches today. so lake effect snow machinenow really kicking in last night. there it goes. or another 12 hours or so. for south, and we're going to keepok things on the chilly side fore the next couple of days. of day. by wednesday and thursday, we'lw see a moderating trend with itee manies back in the 50's by wednesday night and first halfit of thanksgiving holiday we may have a few showers around so aro that's our next time frame forim little rain. li really desperately need the rain, and just a few showersew s this week that wednesday intosdt thursday time frame.ay time fram there's your seven day. you can see the warmingthere'u temperatures by the end of thee week up near 60 for shopping ono
8:48 am
temperatures today.od okay.. guys, that is a weather update.t i don't know where everybody is. >> me, me, the days are gettingg shorter and as we approach therc busiest time of the year, it just flys by. by. >> the holiday season gets off to a gallop this week withsk millions of americans hittingti the skies and the roads for thanksgiving.ving our destinations may be varieder but there's one place nobody nod wants to wind up on thanksgivinn that's the doctors report holiday up tickpc in patients suffering from cooking related burns from fm accidents involving alcohol andd from pre-existing healthgealt conditions that may have beene e worsened by overeating or over drinking.inking. over the long holiday weekend there's often a spike inn patients with symptoms of food o poisoning, and it's not just tht food that can spoil thehe holidays. li the u.s. fire administrationatio says there are about 2100
8:49 am
day. most of them about 72% happeninp between noon and 3:00 p.m. during peak holiday meal prepea time. >> we get you down to the very specific time frame for thesee injuries, don't worry.injuries,o you don't want anything tot wany thhappen like that to you over t holidays.da here to help we have a whole w panel today including deliciouss turkey dr. shilpi agalwar as we always see shilpi on monday on m physician certified in family fm medicine.dicine physician board certified.ard ci butting. t' that's okay. >> we're pleased to welcome chee brian hill back to d he has a catering business andia is about to open a new a n restaurant in the district andit he is a celebrity chef. you've been on almost every fooo >> yeah. top chef. bar rescue, private chefs of chs beverly hills. master chef, master chef, jr.f, >> we know you're slumming to bb here with us but we do w appreciate you today.ouod >> eye but i love you.e you >> you're supposed to say iou'ra know. >> how are you? >> talk to me about the t thanksgiving related injuries.i. >> yes.
8:50 am
>> absolutely allison.lis we love the holiday however this is also a big timeg where we see a lot of injuries.r so people are going into thegogn emergency room and you wereere urgent care of injuries whiles w doing food prep and also becaus of illness from under cookedood foods are or improperly handledl food. one of the big things that we dt see is a lot of times i'll havev to stitch up people's thumbs ors other digits because they're not properly protecting their the fingers when they're hutut cutting. >> right. >> so chef, please show us somes proper ways to cut and ways. >> do you know the cell phone co finger when you have your phoneo and you like this? >> yeah. >> um, it's bad. bad because you have no control ofno the knife. kni so your control is just index finger right r like allison, please -- pleas >> i don't like how the knife is pointing. >> index finger you've got youry thumb so now the power in youror hasn't. hasn't. >> okay. >> 95 is not the power. you have the power. yo if you have aes>> 95
8:51 am
against your middle fingermi that's your protector. >> aww. >> here we go. >> oh, my gosh. gosh. okay. >> i wish i can -- take youreou time.time >> if you wanting to slow youou can stay --n sta >> i notice the knife isn't -- i mean i don't know if thatan matters the i k dnife is neversr coming off the cutting board. bd >> never. >> for those of us who are not as, you know, skilled as the ahe chef, you can also use a silicone thumb cover which helpi you to protect from gettinget chopping off that thumb.mb >> even if you pull it back. >> really? >> you also what's really coolol is this glove that i saw where w you put the glove on. o now, is this pretty helpful orpf does this get in the way.n t >> it is because it isn't too bulky even for home cook it'sk useful and that way they can still maneuver and pivot back pc and forth to whatever they'rey' doing. >> supposedly you can cut and i protects all your digits and yoi can cut right over it.can >> let me see this because i bau know this might be a toothbrush. >> this is a toothbrush.thbr >> you are correct.ct >> this is another option. >> you can multi option..
8:52 am
>> i look all over i couldn't cd fihe cov cover. but an infant toothbrush worksus just as well.ell. >> yes. >> y >> of course i have that readila available. >> i know do you. r it and ove it at ove it works. works. >> let's talk about some otherte injuries that people see.. >> other very common ones one allison are having dangling cords these are so dangerous,, and children can very easilyil walk through the kitchen it's i' holiday time everybody is alldya around. cooking together. t but if you have dangling cordann it's so easy for them to pull ii down and then spill all that hot liquid on them and get >> glass lids wee use these to heat up casseroles and things like that. however, when it gets overheatea sometimes we leave the stove t s area for little bit the glass tg can shatter and spread all overl so you want to really be careful removing these glass items off o of your hot plate after it'sft i already heated up.p. >> okay. let me end with you we're out oo time i want to talk about foodbf what is the number one thing? ni under cooking the turkey.ur >> no thing as medium rarear trultry.
8:53 am
170 but you can get it between t 165 and 175. 175. >> no one gets sick.ongets no one. it's so perfect because whatau happens you have all of these juices and even if you are usinu your broth and you don'ton't continue cooking it you still io get sick from that.m >> right. in that's a great point.. >> under 165.. >> if that's not enough thinknot about the years of peoples o p talking about you and nevert yo going back to your house for for thanksgiving if you made them mt sick. that's all i'm going to.. chef brian thanks. t shilpi thank you very much.pi >>tionluch information so little time. we appreciate it. >> you're going to leave this.. >> all of this is hee re.gohe i'm a sharer. >> thank you. we appreciate that. we>> tnk you so much. >> you got it.o much over to you,,ve. >> al, thanks very much. queue the music. queue it up.e it ?? >> there it is. it we'll get 40th anniversary of rocky so roy anybody who is a rocky fan, we n got reason to celebrate.ra we'll share a little more cominn
8:54 am
8:53. n't miss our at havertys furniture. big savings in store only. this friday, eight am to eleven am. plus, win up to $250 off your total purchase. and get thirty-six month, no-interest financing. black friday specials, while supplies last. friday, three hours only. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. don't miss our black friday specials at havertys.
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a bthe roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.awe. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. ?? >> 40 years ago today, sylvestel stallone brought us the treasurr known as rocky. y yeah. >> november 21st, 1976 novemr 21 audiences first met rock deero balboa that south paw boxer froo south philly.y. >> adrian! >> one of the things that's mosm known for.own
8:56 am
1947. >> he won an oscar for that.t. >> all the cars.>> a >> he out lived a lot of that,tt too. too. wrote it, created it, he did iti all. >> wouldn't an oscar.scar >> he wrote it in three days made on budget of millionudget dollars. >> love it. >> largely lgelyys unknown cast.n as highest grossing film of thatoft year earned $117 million andn ad that's in 1976 money anotherth hundred plus million overseasves and of course as we all know, many, many sequels, but will gol down as history people including myself run o art museum.. >> what's messing up this is non the right theme. t >> i understand. you need the chuck man geo goini to fly now rocky theme from thet original. >> mr. t. >> this isn't >> the other thing thatther tngt sylvester stallone brought usllg al -- >> give us the iconic music.he s >> we want the real rocky. roc >> for a number of movies. >> ???? >> going to fly now. n >> all right.. she's being a purest.s being a s
8:57 am
we need the real rocky music.. >> right.>>ht >> oh well. why we talking about theut original if it's not theig original >> this is the original.originai let me quickly do the right here. h okay. we got temperatures in the 30s.. 38 wind out of the north andof a west at 21.westt 2 that combination giving you wino chills in the 20s it will be a e chilly one today. today. but generally sunny only 46 for daytime high.da high. bring a jacket. br cold ld tonht cold tomorrow bit of a warmup bu wednesday and thursday.dnes showers wednesday night andweda thursday. ur erin is back with roads.h >> we have breaking news tuckerr at we'll take look at the roads anr show you what you're up againsta in rockville big problems on gibbsboro road out by seven oy e locks an injury crash involvingg a senior transport bus as wellel as a landscaping van so please s use caution gibbsboro road is shut downt d retweeted pete piringer this morning injuries are trauma tum serious multiple fire rescuese r crews on locate. steer clear of that.r r of t 270 southbound a delay 118 del because of a crash as well.s keep it to fox5 news morningmorn we'll have much more as good dad at 9a continues.tinues
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?? straight ahead, the trump transition as the president-elect's golf club is o resolving door of high prevail a meetings over the weekend.eend


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