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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 25, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 0, a vicious tush of events, a virginia security guard killed on the job. how police say he died at the hands of a man he was trying to protect. a crazy explosion caught on camera, an e cigarette blowing up inside a man's pants. goodbye turkey, hello shopping. black friday may not be until tomorrow, but shopping is already in full swing. hear why one store opened up is reaching big benefits in more ways than one. the news at 11 starts now. > thanks for joining us tonight, i'll marina maracco and i'm jim lokay turkey and football hyped us, it is shopping that are on the minds of am people at this hour. but before you head out the door to much catch the black friday deals let's get you caught up on what the weather is going to be like this holiday weekend. >> hey, mike.
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>> it is almost officially black friday although it started for some five hours ago. >> pretty much. all day today. it earlier and earlier every year. >> if your heeding out it's not bad weather to do so. this time of year we should start falling back into the 30s in washington. we're actually kanye westing out in the 40s this evening. it's not such a bad night, at least it's dry. won't need the umbrella. it's dry, really nothing to show you there. i'll expand things out and show you what's kind of way. see the clouds out towards west virginia. there's a little piece of energy within that cloud that may kickoff a few showers earlier in west virginia and the pan handle of maryland and then progressing through the d.c. neighborhoods as we head into the afternoon. not everybody will see them. in fact, i think most stay dry throughout the course of the day tomorrow. we just have a good amount of cloud cover around. 46 degrees in washington is the current temperature and
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from that. 37 in gaithersburg, 36 at fredericks 38 at culpeper, 46 at quantico, even some 30s up to the north and west, 39-degrees this hour in cumberland. lowe's overnight, not too far from where they are right now, 35 for gates but, 39 for quantity course, 42 in annapolis with cloud cover kind of holding steady. if we have any sun breaking through it may do so at noon hour tomorrow. a couple of showers here and there. sometime noon and 5:00 tomorrow night before things clear out. what about the rest of the week and the weekend ahead h, i'll let you know. > over to you. >> bundle up and shop to you drop seems to be motto tonight. >> late chile doesn't seem to be stopping people around the region to taking advantage of the deals. >> lauren demarco is at clarksburg outlets where people
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shopping. >>reporter: behind me john ton and murray, they've got women's shoes buy one, get one free. >> clarks shoe get one pair and get one for 20 bucks. put sort of rough timeline of the evening for you. when we arrived cars were already pulling into the parking lot. that was 5:00 p.m. in the clarksburg premium outlets weren't scheduled to open for another hour. we did find a few stores early, including the fragrance outlet and surprise surprise, a starbucks. there were plenty of people waiting around until the doors finally began to on. in the 6:00 hours, the registers were ringing in plenty sales. by 7:00 p.m. p, the bags were getting heavy, some stopping for a dinner break for the record that's not even turkish no, it's pb and j. nike had promised to delay opening so employees had more time with their families on this thanksgiving day.
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was a long line of customers waiting to get inside and take advantage of all those deals. > come 9:00 p.m. and beyond, the shopping conditions. the stores will be open more than 24 hours. we spoke with shoppers throughout the night. this is crazy to me, the stores aren't even open yet, what are you you guys dog here. >> my stomach is already full so i'm trying to burn off the california wrist. it's my sixth thanksgiving. how come turkish how come you're shopping? >> christmas. it's my first big shopping. you wanted to see what this outlet was about? >> yes, this time and i come with friend. you did good? >> good deal, amazing deal, really. fortunate to get $300 back,
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every $100 you spend you get 20 back. you look like you're already tired of holiday shopping. >> yes. it's been a long, long day and i think we started here two hours ago and it's still going. > it feels like two years. >> it does feel like two years. almost done. we're an outlet, 25 to 65 percent off every day guaranteed 365 days a year, that obviously boost up for thanksgiving weekend as well as the holiday season. customers are go very pleased when they come down and see some of the signs in the windows. > thanksgiving. the sales will continue overnight and into tomorrow. these stores not closing until 10:00 p.m. on black friday. they'll stay open that entire time. then there will be extended holiday hours all the way through christmas. in clarksburg, lindsay murphy lauren demarco, fox5 local news. > thanks giving is one of the
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home fires and as fox5's lindsay watts tell us firefighters across our area were pretty busy today. >>reporter: we got some numbers from two of the major fire departments in our region and between montgomery and prince george's county, firefighters responded to 25 to 30 kitchen fires just today. i talked to d.c. fire, they didn't have exact numbers, but said they have been very busy as well. luckily none of the kitchen fires resulted in any major damage. this is one of the most siif today. this is in northeast d.c. on 24th street. it didn't involve cooking, though. the family believes the fireplace is to blame and possibly something went wrong with their chimney that caused flames to spark in the roof. you can see that worker up there right now tonight. we'll show you what it looked like when we got here earlier. the family in the home did get out safely. they said they had finished eating their turkey, they lit fire in the fireplace and then
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off. they came out to see thick smoke coming from the chimney, but from the roof as well. the family say they just cleaned the chapel any so they don't know what exactly happened. they are out of the house until repairs can be made. i talked to one family member who said you always hear of the fires on thanksgiving, you never think it was going to happen to you. ? knew that smoke was pouring out of the hours, it was five minutes. it happened very, very quickly. it's all material stuff. it could have been a lot worse than it was. > firefighters say take this opportunity to test your smoke alarm. christmas of course is another big day for kitchen fires. you always want to stay in your kitchen if you're cooking anything on your stovetop and then stay in your house if you're cooking any kind of meets like turkey in the oven. also if you're using your
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the proper precautions. i just checked in with d.c. fire. they say the specific cause of the fire here is still under investigation tonight. in northeast d.c., lindsay watts, fox5 a local news. > thanks giving where so am people are at home with their loved once, first experiences, hospital employees are off and working. for the last 17 years the four seasons is showing their appreciation of turkey and byes. the hotel donates an 500 meals to those who serve us on thanksgiving day. itself really something that a lot of people look forward to in our region and they come back year after year. i work in the emergency department and every year that they've had it it's been fantastic. i mean when we're having to work they're over here making meals for us. >> since we're here, why not extend outside of the four seasons world and also do this on the street, do this for
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on this day, all of the public servants, people in hospitals, policemen and anybody else that may be on duty this day. more than 6,000 meals have been served over the last 17 years. > ahead at 11 1 #, gunfire at an annual youth football game. how witnesses say the couches sprung into action in the miasmic. us troops fighting terrorists groups in the middle east, they took time to remember what they're most thankful for on this holiday. how they celebrated thanksgiving
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> welcome back, police in virginia looking for a man wanted in connection with the death of a security guard. the guard's name richard irwin. he was shot and killed overnight during an event outside of a york county restaurant. he was escorted a man named colson lewis. when the 26 year old lou is
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shot him. he ran off and police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. a tradition turned deadly in lieu illville kentucky. witnesses say coaches started scrambling to get players to a safe place as police evacuated the park. the event is a series of football games held on thanksgiving. no word on any suspect or what may have led to the shooting. > hurricane otto weakened pretty fast as nick what can what. it was a category t #* storm. it is now downgraded to a category one. mow one was hurt, forecast others expect the to be off the coast by early tomorrow as a tropical storm. > thousands of miles away us troops are giving thanks on the battle field and soldiers
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turkey. about 100us troops are on scene while the iraqi government and other ally troops continue to attempt to remove ice euille from the country. it wasn't an outstanding day. mild, peaks of season, a little rain for involvement most stayed dry. that was nice. i do want to upgrade the hurricane on the he. owe. > it's only like ten or 12 storms have you ever done it where they cross central america. > it depends on how much it weakance. if it goes blow name strength, it gets a new name. it doesn't look like that's going to happen with otto. > black friday, look at all the lights are lit up because the shops are open and people are out shopping until they drop
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longer. it's getting latent turkey is going to be kicking in here. 11. 14 here. black friday events just getting started around the region. first off i want to mention if you are heading off to black friday you're going to be okay during the overnight hours, some clouds, but chilly from time to time. few showers on friday, most will stay dry. if you're waiting until tomorrow morning to hit the shops or if you're taking the day off, tomorrow is not a bad day, locations, especially south and west of d.c. possibly reaching the lower 60s. the weekend is cooler, but more sunshine and we will stay dry which honestly at this point is a shame because we do need the rain we're in a little bit of a drought situation. hopefully we can put a dent in that drought as we head into next week. today, 57-degree, one degree warmer than last year. dulles 59, bwi57 degrees for
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satellite and radar generally quiet, but cloudy up and down the eastern coastline. it's this cloud cover, this bands of clouds out here to the west that contains a little piece of energy that will swing through as we head through the day tomorrow and give us a chance of a couple of showers. most stay dry and it's not any sort of washout by any means. 46, 48-degrees west virginia there. kind of follow the winds. see how they come out of the west and dip town to the south north. that's the piece of atmosphere in west virginia. if you're head hing out overnight tonight, 4:00 a.m. you have a mix of clouds and sun. again, you can see some showers popping up out to the west here, watch as they move across aput it into motion. 9:00 a.m. and then as we get into 1:00 p.m., very scattered. most stay dry tomorrow, i can't totally rule out the chance of showers and then we'll clear it out as we head through the evening hours and into the day on saturday.
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60-degrees for your friday, saturday 55, sunday 54, big warm upcoming next week, but it's what we call storm driven warm. we'll get up to the 60s near 706789 i will not be a dry and sunny 730-degrees. > marina, over to you. this dramatic video out of cigarette as an e cigarette explode in a man's pants. the man was ebb working at the grand central station when the vapor pen it looks like on fireworks. no word on what sparked the fire. the man still being treat at the hospital burns to his hands and leg. the department of transportation has banned passengers from parking e cigarettes in checked luggage. > and josh norman and the redskins leaving dallas in somewhat of a foul mood. >> some blown opportunities. they leave dallas with a lot,
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test bryant, josh norman going
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welcome back, you could call the cowboys abuse team record nine straight wins going into the show down with the redskins. a rematch prescott and elliott. it was a very cool prescott that put the redskins in an early hole. second quarter, prescott first and goal. he gets out of the pocket, he goes over unfriends terrence williams in front of bro had. the cowboys up in front, 17-10. some tense moments for read after suffering a shoulder
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one. down to the three and then two plays later cousins over to read. no 2-point conversion and the deficit 17 to 12. they had a 2-minute warning, the skins down 27-19, cousins finds read. watch how he catches the ball. the deficit at five. dozen mound hopkins and the skins, the cowboys get the ball and the redskins lose i credit dallas, as hard as it is, we feel like we're better than them. they find a way to make plays. on a typical day, that's good enough. we got to do better in the end zone. we missed some opportunities down there. that's a fact. > today the redskins faced their biggest deficit since all
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they were dominated by the steelers. giving the burgandy and gold credit for bouncing back with adversity t. as if it wasn't tough enough for this redskins team to come in and beat a cowboys team that's won nine straight times. on top of all of that they had to deal with the sun blinding into their eyes. in spite of all of that they were able to fight back, battle back to make this a close game, but against a great team like the cowboys, it wasn't good enough. to play like a high level like am of these teams are doing, it's the kind of culture we want to have on this team. i think we're proud of that, but we need to find a way to come out with a win. flying on a plane and then playing here on thanksgiving after a night game on sunday was hard on these players and coaches for that matter, trying to get a game plan together. but they did it. necessity were prepared.
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physically. redskins defensive tackle chris baker he said that in spite of today's loss the redskins are a better team than the cowboys, but you are what your record says you are. they played the cowboys twice and come home with two ls. if this redskins want earshot at dallas, possibly at the playoff they're going to have to go on a run and that begins next week in arizona. brody lyons, late in the game, this had some meaning and sam bradford intercepted. which leads to this. matt approximater normally money and he is here, 40-yard game winning field goal. they lead the nfc north with a 7 and 4 record. now that the football games are done at least for the most part
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one outlet mall in colorado with an all night shopping party. jug letters ma gists, the best part for shoppers there they entered a drawing to win a $12,000 gift certificate for a staycation in colorado springs.
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> tell me this isn't cute, a group of newborns get into the holiday spirit at a hospital saint lukes. they are a holiday tradition and that is absolutely adorable. > mike, one last look at what we're dealing. >> some clouds tomorrow, a lot more sun for the weekend. > that's good to hear.
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