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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now at 10 a sailor from northern virginia killed overseas on thank giving day and what we learned about the american hero and 16-year-old girl lost in a sense of violence and a serve to find her killer. >> she came out of the woods and bit me so quickly, in an instant i understood it was a
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attacked by a bear outside of a home shares her story with "fox5". the news at 10 starts now. and thank you for injoing us i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm lauren demarco. >> tony and shawn have the night off. tonight, friends and family in southeast d.c. are mourning loss of 16-year-old brianna mcmillan shot and killed on capitol hill late this morning. "fox5" anjali hemphill spoke with a family friend tonight and she joins us live with mo >> first of all, neighbors tell me they heard up to ten gun shots before lunchtime coming from the parking lot you see behind me here where 16-year-old brianna mcmillan was found shot several times. take a look this is a picture of brianna she was a student at washington metropolitan high school and was shot here. police reresponsibilityed to several gun shots 11:40 this morning and you can see a
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parked half a block away from scene of shooting. they arrived to find brianna shot multiple times. she was taken to a hospital but did not survive. now, police are still investigating what ed up to the shooting and don't have any suspect right now. neighbors hearsay they're very concerned. violent crime like this keeps happening more and more in what's supposed to be up and coming area of capitol hill. meanwhile, friends ever brianna don't believe she was intended target and she was just outside at the wrong place at the time. >> she was just stweet everybody. everybody will miss here. i want to think they would be -- blood coming out her head or wherever it was coming from i would not think it was her. >> the city has an ultimate responsibility to protect our communities and right now, that
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parts of our city. and it's -- the evidence is right here. this incident happened 11:40 a.m. this morning. 11:40 a.m. in broad daylight right after thanksgiving. the mayor, chief of police, say enough is enough. we must do much more. >> reporter: now, d.c. mayor muriel bowser reacted to the shooting onwi shooting on twitter quote tweeting i'm sickened by today's violence at potomac gardens and loss of life. help and call 191 with info. d.c. police are offering up to a 5,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. if you know anything you are urged to contact them. live in southeast, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> fairfax country police are investigating a thanksgiving day murder at a false church apartment complex this happened last night on the 5500 block of
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connection with the case. and freddie augustine, gabriel cora and jose alma all charged with murder and burglary and police are looking for a fourth suspect, 21-year-old adonia cabrera wanted for burglary charges. if you have any information call fairfax country police. >> new tonight, friend and family are mourning loss of a sailor from woodbridge. the pentagon says senior chief petty officer scott davis died on thanksgiving day from injuries he suffered in a blast in syria from impro voiced device. he was part of operation inherent resolve part of the military operation fighting against isis. he was with the navy since 1993. >> a frederick woman is out of the hospital tonight after being ataktd by a bear. it happened last week when karen osborne left her house to walk next door to her daughter 'home to see why the family dog was barking. she unknowingly walked between
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jennifer davis has more. >> i really didn't think i would make it. >> reporter: karen osborne has a black eye, stitches, broken arm, broken pelvis, four broken teeth and bite marks all over her body. but she lived to tell the inging tale of coming face to face with a black female bear. >> i heard growling and turned to look at it and bear came out on two face and grabbed my face and threw me to the ground and came around behind me and grabbed my arm and bit it in half literally. >> the bear came at her four separate times from three different directions for about 35 minutes. >> and then she came baca round again and grabbed the top of my head with her teeth and then she started to go for my neck i sort of was doing this to protect my neck i hit her like four times i tried toyed
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away it didn't work. and then she came around another time the last time she attacked me and put her paw on my back and kept trying to bite at me. every time i moved she would start comma tack me. i could feel her breath. i think she stopped because she was tired. >> reporter: curled in the fetal position on her daughter's drive we she felt her phone under her leg and called 911. >> i'm being attacked by a bear he's coming back, hurry broken my arms and legs. >> people have said you were so calm and collected i said, no, that was resolve. i knew i was dying. i was bleeding out. i could feel my energy leaving me. >> morning after the attack maryland department of natural resources tracked and killed that bear. and karen surprise set they did not act sooner. she says there have been a number of nuisance calls reported by the neighborhood about that bear and now she's worried that those three cubs have been left in the area to
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>> i'm a little concerned about that decision but i understand they're trying to set up a meeting or something totis cuss this with the neighborhood. >> she has a lot of rehab in front of her. but karen says this holiday week she also realizes she has much to be thankful for. >> i'm happy to be here. >> in frederick, jennifer davis, "fox 5 news". osborne says she's considering legal action against dnr which she feels didn't do enough to protec bear from the neighborhood they new it was causing problems in. >> in articling ton they want help to find a missing woman. amanda pull ver was last seen wednesday. she is unable to care for herself and in need of medical attention. she was last we'reing a black and white plaid shirt flannel pants and carrying a backpack. arlington police are asking
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give them a call. >> police need your help with a deadly stabbing in mannasas. a suspect stabbed a man on stream walk lane. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. the victim's identity was not released because police are notifying family. and investigators believe the incident stemmed from a fight between the victim and man he knew. also, in mannasas, police are investigating a fatal shooting. this happened overnight in the 900 block of bird road the victim is identified as 44 no word on suspect or what made have led up to the shooting. police are asking for your help in solving this one, too. taking it outside now we're in for chilly temperatures. but also sunshine as we head he into the holiday weekend. beautiful shot of the white house there and gwen is here with the forecast. gwen, it was not a bad black friday. >> not at all. thank good-[l]s inness because we had so many people standing in line for long periods of time as we know. early this morning a little on
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to see some cool temperatures tonight as well. so, let's take a look at maps. we have clouds tonight that are rolling in. and we had a system that moved through earlier and that brought just a few little light raindrops in so. neighborhoods. nothing very widespread. i have a to remind you we're at a deficit as far as rainfall is concerned. we really, really do need. it your temperatures this hour, 49 degrees at d.c. and 46 gaithersburg and 50 winchester and same dulles. 46 martins 46 martinsburg and 52 fredericksburg and 43 frederick. and today's highs into the 50s in all three airports. now that is exactly pretty close to where we should be. temperatures just a little above dulles and for reagan and we'll actually be in the ballpark of seasonal conditions once we get into the next day or two. and so that system moving its way out and behind it we're seeing the clouds. for tonight, we will get a gradual clearing. but it will be chilly night especially over higher
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chance of seeing a little freezing drizzle there. and up in the moun tons. but elsewhere a few clouds and chilly. so here's a look at what you can expect. 4 degrees overnight tonight. we're going to see the winds pick up and get a little bit of a northwesterly flow. it's going to be breezy. and anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour and into this weekend, the winds also will pick up again. so, just be aware of that. and things will change a little bit and we get into the week and start to see southerly flow and temperatures. little roller coaster ride but got news is as far as this weekend is concerned, no shortage of sunshine for you. it's going to be cool and preezy as i said but it will be dry at least. and we have some changes in the 7 day forecast. i'll have the details later. back to you, sarah. >> gwen, thanks. whether you braved the stores and went black friday shop are owe or opted from online retail instead it was a busy day for
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>> tomorrow is small business saturday the reason why stores in one maryland city are asking for extra boost in the bottom line this year. >> something to get excited about in d.c.. national zoo is flipping switch and getting ready to the holidays. we'll take you to the highly anticipated light show next at
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you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> so beautiful every year i love it. zoo lights are so much fun and tonight was the start at the national zoo. half a million light on display there every night until january 1 now. >> not all of the animal exhibits are on at night an a few are and the best part admission to the zoo as always is free. "fox5" lindsey watts gives us a look. >> the first night of zoo lights has been a busy one a big crowd here ever since doors opened at 5bg. this is a great event for the kids in your life. and the ones we've talked to
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have been loving the experience. jingle bells? jipingle beams? >> they both really like it. they love the music. she was dancing and doing all kind of stuff. with the light there they like watching the trees. >> jingle all the way. >> oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse on sleigh? >> it's cool how they mix them on some streets and i love the light show. >> we were watching for five minutes. >> a favorite is always eagle crossing from >> what's the favorite you've seen. >> green. >> green lights. >> yes. >> nice. >> green like your coat. >> green. >> jingle bells? >> if you get it to spin then it's super fun.
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part when it was going down. >> they love it. it's a good christmas tradition to start. love life. love food. love christmas. can't get any better than this? one, two, one, two, three, four? >> zoo lights is happening until january 1. admission is free and parking will run you $2. there is a metro stop nearby. there's also some events westbound zoo light you might be interested in and there's a craft beer tonight and date night and military night coming up. we have all the information that you need on our web site at the national zoo. lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> all right.
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fun at the zoo tonight. giants baebae is recovering after undergoing life saving surgery removing bamboo from his intestines. he showed discomfort yesterday and baebae will be on a strict diet before he with eat bamboo again will be given water and transition to soft foods like sweet potatoes and appears. he has to food better. >> rough news. >> poor thing. >> oh, man. >> were you one of the many who headed out for black friday deals. take a look at the scene at tyson corner center in virginia mall opened at midnight and closed 9:30 this evening. shoppers packed the stoorz looking for great deals. trying to get a head start on all the holiday shopping and earlier tonight sky fox was
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arundel mills opens mid nights and closed a short time ago 9:0. >> it was frustrating day for one mega retailer online. black friday shopping jam caused macy's web site to crash. some shoppers saw a message tell them to wait ten secretary to enterser sight and some prevented from adding items to cart. fortunately they fixed both issues. >> somehow that happened to me. >> it did. >> yes, idi >> are you the reason we know about it. >> yes. >> okay. well whether you shopped until you dropped or skipped out on black friday altogether you'll get another opportunity tomorrow it's small business saturday. shops and historic ellicott city need the boost more than ever after many stores devastated by a flood this summer. many stores are recoming up for the first time. >> bustling with shoppers and filled with beautiful misdemeanor sweet elizabeth
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time since the flood that destroyed the store in july. >> people volunteering to do everything, to help us get it on, hours ago nerve here was in a box. >> the shop is in a new location a couple blocks up the hill on main street from where it used to be because the walls, foundation and every surface of the store were wiped out by the raging flood. but the people, the owners, workers and customers are the same ones who lived through that horrific night and days that followed. one of them sarah huber is hard to forget. >> oh, my god. >> she was swept away on a car after closing the store that night. >> everybody has been hugging me even if they don't know who i am they come up and hug me and seeing a lot of people we already know, too is awesome. >> the street reopened to traffic weeks ago and many stores were not ready to do that. but, now, as we head into the digest shopping search the year many are back.
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>> howard country is hosting symbolic grant reopening for main street on small business saturday. >> that's the biggest day of the year usually. >> many of the stores dubbed on the historic main street came a long way since the flood. sweet he his bridge jane is in a new spirit and the spirit of the store has not changed at all. >> the things she chooses, how they're displayed, and how nice everybody is -- >> we knew people would support everyone. we're ready for the town to be back on again. >> in ellicott city, alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". >> and by the way governor larry hogan plans statewide holiday shopping tour ellicott city monday. >> they wept through a hard time, that's for sure. >> it may be a holiday weekend but president-elect done dobb and his team are hard at work preparing forecast approaching inauguration.
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part of the administration. next at 10. >> as we head to break we remember american tv icon florence henderson died of heart failure last night at the age of 82. she bam a household name during her run as carol brady. she appeared as contestant on dancing with the stars in 2010 and appeared at the 2016 finale days before her death.
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pass passion >> two more names were add announced as part of administration. lauren has he the details. >> donald trump continuing to pull together his team in preparation for his presidency. while some are criticizing his process in picking his administration supporters say
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>> when bill clinton was elected it took six weeks to pick first cabinet official and here we are going into week flee and donald trump is rocking and rolling. >> the transition team says no cabinet appointments will be made until next week and today, announcing two staff picks naming campaign finance lawyer don mc dwan at council and kt mcfarland former aid as deputy national security advisor and pick for national security advisor tweeting so proud and honored to have katie mcfarland as part of national security team. she will help us make america great again. orders remain skeptical of some mr. trump is considering particularly mitt romney who is reportedly a contender for secretary of state. but was a vocal critic of mr. trump during the campaign. although some of mr. trump's
10:24 pm
others say to trust in trupp. >> he's pick great people regardless of whether they were with him or not. he'll do what he's going to do. >> while host of the country accepted done on as president-elect green party candidate jill stein says she raised over 5 million to recount the vote in michigan, pennsylvania, and wisdom martin with the goal of raising another $2 million by wednesday. in wash torngs lauren blanchard, fox news. >> to south col a judge ruled that dillon rough is foyt stand trial accused of killing nine black people at a church in charleston last year. jury selection for the high profile case will start on monday and judge delayed the process when rough's lawyer suggested their client didn't understand the charges. he is facing 3 federal charges and department of justice is seeking death penalty. the trial is set to begin in january. and the superintendent in newtown, connecticut is revealing plans to mark four
10:25 pm
elementary massacre. joseph irati said there will be reflection december 14 on that day in 2012 adam entered the school and killed 20 children and six educators and staff will provide talking points to help kids with that tragedy and private prayer service will take place before classes begin. well tucked away on massachusetts avenue northwest is important residents and there's a never realize it was. there we're talking about the vice-president home and bidens will move outcome january. "fox5" laura evans gifts us an exclusive look inside with the man that keeps it in pristine condition. >> as we head to break thanksgiving is officially over and first family is deck halls of the white house this morning. first lady michelle obama accepted the white house christmas treat. the 19 foot douglass fir
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carriage winners in the contest dave and mary vapdervelden of
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get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> tonight's top stories where brianna mcmillan lost her life before noon today gun shots rang out i street steps away from the public garden housing development. she was shot multiple times. right now it's unclear if she was intended target. so far no arrests have been made. >> we're sad owe to say a sailor from woodbridge died on thanksgiving day from injuries suffered in a blast in syria
10:30 pm
device. he was part of inherent resolve u.s. military operation fighting against isis. >> there's a lot of trauma to my body and swelling from the bite marks and sfwlevring one maryland woman speaking with "fox5" nine days after being mauled by a bear. karen osborne left her frederick home to walk next door to her daughter's house when she came between a female bear and two cubs. osborne is expected to be okay despite serious the mother bear was euthanized. well, chilly and clouds rolling in across the area tonight. here's where we stand right now. 49 d.c.. relative humidity 83%. and we had a little bit of system that moved through earlier. and behind it we're seeing a ridge of high pressure build n we'll get a clearing trend. in the meantime clouds moving their way through. not too much to be too concerned with but as i said we will see some clearing skies. and here's a look at
10:31 pm
52 this hour at nation and same quantico and 48 winchester and 50 dulles and 4 martinsburg and 41 north to frederick and gaithersburg 46 this hour and baltimore at 47 and winds will be brisk tomorrow but tonight they're fairly calm. we'll have 7 day forecast in a bit. back to you. >> well the white house is not the only place that will soon have a new occupant. pence family is preparing to move in thei massachusetts avenue. many of us drive by the vice-president's president deposition avenue day and don't all sees it. >> i remember it's near the british embassy you you see the red telephone book booth and then the vice-president home. lauren was given exclusive access into the home. she spoke with the man that has the job of keeping things running smoothly there. >> it really is a front row in
10:32 pm
have to be if you plan all social event for second powerful man in the united states. >> i had dark hair when i startd whether hosting maryland prime minister for annual st. patrick day breakfast other wounded warriors for thanks diving dinner. >> it's up to me an my team to make sure that the stage is set. >> it's like a ballet. as soon as the curtains are drawn i and there's no turning back. >> the home was built in 1893 for the superintendent of the u.s. naval observatory and in 1974 congress hand today over to the sitting vice-president when it became too costly to secure private residences and gerald ford became president before he could use the home and his vp nelson rock afeller used it only for entertaining and first vice-president to live in the home was walter
10:33 pm
quail, gore, chaney and knew the bidens. >> when they appointed me they said we need help making this house a home. >> each family bring in their own personality to create their home. >> this blue, which we refer to as biden blue, is similar to what they have at their home in delaware. >> rotating art collection was selected by the bidens with his help. photos throughout the home show the warmth of tight knit biden family and the family is what they try to we've into every event they host in the home. >> it's from the heart and they love utilizing this house. >> their signature biden beach bash alejandro says is perfect example. >> people relax and let their hair down. water activities and slides and we have vendors doing face pipting. >> do you come up with all those ideas. >> sure, that's a great aspect
10:34 pm
secretary for the bidens is working with them and trying to accomplish what it is that's important to hem. >> this night is in honor of you, thank you. >> like her annual breast cancer awareness event that this year include aid bar clash on the front lawn and reception followed house of wash in pink. no detail overlooked this being october he investment pink pumpkins were front and center. >> how do you get your ideas. do >> pintrist is helpful. yes, goolle is helpful. >> preventing history of the house was not done previously and he showed us the heritage garden he built with dr. biden. stones etched with the names of each vice-president and their family. >> we is al gore and tipper. >> and display he created to showcase the china from past vooiing vice-presidents. >> every day when i drive up it's a pinch me moment.
10:35 pm
through the front and honor and planning the party is no easy task and sometimes he has a few weeks to look at it and sometimes it's a few days. >> as the conductor if you will, i'm running around making sure that all the pieces are together and everything is ready to go for the next step. >> as we see in the business if you fail to plan plan to fail. >> when you can time >> when you can timely breathe. >> january 20. >> and you know what i grot that even the top designers use pintrist for ideas. >> i love that he's i think
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>> winter is rights around the corner and cats and dogs. two non profit organizations in
10:39 pm
without a home and the organizations coats or k 9s and street pets work year round and give them coats and feed them and make sure the animals have their vaccines. >> they still get called and get proingt bite and hypotherm yaxt they're just like humans. just because they have more hair than us doesn't mean anything. >> the animals are the only ones that give them unconditional love and society shunning them and not helping them and this is their bond and they feel they need that give them their time to heat and make sure dogs are taken care of too. >> and between 15 to 25 dogs a week and while street pets gives up to 400 pounds of food per week. >> sweet. and yes -- >> look at that styling dog. >> they're so adorable. >> kloming for dogs. >> coming up at 11 your
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the hottest items this holiday shopping season and we're look ago head to small business saturday how it's carrying extra point this year for small business owners recovering from from flooding we'll be back. let the shopping begin. bargain hunters flocked to the malls and clicked online as holiday shopping season overrulely kicks off and early signs are pointing to a verymerry christmas for gift receivers and retailers and day alone topping 11 billion bucks a 15% june from last year. and it's not even cyber monday yet all that shopping on the web is why we're seeing more delivery trucks on the road. new report showing first year gain in nearly two years and whether driving delivery truck or car it's coast costing you loss.
10:41 pm
the national average for unleded gas dropping by a dime over the past month now $2.1 3 a gallon and another record for marks et cetera stock up across board with all of the major major indexes reaching all time high. that's business.
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>> the death toll now stands at 9 in the wake ever tropical storm otto to the southern most hurricane on record to hit central america and otto made land full as a category two storm and weakened before costa rica. both u.s. and panama sent
10:45 pm
and rescue areas flooded from the storm. >> we need rain but not that much. i was thinking how dry it has been. >> we usually get a lot of brush fires. >> we're 8" below what we should be for the d.c. area. >> wow. >> we could really use rain. >> any ft. forecast. >> a little this week, yeah. >> a don't know if if going to be enough to take care ever the problem and we're going to see a little bit. it has been nice out. today i felt for the first time a car stand to the roof. it was a nice day picking out christmas trees. >> people are getting ready for the season we just put the leftover turkey away and we're getting ready for the season. we have clouds rolling in tonight. but you know what the clouds will be out of the way before too long because we have a ridge of high pressure building in. but we i have a little system that moved through and few sprinkles here and there in neighborhoods and other than that things are going to be
10:46 pm
into saturday and into sunday. we're talking sunshine for you that's what we're talking about as we start the weatherhead lines. sunshine back in full force and definitely the ridge of high pressure cool and breezy. and winds are calm tonight and winds pick up a little bit. be prepared. the workweek still start dry monday and then hooking at rain showers that move in as we move into the middle part of the week and it could staas as tuesday. so we're watching that pretty closely. we need that rainfall. these clouds will start to push their way out as the ridge of high pressure builds in and we well see a clearing trend into the early hours of tomorrow at least and later for tonight. temperature-wise, cooling down. quite a bit, 49 at z.c. this hour and 47 baltimore. gaithersburg kicking in at 45 degrees and a50 dulles and 50 mannasas and 51 tread ricks wuring south and 48 whip chester. so ridge of high fresh oar
10:47 pm
coming right in from the north. that breeze will be like a northwesterly breeze. 15 to 20 miles an hour or so. tomorrow you'll feel that. it will feel on the nippy side as we head into the 50s and some of our areas to the west will see temperatures into the 40s. but plenty of sunshine. don't be fooled by the sunshine. make sure you have another least a nice jacket or sweater if you head out anywhere. travel tomorrow that's a big day. because a lot of people coming back from and families here's what's happening to the west could see delays coming from the west coast and snow and rain in the mid section of the country and this is the next system we're keeping a close eye on. as far as east is concerned to the north east, seeing a bit of snow there as well. but dry to the south east. if you have any relatives traveling from any parts of the country that are indicated here where they have issues you might want to call ahead before you head to the airport. tomorrow, for us, by midday, 49 a little cool with sunshine.
10:48 pm
we hit the 4:00 hour. wrapping it up then for tonight, 43, mostly cloudy skies and becoming fairly clear and wind pucking up and double fives daytime high for tomorrow cool and breezy. and here's a look at the "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast and keeping an eye on the storm system i showed awe cross the country we're looking at rainfall tuesday and wednesday. could even start late in the overnight hours on monday night. i cannot rule that out. we head back to the 60s. roller coaster temperatures of the schbility i'll be back later. back to you. >> thank thank you, gwen. >> chances are you've been off work a few days and thanks giving holiday is over and maybe black friday shopping and maybe getting a little bit of cabin fever. >> i'm sure here's your chance to get out of the house. kevin mccarthy is here to share stop movie choices for the thanksgiving weekend, next at
10:49 pm
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10:52 pm
>> looking for somethinging to do this holiday weekend there's new movies making their debut at the white house. kevin mccarthy has seen them all and joins us now with reviews of the latest films. >> hey, everybody, kevin mccarthy is here with movie reviews for the thanksive gooding holiday weekend. there's so many films opening up including starring brad pitt and "rules don't apply" with return ever warren betty and allied, and "arrival" will blow your mine. amy adams and jeremy reper this film has an incredible ending i've ever seen. i'm still thinking about it and seen it twice now. first up milana starring dwayne the rock johnson. this is disney.
10:53 pm
young teenage girl that embanks on the journey of the ocean so fill full destiny of an settinger and bring back voyages and maui joins her and is expected to what she has to do this. this film has beautiful an nation and gorgeous music overall and great messages for the family as well. i think disney always does things rights and make a film that works well for adults and kids and when adults have to pay so much money to go to a mo want equally entertainment with the adults as well. it works on both levels. again animations are amazing and the song lynn well miranda wrote are so catchy very similar to you hear in frozen and singing it when you leave the theater and directors did the little mermaid as well as alad in. you know quality is expected there. four out of five and recommending seeing it in 2 d.
10:54 pm
directors of all time. who framed roger rabbit, cast aaway. >> brad pitt character and she meet while he was undercover and he finds how she may or may not be a german spy and they're in love and have a baby together. he doesn't know what to do. it's beautifully directed and the sce pitt is fantastic in the movie. the middle section got a little slow i don't think it's as memorable than i want today to be. it works as a solid thriller. i'll keep you guessing 3.5 out of 5. next up and finally rules don't apply the return of warren betty one of the greatest filmmakers and actors of all time. he really, really s and from reds and dick treacy and bonnie and collide and annette bening
10:55 pm
howard hughes and in there particular story there's two people lilly collins and erin right that play a couple foling in love. ald inis actual driver working for hughes and kol since aspiring actress. work are for him. you see it. it is good in terms of old school hollywood feeling. that's what i enjoyed about it. it makes you fall in love with cinema again. we have filming we have filmings during the day. >> we get a 5 out of 5. fweet me and let me know what you're seeing over this thanksgiving holiday and i'll respond back and we can review movies togethers. i'm kevin mccarthy, fox news. kevin will have tlots say if you tweet them. >> he talks movies all day long. >> it's his thing. we'll be right back with fox
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>> thanks for joining us tonight i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm lauren demarco. >> tony and shawn have the night off. friends and family and in southeast d.c. are mourning loss of 16-year-old bree app amcmillan shot and killed on capitol hill late this morning. "fox5" him anjali hemphill
11:00 pm
anjali. >> neighbors told me they heard up to ten gun shots before lunchtime coming from the parking lot you see behind me here where 16-year-old brianna mcmillan was found shot several times, guys, take a oak that picture had this is brianna a student at washington metropolitan high school and shot steps away from her mother's apartment. police resbonted to report of several gun shots in the area 11:40 this morning and you can see in the video in the door of a car parked half a block away from the scene. they arrived to find her shot multiple times and she was taken to a nearby hospital and did not survive. police are still investigating what led up to the shooting and they don't have any suspect that time. neighbors hearsay they've about very concerned about violent crime like this happening more and more in what's supposed to be up and coming area of capitol hill. friend of brianna say they don't believe she was intended target and they believe she was


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